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					Chemistry Genealogical Tree
  University of Michigan, 1839 – Present
                 P R Jones, R C Taylor

 Berzelius Branch – 2
 French Connection – 3
 Interdisciplinary Roots – 4
 Harvard Branch – 5
 Liebig Branch – 6
 Michigan Branch – 7

                                           University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007
                                                                       UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN
                                                                         Department of Chemistry

                                                                     FACULTY GENEALOGY
                                                                                       1836 – Present

                                           Brezelius • French • Harvard • Interdisciplinary • Leibig • Michigan

This set of six “branches” of the UM Chemistry Faculty genealogy requires some explana-         gies typically consist of only three branches. You will see that the Michigan family is broken
tion. It is a record of the professional roots of Michigan chemistry faculty members all the    down into six branches, and one of those is the Michigan subset:; that is because several chemists
way back to the beginning of the chemistry program in Ann Arbor. Where does such infor-         hired by the department either received their highest degree at UM or earned it at another institu-
mation originate? First there is the basic list of names. This came from the late Professor     tion under a mentor who was a UM graduate—and all can be traced back to A.B. Prescott.
Robert Taylor, who, in retirement, became the in-house historian of the department. With
sincere dedication, he assembled and organized all the historical materials he could locate,            This first attempt at a full UM chemistry genealogy must be called “Version 1.0.” Although
including a full list of faculty.                                                               every attempt has been made to verify the information, there may well be errors to be corrected;
                                                                                                and, like any family, new generations come along, so the tree is destined to become outdated very
        What is a genealogy, in the case of a group of faculty? It is a record of the profes-   quickly. “Version 1.0” does not yet list all assistant professors past and present. These will be
sional history of each person. This, in turn, is based upon the highest professional degree     added in future versions. The photos are from the Bentley Historical Library or Chemistry Depart-
earned by the faculty members. Hence, a person is defined according to his/her academic         ment archives and can be used only with permission.
institution where the highest degree was earned, the year of graduation, and the name of the
mentor who directed the research and was the major advisor. That much takes care of the
“present generation” of faculty members. In order to follow the professional roots to their
ultimate origin, we need to know the same information—highest degree, institution, year,
mentor—for each past generation as well. Once all that information has been gathered, we
can put together a “tree” that traces the faculty member back through his/her professional
forefathers. Note that, unlike a family tree, this one entails only one ‘parent” in each gen-
eration. Ideally, the source for a genealogy should be primary information: dissertation ab-
stracts, original publications, correspondence from the individuals themselves. In the case
of living chemists, direct communication is the most reliable source. All of these have been
used in the compilation of this UM genealogy.

        Several chemistry genealogies have been constructed for US institutions over a pe-
riod of about 30 years (examples are Wisconsin, Michigan State, Purdue, and Wayne State).
Perhaps the most famous one in Germany places Justus von Liebig as the “father” of a vast
number of descendants, whose roots can be traced back to this renowned 19th-century chem-
ist. In most of the early US chemistry genealogies, their compilers came to the conclusion
that all chemists are descended from a very few “original” mentors; and so, these genealo-

                                                                                                                                University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007   
R CElderfield          T L Davisp
                                                                                 BERZELIUS BRANCH
MIT, 1930              Harvard, 1917

W R Vaughan
Harvard, 1944

P G M Wuts             J A Marshall      R E Ireland         W S Johnson         L F Fieser         J B Conant       E P Kohler             I Remsen            R Fittig            H F P Limpricht
Northwestern, 1978     Michigan, 1960    Wisconsin, 1955     Harvard, 1940       Harvard, 1924      Harvard, 1917    Johns Hopkins, 1892    Goettingen, 1870    Goettingen, 1858    Goettingen, 1850

M R Stiles
Harvard, 1954

D S Weiss            N J Turro          G S Hammond          P D Bartlett
Columbia, 1969       CalTech, 1963      Harvard, 1947        Harvard, 1931

J L Warnell          H Gilman
Iowa State, 1955     Harvard, 1918

D T Longone          A T Blomquist
Cornell, 1958        Illinois, 1932

M M Martin           C S Marvel              W A Noyes, Sr
Illinois, 1958       Illinois, 1920          Johns Hopkins, 1882
                                                                                                                                                                                   F WOEHLER
                                                                                                                                                                                   Heidelberg (MD), 1823
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               J J BERZELIUS
C G Overberger                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stockholm, 1802
Illinois, 1944

A J Matzger          KPC Vollhardt       P J Garratt           T J Katz
Berkeley, 1997       U College, 1972     Columbia, 1964        Harvard, 1959

J T Groves           R C D Breslow
Columbia, 1969       Harvard, 1955

J P Marino           R A Olofson                                R B Woodward          A A Ashdown        J F Norris
Harvard, 1967        Harvard, 1961                              MIT, 1937             MIT, 1924          Johns Hopkins, 1895

W R Roush
Harvard, 1977

P G Rasmussen         C H Brubaker        R C Young
Mich State, 1964      MIT, 1952           MIT, 1929

H B Mark, Jr          W C Vosburgh        J M Nelson                M T Bogert              C F Chandler
Duke, 1960            Columbia, 1919      Columbia, 1907            Columbia, 1897          Goettingen, 1856

C C Meloche           V Lenher            E F Smith                 H Huebner
Wisconsin, 1914       Penn, 1898          Goettingen, 1876          Goettingen, 1859

P C Freer                                                           W H Perkin, Jr      J Wislicenus       W H Heintz
Munich, 1887                                                        Wuerzburg, 1882     Zuerich, 1861      Berlin, 1844

D H Stedman           M A A Clyne          B A Thrush          R G W Norrish         E K Rideal       A Fischer           A Classen          F L Sonnenschein       H Rose
East Anglia, 1967     Cambridge, 1963      Cambridge           Cambridge, 1924       Bonn, 1913       TH Aachen, 1904     Berlin(?), 1864    Berlin, 1851           Kiel, 1821

                                                                                                                                                                    University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007   
                                                                  FRENCH CONNECTION

M Koreeda
Tohoku, 1970
                        K Nakanishi
                        Nagoya, 1954
                                            Y Hirata
                                                            B Kubota
                                                                           P Sabatier
                                                                           Coll France, 1880
                                                                                                   M Berthelot
                                                                                                   Coll France, 1854
                                                                                                                        A J Balard
                                                                                                                        Montpelier, ca 1825
                                                                                                                                                J E Berard
                                                                                                                                                Arcueil, ca 1811
                                                                                                                                                                                      C L BERTHOLLET

M E Meyerhoff            G A Rechnitz       H A Laitenen        I M Kolthoff        N Schoorl           A Franchimont        C A Wurtz          J B A Dumas        L J Thenard       L N VAQUELIN
SUNY Buffalo, 1979       Illinois, 1961     Minnesota, 1940     Utrecht, 1918       Amsterdam, 1902     Leyden, 1871         Strassburg, 1843   Paris, 1832        Paris, 1797       Paris, 1789

M D Morris               J J Lingane
Harvard, 1964            Minnesota, 1938

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A F FOURCROY
D Coucouvanis            J P Fackler, Jr    F A Cotton          G Wilkinson             H V A Briscoe     T E Thorpe            R Bunsen              F Strohmeyer
Case, 1967               MIT, 1960          Harvard, 1955       Imp College, 1946       London, 1909      Heidelberg, 1868      Goettingen, 1830      Goettingen, 1800
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Paris, 1760

J R Barker
Carnegie-Mellon, 1969
                                    J V Michael
                                    Rochester, 1963
                                                                       W A Noyes, Jr
                                                                       Sorbonne, 1920
                                                                                                                                                                                  H L LeCHATELIER

                                                                                                                                                                   University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007   
 D Houghton
 RPI(BS), 1829
                                                                    INTERDISCIPLINARY ROOTS
 A H White
 Michigan(AB), 1893
 Michigan(BS), 1904

 T J Wrampelmeier
 Michigan(BA), 1878

 O C Johnson
 Oberlin(MS), 1877

 A E White
 Brown(AB), 1907

E Geva                    R Kosloff                 R D Levine                 G G Hall
Hebrew U, 1996            Hebrew U, 1974            Nottingham, 1964           Cambridge

                                                  C A Coulson                   J E Lennard-Jones            Fowler Lamb
 S M Blinder           W E Moffit                 Cambridge, 1936               Cambridge, 1924
 Harvard, 1958         Oxford, 1948
                                                  J H Van Vleck                 E C Kemble                 Bridgman                  Sabine                    Trowbridge                 Lovering                  B Peirce                  N Bowditch
                                                  Harvard, 1922 (physics)       Harvard, 1917 (physics)    Harvard, 1908 (physics)   Harvard, 1890 (physics)   Harvard, 1865 (physics)    Harvard, 1833 (math)      Harvard, 1829 (math)      Harvard (no degree)
Z Chen
Berkeley, 1998

 R Sension             H L Strauss                G K Fraenkel         P J Debye               A Sommerfeld
 Berkeley, 1986        Columbia, 1960             Cornell, 1949        Munich, 1908            (physics)

 C L Rulfs                P J Elving              N H Furman           L W McCay
 Purdue, 1949             Princeton, 1937         Princeton, 1917      Princeton(ScD), 1883

 A Ramamoorthy                P R Narasimhan              R S Krishnan                C V Raman
 Ind Inst, Kampur, 1990       Ind Inst, Madras,           Ind Inst, Madras            Ind Inst, Madras(MA), 1907 (physics)

                                                         C R Burri                                                                                                     G A Kenngott
                                                         U Zuerich, 1926                   P Niggli                            J U Grugbenmann                         Breslau, 1842 (mineralogy)
 B J Evans             S S Hafner
 Chicago, 1969         ETHZuerich, 1958                                                    U Zuerich, 1912 (mineralogy)        U Zuerich, 1886 (geology)
                                                          F-H Laves                                                                                                    A Heim
                                                          U Zuerich, 1929                                                                                              T I Zuerich, 1869 (geology)
 A B Stevens           W O A Tschirch                  S Schwendener               O Heer (botany)
 Bern, 1905            Freiburg, 1881 (botany)         Zuerich, 1856 (botany)

 J O Schlotterbeck
 Bern, 1896

 L B Townsend             R K Robins                B E Christensen             W L Beuschlein
 Arizona State, 1965      Oregon State, 1952        U Washington, 1932          U Washington, 1925 (Chem Eng)

 N Walter                 M Eigen                   A Eucken                 H W Nernst              F W Kohlrausch
 Darmstadt 1995           Goettingen, 1951          Berlin, 1906             Wuerzburg, 1887         Goettingen (physics)

                                                                                                                                                                           University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007          
                                                                                                                    HARVARD BRANCH
                                                                                  A G DeRocco            J O Halford           M Randall
                                                                                  Michigan, 1957         Berkeley, 1926        MIT, 1912

                                                                                  M A Carroll          R G Prinn               J S Lewis
                                                                                  MIT, 1983            MIT, 1971               Cal, San Diego,

                                                                                  R B Bernstein         T I Taylor             H C Urey              A R Olson          G N Lewis           T W Richards
                                                                                  Columbia, 1948        Columbia, 1938         Berkeley, 1923        Berkeley, 1917     Harvard, 1899       Harvard, 1888

                                                                                  C F Yocum             A G SanPietro           D Rittenberg
                                                                                  Indiana, 1971         Columbia, 1951          Columbia, 1934

                                                                                  R Kopelman            R S Halford
                                                                                  Columbia, 1960        Berkeley, 1938

                                                                                  E P Geiduschek        P M Doty                J E Mayer
                                                                                  Harvard, 1952         Columbia, 1944(5)       Berkeley, 1927

                                                                                  J H Hodges
                                                                                  Harvard, 1917

                                                                                  R K McAlpine                                 H H Willard
                                                                                  Michigan, 1921                               Harvard, 1909

                                                                                  P F Weatherill
                                                                                  Harvard, 1921

                                                                                  R H Gillette
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1936

                                                                                  A A Gordus           J E Willard            F Daniels
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1956      Wisconsin, 1935        Harvard, 1914

                                                                                  R C Taylor           P C Cross
                                                                                  Brown, 1947          Wisconsin, 1932

                                                                                  L J Oncley           J W Williams
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1933      Wisconsin, 1925
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    J P COOKE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Harvard(AB) 1848
                                                                                  R D Sacks            J P Walters          H V Malmstadt         W J Blaedel         P A Leighton         G S Forbes
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1969      Illinois, 1964       Wisconsin, 1950       Stanford, 1942      Harvard, 1927        Harvard, 1905

                                                                                  W J Hale
                                                                                  Harvard, 1902

                                                                                  F L Dunlap
                                                                                  Harvard, 1895

                                                                                  A K Mapp             C H Heathcock        A Hassner              NH Cromwell         W M Lauer
                                                                                  Berkeley, 1997       Colorado, 1963       Nebraska, 1956         Minnesota, 1939     Minnesota, 1924

                                                                                  B P Coppola          B M Trost            H O House              R C Fuson           W H Hunter
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1984      MIT, 1965            Illinois, 1953         Minnesota, 1924     Harvard, 1910

                                                                                  W H Pearson
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1982

                                                                                  D Sherman                                                                                                                     H B Hill
                                                                                  Columbia, 1981                                                                                                                Harvard(AB), 1869

                                                                                  G L Glick           W C Still         D J Goldsmith        G Stork           S M McElvain     R Adams         H A Torrey
                                                                                  Columbia, 1988      Emory, 1972       Columbia, 1958       Wisconsin, 1945   Illinois, 1923   Harvard, 1912   Harvard, 1897
                                                                                                                                                                                                                C L Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Harvard(AB), 1867
                                                                                  J R Wiseman          E E vanTamelen
                                                                                  Stanford, 1965       Harvard, 1950

                                                                                  R G Lawton
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1962
University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007

                                                                                  J K Coward              B R Baker
                                                                                  SUNY Buffalo, 1967      Illinois, 1940

                                                                                  J W Langley

                                                                                  Harvard(AB), 1861
                                                                                                                               LIEBIG BRANCH
                                                                                  L O Case               A L Ferguson            S C Lind
                                                                                  Michigan, 1926         Michigan, 1915          Leipzig, 1905

                                                                                  F E Bartell             S L Bigelow
                                                                                  Michigan, 1910          Leipzig, 1898

                                                                                  K Fajans               G Bredig
                                                                                  Heidelberg, 1910       Leipzig, 1894

                                                                                  D M Lichty
                                                                                  Heidelberg, 1906

                                                                                  L S Bartell          L O Brockway
                                                                                  Michigan, 1944       CalTech, 1933

                                                                                  H C Griffin          C D Coryell
                                                                                  MIT, 1962            CalTech, 1935

                                                                                  L L Lohr             W N Lipscomb
                                                                                  Harvard, 1962        CalTech, 1946

                                                                                  C E Nordman
                                                                                  Minnesota, 1953

                                                                                  R L Kuczkowski
                                                                                  Harvard, 1964
                                                                                  D M Lubman         R N Zare            D R Herschbach       E B Wilson         L C Pauling          R G Dickinson       A A Noyes          W Ostwald         C Schmidt
                                                                                  Stanford, 1979     Harvard, 1964       Harvard, 1958        CalTech, 1933      CalTech, 1925        CalTech, 1920       Leipzig, 1890      Dorpat, 1875      Giessen, 1844

                                                                                  T Goodson              C-H Wang                    JS Waugh                               DM Yost                                                            J LIEBIG
                                                                                  Nebraska, 1996         MIT, 1967                   CalTech, 1953                          CalTech, 1926

                                                                                  R R Sharp              E L Pace               J G Aston             T D Stewart           R C Tolman
                                                                                  Case Western, 1967     Penn State, 1946       Berkeley, 1927        Berkeley, 1916        MIT, 1910

                                                                                  G A Hulett
                                                                                  Leipzig, 1898

                                                                                  M D Curtis              A L Allred          E G Rochow            L M Dennis            C R Fresenius
                                                                                  Northwestern, 1965      Harvard, 1956       Cornell, 1935         Wiesbaden, 1891       Giessen, 1842

                                                                                  M M Banaszak-Holl       P R Wolczanski       J E Bercaw           H Brintzinger       S Fallab         H Erlenmeyer      F G C E Erlenmeyer         R A C E Erlenmeyer
                                                                                  Cornell, 1991           CalTech, 1981        Michigan, 1971       Basel, 1960         Basel, 1951      Berlin, 1922      Goettingen, 1888           Giessen, 1851

                                                                                  R A Goldstein         S G Boxer           G Closs                G Wittig                                       K F v Auwers
                                                                                  Stanford, 1989        Chicago, 1976       Tuebingen, 1955        Marburg, 1923                                  Berlin, 1885

                                                                                  A J Ashe           K B Wiberg             W vE Doering           R P Linstead             G A R Kon                 J F Thorpe
                                                                                  Yale, 1966         Columbia, 1950         Harvard, 1943          Imperial Coll, 1926      Imperial Coll, 1922       Heidelberg, 1895

                                                                                  A H Francis          T M Dunn              C K Ingold
                                                                                  Michigan, 1969       U College, 1956       U College, 1921

                                                                                  S Lee              R S Berry          W A Klemperer          G C Pimentel        K S Pitzer          W M Latimer         G E Gibson        R Abegg         A W v Hofmann
                                                                                  Chicago, 1986      Harvard, 1956      Berkeley, 1954         Berkeley, 1949      Berkeley, 1937      Berkeley, 1918      Breslau, 1911     Berlin, 1891    Giessen, 1841

                                                                                  E F Westrum
                                                                                  Berkeley, 1944

                                                                                  J L Gland            G A Somarjai          R E Powell          H Eyring
                                                                                  Berkeley, 1973       Berkeley, 1966        Princeton, 1943     Berkeley, 1927

                                                                                  W W Meinke           G T Seaborg
                                                                                  Berkeley, 1950       Berkeley, 1937

                                                                                  W L Badger                  F C Frary            G B Frankforter       M Freund
                                                                                  Minnesota (MS), 1909        Minnesota, 1912      Berlin, 1893          Berlin, 1884

                                                                                  E N G Marsh          P F Leadlay        J R Knowles       R O C Norman         W A Waters           H McCombie          J Thiele           J Volhard       H Will
                                                                                  Cambridge, 1988      Oxford, 1974       Oxford, 1961      Oxford               Oxford, 1927         Strassburg, 1905    Halle, 1890        Giessen, 1855   Giessen, 1839

                                                                                  P Knochel               D Seebach             R Criegee             O Dimroth
                                                                                  ETH, Zuerich, 1982      Karlsruhe, 1964       Wuerzburg, 1925       Munich, 1895

                                                                                  RT Kennedy               JW Jorgensen         M Novotny           L Skursky           J Hadacek          F Plzak             B Raymann
                                                                                  NCarolina, 1988          Indiana, 1979        Brno, 1965          Brno, 1952          Charles U          Prague, 1902        Bonn, 1876

                                                                                  J R Bates
                                                                                  Princeton, 1927

                                                                                  M Tamres                  A A Frost              H N Alyea              H S Taylor             H Bassett, Jr
                                                                                  Northwestern, 1949        Princeton, 1934        Princeton, 1928        Liverpool, 1914        Munich, 1904

                                                                                  E Vedejs               H H Muxfeldt           H H Inhoffen           H O L Fischer         L Knorr               E Fischer               A v Baeyer        A Kekule
                                                                                  Wisconsin, 1966        Goettingen, 1953       Berlin, 1931           Jena, 1912            Erlangen, 1882        Strassburg, 1874        Berlin, 1858      Giessen, 1852
University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007

                                                                                  E Cordes               W P Jencks              F Lipmann                O F Meyerhof           O H Warburg
                                                                                  Brandeis, 1962         Harvard(MD), 1951       Berlin, 1928             Heidelberg, 1909       Berlin, 1906

                                                                                  CA Fierke

                                                                                  Brandeis, 1984
                                                                                                            MICHIGAN BRANCH
                                                                                  J Montgomery         LS Hegedus         EJ Corey         JC Sheehan             W E Bachmann
                                                                                  Col State, 1991      Harvard, 1970      MIT, 1951        Michigan, 1941         Michigan, 1926

                                                                                  L C Anderson
                                                                                  Michigan, 1924

                                                                                  F F Blicke
                                                                                  Michigan, 1921                                                                                   M Gomberg
                                                                                                                                                                                   Michigan, 1894

                                                                                  L H Cone
                                                                                  Michigan, 1905

                                                                                  S N Ege                P A S Smith          R N Keller         J C Bailar, Jr
                                                                                  Michigan, 1956         Michigan, 1944       Illinois, 1940     Michigan, 1928

                                                                                  R W Rudolph            R W Parry
                                                                                  Michigan, 1966         Illinois, 1946

                                                                                                                                                                                            A B PRESCOTT
                                                                                  V L Pecoraro          K N Raymond             F Basolo                                                    Michigan(MD), 1864
                                                                                  Berkeley, 1981        Northwestern, 1968      Illinois, 1943

                                                                                  J Penner-Hahn         K O Hodgson
                                                                                  Stanford, 1984        Berkeley, 1971

                                                                                  C S Schoepfle
                                                                                  Michigan(ScD), 1918

                                                                                  G O Higley
                                                                                  Michigan, 1905

                                                                                  F G Novy

                                                                                  V C Vaughan
                                                                                  Michigan, 1876

                                                                                  R J Carney                        E D Campbell
                                                                                  Michigan, 1916                    Michigan(BS), 1886

                                                                                  B A Soule
                                                                                  Michigan(ScD), 1924

                                                                                  P B Rose
                                                                                  Michigan(MD), 1862

                                                                                  H S Cheever
                                                                                  Michigan(MD), 1866

                                                                                  S H Douglas
University of Michigan - Chemistry, 150th Birthday Celebration, May 10-12, 2007

                                                                                  A DuBois
                                                                                  Michigan(AM), 1854

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