Kevin Myers Statement accompanying ISCHE nomination by NeilOlder


									Kevin Myers: Statement accompanying ISCHE nomination

I am Senior Lecturer in Social History and Education at the University of Birmingham, UK. My
research interests are in the history of childhood and the history of migrant education. I am
currently writing a history of the historical education of immigrant communities to Britain in post
1945 Britain. I have published in a range of academic journals: Cultural and Social History, Family
and Community History, Journal of Historical Sociology, History of Education and Paedagogica

Two organisations have been critical in my development as a scholar to date. The first is the DOMUS
research group at the University of Birmingham, a major centre for the history of education in the
UK and whose defining interests have been in interdisciplinary, transnational and collaborative
research. My doctorial thesis on the arrival, settlement and education of refugee children in the
period 1937-1945, for example, shows the influence of this environment, as does an international
collection of papers planned for publication in 2011 that I am co-editing with Annemieke van Drenth.
It is in these kinds of internationalist commitments and interests that I think the original but
frustrated aims of social history can be rediscovered.

As a result ISCHE has felt like a natural academic home. I gave my first academic paper at the Dublin
conference in 1997. At that conference I distinctly remember feeling overawed when the President
of ISCHE Richard Aldrich sought me out, asked politely about my research and offered words of
encouragement and advice. He did so not only because he has always cared and fostered research in
the history of education, but because he used his presidency to begin a policy of facilitating and
developing young scholars in the field. This policy has now yielded important and tangible results,
especially in the form of the paper prize for new scholars (I was the inaugural winner back in 1997). I
am keen to pursue other developments of this kind that can only benefit the discipline of history of

Indeed, as somebody who has clearly benefitted from the people and organisations who promote
history of education research nationally and internationally, I am pleased say that I have also been
able to contribute to the development of the field over the last decade or so. Internationally, I was
member of the local organising committee for the ISCHE conference on Education and Urbanisation
held in Birmingham, UK in 2001. In addition, I now co-edit the book reviews and act as a referee for
the journal Paedagogica Historica. Nationally, I have served for nine years as a member of the
History of Education Society (UK) Executive Committee whose nomination I am pleased to accept. I
twice chaired the local organising committee for the Society’s annual conference (in 2005 and 2007).
I co-edited (with Stephanie Spencer) the History of Education Researcher, a publication whose
specific remit is to facilitate the publication of new research in the field. I sit on the editorial board
for the journal History of Education.

In short what I can bring to ISCHE is the energy of an enthusiast for the field of history of education
research; a commitment to international and interdisciplinary perspectives and considerable
organisational and academic experience.

Dr Kevin Myers

University of Birmingham, UK.
July 2009.

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