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          GOVERNMENT RETURN 2003

IEG3 Final Guidance               1
1. Priority Services
In no more than 1,000 words, please give a summary of how e-government will improve services and outcomes for
citizens in your authority in terms of the seven shared priorities for local government 1 and any additional local
priorities, i.e.

Raising standards across our schools
Breckland Council is not an LEA but recognises that it has a part to play in raising the educational standards of its
children. On Education, as well as in other areas, it works in close partnership with Norfolk County Council and other
organisations such as the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) for Norfolk.

Together with the LSC, Breckland has purchased a Learning Delivery Vehicle equipped with laptops and broadband
Internet connection. It visits rural communities, including schools, to provide people with an ICT “taster”. The Council
has also set up learning centres in most of its towns providing ICT training and facilities to access learning through the
Internet (Learn Direct). The centres are for all members of the community including people of school age.

Improving the quality of life of children, young people, families at risk and older people
In 2000, the Council’s Citizens’ panel told it, that the preferred means of access to council services was through the
telephone and face-to-face contact. It will check these findings through a further panel in early 2004.

The Council therefore plans to upgrade its telephone facilities into a multi-service contact centre supported by CRM
software. This is a priority although it recognises the resourcing difficulties and plans a phased approach.

For those who wish or need to visit council offices in person, the Council has established offices in the centre of
Dereham and Thetford, and “presence” offices in it’s other towns (Attleborough, Swaffham and Watton). Their
capability to deal with queries, and provide services will be enhanced using the CRM software to provide staff with
better access to information.

As a growing number of residents and visitors to Breckland use the Internet, a website has been established and the
recently approved 5-year ICT strategy includes plans to develop it into a fully transactional site. Some transactions,
such as online council tax payments are available now.

As ICT literacy becomes ever more important in today’s world, the Council is helping to improve skills in the
community through its learning centres (see above).

Promoting healthier communities by targeting key local services, such as health and housing
We plan to extend the use of mobile technologies, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), to enable
Environmental Health, Waste Management and similar staff to collect data electronically at source and download it
directly to the Council’s back office system. This will save time spent entering the data and allow staff to spend more
of their time on frontline duties such as inspections.

Creating safer and stronger communities
The Council is part of a Crime Reduction partnership whose members include the Police and County Council. It has
installed CCTV cameras in all the main towns linked to a monitoring centre in Thetford and has helped to fund tracker
devices and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment. The latter may eventually be integrated with
the CCTV system.

The Council supports a district wide homewatch scheme and works with a security firm to circulate security and crime
awareness information electronically to businesses and communities making people aware of general and specific
threats to security and safety.

The Council has helped to fund a GIS system, which the Police use to identify accident black spots and target areas for
crime reduction. An audit of crime is carried out every three years.

Transforming our local environment
An important project identified in the ICT strategy is to improve the Council’s planning services by enabling citizens
to submit planning and building control applications online as well as to view plans, and lodge objections,


IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                       2
We also plan to move to level 3 compliance with the National Land Information Service (NLIS) to provide a fully
automated land search service.

Although some departments have used GIS to collect and analyse geographic data, the Council recognises the need to
adopt a more corporate approach enabling the information to be shared across the whole council and with other
organisations. Developing GIS is again identified as a priority in the ICT strategy.

The Council is trying to strengthen its communities by creating not-for-profit partnerships comprising representatives
of local companies, voluntary organisations, etc. as well as Breckland councillors and officers. The partnerships’ role
is to help identify local issues and be representative of communities’ wishes and priorities in enabling initiatives that
will improve the quality of life for those living in, working in or visiting the area. They have their own priorities.
Breckland takes account of these local priorities alongside its own MORI and Citizens Panel research to help
determine its priorities but they do not comment on our policies and service provision. The Council is currently
equipping councillors with ICT equipment to enable them to fulfil their ward representative roles.

Meeting transport needs more effectively
The Council has an enabling role via partnerships in relation to local transport. We plan to appoint a Community
Development Officer, with transport expertise, soon.

The Council issues concessionary bus passes and intends to provide an online service as part of its e-government
programme. It also operates community car schemes using voluntary drivers and will publicise the schemes through its
web site.

Promoting the economic vitality of localities
The Council works with a range of agencies (e.g. Business Link) supporting local businesses to help them to obtain
start up and other funding. It part funds the Business Byte and other schemes, providing SME’s with ICT health
checks, training and equipment.
Development of the web site is seen as a way of improving the service by making information more readily available
to companies. It provides “SUPER”, an information database for start up companies.
Tourism is an important industry for Breckland and the Council operates its own Tourist Information Centre in
Swaffham and supports TICs in the other main towns. It provides tourist information through its own website and
through links to other sites covering accommodation, places to visits, walks, etc.
We propose developing a Destination Management System (in partnership with the County). This is an electronic
database enabling visitors to plan their itineraries.

950 words

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                         3
2. Self-Assessment of Local e-Organisation

IEG3 Final Guidance                          4
Traffic Light Status: availability against 31    Status at   Status at   Anticipated   Anticipated   Anticipated
                                                 31/03/02    31/03/03    Status at     Status at     Status at
December 2005 target date for local e-                                                                                                    Comments
                                                                         31/03/04      31/03/05      31/12/05

Note: The Best Value Performance Indicator
(BVPI) 157 provides a measure of the
number of types of interactions (or contact)
between the citizen and the council that are
enabled for electronic delivery as a
percentage of those that are available.

   Progress towards 2005 target for the           Red         Red        Amber         Amber          Green       The Council has identified its public interactions for the
    100% e-enablement of local services                                                                            BVPI 157 process and identified those that are currently
                                                                                                                   e-enabled. The recently produced ICT strategy sets out
                                                                                                                   the plans to achieve the targets by the end of 2005.
Access Channels

Note: Access channels are the various
routes through which people might contact,
or be contacted by; local service providers to
undertake electronically enabled interactions.

   Publication of approved strategy for         Black       Red         Green         Green         Green         Citizen‟s Panel identified telephone (74%) and face-to-
    development of access channels                                                                                 face contact (46%) as the preferred methods of
                                                                                                                   contacting Council. A business survey found more (28%)
                                                                                                                   wanting to use e-mail and website. As a result projects
                                                                                                                   have been established to introduce contact centre, e-
                                                                                                                   enable staff in local offices and develop website.

   Local service websites (tailored to          Red         Amber       Amber         Green         Green         The site was rated C in Socitm‟s 2003 survey but the
    achievement of transactional status for                                                                        Council aim to make it fully transactional, accessible to
    corporate “” website)                                                                                   at least A of WAI standards and capable of sharing
                                                                                                                   information while adhering to e-GIF standards so that
                                                                                                                   systems such as Ocella can be integrated with the
                                                                                                                   website to provide citizens with information 24 hours a
                                                                                                                   day, 7 days a week.

   Specialist portals for local authority       Red         Red         Amber         Green         Green         The Norfolk Connect Partnership, which includes
    services in two-tier areas                                                                                     Breckland Council, Norfolk County Council, Norwich City
                                                                                                                   Council and the five other Norfolk district councils, is

2, as defined in SOCITM (2003) Better Connected 2003: a snapshot of all local authority websites, Society of Information Technology Management,
Northampton, p23.
IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                    5
                                                                                           developing a Norfolk portal. This is due to go live on 10
                                                                                           November 2003.
   Contact centres (e-enabled & dealing           Black   Red     Amber   Green   Green   Priority set to introduce multi-service contact centre
    with at least 80% of incoming telephone                                                supported by CRM software.
    calls to the local authority)

   Establishment of fully e-enabled one           Black   Red     Red     Green   Green   CRM software will be used to e-enable staff in general
    stop shops for face-to-face customer                                                   and presence offices in the Council‟s main towns.

   Use of mobile technology for home visits       Red     Red     Green   Green   Green   Environmental Health and Waste Management officers
    / supported access services                                                            have plans to use PDA‟s to collect information
                                                                                           electronically in the field. The ARP with Forest Heath DC
                                                                                           have developed the use of mobile technology, such as
                                                                                           PDA‟s, for data capturing during home visits (Streetwise
   Establishment of Interactive Digital TV        Black   Black   Red     Red     Red     No cable in district but are watching progress of National
    service                                                                                and Pathfinder projects with interest.

   E-democracy – participation in the             Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   Norfolk Connect partnership is working on an e-
    electoral modernisation pilots for                                                     democracy project that will cover electronic voting, etc.
    electronic voting or electronic counting

   E-mail & Internet access provided for all      Red     Amber   Green   Green   Green   In process of equipping all members with laptops and
    Members                                                                                free ISP service.

   Engagement with intermediaries re
    delivery of e-government services (e.g.        Black   Red     Amber   Amber   Green   Anglia Revenues Partnership (Breckland Council and
    Citizens Advice Bureaux)                                                               Forest Heath DC) are introducing facilities in February
                                                                                           2004 to allow information sharing and provide access to
                                                                                           services to customers via the web (Electronic Services
                                                                                           Delivery) project.
                                                                                           Electronic links in place with Peddars Way Housing
Trust & connections

Note: For the public sector to share
information easily and securely, it is essential
to operate within a framework of technical
and legislative standards.

   Use of Government Gateway (e.g. for            Black   Black   Red     Amber   Green   The Council will follow progress on the Government
    secure authenticated transactions) (see                                                Gateway and may use this on National projects such as                                                Secure E-mails and others requiring authenticated

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                         6
    erlink)                                                                             transactions. This is currently being considered by the
                                                                                        Norfolk Connect Partnership.
   Compliance with Government
                                                Red     Amber   Amber   Amber   Green   The requirements of the Council‟s ICT strategy is that all
    Interoperability Framework (e-GIF),
                                                                                        systems are e-GIF compliant to allow for interoperability
    including the Government Metadata
                                                                                        and exchange of data between systems.
    Standard (e-GMS) (see &
                                                Black   Black   Amber   Amber   Green   It is intended that, when the website is fully
   Adoption of Guidelines for UK
                                                                                        transactional, it will be designed in line with guidelines
    Government Websites (see www.e-
                                                                                        for UK Government websites and provide at least level A
                                                                                        of W3C Web Accessibility initiative. The NCP is currently
                                                                                        looking at adopting standards relating to metadata and
                                                                                        the E-CGL, APPLAWS and LAWS (Local Authority
   Conformance with level AA of W3C Web        Black   Black   Amber   Amber   Green   See above.
    Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards
    on website accessibility (see

   Compliance with Freedom of Information      Black   Red     Red     Green   Green   The Data Protection Officer is taking on responsibility for
    Act 2000, including responding to                                                   FoI and working with the ICT Project Officer with a view
    requests for information from individuals                                           to achieving full compliance with Act in 2004. They are
    within a reasonable time period (see                                                looking at use of document management software, &                                           Axlr8, to help with this.

   Establishment of corporate information      Black   Red     Green   Green   Green   Disaster Recovery and ICT Security policies are in
    management policy (e.g. covering                                                    place. Policy on ethics governing management of
    management of information assets,                                                   information is under development.
    evidence for accountability, security,
    assurance, disaster & contingency

   Establishment of Public Services Trust      Black   Black   Red     Amber   Green   The Norfolk Connect Partnership is developing data
    Charter re the use of personal                                                      sharing protocols.
    information collected to deliver improved
    services, including data sharing protocol
    framework (see
    g/datashare.htm &

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                   7

   Establishment of partnerships for the       Black   Red     Amber   Amber   Green   It is recognised that broadband is the only vehicle with
    joint (aggregated) procurement of                                                   which Breckland can satisfactorily deliver e-government.
    broadband services                                                                  This requires telecoms to invest in new technologies and
                                                                                        fibre optic networks. In an effort to address this, the East
                                                                                        of England Development Agency (EEDA) has received
                                                                                        £6M to stimulate demand through a series of awareness
                                                                                        campaigns and a Community Connectivity competition.
                                                                                        The Council is helping its councillors to become
                                                                                        broadband sponsors for their communities. This will help
                                                                                        increase awareness of the technology thereby
                                                                                        aggregating demand for the technology.
   Compliance with BS 7799 on information      Black   Red     Amber   Green           An ICT Security Policy is in place. The ICT Project
    security management                                                                 Officer is working with HR and the BSI towards
                                                                                        achieving full BS7799 accreditation for the Council.


Note: Enablers refers to the computer
systems, or „middle-ware‟, used to support
access channel policy and provide the link to
core business and information systems. You
should only “green” traffic light the items
below where enterprise-wide systems or
policies have been implemented.

   Use of smart cards to support service       Black   Black   Black   Red     Amber   Seen as expensive and not a current priority but Council
    development & delivery                                                              is following the progress of the national project.

   Corporate use of Customer Relationship      Black   Black   Amber   Green   Green   This is a top priority although the Council recognises its
    Management (CRM) software                                                           resource limitations and will adopt a phased approach to
                                                                                        introduction of CRM software for its contact centre.

   Corporate use of Geographic Information     Black   Red     Amber   Green   Green   Three GIS products are currently used by individual
    Systems (GIS) (e.g. for map-based data                                              services, particularly Planning. A working group has
    presentation)                                                                       made the case for collecting all GIS data together,
                                                                                        standardising on a single product and developing a
                                                                                        corporate approach for handling spatial data which
                                                                                        covers almost all of the Council‟s services.

   Corporate ICT support and documented        Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   Council is considering home working (Teleworking) for

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                    8
    policy for home working (teleworking) by                                           some staff and is upgrading the network infrastructure to
    staff                                                                              enable home workers (and staff in Presence offices) to
                                                                                       access Council systems. We are currently studying the
                                                                                       draft DTI guidance on this subject.

   Use of telemetric systems for remote       Black   Black   Black   Red     Red     Breckland Council does not own a housing stock –
    monitoring & signalling, e.g. helping                                              hence we do not use telemetric systems.
    older people remain in their homes

   Establishment of corporate Intranet        Black   Red     Amber   Green   Green   Council regards the establishment of an Intranet, along
                                                                                       with its website redevelopment, as key to making
                                                                                       information available widely to officers and members,
                                                                                       including those working from home or remote sites.

   Corporate use of Document Image            Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   The Anglia Revenues partnership has trialled and
    Processing & Workflow systems                                                      rejected a system and is now looking for a new one. In
                                                                                       time (as reflected in the ICT strategy) it is planned to
                                                                                       introduce document imaging and workflow technology
                                                                                       throughout Breckland Council to reduce reliance on
                                                                                       paper systems and enable correspondence and
                                                                                       documentation to be channelled electronically to the
                                                                                       correct departments and people.

   Application of Knowledge Management        Black   Black   Red     Amber   Amber   The Council has developed a Corporate Improvement
    (KM) systems & techniques for service                                              Plan that identifies KM as an important concept. They
    improvement                                                                        will resource work through the graduate support scheme
                                                                                       and will monitor work on the proposed national project.

   Establishment of corporate policy on       Black   Red     Red     Green   Green   A policy is being developed by the ICT Project Officer in
    electronic records management                                                      collaboration with the DP/FoI Officer.

Core Systems

Note: Successful e-government comes from
integrating corporate office support and
processes with e-enabled services. Core
systems refer to the core business
processes of the e-enabled organisation.

   Use of systems to enable e-procurement     Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   The Council has appointed an officer to develop a policy
                                                                                       on procurement, including e-procurement. National and
                                                                                       local options are being explored for sourcing commodity
                                                                                       items using intranet links.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                9
   Upgrade of financial information systems   Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   The Council implemented the Integra system in 1999.
    to support e-government                                                            Most payments are made via BACS.

   Upgrade of office systems to support e-    Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   Back office systems are being re-engineered to enable
    government, e.g. web-enabling legacy                                               front office applications, such as planning applications,
    systems                                                                            to be accessible online.

   Upgrade of Human Resources & payroll       Black   Red     Red     Amber   Green   The Selven (Team Spirit) system for Payroll was
    systems to support e-government                                                    upgraded in 2003 and is e-GIF compliant. At present
                                                                                       plans are currently being drawn up to integrate with HR,
                                                                                       for which records are held on an older Percomm system.

   Upgrade of asset management systems        Amber   Amber   Green   Green   Green   An in house Access application was written 18 months
    to support e-government                                                            ago. This is adequate for the Council‟s needs at present.

   Link to National Land & Property           Black   Red     Amber   Green   Green   The Council is committed to the NLPG, recognising its
    Gazetteer (NLPG)                                                                   importance in joining up services and regards the
    (                                                           management of land and property data as central to its
                                                                                       corporate ICT and e-government strategies. A Local
                                                                                       Land and Property Gazetteer is being developed and the
                                                                                       Council will maintain common links and identifiers so
                                                                                       that all land and property within the district is clearly
                                                                                       identified in all information systems where related data is

   Automated interface with National Land     Black   Red     Amber   Green   Green   The Council is compliant to level 2 of the NLIS but plans
    Information Service (NLIS) hub                                                     to move to level 3 shortly by automating its land search
    (                                                           process.

                                               Amber   Amber   Green   Green   Green   Internet payment capability was implemented in March
   Upgrade of income collection systems to                                            2003 for services such as Council tax & NNDR
    support e-government                                                               payments.


Note: This part of the e-organisation model
refers to the internal organisation and
management practices of the council that are
required to help deliver the people changes
necessary for e-government.

   Circulation of National Strategy           Black   Green   Green   Green   Green   Circulated.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                  10
    checklist to Chief Executive and all
    Councillors (see

   Establishment of formally constituted                                               Council has local partnerships with PCT, Police and
    partnership working to help deliver e-                                              Learning & Skills Council and has five not-for-profit
    government:                                                                         partnerships centred on its main towns.
    - Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)         Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   It works with other authorities through the Norfolk
                                                                                        Connect Partnership and Anglia Regional Partnerships.
    -    Partnership working with other local                                           Breckland entered into a partnership with Steria Ltd.
         authorities                            Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   from March 2003 to provide ICT services and help with
                                                                                        the development of e-government.
    -    Public Private Partnership (PPP)       Green   Green   Green   Green   Green

   Incorporation of e-government into          Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   E-government is recognised as a key tool for delivery of
    Community Strategy                                                                  the community strategy.

   Appointment of member & officer e-          Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   The Strategic Manager and a councillor have been
    champions                                                                           appointed as officer and member e-champions.

   Appointment of officer(s) to lead on        Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   The role of the DP officer has been extended to include
    corporate governance of information                                                 responsibility for FoI.
    assets and information legislation (e.g.
    Freedom of Information Act)

   Documentation/agreement of corporate        Red     Red     Amber   Green   Green   A risk management matrix, action plan and monitoring
    risk management strategy for roll-out of                                            system is under development and may be adopted.
    local e-government, including regular
    review of risk mitigation measures

   Use of customer consultation/research to                                            The Council regularly organises citizens‟ panels and
    inform development of corporate e-          Green   Green   Green   Green   Green   have used them to inform development of e-government
    government strategy                                                                 (see section 1 on case for contact centre).

   Establishment of policy for addressing                                              Development team is being set up to implement a
    social inclusion within corporate e-        Black   Black   Red     Amber   Green   community engagement strategy. Translation facilities
    government strategy                                                                 for non-English speakers are currently planned for the
                                                                                        website (there is a large Portuguese community in

   Establishment of internal targets &
                                                                                        The Council has recently introduced a comprehensive
    measures for e-services, including:
                                                Black   Amber   Green   Green   Green   performance management system, which includes
    - Customer take up
                                                Black   Amber   Green   Green   Green   performance clinics to deal with complaints and
    - Customer satisfaction

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                11
    -    Value for money / cost effectiveness   Red     Red     Green   Green   Green   customer feedback.

   Use of project management                                                           The ICT project officer is PRINCE trained and plans to
    methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2)                Red     Red     Red     Amber   Green   see that others acquire the skills so that the technique
                                                                                        can be adopted for all project-based development in the
                                                                                        Council as well as e-government projects.

   Establishment of e-skills training          Black   Black   Red     Amber   Green   The Council‟s HR strategy recognises the importance of
    programme for staff (e.g. European                                                  staff being ICT literate and plans to introduce a scheme
    Computer Driving Licence)                                                           for staff to obtain ECDL accreditation. This is in the
                                                                                        Council‟s training and development programme for staff.

   Use of networked technologies to            Black   Red     Green   Green   Green   Learn Direct is available through the Council‟s Learning
    support e-learning                                                                  Centres.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                12
3. BVPI 157
Councils are asked to complete the following table using the definition of Best Value Performance Indicator (BVPI) 157 for Electronic Service
Delivery (Corporate). You are recommended to validate your local list of interactions against the list of process area interactions for all
customer facing local authority services contained in the I&DeA‟s ESD toolkit (

                                                                                      Actual                 Forecast
         BVPI 157 Interaction Type                                           2001/2       2002/3   2003/4   2004/5    2005/6
         Providing information:                                                1550         1550    1550     1550       1550
                 Total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                  52%          52%     80%      90%        100%
         Collecting revenue:                                                   240          240     240      240         240
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                  23%          44%     60%      80%        100%
         Providing benefits & grants:                                          560          560     560      560         560
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                  70%          73%     80%      90%        100%
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled
                                                                               430          430      430      430        430
                                                                               55%          60%      75%      90%       100%

         Regulation (such as issuing licences):                                 120         120     120       120        120
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                                8%     20%       60%       100%
         Applications for services:                                            1320         1320    1320     1320       1320
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                  45%          45%     60%       80%       100%
         Booking venues, resources & courses:                                  650          650     650       650        650
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                  57%          57%     65%      100%       100%
         Paying for goods & services:                                          100          100     100       100        100
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled                                                   5%           5%     50%       75%       100%
         Providing access to community, professional or business networks:
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                                                                               240          240      240      240        240
                 % e-enabled                                                  23%          40%     70%       90%       100%
                 total types of interaction e-enabled
                 % e-enabled
                                                                                0%           0%     10%      60%        100%
                 TOTAL:TYPES OF INTERACTION E-ENABLED                         4540         4540    4540     4540       4540
                 % E-ENABLED
                                                                               48%          48%     60%      86%        100%

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                         13
    It is anticipated that authorities will base their annual BVPI 157 actuals/estimates on the position at the 31st March in each financial year,
    with the exception of 2005/6 when the position at 1st January 2006 is required.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                  14
4. Access Channel Take-Up

    In order to demonstrate public take-up of the main e-access channels that you are investing in up to 2005/6, you are asked to complete the
    table below detailing actual and forecast figures for numbers of e-enabled payment transactions, plus street light failure reports /
    abandoned vehicles. (County councils and all-purpose authorities should complete figures for street light failure reports, whilst district
    councils should complete figures for abandoned vehicle reports). It is important that e-access channel investment and rollout also
    facilitates accompanying improvements in the corporate management capability required to monitor and collect such statistics.

                                                                                             Actual (‘000s)          Forecast (‘000s)                          Comment
      E-enablement & Main E-Access Channel Take-Up                                          01/2      02/3    03/4       04/5      05/6
      Local Service Websites                                                                 370      416      500        600       720     Website currently undergoing major re-
         Page impressions (annual)                                                                                                         development with more services due to become
         Unique users, i.e. separate individuals visiting website (annual)                   38     42.3       51         61        73
                                                                                                                                            available online.
          Number of e-enabled payment transactions accepted via website                       0        0       1.8         3.3      4.7
         Number of street light failure reports (county) / abandoned vehicle reports
          (district) accepted via website                                                     0      0.009    0.018       0.09      0.2     Internet payment facilities introduced this year
                                                                                                                                            but not widely publicised – Council is
                                                                                                                                            concentrating on persuading people to pay by
                                                                                                                                            direct debit.
      Telephone                                                                                                                             A touchtone telephone system was introduced
      (i.e. telephone interactions where officers can access electronic information                                                         this year for payments.
      and/or update records on-line there and then, including interactions in contact
            Number of e-enabled payment transactions accepted by telephone                                                                 Approx 900 abandoned vehicles are reported
            Number of street light failure reports (county) / abandoned vehicle reports      0        0       4.8        7.0       9.3  each year at present. It is assumed that this
             (district) accepted via telephone                                              0.873    0.864    0.855      0.835     0.775 number will rise slightly in future years. Most
                                                                                                                                            are reported by telephone at present – it is
                                                                                                                                            expected that, as the website and e-mail become
                                                                                                                                            established, more will be reported through this
      Face To Face                                                                                                                          Council does not have e-enabled payment
      (i.e. front-line operations where officers can access electronic information and/or                                                   facilities for callers and does not plan to
      update records on-line there and then, including interactions at reception desks,
      One Stop Shops & home visits):                                                                                                        introduce them.
            Number of e-enabled payment transactions accepted via personal contact
            Number of street light failure reports (county) / abandoned vehicle reports      0        0        0          0         0
             (district) accepted via personal contact                                       0.027    0.027    0.027       0025     0.025
      Other Electronic Media                                                                                                                Payments by other e-media in 2003/04 are made
      (e.g. BACS, text messaging):                                                                                                          up of Direct Debit (74%) and payments through
           Number of e-enabled payment transactions accepted via BACS or other              331      338      399         404      411
            electronic form                                                                                                                 banks or post offices (26%). The Council aims
           Number of street light failure reports (county) / abandoned vehicle reports                                                     to increase use of DD and is introducing
            (district) accepted via other electronic media                                    0        0        0           0        0      Automatic Direct Debit Instructions (AUDDIS)
                                                                                                                                            software shortly.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                                                            15
      Non Electronic                                                                                                                     Non electronic payments dropped this year
      (e.g. cash office, post)                                                                                                           following closure of cash offices in April 2003.
           Number of payments accepted by cheque or other non-electronic form            138       131      63       54         45
                                                                                                                                         Most of the remainder is accounted for by
            Number of street light failure reports (county) / abandoned vehicle reports    0         0       0         0         0       cheques received in the post.
            (district) accepted via non-electronic form

         Note: Numbers of payment transactions cover Council Tax and NNDR and take account of number of instalments made pa, usually 10, 2 or 1.

5. Delivery of Key Technical Building Blocks & Priority Services

Councils are asked to indicate how key technical building blocks and priority services are to be developed and managed by indicating the
relative usefulness of outputs from ODPM Pathfinder Projects, National Projects and/or partnership working with other local authorities and/or
use of other means. A sliding scale from 1-5 (i.e. from 1=not useful, to 5=essential) should be used. More information about Pathfinder work
and National Projects can be found at

National Project Technical Building                  Use of               Use of          Partnership     Other Means     Comment (please comment briefly on your plans for
Blocks & Priority Service Areas                      outputs from         outputs from    working with    (please score   developing each named technical building block or priority
                                                     ODPM                 ODPM            other local     between 1-5)    service area)
                                                     Pathfinder           National        authorities
                                                     Project              Project         (please score
                                                     (please score        (please score   between 1-5)
                                                     between 1-5)         between 1-5)
Websites                                                                                                                  Council website is being extensively redeveloped to
                                                             5                    5             5                         transactional site. Norfolk portal under development through the
                                                                                                                          Norfolk Connect Partnership.
Smart cards                                                                                                               Seen as expensive and not a current priority but Council is
                                                             3                    3             1
                                                                                                                          following progress of national projects.
Interactive Digital TV                                       1                    3             1                         As for smart cards.
Mobile Technology (i.e. for home/site                                                                                     High priority Streetwise project to develop use of PDAs to
                                                                                  4             2
visits)                                                                                                                   collect and download data in the field.
Telemetry (i.e. remote, real time &
Customer Relationship Management                                                                                          Major project in progress using a phased approach.
                                                             5                    5             4
Knowledge Management                                         4                    4             1                         Forms a building block in the Corporate Improvement Plan.
Workflow                                                                                                                  Anglia Revenues partnership introducing document
                                                             4                    4             4
                                                                                                                          management system in Revenues & Benefits.
e-Procurement                                                3                    3             1                         Policy under development.
Schools admissions                                                                                                        Not applicable
Local Planning Services                                      5                    5             1                         Plan to provide online service for submitting and viewing

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                                                          16
                                                                     applications. Moving to NLIS level 3.
Electronic exchange of property                                      The Council has been involved in the Electronic Exchange of
information with Valuation Office Agency                             the “schedule of alterations to the rating list” document with the
(VOA) for Council Tax & Business Rates                               District arm of the VOA in Norwich. Our Officers, who deal
                                                                     with Business rates, find this document to be inconsistent, as it
                                                    4     2
                                                                     does not reflect a true representation of the property information
                                                                     requested. However, we are looking into the adoption of the
                                                                     outputs from the ODPM pathfinder project. The same applies to
                                                                     the Council Tax information.
Working with business                               4     1          Several schemes (see section 1) supporting business use of ICT.
Crime reduction / youth offending                                    The Council is part of a local crime reduction partnership which
                                                                     develops contacts with young people providing advice on drug
                                                    4     1
                                                                     misuse, etc. It uses technology, such as CCTV to help reduce
                                                                     crime (see section 1).
Claiming benefits                                                    Anglia partnership, in conjunction with software supplier
                                                    4            5   Academy, are developing an online claims system including
                                                                     authentication. This is due to go live in November 2003.
Local e-Government Standards &                                       Breckland will consider the outputs of this national project and
                                           5(NCP)   4   5(NCP)
Accreditation                                                        measure against its internal e-government strategy.
Fire Services                                                        Not applicable
Trading standards                                                    Not applicable
Multi Agency Information Sharing                                     The Norfolk Connect Partnership is developing data sharing
                                             4      4     4
e-Democracy                                         2     1          Online registration of electors is being introduced.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                       17
6. Resources
Councils are asked to provide a summary of current and forecast expenditure on implementing electronic government up to 2005/6. This should include the standard elements in the table
below and brief commentary on the use of IEG money. (Please note that implementing e-government expenditure refers to investment designed to e-enable local services and to transform
their accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness in line with the 2005 target. Cyclical spend related to the maintenance of the existing ICT infrastructure should not be included):
                                                                           Actual (£‘000s)        Forecast (£’000s)                                   Comment
 Resources                                                                 01/2       02/3    03/4      04/5       05/6
                                                                                                                                  Internal resources reduced to reflect this funding
    £200,000 IEG money in 2002/3 and 2003/4                                            200      200
                                                                                                                                  This is made up of the Cultural Economic
    financial contributions from EU funding                                                      16         109         111      Regeneration (CER) package and Cultural package
    financial contributions from other sources of Government funding,                                                            CER and Cultural packages
     such as the Invest to Save Budget (ISB)
                                                                                                  55          58             59

    financial contribution from public-private partnerships                                      11          75             77

    financial contribution to or from partnership projects undertaken                                                            Includes £200k in 2003/4 for Anglia Revenues
     with other organisations, including ongoing project work using
     ODPM Local e-Government Partnership Programme funding and                                   850            0             0   partnership. The remainder is made up of the NCP
     work with other government departments or agencies that have an                                                              contribution.
     element of service e-enabling

                                                                                                                                  Includes projects identified in the ICT Strategy and
    resources being applied from internal revenue and capital budgets                                                            approved capital programme including additional
     to improve the quality of services through e-enablement
                                                                                0        64    1,158         329         306
                                                                                                                                  funding from the Anglia Revenues Partnership.
    other resources (e.g. training) (please specify)

                                                               Sub total        0       264    2,290         571         553
                                                                                                                                  Some savings are expected by 2005/06 but not yet
    less current and projected savings produced from e-government                                                                quantified.

                                                                 TOTAL          0       264    2,290         571         553

Anglia Revenues Partnership is made of Breckland and Forest Heath Councils’ Revenues and Benefits services.
Norfolk Connect Partnership is made up of the eight Norfolk councils (Norfolk CC, Norwich City Council and six districts).

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                                                                                                                      18
Please make sure that your IEG3 return reaches us by midnight on Monday 10
November 2003.
We would prefer to receive responses by email at: You
may also use the online form facilities at the I&DeA‟s ESD Toolkit -
General enquiries regarding the submission of IEG3 returns should be addressed to:

Angela Isichei
Local e-Government Team
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Zone 3/G5
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU
Tel: 020 7944 4258
Fax: 020 7944 3799

Details of the National Strategy for local e-government can be found at
Details of national infrastructure projects can be found at &

Your regional IEG3 contacts at the ODPM are:
Yorkshire & Humberside – Anne Wood –
East – Julian Bowrey –
East Midlands – Caroline Stanger –
South West, Fire Authorities – Peter Blair –
London, South East, North East, National Parks - Janice Morphet –
North West, West Midlands - Chris Haynes –

The ODPM may wish to publish information in connection with IEG3 proformas in due
course or deposit them in its own library or that of the Houses of Parliament. Information
may also be published as part of a national database to allow other local authorities to
use IEG3 data for benchmarking purposes. Should you wish any element of your
proforma to be treated in confidence please clearly indicate this in your response.
Nevertheless, all responses will be included in statistical summaries.

IEG3 Final Guidance                                                                17