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					                Presentation to the ApHC Board of Directors


I. Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
        A. Foundation Appaloosa Breeders Process. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
        B. What Is a Foundation Appaloosa? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
        C. Purpose of the Proposal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

II. Proposed FPD Registration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
        A. FPD Overview. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
        B. Requirements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
        C. Calculation Guidelines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
        D. Rulebook Change Language. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

III. Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

IV. Example Pedigree Explanation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
       A. Explanation of Sample Pedigrees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
       B. Examples of Pedigrees (3). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

V. Foundation Appaloosa Class. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
      A. Judging Standard for the Foundation Appaloosa Class. . . . . . . 12
      B. Class Procedure and Requirements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

VI. Support for the FPD Proposal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Appendix A: Members of the Foundation Appaloosa Breeders. . . . . . . . . 16

    Foundation Appaloosa Breeders Process              nearly direct descent to the F-numbered horses in the
                                                       ApHC stud books, following the pattern of breeding
    For the better part of a year, more than 100
                                                       towards purebred status with standard livestock
Foundation Appaloosa breeders have been members
                                                       breeding techniques as practiced by the early breeders
of the Foundation Appaloosa Breeders (FAB) e-mail
                                                       of the registry.
list. Over this time, the FAB Group has communi-
cated on a daily basis on, working together to come
                                                                     Purpose of the Proposal
up with the proposal that follows. Together, these
breeders own over 1000 Appaloosa horses. With             The original premise of the ApHC registry was to
much discussion and debate, and polls to clarify the   produce horses of similar type from the foundation
issues, the FAB Group has accomplished what no         animals registered in the stud books, who were easily
other Foundation Appaloosa group has done to date:     recognizable, versatile athletes that were, long-lived
We have arrived at consensus on definitions, “type,”   nd had enduring soundness. The intent of this
judging standards, and a Proposal for making mean-     Proposal is to accurately recognize the Foundation-
ingful change to the current Foundation Pedigree       bred Appaloosa as a valuable segment of the popula-
Designation registration option.                       tion of the Appaloosa Horse Club Registry, and to
                                                       promote the great stake these horses have for future
    What follows is, we hope, a clear outline of the   use in breed stability, as well as their historic contri-
Proposal. Concluding are remarks from a few mem-       bution to the breed.
bers of the FAB Group on what this proposal means
to them in terms of the Foundation Appaloosa horse,       This Proposal is intended to modify the existing
its heritage and its continuing importance to the      Foundation Pedigree Designation program. In the
breed. Members of the FAB Group—listed in Appen-       following text, the proposed guidelines are laid out,
dix A—thank the ApHC in advance for considering        and calculation methods explained. Several examples
this important proposal.                               of pedigrees showing the calculations are attached for
                                                       reference. The method of calculation has been tested
    What Is a Foundation-bred Appaloosa?               at ApHC using the pedigree research program
                                                       currently in service. Also included are the necessary
  A Foundation-bred Appaloosa is a horse who has
                                                       Rulebook revisions consistent with the new FPD
an overwhelming majority of Appaloosa-to-Appal-
                                                       requirements, a Judging Standard and a format of
oosa-bred ancestors and whose pedigree goes back in
                                                       FPD Class protocol.

                                 PROPOSED FPD REGISTRATION

                  FPD Overview                                    Benefits of the FPD Proposal
This proposal is intended as a modification to the      1.) Inclusion of horses with close up F# ancestors,
existing ApHC FPD program. Its purpose:                 allowing them and their get, to qualify for the pro-
                                                        gram set up to recognize their ancestry.
  • to accurately recognize Appaloosas of prima-
  rily Foundation bloodline, Appaloosa-to-              2.) A definition and means to quantify the amount of
  Appaloosa breeding;                                   “Foundation” Appaloosa breeding in a horse’s pedi-
  • to provide requirements that insure all horses      gree so that a consistent application of the designa-
  in the program are primarily from Foundation          tion system occurs.
  Appaloosa ancestry, with strong Appaloosa-to-
  Appaloosa breeding;                                   3.) A visible incentive to encourage Appaloosa-to-
  • to protect the purity of the FPD Appaloosas         Appaloosa breeding with a roadmap to produce
  while allowing for continued selective breeding;      ApHC-recognized “Purebred Appaloosas” if individu-
  and                                                   als wish to pursue this goal.
  • to make the FPD program sustainable and
  stable without the need for further revisions in      4.) Will not limit or restrict crossbreeding to ApHC-
  the future.                                           approved breeds.

                                                        5.) An easy format that will carry forward generation
                   Requirements                         to generation, making it a program that will not need
To achieve the stated purpose of FPD, both the          modification to stay viable.
percent of Foundation ancestry and the amount of
Appaloos- to-Appaloosa breeding must be part of the     6.) The same FPD seal can be used with both the %F
FPD requirements. Therefore the proposal identifies     and %P values stamped on it.
two calculations to determine the new “FPD” eligibil-
ity.                                                                  Calculation Guidelines
                                                        A.) For the purposes of calculating Foundation
1.) To represent the Foundation horses in a pedigree,   Pedigree Designation, the following will apply:
a percentage calculation is made from all closest
Foundation numbered horses forward. This is called      1.) Appaloosas with an ApHC “F” number, or
“Foundation Pedigree Percentage,” or “%F.” An           Appaloosas with an ID, PC or regular registration
eligible horse would require a minimum calculation of   number below 69,999 are considered “Foundation.”
2.) A calculation similar to the existing FPD program   2.) For the purposes of FPD calculations, Foundation
is used to identify the amount of breeding entirely     horses are considered 100% Appaloosa.
within the breed. This is called “Appaloosa Pedigree
Percentage,” or “%P.” This calculation would be         3.) All Appaloosas listed with the ApHC will count
increased to minimum of 77% or 23 of 30 possible        towards the required %P, provided they are in the
horses in the first four generations.                   first four preceding generations.

Thus, under this new method, the FPD horse will         4.) ANY horse (including “unknowns”) behind a
have two percentages: %F and %P. This provides not      Foundation or Purebred Appaloosa, and within the
only the verified Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding,      first four preceding generations, can count towards
but also the amount of Foundation breeding in the       the required %P. This is because Foundation horses
horse, more properly fitting the term “Foundation       and Purebreds are considered 100% Appaloosa.
Pedigree Designation.”

5.) A FPD horse with a FPD calculation of at least       5.) Calculate the total %F by adding together the
75%F100%P will be designated “Purebred.”                 values awarded to the counted ancestors in each
                                                         pedigree line.
6.) A Purebred FPD horse is considered 100% for %F
and %P calculation of its offspring.                     6.) If an applicant horse’s parents already have a %F
                                                         designation, it is simple to figure the applicant’s status
B.) For the purposes of calculating %F, the follow-      by adding the %F of both parents together and divide
ing will apply:                                          by two.

1.) Foundation horses will have a percentage value
given based on their genetic contribution as deter-      C.) For the purposes of calculating the Appaloosa-
mined by their location in the applicant horse’s         to-Appaloosa breeding in the first four generations
extended pedigree. Parents receive a 50% value,          (%P), the following will apply:
grandparents 25%, great-grandparents 12.5% and so
on.                                                      1.) Count all ApHC listed horses within the first four
                                                         preceding generations. Include any horse behind a
2.) There is no limit to how far back in a pedigree      Foundation or Purebred Appaloosa.
one can go to determine the contribution of a Foun-
dation ancestor, even to 10 generations or more as       2.) There is a possible total of 30 horses (the number
needed.                                                  of all ancestors in those four preceding generations).

3.) For accuracy and ease of calculation, the Founda-    3.) Divide the actual number of horses counted in
tion horses closest up in the pedigree will be counted   step 1 by 30 to get the %P
for %F, instead of the ancestors further back. For
example, the offspring of two F# horses is counted       4.) The minimum required value is 77% (23 of 30).
instead of its F# parents.

4.) Horses tracing behind one counted for %F cannot      D.) Summary of FPD requirements:
themselves be counted, as the values would not be
accurate and %F for the total pedigree could be over     1.) To qualify for FPD a horse must have a minimum
the maximum of 100%. For example, if the offspring       calculated value of 50%F and 77%P.
is counted as 75%, the parents cannot also be
counted as 37.5% each. The contribution of the           2.) A FPD horse with a calculated value of at least
parent is already reflected in the offspring.            75%F and 100% P is considered Purebred.

             Rulebook Change Language1                       graphs of the animal showing both complete sides,
                                                             including all four leg markings, direct face and rear
                                                             view and proper fees. (See FEE SCHEDULE)
   Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) Re-
                                                                D. When the requirements are met to the satisfac-
   A. To be eligible for the FPD program, the horse
                                                             tion of the Registrar, the Certificate of Registration as
must be registered with the ApHC. This option may
                                                             hereinafter provided will be issued showing this
also be done concurrently with the application for
                                                             pedigree has been approved by the Registrar for the
registration. A horse must meet the following criteria:
         1. A minimum of 50% of the horse’s
                                                               E. The decision of the Registrar on all FPD appli-
ancestry must be from ApHC horses designated as
                                                             cants is final, however: the owner of the horse shall
“Foundation.” This percentage is referred to as
                                                             have the right to appeal in accordance with the
Foundation Pedigree Percentage (%F). “Founda-
                                                             Registration Appeal Procedures.
tion” is defined as an ApHC listed Appaloosa
having an F# or a number below 69,999, including
                                                               F. Enrollment in this program is entirely voluntary.
verified Appaloosas with ID or PC prefixes.
                                                                G. The burden of proving eligibility for this
         2. A minimum of 77% (23) in the preced-
                                                             program rests with the applicant.
ing four (4) generations must be registered with
the ApHC. This percentage is referred to as Appal-
                                                                H. All horses enrolled in the original FPD
oosa Pedigree Percentage (%P).
                                                             program are considered “grandfathered” for FPD
                                                             requirements needed for any and all ApHC ap-
   B. Purebred Designation: An Appaloosa with
                                                             proved FPD events. Any offspring of “grand-
calculated values of at least 75%F and 100%P will
                                                             fathered” horses enrolling in the FPD program will
be identified as “Purebred.” All Purebred Appaloo-
                                                             have their qualification based on the new FPD
sas will carry an upgraded designation of 100%F/
100%P, and these values will be used for calculat-
ing the %F and %P of the offspring.
                                                                I. The ApHC reserves the right to suspend, revoke
                                                             or correct the issued Certificate of Registration and
   C. The FPD application shall be properly com-
                                                             the entry of the named horse in accordance with the
pleted and signed in ink. The application must be
                                                             Protest, Inspection and Appeal Procedures set forth
accompanied by the Certificate of Registration or
                                                             in this handbook.
application for registration, plus four current photo-

    Blue type indicates the new language for the Rulebook.

                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q- What is different about the new FPD program?         A- The percentage contribution for each ancestor is
A. It has an added requirement that an FPD horse has    simply 100% divided by the total number of ancestors
a minimum amount of Foundation Appaloosa ances-         in that particular generation. For example there are
try. In other words it needs to have a certain amount   eight ancestors (known or unknown) in the third
of Foundation blood.                                    generation. 100/8 = 12.5, so a Foundation ancestor
                                                        being counted in this generation would contribute
Q- Why is there another requirement?                    12.5% to the 50% Foundation requirement.
A- Because the old program did not insure the FPD
horse was really from mostly Foundation stock           Q- Do you count all the “Foundation” horses?
                                                        A- No, you only count to the most recent one in
Q- What is considered Foundation stock?                 each pedigree ancestry line (meaning the Foundation
A- It is the horses that were used to initially found   Appaloosas closest to the “trunk” in each branch of
the registry and stabilize the breed. For FPD it is     the “family tree”). For example if a horse and its
simply defined as any horse with an “F” number, or      parents are Foundation, you only count the horse
with any number below 69,999.                           itself. It is already 100% Foundation and if you
                                                        counted the parents the total would be over 100% in
Q- Why do we have the 50% Foundation ancestry           that branch of the family tree.
requirement, termed Foundation Pedigree Percent-
age (%F)?                                               Q- How is the 23/30 %P figured?
A- This is the basic change to the program. It mea-     A- The same as the original FPD program: Take the
sures the amount of actual Foundation blood or          total number of qualified Appaloosas in the four
ancestry in the horse’s pedigree. This number of 50%    preceding generations and divide by the possible total
or more insures the horse is really from mostly         of 30. A minimum of 77% (23 of 30) is needed to
Foundation Appaloosa heritage.                          meet this %P requirement.

Q- How is the 50% Foundation requirement (%F)           Q- Why do we have the requirement for 23 previ-
figured?                                                ous ancestors being Appaloosas (%P)?
A- Much like many people look at their own ancestry     A- This measures the amount of close up Appaloosa-
when they say something like “I’m 1/4 German, 1/4       to-Appaloosa breeding. It tells the breeder or owner
French, and 1/2 English.” You look at what percent of   how concentrated the recent Appaloosa-to-Appal-
the horse’s ancestry actually traces back to ApHC       oosa breeding is and indicates how much recent
Foundation stock.                                       crossbreeding is in the pedigree.

Q- Can you give me an easy example of how to            Q- What if my horse’s pedigree has an unregistered
figure the %F?                                          horse or a horse of another breed as the parent of a
A- A horse has four grandparents so each one con-       Foundation Appaloosa? Do these horses count as
tributes 25% to its pedigree and genetic ancestry. If   part of the 23 needed?
only two of these grandparents are “Foundation” then    A- Yes, if the Appaloosa mentioned is a Foundation
the grandget is 50% Foundation (25% + 25%= 50%).        Appaloosa, then all of its ancestors that are part of
                                                        the 30 being considered can figure towards the 23
Q- How do you know what percentage each horse           needed Appaloosas, regardless of breed or registration
can contribute to the needed 50% Foundation             status. The same holds true even if these ancestors are
requirement?                                            “unknown.” This is because Foundation Appaloosa
                                                        horses are considered 100% for FPD purposes.

Q- What does the purebred status do for us?              an upgraded FPD designation of 100%, the purebred
A- The goal of the FPD program is not simply to          FPD horse could be bred to horses that carry strong
recognize the old Foundation horses, but rather to       Foundation breeding, but not enough to qualify for
recognize the concentrated Appaloosa breeding in         FPD. The resulting foal however, may qualify for
today’s horses that are based primarily on our Founda-   FPD. With purebreds, the number of FPD qualified
tion stock. If these horses meet the guidelines, they    horses can possibly expand without the need for
receive a purebred designation and for the purposes of   excessive inbreeding to keep the percentage of
FPD they are figured the same as the original Founda-    Foundation blood of offspring above the minimum of
tion stock.                                              50%. And this can be done without sacrificing the
                                                         integrity of the program.
Q- Does having those purebred FPD horses help
the club or the Appaloosa itself?                        Q- The original FPD program did not allow for
A- Yes. Many excellent Foundation bloodlines no          horses with close up Foundation numbered ances-
longer have the purity to meet the FPP requirement.      tors (parents, grandparents, etc.) to qualify. Can
In order that these lines are not lost to the FPD        these highly Foundation-bred horses qualify under
program, and to make the program compatible with         the new system?
modern selective breeding practices, a source of high    A- Yes, because now Foundation horses count as
purity FPD horses is needed in the breeding pool.        100% for FPD purposes, the horses with close-up
This is provided by the purebreds.                       Foundation ancestry are now eligible for FPD.

Q-How do the purebreds contribute to these               Q- Keep it simple! What is needed for a horse to
modern breeding practices and preservation of            qualify for FPD?
Foundation lines?                                        A- (1)At least half of the horse’s ancestry must trace
A- There are a limited number of high Foundation         to Foundation stock, and (2) at least 23 of the 30
percentage horses registered with the ApHC. With         nearest ancestors must be ApHC Appaloosas or
                                                         Foundation Appaloosa ancestors.

                                EXAMPLE PEDIGREE EXPLANATION

        Explanation of Sample Pedigrees                 numbered (and thus pre-registry) horses who would
                                                        qualify under the current FPD program as 60% (18/
   The counted Foundation ancestors have the red
                                                        30). Under the revised system, rather than being
registration numbers, a note saying they are Founda-
                                                        penalized for being the product of early-registry,
tion, and the RED “1X” to count them up. Only the
                                                        Foundation-numbered horses (as he would be under
Foundation ancestors that are counted have the red
                                                        the current program), those F#d horses are credited to
text. The Foundation horses, and any descendent
                                                        both the %F and the %P portions of the pedigree,
horses following the counted Foundation ancestor are
                                                        bringing him to 100F/100P. The third horse, Deannas
shown in ITALICS. Horses preceeding the counted
                                                        Delight ApHC #477183 shows a mare which would
ancestor which are in STANDARD TEXT are horses
                                                        not qualify under the revised system, but with breed-
which are qualified to count for %P percentages
                                                        ing to a higher-percentaged horse, her offspring
(regardless of breed). Horses that cannot count for
                                                        would qualify.
%P are in BLUE.
   Three pedigrees are provided as samples. The
pedigree of Slade ApHC #429763 is fairly representa-       The FAB Group has begun developing a simple
tive of a horse whose FPD numbers will change           Excel spreadsheet which will calculate a horse’s
slightly with the new calculation. Slade is qualified   percentages, which we will be happy to share with
under the current FPD program as 77% FPD (23/30),       the ApHC. Once a horse is input, or its percentages
but under the new system would qualify as 88F/90P.      are otherwise calculated, it is fairly simple to carry the
Sunspot’s Eclipse ApHC #T-225,244 provides an           numbers forward—the numbers that come up are
example of an older horse with close-up Foundation-     divided by two and added to the other parent’s
                                                        numbers, also divided by two. Thus the calculations
                                                        will become easier over time.

                                 if no Fs before        if no Fs before           if no Fs before
         # of Fs:                                                                                       if no Fs before horse:
        = 0 x 50= 0                   horse:                 horse:                    horse:                = 8 x 3.125=25.2
                                   = 1 x 25= 25         = 1 x 12.5= 12.5           = 4 x 6.25= 25
= (# of Fs or <69,999 x                                                                             (# of Fs or <69,999 x
                                 = (# of Fs or          (# of "Fs" or         (# of Fs or <69,999 x
         .0.5)                                                                                             0.3125)
                                <69,999 x 0.25)       <69,999 x 0.125)               0.0625)

    50 % generation             25% generation        12.5% generation          6.25% generation          3.125% generation
                                                                              MI CHUBBY QH              CHUBBY IV QH
                                                                              P13679                    CHILI POWDER QH
                                                    CHUBBY PAWNEE
                                                    T 1434                                              THE MONTANA KID
                               CHUB’S                                         REDWATER COOKIE           T2743
                               POWDERFACE                                     T 18401
                                                                                                        NANCY TB
                               24129 (Foundation
                               Qualified)      1X                                                       UTAH F1131
                                                                              FLAG F1882
                                                    BLACK MAGGIE                                        JAZZ TB
Sire:                                               Appaloosa not reg.        MAGGIE                    UTAH F1131
CHUBS SUN DAZZLE                                                              Appaloosa not reg.        MORGAN MARE
 346071                                                                                                 MONEY CREEK’S
FPD ranking is                                                                                          AMBITION F4278
                                                                              CHIEF LEOPARD BOY         (F- qualified)          1X
"Purebred" 100F100P                                                           76020
                                                                                                        CAREY’S BAY LASS
                                                    CHIEF’S                                             T 9423 (F- qualified)   1X
                               LEOPARD BOOTS        162841                                              AL’S SON OF LITTLE
----------------------------                                                                            MAN S F3326
                                283526                                        STUMP’S LASS              (F- qualified)          1X
     PEDIGREE OF                                                              91671
                                                                                                        STUMP’S JOAN
                                                                                                        44641 (F- qualified)    1X
    SLADE 429763
                                                                              PEPPER’S SHAMROCK SIRI SHEIK F1833
     88F90P (27/30)                                 MONEY CREEK’S             F4090 (F-qualified) 1X  PEPPER FACE T211
                                                                              SHEILA WARRIOR          WOODROW SHEIK F502
----------------------------                        96937
                                                                              ID 946 (F-qualified) 1X BABE WARRIOR F1309
                                                                                                      RED SUN 11097
                                                                              RED SUN’S TOPFLIGHT (F- qualified        1X
                                                                              81156                   SWIFT SUNLIGHT
                                                    SUN FLIGHT REED                                     F3842 (F- qualified)    1X
                                                                                                        SUNSPOT REVEL
                                                                              LITTLE CHARITY            F1904 (F- qualified)    1X
                               POLAR SUN REED                                 103674
                               267128                                                                   CHARITY REED QH
                                                                                                        LONSOME POLECAT
                                                    SANTEE JIMMY              TIP’S POLECAT 56158       QH P47015
Dam:                                                POLECAT T14523
                                                                                                        BROKEN ARROW T5539
                                                    (Foundation Qualified)
WI-WAF                                                                                                  LITTLE BUCK B QH
                                                                         1X   JIM’S BABE ID 8815
TEKAT335482                                                                                             TB
FPD ranking 75F77P                                                            SHEIK SUNDANCE            WOODROW SHEIK F502
(23/30)                                                                       T39347 (F- qualified)
                                                                                                   1X   COLO QUAL not reg.
                                                    FRECKLED SUNDANCE
                                                    T131140                                             DAKOTA BOY F1764
                                                                              SUSIE Q not reg.          (F- qualified)          1X
                               HONEY DEW GLOW
                               215389                                                                   LIZZIE TB
                                                                              WOODROW SHEIK             SUNDANCE F500
                                                    HONEY BEE                 F502 (F- qualified) 1X    STOCKINGS
                                                    Appaloosa not reg.                                  BLACK HAWK QH
                                                                              Black QH mare
                                                                                                        QH MARE

                                if no Fs before         if no Fs before      if no Fs before
        # of Fs:                                                                                if no Fs before horse:
       = 1 x 50= 50                  horse:                  horse:               horse:            = 0 x 3.125= 0
                                  = 2 x 25= 50            = 0 x 12.5= 0       = 0 x 6.25= 0
= (# of Fs  or <69,999                                                                          (# of Fs or <69,999 x
                                 = (# of Fs or           (# of "Fs" or    (# of Fs or <69,999 x
         x .0.5)                                                                                       0.3125)
                               <69,999 x 0.25)         <69,999 x 0.125)          0.0625)

   50 % generation             25% generation          12.5% generation    6.25% generation      3.125% generation
                                                                          TEXAS CHEROKEE       APPALOOSA
                                                      REVEL F773
                                                                                               RAINBOW F61
                                                                          FLICK F200
Sire:                      REVEL JUNIOR F1728
SUNSPOT REVEL                                                                                  ANTELOPE F132
F1904 (Foundation                                                         SPORT F133           STOCKINGS Appaloosa
Qualified) FPD                                                                                 not registered
                                              MARBLES F1727
ranking is "Purebred"                                                                          MANSFIELD’S
                                                                          WARZON Appaloosa     COMANCHE F3096
(=100F100P)          1X                                                   Not registered
--------------------------                                                                     UNKNOWN
   PEDIGREE OF                                                            LEOPARD
                                                                                               ANNIE ROAN
                                                      FOX (CRHA)
   SUNSPOT’S                                                                                   COLONEL
 ECLIPSE T225244 ROCKINGCHAIR                                                                  COLIE
                             SUNDANCE F587                                                     DAYLIGHT Appaloosa
    FPD Purebred                                                          SUNDANCE F500
                                                      ROCKINGCHAIR                             CHICO
                                                      PORTER F574
                                                                          GUY PORTER MARE
                                                                                               DAYLIGHT Appaloosa
                                                                          SUNDANCE F500        CHICO
                                                      WOODROW SHEIK
                             BAMBI E F2497
                             (Foundation Qualified)
                                               1X                         DETER CHESTNUT
                                                      PVF’S BUTTERFLY
Dam:                                                  F 3486
                                                                          PHIL DETER TB
FLOWER T 138448
FPD ranking is                                                                                 JESS HANKINS QH
                                                                          SITTING BULL QH
"Purebred"                                            WEE SKEE TER QH                          LITTLE SUE QH
(=100F100P)                                           #41890                                   LITTLE MIKE QH
                                                                          LITTLE SKEETER QH
                             DE HANN ID 5609                                                   SLEEPY GAL QH
                             (Foundation Qualified)
                                               1X                         STONEWALL
                                                                          MORGAN STALLION
                                                      PALE MOON T 608
                                                                          MANTITOBO T 454

                               if no Fs before      if no Fs before          if no Fs before
        # of Fs:                                                                                   if no Fs before horse:
       = O x 50= 0
                                    horse:               horse:                   horse:                = 0 x 3.125= 0
                                  = 0 x 25= 0         = 4 x 12.5= 50         = 3 x 6.25= 18.75
= (# of Fs  or <69,999                                                                          (# of Fs or <69,999 x
                                = (# of Fs or        (# of "Fs" or        (# of Fs or <69,999 x
         x .0.5)                                                                                       0.3125)
                               <69,999 x 0.25)     <69,999 x 0.125)              0.0625)

   50 % generation             25% generation      12.5% generation         6.25% generation        3.125% generation
                                                                                                   GOLD HEELS (QH)
                                                                          HEEL'S MELODY (QH)
                                                                                                   FLEET (QH)
                                                 SULLY'S LANCER
                                                                          SULLY SUNSHINE           SULLY'S PATTERN
                                                                          T-50509 (Foundation      16061
Sire:                      4KS SILKY SULLY                                qualified)        1X     ROY'S RED SAILS (QH)
MY-T-MARS SULLY 315903                                                    WEST WINDS               MOHAWK T11391
435507                                           WEST WINDS TAFFY         ZANTONON 3618            GOLDIE SPOT (not reg.)
(not qualified- low                              10613 (Foundation                                 SILVER LEOPARD
%F and low                                       qualified)        1X     POKOHAUNTAS              T15541
%P=38F40P)                                                                T-1850
                                                                                                   BLUE BONNE T
--------------------------                                                TONTO BARS GILL          THREE BARS (TB)
   PEDIGREE OF                                                            (QH)                     TONTA GAL (QH)
                                                 TONTO VANDY (QH)                                  VANDY (QH)
    DEANNAS                                                               LADY'S SISTER (QH)       GALE'S LADY SOCKS
  DELIGHT 477183 DAISY'S CINDY (QH)                                                                (QH)
                                                                                                   DEL RIO JOE (QH)
 (not qualified, 22/30                                                    RIO JOE (QH)
                                                                                                   ENE DINA (QH)
  low %P=69F73P)                                 RIO DAISY (QH)
                                                                                                   BIG NIGGER (QH)
--------------------------                                                BLACK DAISY (QH)
                                                                                                   SCHUHART (QH)
                                                 NUNNEL EY'S RED          LITTLE RED               RED LEOPARD T541
                                                 LEOPARD 4771             LEOPARD T-864            DILLY A T542
                                                 (Foundation qualified)   KANADY'S                 UNKNOWN
                                                                     1X   LIGHTFOOT T-1494         UNKNOWN
                             RED LEOPARD JR.
                                                                          HIGH SPOT F-3559         CHEROKEE A F2847
                             160942                                       (Foundation qualified)
                                                                                                   TIGER LILY
                                                 HIGH SPOT SISSEY                             1X
Dam:                                             160698                   DALLAS KS 513            TAYLOR'S SUNDANCE
CHAVA SEL 214635                                                          (Foundation qualified)
FPD ranking is                                                                                1X   UNKNOWN
"Purebred"                                                                                         UNKNOWN Appaloosa
                                                 SAGE TURKSON            TURK R F-3233
(=100F100P)                                      28004                                             UNKNOWN Appaloosa
                                                 (Foundation qualified)                            VALENTINE F1291
                                                                      1X MARYANN F-2295            BELLE Y F2347
                             SAGE ACRES CINDY
                             96870                                                                 SPOTTED EAGLE F208
                                                 FROSTY R F-2294         VALENTINE F-1291
                                                                                                   NIGHT FLOWER 259
                                                 (Foundation qualified)
                                                                      1X BELLE Y F-2347            UNKNOWN

                                FOUNDATION APPALOOSA CLASS

           Foundation Appaloosa Class                        2.) NECK:
                                                             A) The neck should tie in high on the shoulder,
   The Foundation-bred Appaloosa horse stems from
                                                          more in a vertical manner than horizontally, so that
hardy, easy-keeping, long-lived stock that was
                                                          the horse while standing or at liberty carries the neck
supremely suited to operating in rough and steep
                                                          in a relatively upright position.
terrain. First and foremost the Foundation Appaloosa
                                                             * A neck with a low carriage at rest is to be
was—and remains today—a versatile using horse, a
generalist rather than a specialist. From a bio-me-
chanical perspective, its conformation is balanced: Its
                                                             B) Under saddle or at speed, the nose should not
form follows its function. Such balanced conforma-
                                                          drop lower than the elbow.
tion enables the horse to perform in a variety of
                                                             * A neck with a low carriage when the horse is in
athletic endeavors, remain sound and provide a
                                                          motion is to be discouraged.
smooth ride.
   The desirable traits outlined in the Judging Stan-
                                                             C) The neck should have good “flesh” on top.
dard are consistently identifiable in pre-registry
                                                             Thin, undermuscled, horizontal necks are to be
horses, early registry horses, and horses exhibiting a
depth of Appaloosa-to Appaloosa breeding without
                                                             3.) WITHERS/TOPLINE:
                                                             A) The horse should exhibit prominent withers,
  In addition to the Judging Standards for the class,
                                                          capable of holding a saddle in place in rough terrain.
the FAB Group has included Class Procedure and
                                                             * “Mutton” withers, meaty withers or a lack of
                                                          substantial protruding bone at the withers are to be
              Judging Standards for                       discouraged.
         the Foundation Appaloosa Class                      B) The withers should be at or higher than the
                                                          level of the highest point of the croup, providing a
                                                          level or “uphill” topline. Such conformation encour-
   These proposed Standards will be used for judging      ages/allows the horse to work well off the hind-end
the Foundation Pedigree Designation class, and as a       and remain sound.
broad goal to breeders wishing to preserve the posi-         * A “downhill” topline in which the withers are
tive traits of the Foundation-bred Appaloosa.             lower than the hip is to be highly discouraged.

   1.) HEAD:                                                 4.) CROUP:
   A) The head should be proportional to the body,           A) The croup is relatively flat with a higher tail-
not excessively small or overly large. The profile is     set, following as close as possible the line of the back.
generally straight, but a slightly concave or convex         * A dropped croup, low tail-set is to be discour-
profile is acceptable. As a general rule the head         aged.
should be no longer than the underside of the neck.
   * An extremely small, over-dainty head or a very         5.) PASTERN ANGLES/DIRECTIONAL-
large, coarse head                                        ITY:
   that does not match the overall horse is to be           A) From the side view, pasterns are sloped in
discouraged.                                              accordance with the slope of the shoulder.
   * A head giving the appearance of a narrow               * Upright pasterns predispose a horse to unsound-
muzzle combined with overly large jowls is to be          ness and are to be discouraged.

   B) In keeping with the bio-mechanics of perfor-            10.) OTHER REQUIREMENTS:
mance conformation, leg/pastern angles from the               A) To show in the FPD class, a horse must be
front or rear view will be such that the back toes         registered with the ApHC and have been certified as
point slightly laterally, in an outward direction.         a FPD horse under the revised Guidelines. Exception
   * Rear toes which point straight forward are to be      is made for horses certified under the old FPD guide-
discouraged.                                               lines, but not meeting requirments for the revised
                                                           guidelines, as these horses are considered "grand-
    6.) FEET:                                              fathered" into the revised program.
    A) Good feet of sound, hard horn. As a general
rule, the foot should require a shoe at least size 0 or       B) It is recognized that many of the Foundation-
larger, but the overriding guideline is that the foot      bred horses possess sparse manes and tails. Horses will
should be in proportion to the rest of the body.           not be penalized for exhibiting these traits.
   * Small, “teacup” feet are discouraged as these feet
cannot carry the horse properly and can lead to              C.) Appaloosa characteristics are desirable.
                                                                  Class Procedure and Requirements
   7.) BONE:                                                  1.) How the class will be run: Since Foundation-
   A) Substantial dense, flat bone, as measured            bred horses are expected to be versatile, they will be
by circumference of cannon bone, but indicative of a       shown in hand in either a bridle or halter by a
more heavily boned horse is preferred.                     suitably attired handler, as is presently done in the
   * Thin, round bone that doesn’t match the size of       yearling lunge line class, denoting either a Western or
the horse is to be discouraged.                            English performance horse.
   B) Joints that are large and in proportion to the          2.) Horses will be shown on the “L” pattern,
size of the bone are preferred.                            walking to the cone, making a right turn and trotting
   * Small joints that don’t “stand out” are to be         to a second cone, where the horse will halt and stand
discouraged.                                               until dismissed. After dismissal, the horses will line
                                                           up for inspection as directed by the judge. Horses
   8.) MUSCLING:                                           showing Western will stand square, and English
   A) Long rather than bunchy muscling is preferred,       horses will stand in the open position during inspec-
along with a relatively narrow overall appearance,         tion.
deep but not wide. The overall impression should be
closer to that of a gymnast rather than a wrestler.           3.) Percentages allocations for various standards
   * Lots of thick, heavy muscle that is out of propor-    are as follows.
tion to the rest of the horse is to be discouraged.
                                                             Conformation           40%
   9.) MOVEMENT:                                             Movement               35%
   A) In keeping with the above conformational               Type                   20%
characteristics, the horse will have action that is          Manners                5%
long, brisk, elastic and straight. Additionally, some of
the horses exhibit a desirable fourth gait known as          Color is to be preferred if points are equal between
the Indian Shuffle. Horses will not be penalized for       horses.
exhibiting this gait.
   * Movement that is short, choppy or rough is to           Note: The number of points needed to qualify for the
be discouraged.                                            Appaloosa World Show are to be determined.

                                  SUPPORT FOR THE PROPOSAL

  “We sense a resurgence of pride and interest in the        “[This proposal] is very sound in every way I can
Foundation bred Appaloosa as people once again            see toward going right along with the guiding words
recognize its many admirable qualities—qualities          and thoughts of: Appaloosa--Breed--integrity--
strong enough to build a unique equine breed and one      Promoting the Appaloosa.
of the foremost breed associations in the country.           I think the beauty and strongest argument for the
    We feel implementation of the revisions proposed      proposal is: "It hurts no member or horse" No one is
by the Foundation Appaloosa Breeders group will           required to change their practices at all. If anyone
show that the ApHC places value and pride in its          wishes to participate, they may. The existing FPD
heritage. These revisions to the FPD designation and      designaion and show class has hurt no one and
FPD show classes will provide a means to recognize        neither would this change.”
the true Foundation-bred horses, and showcase them           Milton & Mary Decker ,ApHC no: 783277
as they compete in FPD and other ApHC club                   Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas
events. In our opinion, passing the proposals would          Alvadore, Oregon
serve to strengthen the club by embracing its strong
Foundation movement with programs that support               “The Foundation horses in general, and one in
this important segment, yet still fit within, and         particular, drew me to the breed. To me, the Appal-
complement the existing programs and opportunities        oosa isn’t about size, or maybe not even color, it’s
available to ApHC members. These proposals are            about the history of a people, preserved in a beautiful
forward-thinking and expand opportunities for the         animal. I am happy that the Appaloosa Horse Club
club and its membership. Their passage would              isn’t going to let such history fade away.”
certainly mark the ApHC as a leader and innovator            Kaite Nighthorse
within the equine industry.                                  Celtic Oaks Appaloosas
    The Foundation Appaloosa Breeders Group                  Newberry, FL
proposals have our full support and if implemented
they will allow us to focus more of our resources on        “I am so pleased the ApHC is recognizing the
the ApHC and its programs. As owners and breeders         importance of preserving the original Appaloosa. I
of Appaloosas, we would like to thank the ApHC and        am honored to be a part of the Foundation Appaloosa
it’s Board of Directors for their serious consideration   Breeder’s movement. We have continued to produce
of revisions to the FPD program.”                         appaloosas at the O’Bryant Ranch for over 25 years
    Kyle and Sue Magnuson                                 and we will continued to only breed Appaloosa to
    2KS- NorthStar Appaloosas                             Appaloosa. Thank you for the opportunity to be a
    Garvin, MN                                            part of the proposal.”
                                                            Charles O’Bryant, III
   “Kudos to the Appaloosa Horse Club for its efforts       O’Bryant Ranch Appaloosas
to recognize and promote the “old-line” horses. Doing       Reidsville, NC
so will no doubt bring many Appaloosa breeders back
into the fold, and can only serve to benefit both the       “We are thrilled that the ApHC is recognizing the
ApHC and the breed as a whole. I thank the ApHC           Foundation Appaloosa that started the breed registry
Board of Directors, in advance, for considering this      and has continued all these years.”
proposal, reached by consensus by the breeders of           Mary Farmer
these fine horses.”                                         Happy Appy Acres
   Gala Argent                                              Lutts, TN
   Silvermoon Appaloosas
   Foresthill, CA                                            “I am incredibly proud to own truly Foundation-
                                                          bred Appaloosas, and am equally proud of the ApHC

for giving them the recognition that is deservedly      fully support the appropriately revised FPD program
theirs.”                                                through participation in registration, showing, and
   Cheryl Woods                                         advertising. I would welcome any opportunity the
   CT Ranch                                             ApHC could provide to allow me to channel time,
   Osmond, NE                                           money, and promotional efforts, which have neces-
                                                        sarily been apportioned out in various other
   “Sugarland Appaloosas is a proud owner and           directions, into a strong Foundation program avail-
breeder of Foundation Appaloosas. In the year 2002      able within the ApHC.
our herd will number 16 fantastic Foundation Appal-         THANK YOU all for your time and consider-
oosas. Sugarland would like to take this opportunity    ation.”
to thank the ApHC for their support and any addi-           Laura Lyon
tional support in the future which might be delegated      Eastowest Appaloosas
to the wonderful Foundation Appaloosa.”                    Howell, MI
   Tommy and Pam Merritt
   Sugarland Appaloosas                                     “To see and be amongst some of the finest of the
   Dothan, AL                                           originating bloodlines of what is truly “America’s
                                                        Own Horse” helps keep me connected to my Ameri-
   “I am excited and gratified to know that the         can roots, although I now live more than 10,000
ApHC is taking an active role in preserving and         miles from my homeland. Daily I am reminded of
promoting the Foundation type and breeding most of      how great is the nation I came from, and I am proud
us fell in love with so many years ago. The Founda-     to be able to provide to my new country some of the
tion-bred Appaloosa horse of today carries not just     best parts of our American history. The Appaloosa
the blood of the past, but the heart and history of a   has become synonymous here with the American
breed, a people, and a nation into the future.”         West, cowboys and rodeos, however the Appaloosa
   Lorri Robinson                                       itself is recognized to be “more than a cowhorse.”
   Scratchbottom Shires and Spots                       New Zealand’s Appaloosas have competed interna-
   Monticello, GA.                                      tionally, in the highest of competitions, in all disci-
                                                        plines, however, this could not have come about
  “Preserving the integrity of the Appaloosa breed      without the bloodlines from America. The Appaloosa
should be the goal of every breeder. We are so          is expected to be the “family” horse, accommodating
thankful that people who believe the Appaloosa’s        each member’s preference for discipline, and succeeds
past is important for the Appaloosa’s future have       overwhelmingly.”
banded together and are working together on this             Diane from New Zealand
most important of breed issues.”                            Eagle Lodge Appaloosas
  Tracy and Perry Meisenbach                      
  Trinity Appaloosa Farm
  Brookneal, VA                                            “My high FPD stallion ‘Jo Jo’s Black Cloud’ (2001
                                                        ACAAP Master) is the best competition appaloosa
   “We are excited by the Foundation Appaloosa’s        that I own. . . . I would LOVE to show him in more
growth within the ApHC and look forward to seeing       ApHC shows and would if there were more classes
classes, awards and points developed just for these     suitable for him. . . ”
special horses.”
   Marc and Dodie Sable                                   Laura Clifford
   New Promise Farms
   Lenhartsville, PA

   “As an active ApHC member and breeder, adver-
tiser, and showman of Foundation Appaloosas, I will

                                           APPENDIX A

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Jaymie Murphy                                   Bonnie-Jean Newitt
220 Elm St. “A”                                 2246 Brook Ave.
Bremerton WA, 98310                             Merrick, NY 11566
Email:                      516-546-9096

Rocky Gorge Appaloosas                           White Wolf Appaloosas
Diane Kaine                                      Ingrid Lowe
12503 Winexburg Manor Drive #102                 11017 S. County Line Rd.
Silver Spring MD 20906                           Oklahoma City, OK 73173
Email:                         405-745-3108
Tarrawonga Appaloosas and Arabians               Website:
Mike and Nora Hatton                             index.html
38551 Hwy O
Falcon, Mo 65470                                 Eagle Lodge Appaloosas
Email:                      Diane Edyvean
Website:      North Avon, Christ Church, New Zealand
mhhatton.html                                    Email:

Splashy Apps                                     RB&R Appaloosas
Pat & Dale Muyskens                              Ronald Seamons
758 V Drive South                                7320 North 2800 West
Athens, MI 49011                                 Honeyville, Utah 84314
616-729-5119                                     1-435-279-8705
Email:                       Email:
O’Bryant Ranch Appaloosas
Charles O’Bryant III
7200 Ariel Farm Court
Greensboro, NC 27455


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