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   sTATIoN sIgNAls   april 2009
                                                 april 2009                                     sTATIoN sIgNAls
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                            Dear Friend,

                             April marks the beginning of spring and the scheduled end of the New York State budget
                             process. Both could benefit from more sunshine.
                                    With no warning and no explanation, the Governor’s proposed 50% reduction in
                             State operating aid for public broadcasting is a serious and unprecedented blow (and out
                             of line with other reductions in education). While our local legislative delegation has been
                             extremely supportive of our efforts to restore at least part of the cut, one thing is certain
                             – we will have to absorb a serious reduction in support for educational programs and
services in the coming year. This makes your support – membership, program underwriting, production funding,
and planned gifts – more important than ever (individual giving, at more than $3 million a year, remains our largest
source of revenue).
      In these difficult economic times you have a right to ask if your support is being used wisely and if it’s
making a difference. While budgets may be decided by “three men in a room” in Albany, WXXI’s Karen DeWitt is
there watching every step of the process. Her daily reports on AM 1370 and WRUR-FM keep you informed about
the ways your tax dollars, along with the State’s portion of federal stimulus money, are being spent. Karen is also
a regular contributor to New York Now on WXXI-TV. I hope you agree that in-depth reporting from the State Capital
is a good investment – along with our dues to NPR for award-winning coverage of national and international
events on the radio.
      I trust you agree that our dues to PBS, which help support The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Frontline, Nova,
Washington Week and other public affairs programming are dollars well invested. Additionally, Need to Know, our
weekly television public affairs program, brings you in-depth coverage on local issues, with a special focus on the
economy in recent months.
      How do others view our program investments? WXXI just received two Bronze Telly Awards recognizing
episodes of our national health series, Second Opinion. This program, a partnership with the University of Rochester
Medical Center (URMC), is making a difference in healthcare here in the Rochester area and throughout the
nation. One example – our new Caregiver’s Diary and Resource Guide helps individuals manage their loved ones’
healthcare. This is part of the Second Opinion for Caregivers initiative, supported by a grant from the Jacob and
Valeria Langeloth Foundation. The initiative is designed to empower the more than 50 million Americans caring for a
family member, friend, or loved one. Thirty thousand guides will be distributed to PBS stations across the country to
share with their communities.
      Recently, when an independent producer decided to feature our Rochester Red Wings baseball team in a
13-part series, he asked WXXI to help and present the show nationally. When Chicago’s public television station,
WYCC, put a focus on jazz in March they selected WXXI’s productions from the Rochester International Jazz Festival
as their featured programming. When almost any arts and cultural organization or educational institution in town is
looking for a media partner, they turn to WXXI first – because we believe that when we help another organization be
more successful, it benefits all of us.
      If you made a gift during our recent television “pledge drive” or clicked on to make your
voice heard in Albany, thank you! Your financial support and your advocacy make a real difference. Our “pledge” back
to you is that we’ll continue to work hard to merit your trust, and even in the most difficult of times, stay true to the
mission of public broadcasting. And while we can’t control the weather, our reporters in Washington, Albany and right
here at home will do their best to shed light on the stories that matter to you – every day!


                                                 Norm Silverstein, WXXI President & CEO
               sTATIoN sIgNAls                                                          april 2009

              Contents                                                                        Executive Staff
                                                                                              Norm.Silverstein,.President & CEO
                                                                                              Susan.Rogers,.Executive Vice President & General Manager
              Highlights. .................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                        .                                                                     Jeanne.E..Fisher,.Vice President, Radio
                                                                                              Kent.Hatfield, Vice President, Technology & Operations
              Cover.Story................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5          Elissa.Orlando,.Vice President, Television
              In.the.Neighborhood....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.           WXXI Board of Trustees Officers
              Television.................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                                                              Diana.Kurty,.Vice Chair
                                                                                              Member Magazine Staff
                                                                                              Jon.Haliniak,.Executive Editor
                                                                                              Lynne.Sánchez-Fries, Television Listings Editor
                                                                                              Rhonda.Austin,.Radio Listings Editor
                                                                                              Advertising Sales
                                                                                              Robin.Stone,.Assistant VP of Sales & Marketing
                                                                                              Rachael.Kriteman-Landau,.Director of Sales & Marketing
                                                                                              Account Executives, Sales & Marketing
                                                                                              At Your Service!
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                                                                                              Copies.of.Local.Programs. ................ 585.258.0369.
                PLaneT FOrward, with host Frank Sesno, airs                                   Reachout.Radio............................. 585.258.0333
              . Wednesday, April 15 at 8 p.m. on WXXI-TV/HD.                                  Educational.Resources..................... 585.258.0278
                See page 37 for details.                                                                          .
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                                                                                              April 2009.Volume XXXX, Issue 4

                take a tour!
                WednesdAy, AprIl 29 At 2 p.M.
out & about

                Please join us for a tour of our facilities. See
                where Simon Pontin hosts The Sunshine                                         to.WXXI.Program.Guide,.Membership.Department,.
                Show on Classical 91.5, check out the studios                                 P.O..Box.30021,.Rochester,.NY.14603-3021..
                where Homework Hotline, Need to Know, and                                     *
                Assignment: The World are shot, and learn what
                goes on in Master Control.

                Call (585) 258-0200 to reserve your spot for
                the next WXXI tour.                                                  ........ 
                                                                                  april 2009                                        coVeR sToRy          

                                                                                                            2009 Ford Fusion se
                                                                                                            Sporty, fun to drive and gets great gas
                                                                                                            mileage (23 mpg). What more could you
                                                                                                            ask for? Be sure to place your bid on this
                                                                                                            light ice blue metallic, automatic 4-door
                                                                                                            sedan with 2.0L DohC engine and aBS.
                                                                                                            Valued at $18,650.

                                                                    Jim Christy

            Laura Wilder
                          WXXI 41 Anniversary Auction kicks off

                          saturday, April 25 at 8 p.m. on WXXI-tv/Hd
                          with a one-hour television special showcasing all the
                                                                                                 How to register for a bidder’s account
                          fabulous merchandise this year’s auction has to offer.                 1
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                          renaissance artist Laura Wilder and watercolor artist Jim
                          Christy, Canandaigua Yacht Club associate Membership,
                          Seabreeze Family tickets, town Packages, ravenwood                     4  on’tforgettowritedownyourusernameand
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                          through Saturday, May 9 to place your bids!                            1  ototheAuctionhomepage(
                                When you bid on items in the auction, you help to                  andbrowsethroughthemanycategories.Once
                          support the many programs and services WXXI provides,                    youdecidewhattobidon,justenteryourbidand
                          including PBS programming, NPr, locally produced docu-                   password.
                          mentaries and programs, GeD Connection, Video on-Demand,               2  henyoumakeyourbid,clickon“Bidthisexact
                          and much more. So, please bid high, and bid often. When you              amount”andthebidwillgothrough.
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Photo: GreGor raMaekerS

                          Cabot Cheese.                                                            youcanusetheReserveBiddingfunction,which
                                the WXXI auction is made possible through the support              allowsyoutoseta“donotexceed”amountfor
                          of many generous donors and sponsors like eastman kodak                  yourbid.
                                                                      continued on page 6 >>

                                                                                               Overbid CertificatesWhenyouoverbidonanitemthat
      IN THe NeIgHboRHooD                                  april 2009
                                                                                                              << continued from page 5
up for Auction
Package•CenturyLiquor/MaxofEastman        Waikiki Beach Marriott resort & spa at this spectacular resort you and
PlaceLuncheon•RamonSantiagoPaintings      a companion will enjoy a beautiful ocean-view room for six nights and seven
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SuitesOvernights•BryceandDoyleKitchen    endless shopping, and much more. Valued at $3,023.
KarastanRug•CayugaWineTrailPackage       original Art from WXXI’s Featured Artists Laura Wilder presents her
•JCCFamilyMembership•LaTourelle           painting, “rochester Public Market.” Jim Christy presents his watercolor painting
ResortPackage•JewelryfromExcentricit      entitled “Jewel of Charlotte.”
                                                Beaches turks & caicos resort villages and spas enjoy a 4 day/3
                                                Night Luxury Included® Vacation for a family of four to Beaches turks & Caicos
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                                                suites, unlimited gourmet dining, land and water sports. enjoy Pirate’s Island
                                                waterpark, and as a proud sponsor of Sesame Street, families can vacation with
JimChristyJewel of Charlotte
                                                elmo and friends as part of the Caribbean adventure with Sesame Street.
LauraWilderRochester Public Market
                                                Valued at $3820.

   spotlight on a WXXi business partner

                                                   Geneva On The Lake is a small, year-round resort – a place of hospitality

Geneva On                                          – in Geneva, New York. It is situated on the west side of Seneca Lake
                                                   adjacent to Geneva’s historic District and the campus of hobart and William

The Lake                                           Smith Colleges. Built in 1914 as a private home and modeled after a villa
                                                   in Italy, it is just a one-hour drive from rochester. Bill Schickel, General
                                                   Manager, began working with his father and Geneva on the Lake founder,
“Quiet getaways, as well as executive
                                                   Norbert Schickel, in 1981. the audi Family, owners of L. & J. G. Stickley,
 retreats, weddings and family reunions,           Inc., a fine furnishings company, purchased the resort in 1995.
 attract guests from near and far.”                       the Italian renaissance architecture of this historic landmark, its
                              Bill Schickel        formal gardens, fine dining, and 29 unique suites with Stickley furniture,
       General Manager, Geneva on the Lake         offer guests an oasis for celebrating special times together. the surrounding
                                                   scenic countryside of the Finger Lakes with more than 100 wineries is a
                                                   perennial magnet for visitors. each evening the Lancellotti Dining room
                                                   features gourmet cuisine, candlelight dining, live piano or harp musical
                                                   entertainment with occasional accompaniment by a vocalist. the Wine List
                                                   includes many wines from the Finger Lakes Wine District.
                                                          When asked about the longtime relationship with WXXI, Bill Schickel
                                                   explained: “the decision to partner with WXXI very much relates to being
                                                   able to portray Geneva on the Lake in the rich cultural context WXXI offers.”
                                                   Mr. Schickel added that he tends to listen to parts of Morning Edition and All
                                                   Things Considered and his wife enjoys Fresh Air on WXXI-aM 1370.

                                                      april 2009                        IN THe NeIgHboRHooD                  

Gift Planning 101                                                                 PROFESSIONAL
Charitable gift planning
and. irrevocable. arrangements,. gifts. available. for. use. at. the. time.
                                                                                  FOR EDUCATORS,.personal.and.             JOIn WXXI anD The
charitable. objectives.. These. techniques. are. called. planned. gifts..         ROChesTeR aRea COunCIL
The. tools. of. charitable. gift. planning. include. all. types. of. real. and.
                                                                                  FOR sOCIaL sTuDIes (RaCss)
                                                                                  for a special screening of the new PBS mini-
                                                                                  series, We Shall Remain, followed by a group
What are Planned Gifts?                                                           discussion and workshop.
                                                                                         the screening and discussion/workshop,.
                                                                                  will be held on Wednesday, april 8, 2009 from
                                                                                  4-5:30 p.m. at WXXI Studios —280 State
requires. the. assistance. of. a. knowledgeable. advisor. such. as. an.
                                                                                  Street, rochester, New York.
                                                                                         this event is free and open to educators,,
                                                                                  but seating is limited. For more information
                                                                                  or to rSVP call annette Wattie at (585) 392-
gifts. can. provide. valuable. tax. benefits. and/or. lifetime. income. for.
                                                                                  1000 ext. 2335 or email awattie@hiltonk12.
                                                                         Professional development certificates
planned. gifts. are. bequests. made. through. your. will.. Other. popular.
                                                                                  are available.
                                                                                         We Shall Remain is a groundbreaking
                                                                                  mini-series and provocative multi-media
Why consider a planned gift?                                                      project that establishes Native history as an
                                                                                  essential part of american history. Five 90-,.family,
                                                                                  minute documentaries spanning three hundred
Planned. gifts. give. you. options. for. making. your. charitable. gifts. in.
                                                                                  years tell the story of pivotal moments in U.S.
                                                                                  history from the Native american perspective.
                                                                                  the series airs Mondays, april 13- May 11 at
n Increase.your.current.income.                                                   9 p.m. on WXXI-tV/hD. You can read more
n                           about the series on page 9, or visit www.pbs.
n                       org/wgbh/amex/weshallremain/. Photo: LarrY GUS
n Diversify.your.investment.portfolio
n Leave.a.charitable.legacy.for.future.generations.

For more

        MeMberCard Plus benefIt Of the MOnth
                                            Valid for 2-for-1
                                            regular season
                                            game admission
                                            during April.
                                            subject to availability and
             LaCrosse                       some restrictions may apply.
             1 War Memorial square          For details call, (585) 454-5335.
             rochester, n.y.
       IN THe NeIgHboRHooD                                       april 2009

                                                     When times get tough, the tough collaborate!
                                                     Such was the case for the three-day, three-concert Pipedreams Live! event
                                                     presented by WXXI-FM Classical 91.5, the eastman School of Music, the
King-Size CroWdS                                     rochester Chapter of the american Guild of organists, and the rochester theater
                                                     organ Society, February 13-15, 2009.
for the King of                                            Pipedreams host Michael Barone came to rochester to host and record
inStrumentS                                          three concerts, featuring two organs that had been recently completed as part
                                                     of the eastman rochester organ Initiative (eroI), and the Mighty Wurlitzer at the
ByRuthPhinney,                                    auditorium theater.
WXXI-FM’sProgramDirector                                 “I go into these things hopeful but always nervous.” Barone said. “Will the
                                                     publicity be effective and sufficient? Do people really listen to Pipedreams and, if
                                                     so, why will they come out to hear a Pipedreams Live! event and not already be
                                                     regulars at the organ activity in town?”
                                                           the Friday night concert, on an elegant new organ by Paul Fritts drew
                                                     a standing-room only crowd of nearly 1000. Saturday’s featured Craighead-
                                                     Saunders organ, a new-made replica of an organ from 1776 by Casparini in
                                                     Lithuania, drew a fire-code-violating crowd of over 500. on Sunday afternoon,
                                                     the multigenerational crowd swelled to 1300+ for a concert of popular music
                                                     from Cole Porter to andrew Lloyd Webber. Barone reflected, “It really is a marvel-
                                                     ous mystery, all of it, but I can’t help but smile when good instruments, good
                                                     players, and a good-sized audience converge for a great time with the king of

                                                                                                                                             CraIGheaD SaUNDerS orGaN Photo: JoNathaN ortLoFF
                                                           organ students and faculty treated the capacity audiences to outstanding
                                                     performances from the eastman School of Music. David higgs, chair of the organ
                                                     Department applauded the performers, saying “I couldn’t have been more proud
                                                     of everyone this weekend – incredible music making, professional stage work and
                                                     huge audiences – what a weekend!”
                                                           eastman School of Music senior Jon ortloff, winner of the 2008 american
                                                     theatre organ Society’s Young theatre organist Competition, and a performer in
                                                     Sunday’s program stated, “all in all it was an unparalleled success for all of the
                                                     organizations involved. It really could not have been a more triumphant event.”

                                                      WXXI was recently awarded a three-year local service grant

                                                      from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting (CPB) to continue its on-going efforts
                                                      to fight childhood obesity and make a positive impact on the health of Upstate New
                                                      Yorkers. WXXI will partner with PBS-affiliate WSkG in Binghamton to help educate
                                                      families across the region about the importance of eating healthy, maintaining a
Health Campaign                                       healthy body weight and exercising.
                                                             the Greater rochester health Foundation and a coalition of local health orga-
Tackles Child                                         nizations identified childhood obesity as the most pressing health issue in Upstate
                                                      New York. With 21% of third grade school children in Upstate New York labeled as
Obesity                                               obese, which exceeds the national rate of 16%, WXXI’s efforts in helping to reduce
                                                      this alarming statistic is crucial.
                                                             WXXI will use the grant money to produce 36 “healthy You” tV segments to
                                                      promote healthy behaviors to school-aged children. the University of rochester
Medical Center will serve as content providers for the segments, which will air on WXXI-tV during Homework Hotline, a live, statewide
call-in show that helps kids with their homework. the segments will also be posted online at for further use by
kids, families and teachers. the entire series of segments will be available on DVD as well, and be distributed to rochester area librar-
ies, neighborhood health centers and other underserved areas identified by WXXI’s community partners.
       WXXI will also host two community forums encouraging discussions on childhood obesity, health, nutrition, and exercise. these
one-hour forums will air on WXXI-tV and WSkG-tV. In addition to the televised forums, WXXI and WSkG will produce three one-hour
radio specials focused on childhood obesity, nutrition and fitness. these programs will air on WXXI-aM 1370 and WSQX-FM 91.5.
       WXXI will also host local “healthy You” workshops for teachers, daycare
providers, and caregivers, arming them with the information and resources
needed to educate students and families on how to ensure healthy lifestyles.
During these workshops, WXXI will distribute more than 200 custom-designed
health education family literacy kits that will be used in the classroom, and sent
home with students to use with their families.
                                                                                                april 2009                                    TV HIgHlIgHTs             

                                     They were charismatic and forward thinking,
                                     imaginative and courageous, compassionate and resolute, and, at times,
                                     arrogant, vengeful, and reckless. For hundreds of years, Native american leaders
                                     from Massasoit, tecumseh, and tenskwatawa, to Major ridge, Geronimo, and
                                     Fools Crow valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction      WE SHALL
                                     of their culture. Sometimes, their strategies were militaristic, but more often they
                                     were diplomatic, spiritual, legal, and political.
                                            American Experience, in association with Native american Public
                                     telecommunications, presents a five-part series that shows how Native peoples
                                     valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction of their
                                     culture—from the Wampanoags of New england in the 1600s who used their alli-
                                     ance with the english to weaken rival tribes, to the bold new leaders of the 1970s
                                     who harnessed the momentum of the civil rights movement to forge a pan-Indian
                                     identity. We Shall Remain represents an unprecedented collaboration between
                                     Native and non-Native filmmakers and involves Native advisors and scholars at
                                     all levels of the project.
Photo: B. CharLo/kaLISPeL NatIoN

                                     WE SHALL REMAIN airs Mondays, april 13- May 11 at 9 p.m. on WXXI-tV/hD

                                                                                 Julie Philipp, moderator

                                                                Studies show most parents don’t talk about money with
                                                                their children and teachers don’t spend much class time
                                                                on basic financial concepts. With april being Financial
                                   Literacy Month, WXXI and its financial literacy series for kids, Biz Kid$, are proud to
                                   present a live,one-hour special focused on the importance of economic education among
                                   youth. Let’s Talk about Money airs Tuesday, April 21 at 8 p.m. on WXXI-TV/HD.                 SWIMMING IN AUSCHWITZ
                                   WXXI’s Managing editor Julie Philipp will moderate discussions among a group
                                   of panelists, which will include financial literacy authorities from schools and                                     First photo taken of
                                   businesses, and an audience of educators and parents. Interested in being part                                       survivor Rena Drexler
                                                                                                                                                        at liberation.
                                   of the audience, or have questions for our panelist? Contact Shelley Figueroa at
                                   (585) 252-0278 or

                                   In support of the live TV special, WXXI will also host:                                   this documentary interweaves the stories
                                   > A special edition of 1370 connection, which will preview and discuss the                of six Jewish women imprisoned inside the
                                     Let’s Talk About Money program. this will air on tuesday, april 21 at 12 noon on        auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
                                     aM1370/hD91.5-2                                                                         the women maintained a spiritual resistance
                                   > A special edition of Need to Know, which will present a segment on youth                against their Nazi aggressors through prayer,
                                     financial literacy and pull findings from Let’s Talk About Money. this will air on      music, and even humor. their compelling
                                     Friday, april 24 at 8:30 p.m. on WXXI-tV/hD.                                            testimonials reveal the power of laughter and
                                   > special literacy segments will be produced to air on Assignment: The World,             community, even in the face of evil.
                                     WXXI’s national current events series for students in 4th through 8th grade. these      SWIMMINg IN AuScHWItz airs Monday
                                     segments will air throughout april. In rochester, Assignment: The World airs            april 20 at 10:30 p.m. on WXXI-tV/hD
                                     thursdays and Fridays at 6 a.m. on WXXI-tV/hD.
10     TV scHeDule                                                april 2009

     AprIl primetime

           8:00 pm                8:30 pm               9:00 pm             9:30 pm              10:00 pm             10:30pm

 1 wed Coming home…           |PBS Previews |Jerusalem: Center of the World
  2 thu |this old house hour “NYC Project” Part 3 |antiques roadshow “Chattanooga” Pt. 1 |Globe trekker “Chinatown”

  3 fri |Washington Week      |Need to know  |Bill Moyers’ Journal                        |McLaughlin Group|NoW on PBS
  4 sat |Sherlock holmes “Greek Interpreter”       |keeping Up… |as time Goes By |executive Stress |French Fields
 5 sun |Nature “Frogs: the thin Green Line”        |Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 2                 |Doc Martin “old...”
 6 mon | antiques roadshow “Chattanooga” Part 2 |annie oakley: american experience |house of Life… Jewish Cemetary

 7 tue |NoVa “Doctors’ Diaries” Part 1             |Frontline “Black Money”                 |Independent Lens “Milking the rhino”
 8 wed |ocean adventure “Sea Ghosts”               |american Masters “Glass: a Portrait of Philip in twelve Parts”
 9 thu |this old house hour “NYC Project” Part 4 |antiques roadshow “Chattanooga” Pt. 2 |Globe trekker “the Balkans”

10 fri |Washington Week       |Need to know  |Bill Moyers’ Journal                        |McLaughlin Group|NoW on PBS
11 sat |Sherlock holmes “Scandal in Bohemia” |keeping Up… |as time Goes By |executive Stress |French Fields

12 sun |Nature “andes: the Dragon’s Back”          |Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 3                 |Doc Martin
13 mon |antiques roadshow “Chattanooga” Part 3 |We Shall remain “after the Mayflower”                          |From the top...
14 tue | NoVa “Doctors’ Diaries” Part 2             |Frontline/World “Children of taliban” |Independent Lens “taking root...”
15 wed |Planet Forward                             |Great Performances at the Met “Lucia di Lamermoor”
16 thu |this old house hour “NYC Project” Part 5 |antiques roadshow “Chattanooga” Pt. 3 |Globe trekker “Utah and Colorado”

17 fri |Washington Week       |Need to know  |Bill Moyers’ Journal                        |McLaughlin Group|NoW on PBS
18 sat |Sherlock holmes “Norwood Builder”          |keeping Up… |as time Goes By |executive Stress |French Fields
19 sun |Nature “the Loneliest animals”             |Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 4                 |Doc Martin
20 mon |antiques roadshow “Grand rapids” Part 1 |We Shall remain “tecumseh’s Vision”                           |... auschwitz
21 tue |Let’s talk about Money                     |Frontline “Poisoned Waters”
22 wed |Secrets of Dead “Blackbeard’s Lost Ship” |ocean adventure “killer Whales” Parts 1 & 2

23 thu | this old house hour “NYC Project” Part 6 |antiques roadshow “Grand rapids” Pt. 1 |Globe trekker Special

24 fri |Washington Week       |Need to know  |Bill Moyers’ Journal                        |McLaughlin Group|NoW on PBS
25 sat |WXXI auction kick off                      |keeping Up… |as time Goes By |executive Stress |French Fields
26 sun | Nature “Crash: a tale of two Species”     |Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 5                 |Doc Martin
27 mon | antiques roadshow “Grand rapids” Part 2 |We Shall remain “trail of tears”                              |tuba U: Basso...
28 tue |400 Years of the telescope                 |Frontline “the released”                |Ind. Lens “at home in Utopia”
29 wed | Secrets of Dead “Voyage of the Courtesans” |Cry for help                            |Legacy of War
30 thu |this old house hour: “NYC Project” Part 7 |antiques roadshow “Grand rapids” Pt. 2 Globe trekker “Micronesia”
                                                                                 april 2009                                         TV lIsTINgs         11

arthur is a charismatic third grader who just happens to
                                                                                         MOndAY-frIdAY daytime
be an aardvark. along with his friends, Buster, Francine,
Binky, Muffy, and the Brain, arthur learns to navigate the
world in comical episodes that deal with friendship, family,
and growing up. arthur must conquer the homework of the                                  5:00a    GEDConnection(Mon.)CC
notoriously hard Mr. ratburn, avoid the embarrassment of                                           LearntoRead(Tue.)CC
his parents and younger sister, D.W., and keep the peace                                           WorkplaceEssentialSkills(Wed.)CC
between his eccentric group of friends. arthur’s adventures                                        CrossroadsCafé(Thu.)CC
are always entertaining and heartwarming, and a sure hit                                           GEDConnection(Fri.)CC
with children and parents alike.                                                         5:30     WorkplaceEssentialSkills(Mon.)CC
ARtHuR airs Monday through Friday                                                                  LearntoRead(Tue.)
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                                                                                         6:30     BetweentheLionsCCD)))
                                                                                         7:00	     <<arthurCCD)))
                                                                                         7:30     MarthaSpeaksCCD)))
                                                                                         8:00     CuriousGeorgeCCD)))
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                        (                                   10:00    SesameStreetCCD)))
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                                                                                         11:00    DragonTalesCCD)))
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                                                         Cable 433 | DT 21.3
                                                                                         7:00     NewsHourwithJimLehrerCC
 1     TV lIsTINgs                                            april 2009

Wednesday 1                                                          2:00
                                                                              Echoes from the Ancients
                                                                              A Place of Our Own “Parent activism/Preventing
8:00p   Coming Home: Military Families Cope with                     4:00     Los Niños en su Casa “Como Prevenir la
        Change Queen Latifa and John Mayer join forces                        obesidad/Dificultades en la Visión”
        with some of Sesame Street’s favorite residents
        for this special salute to service members who
        have returned from war with injuries. the special
        shadows military personnel as they return to their           friday 3
        families and offers strategies for coping. D)))
8:30    PBS Previews We Shall Remain: American                       8:00p    Washington Week
        Experience a sneak preview of a series showcas-              8:30     Need to Know See
        ing stories in native american history from a native         9:00     Bill Moyers’ Journal
        perspective. (Series premiere on Monday 4/13 at              10:00    The McLaughlin Group
        9p.) D)))                                                    10:30    NOW on PBS
9:00    Jerusalem: Center of the World Drawing on                    11:00    Worldfocus
        religious texts, the science of archaeology, and             11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
        oral traditions passed on through millennia, this
        program attempts to determine why the small city                      overnIgHt
        of Jerusalem has occupied the minds of so many               12:30a   Tavis Smiley
        for so long. host ray Suarez of The NewsHour                 1:00     Washington Week
        leads viewers to the holiest sites of Judaism,               1:30     NOW on PBS
        Christianity, and Islam—on the land, from the sky,           2:00     Foreign Exchange (tBr)
        and even underground.                                        2:30     The McLaughlin Group
11:00   Worldfocus                                                   3:00     Washington Week
11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.             3:30     NOW on PBS
        overnIgHt                                                    4:00     Transforming America “the Vietnam Dilemma/
                                                                              Decline of Liberalism”
12:30a Tavis Smiley
1:00   Berenstain Bears “Go to the Doctor/Don’t Pollute
       (anymore)/the In Crowd/Fly It” D)))
2:00   Keeping Kids Healthy “Living with Friedreich’s                Saturday 4
       ataxia/Great Nutrition for the Cheapest Price/
       adapting” D)))                                                6:00a  The World of Abnormal Psychology “organic
3:00   Hands On: Crafts for Kids “Calendars/Weather” D)))                   Mental Disorders”
4:00   Biz Kid$ “how Credit affects Your Life/the art of             7:00   Sesame Street “Word ‘Dog’ escapes abby’s Book”
       Negotiation”                                                         D)))
                                                                     8:00   Arthur “Castles in the Sky/tipping the Scales” D)))
                                                                     8:30   Clifford the Big Red Dog “Clifford & the
Thursday 2                                                           9:00
                                                                            Beanstalk/Itchy Patch” D)))
                                                                            WordGirl “tobey’s Masterpiece/Chuck the Nice
                                                                            Pencil-Selling Guy” D)))
8:00p   This Old House Hour “New York City Project, Part             9:30   Hometime “rainfall Shower”
        3/Banging Pipes/Installing Fiberglass Door”                  10:00 This Old House “NYC Project” Part 10 of 10
9:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga, tN” amazing                  10:30 Ask This Old House “Leaky PVC Drain trap/
        gems include poet Lord Byron’s regency cellarette                   Installing Bamboo Flooring”
        and a necklace with a five carat diamond. Part 1 of          11:00 New Yankee Workshop “Fireplace Mantle”
        3 (r) (tBr)                                                  11:30 Ciao Italia “Quick tarts”
10:00   Globe Trekker “Chinatown” explores the moti-                 Noon Lidia’s Italy “tajarin - Yellow and Gold”
        vations of those who left China and the impact               12:30p Victory Garden “olives” D)))
        they’ve had on their new homes. D)))                         1:00   Garden Smart “rock Garden Plant Nursery”
11:00   Worldfocus                                                   1:30   Simply Ming “Sambal/Creme Fraiche”
11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.             2:00   America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated
        overnIgHt                                                           “resurrecting the roast Beef Dinner”
                                                                     2:30   Sara’s Weeknight Meals “Mexican Made easy”
12:30a Tavis Smiley                                                  3:00   Second Opinion “Caregiver Burnout” explores
1:00   Child Development: Stepping Stones “the age of                       what can be done to help the physical, emotional,
       reason/a Society of Children”
                                                          april 2009                                       TV lIsTINgs         1

        and financial burdens of caregiving. (r) (tBr) For                    include: transform, reptile, habitat, and lizard. Want
        transcripts and additional resources, visit wxxi.                     to learn more about this new series? See interac-
        org/secondopinion.                                           D)))
3:30    P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home “Wonderful                        10:30 Biz Kid$ “have a Plan, Stan!” explores the differ-
        Wildflowers”                                                          ent elements of a business plan and features a
4:00    Monarchy with David Starkey “a Question of                            teen who opened a snow-cone shack.
        Succession”Chronicles the question of the tudor                11:00 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
        Succession. In henry VIII’s will, all three of his chil-       11:30 Inside Washington
        dren were named as his heirs and, in fact, all three           Noon To the Contrary
        would wear the Crown—his last heir, elizabeth,                 12:30p Need to Know See
        ruling magnificently.                                          1:00   Health Sense “Women’s health” experts and
5:00    Wild Chronicles “rescue” restoration projects                         patients discuss women’s health issues, including
        aim to help Mongolia’s land and rivers from the                       breast cancer and heart disease. D)))
        devastating effects of mining.                                 1:30   Second Opinion “Caregiver Burnout” (r)
5:30    Rick Steves’ Europe “Little europe: San Marino,                       For transcripts and additional resources, visit
        Monaco, Vatican City, Liechtensein, and andorra”            
        Includes the world’s smallest country, Italy’s last inde-      2:00   New York Wine & Table “albany/Saratoga/
        pendent hill town, and glamorous views of Monaco.                     Cooperstown” host Susan hunt is off to the races
6:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga” Part 1 of 3 (r)                       at Saratoga racetrack and meets a horse trainer
7:00    Lawrence Welk Show “Musical Memories”                                 who grows garlic. Visit
8:00    Sherlock Holmes “the Greek Interpreter” risking                2:30   Sewing with Nancy “Sew Boutique for kids” Part
        his life by telling his story, a Greek interpreter                    2 of 2
        fortunately chooses to confide in Mycroft, the                 3:00   The Woodwright’s Shop “Peter and the Box” D)))
        brother of Sherlock holmes.                                    3:30   MotorWeek “toyota Prius”
9:00    Keeping Up Appearances “Problems with relatives”               4:00   CityWise
9:30    As Time Goes By “the Copper kettle”                            4:30   Foreign Exchange
10:00   Executive Stress                                               5:00   This Old House “NYC Project” Part 9 of 10
10:30   French Fields “Long Leggedy Beasties & things”                 5:30   This Old House “NYC Project” Part 10 of 10
11:00   Doctor Who “Blink”                                             6:00   BBC World News This Week
                                                                       6:30   New York Now
                                                                       7:00   OnStage “hinkley”
Mid.    Austin City Limits “the arcade Fire” the Canadian              8:00   Nature “Frogs: the thin Green Line” as amphibian
        indie rock marvel showcases its powerful artistic                     species vanish off the face of the earth, scientists
        melodrama.                                                            attempt to save those they can.
1:00a   NOVA “Last extinction” D)))                                    9:00   Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” the continued
2:00    Frontline “Sick around america” D))) (r)                              tale of a family and the people they encounter on
3:00    History Detectives “hindenburg artifact/Bonus                         their way from rags to riches and back again. Part
        army Stamp/Dempsey Fight Bell”                                        2 of 5 (Part 3 on 4/12 at 9p) D)))
4:00    Washington Week                                                10:30 Doc Martin “old Dogs” (r)
4:30    NOW on PBS                                                     11:30 In the Life “Women through the Lens”
                                                                       Mid.     Winds of the Wasteland (1936) this western
Sunday 5                                                                        stars John Wayne and Phyllis Serf.
                                                                       1:00a    Weaving Worlds an intimate portrait of the history
6:00a   A World of Art: World in Progress “Bill Viola/                          of Navajo rug weavers and their role within the
        Mierle Ukeles”                                                          global economy. D)))
7:00    Sesame Street “oscar and Grundgetta read” D)))                 2:00     Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures “Newton the
8:00    Thomas & Friends “Confidence” D)))                                      New kid/a Colorful encounter/a Whole Lotta hot
8:30    Bob the Builder “helping others” D)))                                   air/the Fire Department”
9:00    Make Way for Noddy “Lie Down Mr. Wobbly Man/                   3:00     Bridging World History “Family and household in
        Fire Chief Dinah”                                                       World history/Land & Labor”
9:30    Clifford the Big Red Dog “to Catch a Bird/the                  4:00     The Earth Revealed “Groundwater/Wind, Dust and
        Best Party ever” D)))                                                   Deserts”
10:00   The Electric Company “abracadabra Cadabra
        Ca-Green!” Danny finds a book of magic spells and
        transforms Jessica into a lizard. the gang needs to
        change her back! Vocabulary words in this episode
 1     TV lIsTINgs                                               april 2009

Monday 6                                                                Wednesday 8
8:00p    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga, tN” Movie                      8:00p   Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventure “Sea
         memorabilia from the 1920s to the 1980s and a                          Ghosts” In this exciting series, Jean-Michel, son
         confederate soldier’s sword. Part 2 of 3 (tBr)                         of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, sets sail to explore
9:00     Annie Oakley: American Experience examines                             dangerous and spectacular locales across the
         the dramatic life of an icon who forever changed                       globe. In this episode, Jean-Michel travels with
         ideas about the abilities of women. D)))                               his son, daughter, and team to the high arctic to
10:00    House of Life: The Old Jewish Cemetery Featuring                       discover why some beluga whale groups are thriv-
         rabbis, historians, guides, and conservationists, this                 ing and others are disappearing.
         film tells the story of the vibrant Prague Jewish              9:00    American Masters “Glass: a Portrait of Philip
         community of the past and of today’s small Jewish                      in twelve Parts” Filmmaker Scott hicks docu-
         community for whom the cemetery still serves as a                      ments an eventful, but apparently typical, year in
         spiritual center. Claire Bloom narrates.                               the career and personal life of the distinguished
11:00    Worldfocus                                                             composer as he interacts with family, friends, and
11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.                       colleagues. the film captures Glass romping with
                                                                                his young children on the Nova Scotia coastline,
                                                                                collaborating with ravi Shankar and Woody allen,
12:30a Tavis Smiley                                                             and attending the world premiere of his new opera
1:00   Destinos “La Búsqueda (the Search)/en el                                 in Germany, and the outcome is a very intimate
       extranjero (abroad)/Culpable (Guilty)/Caras (Faces)”                     portrait of artistic sensibility and pursuits.
3:00   Discovering Psychology - Updated Edition                         11:00   Worldfocus
       “Psychopathology/Psychotherapy”                                  11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.
4:00   Wild Chronicles adventurers crisscross 200 miles
       of himalayan peaks in 24 days. Followed by a look                        overnIgHt
       at an earthquake in China’s Wolong reserve that                  12:30a Tavis Smiley
       puts its resident pandas in danger.                              1:00   Berenstain Bears “By the Sea/Catch the Bus/
                                                                               Family Get-together/the Stinky Milk Mystery” D)))
                                                                        2:00   Keeping Kids Healthy “Breastfeeding Your Baby:
                                                                               how Do You Make It Work?/anorexia: recognizing
Tuesday 7                                                                      and Combating It in Your Child” D)))
                                                                        3:00   Hands On: Crafts for Kids “art Forms/Letters” D)))
8:00p    NOVA “Doctors’ Diaries” Seven doctors whose careers            4:00   Biz Kid$ “the World is a risky Place/economic
         have been documented since 1987 are interviewed.                      Cycles (What Goes Up Must Come Down)”
         See page 23 to learn about the local connection.
         Part 1 of 2 (Part 2 on 4/14 at 8p) D))) (tBr)
9:00     Frontline “Black Money” Investigates a new crack-
         down against multi-national companies involved in              Thursday 9
         international bribery. D))) (tBr)
10:00    Independent Lens “Milking the rhino” Looks at                  8:00p   This Old House Hour “New York City Project, Part
         wildlife preservation with a focus on rural africans                   4/Projects for kids: Building a Vegetable Garden/
         engaging in community-based conservation.                              Constructing a Mini-Golf Course”
11:00    Worldfocus                                                     9:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga” Pt. 2 of 3 (r) (tBr)
11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.               10:00   Globe Trekker “the Balkans” host Zay harding
                                                                                begins his travels in kosovo where he dances
                                                                                with a local albanian band, visits Gazimestan and
12:30a Tavis Smiley                                                             Serbia, backpacks through Belgrade, explores
1:00   The Whole Child “everybody’s Special/Getting                             Sarajevo and nearby mountain villages, and ends
       along together”                                                          in Montenegro with an exciting log-raft trip down
2:00   Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy a two-time                           the tara river Canyon, the deepest in europe.
       cancer survivor discusses battling cancer and                    11:00   Worldfocus
       preserving her fertility. Followed by a discussion on            11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.
       the benefits of infant massage.
3:00   Moneytrack “Changing Lanes/Special edition” D)))                         overnIgHt
4:00   DragonFlyTV “Gecko Feet/Nasturtium Leaves”                       12:30a Tavis Smiley
4:30   Hands On Crafts for Kids “animals, Vertebrates,                  1:00   Child Development: Stepping Stones “on the
       Mammals” D)))                                                           road to accomplishment/School Days”
                                                       april 2009                                       TV lIsTINgs          1

2:00     Flight to Freedom                                                  it is often treatable with a good prognosis. (r)
3:00     A Place of Our Own “Visual Impairments/Week in                     (tBr) For transcripts and additional resources, visit
         review (emergencies on the road)”                        
4:00     Los Niños en su Casa “edades y etapas: 4-5/                3:30    P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home “Winter Gardens”
         recuento Semanal (Mantener Seguro Cuando Viaja             4:00    Monarchy with David Starkey “revolution and
         en auto)”                                                          the republic” this episode sheds light on the death
                                                                            of Charles I, the english Civil War, the reign of the
                                                                            Lord Protector, oliver Cromwell, and the eventual
                                                                            restoration of the monarchy by Charles II in 1660.
friday 10                                                           5:00    Wild Chronicles “Finding the Way” Storm chas-
                                                                            ers crisscross tornado alley in search of the next
8:00p    Washington Week                                                    mega-storm.
8:30     Need to Know See                             5:30    Rick Steves’ Europe “Great Swiss Cities: Luzern,
9:00     Bill Moyers’ Journal                                               Bern, Zurich, and Lausa” eye-opening art and a
10:00    The McLaughlin Group                                               few Swiss innovations.
10:30    NOW on PBS                                                 6:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga” Part 2 of 3 (r)
11:00    Worldfocus                                                 7:00    Lawrence Welk Show “easter”
11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.           8:00    Sherlock Holmes “a Scandal in Bohemia” a
                                                                            masked nobleman seeks the help of holmes and
         overnIgHt                                                          Watson.
12:30a   Tavis Smiley                                               9:00    Keeping Up Appearances “onslow’s Birthday”
1:00     Washington Week                                            9:30    As Time Goes By “Surprise, Surprise”
1:30     NOW on PBS                                                 10:00   Executive Stress
2:00     Foreign Exchange (tBr)                                     10:30   French Fields “Inside Story”
2:30     The McLaughlin Group                                       11:00   Doctor Who “Utopia”
3:00     Washington Week
3:30     NOW on PBS
4:00     Transforming America “Conservative resurgence/             Mid.    Austin City Limits “Femi kuti” the Nigerian
         a New economy”                                                     bandleader and political activist performs his
                                                                            multi-layered, socially conscious afrobeat.
                                                                    1:00a   NOVA “Doctors’ Diaries” Part 1 of 2 D)))
                                                                    2:00    Frontline “Black Money” D))) (r)
Saturday 11                                                         3:00    400 Years of the Telescope D))) (tBr)
                                                                    4:00    Washington Week
6:00a  The World of Abnormal Psychology “Behavior                   4:30    NOW on PBS
       Disorders of Childhood”
7:00   Sesame Street “Sock Chaos at Laundromat” D)))
       Arthur “arthur Writes a Story/arthur’s Lost Dog” D)))
       Clifford the Big Red Dog “Clifford’s Big Surprise/
                                                                    Sunday 12
       ears have It” D)))
9:00   WordGirl “theme Park Wham-Page/Chuck’s Job”                  6:00a   Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood “Words: Clap &
9:30   Hometime “Betsy-tacy home: Decoration”                               Stomp/rhythmic Performers from Stomp” D)))
10:00 This Old House “Weston Project” Part 1 of 16                  6:30    Jay Jay the Jet Plane “old oscar Leads the
10:30 Ask This Old House “Collapsing Garage roof/                           Parade/revvin’ evan’s Day” D)))
       Installing a Dry Well”                                       7:00    Sesame Street “elmo Shows abby how to
11:00 New Yankee Workshop “Irish table”                                     Pretend” D)))
11:30 Ciao Italia “trendy tiramisu”                                 8:00    Thomas & Friends “helping” D)))
Noon Lidia’s Italy “Istrian Seafood Mix”                            8:30    Bob the Builder “animal habitats” D)))
12:30p Victory Garden “Cote d’azur” D)))                            9:00    Make Way for Noddy “Noddy’s Special treat/a
1:00   Garden Smart “american renaissance Gardens in                        Gray Day in toyland”
       South Florida”                                               9:30    Clifford the Big Red Dog “Fluffed Up Cleo/team
1:30   Simply Ming “Galangal/Jalapeno”                                      Spirit” D)))
2:00   America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated               10:00   The Electric Company “Game on” Manny zaps
       “South-of-the-Border Supper”                                         Deek the Dino Dude out of hector’s video game
2:30   Sara’s Weeknight Meals “Poultry Dinner”                              and into the real world. the electric Company has
3:00   Second Opinion “Non-hodgkin Lymphoma”                                to figure out how to get Deek back to his cyber
       Lymphoma is on the rise, but with early diagnosis                    home. Vocabulary words in this episode include:
                                                                            persevere, strategy, perseverance, and compete.
 1     TV lIsTINgs                                            april 2009

       Want to learn more about this new series? See
                                                                     Monday 13
10:30 Biz Kid$ “Money Math - Who Needs It?” explores                 8:00p    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga, tN” an “8-
       the importance of math and visits students who                         ball” presented to harry truman in 1948 and a
       are helping the environment.                                           pristine 1930 Lionel train set. Part 3 of 3 (tBr)
11:00 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly                                   9:00     We Shall Remain: American Experience “after
11:30 Inside Washington                                                       the Mayflower” the premier episode in this excit-
Noon To the Contrary                                                          ing new series focuses on the decades of english
12:30p Need to Know See                                         immigration and lethal epidemics that brought the
1:00   Health Sense “Cold & Flu” experts address the                          Indians to the brink of disaster. For the next part in
       best ways to treat and prevent getting sick, and                       this series, tune in 4/20 at 9p. (tBr)
       explain the risks of the avian flu. D)))                      10:30    From the Top at Carnegie Hall - Special
1:30   Second Opinion “Non-hodgkin Lymphoma” (r)                              Edition “Star Quality” Features performances and
       For transcripts and additional resources, visit wxxi.                  conversations with america’s best young classical
       org/secondopinion.                                                     musicians, age 8 to 18. (tBr)
2:00   New York Wine & Table “Farming: a team effort”                11:00    Worldfocus
       host Susan hunt dives into the world of community             11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
       supported agriculture and meets three winemakers                       overnIgHt
       who work together. Visit
2:30   Sewing with Nancy “Cosmopolitan Sewing” Part 1                12:30a Tavis Smiley
       of 2                                                          1:00   Destinos “Inolvidable (Unforgettable)/estimada
3:00   The Woodwright’s Shop “Ball & Socket                                 Sra. Suarez (Dear Mrs. Suarez)/Por Fin... (Finally...)/
       embroidery Stand” Part 1 of 2 D)))                                   relaciones estrechas (a Close relationship)”
3:30   MotorWeek “honda Civic”                                       3:00   Discovering Psychology - Updated Edition
4:00   CityWise                                                             “health, Mind, and Behavior/applied Psychology”
4:30   Foreign Exchange                                              4:00   Wild Chronicles Paleontologists search for fossils
5:00   This Old House “Weston Project” Part 1 of 16                         of the large marine reptile, plesiosaurus. Followed
5:30   Ask This Old House “Collapsing Garage roof/                          by an investigation into the unique genetic struc-
       Installing a Dry Well”                                               tures of the egg-laying platypus.
6:00   BBC World News This Week
6:30   New York Now
       OnStage “40 rod Lightning”
       Nature “andes: the Dragon’s Back” examines the
                                                                     Tuesday 14
       mountain range’s diverse ecosystems, including a
       large ice field, a desert, and geysers. D)))                  8:00p    NOVA “Doctors’ Diaries” Continues the look at the
9:00   Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 3 of 5                        struggles and progress of doctors whose careers
       (Part 4 on 4/19 at 9p) D)))                                            have been followed since 1987. See page 23 to learn
10:30 Doc Martin “In Loco” (r)                                                about the local connection. Pt. 2 of 2 D))) (tBr)
11:25 Things to Come (1936) this British science fiction             9:00     Frontline/World “Children of the taliban”
       film stars raymond Massey, ralph richardson,                           examines the increasing influence of the taliban in
       Margaretta Scott, and Cedric hardwicke.                                Pakistan, and South korea’s internet addiction. D)))
       Screenplay by h. G. Wells. (Please note the starting                   (tBr)
       time of this film.)                                           10:00    Independent Lens “taking root: the Vision of
                                                                              Wangari Maathai” her idea and suggestion for
         overnIgHt                                                            rural women to plant trees to address problems
1:00a    Electronic Field Trips: Explore, Experience,                         stemming from a degraded environment grew
         Expand “Buffalo Soldiers”                                            into a nationwide movement to safeguard the
2:00     Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures                                      environment, defend human rights, and promote
         “responsibilities/rules of the road/to tree or Not                   democracy, and ultimately won Maathai the Nobel
         to tree/Something Fishy”                                             Peace Prize in 2004.
3:00     Bridging World History “Commodities Connect                 11:00    Worldfocus
         the World/Cooking World history”                            11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
4:00     The Earth Revealed “Glaciers/Waves, Beaches,                         overnIgHt
         and Coasts”
                                                                     12:30a Tavis Smiley
                                                                     1:00   The Whole Child “Building Inner Controls/
                                                                            respecting Diversity”
                                                     april 2009                                      TV lIsTINgs         1

2:00    Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy Discusses             1:00    Child Development: Stepping Stones
        finding outdoor experiences for children. Followed                “explosions/What If?”
        by a guest pediatrician raising awareness about           2:00    15 Miles on the Erie Canal
        respiratory Syncytial Virus (rSV).                        3:00    A Place of Our Own “Math activities/Literacy
3:00    We Shall Remain: American Experience “after                       activities”
        the Mayflower” (r)                                        4:00    Los Niños en su Casa “actividades de
4:30    Hands On Crafts for Kids “animals, Vertebrates,                   alfabetización/ayudando a un Niño del que se
        Mammals, herbivores” D)))                                         Burlan”

Wednesday 15                                                      friday 17
8:00p   Planet Forward Driven by citizens’ ideas about            8:00p   Washington Week
        the nation’s energy future, and taped before              8:30    Need to Know See
        an audience at George Washington University,              9:00    Bill Moyers’ Journal
        this program features discussions by scientists,          10:00   The McLaughlin Group
        policy makers, and business leaders, as well as           10:30   NOW on PBS “on thin Ice” this timely special
        the selected citizen journalists who submitted                    explores the environmental causes behind the
        their ideas and films. hosted by Frank Sesno. For                 world’s fast-disappearing glaciers. (tBr)
        additional information, visit www.publicagenda.           11:30   Worldfocus
9:00    Great Performances at the Met “Lucia di
        Lamermoor” anna Netrebko portrays the frag-               Mid.    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
        ile heroine of Donizetti’s opera, presented as a          1:00a   Washington Week
        Victorian ghost story in Mary Zimmerman’s hit             1:30    NOW on PBS “on thin Ice” (r) (tBr)
        production. also starring rolando Villazon and            2:30    The McLaughlin Group
        Mariusz kwiecien. Marco armiliato conducts.               3:00    Washington Week
11:30   Worldfocus                                                3:30    Foreign Exchange (tBr)
                                                                  4:00    Transforming America “the Gilded age redux/
        overnIgHt                                                         New World order”
Mid.    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
1:00a   Berenstain Bears “New Neighbors/the Big
        election/the hiccup Cure/think of those in Need”
        D)))                                                      Saturday 18
2:00    Keeping Kids Healthy “Celiac Disease/teen
        anxiety Disorder: taking It Seriously/kids with           6:00a  The World of Abnormal Psychology
        Chronic Illness: the Parents’ Burden” D)))                       “Psychotherapies”
3:00    Hands On: Crafts for Kids “Family history/time”           7:00   Sesame Street “Fairytale emergencies” D)))
        D)))                                                      8:00   Arthur “Is that kosher/Never Never Never” D)))
4:00    Biz Kid$ “the Green economy & You/Secrets to              8:30   Clifford the Big Red Dog “Clifford on Parade/
        Success”                                                         Follow the Leader” D)))
                                                                  9:00   WordGirl “Granny Mayor/tobey Goes Good” D)))
                                                                  9:30   Hometime “eat-In kitchen: Demolition”
                                                                  10:00 This Old House “Weston Project” Part 2 of 16
Thursday 16                                                       10:30 Ask This Old House “Mature tree/Noisy heating
8:00p   This Old House Hour “New York City Project, Part          11:00 New Yankee Workshop “Linen Press”
        5/Water-Saving toilet”                                    11:30 Ciao Italia “Bread and Cheese Casseroles”
9:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga, tN” Part 3 of             Noon Lidia’s Italy “the Goose of It”
        3 (r) (tBr)                                               12:30p Victory Garden “truffles” D)))
10:00   Globe Trekker “Utah and Colorado”                         1:00   Garden Smart “Gardening in Charleston, S.C.”
11:00   Worldfocus                                                1:30   Simply Ming “kechap Manis/Black Pepper”
11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.          2:00   America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated
                                                                         “Lunchtime Specials”
                                                                  2:30   Sara’s Weeknight Meals “Italian”
12:30a Tavis Smiley
 1     TV lIsTINgs                                           april 2009

3:00    Second Opinion “Depression in Later Life” Proper                   more about this new series? See interactive.wxxi.
        diagnosis and treatment of depression later in life                org/highlights/electric-company. D)))
        is critical to good physical health. (r) (tBr) For          10:30 Biz Kid$ “Building Your Business online” explores
        transcripts and additional resources, visit wxxi.                  the advantages and potential pitfalls in internet
        org/secondopinion.                                                 businesses.
3:30    P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home “a Capital Idea”               11:00 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
4:00    Monarchy with David Starkey “return of the                  11:30 Inside Washington
        king” In 1660, the english monarchy was restored            Noon To the Contrary
        when king Charles II returned from exile. though            12:30p Need to Know See
        the chance was dubious, his reign restored the              1:00   Health Sense “Quitting Smoking” Discusses the
        authority of the english Crown and laid the founda-                effects that smoking has on the body and some
        tion of the world’s first modern state.                            alternative methods for quitting. D)))
5:00    Wild Chronicles “What’s the Impact?”                        1:30   Second Opinion “Depression in Later Life” (r) For
5:30    Rick Steves’ Europe “Viennese Delights” explores                   transcripts and additional resources, visit wxxi.
        the city’s elegant gardens and Danube river.                       org/secondopinion.
6:00    Antiques Roadshow “Chattanooga” Part 3 of 3 (r)             2:00   New York Wine & Table “taste of the Future”
7:00    Lawrence Welk Show “Spring”                                        Peeks into the future of food and wine as seen
8:00    Sherlock Holmes “the Norwood Builder” holmes                       through the eyes of farmers, researchers, and
        believes the innocence of a man thought by the                     chefs. Visit
        police to be a murderer.                                    2:30   Sewing with Nancy “Cosmopolitan Sewing” Part 2
9:00    Keeping Up Appearances “Singing for emmet”                         of 2
9:30    As Time Goes By “relationships”                             3:00   The Woodwright’s Shop “Ball & Socket
10:00   Executive Stress                                                   embroidery Stand” Part 2 of 2 D)))
10:30   French Fields “Sheep May Weekly Graze”                      3:30   MotorWeek “Mercedes-Benz GLk”
11:00   Doctor Who “the Sound of the Drums”                         4:00   CityWise
                                                                    4:30   Foreign Exchange
                                                                    5:00   This Old House “Weston Project” Part 2 of 16
Mid.    Austin City Limits “Van Morrison” the acclaimed             5:30   Ask This Old House “Mature tree/Noisy heating
        singer wraps his incomparable voice around soul,                   System”
        blues, folk, jazz, and country music.                       6:00   BBC World News This Week
1:00a   NOVA “Doctors’ Diaries” Part 2 of 2 D))) (tBr)              6:30   New York Now
2:00    Frontline/World “Children of the taliban” D))) (r)          7:00   OnStage “Gaylord”
3:00    From the Top at Carnegie Hall Special “Star                 8:00   Nature “the Loneliest animals” Scientists attempt
        Quality” (r)                                                       to breed endangered species, including Yangtze
3:30    Washington Week                                                    turtles and Sumatran rhinos.
4:00    NOW on PBS “on thin Ice” (r)                                9:00   Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Part 4 of 5
                                                                           (Part 5 on 4/26 at 9p and 4/28 at 3:30a) D)))
                                                                    10:30 Doc Martin “Blood is thicker” (r)
                                                                    11:30 In the Life Visit
Sunday 19
6:00a   Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood “Play”                          Mid.    Green Builders Profiles green building pioneers
6:30    Jay Jay the Jet Plane “the Mystery of Water/Jay                     who have taken the leap into making their part of
        Jay’s Winter Parade” D)))                                           the “built environment” a more energy-efficient
7:00    Sesame Street “elmo Decides to Write abby her                       and environmentally-friendly place.
        First Letter” D)))                                          1:00a   Where We Stand: America’s Schools in the 21st
8:00    Thomas & Friends “the Weather/the World                             Century a snapshot of the state of public educa-
        around You” D)))                                                    tion in america.
8:30    Bob the Builder “Discovery” D)))                            2:00    Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures “the Police
9:00    Make Way for Noddy “a Surprise for tessie Bear/                     Department/a Visit from the Doctor/homework
        Big ears for a Day”                                                 rules/Bread and Butterflies”
9:30    Clifford the Big Red Dog “t-Bone, Dog about                 3:00    Bridging World History “Ideas that Changed the
        town/Clifford’s Big heart” D)))                                     World/the rise of the West”
10:00   The Electric Company “War of the Words” hector              4:00    The Earth Revealed “Living with earth” Parts 1
        is chosen to give a presentation on stamina,                        and 2
        but the pranksters keep him from getting rest.
        Vocabulary words in this episode include stamina,
        fatigue, nourishment, and exhausted. Want to learn
                                                          april 2009                                      TV lIsTINgs         1

Monday 20                                                              3:00    We Shall Remain: American Experience
                                                                               “tecumseh’s Vision” (r)
                                                                       4:30    Hands On Crafts for Kids “animals, Vertebrates,
8:00p   Antiques Roadshow “Grand rapids, MI” an 1881                           Mammals, Carnivores” D)))
        painting by Jasper Cropsey and a letter by Gerald
        Ford to his former teacher. Part 1 of 3 (tBr)
9:00    We Shall Remain: American Experience
        “tecumseh’s Vision” Brothers tenskwatawa and                   Wednesday 22
        tecumseh came closer than anyone to creating an
        Indian nation that would exist alongside and separate          8:00p   Secrets of the Dead “Blackbeard’s Lost Ship”
        from the United States. after his death in the Battle of               Weapons, timbers, and personal effects shed
        the thames, tecumseh lived on as a potent symbol                       light on the ship’s demise and the pirate’s
        of Native pride and pan-Indian identity. the roles of                  downfall.
        the brothers are played by Billy Merasty of Cree First         9:00    Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventure “killer
        Nation and Michael Greyeyes of Plains Cree. (tBr)                      Whales” the team travels to both the northern and
10:30   Swimming in Auschwitz See page 9 for details.                          southern hemispheres as they seek out orcas—
11:30   Worldfocus                                                             also known as killer whales—in the atlantic and
        overnIgHt                                                              Pacific oceans. the group discovers that people
                                                                               and orcas share surprising similarities, and even
Mid.    Charlie Rose See for guest list.                       similar needs. Parts 1 & 2
1:00a   Destinos “el Peaje (the tollbooth)/recuerdos                   11:00   Worldfocus
        (Memories)/Vista al Mar (a View of the Sea)/el Don             11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.
        Juan (the Don Juan)”
3:00    Discovering Psychology - Updated Edition                               overnIgHt
        “Cognitive Neuroscience/Cultural Psychology”                   12:30a Tavis Smiley
4:00    Wild Chronicles Controversy over flounder fish-                1:00   Berenstain Bears “Go to the Movies/Pet Show/the
        ing regulations and a push to record endangered                       Car trip/Pick Up and Put away” D)))
        languages.                                                     2:00   Keeping Kids Healthy “Premature Babies: Good
4:30    Going Green - Every Home An Eco-Home tony                             things Come in Small Packages/Controlling
        Shaloub narrates down to earth examples of how                        asthma with an asthma treatment Plan” D)))
        environmental problems can be solved. D)))                     3:00   Hands On: Crafts for Kids “Paper Collage/
                                                                              Symmetry” D)))
                                                                       4:00   Biz Kid$ “the Marketing Mix/hidden Careers”
Tuesday 21
8:00p   Let’s Talk About Money host Julie Phillip of
        WXXI’s Need to Know leads this locally focused                 Thursday 23
        discussion on finance.
9:00    Frontline “Poisoned Waters” More than three                    8:00p   This Old House Hour “New York City Project, Part
        decades after the Clean Water act, two iconic                          6/heating & Cooling System”
        american waterways are in perilous condition.                  9:00    Antiques Roadshow “Grand rapids” Part 1 of 3
        Frontline examines the rising hazards to human                         (r) (tBr)
        health and the eco-system, and why it’s so hard to             10:00   Globe Trekker Special “Globe Shopper 2” Globe
        keep our waters clean. D))) (tBr)                                      trekker is in hot pursuit of the finest and latest,
11:00   Worldfocus                                                             the oldest and rarest, the cheapest and most
11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.                       expensive gifts a budding traveller can possibly
        overnIgHt                                                              bring home.
                                                                       11:00   Worldfocus
12:30a Tavis Smiley                                                    11:30   Charlie Rose See for guest list.
1:00   The Whole Child “Creativity and Play/Let’s talk
       about It”                                                               overnIgHt
2:00   Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy Looks at                    12:30a Tavis Smiley
       how in-utero surgery procedures are becoming                    1:00   Child Development: Stepping Stones “Who am
       less invasive.                                                         I?/the home Stretch”
2:30   Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy the causes                  2:00   Anyone and Everyone Poignant and often heart-
       of the inability to conceive a second time and                         breaking stories of families across the country who
       possible treatments. D)))                                              have a gay child.
0       TV lIsTINgs                                        april 2009

3:00     A Place of Our Own “helping a Child Who’s Being                  Younger” Biological, social, and behavioral issues
         Picked on/transitions”                                           are discussed. (r) (tBr) For transcripts and addi-
4:00     Los Niños en su Casa “transiciones/actividades                   tional resources, visit
         de Matemáticas”                                          3:30    P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home “Garden home”
                                                                  4:00    Monarchy with David Starkey “the Glorious
                                                                  5:00    Wild Chronicles “rebirth” a captive breeding
friday 24                                                                 program helps repopulate takhi horses in the
                                                                          Mongolian wild.
8:00p    Washington Week                                          5:30    Rick Steves’ Europe “the Czech republic off the
8:30     Need to Know See                                   Beaten Path” takes in a whirlwind of art nouveau,
9:00     Bill Moyers’ Journal                                             local pub music, cheese-tasting, river-rafting, and
10:00    The McLaughlin Group                                             peat-bathing.
10:30    NOW on PBS                                               6:00    Antiques Roadshow “Grand rapids” Part 1 of 3
11:00    Worldfocus                                                       (r)
11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.         7:00    Lawrence Welk Show “Music of Irving Berlin”
                                                                  8:00    WXXI Auction Kick Off See page 5 for details.
                                                                  9:00    Keeping Up Appearances “the toy Store”
12:30a   Tavis Smiley                                             9:30    As Time Goes By “the Picnic”
1:00     Washington Week                                          10:00   Executive Stress
1:30     NOW on PBS                                               10:30   French Fields “home and Way”
2:00     Foreign Exchange (tBr)                                   11:00   Doctor Who “Last of the time Lords”
2:30     The McLaughlin Group
3:00     Washington Week
3:30     NOW on PBS                                               Mid.    Austin City Limits “the raconteurs/Cat Power”
4:00     Transforming America “Globalizing america/a                      Jack White’s new modern rock collaboration is
         More Perfect Union”                                              followed by introspective Cat Power performing
                                                                          from her Memphis soul-inflected album.
                                                                  1:00a   NOVA “Car of the Future” D))) (r)
                                                                  2:00    Frontline “Poisoned Waters” D))) (r)
Saturday 25                                                       4:00    Washington Week
                                                                  4:30    NOW on PBS
6:00a  The World of Abnormal Psychology “an ounce of
7:00   Sesame Street “the Cookie touch” D)))
8:00   Arthur “the Cherry tree/Matchmaker                         Sunday 26
       Matchbreaker” D)))
8:30   Clifford the Big Red Dog “Magic in the air/                6:00a   Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood “environment” D)))
       everyone Loves Clifford” D)))                              6:30    Jay Jay the Jet Plane “the Mystery of Bugs/
9:00   WordGirl “Field Day Fund with robo-tobey/the                       Spending time with Big Jake” D)))
       two Brains Boogie”                                         7:00    Sesame Street “Firefly Show” D)))
9:30   Hometime “eat-In kitchen: Cabinets”                        8:00    Thomas & Friends “Being reliable” D)))
10:00 This Old House “Weston Project” Part 3 of 16                8:30    Bob the Builder “anticipating outcomes” D)))
10:30 Ask This Old House “Pendant Lighting/Care for               9:00    Make Way for Noddy “Noddy has a Difficult Day/
       Succulents”                                                        Bumpy Dog’s Day”
11:00 New Yankee Workshop “Walnut table”                          9:30    Clifford the Big Red Dog “Clifford’s Carnival/
11:30 Ciao Italia “Peaches n’ Cream”                                      Clifford’s Doggy reunion” D)))
Noon Lidia’s Italy “hazelnut haven”                               10:00   The Electric Company “Mighty Bright knight”
12:30p Victory Garden “Dry: Use Less Water in Your                        Jessica and Manny compete to win the last copy
       Landscape” D)))                                                    of their favorite comic book. Vocabulary words in
1:00   Garden Smart “the kentucky home and Gardens                        this episode include: individual, opponent, merit
       of a Plant Breeding Legacy”                                        [n.], fortunately, and unfortunately. Want to learn
1:30   Simply Ming “Maitake Mushrooms & Blood oranges”                    more about this new series? See interactive.wxxi.
2:00   America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated                     org/highlights/electric-company. D)))
       “Fish Made easy”                                           10:30   Biz Kid$ “Financial Institutions - all the Same?”
2:30   Sara’s Weeknight Meals “From the Sea”                              Checking accounts and online banking.
3:00   Second Opinion “Men’s health: Why Men Die                  11:00   Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
                                                                  11:30   Inside Washington
                                                       april 2009                                         TV lIsTINgs           1

Noon To the Contrary                                                11:00    Worldfocus
12:30p Need to Know See                               11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
1:00   Health Sense “Nutrition” the newly renovated
       food pyramid and nutrition labels. D)))
1:30   Second Opinion “Men’s health: Why Men Die                    12:30a   Tavis Smiley
       Younger” (r) For transcripts and additional                  1:00     Destinos “reflexiones I y II (reflections I & II)”
       resources, visit                     2:00     Charlie Rose See for guest list.
2:00   From Farm to Table NEW SERIES                                3:00     Tavis Smiley
2:30   Great Performances at the Met “La rondine”                   3:30     Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Pt. 5 of 5 D))) (r)
       angela Gheorghiu and roberto alagna, opera’s
       charismatic real-life duo, team up in this ravishing
       romance. Nicolas Joel directs this new production
       of Puccini’s gorgeously melodic look at love.                Tuesday 28
4:30   Foreign Exchange
5:00   This Old House “Weston Project” Part 3 of 16                 8:00p    400 Years of the Telescope this program focuses
5:30   Ask This Old House “Pendant Lighting/Care for                         (pardon the pun) on the telescope’s impact on
       Succulents”                                                           astronomy and the three historical periods in its
6:00   BBC World News This Week                                              development. D))) (r)
6:30   New York Now                                                 9:00     Frontline “the released” examines the struggles
7:00   OnStage “Uncle Plum”                                                  of the mentally ill after prison and why they return
8:00   Nature “Crash: a tale of two Species” the story                       to prison at alarming rates.
       of the fabric of life and how every species is inter-        10:00    Independent Lens “at home in Utopia” recalls a
       connected, each one important. (r)                                    cooperative apartment complex called “the coops”
9:00   Masterpiece Classic “Little Dorrit” Pt. 5 of 5 D)))                   that was built in the Bronx by garment workers.
       (tBr)                                                        11:00    Worldfocus
10:30 Doc Martin “aromatherapy” (r)                                 11:30    Charlie Rose See for guest list.
11:30 As You Like It (1936) this adaptation of
       Shakespeare’s story stars elisabeth Bergner and
       Laurence olivier.                                            12:30a Tavis Smiley
                                                                    1:00   The Whole Child “Growing Minds/It’s the Little
         overnIgHt                                                         things”
1:00a    Satellite Town Meeting                                     2:00   Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy Discusses
2:00     Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures “all Washed                       a childbirth method which uses yoga and medita-
         Up/Mrs. o’Connor’s Space rangers/Manners                          tion. D)))
         Please/Mystery at Lakeshore Farm”                          2:30   Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy Looks at
3:00     Bridging World History “the Impact of New                         the benefits of pre-natal massage.
         Industries/Imperial Designs/Complexities of                3:00   We Shall Remain: American Experience “trail of
         Colonialism: refashioning Colonial/War and Peace:                 tears” (r)
         Global Conflict and Identity”                              4:30   Hands On Crafts for Kids “animals, Vertebrates,
                                                                           reptiles” D)))

Monday 27
                                                                    Wednesday 29
8:00p    Antiques Roadshow “Grand rapids, MI” a quilt
         of fabric scraps signed by 200 celebrities and a           8:00p    Secrets of the Dead “Voyage of the Courtesans”
         collection of wooden fish decoys. Part 2 of 3 (tBr)                 tony-winner Liev Schreiber narrates the true
9:00     We Shall Remain: American Experience “trail                         story of more than 200 women shipped off in
         of tears” In 1838, federal troops forced thousands                  1789 from London’s most notorious prisons, to an
         of Cherokee from their homes in the southeastern                    australian prison colony. once aboard, the wily
         United States, driving them toward Indian territory                 women turned their banishment into opportunity,
         in eastern oklahoma. More than 4,000 died of                        and by the time they reached Botany Bay, were
         disease and starvation along the way. In this                       fit, healthy, and some were even self-supporting.
         episode, roles are played by Freddy Douglas and                     Instead of a life of servitude, they took control
         West Studi. (tBr)                                                   and helped guarantee a new world’s future.
10:30    Tuba U: Basso Profundo traces the influence of             9:00     Cry for Help the emotional struggles of young
         tennessee tech tuba professor r. Winston Morris                     adults with mental illnesses are documented in
         on tuba music worldwide.                                            their own words.
      RepeATs scHeDule                                        april 2009

10:00       Legacy of War Walter Cronkite explores key
            european locations, 60 years after covering the
                                                                         Thursday 30
            aftermath of World War II.
11:00       Worldfocus                                                   8:00p     This Old House Hour
11:30       Charlie Rose See for guest list.             9:00      Antiques Roadshow “Grand rapids, MI” Part 2 of
                                                                                   3 (r) (tBr)
            overnIgHt                                                    10:00     Globe Trekker “Micronesia”
12:30a Tavis Smiley                                                      11:00     Worldfocus
1:00   Berenstain Bears “hug and Make Up/Big road                        11:30     Charlie Rose See for guest list.
       race/Gotta Dance/the Bad Dream” D)))                                        overnIgHt
2:00   Keeping Kids Healthy “Childhood-onset
       Schizophrenia: a Life Interrupted/adolescent-onset                12:30a Tavis Smiley
       Schizophrenia: 1 in every 100 Youth” D)))                         1:00   Child Development: Stepping Stones “Crashing
3:00   Hands On: Crafts for Kids “National Symbols/                             hard to adulthood/Different Development Paths”
       Music” D)))                                                       2:00   Chateau on the Hill
4:00   Biz Kid$ “Learning from Failure”                                  2:30   Dissed-Respect: The Impact of Bullying
4:30   Jr. Lab Ratz                                                      3:00   A Place of Our Own “Week in review (Family and
                                                                                Medical Leave act)/Social Development”
                                                                         4:00   Los Niños en su Casa “recuento Semenal (La
                                                                                Ley de ausencia Familiar y Medica)/Momentos de

AprIl primetime repeats

 Antiques Roadshow episodes air Monday at 8p with repeats on thursday at 9p and Saturday at 6p.
 Ask This Old House episodes air Saturday at 10:30 with repeats on some Sundays at 5:30p.
 Foreign Exchange episodes air Saturday at 2a with repeats on Sundays at 4:30p (episode on 4/18 will air at 3:30a)
 From the Top at Carnegie Hall Special “Star Quality”airs 4/13 at 10:30p. repeats on 4/19 at 3a.
 400 Years of the Telescope airs 4/12 at 3a. repeats on 4/28 at 8p.
              |                                                     |
 Frontline “Black Money”airs 4/7 at 9p. repeats on 4/12 at 2a. “Poisoned Waters”airs 4/21 at 9p. repeats on 4/26 at 2a.
 Frontline/World “Children of the taliban”airs 4/14 at 9p. repeats on 4/19 at 2a.
 Masterpiece Classics “Little Dorrit – Part 5”airs on 4/26 at 9p. repeats on 4/28 at 3:30a.
 McLaughlin Group episodes air Friday at 10p with repeats on Saturday at 2:30a.
 Need to Know episodes air Friday at 8:30p with repeats on Sunday at 12:30p.
        |                                                                   |
 NOVA “Doctors’ Diaries - Part 1”airs 4/7 at 8p. repeats on 4/12 at 1a. “Doctors’ Diaries - Part 2”airs 4/14 at 8p.
 repeats on 4/19 at 1a.
                  |                                                                                  |
 Now on PBS episodes air Friday at 10:30p with repeats on most Saturdays at 1:30a and 3:30a. “on thin Ice” airs 04/17
 at 10:30p. repeats on 4/18 at 1:30a, 04/19 at 4a.
 Second Opinion episodes air Saturday at 3p with repeats on Sunday at 1:30p.
 This Old House episodes air Saturday at 10a with repeats on some Sundays at 5p or 5:30p.
 Washington Week episodes air Friday at 8p with repeats on Saturdays at 1a and 3a, and Sundays at 4a.
                                                          |                                                  |
 We Shall Remain: American Experience “after the Mayflower”airs 4/13 at 9p. repeats on 4/15 at 3a. “tecumseh’s Vision”
 airs 4/20 at 9p. repeats on 4/22 at 3a. “trail of tears” airs 4/27 at 9p. repeats on 4/29 at 3a.
                                                       april 2009                                   sTATIoN sIgNAls              

A Pittsford NAtive
feAtured oN noVA
Dr. Jane Liebschutz a Pittsford native, is one of seven doctors featured in a nOVa’s
DOCTORs’ DIaRIes, premiering Tuesdays, april 7 and 14 at 8 p.m. on WXXI-TV/hD.
the two-part series chronicles the lives of seven young medical           Dr. Liebschutz now lives in Boston, Ma where she is
students as they embark on the longest and most rigorous            currently an internist specializing in underserved popula-
endeavor in higher education: the years-long journey to become      tions, domestic violence, and addictions. She is also an
a doctor.                                                           associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University School
       DoCtorS’ DIarIeS begins by reuniting the physicians on       of Medicine. She graduated from Pittsford-Mendon high
the steps of harvard Medical School 17 years after graduation.      School in 1979, and attended Yale University where she
Footage from the previous four installments in the series offers    majored in Chinese Studies. her interest in medicine happened
a rare and candid look at the rewards and personal                              just before her senior year at Yale, when she
sacrifices each has made over the last                                                    enrolled in a summer traveling fellow-
two decades—from the stress                                                                     ship in China. there she learned
of medical school exams, to                                                                         about the Barefoot Doctors in
the first cut into a cadaver,                                                                          rural China (public health
through first wedding                                                                                    para-professionals),and
ceremonies, internship,                                                                                    decided to pursue medi-
residency, and life as a                                                                                    cine/public health after
certified M.D.                                                                                              graduation.
                                                                                                           Dr. Jane Liebschutz
      cReATe                                                  april 2009

dTV 21.3/cable 433

on WXXI-Dt 21.3 (cable 433) WXXI carries two program streams: Create, airing from 6 a.m. to
6 p.m., showcases the best cooking, travel, fine living, and how-to programming public television
has to offer. thinkBright, broadcasting from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., is a statewide, education-based
channel that airs two hours of commercial-free children’s programming daily at 6 p.m., and
hosts thematic programming each day beginning at 8 p.m. You can visit for a complete
schedule. Below is the Create schedule for weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in april.

                                                                    For your Home
                                                                    Wednesdays at 11 a.m.
                                                                    hosted by mother-daughter
                                                                    team Vicki Payne and Sloan
CrEATE                                                              Payne-rutter, For Your Home is a
9 a.m.                                                              pioneering series for homeowners,
                                                                    crafters, and gardeners seeking
                                                                    to improve quality of life around
9:30 a.m.                                                           the home. the fast-paced look at
                                                                    the creative ways to turn a house
                                                                    into a home gives firsthand advice
BurtWolf:Travels&Traditions(Tue.,Thu.)                        from the country’s leading home
                                                                    improvement experts. Vicki and
10 a.m.
                                                                    Sloan offer engaging, easy-to-
                                                                    follow, insider tips into hosting
VictoryGarden(Tue.,Thu.)                                         memorable social events, improv-
P.AllenSmith’sGardenHome(Fri.)                                 ing landscaping, crafting unique
                                                                    gifts, and successfully updating
10:30 a.m.                                                          the home.
                                                                    1 p.m.
11 a.m.                                                             Chef’sStory(Tue.,Thu.)
                                                                    1:30 p.m.
11:30 a.m.                                                          2 p.m.
12 p.m.                                                             ChristinaCooks(Tue.,Thu.)
SewingwithNancy(Mon.,Fri.)                                      EverydayFood(Wed.)
                                                                    2:30 p.m.
12:30 p.m.                                                          EndlessFeast(Tue.,Thu.Ending4/2)
DonnaDewberryShow(Mon.,Fri.)                                    Uncorked:WineMadeSimple(Tue.,Thu.Starting4/7)
BestoftheJoyofPainting(Tue.,Thu.)                            Sara’sWeeknightMeals(Wed.)
                                                                    3 p.m.
(Wed.Starting4/8)                                                 RickSteves’Europe(Mon.throughFri.)
                                                             april 2009                           THINkbRIgHT AND woRlD              

ThInkBrIghT                                                          WOrld
dTV 21.3/cable 433                                                   dTV 21.2/cable 524

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. thinkBright broadcasts a block of
non-commercial, non-violent children’s programming.

kIdS prOgrAMMIng
                                                                     8 p.m.
6pm       Curious George (Sundays), Sid the Science kid
           (weekdays), arthur (Saturdays)
6:30pm animalia (Sundays), Martha Speaks (weekdays),
        animalia (Saturdays))
7pm       the electric Company (Sundays), Pocoyo (weekdays),
           Saddle Club (Saturdays)
7:30pm Double Down (Sundays), Curious George (weekdays),
        Jim knox’s Wild Zoofari (Saturdays)
thinkBright airs programs under a theme each night,                  IndependentLens(Wednesdays,4/1,startingat7:30p.m.,
below are the themes:                                                4/8,4/15,4/29)
Sundays........................... Family & Educational Nights       Frontline(Wednesday4/22)
Mondays.......................... Healthy for Life Nights            NOVA(Thursdays)
Tuesdays.......................... Arts & Performance Nights         GreatestGood(Friday4/3)
Wednesdays.................... History & Biography Nights            AmericanValues:AmericanWilderness(Friday4/10,starting
Thursdays........................ Heritage & Diversity Nights        at7:30p.m.)
Fridays............................. Think Globally Nights           MakingSenseofPlace(Friday4/17)
Saturdays. ....................... Science & Nature Nights           SaveOurLand,SaveOurTown(Friday4/24)
ThInkBrIghT hIghlIghTS
                                                                     8:30 p.m.
                        rochester International Jazz Festival        McLaughlinGroup(Sundays)
                        Tuesdays at 9 p.m.                           WeShallRemain(Tuesdays)
                        this series, produced by WXXI, offers an
                        unsurpassed look into one of the most
                        popular and most respected jazz festivals
                        in the country. tune in tuesdays for         9 p.m.
                        performances by: karrin allyson, Mose        BillMoyers’Journal(Sundays)
                        allison, Cedar Walton, Charlie hunter trio   Nature(Mondays)
                        and the Preservation hall Jazz Band.
                        swim for the river                           Frontline(Wednesdays4/1,4/8,4/15,4/29)
                        Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m.                 SwimminginAuschwitz(Wednesday4/22)
                        Christopher Swain braved whitewater,         ScientificAmericanFrontiers(Thursdays)
                        sewage, snapping turtles, hydroelectric      SenecaRayStoddard:AnAmericanOriginal(Friday4/5)
                        dams, homeland security patrols, factory     MainStreetAmerica(Friday4/17)
                        outfalls, and PCB contamination to
                        become the first person to swim the
                        entire length of the hudson river.           HistoryDetectives(Saturdays)
                        Photo: CarrIe BraNoVaN

                                                                     10 p.m.
                        Albert paley: In search of the sentinel
                        Wednesday, April 29 at 9 p.m.                Jerusalem:CenteroftheWorld(Sunday4/5)
                        this program explores the current            Jews&Christians:AJourneyofFaith(Sunday4/12)
                        chapter in the life and career of            GlobalVoices(Sundays4/18and4/26
                        american sculptor albert Paley by            NewsHourwithJimLehrer(Mondays-Fridays)
                        detailing the creation and installation of   HistoryDetectives(Saturdays)
                        “the Sentinel” at rIt, a sculpture Paley
                        calls, “my most important piece to date.”
   sTATIoN sIgNAls   april 2009
                                                                              april 2009                      clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                    

                       the rochester philharmonic orchestra (rpo) broadcast series
                       is back with 14-concert installment of its 2008-2009 season. hosted by Brenda
                       tremblay, the series features wonderful classical music, plus personal and
                       unusual interviews with rPo Music Director Christopher Seaman. the premiere
                       broadcast, airing Wednesday, april 8 at 8 p.m., features pianist andré Watts,
                       who flies across the keys in Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto. also featured               ORCHESTRA
                       are Shostakovich’s Festive Overture and Dvorak’s New World Symphony, both
                       directed by Christopher Seaman.
                              as one of the great american orchestras, the rPo aspires to be an
                       institution driven by a culture of confidence, adventure, excellence, and success.
                       Founded by George eastman in 1922, it is committed to enriching and inspiring
                       its community through the art of music. With more than 140 concerts per year,
Photo: kUrt BroWNeLL

                       the rPo is a premier cultural organization in rochester.

                       ROcHEStER PHILHARMONIc ORcHEStRA
                       airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m., beginning April 8 on Classical 91.5/HD91.5-1

                       Conductor Jane Glover
                                                                                                              Rachel Barton Pine     Mathias Tacke

                       Music                                      Music Director Jane Glover conducts
                                                                  the Music of the Baroque presentation       Richard Young          Wendy Warner

                       of the BAROQUE                             of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passion
                                                                  of Our Lord Jesus Christ According          Seven Last Words of Christ
                            HOLY WEEK,                            to St. Matthew. Soloists include Paul
                                                                  agnew as the evangelist, Christopheren
                                                                                                              Considered to be one of his best composi-
                                                                                                              tions, Franz Josef haydn’s Seven Last Words
                          ST. MATTHEW                             Nomura as Jesus, Douglas anderson as        of Christ was first presented on Good Friday
                                                                                                              in 1787. although originally scored for full
                                                                  Pilate, Steven huffines as Judas, and
                               PASSION                            members of the ripieno Chorus and           orchestra, haydn crafted an alternate version
                                                                  Glen ellyn Children’s Chorus.               for string quartet, which will be presented in
                             Founded in hyde Park, Illinois 36 years ago, Music of the Baroque has            this special by violinists rachel Barton Pine
                       blossomed into a staple in the Chicago area. It was the first professional chorus in   and Mathias tacke, violist richard Young
                       america to have its own regularly scheduled national broadcast series.                 and cellist Wendy Warner.

                       MuSIc OF tHE BAROQuE HOLY WEEK, St. MAttHEW PASSION                                    tHE SEVEN LASt WORDS OF cHRISt
                       airs Sunday, April 5 at 1 p.m. on Classical 91.5/HD91.5-1                              airs Friday, April 10 at 12 noon on
                                                                                                              Classical 91.5/HD91.5-1
       clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                                  april 2009

        AprIl classical programming

           Monday-friday                              Saturday                                   Sunday

6a                                                    The Sunshine Show                          Classical Music
                                                      with Simon Pontin                          with John andres
7a         The Sunshine Show
           with Simon Pontin
8a                                                                                               With Heart and Voice
                                                      Salmagundy                                 with richard Gladwell
9a                                                    with Simon Pontin

           Classical Music                                                                       Sunday Baroque
11a        with Julia Figueras                        Fascinatin’ Rhythm

noon       Live from Hochstein                        Classical Music                             Saint Paul Sunday
           Wednesdays at 12:10 p.m.                   with Marianne Carberry
                                                                                                 Classical Music
2p                                                                                               with Mindy ratner

                                                      Metropolitan Opera
                                                      (start and end times vary)
           Classical Music                                                                       New York Philharmonic
4p         with Chris Van hof

5p                                                                                                From the Top

6p                                                                                               La Jolla Music Summerfest
                                                      A Prairie Home Companion
7p         Exploring Music
           with Bill McGlaughlin
                                                                                                  With Heart & Voice

8p                                                    Thistle & Shamrock
           Syndicated Orchestral Series
           (see listings for details)                                                            Pipedreams
10p        Classical Music                                                                       Hearts of Space
           from PrI
11p                                                                                              Music of the 21st Century
           Live from Hochstein                                                                   with Chris hickey
           Wednesdays 10:06 p.m.-11 p.m.              Classical Music
mid.                                                  with Scott Blankenship
           Echoes                                                                                Classical Music
to 6a      Fridays, 10:00 p.m. -12 a.m.                                                          with Scott Blankenship

                                                                                                indicates a WXXI Production

                                                                                            For a copy of the complete WJSL 90.3 schedule,
                                                                                            log on to or call 585-258-0253.
                                                                                                             ChICaGo CIVIC orCheStra Photo: toDD roSeNBerG

                                        André Watts                            Pipedreams                                                    Haydn
                                                    april 2009                  clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                     


       12:00pm                                                   4/26   this program from the International Institute for Young
       saint paul sunday                                                Musicians in Lawrence, kS is an all-piano showcase
4/5    Mark o’Connor’s appalachia Waltz trio                            of several finalists from the Piano Competition of the
4/12   Paul Jacobs, org                                                 International Institute for Young Musicians.
4/19   Marilyn horne & Friends
4/26   Mendelssohn: Viola Sonata (Paul Coletti, vla; Lydia              8:00pm
       artymiw, p)                                                      La Jolla Music Society Summer
                                                                 4/5    Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (Vladimir
       1:00pm                                                           Feltsman, p) Beethoven: String Quartet in F (tokyo
       Music of the Baroque Holy Week,                                  String Quartet)
       st. Matthew passion                                       4/12   Schubert: Fantasie for Piano 4-hands Bolcom:
4/5    Founded in hyde Park, Illinois 36 years ago, Music               Graceful Ghost for Piano 4-hands (Leon Fleisher
       of the Baroque presents Johann Sebastian Bach’s                  & katherine Jacobson-Fleisher, p) Dvorak: Piano
       Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ According to                    Quartet (Jennifer koh, v; Michael tree, vla; alisa
       St. Matthew. Soloists include Paul agnew as the                  Weilerstein, c; orion Weiss, p)
       evangelist, Christopheren Nomura as Jesus, Douglas        4/19   Prokofiev: Five Melodies for Violin and Piano (David
       anderson as Pilate, Steven huffines as Judas, and                Chan, v; Joyce Yang, p) Stravinsky: The Rite of
       members of the ripieno Chorus and Glen ellyn                     Spring (orion Weiss & Shai Wosner, p) Rimsky-
       Children’s Chorus. Jane Glover conducts.                         Korsakov: Quintet for Piano and Winds (Catherine
                                                                        ransom karoly, f; Sheryl renk, cl; keith Popejoy, hn;
       3:00pm                                                           Valentin Martchev, bn; Joyce Yang, p)
       The New York Philharmonic                                 4/26   Arr. Carter Brey: The Star-Spangled Banner (Cho-
4/5    Mendelssohn: overture to A Midsummer Night’s                     Liang Lin, v; ani kalayjian, c) Ravel: Shéhérazade
       Dream Telemann: Concerto for oboe d’amore                        Brahms: Geistliches Wiegenlied (tamara Mumford,
       Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1 Mussorgsky/Ravel:                   ms; Catherine ransom karoly, f; Michael tree, vla;
       Pictures at an exhibition (Glenn Dicterow, v; thomas             ken Noda, p) Brahms: String Quintet (tokyo String
       Stacy, ob; Lorin Maazel, cond)                                   Quartet)
4/12   Avner Dorman: Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! Bartók:
       Concerto for orchestra (PercaDu, perc; Zubin Mehta,              7:00pm
       cond)                                                            With Heart & voice ♦
4/19   all-handel Program for soprano (Christine Schäfer, s;     4/5    Music for Holy Week
       Nicholas McGegan, cond)                                   4/12   A Celebration of Easter
4/26   Stravinsky: Dumbarton Oaks Prokofiev: Violin              4/19   Choir of St. Martins Church, Houston TX
       Concerto No. 2 Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5 (Lisa          4/26   Sweelinck, Bach, Kitson, Howells
       Batiashvili, v; Charles Dutoit, cond)
       5:00pm                                                           pipedreams
       From the top                                              4/5    From Palms to Passiontide Musical portraits of the
4/5    From Zellerbach hall in Berkeley, Ca, this program               progressive pomp and impending peril that comprise
       features the San Francisco Girls Chorus and a                    the dramatic narration of holy Week.
       teenage quartet who play a modern piece by a 17-          4/12   This Joyful Eastertide Celebrate the springtime festi-
       year-old composer from Palo alto.                                val of rebirth with anthems ancient and modern and
4/12   From the kaul auditiorium in Portland, or this                   sonorous solos old and new.
       week’s broadcast features a Mozart Clarinet Quintet       4/19   Hats Off for Hector! Concert performances and
       with David Shifrin of Portland’s Chamber Music                   commentary make clear why audiences everywhere
       Northwest and some of his young students.                        are beguiled by hector olivera’s irrepressible and
4/19   From the Top collaborates with Maestro Joann                     personable virtuosity.
       Falletta and the Buffalo Philharmonic for a program       4/26   A Sonic Blockbuster We blend a huge romantic pipe
       that includes a guitar duo with the Maestro and a                organ into a full symphonic wind and percussion
       talented teen from Indiana.                                      ensemble, with clearly audible results!
0     clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                                     april 2009

Monday                                                                Wednesday

       7:00pm                                                                 12:10pm
       exploring Music with Bill Mcglaughlin                                  Live from Hochstein
4/6    St. Matthew Passion                                                    (repeats Wednesdays at 10:06 p.m.)
4/13   Beethoven and that Danged Metronome                            4/1     Sophia Gibbs kim, fl; Ingrid Bock, c;Bonnie Choi, hc
4/20   Béla Bartók                                                    4/8     Music of Prokofiev and Moszkowski (tigran and
4/27   The Big Five, Part 1: The Chicago Symphony                             emily Vardanyan, v; Doleen hood, p)
       Orchestra                                                      4/15    Music of Schubert and Bartok (Michael Larco, vla;
                                                                              Soojin ahn, p)
       8:00pm                                                         4/22    Bernstein: Candide Overture Tyzik: Bravo Colorado,
       deutsche Welle Festival concerts                                       Pleasant Valley Suite (rochester Philharmonic
4/6    Beethoven: Symphonies No. 4-6 (orchestre National                      orchestra; Julia Figueras, narr; Jefff tyzik, cond)
       de France; kurt Masur, cond)                                   4/29    Tchaikovsky: The Seasons (Michael Landrum, p)
4/13   Beethoven: Symphonies No. 7-8 (orchestre
       National de France; Bamberg Symphony orchestra;                        8:00pm
       kurt Masur; Jonathan Nott, cond)Creatures of                           civic orchestra of chicago
       Prometheus, op. 43 (excerpts)                                  4/1     Turnage: From All Sides Shostakovich: Symphony
4/20   Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4, Italian Beethoven:                        No. 9 (Cliff Colnot, cond)
       Violin Sonata No. 5; Symphony No. 9 (Michael
       Barenboim, v; elena Baschkirova, p; Melanie Diener,                    8:00pm
       s; Carolin Masur, a; Christian elsner, t; hanno Müller-                Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra               ♦
       Brachmann, bs; radio France Chorus; orchestre                  4/8     Pianist andré Watts joins the rPo for Beethoven’s
       National de France; kurt Masur, cond)                                  Emperor Concerto and Christopher Seaman
4/27   Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4 Bruckner:                              conducts Shostakovich’s Festive Overture and
       Symphony No. 4, Romantic (hélène Grimaud, p;                           Dvorák’s New World Symphony.
       London Symphony orchestra; Daniel harding, cond)               4/15    rPo Concertmaster Juliana athayde tackles Brahms’
                                                                              Violin Concerto. the program also includes Borodin’s
                                                                              Symphony No. 2 and Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slave.

Tuesday                                                               4/22    Pianist Jon Nakamatsu joins the rPo for Mozart’s
                                                                              Piano Concerto No. 21 “Elvira Madigan” and Christopher
                                                                              Seaman conducts music by Sibelius and Tippett.
                                                                      4/29    Pianist andrew von oeyen returns for Liszt’s Totentanz
       8:00pm                                                                 and guest conductor andrew Grams leads Haydn’s
       Center Stage at Wolf Trap                                              Symphony No. 49 and Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra.
4/7    Mozart: Sonata for two Pianos (tengstrand-
       Sun Piano Duo) Leisner: trittico (Cavatina Duo)
       Beethoven: Serenade for Flute, Violin, Viola
       (america’s Dream Chamber artists) Piazzola:                    Thursday
       autumn (Gryphon trio)
4/14   arr. Rick Perell: NPr theme (Washington Sax
       Quartet) Wood: rotunda (1991) Perpetual Motion                         8:00pm
       (Washington Sax Quartet) Tchaikovsky/Economou:                         Bp chicago symphony orchestra
       the Nutcraker Suite (tengstrand-Sun Piano Duo)                 4/2     Mozart: Requiem (helmut rilling, cond) Beethoven:
4/21   Messien: Quartet for the End of Time (america’s                        Symphony No. 3, Eroica (Daniel Barenboim, cond)
       Dream Chamber artists) Shostakovich: Polka                     4/9     Tilson Thomas: Street Song for Symphonic
       (takaçs String Quartet)                                                Brass Sibelius: Symphony No. 4 Shostakovich:
4/28   Janacek: String Quartet No. 2, Intimate Letters                        Symphony No. 5 (Michael tilson thomas, cond)
       (takács String Quartet) McGlaughlin: Bagatelles                4/16    Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Vladimir
       (Washington Sax Quartet)                                               ashkenazy, p; Sir Georg Solti, cond) Haydn: The
                                                                              Creation, Part I (ruth Ziesak, s; herbert Lippert, t;
                                                                              rené Pape, bs; Chicago Symphony Chorus; Margaret
                                                                              hillis, dir; Sir Georg Solti, cond) Nielsen: Symphony
                                                                              No. 4, The Inextinguishable (Jean Martinon, cond)
                                                    april 2009                  clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                      1

4/23   Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Yefim                         1:00pm
       Bronfman, p) Taneyev: Symphony No. 4 Gruber:                     The Metropolitan Opera
       Aerial (håkan hardenberger, tr; David Zinman, cond)       4/4    Donizetti: L’elisir D’amore
4/30   Alomía Robles: El cóndor pasa Martínez y                  4/11   (12:00 pm) Wagner: Die Walküre
       Compañón: Colección de música virreinal Luzuriaga:        4/18   (12:00 pm) Wagner: Siegfried
       Responsorio Frank: Illapa (Jessica Warren-acosta,         4/25   (12:00 pm) Wagner: Götterdämmerung
       andean f; Miguel harth-Bedoya, cond) Golijov: Mariel
       for Cello and orchestra (kenneth olson, cello) Soro:             6:00pm
       Tres Aires Chilenos López: Fiesta! Nielsen: Symphony             A prairie Home companion
       No. 5 (Paavo Jarvi, conductor)                            4/4    a live broadcast from town hall, New York, NY
                                                                 4/11   a live broadcast from town hall, New York, NY
                                                                 4/18   a live broadcast from town hall, New York, NY
friday                                                           4/25   a live broadcast performance from the Palace
                                                                        theater, Waterbury, Ct

       12:00pm                                                          thistle & shamrock with Fiona ritchie
       the seven last Words of christ                            4/4    For Freedom Alone the Declaration of arbroath is
4/10   Considered to be one of his best compositions, Franz             remembered today in tartan Day celebrations held
       Josef haydn’s Seven Last Words of Christ was first               throughout the U.S. and in the feature piece, fiddler
       presented on Good Friday in 1787. although originally            Laura McGhee’s Arbroath Suite.
       scored for full orchestra, haydn crafted an alternate     4/11   Bridges there are many songs commemorating the
       version for string quartet which will be presented in            landmarks that span our rivers and railways. this week’s
       this special by rachel Barton Pine, v; Mathias tacke,            show metaphorically crosses all forms of bridges.
       v; richard Young, vla; and Wendy Warner, c.               4/18   Springsong this week’s show features life-affirm-
                                                                        ing acoustic sounds from the atlantic archipelago’s
       1:00pm                                                           coastal communities.
       Backstage pass with Quartsemble                           4/25   Notes in the Wilderness this week traditional odes
4/17   Quartsemble is an innovative chamber music                       and contemporary songs challenge us to preserve
       ensemble dedicated to performing classical                       the wild and unspoiled landscape.
       masterpieces side by side with Latin music and more
       contemporary repertoire. Quartsemble is known for its
       interactive educational concerts and informal lecture
       recitals. While Quartsemble has a string quintet as
       its nucleus, the group has much more flexibility
       than a traditional chamber music group, frequently
       expanding to incorporate winds, piano, vocalists and
       speakers. repeats Sunday, april 19 at 2 p.m.

       ApM symphony cast
4/3    tBa
4/10   tBa
4/17   tBa
4/24   tBa


       Fascinatin’ rhythm
4/4    Hello to a Flower
4/11   Cranking Out the Songs
4/18   You Can’t Stop Me from Loving You
4/25   On the Home Front
   clAssIcAl pRogRAMMINg                           april 2009

                                           Turn up the volume on your marketing plan
                                              and demonstrate to your customers that you share their values.

                                               WhaT maTTers mosT is noT WhaT
                                               you say, buT Where you say iT!
                                              Collectively, more than 452,000 attentive persons tune in to
                                           WXXI programs every week. Underwriters of WXXI programs deliver
                                        fact-based messages about their business to these people.
                                       WXXI stations outperform Rochester’s market index for desirable consumers:
                                        Advanced Degrees (97% more likely)
                                        College Graduates (48% more likely)
                                        Plan on taking college level courses in next 12 months and aged 35+
                                        (63% more likely)
                                              Annual Household Income: $100,000+ (53% more likely)
                                               Home Market Value: $200,000+ (37% more likely)
                                               Arts Patrons who frequent opera, symphony and theater
                                               (72% more likely)
                                              Plan on buying a car (38% more likely)
                                           Frequent restaurant diners (54% more likely)
                                        Voted in past year in local, state and national elections (36% more likely)
                                        Dual-income families with kids under age 6 in childcare (22% more likely)
                                        Do NOT have cable or satellite (38% more likely)
               With a long term sponsorship, WXXI can enhance your business image now, and offer
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                                            april 2009                               88.5 wRuR          

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       sTATIoN sIgNAls                                               april 2009

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                    Life                                                                                                                  Weekend
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   7:30 pm                        Marketplace       Marketplace          Marketplace          Marketplace          Marketplace        Speaking of Faith
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                                                                                                                                        on the Media
  10:00 pm                      Diane rehm Show Diane rehm Show Diane rehm Show Diane rehm Show Diane rehm Show                            Car talk
                  Wiretap                                                                                                                 Wait Wait
  11:00 pm                                                                                                                              Don’t tell Me
                                                      april 2009                                    AM HIgHlIgHTs         

one motion, one moderator, three panelists for the motion, three against,
Intelligence Squared U.S. brings oxford-style debating to america. In this debate,
we argue over whether Washington is more to blame for our current economic
situation than Wall Street. aBC News Nightline correspondent John Donvan
moderates. Panelist for the motion: Niall Ferguson, Laurence a. tisch Professor
of history at harvard University; John Steele Gordon, a lifelong author and
commentator on New York’s business and financial history; and Nouriel Roubini
is a professor of economics and international business at the Stern School of
Business, New York University. Panelists against the motion: Alex Berenson, a
business investigative reporter for the New York Times; Jim Chanos, founder and
Managing Partner of kynikos associates; and Nell Minow, editor and co-founder
of the Corporate Library, an independent corporate governance research firm.

                       INtELLIgENcE SQuARED u.S.: BLAME WASHINgtON

                     MORE tHAN WALL StREEt FOR tHE FINANcIAL cRISIS
                      airs Saturday, April 11 at 3 p.m. on AM1370/HD91.5-2

                                                                                      YELLOW FLUFF
                                                                                      ROCKET LIZARDS
                                                                                      & OTHER CURIOUS
                                                                                      Science can be an exacting mistress.
 AMERICA ABROAD:                                                                      After long months, years or even decades
                                                                                      of meticulous work, scientists sometimes
 THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT                                                        think they’ve taken a step forward only
                                                                                      to find themselves two steps back. But
 the Holocaust, rwanda, the Balkans and now darfur.                                   the promise of an answer is seductive.
 after each atrocity, the world says never again, and yet here it is ... again. Now   In this Radio Lab program you’ll hear
 the international community has a new idea: responsibility to Protect (r2P).         from scientists about their passionate
 this idea states that each country is obligated to protect its citizens, and if a    and sometimes fraught relationships
 country can’t, the international community must.                                     with science. Theoretical physicist and
        So is this new norm more than high-minded rhetoric? Does it violate the       author Alan Lightman takes us into the
 each country’s right to have control within its borders? Co-hosts ray Saurez         consuming world of pursuit and inquiry,
 and Deborah amos explore two situations in Democratic republic of Congo and          and geneticist Jerry Coyne describes the
 kenya to see what r2P looks like on the ground. and they take a step back to         sense of wonder he felt when faced with
 see how the concept of r2P went from a fledgling idea to being endorsed by           his own personal parasite.
 the U.N. General assembly.
                                                                                      YELLOW FLuFF, ROcKEt LIzARDS &
 AMERIcA ABROAD: tHE RESPONSIBILItY tO PROtEct                                        OtHER cuRIOuS ENcOuNtERS
 airs Saturday, April 25 at 3 p.m. on AM1370/HD91.5-2                                 airs Saturday, April 4 at 3 p.m.
                                                                                      on AM1370/HD91.5-2	 	
      AM scHeDule                                                   april 2009

        AprIl AM schedule

            Monday-friday                                  Saturday                         Sunday

5:00a                                                      Legislative Gazette
                                                                                            A World of Possibilities
6:00                                                       Capital Connection
          Morning Edition
6:30      with Steve Inskeep                               Inside Europe                    On the Media
          and Renée Montagne
          and local host alex Crichton
7:00                                                       Only a Game                      Speaking of Faith
          also on WrUr FM 88.5, WJSL-FM 90.3
          and WXXI-FM hD-2
8:00                                                       Weekend Edition                  Weekend Edition
                                                           with Scott Simon                 with Liane Hansen
9:00                                                       and local host Jen Markham       and local host Brad Smith

10:00                                                      Car Talk                          Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!
          The Diane Rehm Show
11:00                                                                                        Car Talk
                                                           Whad’Ya Know?
noon      1370 Connection
          with Bob Smith 585.263.9994                                                       A Prarie Home Companion
1:00p                                                      Marketplace Money

                                                           Perspectives with Curt Smith
2:00      Talk of the Nation                                                                Thistle & Shamrock
3:00                                                       1370 Forum
                                                                                            Mountain Stage
4:00      All Things Considered                             Living On Earth
          with Melissa Block, Michele Norris,
          and Robert Siegel                                 All Things Considered           All Things Considered
5:00      and local host rachel Ward                        with Andrea Seabrook            with Andrea Seabrook
          also on WrUr FM 88.5, WJSL-FM 90.3,
6:00      and WXXI-FM hD-2                                 Latino USA
                                                                                            This American Life
6:30      Marketplace                                      Need to Know

                                                           Mostly Jazz                       Mostly Jazz
7:00      Fresh Air
                                                           with tom hampson                 with tom hampson
8:00      Tell Me More                                     Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz   Afropop Worldwide

                                                           What’s New
9:00      1370 Connection                                                                   Beale Street Caravan
          with Bob Smith                                   with Mark Grube
                                                                                            What’s New
10:00                                                      Riverwalk Jazz
                                                                                            with Mark Grube

11:00 MondAy        LeShow
        tuesdAy     Perspectivesw/CurtSmith
        WednesdAy   CarTalk                           Jazz from Lincoln Center
                                                                                             Weekend Radio
        tHursdAy    ThisAmericanLife
        FrIdAy      TheTavisSmileyShow (until 1 a.m.)

           BBC World Service                               BBC World Service                BBC World Service
to 5a
                                                april 2009                           sTATIoN sIgNAls            

                                                                         WXXI’s Center for Public
                                                                         Affairs helped to produce online
                                                                         submissions for the PLANET
                                                                         FORWARD project. Rochester
                                                                         area submissions included short
                                                                         videos from the following groups.

                                                                         • the rochesterLaboratoryoffor

                                                                            environmental Computing and
                                                                            Decision Making has designed
                                                                            a computer-based model for
                                                                            companies to move freight with
as decisions surrounding energy and climate grow more urgent and            the least amount of harm to the
complicated, WXXI is proud to bring rochester PLANET FORWARD,               environment.
a national initiative designed to bring together motivated citizens
and frontline experts to create a new level of discussion, debate, and
engagement.                                                              • the rochester Museumisand
                                                                           Science Center (rMSC) install-
                                                                            ing solar panels on its roof to
                      In March PLANET FORWARD engaged and                   reduce its dependence on fossil
                      connected with citizens across the country            fuels. rMSC is also creating a new
                      through the most persuasive and creative              exhibit on energy.
                      online submissions: op/ed pieces, photo essays,
                      songs, film, animation. the most provocative
                      and interesting submissions were chosen to be      • two Churchville-Chilikids about
                                                                           took a day to teach
                                                                                                  Girl Scouts

                      part of the PBS special, PLANET FORWARD,              alternative energy during summer
                      which was taped in front of a live audi-              camp last year. the group made
                      ence at Washington D.C.’s George Washington           solar ovens and cooked smores.
                      University, and features a-list experts, scien-
                      tists, policy makers, and business leaders, as
Host Frank Sesno
                      well as citizen journalists. hosted by emmy
                      award-winning CNN veteran Frank Sesno,
PLANET FORWARD premieres Wednesday, April 15 at 8 p.m. on
WXXI-TV/HD. the first program explores the feasibility of moving
rapidly away from fossil fuels.

Prior to the national broadcast, WXXI’s need to
Know will present its own version of PLANET
FORWARD on Friday, April 10 at 8:30 p.m. on
WXXI-TV/HD. the special features local efforts
to move away from fossil fuels.

In addition, WXXI-AM’s 1370 Connection
will feature an interview with PLANET
FORWARD managing editor and host Frank
Sesno, an Emmy-award winning CNN veteran,
on Wednesday, April 15 at noon.
   sTATIoN sIgNAls      april 2009

if You’re                 as WXXI continues to lead the region’s digital television transition
                          outreach efforts, it invites those who are DtV ready to help those
dtV ready,                who are not prepared for the switch from analog to digital, which is
                          now planned for June 12, 2009. WXXI was one of the 12 agencies
Consider helping          across the country selected to assist the Federal Communications
                          Commission (FCC) with its DtV consumer education program, and
someone                   was awarded a contract to implement a toll-free help center; a
                          “street team” of DtV converter box installers; and community-based
who’s not!                events designed to educate attendees about the transition.

don’t wait until June 12 to get

DTV reaDy!
                                 Share the toll-free number for WXXI’s DTV Help Center:
here are ways              >     trained technicians and personnel staff this help center, and

you can help those               can answer a variety of DtV questions. Call (866)-348-9944.

in the community           >     Donate Unused DTV Converter Boxes: WXXI will get
                                 unwanted DtV converter boxes to people who need them.
prepare:                         Drop the boxes off to WXXI at 280 State Street in rochester
                                 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays, or Saturdays 8 a.m. to
                                 12 p.m.

                                 Donate Unused DTV Converter Box Coupons:
                           >     Donate unused DtV converter box coupons to WXXI, and we’ll
                                 distribute them to those who need them. Mail the coupons to
                                 WXXI, DtV Converter Box Coupon Collection, 280 State Street,
for more                         rochester, NY 14614.

information                >     Help someone obtain a coupon: If your household is eligible
                                 for a coupon, but you don’t need one, consider applying for
on the dtV                       and donating the coupon to a neighbor, senior center,
                                 community center, or WXXI, who will get it to the people who
transition, visit                need them. Go to and click on “apply for a tV
                                 Converter Box Coupon.”
                                 Help someone obtain a converter box: Drive someone, who
                           >     is otherwise unable to get to a store, to purchase a DtV
                                 converter box, or use a coupon to buy a box and donate it to
                                 a neighbor, church group, senior center, or WXXI.

                                 Help someone connect a converter box: although boxes
                           >     are easy to install, the elderly or disabled may need extra
                                 help. there are multiple online resources explaining how to
                                 connect a box. Sharing your abilities with a neighbor is an
                                 incredible help.
april2009   sTATIoN sIgNAls   

                   280 State Street • p.o. Box 30021
                   rochester, new York 14603-3021
                   WXXi public Broadcasting council

                                                       tImE-sEnsItIvE mAtErIAl
                   (585) 325 -7500

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we’re asking members to consider opting out of receiv-
ing the member magazine, only if they’re not reading
it. If you’re not using your guide, you can do your part
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