MIAMI MOCK TRIAL by dfgh4bnmu


									                         MIAMI UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

                                             M I A MI                            M O CK                        T R I A L
                                             MAY 1,    2005               VISIT US AT:HTTP://WWW.MIAMIMOCKTRIAL.ORG

                                            MIAMI SNAGS SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE
NEW YORK “BIG       2                        For the 2500+ collegiate mock       lege. Bowling Green finished           nati OH;
APPLE” INVITA-                               trialers across the nation, Feb-    second while the other three           Nick Borger, freshman pre-
TIONAL                                       ruary means one thing: regional     Miami squads rounded out the           business marketing major from
                                             competition. The fall and winter    top five with third, fourth, and       Minneapolis MN.
DREAMIN’                                     invitational competition season     fifth place finishes. With its first
                                             is over and whether a team          and third place finishes, Miami        Miami students took four top
                                             continues to compete or simply      earned the maximum of two              attorney awards and seven top
JIM LEWIS           3
                                             completes its season is decided     bids to the 64-team national           witness awards:
                                             at the regional qualifying tour-    championship tournament in             Jade Smarda, junior, was an-
                                             naments in February. Teams          April in Des Moines, Iowa while        nounced as the tournament’s
IS “MOCK                                     compete in February for the         Bowling Green earned the third         top attorney while Miami team-
TRIAL”?                                      coveted bids to the national        and final bid assigned to the          mates Kate Bowling, Rob Wal-
                                             championship tournament. Of         region.                                ter, and Veronica Ressler were
                                             the 450+ teams, only 64 will                                               also honored as outstanding
MIAMI ALL-                                   qualify and no more than two        Members of the championship            attorneys.
AMERICAN AT-                                 teams per school may qualify.       Miami squad are:
TORNEY                                                                           John McNulty, senior political         Bowling doubled her attorney
                                             The four veteran Miami mock         science major from Rocky River         award by also receiving an out-
                                             trial squads were in regional       OH;                                    standing witness award on the
                                             competition February 4-6, 2005      Rob Walter, senior political           defense side of the case.
                                             at the Butler County Court-         science major from Kettering           She was joined by Miami team-
                                             house in Hamilton. For the sev-     OH;                                    mates Melissa Mathias, Ken
                                             enth consecutive year and for       Ken Grose, senior finance ma-          Grose, John McNulty, Dan
                                             the ninth time out of the last      jor from Hartville OH;                 Amodio, Scott Finney, and Paul
                                             ten years, Miami walked away        Lindsay Richards, junior organ-        Leesemann as outstanding
                                             with the 1st place trophy. It was   izational leadership major from        witnesses.
                                             the only squad to complete the      Worthington OH;
                                             tournament undefeated while         Carmen Brown, junior finance
                                             snatching victories from Ohio       major from Pickerington OH;
                                             State, Iowa State, University of    Stephanie Patton, junior politi-
 MIAMI MOCK                                  Cincinnati and Wilmington Col-      cal science major from Cincin-
                                                                                                                        MIDEAST REGIONAL
 • Miami has qualified                                                                                                  CHAMPION SQUAD
   for the National Cham-
   pionship Tournament
   in Des Moines each                                                                                                        From left to right (back
   year since 1995                                                                                                           row): Nick Borger, John
                                                                                                                             McNulty, Ken Grose,
 • Miami was won nine                                                                                                        Rob Walter
   out of the last ten                                                                                                       From left to right (front
   Mideast Regional                                                                                                          row): Stephanie Patton,
   Championships                                                                                                             Carmen Brown, Lind-
                                                                                                                             say Richards
 • Miami claimed the
   2001 National Mock
   Trial Championship
   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                           Page 2

MIAMI TAKES NYC “BIG APPLE” CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                         At the
  Two Miami veteran mock trial       The final top ten for the tour-   Senior Women’s Studies/                   Competition in
  teams survived the blizzard        nament:                           Political Science major Jes-              Chicago, the two
  of 2005 in New York City the            1)Miami                      sica Zetwick from Grove City              Michigan squads
  weekend of January 22-23                2)University of Kansas       and James Ferguson, junior                as well as the
  but it is questionable if New           3)Macalester College         Political Science major from              Illinois team were
  York survived the Miami                 4)Notre Dame                 Pickerington, were named                  undefeated in the
  Mock Trial blizzard.                                                 two of the tournament’s out-              competition
                                          5)University of Virginia
                                                                       standing witnesses.
  Miami claimed 1st and 10th              6)Yale                                                                 except for losses
  places at the tournament,               7)Columbia                   This was the final warmup for             to Miami.
  recognized as one of the                8)Furman                     these two Miami squads as                 Washington
  most prestigious and com-               9)Columbia                   they prepared for the regional            University went
  petitive in the nation. Miami           10)Miami                     competition hosted by Miami               undefeated as
  defeated Columbia in the                                             February 4-6 at the Butler
  final round to claim the vic-
                                                                                                                 well until facing a
                                                                       County Courthouse in Hamil-
  tory having posted wins in                                                                                     Miami squad.
  earlier rounds against Kan-
  sas and Yale.


   What do Northwestern, Stan-       combined record of 25-6-1,        Miami squads at the Northwestern competition simply lined
   ford, Michigan, and Washing-      including the number one          up the Big Ten and mowed them down. In fact, the two
   ton University have in com-       spot at Northwestern. A total     Michigan squads as well as the Illinois team were unde-
   mon besides being top-notch       of 74 teams from 40+ univer-      feated in the competition except for losses to Miami. Wash-
   educational institutions?         sities competed in both tour-     ington University went undefeated as well until facing a Mi-
   They were all victims of Mi-      naments: 38 at UCLA and 36        ami squad.
   ami University’s mock trial       at Northwestern.
   program at the UCLA and                                             Kate Bowling, senior political science major, was awarded
                                     The only squads to actually       an outstanding attorney award as well as an outstanding
   Northwestern Invitational
                                     defeat a Miami squad on two       witness award at Northwestern.
   Tournaments January 15-17,
                                     ballots were defending na-
   2005.                                                               ___________________________________________________
                                     tional champions UCLA and
   What do Minnesota, Wiscon-        the top University of Southern    Miami Squad #994 is seen below enjoying some sightseeing
   sin, Illinois, Iowa, Northwest-   California squad. However,        in LA while out there competing at the UCLA Invitational:
   ern, and Michigan have in         PAC 10 foes Stanford and
   common other than compris-        Arizona were not so fortunate     From left to right: Bob Green, Carl Grimm, Dan Richards,
   ing over half of the Big 10?…     when facing a Miami squad.        Jessica Best, Jade Smarda, Paul Leesemann, Mike Nowak
   yes….right again…. They, too,
   were all victims of Miami
   University’s mock trial pro-
   gram at the UCLA and North-
   western Invitationals.
   Now, also throw in victorious
   Miami ballots against Ari-
   zona, Weber State, Hamline,
   Kansas, and Western Michi-
   gan and you get the picture
   of these competitions….Two
   veteran Miami squads ven-
   tured to frigid Chicago and
   two veteran Miami squads
   ventured to balmy Los Ange-
   les and came away with 1st,
   2nd,and honorable mention
   finishes from the two tourna-
   ments compiling a stellar
     VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                               Page 3

                                                                                                                         Mock Trial
                                                                                                                         provides one of
     Jim Lewis, Miami alum-          Fund will ensure that this          donation in a fund that
     nus, has issued a chal-         quality program will con-           “makes a difference,”                           the best means
     lenge to all Miami alums        tinue to provide Miami              please contact Mike Kum-                        to teach
     in both the legal and busi-     students with an enriching          ler, Miami University De-
     ness communities.               and exciting experience             velopment office, at :                          students critical
                                     that will aid them with the                                                         thinking,
     Jim is matching $1 for                                     
                                     decision-making skill set
     every $3 which is donated
                                     needed in every business             or call 513-529-1957.                          problem-solving
     to the Mock Trial Endow-
                                     or legal setting.
     ment Fund. With a goal of                                                                                           and
     nearly one million dollars,     For those of you looking
     the Mock Trial Endowment        to place a tax deductible                                                           communication

                                                                                                 Case-in-chief. Each side then presents a
                                                                                                 case-in-chief (plaintiff or prosecution first)
                                                                                                 in which three witnesses testify. During
                                                                                                 the case-in-chief, opposing counsel has the
                                                                                                 opportunity to cross examine witnesses in
                                                                                                 order to damage their credibility or mini-
                                                                                                 mize the impact of their testimony thereby
                                                                                                 helping to prove their own case by disprov-
                                                                                                 ing the opposing side’s case.
                                                                                                 Closing arguments. To conclude a trial,
                                                                                                 attorneys from each side give closing argu-
                                                                                                 ments, in which they summarize the evi-
                                                                                                 dence presented and use it to argue their
                                                                                                 Scoring. Mock Trial is not won or lost based
                                                                                                 on the merits of the case—whether or not
  WHAT EXACTLY IS “MOCK TRIAL”?                                                                  the prosecution (plaintiff) meets its bur-
                                                                                                 den—but on how well the student partici-
                                                                                                 pants perform and how clearly they articu-
     The American Mock Trial Association         Rules of Evidence. The case can be              late their case theory through witness testi-
                                                 either criminal or civil, alternating each      mony. Each participant is scored on a 1-10
     Mock Trial is an intercollegiate competi-   year. This variation gives students in-
     tion among schools that are members of                                                      basis. The participants are scored by two
                                                 sights into two different fields of law.        judges (often trial lawyers or judges). At
     the American Mock Trial Association         As with any legal case, there is a prose-
     (AMTA). Today, almost 300 schools na-                                                       the end of a four-round tournament, eight
                                                 cution (or, in a civil case, a plaintiff) and   ballots have been scored for each team.
     tionwide, some of which have as many        a defense. Students from one member
     as five teams, are members of AMTA.         school represent one side and compete           Tournament Competition. Most tourna-
     Member schools include nationally           against students from another school            ments consist of four rounds of competi-
     prominent institutions such as Harvard,     who present the opposing side. In com-          tion. After the first round, teams will have
     Michigan, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA,        petition, teams represent both the              a record based on whether they have won,
     University of Chicago, and University of    plaintiff and defendant in successive           lost, or tied the two judges’ ballots from
     Maryland.                                   rounds.                                         that round.
     Go to         Opening Statements. Every trial begins          Awards and Honors. At the end of a tourna-
     Cases and Rules                             with an opening statement from each             ment, awards are given based on team and
                                                 side. Opening statements serve as               individual performances throughout the
     At the beginning of each year, teams are    road maps for the judge and jury; they          tournament.      Team awards are based
     given a fictional legal case, complete      detail the information to be provided by        strictly on a team’s record at the end of a
     with witness affidavits and applicable      each of the witnesses who will testify.         tournament.
     case law. Mock Trial uses the Federal
      Miami Mock Trial                                                                                        ence major from Mason OH; Law
                                                                                                              Mandy Aquino, senior general
                                                                                                              major from North Canton OH;
                                                                                                              Law School
      MIAMI UNIVERSITY                                                                                        Adam Davis, senior political
                                                                                                              science major from Medina OH;
                                                                                                              John Marshall Law School,
        Miami Mock Trial Program                                                                              Cleveland
        Daniel J. Herron, Director                                                                            Jessica Zetwick, senior political
        Dept of Finance-120 Upham Hall                                                                        science major from Grove City
                                                                                                              OH; George Washington Univ
        Oxford OH 45056                                                                                       Law School
        Phone: 513-529-1574                                                                                   Jolene Meiring, junior political
        E-mail:                                                                           science major from Sylvania OH
        URL: www.                                                                          Jade Smarda, junior English
                                                                                                              major from Fairfield OH
                                                                                                              Ryan Snyder, sophomore politi-
                                                                                                              cal science major from Akron OH
                                                           KATE BOWLING, 2005 MIAMI
                                                                                                              Team #993
                                                                                                              John McNulty, senior political
KATE BOWLING BECOMES MIAMI’S                                                                                  science major from Rocky River
                                                                                                              OH; employment in Wash DC
FIFTH ALL-AMERICAN ATTORNEY AT                                                                                Rob Walter, senior political sci-
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                         ence major from Kettering OH;
                                                                                                              Notre Dame Law School
COMPETITION                                                                                                   Ken Grose, senior finance major
                                                                                                              from Hartville OH; Harvard Law
In a knock-down, drag out fight      and tied ballots to the Univer-    given to the top 20 attorneys from
to the finish, the two Miami         sity of Iowa and lost both bal-    over 380 total. She is the first      Veronica Ressler, senior journal-
national mock trial teams fin-       lots to Furman University by two   woman from Miami to win this          ism major from Parma OH;
ished at 16th and 18th places        points on one ballot and one       honor, joining previous Miami
                                                                                                              Lindsay Richards, junior organ-
at the Mock Trial National           point on the other.                recipients: Dan Haughey (1996,
                                                                                                              izational leadership major from
Championship tournament                                                 1997), Jeramie Lawson (2000),
                                     Miami Team #993 defeated                                                 Worthington OH;
April 8-10 in Des Moines,                                               Ryan Sobel (2001), and Brad Kef-
Iowa. Sixty-four teams had           Marquette University on both       fer (2002, 2003, 2004).               Stephanie Patton, junior political
qualified for the national com-      ballots; split two ballots (won
                                                                                                              science major from Cincinnati
petition from over 560 regis-        one and lost one) with Stanford    With her All-American witness
tered teams this year. Miami         University and while losing two    awards from two years ago and
had qualified the maximum of         ballots to Notre Dame and los-     last year, Bowling is the only Mi-    Nick Borger, freshman pre-
two teams by virtue of placing       ing one and tieing one ballot to   amian to earn both attorney and       business marketing major from
first and third at the Mideast       Columbia University.               witness All-American during her       Minneapolis MN
Regional Competition in Febru-                                          Miami mock trial career.
ary, earning an eleventh con-        UCLA and Georgia Tech played
secutive spot in the national        for the national title with UCLA                                         Emma Dill, first year coach, sen-
championship competition and         successfully defending its na-     Members of this year’s national       ior English major from Worthing-
a seventh consecutive regional       tional championship.               squads (seniors are bolded):          ton OH—Vanderbilt Law School
championship.                                                           Team #992
                                     Kate Bowling, a senior Political
Miami Team #992 won two              Science major and 2001 Hamil-      Kate Bowling, senior political sci-
ballots from the College of Wil-     ton Badin High School graduate     ence major from Hamilton OH;
liam and Mary; won one ballot        (and Badin mock trialer) re-       Univ Dayton Law School
and tied one ballot to the Uni-      ceived an All-American Award
versity of Kansas; but then lost     as an attorney. This award is      Scott Finney, senior political sci-


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