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					Is my status as a student at risk?

All University of Illinois students are subject to
the Student Code (            US District Court                  373-3850
code/) and policy on appropriate use of the com-
puter network (
right/). The Student Code: Section 1-302.n.6 (as
                                                                 201 S. Vine St., Urbana
                                                        RIAA (Recording Industry Assn. of America)
of Fall 2008) proscribes:                            
    (6) the use of computing facilities and
    resources in violation of copyright laws
                                                        MPAA (Motion Picture Assn. of America)
If your illegal downloading is brought to the at-
tention of the University of Illinois, you can expect
                                                                                                         Internet Piracy
                                                        Original Works of authorship fixed in tan-
your computer to be removed from the network
                                                        gible form may be copyrighted, including:
                                                                Literary works,
Privileges will not be restored until you have gone             Musical works,
through the disciplinary process with the Office of               Sound recordings,

Conflict Resolution (www.conflictresolution.uiuc.

                                                                                                                            A pun s
                                                                Dramatic works,
edu/). This can take up to two weeks.
                                                                                                                  UI, RI wnload
                                                                Pantomimes & choreographic works

                                                                Pictoral, Graphic & Sculptural works,

                                                                                                                   illicit d
The minimum disciplinary sanction for a first of-
fense is likely to be a University Reprimand as                 Motion Pictures & other Audiovisual
part of your University record, which would be                  works.
maintained in your discipline file for one year.
Repeated violations could result in more serious        REMEMBER:
sanctions.                                                  A copyright protects original literary and
 University links:                                          artistic property.
 CITES - Filesharing                                        With few exceptions, the owner of a
        copyright has exclusive right to publish,
                                                            sell, and distribute the work.               STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE
 Student Discipline           333-3680                                                               
 Student Legal Service             333-9053                                                              324 Illini Union (north tower)
                                                         THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS                                                                       Office Hours:
                                                         NOT INTENDED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL
                                                         ADVICE. STUDENTS WHO ARE CONFRONTED                8:30am-Noon; 1:00-4:30pm, M-F
          324 Illini Union (north tower)
Office hours: 8:30am-Noon; and 1:00-4:30pm, M-F           WITH LEGAL PROBLEMS OR WHO NEED SPE-
                      CIFIC ADVICE ARE ENCOURAGED TO SEEK                 PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F.
                                                         ASSISTANCE FROM A LICENSED ATTORNEY.
            PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F
Your computer and copyright                              Every semester numerous U of I students get         Where proof of copyright violation is valid,
                                                        caught because they were fooled into believ-         settlement is often your best choice. If you are
The U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, gives      ing that nobody gets caught.                         caught, you should contact Student Legal Ser-
Congress the power to grant copyright protection                                                             vice or a private attorney.
to authors. The Copyright Act protects recorded
music, motion pictures, software, as well as tangi-
                                                        When you get caught
ble writings. Many, if not most, websites, including                                                         What do I do?
blogs, are not subject to copyright protection.         If you do not have the copyright owner’s per-
                                                        mission to copy or in any way share the mate-        The easiest thing to do to avoid copyright viola-
You should always check to see if the site contains     rial, you can be charged with a federal crime        tion and penalties from illegal downloading
restriction on use or an explicit notice of copyright   and, if convicted, receive up to five years in        is not to install LimeWire, BitTorrent, Kazaa,
before downloading, forwarding, or otherwise            prison and a $250,000 fine.                           iMesh, Freenet, or other music or movie file ap-
distributing the material.                                                                                   plications of various networks and protocols on
                                                        Criminal prosecution of college students for         your computer.
Not everything on the Web is free; make sure it         “illegal downloading” is very rare; however,         If you have any such programs on your com-
is before you use peer-to-peer (P2P) programs or        civil suits for damages are common and are           puter, remove the program and all downloaded
otherwise share material.                               routine on some campuses. The minimum                materials. You can find a fairly comprehensive
                                                        penalty for each song downloaded is $750.00.         list in Wikipedia at
                                                                                                             to-peer .
                                                        Most students who are caught by RIAA have
                                                        downloaded hundreds, and in some cases               Simply disabling the “sharing” or “uploading”
                                                        thousands, of songs.                                 feature is insufficient. For help, contact CITES or
                                                                                                             visit .

So what! Nobody gets caught!                                                                                 If you are caught illegally downloading, remov-
                                                                                                             ing the share-ware program and downloaded
Do not buy into the campus myth that illegal file                                                             materials is of no legal value and may actually
sharing will not be noticed. The Recording Indus-                                                            prove your liability. Saying you are sorry doesn’t
try Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion        I’m a college student; I can’t pay                   change the facts.
Picture Association of American (MPAA) specifi-
cally target college students who engage in P2P file     Copyright holders target college students
sharing.                                                precisely because they can pay and most do
                                                        pay. Being “judgment proof” is not a defense
Over 20,000 lawsuits have been filed as of July 1,       to illegal downloading.                                 STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE
2008. The RIAA has been particularly aggressive in                                                            
seeking out copyright infringement by                   The RIAA is usually willing to settle student “il-
college students.                                       legal downloading” cases for $3,000.00. If you
                                                        have downloaded 100 songs, the matter goes
                                                                                                                324 Illini Union (north tower)
                                                        to court, and you are assessed the minimum              Office Hours:
The RIAA and other copyright holders use sophis-
                                                        penalty of $750.00 per song, your debt to RIAA             8:30am-Noon; 1:00-4:30pm, M-F
ticated methods to discover student violators and
can track the violation to your IP address.             will be $75,000.00, plus various costs of litiga-
                                                        tion.                                                        PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F.

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