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grammar voc challenges guide 1bi

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Personality Adjectives
Order the letters to make personality adjectives. Then put the words into the correct
idfnyelr / yodom / unfyn / rahd-nogwirk / llefpuh / nyduti / intatpe / noseth / zyla / tuiogno

       Positive                     Negative

Food and Drink
Look at the pictures and write the food and drink below.

1 ____________________         5 ____________________

2 ____________________         6 ____________________

3 ____________________         7 ____________________

4 ____________________         8 ____________________

Order the letters to make jobs.
1   sittend             ____________________

2   tlenecccriia        ____________________

3   neihmacc            ____________________

4   mrpeubl             ____________________

5   ctsayrree           ____________________

6   srrradheeis         ____________________

7   cifofe rrokwe      ___________________
Present Simple / Adverbs of frequency
Answer the questions using the words in brackets.
1       How often do you go swimming?                  (never)


2       How often does your father cook?          (sometimes)


3       How often does your brother go dancing?         (often)


4       How often does your mother go shopping?(once a week)


5       How often do your friends have parties?   (hardly ever)


6       How often are you late for school?             (never)


7       How often does your teacher shout at you? (hardly ever)


8       How often do you have exams?                    (often)


Present Simple
Put the verbs into the correct form of the Present Simple.
1          He (like) swimming.


2          She (not/do) her homework


3          My father (work) in an office.


4       My sister (go) dancing every week.


Make these sentences negative.

5       I play football with my friends.


6       She lives in a big house.


7       They work in our school.


8       He often goes to work by bus.


Write the questions for these answers

9       How ______________________________________________?

        He goes to the cinema every day.

10      __________________________________________________?

        No, I never drink coffee.

11      ____________________________________________ English?

        Yes, I love it!

12      __________________________________________________?

        I live in Torun, in Poland.

Present Simple / Present Continuous
Choose the correct verb form in each sentence.
1       I usually go/am going to the cinema on Saturdays.

2       Look! That man shouts/is shouting at your teacher.

3       Do you like/Are you liking fish?

4       Ssh. He sleeps/is sleeping.

5       Where’s your father? He works/is working.

6       What do you listen/are you listening to? It’s my new CD.

7       She talks/is talking on her mobile phone every day.

8       Mm. What a lovely smell. Yes, dad cooks/is cooking curry.

Complete the dialogue with a, an, the or nothing (-).
Wow. This is ________________ nice house.
Yes. Do you want to see ________________ kitchen?
Not now. It’s sunny. Can we sit in ________________ garden ?
Wait a minute. So me one’s knocking on ________________ front door.
It’s my sister .She’s ________________ student.
Where’s your father? Is he still in ________________ hospital?
No. He’s OK now. He’s in ________________ bed.
Is there ________________ bus stop hear here? I ’m going home by bus today.

Use the words in brackets to rewrite the sentences with the same meaning.
1       Computer games are great                    (love/play)


2       I’m really into rock music                  (like/listen)


3       Football is OK                              (mind/play)


4       Mm, Italian food is really nice              (love/eat)


5       Reality TV shows are terrible             (hate/watch)


6       I don’t want to write. It’s boring          (like/write)


7       Oh no! Maths homework!                       (stand/do)


At a café
 Read the dialogue. Eight of the words are in correct. Replace them with the words
in the box.
here / that / same / like / eat / menu / small / would

Hello, can I help you?

Yes. Can we have a card, please?

Yes, of course. There you are. What do you like to food?

Can I have pizza, please. And I’d like burger and chips.

Large or cold chips?

Large, please.

What would you want to drink?

Orange juice, please. And the please for me so.

Is them all?

Yes, thanks.

Multi-part verbs
Choose the correct preposition in each sentence.
  1   I’m interested in/of music.

  2   Are you good in/at maths?

  3   Do you look after/of your brother?

  4   What time do you get up/on in the morning?

  5   I don’t get up to/on with my sister.

  6   Who is she going up with/out with?

  7   I’m waiting for/of my friend.

  8   He’s really bad in/at singing.

because and so
Choose the correct word in each sentence.
1 I don’t play sport because/so I don’t like it.

2 I’ve got an exam tomorrow because/so I’m studying.

3 Our car doesn’t work because/so we are going to school by bus.

4 like my city because/so I want to live here when I finish school.

5 I haven’t got a computer because/so I haven’t got any money!

6 I don’t eat meat because/so I don’t go to burger bars.


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