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					October 7th, 2011                                                                         

Appropriations                                             (Contact Lon Anderson at 1-5184.)
                                                                                                    Inside this issue:

                                                                                                    Appropriations       1
Revenue Figures: FY 2011 Above REC, FY 2012
Below                                                                                               Agriculture          2
On Monday, October 3, the Legislative           (compared to an estimate of 3.7 percent),
Services Agency (LSA) released the final        corporate income tax is up 6.9 percent
revenue figures for FY 2011 and the first       (compared to 9.5 percent) and other re-             Commerce             3
quarter figures for FY 2012. While FY           ceipts were up 8.2 percent (compared to
2011 came in above the estimate set by          10.5 percent).
the Revenue Estimating Conference                                                                   Economic Growth      4
(REC), FY 2012 is below the current REC         The REC will meet again on October 14
estimate.                                       to adjust the estimates for FY 2012. Due
                                                to FY 2011 coming in $42.7 million above            Education            5
For FY 2011 (which ended June 30,               the estimate, there will be a cushion to
2011), revenue increased by $320 million        absorb some of the expected decrease.
(5.8 percent) compared to FY 2010. Ad-                                                 In           Environmental        8
justing for transfers, this is $42.7 million                                           ad-          Protection
above the REC estimate. That amount              ” ...dramatically below
                                                                                                    Human Resources      9
will roll over into the beginning balance of
the FY 2012 general fund budget.
                                                  the REC estimate...”
Through the first quarter of FY 2012, rev-
                                                                                                    Judiciary            10
enue was down $43.5 million (3.0 per-
cent) compared to FY 2011. However,             dition, the FY 2012 budget has a nearly             Labor                11
this is all due to $59.7 million of cigarette   $300 million ending balance thanks to
and tobacco tax being deposited into the        House Republicans for refusing to allow it
Health Care Trust Fund. Factoring in this       to be spent on ongoing appropriations.              Natural Resources    11
transfer, revenue grew by $16.2 million
(1.1 percent) compared to FY 2012. Un-          These facts are not reason for panic but
fortunately, this is dramatically below the     definitely a reason to be concerned.                Public Safety        12
REC estimate of 5.3 percent growth.             House Republicans will continue to use
                                                and argue for conservative revenue esti-            State Goverment      12
Despite revenue being below the current         mates in the future and urge the REC to
REC estimate, most major facets of gen-         decrease the estimate slightly in order to
eral fund revenue is up compared to FY          better align it with actual revenue growth.         Transportation       12
2011. Personal income tax receipts were
up 4.4 percent (right at the REC esti-
mate), sales and use tax is up 2.2 percent                                                          Veterans Affairs     13

Fiscal Committee to Meet in Iowa City on October                                                    Ways and Means       13
 The second meeting of the Legislative           Senator Bolkcom
 Fiscal Committee for the 2011 interim will
 be held in Iowa City at the University of       Representative Sands
 Iowa on Tuesday, October 18.
                                                 Senator Danielson
 The membership of the committee
 consists of:                                    Representative Cownie

 Senator Dvorsky (co-chair)                      Senator Kettering

 Representative Raecker (co-chair) *                                        (Continued on page 2)
House Republican Newsletter                                                                                                        Page 2
                                                                  funding, specifically the      from the October 14th REC meeting, an
                                               budgets of the three Regent universities.         updated general fund balance sheet and a
(Continued from page 1)                                                                          follow-up from Homeland Security on the
                                                 The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. with a      Missouri River flooding.
Representative T. Olson                          reception with Regents and university presi-
                                                 dents. That will be followed by a thorough      House Republicans are committed to a line-
Senator Zaun                                     review of each university’s budget as well      by-line review of the budget to find efficien-
                                                 as a discussion of global Regent issues and     cies and that includes the university budg-
Representative Jacoby                            disaster-related Regent issues. In the after-   ets. If the goal is to keep tuition low, the
                                                 noon the committee will take a tour of the      Regents need to embrace reducing over-
* Indicates statutory membership
                                                 dental building and the pharmacy building,      head and getting more out of the state fund-
While the first meeting in September tackled which is the next building project the Univer-      ing they are provided.
a variety of fiscal issues, this meeting will be sity will request funding for.
primarily geared to reviewing education
                                                 The committee will also receive a report

Agriculture                                                                                                         (Contact Lew Olson at 1-3096.)

USDA/ISU Announce Assistance to Help Raise
New Crop of Farmers and Ranchers
On Friday, September 30, 2011, the United      ness management and marketing specialist. of Agriculture identified 306,209 women as
State Department of Agriculture (USDA)         That press release noted that Hambleton     primary farm operators; their average age
Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Mer-     recognized that the unique learning prefer- was 59.
rigan announced that the U.S. Department
of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded 36             “focus on five areas of risk                    To maintain the integrity of Annie’s Project,
grants nationwide. The grants total $18                                                          the newly funded course curriculum will
million to organizations that will provide            management …”                              build on the successful educational method-
training and assistance to beginning farm-                                                       ologies of the standard course and the
ers and ranchers to help them run success-                                                       strengths of partners and collaborators. A
ful and sustainable farms. One of those        ences of women often are not served               team from Iowa State University Extension
grants goes to the Iowa State University       through traditional farm management edu-          and Outreach including agriculture econom-
Extension and Outreach Annie’s Project         cation programs. Annie’s Project, created         ics, value-added agriculture and the begin-
proposal-- Farm Transition and Business        in tribute to Hambleton’s mother, Annette         ning farmer specialists will partner with ex-
Management Training for Women Farmers          “Annie” Fleck, sets up multi-session cours-       perienced extension professionals and
and Ranchers, which was awarded                es in farm communities. The sessions fo-          Farm Credit Association staff in 10 states to
$675,750 for curriculum development and        cus on five areas of risk management from         develop the new course and deliver pilot
delivery of courses. Additionally, the Farm    production and marketing to finances, legal       programs. The transition planning courses
Credit Council, , and 11     issues and human resources. Annie’s Pro-          will help women farmers and ranchers con-
Farm Credit Associations also are providing    ject has successfully reached more than           sider generational succession, retirement
$188,865 in support of Annie’s Project.        8,000 women farmers and ranchers in 26            and estate and business planning.
Iowa State University Extension and Out-                                                      The course planning team discusses the
reach department issued a follow-up press      There is a significant need for education      recently funded project during the Annie's
release on Monday October 3, 2011 which        designed specifically for women farmers        Project video at http://
elaborated on Annie’s Project; which is an     and ranchers to help them manage busi- .
agricultural risk management education         ness risks, enhance the financial viability of
program for women, that was started by         their family farms and ranches, and
Ruth Hambleton in 2003 when she was a          strengthen the potential for beginning farm-
University of Illinois Extension farm busi-    ers and ranchers. The 2007 USDA Census

12 Iowa Entities to Receive Specialty Crop Grants
.On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, the Iowa         Agricultural Marketing Service to support       identify priorities for the program and estab-
 Department of Agriculture and Land Stew-                      the program.                      lished a Review Committee to help review,
ardship (IDALS) issued a press release that                                                      evaluate, and make recommendations on
  Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey   Iowa agricultural non-profit organizations,       which grant proposals submitted to the De-
had announced that IDALS will be awarding      cooperatives, specialty crop industry asso-       partment should receive funding. The maxi-
$260,549 in grants to Iowa organizations to    ciations or organizations, and producer           mum grant award from the Department to
 help enhance the competitiveness of spe-      groups were eligible to apply for funding to      sub-grantees is $24,000 and administrative
cialty crops grown in Iowa. The Department     enhance the competitiveness of specialty
received $276,526.15 through the Specialty     crops. IDALS also invited public comment
 Crop Block Grant Program from the USDA        from specialty crop stakeholders to help                                      (Continued on page 3)
(Continued from page 2)                            $22,170 to support improving detection and          Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
                                                   management strategies for insects in Iowa           issued a press release announcing that an
and indirect costs are not allowed. Grant          grapes                                              estimated 3,300 acres is being accepted
funds shall be used for projects that benefit                                                          into the popular Conservation Reserve Pro-
and enhance the competitiveness of spe-            Iowa State University (Dr. Randall) -               gram State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement
cialty crops industry as a whole, and cannot       $23,805 for research on bio fumigation po-          (SAFE) (CP38) Gaining Ground for Wildlife
be for projects that directly benefit a particu-   tential to promote woods grown American             project designed to restore native grass-
lar product or provide a profit to a single        ginseng                                             lands, wetlands and develop food plots
organization, institution, or individual.                                                              where they will be most beneficial.
“Specialty Crops” that are eligible under this     Iowa State University (Dr. Randall) -
program are fruits and vegetables, tree            $20,077 to establishing standards for the           Landowners should visit their local Farm
nuts, dried fruits and horticulture and nurse-     fertilization of fir trees to assist Iowa Christ-   Service Agency (FSA) office or contact the
ry crops, including floriculture. The funds        mas tree growers                                    Iowa DNR wildlife bureau for detailed infor-
not passed through to Iowa organizations                                                               mation. Contact the Farm Service Agency
will be used by the Department to adminis-         Iowa Food Systems Council - $23,475 to              to enroll. The rental rate payment schedule
ter the grant.                                     study the feasibility of fruit and vegetable        is based on maximum soil rental rate estab-
                                                   value-added processing in Iowa's congre-            lished for the three predominant soils and
The full list of 12 grant recipients is as fol-    gate meal site kitchens                             contracts run 10 to 15 years.
                                                   Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Associa-
                                                                                         The standard FSA 50 percent cost share,
Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association -           tion - $4,000 for expanding Iowa's fruit and
                                                                                         40 percent practice incentive payment to
$12,350 to expanding educational program-          vegetable industry through grower educa-
                                                                                         establish the practice, and a signing incen-
ming for Iowa's green industry professionals       tion                                  tive payment of $100 per enrolled acre are
through a webinar series and accompany-                                                  authorized for eligible contracts. Iowa's
ing on-line modules                           Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and
                                                                                         SAFE is targeted around public wildlife are-
                                              Development - $24,000 for Farm to where
                                                                                         as to benefit grassland birds both song-
Golden Hills Resource Conservation and        you are: Creating and Enhancing Markets
                                                                                         birds, and upland game birds. Land that is
Development - $18,343 for building capacity for Southern Iowa Specialty Crop Producers eligible was cropped or considered cropped
for southwest Iowa local food producers to
increase specialty crop competitiveness in    Iowa Nut Growers Association - $20,791 for four out of the six years from 2002 to 2007.
                                              Connecting Iowa Nut Growers: Past-         Eligible cropland includes row crops, small
the region                                                                               grains and forage crops. Targeted portions
                                                                                         of all Iowa counties, except Allamakee and
Iowa State University (Dr. Gleason) -                                                    Clayton, are eligible to participate. More
$23,784 for virtual field days to develop web CRP Acres Available to Benefit Grassland
                                              Birds                                      information is available at
-based resources to enhance competitive-                                        and http://
ness of Iowa fruit and vegetable growers                                       
                                              On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, the Iowa      LandStewardship/
Iowa State University (Erin Hodgson) -

Commerce                                                                                                                  (Contact Brad Trow at 1-3471.)

National Study Shows Health Insurance Premiums Up 9 Percent
A national survey of health insurance premi-       while family coverage cost $15,073. When  tion of the Patient Protection and Affordable
ums found that the rates for family health         compared to the family premium in the 2001Care Act (PPACA). Initially, the federal
coverage rose 9 percent nationally in 2011.        survey, the cost of coverage had gone up  health care reform law required coverage to
The survey by the Kaiser Family Founda-            by 113% over the past decade.             be offered to adult children of employees up
tion and the Health Research and Educa-                                                      to the age of 26, and did not allow health
tional Trust also found that a portion of the The survey also looked at how much of          plans to make major changes to their cover-
increase could be attributed to the initial   these premiums employees were asked to         age plan in order to maintain
implementation phase of the federal health    contribute. The 2011 survey found that         “grandfathered” status under the law. Drew
care reform law passed in 2010.               single employees were paying 18 percent of Altman, the president of the Kaiser Family
                                              the premium. Employees with family cover- Foundation, stated in a blog that 1-2 per-
The annual survey by the groups found that age were paying 28 percent of their premi- cent of the 9 percent increase could be
health insurance premiums for singles rose um. The dollar amounts for employee con- attributed to these changes.
by 8 percent, while family coverage climbed tribution were found to be very close to the
by 9 percent. This is a significant spike in  2010 levels.                                   For more information or the full report, visit
rates compared to the 3 percent growth rate                                        
in 2010. In terms of actual dollars, the 2011 One factor that is beginning to play a role in
average for single coverage cost $5,429       health insurance rates is the implementa-
     Page 4                                                                                                    House Republican Newsletter

Protecting Your Home Computer
Governor Branstad has declared October to       Cleanup program does all of these tasks          Run a defragment tool on your disk
be Cyber Security Awareness Month in            including the deletion of unneeded Win-          drive. To do so, click Start, All Programs,
Iowa. As computers and information tech-        dows components. To access the Windows           Accessories, System Tools, Disk
nology play an ever-growing role in the eve-    Disk Cleanup program, click: Start, All Pro-     Defragmenter. (For “Classic” Start Menu,
ryday lives of Iowans, it is important that     grams, Accessories, System Tools, Disk           click Start, Programs, Accessories, System
people take steps that protect their comput-    Cleanup. (For “Classic” Start Menu, click:       Tools, Disk Defragmenter.)
ers and personal devices. One part of this      Start, Programs, Accessories, System
is ensuring that your personal computer at      Tools, Disk Cleanup.)                            Apply updates and patches. Make sure
home is cleaned and secured from identity                                                        your operating system and software appli-
thieves and others seeking information you                                                       cations have the latest updates installed—
wish to maintain control over. Below are                                                         and that the auto-update feature is enabled.
some tips from the Department of Adminis-                                                        Ensure that your anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti
trative Services’ Information Security Office                                                    -adware software are running and receiving
has put out for maintaining and protecting                                                       automatic updates. Check vendor and man-
personal computers using the Windows                                                             ufacturer websites for device drivers up-
operating system.                                                                                dates, and apply patches as needed. Re-
                                                                                                 new all maintenance contracts/
Establish and maintain a plan. Make a                                                            subscriptions.
plan to perform periodic maintenance and
put it on your calendar as a reminder. Back                                                    Perform regular backups. All critical files,
up critical files system files and programs     In Internet Explorer, clear your history, tem- as well as any information not easily re-
before beginning.                               porary Internet files, and cookies by clicking placed should be backed up. Check backup
                                                on Tools, Internet Options and select the      functions to ensure they are operating
Set a System Restore Point. Before you          tab labeled “General.” Click on the Delete     properly. Back up your files to a remote
begin your periodic maintenance or make         button under the section labeled “Browsing location (external hard drive or PC).
any significant changes, set up a system        history.”
restore point, which will enable recovery                                                      Check your firewall. Review firewall set-
from any error that may occur during            Finally, archive or delete old files such as   tings for product configurations. Confirm
maintenance. To set a System Restore            documents, images and graphics that are        that settings are appropriate for the current
Point, click Start, All Programs, Accesso-      no longer needed.                              level of security needed.
ries, System Tools, System Restore, Create
a Restore Point. (For “Classic” Start Menu:     Optimize system performance. Configur-           Routinely change your passwords. Rou-
click Start, Programs, Accessories, System      ing your PC software to operate as efficient-    tinely change all of your passwords for local
Tools, System Restore, Create a Restore         ly as possible will help your PC run faster      applications, as well as those used for web-
Point.)                                         and smoother. Organize your data files in a      sites. Use strong passwords with at least
                                                central folder with appropriate subfolders       eight characters and incorporate a mix of
Remove unnecessary files or programs.           (do not save files in the root directory or on   numbers, special characters, and upper and
Empty your Recycle Bin and delete Win-          the desktop). This makes backup easier           lower case letters.
dows temporary files. Remove installed          and can reduce fragmentation on your hard
programs that you no longer use. The Disk       drive.

Economic Growth                                                                                               (Contact Louis Vander Streek 1-3626.)

Creighton’s Business Conditions Index Predicts Regional Growth,
But At A Slow Pace
The September Survey on Economic Con-                                                            Oklahoma, and South Dakota. According to
ditions for Business in the Mid-American        “positive growth, but just                       the press release issued by Creighton Uni-
and Mountain States was released by                                                              versity’s College of Business, the index is
Creighton University last week. Indicators                   barely…”                            created using a monthly survey of supply
used in the survey show that, while the Mid-                                                     managers and is a mathematical average of
American states look like they will avoid a                                                      indices for new orders, production or sales,
recessional downturn, growth in the region   The Survey covers the Mid-American region
will increase at a very low rate.            consisting of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Min-
                                             nesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota,                                        (Continued on page 5)
House Republican Newsletter                                                                                                           Page 5
(Continued from page 4)                            ed than the regional average, however.
                                                   Iowa’s index was at 57.8 for September,
employment, inventories, and delivery lead         which was down from 59.3 the previous
time. The index is set on a scale from 0 to        month.
100, with 50.0 representing stagnant
growth. The September Survey revealed
that the index was at 52.0, positive growth,
but just barely. Iowa’s position is better suit-

Education                                                                                                          (Contact Jason Chapman at 1-3015.)

Education Reform Looms Large

Governor Branstad unveiled his vision for          sion helps to ensure quality individuals are     Peer evaluation would become a part of the
education reform earlier this week, a plan         making it through and being placed in front      system, with a new educator evaluation
that will likely dominate much of the discus-      of children. In addition, not all talent comes   system being put into place in which teach-
sion during the 2012 legislative session.          from a traditional teacher prep program and      ers would receive multiple evaluations year-
The plan was developed primarily by De-            the plan would look to include ways for al-      ly by both administrators and other teach-
partment of Education Director Jason               ternative pathways to enter teaching. If an      ers. The evaluations would take into ac-
Glass, and the Governor’s Assistant for            individual is qualified and has years of ex-     count many factors to help teachers find
Education, Linda Fandel. Following the             perience in their field, they make me an         where they are and how they can improve.
Education Summit, which the Governor               excellent educator.                              It is a system that will be meant for improve-
hosted this summer, they set to work taking                                                         ment, not punishment.
ideas from multiple sources and began                 “Cost for the plan is also
drafting a plan. After several meetings with                                                        Finally, a new pay-scale and four-tiered
                                                        still unavailable…”                         career ladder would be put into place for all
many education stakeholders, including
legislators, school boards, teachers unions,                                                        new teachers and for any teacher on the
school administrators, AEAs, and the busi-                                                          current pay system that want to switch over.
ness community, a draft was composed.          For recruiting and hiring great teachers and         The four tiers are:
                                               leaders, a “one-stop” educator recruiting
The heart of the plan is to get a great teach- system for Iowa needs to be developed,               1.   Apprentice teacher (years 1 to 5):
er in every classroom and a great principal where prospective teachers can go online
in every building. Director Glass has em-      to find education jobs, a unified state appli-       a.   Beginning salary around $40K
phasized many times that this is a compre- cation process and links to relevant sources
hensive plan with many pieces that all fit     such as the licensing process. This would            b.   At-will employees
together. This is a systemic change of         also include allowing reciprocity for teach-
“Strategic Persistence,” reforms that pull     ers licensed in other states. There would            c.   Teach 100% of the day
together, make sense, last years, and will     also be the creation of school-level hiring
take time to work.                             teams comprised of current teachers and              d.   About 20% of the workforce
                                               parents in those buildings who would pass
Here is the breakdown:                         recommendations onto administrators and              e.   Career teacher (years 5+):
                                               school boards.
I. The Centerpiece: Great Teachers and
Principals                                     For supporting teachers in the field and             f.   Salary around $50K
                                           those who are new to the profession, lead-
This portion of the plan is meant to help                                                           g.   Teach 100% of the day
                                           ership roles would be established to provide
raise the teaching profession, make sure
                                           mentoring, coaching, and peer evaluations.
that skilled educators and leaders are being                                                        h.   About 60% of the workforce
                                           Mentor and Master Teachers would be in
produced by preparatory programs, proper
                                           every building and would spend time out of
support and mentoring is being provided to                                                          i.   Mentor Teacher (Selective hiring pro-
                                           their day serving as instructional leaders
them, and a pay scale and career ladder
                                           along with principals. Additional hours                       cess):
that have impact are created.
                                           would be required, based on their level in
To attract talented educators, preparatory the career ladder, and teachers would be                 j.   Salary around $55K to $60K
programs have to be more selective on who required to meet weekly in small groups to
enters and exits teacher prep programs.    plan and collaborate on teaching and stu-                k.   Teach 75% of the day, mentor 25% of
Raising the bar on who enters the profes-  dent learning.
                                                                                                                                (Continued on page 6)
                                                                                                              House Republican Newsletter
      Page 6
(Continued from page 5)                        effective teaching. Teachers must be given           courses and to provide a check on how
                                               individualized improvement plans and sup-            students are performing. A cut score
     the day                                   ports to improve if they are evaluated as            required for graduation would reinforce
                                               ineffective.                                         clear expectations for students, with
l.   About 15% of the workforce                                                                     remedial help provided to students who
                                               II. A Relentless Focus on Learning: High             fail, along with multiple opportunities to
m.   10 additional contract days               Expectations and Fair Measures                       retake the test.

                                               The second part of the Governor’s plan
n.   Master Teacher (Selective hiring pro-                                                   Grade 11 - Finally, the plan would require
                                               focuses on student learning through high           all 11th graders to take the ACT or simi-
                                               expectations and fair measures.                    lar college entrance exam. The pur-
o.   Salary around $65K to $70K):                                                                 pose is to give Iowa comparable data
                                               The state needs to improve and expand the
                                                                                                  to other states as well as provide all
                                               Iowa Core. A standing-level committee
p.   Teach 50% of the day, mentor 50% of                                                          students a key needed to attend col-
                                               would be established, made up primarily of
     the day                                                                                      lege.
                                               teachers, to keep the standards up-to-date
                                               and to keep improving our standards. The The administration also wants to put into
q.   About 5% of the workforce                 goal is to get a rigorous model curriculum in place a new accountability system for
                                               place by July 2013 that can be used as a      schools, rating them on a scale from
20 additional contract days                    starting point for schools and teachers.      “exceptional” to “persistently low-achieving.”
Mentor and Master Teachers would be se-        Additionally, these standards will be applied Student growth, assessments aligned with
lected based on performance in a competi-      to art, music, and world languages as well, the Core, healthy and success children,
tive process. The goal is to get teachers      given their importance as vital 21st century  successful support for teachers, graduation
who are great at their profession to evalu-    learning skills.                              rates, parent satisfaction, and other factors
ate, mentor, and share best practices with                                                     will be used to rate the school. Districts and
                                               Assessments will be a part of the frame-
other teachers. The positions would be                                                         schools that rank high on the scale will earn
                                               work and will vary by year:
decided by the principal and would be at-                                                      autonomy from the state, while those with
will, with a teacher returning to the career   Kindergarten - A kindergarten assessment        low rankings will receive additional support
teacher tier if removed.                           would be put into place to ensure that      but are subject to increasingly prescriptive
                                                   kids are starting kindergarten ready to     direction from the state.
Additional salary options would be available
                                                   learn and exiting kindergarten prepared
for advanced degrees in content areas,                                                      Lastly, the plan includes a path towards
                                                   for success. It should help identify
national board certification, performance                                                   ensuring third grade literacy. The program
                                                   weakness and strengths and instruc-
based elements determined locally, hard to                                                  would take a model that has been success-
                                                   tion will adopt accordingly.
fill subjects or areas, and working in high                                                 ful in Florida for the past decade, increasing
poverty schools, among other options.          Grades 3 through 8 - A new assessment        Florida’s reading scores to among the high-
                                                   will be designed and implemented that est in the country and effectively closing the
Another change being suggested is in job
                                                   will replace the Iowa Test of Education- racial achievement gap. It would involve
protections and effectiveness. The plan
                                                   al Development (ITED). As part of the establishing a reading center in the Depart-
would do away with the last-in-first-out poli-
                                                   Smarter Balance Consortium, a group ment and providing a system of support to
cy of reduction in force situations, instead
                                                   of states working on a better developed ensure that all kids who enter fourth grade
putting into place a democratic firing pro-                                                 are reading at a minimum level. It would
                                                   assessment tool, Iowa will work to put
cess that would involve a committee of
                                                   into place assessments that align to the end social promotion by not allowing those
peers at some level, with final decisions                                                   who are not proficient from moving on to
                                                   Core and are taken online to reduce
being made by the principal (for teachers)                                                  fourth grade. Exceptions will be allowed
                                                   test-taking time and provide instant
or school board (for administrators). Ap-                                                   when the case warrants one, and holding a
prentice teachers will be considered at-will,                                               child back will be a last resort option.
with annually renewed contracts. Career        Grade 9 - A sampling of 9th graders every
teachers can be dismissed after two con-           three years would be randomly chosen III. A Spirit of Innovation in Education
secutive years of ineffective performance.         to participate in the PISA exam which
They will have a due process afforded to                                                    The final section of the plan recognizes that
                                                   measures progress internationally.
them in cases of dismissal, but the school                                                  not all good ideas come from the state level
board will make the final decision, not the    High School - End-of-course exams would      department or the legislature. Many are
court system. Ineffective performance will         be designed and given for the core       found in the districts doing the work and
be based on peer and administrator evalua-         subjects such as English, Algebra,                                    (Continued on page 7)
tions compared to a state-established defi-        Biology, and US History to provide
nition and observation-based measure of            clear expectations for high school
House Republican Newsletter                                                                                                           Page 7
(Continued from page 6)                         Online learning options need to be expand-         Cost for the plan is also still unavailable.
                                                ed with the possibility of establishing a virtu-   Early estimates put the new compensation
making the effort to find creative ways to      al school that would be open to students           structure at $100 to $200 million, but that
educate children and spend money effi-          across the state. And competency-based             could change. The Department is working
ciently.                                        education would be a part of that as well,         with the Department of Management and
                                                recognizing that some students learn at            the Legislative Services Agency to put a
An “Innovation Acceleration Fund” would be different levels with different skillsets and to        price on the reforms. We may not see a
established that would be distributed to        allow students to progress at a pace that          solid picture until the end of the year.
districts through a competitive process.        makes sense for them.
The ideas submitted for the grant money                                                            It’s likely the bill will come before the legis-
must recognize a problem in the district and Finally, the plan would establish a parent            lature as a single omnibus bill, but the
find a creative way to solve it. The best       and community engagement network to get            chance of it being broken out into more
ideas get funded and the results are meas- parents and communities involved in their               manageable drafts is still a possibility. Ex-
ured to see if they can be replicated state-    children’s education. The schools can’t do         pect many parts to change, additions to be
wide.                                           it all and much of a child’s learning should       made, and parts to be removed.
                                                be spurred by encouragement from home.
In addition, the department would get great- High-needs schools and high-poverty                   The plan is incredibly ambitious and compli-
er waiver authority to allow for flexibility in neighborhoods would see the creation of            cated. At this point, the Governor’s plan is
granting districts the opportunity to try       teacher leaders that would act as a parent         a blue-print, a document that will change.
things that may not fit with current statute or liaison, working to establish connections          There’s a lot more to be seen and a lot of
rules. The State Board would be the ap-         and get them involved.                             discussion still to occur. House Republi-
proving body of such waivers.                                                                      cans are keeping an open mind about the
                                                Timeline and Cost                                  plan and look forward to working with the
Iowa’s Charter School law would be ex-                                                             Governor, the Department, the minority
panded to allow for the possibility of strong- The plan at this point is a framework, with-        party, and the Senate to ensure that we
er Charter Schools to exist. They would         out the details filled in. Director Glass spec-    pass an effective set of reforms with fo-
have to demonstrate a need in the commu- ulates that the provisions in the plan will               cused effort on student achievement and
nity and how the school would propose to        take anywhere from a year to ten years to          efficient spending.
meet that need. The process for starting a fully implement and start taking root. Parts
school would be multi-step and transparent. like the compensation system may not be                To read the full plan, visit http://
The Charter Schools would have to be open able to be put into effect until 2014, given    The Governor,
for all students and a Charter School that is the complexity of the roll-out.                      Education Director, and staff will be holding
failing its mission must be closed.                                                                town hall meetings across the state in the

Town Hall Meetings on Education Reform
The Governor plans to hit the road over the     The following meetings are open to the pub-
coming months to talk with the public about     lic:
his newly released education framework. In
addition to the Governor touring to spread      Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 3:30 p.m.
the news, his Special Assistant for Educa-
                                                Woodrow Wilson Middle School Auditorium
tion Linda Fandel and Iowa Department of
Education Director Jason Glass will also be     715 N 21st Street
travelling and holding town halls.
                                                Council Bluffs, IA
Two town hall meetings have been sched-
uled for mid-October. More will be an-          Sunday, October 16, 2011 – 1:00 p.m.
nounced later. This is a good opportunity
for legislators to hear about the plan first-   Iowa City West High School
hand and to hear what questions and con-
                                                2901 Melrose Avenue
cerns their local communities will have as
the plan moves forward.                         Iowa City, IA
     Page 8                                                                                                     House Republican Newsletter

Environmental Protection                                                                                            (Contact Lew Olson at 1-3096.)

DNR Seeking Veterans for New AmeriCorps Programs

On Thursday, September 22, 2011, the               wa’s state parks.                              year, AmeriCorps offers adults of all ages
Iowa Department of Natural Resources                                                              and backgrounds more than 75,000 oppor-
published its electronic weekly newsletter         This AmeriCorps program will connect mili-     tunities to meet critical needs in communi-
‘EcoNewsWire’ which contained an article           tary veterans with meaningful employment       ties across America. Benefits of serving
announcing that the state agency was ac-           opportunities in the green jobs economy        include a modest living allowance, health,
cepting applications for the Iowa Green            and natural resources. Service sites are in    dental and vision insurance, and an educa-
Veterans AmeriCorps program. This new              the following Iowa counties: Boone, Cerro      tional benefit at the end of service. The
program aids recently returning veterans in        Gordo, Delaware, Dickinson, Emmet,             Corporation for National and Community
their transition to civilian life while offering   Franklin, Linn, Muscatine, Polk, Potta-        Service is a federal agency that engages
the opportunity to learn new job skills.           wattamie, Warren and Webster. Positions        more than 5 million Americans in service
Members will spend October through March           are open to residents of all coun-             through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and
assisting rural, low income and elderly resi-      ties. Interested applicants can apply          Learn and Serve America. For more infor-
dents to identify and make energy improve-         at under the tab        mation, visit Please
ments. Members will learn energy efficien-         “How to Apply.”                                contact Dawn Stohs with questions at
cy-related job skills. March through Sep-                                                or call 515-281-
tember, members will help with disaster            AmeriCorps is a national service program       0878.
recovery and stewardship activities in Io-         administered through the Corporation for
                                                   National and Community Service. Each

Organic Waste, Paper and Plastic are the Top Three
Components in Iowa Trashcans
On Thursday, September 22, 2011, the               the landfill. However, there continues to be   this year by a team from MidAtlantic Solid
Iowa Department of Natural Resources               opportunities to divert such wastes as com-    Waste Consultants, Cascadia Consulting
published its electronic weekly newsletter         postable organics (food and yard waste),       Group and Foth Infrastructure & Environ-
‘EcoNewsWire’ which contained an article           cardboard, and construction and demolition     ment. Similar studies were conducted in
that reported that a statewide study of nine       debris.                                        1998 and 2005. The final report of the 2011
landfills used by Iowans revealed the top                                                         Iowa Statewide Waste Characterization
three components entering the state’s              In the study, trash was gathered from two      Study can be viewed online at
waste stream, by weight, are organic waste,        sectors, residential and industrial/ 
paper products and plastics. The 2011              commercial/institutional and was broken        LandStewardship/
study shows Iowa is doing a good job of            down by type. The top three waste types        WasteManagement.aspx.
diverting traditional recyclables (plastic con-    from the two sectors combined were organ-
tainers, glass and certain paper products          ic, 25.5 percent; paper, 25.2 percent; and
such as newsprint and office paper) from           plastic, 16.7 percent. The study was con-
                                                   ducted in the spring and early summer of
Human Resources                                                                                                     (Contact Brad Trow at 1-3471.)

U.S. Supreme Court Opens Term with Case Determining Whether State
Decisions on Medicaid Can Be Challenged
The United States Supreme Court opened           The issue of standing may be viewed as         Even the federal government’s position in
their October, 2011 term with a critical case    “inside baseball” by some observers, but it    the case is complicated. The Justice De-
on state power and health care. The case                                                        partment’s argument is that the dispute is
                                                 is a critical issue for states. If a provider or
tests the power of states to make changes        Medicaid enrollee had the right to go to       not between providers and the state, but is
to their Medicaid program and what re-           federal court and challenge a state’s deci-    between CMS and the state. They asserted
course impacted citizens may have to chal-       sion to make changes to an aspect of their     that Medicaid was a contract between the
lenge these decisions. Surprisingly though,      program, states would be severely restrict-    federal government and the states, and
the case has nothing to with the federal         ed in making policy or rate revisions.         thus it was between these two groups to
health care reform law.                                                                         settle the issue. But attorneys for the De-
                                                 At the federal district court level, the court partment of Health and Human Services
In 2008 and 2009, the state of California        ruled that the providers and enrollees did     refused to sign on to the Justice Depart-
enacted provider rate cuts of 10 percent to      not have standing to bring a challenge to      ment brief, and a group of former HHS offi-
a variety of Medicaid covered services in an     the state’s action. But the Ninth Circuit      cials submitted a friend of the court brief in
effort to reduce expenditures in the wake of     Court of Appeals reversed this decision and support of the providers’ position.
the recession. These cuts went into effect       said that California had violated the “equal
even though they had yet to be approved by       access” provision when it cut provider rates. The Court’s hearing of the case is occurring
the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Ser-       The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the at a time when HHS is working on proposed
vices (CMS), the federal agency overseeing       case last January, but limited the hearing to administrative rules that would require
the program.                                     just the issue of standing.                    states to conduct surveys on access to ser-
                                                                                                vices and whether reimbursement rates are
A number of California Medicaid enrollees        During the oral arguments on Monday, the       sufficient to ensure equal access. These
and providers brought lawsuits against the       justices appeared to be closely divided.       rules were brought up during the hearing,
state, claiming that the state’s action was in   Chief Justice John Roberts expressed sup- and the Justice Department stated that the
violation of the federal Medicaid law. That      port for California’s position, that Congress new rules would not be completed before
requires the states to ensure that Medicaid      had the opportunity to provide a private       the beginning of the new year.
reimbursement rates are high enough to get       cause of action in these cases and they
a sufficient number of providers into the        chose not to. But Justice Ginsburg noted       The official name of the case is Douglas v.
program, so that access to the service is at     that only private plaintiffs could seek an     Independent Living Centers of Southern
the same level for those with private insur-     injunction against the state implementing      California. While the case is the first of the
ance. The suit also asked for the courts to      the rate cuts without federal approval. She term, it is unclear when a decision can be
recognize that enrollees and providers had       pointed out that the remedy Congress did       expected.
the right to challenge these decisions in        provide to CMS for a state failing to provide
federal court.                                   equal access – suspension of all federal
                                                 Medicaid funds – was extreme and virtually
                                                 impossible to implement.

DHS Mental Health Redesign Work Groups in Home Stretch, Legislative Interim
Committee to Begin Meeting
Work on the redesign of Iowa’s mental            new location for interim committees – the
health system is beginning to move to the        second floor of the Ola Babcock Miller
next phase. The Department of Human              building on the Capitol Complex. The
Services’ six work groups are scheduled to       twelve-member committee will begin its
wrap up their efforts by the end of the          work with consideration of financial issues,
month. The groups are to submit initial          including property taxes. The November
reports to the Legislature by the end of Oc-     meeting will focus on the work of the DHS
tober.                                           work groups, with each group providing
                                                 their recommendations.
The legislative interim committee will have
the first of its three scheduled meeting days
on October 24. The group will meet in a
                                                                                                                House Republican Newsletter
    Page 10

October 11
Children’s Services - United Way of Central Iowa, 1111 Ninth Street, Des Moines
Regional Governance – Iowa State Capitol, Room 22, Des Moines – 9:30AM to 3:15 PM
Brain Injury Services - United Way of Central Iowa, 1111 Ninth Street, Des Moines

October 17

Mental Health Public Forum– 108 E Industrial Street, DeWitt– 1pm and 5pm

October 18
Adult Mental Health Services – Iowa State Capitol, Room 22, Des Moines
Adult Intellectual Disability Services – United Way of Central Iowa, 1111 Ninth Street, Des Moines

October 20
Commitment/Court-DHS Issues – State Judicial Building, 1111 East Court Avenue, Des Moines

October 24
Legislative Interim Committee - 2nd Floor, Ola Babcock Miller (Old Historical) building – 10AM to 4:45 PM

October 25
Children’s Services - United Way of Central Iowa, 1111 Ninth Street, Des Moines
Regional Governance – Iowa State Capitol, Room 22, Des Moines – 9:30AM to 3:15 PM
Brain Injury Services –Polk County River Place – Room 2, 2309 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines

November 17
Legislative Interim Committee – 2nd Floor, Ola Babcock Miller building – 8:30 AM to 5 PM

Judiciary                                                                                                         (Contact: Amanda Freel, 1-5230)

Finding a Lawyer in Iowa

When the time comes that you or a loved        Bar Association created “Find-A-Lawyer”.
one needs a lawyer, the task of finding the    According to the Bar, this service is de-
right one can seem overwhelming. Many          signed to supply you the names of lawyers
Iowans’ don’t know where to start and          who are willing to consult with you for $25
sometimes hire the first one they talk to,     for the first 30 minutes. If further legal ser-
which may not always be the right decision.    vices are needed, you and the attorney will
Hiring an attorney takes careful research      negotiate the arrangement including the
and an understanding of what you expect        fee. The Bar Associations “Find-A-Lawyer”
the attorney to accomplish. An attorney who    program can be accessed from the Iowa
specializes in divorce or family law may not   Bar Association website.                          selves in the court. Iowa Legal Aid is availa-
be able to help a client who has an OWI or     ( The American Bar As-           ble to help Iowans facing economic hard-
who needs will. Some Iowans worry if they      sociation also offers help to those looking       ship who also need legal assistance. The
can afford a lawyer at all. There are many     for legal representation. Their website           goal of Iowa Legal Aid is to provide re-
services available to help Iowans choose lets a potential client     sources for low-income Iowans, seniors and
the attorney right for their issue and one     search for lawyers by state and also offers       others looking for help with a legal problem
they can afford.                               guidance on basic legal information. Both of      or seeking information on the law. Their
                                               these services are great places to start your     website ( provides
If you have never thought about hiring an      search for legal representation.                  information on finding lawyers who fit your
attorney, it’s never to late to start. A simple                                                  specific needs (both legal and economic)
google search for “attorneys in Iowa” gives With tough economic times, many Iowans
millions of hits and may be overwhelming to may have trouble affording an attorney but
many. This is one of the reasons the Iowa       don’t have the ability to represent them-                                   (Continued on page 11)
     Page 11                                                                                                  House Republican Newsletter
(Continued from page 10)                        have resources to make the search easier.
                                                Using one of the above mentioned sites or
along with basic do it yourself information     other trusted sources can save you time,
for smaller cases. Iowa Legal Aid is availa-    money and you can feel confident knowing
ble throughout the state and can be             you have an attorney who can properly han-
reached by phone at 1-800-532-1275              dle your case.

Finding a lawyer may seem like an over-
whelming task, but many groups in Iowa

Labor                                                                                                        (Contact Louis Vander Streek 1-3626.)

Taxpayer Costs for State Employees’ Health Insurance Rises
The Iowa Executive Council met on October       premium. According to the nonpartisan Leg-     gaining reform bill that House Republicans
3 with a number of items on the agenda.         islative Services Agency, 87% of state em-     offered and passed, LSA estimated that by
One such piece was a vote to renew the          ployees pay nothing toward their health        requiring a $100 contribution to the premi-
state’s group insurance contract with           insurance premiums.                            um, the state would save $33.3 million per
Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The re-                                                       year.
newal was accompanied by premium in-
creases for two of the four covered areas.       “87% of state employees pay                   However, due to Governor Culver’s ac-
Health premiums are going to increase by                                                       ceptance of the initial union collective bar-
0.8% and dental rates will increase at a rate
                                                         nothing ...”                          gaining agreement offer, the state is locked
of 4.4%. The rates for term life insurance                                                     in to paying these rates for the next two
and long term disability will remain con-                                                      years. At that point, a new agreement will
                                                House Republicans attempted multiple           have to be reached and Governor Branstad
                                                times last session to restore some equity to   has made it clear that he will not accept the
These rate increases translate into an addi-    the taxpayer by requiring state employees      first offer the union presents without making
tional $12 million in spending the state has    to contribute as little as $100 a month to-    a counter-offer. Governor Branstad has said
to pay in order to cover its employees. For     ward their health insurance. Each time the     he intends to take a hard look at the cost of
purposes of health insurance, the state         issue was raised, it was met with strong       insurance and that it will be on the table for
pays 100% of single and double spouse           resistance by Democrats. In an analysis        discussions.
contracts and 85% of an employee’s family       conducted for HF 525, the collective bar-

Natural Resources                                                                                                (Contact Dustin Blythe 1-3452.)

Public Listening Meetings Concerning the Forest

The Department of Natural Resources has October 13 – 7:00p.m                                   For land to qualify as a forest reservation
recently released the schedule for the six                                                     several criteria must be met:
listening tour meetings regarding the Forest EB Lyons Interpretive Center (Mine of
Reserve Tax Credit Program.                  Spain State Park)                                    Forested area must be at least 2 con-
                                                                                                    tinuous acres in size, not less than 66
The meetings will be as follows:                8991 Bellevue Heights, Dubuque
                                                                                                    feet wide
October 4 – 8:00a.m                             October 18 – 7:00p.m
                                                                                                  Each acre shall contain not less than
Pilot Grove Savings Bank                        Pin Oak Marsh (South of Chariton on Hwy             200 growing trees
506 North Main Street, Donnellson                                                              No cattle, horses, sheep, goats, or hogs are
                                                October 20 – 7:00p.m                           permitted on forest reserves
October 6 – 9:30a.m
                                                Loess Hills State Forest
Yellow River State Forest
                                                206 Polk Street, Pisgah
729 State Forest Road
                                                Each meeting will have a 30 minute presen-
October 11 – 7:00 p.m.                          tation with time for public comment follow-
                                                ing. Any suggestions on improving the pro-
State Forest Nursery                            gram are welcome. Comments from all of
                                                these meetings will be collected and shared
2404 South Duff Ave, Ames                       with the House Natural Resources Commit-
    Page 12                                                                                                     House Republican Newsletter
Public Safety                                                                                                      (Contact: Amanda Freel, 1-5230.)

Amber Alert System in Iowa

When a child goes missing parents are pan-        alert the babysitter was apprehended and       2. The child is under the age of 18.
icked and time is of essence for police. In       Rae-Leigh was rescued and returned to her
1996, nine year old Amber Hagerman was            parents. This first successful use of the      3. Law enforcement believes the circum-
riding her bike in her Texas neighborhood.        Amber Alert system help it spread through- stances surrounding the abduction indicate
A neighbor heard Amber scream and saw a           out the country.                               that the child is in danger of serious bodily
man pull her into his truck and drive away.                                                      harm or death.
Police were immediately notified, but four        Iowa began using Amber Alerts state wide
days later Amber’s body was found four            in 2003 after a National Amber Alert Coordi- There is enough descriptive information
miles from her house. People in the com-          nator was appointed by the President           about the child, abductor, and/or suspect's
munity were upset and began thinking of           George W. Bush, in 2002. As of 2009 all 50 vehicle to believe an immediate broadcast
ways to alert the public when children are        states and several countries, including Can- alert will help.
reported missing. Dallas broadcasters sug-        ada, France, Germany, Greece, Nether-
                                                  lands, the United Kingdom and Australia        The goal of the Amber Alert System in Iowa
gested spreading missing child alerts the                                                        is for the safe recovery of missing children
same as weather alerts, through TV and            have adopted the Amber Alert System or a that a law enforcement agency believes
radio announcements. This idea led to the         program very similar.                          have been abducted and are in danger of
creation of the Amber Alert System.                                                              serious bodily harm or death.
                                                  Not every abduction meets Amber Alert
In 1998, eight month old Rae-Leigh Brad-          guidelines. In order for an alert to be issued In Iowa, Amber Alerts are issued on the
                                                  the following criteria must be met:            Radio, TV, digital billboards, electronic road
bury was abducted from her apartment by
                                                                                                 signs and email. Individuals can also sign
her babysitter. As her parents and police
searched for the sitter, Officers suggested       1. Law enforcement confirms a child has up for Text message alerts. Sincechildren
                                                                                                 ber Alert system began over 495
                                                                                                                                      the Am-

issuing an Amber Alert for Rae-Leigh. Even        been abducted and entry has been made          have been saved and with the publics con-
though her parents had never heard of it,         into the IOWA/NCIC Systems identifying the tinued help many more will be saved in the
they agreed and within 90 minutes of the          child as missing.                              future.

State Government                                                                                                  (Contact Kristi Kielhorn at 2-5290.)

This week the Iowa lottery released a new   The mobile application is not only conven-           In addition to telling players they have a
iPhone application on iTunes that will let  ient for lottery players, but also provides          winning ticket, the application provides in-
                                            more player security by allowing the player
lottery players check if their ticket is a win-                                                  formation on where lottery ticket retailers
ner. The free LotteryPlus mobile applicationto check their ticket themselves, instead of         are located, as well as information on how
can run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad    relying on a cashier. A player can either            lottery proceeds are used around the state.
devices running IOS 3.2 and above.          scan the barcode of the ticket with their            The application does not allow for players to
                                            device, or enter the ticket’s serial number to       do any sort of online lottery playing. The
LotteryPlus was created in conjunction with check and see if it is a winner. LotteryPlus         Iowa lottery is currently investigating mobile
the Georgia company Scientific Games        will also provide players with the current           applications for other mobile platforms.
International—the same company the Iowa prize amounts and winning numbers for
Lottery uses for the gaming network used to Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto.
sell and cash tickets in the state of Iowa.

Transportation                                                                                                     (Contact: Kristi Kielhorn, 2-5290.)

Interstate 29 to Reopen this Week
For the first time since June, drivers will be    be open from Missouri all the way up to        As soon as the DOT makes a determination
able to utilize Interstate 29 all the way         U.S. Highway 34. There will be some areas      as to the exact day and time of the reopen-
through Iowa. The DOT plans to reopen the         where traffic will be two-lanes and several    ing it will be made available on its website.
last sections of Interstate 29 sometime this      on-ramps and off-ramps will remain closed
week. The interstate was closed after mas-        due to damage. Exit 1 will remain closed
sive spring flooding damaged it extensively       into Hamburg as well as Exit 10 onto High-
and left sections underwater all summer.          way 2 to avoid a damaged bridge that goes
                                                  over the Missouri River into Nebraska City,
The DOT is optimistic that the interstate will    NE.
     Page 13                                                                                                       House Republican Newsletter
Veterans Affairs

Veterans Events around Iowa in October
October 7-8th America's Family Coaches                                       Training
Military Marriage Conference
                                                                                                  There are still seats available for Mental
Americas Family Coaches knows that mili-                                                          Health First Aid Training / Certification in
tary marriages experience unique strain,           October 11-12th-Mental Health Confer-          Des Moines on October 19-20th, and there
especially during deployment. Even military        ence “Moving Forward In Recovery”              seats available for the same training in Iowa
couples with self-described strong marriag-                                                       City on October 26-27th. Please reserve a
es tell us about the immense toll separation       The 2011 Mental Health Conference is de- seat by contacting Stacie Bendixen (515)
causes as well as how difficult it is to reinte-   signed for professionals, clinicians, adminis- 237-0338,, to re-
grate after deployment. America’s Family           trators, educators, consumers, family mem- serve a seat.
Coaches invite Iowans to this fall’s Military      bers, advocates and other providers. Must
Marriage Conference at the Sheraton in             pre-register, can do so on web site. Iowa
West Des Moines. Military personnel are            State University Campus, Scheman Build-        Help with Employment and Educational
invited to bring their husband or wife to the      ing, Ames IA 50111                             Opportunities in Johnson County
event where they will be pampered with a
one-night hotel stay, meals, marriage re-          POC: Training Resources, (515) 309-3315,         For veterans who may have missed the job
sources, entertainment by a comedian and , or https://              fair this week in Johnson County, there are
marriage teaching and coaching sessions                         many people willing to reach out and help
by Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg. Sheraton                                                                veterans find the right opportunity for school
West Des Moines Hotel 1800 50th Street                                                              and work. Veterans Service Officers, VA
West Des Moines IA Register online at                                                               Health Care & Women's Health Experts, VA
http://                                                                                             OIF / OEF Clinicians, Vets Center, and a                                                                 wide range of service & training resources
discover/category/                                                                                  are available to our veterans. Some groups
military_marriage_conference, Cost of At-                                                           that sponsored the job fair and are reaching
tendance is $20.00                                                                                  out to help veterans are IowaWORKS, Kirk-
                                                                                                    wood Community College, the Employer
October 11th-Wapello County Homeless                                                                Support of the Guard and Reserve, Kaplan
Veterans Stand Down                                                                                 University, the Employers’ Council of Iowa,
                                                                                                    and ITT Technical Institute. If you know
At 6:00 p.m. Guest Speaker Moe Armstrong                                                            someone who needs help looking for oppor-
speaks. Armstrong is a former homeless                                                              tunities in Johnson County please contact
Vet who has battled and overcome serious                                                            POC: Gregory Clark, Veteran Advisor, Iowa
mental health issues. Transportation will be                                                        Workforce Development, (319) 351-1035
provided from a few locations around SE                                                             X31320,
Iowa, two meals will be provided that day.
Please let your Veterans, (homeless/at-risk)       October 13th
know about this event. Ottumwa National                                                     For a full schedule of event please contact,
Guard Armory, 2858 North Court Road,               United States Navy Birthday – 236 years! Todd Jacobus at
Ottumwa IA 52501-1198, Dan Hoy,                    (October 13, 1775)
Wapello County Director of Veterans Af-
                                                   Various Dates-Mental Health First Aid
fairs, (641) 684-8079, wapelloveter-

Ways and Means                                                                                                      ( Contact: Dustin Blythe, 1-3452.)

Revamping the Tax Code – GOP-style
Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican chairman            With Republicans viewed as blindly pro-          end what he calls “wasteful welfare for cor-
of the House Budget Committee wants the            business, the case Ryan makes is powerful.       porations.” If you look at the recent scan-
wealthy to give something back: the billions       Ryan believes that Republicans should be         dals at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and
of dollars in government benefits, taxpayer        willing to end the crony capitalism of picking   now defunct solar panel manufacturer
subsidies and corporate welfare they re-           winners and losers and instead write a bet-      Solyndra, Ryan makes a strong case.
ceive each year and do not need. Ryan was          ter tax code.                                    Solyndra received $500 million dollars of
recently quoted in the Washington Post.                                                             taxpayer money – a half a billion dollars for
                                                   While most, if not all Democrats view clos-      one company that is now bankrupt.
“We want to stop subsidizing corporations.         ing tax loopholes as raising revenues, Ryan
Well-connected companies have gotten a             wants to use that revenue to reduce tax
free ride from the taxpayer for too long.”         rates to spur job creation. Ryan wants to                                    (Continued on page 14)
     Page 14                                     House Republican Newsletter
(Continued from page 13)

With job creation a national priority, all
forms of government should be focused on
creating a level playing field with a simpler
and fairer tax code, while letting the private
sector invest in technologies that show
promise and allowing the market determine
winners and losers. What Ryan is proposing
at the Federal level has implications here in
Iowa as well.

On November 16, an interim Tax Credit
Committee will be meeting here at the capi-
tol. The Department of Revenue, along with
LSA will provide the committee with the
results of various studies that have been
done on the effectiveness of various tax
credit programs available here in Iowa. As
the 2012 session draws closer, tax relief
continues to be a priority for House Republi-

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