Canada Prepares to Defend the Empire

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					    World War One:
Canada Prepares to Defend
       the Empire

                    B. Hergott
                    R.C.S.S. History
                 Canada’s Reaction
►When    Britain declared war on Germany on Aug. 4, 1914,
Canada and the rest of the British Empire were automatically
at war, too--Canada pledged 25000 soldiers – both French and
English Canada seemed supportive
► Former Prime Minister Wilfred
   Laurier stated, “Let the friends and
    foes of Britain know that there is in
    Canada but one mind and one
    heart, and that all Canadians stand
    behind the mother country,
    conscious and proud that she has
    engaged in this war to save
    civilization from the uncontrolled
    lust of conquest and power.”
►   The Great War was under way –
    known as the “war to end all wars”
     Early Stages of Preparation
► Canada   was caught unprepared to
  fight a war so Prime Minister
  Robert Borden acted quickly
► Borden appointed Sam Hughes as
  Minister of the Militia to establish,
  organize and train a Canadian
  Expeditionary Force (CEF)
► Hughes created a training base at
  Valcartier, Que.
                                          Sam Hughes
     Sam Hughes: An Overview
►A  general in Canada’s reserve army
► An energetic, determined organizer
► A very stubborn man
   Had a narrow-minded attitude towards black, native and
    French-Canadian soldiers
   Insisted that Can. soldiers be equipped with Ross Rifles
    which ended up being unsuitable for the wet, muddy
   Gave military supply contracts to friends – faulty
    equipment received (ie. Sir Sham Boots)
   Insisted on Macadam shovels
    for soldiers – didn’t work
           War Measures Act
► By passing this act, the government gave
 itself increased powers to:
   Censor publications, communications, photos
   Arrest, detain, exclude, deport persons
   Control harbours and movements of vessels
   Control transport of persons/things by land, air
    or water
   Control trade, production and manufacturing
   Seize and dispose of property
                   Combat Readiness
► October  1914 first troops of the Canadian
  Expeditionary Force (CEF) left for Britain for
  further training on 32 ships
► Early 1915 Canadians ready for action in

The officers and
members of the 26th
Battalion of the
Second Canadian
Expeditionary Force
prior to embarking for
Marching down King
St., Berlin (Kitchener)

      Training in
      Victoria Park,
      Berlin (Kitchener)

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