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					A Firm’s Presentation

     “To uphold highest standards of Commitment, confidentiality and competence
     and to always strive towards improving the quality of services rendered through
     constant and continuous process of learning, training and updation.”

      We aspire to be recognized as a Quality service provider on the global arena and
      constantly strive for the following:

         To base our services on quality and efficiency.
         To have a pro-active approach to issue resolution.
         To have all the processes documented, clarified & controlled internally.
         To enable constant feedbacks, knowledge transfer and quality assurance
         through high accessibility.

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    “To be reckoned as one of the “most trusted Service Provider” with our services
    and expertise being cited as the examples of quality and to be singularly and
    significantly present in all the regions of the country.”

Private & Confidential                  3                      SNR – A Firm’s Presentation

    Established in 1996

    Managed by Fellow members of ICAI having vast experience in Industry as well as
    in Profession who are assisted by a team of well Qualified Professionals

    Peer Reviewed by Peer Review Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
    India, New Delhi vide Certificate No. 1509 dated 29th August, 2008.

    Having offices at New Delhi (Head office) , Mumbai, Bangalore and Jaipur

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Range of Services

Private & Confidential   5   SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Range of Services


      Management Audit

      Convergence of IGAAP to IFRS

      Management Consultancy

      Corporate Law Advisory


      Tax Advisory

      Corporate Advisory

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     We provide expert assurance services through our qualified professionals. The
     service engagements include performing of audits of financial statements of
     corporates, banks, NGOs etc. The assurance services include:

     Statutory Audits

     Tax Audits

     Compliance Audits

     Special Investigation Audits

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      Management Audit Services

     Our services enable our clients to effectively coordinate growth with the quality
     and the operational challenges faced by them. Management Audit Services
     include: -

     Due Diligence Review

     Quality Control Audits

     Internal Audits

     Systems, Process and Control Review

     Management Audit of Special Concerns

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    Conversion from IGAAP to IFRS

    India is all set to converge to IFRS from 1st April, 2011 and SNR is equipped with
    the range of professionals to help company’s conversion to IFRS. SNR helps its
    clients in the following areas:

    Conversion to IFRS

    Assess the tax implications of moving to IFRS

    Fair Value Accounting

    Optimize all decisions related to IFRS conversion

    Preparation of IFRS financial statements

Private & Confidential                     9                      SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Management Consultancy Services

      These future-oriented services aim to bring specialized diagnostic skills in
      handling a variety of special projects ranging from specific problem solving to
      long term strategic planning to business process designing to setting up of a
      control framework. The collaborative approach adopted in these consultancy
      projects makes for easy implementation of the proposed organizational and
      process models. The range of consultancy services includes:

     Business Planning & Strategies

     Information Technology Consultancy

     Business Process Consulting

     Designing of Control Systems

Private & Confidential                    10                     SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Corporate Law Advisory

     SNR handles diverse client requirements ranging from providing Professional
     Legal Opinions to Incorporation of Companies with the Registrar of Companies,
     Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association and advising on various
     compliance requirements.

     SNR also conducts detailed secretarial compliance reviews and works with clients
     on installing an appropriate mechanism for remedial action.

     The firm uses company law specialists as an intrinsic part of due diligence teams
     in corporate restructuring projects.

Private & Confidential                   11                      SNR – A Firm’s Presentation

      We understand that the management needs to focus and spend more time,
      energy, and resources to build the company's core businesses. Hence we assume
      full responsibility of managing the day-to-day back-office operations and provide
      a sound accounting framework to support a corporate organization in its control,
      reporting & statutory compliance requirements.

     SNR provides services that are meant to fulfil the extensive and wide-ranging
     need for accountancy specialists, with up to date and sound fundamental
     knowledge of the subject.

     Apart from a superior technical understanding of all facets of accountancy, the
     vast experience of SNR in handling secretarial, taxation and consultancy
     engagements for various industry groups is an added advantage.

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     Tax Advisory Services

     SNR’s services on taxation matters encompass consultancy on Direct and Indirect
     taxation matters as well as handling the grassroot level execution of a vast range
     of tax requirements, covering diverse statutes.

     SNR monitors and attends to all the compliance requirements of
     individual/corporate clients with respect to provisions of Indian Tax Laws
     alongwith tax planning.
     SNR provides administrative assistance on matters such as Permanent Account
     Numbers, Refund Orders, Rectification Orders, Income Tax Clearance Certificates,
     Registration Certificates, tax scrutiny assessments and other tax regulatory

     SNR also offers investment consultancy, portfolio management services,
     remuneration structuring options and fiduciary services to its clients including
     Non-Residence Indians.

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     Corporate Advisory Services

      Successful reconfiguration of asset and ownership structures calls for complete
      understanding and mastery of the dynamics at play in the economic and
      financial environment. Strategic Analysis and Planning are critical for each form
      of restructuring; be it a merger, a divestment, an acquisition/takeover, a joint
      venture, a share repurchase, an expansion or a leveraged buy-out.

      SNR Advisory Services on business restructuring stretch from Pre-Deal Feasibility
      Studies to Deal Negotiation & finalization to Deal Structuring. SNR services in
      this context also extends to conducting Due Diligence Studies and Valuation of

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Private & Confidential   15   SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Our Clientele – Industry-wise

   Telecommunications                      Hotels

   Travel Agency and Tour Operators        IT Business

                                           Consulting Engineers

   Call Centers
                                           Food & Beverages
   Hair & Beauty Studios
                                           Banking Sector
                                           Private Equity Funds
   Entertainment Sector

                                           Trust & Non Government Organization (NGOs)
   Import - Export

   Broadcasting                            Carbon Credit and Climate Change

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     Our Clientele

     Geographical Location

Private & Confidential       17   SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
Team SNR

Private & Confidential   18   SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Team SNR – Senior Partners’ Profile

                         Suresh Vyas – Age 52 Years
                         A fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has
                         got about 28 years of experience in the Industry and Profession. In the process
                         he has handled a number of projects and companies of national and
                         international level. He has mastered the activities relating to corporate world
                         such as corporate law matters, acquisitions and mergers, liaison with
                         Government agencies etc., while in practice he has assisted a number of
                         international companies to set up their shop in India and is also associated
                         with Indian companies to acquire overseas projects.

                         Raju Vyas – Age 49 Years
                         A fellow member, Mr. Raju Vyas has held senior positions in finance while
                         working with nationally and internationally renowned business houses. He has
                         to his credit more than 23 years experience and is an expert of handling
                         assignments viz., Project analysis and financing, Foreign Collaborations
                         involving investment and technical tie-ups etc. He also has the experience of
                         working with various Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds and has to his
                         credit successful financial closure of the takeover deals for his national and
                         international clients.

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     Team SNR – Key Partners’ Profile (Contd.)

                         Manoj Sharma – Age 31 Years
                         An experienced Chartered Accountant with specialization in business
                         valuation area, he has successfully conducted a number of pre take-over
                         due diligence assignments for his clients which have significantly
                         contributed in concluding the deals. He has been key factor in developing
                         business plan, making out project report and raising finance for many of the
                         clients over a period of time.

                         Dinesh Singhal – Age 29 Years
                         A young & dynamic professional qualified in 2003, has gained exposure in
                         various spheres of professional practice namely assurance, taxation
                         consulting, secretarial and risk advisory. He is in-charge of Auditing and
                         Taxation divisions of the firm.

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     Team SNR – Key Partners’ Profile (Contd.)

                         Ritesh Sharma – Age 34 Years
                         A fellow member of the Institute, he is DISA(ICAI) Certificate holder in
                         Information System Audit. He has got wide exposure in Audit, Tax
                         Planning and compliances and has handled US Taxation Practice. He is
                         Partner-in-charge of Bangalore Branch of the firm.

                         Rakesh Singhal – Age 39 Years
                         An Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he has
                         gained wide exposure in Bank Audits including Statutory audit, Revenue
                         Audit, Concurrent Audit. He is Partner-in-charge of Jaipur branch of firm.

                         Hemant Goyal – Age 33 Years
                         A young Chartered Accountant, he has gained varied exposure in Statutory
                         and internal Audits, Taxation and Corporate law matters. He is Partner-in-
                         charge of Mumbai branch of firm.

Private & Confidential                       21                           SNR – A Firm’s Presentation
     Team SNR - Statistics

    Partners                     -   9

   Qualified Professionals   -       3

   Semi – Qualified          -       4

   Staff Asst.               -       12

   Admin. Staff              -       5

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Private & Confidential   23   SNR – A Firm’s Presentation

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