CAMP AND FIELD by gdf57j


									                      CAMP AND FIELD
                           Watches      102
                              Knives    103
Binoculars and Camera Accessories       104   -   105
                     Power Options      105   -   106
    Tents, Sleeping Bags and Packs      107   -   108
Stoves, Heaters and Camp Furniture      108   -   109
                     Water Filtration   109   -   110
                  Camp Accessories      110   -   112
                      Camp Apparel      112
                    Bear Deterrents     113   - 114
          Pest Deterrents and Traps     115   - 116
                    Winter Products     117   - 118
                    FOOT POD FOR
                    TRAINING WATCH
                    • Adds running speed and distance to user’s
                      Suunto T3,T4 and T6 watch
                    • Pace, speed, distance and autolap allow
                      speed alarms to help reach user’s goal
                                                                          LUMI WATCH
                    SUU SS011246000                                       • Sleek, versatile and intuitive
                                                                          • Wrist top is equally at home in the
                                                                            mountains or travelling with friends
                                                                          • Alarm clock, altimeter, barometer, storm
                    GPS POD FOR                                             alarm and compass
                    TRAINING WATCH                                        SUU SS013312010                      Sportif
                    • Speed and distance GPS sensor for outdoor           SUU SS013313010                      Florette
                      activities and works in conjuction with T3,T4       SUU SS013314010                      Terra
                      and T6 watches
                    • Easy to operate with one button
                    • Sends speed and distance to user’s wrist top
                    • Clips fast and easily to arm, belt or body

                    SUU SS012702000
                                                                          CORE WATCH
                                                                          • All the same features as the Lumi
                                                                            watch except that this unit will switch
                                                                            from air to water pressure providing
                                                                            accurate depth readings to 100’
                                                                          SUU SS013315010
                    HUNTSMAN KNIFE
                    • Contains:
                       Small and large blade
                       Wood saw
                       Can opener
                       Small and large screwdriver
                       Bottle opener and corkscrew
                       Wire stripper
                       Reamer                                             T1 TRAINING WATCHES
                       Sewing eye                                         • Accurate, easy to use and includes dual time,
                                                                            date, alarm and stopwatch
                    VTI 53201
                                                                          • Heart rate monitor, calorie counter and
                                                                            maintenance cardiovascular conditioning
                    WORKCHAMP KNIFE
                    • Contains:                                           SUU SS012684110           Black
                       Large locking blade                                SUU SS012685410           Coral
                       Bottle opener                                      SUU SS012686710           Olive
                       Wire stripper, cutter and crimper                  SUU SS012687010           Tan
                       Reamer                                             SUU SS013203010           Espresso
                       Wood saw
                                                                          SUU SS013202010           Brick
                       Locking blade
                       Large, long, small Philips® and mini screwdriver   T3 TRAINING WATCHES
                       Metal saw with metal file                          • Guides user toward optimum fitness by
                                                                            advising training frequency, duration and level

                    VTI 53761                                               of difficulty
                                                                          • Product will also monitor heart rate, calories
                                                                            burned and includes a log book
                                                                          • Additional functions include dual time, date,
                                                                            alarm and stopwatch
                    TINKER KNIFE
                                                                          SUU SS012688110           Black
                    • Contains:                                           SUU SS012689510           Gold
                       Large and small blade
                       Can and bottle opener                              SUU SS013201010           Rose
                       Small, large and Phillips® screwdriver             SUU SS012690110           Black clasp
                       Wire stripper
                       Sewing eye

                    VTI 53101

                    ELECTRICIAN KNIFE                                     X9I GPS WATCH
                    • Engraving panel on back and a silver aluminum       • One of the world’s smallest and lightest
                      oxide finish                                          wrist top GPS systems
                    • Contains:                                           • 12 channels with altimeter, barometer,
                       Large blade                                          compass and time
                       Reamer                                             • Stores 50 routes and 500 waypoints
                       Electrician’s blade with wire scraper              • Mark home and find home or track back on an
                       Wire stripper                                        active route
                    VTI 53781                                             SUU SS012029110           Black
                                                   SURGE™ MULTIPURPOSE
                                                   • 100% stainless steel
OUTDOOR AND                                        • All-locking blades
CAMPING KNIFE                                      • Comes with Surge™ leather sheath
• Supplied with black plastic sheath with          • Contains:
                                                      Needlenose pliers
  wrap-around snap
                                                      Regular pliers
• 4” stainless steel blade                            Wire cutters
• Safe, comfortable, coloured plastic grip with       Hard-wire cutters
  molded finger guard                                 Stranded-wire cutters
                                                      Electrical crimper
HJK 440-BL-YL                                         Clip-point knife
                                                      Serrated knife
                                                      Blade exchanger
                                                      Diamond file blade
                                                      Wood file blade
                                                      Saw blade
                                                      Large bit driver
                                                      Small bit driver
                                                      5/16” screwdriver
                                                      Awl with thread loop
                                                      Ruler (9” / 22 cm)
                                                      Bottle / can opener
BLAST™ MULTIPURPOSE                                   Wire stripper
                                                      Lanyard ring
TOOL                                                  (2) double-ended bits - Phillips® No. 1-2
• 100% stainless steel                                Screwdriver 3/16” bit - Phillips® and flat tip
• Zytel® contoured handle grips                       Eyeglass screwdriver bit
• Optimum grade hardness for each tool / blade
                                                   MAN 830232
• Comes with standard leather sheath
• Contains:
   Needlenose pliers
   Regular pliers                                  CHARGE AL MULTI-TOOL
   Wire cutters
                                                   • Contains:
   Hard-wire cutters
   Clip-point knife
                                                       Small and large screwdriver
   Wood / metal file
   Large screwdriver
                                                       Diamond coated file
   Small screwdriver
                                                       (12) different screwdriver bits
   Phillips® screwdriver
   Small bit driver
                                                   MAN 830694
   Ruler (8” / 19 cm)
   Bottle / can opener
   Wire stripper
   Lanyard ring
   (1) double-ended bit - Phillips® and flat tip
   Eyeglass screwdriver
                                                   FUSE MULTI-TOOL
                                                   • All blade locking system
MAN 830072                                         • Contains:
                                                       Needlenose pliers
WAVE® MULTIPURPOSE TOOL                                Clip point knife
• 100% stainless steel                                 Small, large and Phillips® screwdriver
• Optimum grade hardness for each tool / blade         Ruler
                                                       Bottle / can opener
• Contains:
                                                       Lanyard attachment
   Needlenose pliers
   Regular pliiers
   Wire cutters
                                                   MAN 830066
   Hard-wire cutters

                                                                                                       CAMP AND FIELD
   Clip-point knife
   Serrated knife
   Saw                                             VISTA MULTI-TOOL PRUNER
   Scissors                                        • Non-slip handles
   Wood / metal file
                                                   • Contains:
   Diamond-coated file
                                                      Bypass pruner / awl
   Large bit driver
                                                      Flat and Phillips® screwdriver
   Small bit driver
   Large screwdriver
                                                      Straight and serrated edge knife
   Ruler (8”)
                                                      Wire cutters
   Bottle / can opener
                                                      Nylon sheath
   Wire stripper
   Lanyard attachment
                                                   MAN 830588
   Two double-ended bits

MAN 830108

MICRA MULTI-TOOL                                   E306X FOLDING KNIFE
• Contains:                                        • Blade launcher allows the blade to quickly
    Scissors                                         open with the flick of a finger
    Clip point knife                               • Carabiner, which can also be used as a bottle
    Tweezers                                         opener, stays hidden until needed
    Nail file
                                                   • Bit driver comes with Phillips® #1 and #2 1/8”,
    Small, medium and flat Phillips® screwdriver
    Bottle opener                                    3/16” and 1/4” width flat head and #15 Torx
    Lanyard attachment                             MAN 830569

MAN 64010181N                                                                                          103
                                                                      H20 BINOCULARS
                                                                      • BAK-4 prism and multi-coated optics for
                    MONOPOD                                             superior light transmission
                    •   Lightweight                                   • Non-slip rubber armour absorbs shock while
                    •   Used for binoculars, scopes or cameras          providing a firm grip
                    •   Sturdy enough to be used as a walking stick   • Waterproof and nitrogen purged for
                    •   Three section telescoping                       fog-free performance
                                                                      • Large centre focus knob for easy adjustment
                    BRU 4089
                                                                      BUH 150842           8X42
                                                                      BUH 131005           10X25

                                                                      STABLEVIEW BINOCULARS
                                                                      • Revolutionary image stabilizing binocular for a
                    ALUMINUM TRIPOD                                     steady view
                    • Removable three-way head                        • Two modes of on-board image stabilizing
                    • Quick release plate                               technology; normal mode compensates for
                    • Rapid action lever leg locks                      3˚ of motion, ideal for car or boat
                                                                        viewing, and fine mode cancels
                    BRU TPOD230ALR                                      hand movement
                                                                      • Waterproof and fogproof
                                                                      • Comes with neck strap and case

                                                                       BUH 181035

                    ECHO BINOCULARS
                    • BAK-4 coated prism
                    • Waterproof, fogproof and nitrogen filled
                    • Full multi-coated lenses
                                                                      ZOOM BINOCULARS
                    BRU ECHO825           8X25                        • Incredible zoom versatility and extreme
                    BRU ECHO832           8X32                          viewing power
                                                                      • BAK-4 prism and multi-coated with weather
                                                                        resistant center focus
                                                                      • Rubber armour for secure grip
                                                                      • Twist up eye cups
                    ETERNA BINOCULARS
                                                                      BUH 121225           10 - 22X50
                    • Excellent for viewing over long distances
                    • BAK-4 prism and phase coated for
                      sharp images
                    • Waterproof, fogproof and nitrogen filled
                      aluminum body

                    BRU E1145            11X45

                                                                      NIGHT VISION MONOCULAR
                                                                      • Stealth view night vision features generation 2

                                                                        infrared spot scope
                                                                      • 600’ viewing range
                                                                      • Built-in tripod mount and video output
                    EXCURSION BINOCULARS                              • Weather resistant
                    • Mid-sized binoculars
                    • BAK-4 prism with multi-coated optics            BUH 260542           5X42
                    • PC-3® phase coating delivers outstanding
                      colour and sharpness
                    • A lightweight composite chassis and
                      streamlined design for comfortable carrying

                    BUH 240832            8X32
                    BUH 240842            8X42

                                                                      BINOCULAR HARNESS
                                                                      • Binocular shoulder harness frees up user’s
                    PERMAFOCUS BINOCULARS                               hands to do other important jobs
                    • Unique focus-free feature stays in focus at     • Comes with leather harness patch, handy
                      most viewing distances                            quick attachment loops, metal split rings and a
                    • Non-slip rubber armour absorbs shock              lens cleaning cloth
                      while proving firm grip
                    • The perfect product for viewing sport events    BUH 109998CM
                      or cold weather viewing with gloves
104                 BUH 170842            8X42
ECHO POCKET SCOPE                                DIGITAL CAMERA ADAPTER
• BAK-4 prism glass and multi-coated             • Produces high powered photographs with any
• Near focus of only 13”                           long range spotting scope (scope not included)
BRU ECHO7018 7X18 monocular                      BRU CADAPT

                                                 TRAVEL TUNES IPOD®
                                                 • Outdoor speaker system for iPod® and other
                                                   MP3 players
COMPACT SPOTTING SCOPE                           • Weather resistant
• Compact and versatile design                   • iPod® recharges while in docking port
• Includes an all-aluminum case, a soft case     • Rubber coated exterior and rubber
  scope glove and a window mount                   rugged trim
                                                 • Carrying handle and folding stand
BUH 787346           15X45                       • Includes carrying case, AC adapter, remote
                                                   control and dock inserts

                                                 BUH 940001G

• Extra power and extra long range
                                                 HANDHELD RADIO
• Rugged and waterproof                          • 18 mile GMRS radio
• Includes a compact tripod, premium hard        • Water resistant
  case and compact soft sided carrying case      • Includes headset and rechargeable
                                                   battery pack
BUH 782065           20-60X
                                                 BRU ROGER18

•   Captures close up views of distant objects
•   3.2 MP 16 Mb internal memory SD card slot
•   1-1/2” flip up LCD screen
•   Includes USB cable and software

BUH 110834            8X30

                                                 PORTABLE SOLAR POWER
                                                 • Next generation flexible solar array
                                                 • The most efficient thin film solar
                                                   technology available
TRAIL SCOUT CAMERA PRO                           • Sized for laptops and other larger electronics

                                                                                                    CAMP AND FIELD
•   5 MP extended night vision                   BRU SOLARIS26         28 oz.           26 watts
•   Audio record and moon phase stamp
•   Colour by day and night vision at night
•   Infrared sensor is motion activated
•   Cable lock padlock and tree bracket
•   Laser aiming device and SD card included
•   Flash range of 30’

BUH 119935

TRAIL SENTRY CAMERA                              • Tefzel® floropolymer construction
                                                 • Waterproof and UV transparent
• Colour by day and night vision at night
                                                 • Includes several adapter cables for different
• Infrared sensor is motion activated
                                                   devices and has a maximum output of
• Has SD card slot, still and movie modes and
                                                   14 watts
  is password protected
                                                 • Link multiple units together for
BUH 119302                                         increased power

                                                 BRU SOLARROLL14            12” x 57”      17 oz.   105
                                                                           RECHARGEABLE NICKEL
                                                                           METAL HYDRIDE BATTERIES
                    PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER
                    • Charges electronics via USB                          DUR DC1500B4N      AA            4 / pkg.
                    • Unit includes battery charger                        DUR DC2400B4N      AAA           4 / pkg.

                    BRU SOLARPORT4          19 oz.

                    SOLAR CONTROLLER
                    • Prevents overcharging 12 volt batteries when
                      using solar panels that provide more than 10
                      watts of power                                       ALKALINE PHOTO BATTERIES
                    BRU SOLRCON                                            DUR MX2500      AAAA     1.5 V

                    15 MINUTE CHARGER
                    • Charges AA / AAA
                    • Includes four AA, 2400 mAh batteries           Do you have a
                    DUR CEF15NC
                                                                     problem that
                                                                     requires expert
                                                                     Call us today!
                    PROCELL ALKALINE®

                    • Contains no added mercury
                    • Date coded to ensure freshness
                    • Long service life at high drain discharges
                    • Reliable in temperature extremes of
                      -20°C to 54°C

                    DUR PC1300           D               1.5 V

                    DUR PC1400           C               1.5 V
                    DUR PC1500           AA              1.5 V
                    DUR PC1604           9 Volt          9.0 V
                    DUR PC2400           AAA             1.5 V

                    LITHIUM BATTERIES
                    • Very high energy density and excellent
                      rate capability
                    • Up to 4X the power of alkaline batteries
                    • Wide operating temperature range (-40˚F to

                      140° F) and excellent low
                      temperature performance
                    • Excellent shelf life (0.5% capacity loss
                      per year at room temperature)
                    • 3.0 volt

106                 DUR 123
                    DUR CR2
WHIRLWIND                                                                 SUNDOWNER
3 AND 5 PERSON TENT                                                       SLEEPING BAGS
• Three season tent                                                       • Rectangular with hood
• Two doorways                                                            • Polyester taffeta outer shell with polycotton liner
• Very large vestibule and polyurethane hot taped seams on                • Two-way #5YKK zipper with stuff sack
  floor and fly
• Excellent ventilation through double doors and windows                  GSL 27235         80” x 12” x 34”       Navy blue              3 lb. fill
• Full coverage fly sheet and gear loft                                   GSL 27245         80” x 12” x 34”       Dark green             4 lb. fill

GSL 11320         4.4’ x 6” x 7.6”        FG poles
GSL 11321         4.4’ x 6” x 7.6”        AL poles
GSL 11520         6’ x 7’ x 10’           FG poles
GSL 11521         6’ x 7’ x 10’           AL poles

                                                                                                     ROLLING SPORT DUFFLE
                                                                                                     • Constructed of 600 denier with PVC backing
                                                                                                     • Retractable wheels and pull handle
                        SORCERER BACKPACKS                                                           • Carry handle, side handle and detachable
                        • Two main compartments with water                                             shoulder strap
                          resistant zippers                                                          • Plastic skid pads protect bottom of bag
                        • Suspended mesh back with two sprung                                        WOR 1504      35” x 15” x 14”
                          steel stays, four side compression straps and
                          multiple tool attachment points
                        • Deluxe hip belt and bottom zippered                                        PVC DUFFLE BAG
                          compartment with detachable rain fly
                        • Comes with padded audio compartment                                        • Made with tough PVC / polyester fabric
                          and port                                                                   • Top handle with padded straps and padded
                                                                                                       end grab loops
                        IFS 00B335560        33 L                                                    • Detachable shoulder strap and molded
                        IFS 00B405660        40 L                                                      padded reinforced bottom

                                                                                                     WOR 764       16” x 11” x 9”            S
                                                                                                     WOR 766       21” x 13.5” x 10”         M
                                                                                                     WOR 768       28.5” x 16” x 12.5”       L

                        NIAGARA BACKPACK
                        • A lightweight hydration system
                        • Main compartment comes with 2 L Platypus

                                                                                                                                                       CAMP AND FIELD
                          hydration bag                                                              DUFFLE BAG STUFFLES
                        • Front mesh stash pocket with                                               • Heavy-duty all purpose travel duffle with
                          adjustable bungee                                                            reinforced webbing and oversized zippers
                        • Front zippered panel with mini organizer                                   • Large main compartment with two zippered
                                                                                                       pockets on either side
                        IFS 00B200060       10 L                                                     • Compression straps to stabilize user’s load

                                                                                                     IFS 00F001050         M         24” x 12” x 12”
                                                                                                     IFS 00F002050         L         31” x 16” x 16”
                                                                                                     IFS 00F003050         XL        39” x 19” x 19”

                                                                                                     BACKPACK FREIGHTER
                        HYDRATION SYSTEMS                                                            FRAME
                        • Reservoir can be turned inside out to clean                                • An ideal external alloy frame for heavy
                          and dry, avoiding bacteria growth                                            off-sized loads
                        • Wide mouth opening with roll top closure for                               • Lightweight and has adjustable shoulder and
                          easy filling                                                                 waist belt
                        • Made with approved durable polyurethane
                                                                                                     IFS T23392
                        IFS 00C000901       1.5 L
                        IFS 00C000902       2L                                                                                                         107
                        IFS 00C000903       3L
                    WALL TENT                                  INSULATED WALL TENT                                            TENT FRAMES
                    • Heavy-duty carry bag                     • Insulated tents have a 1” polyester quilted batting          • Comes with:
                    • One door and two windows                   and a poly / nylon liner                                        (6) cast aluminum x-rafters
                    • Stove pipe jack                          • All windows are covered with clear PVC, stove hole              (6) x-legs (with caps)
                                                                                                                                 (6) x 3-way fittings
                    • Sod cloth                                  is insulated and zippered door has a flap
                                                                                                                                 (3) x 4-way fittings
                    • Other sizes available                      for protection                                                  Heavy-duty carrying bag
                                                               • Other sizes available                                           Assembly instructions
                    WCC 12X14X5
                    WCC 14X16X5                                WCC 12X14X5I                                                   WCC 12X14X5F
                                                               WCC 14X16X5I                                                   WCC 14X16X5F
                                                                                                                              WCC 12X14X5IF                    Insulated
                                                                                                                              WCC 14X16X5IF                    Insulated

                                    TREKKER HEATER                                                                     FUEL SUPPLY LINE KIT
                                    • Diesel heater                                                                    • Includes:
                                    • 4,000 - 12,000 BTUH output                                                          10’ mil spec line
                                                                                                                          Primer bulb filter
                                    ITR 36000           15” x 12” x 15”   20 lbs.                                         Quick connect

                                                                                                                       ITR 5296

                                                                                                                       COMPLETE FUEL SUPPLY KIT
                                                                                                                       • Includes:
                                    EXPEDITION HEATER                                                                     10’ mil spec line
                                                                                                                          Primer bulb
                                    • Diesel heater
                                                                                                                          Quick connect
                                    • 10,000 - 30,000 BTUH output                                                         Cap
                                                                                                                          20 L diesel jerry can
                                    ITR 47000           33” x 15” x 20”   40 lbs.
                                                                                                                       ITR 5298

                                    PROSPECTOR HEATER
                                    • Diesel heater
                                    • 30,000 - 55,000 BTUH output
                                                                                                                       REGULAR CAMP COT
                                                                                                                       • Middle hinge and three x-shaped feet with
                                    ITR 44200           36” x 18” x 22”   58 lbs.                                        reinforced joints
                                                                                                                       • Easy clip bar ends

                                                                                                                       IFS T43205                 190 cm x 63 cm x 42 cm

                                                                                                                       HEAVY-DUTY OVERSIZED
                                                                                                                       CAMP COT

                                                                                                                       • Middle hinge and three x-shaped feet with
                                                                                                                         reinforced joints
                                                                                                                       • Heavy gauge aluminum tubing and
                                    EXHAUST KITS FOR HEATERS                                                             oversized construction
                                    • Portable galvanized exhaust kit
                                    • Includes:                                                                        IFS T43211                 208 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm
                                       (3) 3’ stacks
                                       Rain cap                                                                        GUIDE CAMP COT
                                       Guy lines
                                       Elbow (expedition and prospector only)
                                                                                                                       • Easy to collapse and folds in seconds
                                                                                                                       • Multi-x frame construction
                                    ITR 36062             3”                                                           • The most comfortable of the three cots
108                                 ITR 5301              4”
                                                                                                                       IFS T43212                 196 cm x 70 cm x 48cm
                                    ITR 5302              6”
                                                                                          MICRO FILTER BOTTLE
                                                                                          • Meets EPA standards for removal of Giardia
                                                                                            and bacteria
HIGHBOY CAMP ORGANIZER                                                                    • Additional carbon filter reduces chemicals and
                                                                                            makes water taste better
•   Four compartments with fibreboard shelves                                             • Can be upgraded to an Exstream
•   One mesh D door and one nylon door                                                      purification system
•   Side panel organization pockets                                                       • 0.3 micron glassfibre anti-clog and activated
•   Fully collapsible with storage sack                                                     carbon granulate technology
IFS T45100              46 cm x 58 cm x 142 cm                                            KAT 8014949
                                                                                          KAT 8014523                      Replacement filter

                                                                                          WATER FILTER TABLETS
                                                                                          • Easy-to-use chlorine dioxide tablets
                                                                                          • Improves the taste and odour of treated water
                                                                                          • Effective against viruses, bacteria, Giardia
                                                                                            and Cryptosporidium
CAMP KITCHEN                                                                              • Meets EPA microbiological water purifier
                                                                                            test standards
• Two working surfaces to prepare meals and
  to support a two burner stove                                                           KAT 8014986                      10 / pkg.
• Wire basket for storage and two wire
  shelves / drying racks for dishes
• Collapses into its own carrying case

IFS T45099              90 cm x 52 cm x 78 cm
                                                                                          BASE CAMP WATER FILTER
                                                                                          • High water flow rate and no pumping required
                                                                                          • Ideal for groups and families
                                                                                          • Uses the cleanable Hiker PRO cartridge that
ALUMINUM FOLDING TABLE                                                                      removes bacteria, Giardia and
• Fully collapsible                                                                         Cryptosporidium to EPA standards
• Nylon carrying case included                                                            • 0.3 micron glassfibre anti-clog technology

IFS T45020        114 cm x 75 cm x 72 cm                                                  KAT 8014677
                                                                                          KAT 8014644                      Replacement filter

CHAIR WITH SIDE TABLE                                                                     VARIO WATER FILTER
• Deluxe director’s chair with side table                                                 • A high-performance glassfibre filter
• Fully padded seat and back, padded armrests,                                            • 1.0 micron ceramic pre-filter that can be
  foldaway side table and oversized construction                                            adjusted individually according to the
                                                                                            cloudiness of the water
IFS T45016 36 cm x 54 cm seat 54 cm back height                                           • 0.3 micron glassfibre anti-clog and activated
                                                                                            carbon granulate technology

                                                                                          KAT 8014932
                                                                                          KAT 8014933                      Replacement filter

EXPEDITION WATER FILTER                                              WATER FILTER SPECIFICATIONS
•   Indestructible, high performance filter            PART #          MODEL              OUTPUT          CAPACITY             WEIGHT       DIMENSIONS
                                                      KAT 2050000      Expedition         4 L / min         100,000 L           11.5 lbs.         23” x 8”
•   Ideal for large groups and relief organizations

                                                                                                                                                                 CAMP AND FIELD
                                                      KAT 2110070     Drip Ceradyn         4 L / hr         150,000 L           7.3 lbs.          11” x 18”
•   0.2 micron ceramic depth filter technology
                                                      KAT 8014949   Micro filter bottle   0.2 L / min       0.6 L bottle         7 oz.            11” x 3”
•   Includes:
                                                      KAT 8014986        Tablets             n/a         1 tab. / 1 L water       n/a           30 tab. / pkg.
                                                      KAT 8014677      Base Camp          0.5 L / min          750 L             13 oz.          7.5” x 3.9”
     Carry bag
                                                                          Vario           2 L / min     2,000 L (glassfibre)     15 oz.           7.5” x 4”
                                                      KAT 8014932
                                                                                                          400 L (carbon)
KAT 2050000
KAT 1040               Replacement filter

                                                                                           WIDE MOUTH FLASKS
                                                                                           • Lightweight flask
                                                                                           • Epoxy coating prevents taste transfer

                                                                                           • Leakproof cap with carabiner attachment
                                                                                           BRU WIDE06RED 0.6 L
WATER FILTER                                                                               BRU WIDE10BLU 1 L
• Free standing gravity filter with three
  ceramic filters
• 10 L water container for large quantities
  of water
• Filters without effort
• 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter technology

KAT 2110070                                                                                                                                                      109
KAT 20743              Replacement filter
                                                                         GLORB LED XB LANTERN
                                                                         • 1 watt LED
                                                                         • Two position switch allows a choice between
                    WIDEMOUTH FLASKS                                       normal or high power
                                                                         • Runs for 50 hrs. on four AA batteries
                    • Stainless steel vacuum flask
                                                                         BRU GLORBLEDXB
                    IFS T52267           1L

                                                                         ORION LED LANTERN
                                                                         • 3 watt LED
                                                                         • Easy to operate
                    WIDE-MOUTH LEXAN                                     • 45 hrs. of light on four D cell batteries
                    LOOP-TOP BOTTLES                                     BRU ORIONLED
                    • Top quality, heavy-duty Lexan
                      polycarbonate material
                    • Convenient, all-purpose wide mouth top
                      allows for easy filling and easy cleaning
                    • Leakproof lids with secure loop-top caps
                    • Great for storing beverages or dry foods

                    IFS T28050            16 fl. oz.
                    IFS T28053            24 fl. oz.                     GANNETT TWO BURNER
                    IFS T28056            32 fl. oz.
                                                                         CAMP STOVE
                                                                         •   Durable stainless steel construction
                    WIDE-MOUTH VECTRA                                    •   Two 12,000 BTU burners
                                                                         •   Piezo push button ignition
                    BOTTLES                                              •   Propane powered
                    • Top quality, leakproof, break resistant, high
                      density polyethylene food grade bottles            BRU GANNETT2B
                    • Durable, all-purpose containers allow easy
                      repackaging of foods and other essentials          WIND RIVER TWO BURNER
                    • Larger sizes for water, cooking oil,               CAMP STOVE
                      vinegar, etc.
                    • Smaller sizes are ideal for syrups, soap, etc.     • 30,000 BTU
                                                                         • Precise flame control
                    IFS T28011            1 fl. oz.                      • Utensil storage, cutting board and
                    IFS T28012            2 fl. oz.                        wind screen
                    IFS T28013            4 fl. oz.                      • Includes external hose and regulator
                    IFS T28014            8 fl. oz.
                    IFS T28015            16 fl. oz.                     BRU WRRANGE
                    IFS T28016            32 fl. oz.

                                                                         CAMP COOK POTS
                                                                         • 1 L and 1.4 L pot sizes
                                                                         • Hard anodized aluminum

                                                                         BRU IBCOOKSET 9.4 oz.
                    FUEL BOTTLES

                    •   Hardened aluminum and epoxy coating
                    •   Suitable for any liquid                          ALUMINUM VAPOR KETTLE
                    •   Leakproof cap with carabiner attachment
                                                                         • 9 L pot size
                    •   Pouring holes for controlled filling
                                                                         • Hard anodized aluminum
                    BRU FUEL06           0.6 L
                                                                         BRU VKETTLE            5.3 oz.
                    BRU FUEL10           1L

                                                                         FOLDING SPORK

                                                                         • Titanium strength
                                                                         • Lightweight
                                                                         • Fits almost anywhere

                    FIRELIGHT™ WINDPROOF                                 BRU FOLDINGSPORK
                    LIGHTER AND LED LIGHT
                    • High temperature flame with controllable
                      gas flow
                    • Refill with high-grade butane gas
                    • 30,000 ignitions
                    • Batteries included
                    BRU FIRELIGHT         2-3/4” x 1-1/4” x 1”   3 oz.
                                                  PLASTIC MATCHBOX
                                                  • Army green in colour and waterproof
                                                  • Screw on lid with striker bottom
• Light, yet extremely strong
• Smooth eating surface                           WOR 452
• Will not rust or melt

BRU MYTI             1.7 oz.

                                                  PLASTIC MATCHBOX
                                                  • Orange plastic with watertight seal
CAMP FORK                                         • Fire starter flint on bottom
• Heavy-duty, chrome plated steel fork with
  stay cool wooden handle                         COG 8746

COG 9195             41”

• No flame, heat or batteries                     WATERPROOF MATCHBOX
• Non-toxic and won’t attract insects             • Box has waterproof striker surface
• Weatherproof                                    • 47 matches per box
                                                  • 10 boxes per package
COG 9200             12 hr.         Green
COG 9821             12 hr.         Red           COG 529
COG 9831             8 hr.          Blue
COG 9841             12 hr.         Yellow

CANDLE                                            MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER
                                                  • Safe and fireproof in solid form
• Bigger and longer burning for very cold
                                                  • Uses magnesium as a flame source
  conditions or for use in vehicle
                                                  • Sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires
• Three wicks burn for 36 hrs.
• Includes matchbook (fits in tin)                COG 7870
COG 9248

• White wax

COG 8675             5”
                                                  WINDPROOF LIGHTER
                                                  • Continuous flame is produced as butane gas
                                                    vapours ignite upon contact with the super
                                                    heated catalyzer coil element
                                                  • Blowtorch flame stays lit in windy conditions

                                                                                                     CAMP AND FIELD
EMERGENCY CANDLES                                 COG 0573

• Burns up to six hrs. each
• Five candles per package

WOR 1282

                                                  POCKET SIERRA SAW

• Extra large windproof, waterproof head and
  striker surface                                 •   Tempered flexible steel blade
• Approximately 20 matches per box                •   Hard chrome plate
• 2 boxes per package                             •   Resists rust and cuts smooth and clean
                                                  •   Blade locks open
COG 700                                           •   Unbreakable handle
WOODEN MATCHES                                    COG 0562              16”     9-1/2” folded
• Strike anywhere wooden safety matches, ideal
  for all outdoor activities
• 240 boxes per carton and sold per carton only

WOR 4028
                    SNAPPI HOOKERS RUBBER                                EMERGENCY BLANKET
                    TIE DOWNS                                            • Compact and lightweight
                    • 100% high quality EPDM rubber                      • Aluminized, non-stretch polyester
                    • Straps stretch to 2-1/2X their original length     • Stays flexible in freezing temperatures and
                    • ISO 9001:2000 quality standards                      reflects body heat back to body
                    • Plated hooks to resist rust                        • Wind and waterproof

                    HJK SH09              8”                             COG 8235           52” x 82-1/2”     12 oz.
                    HJK SH15              15”
                    HJK SH20              20”
                    HJK SH30              30”

                                                                         THERMAL BLANKET
                                                                         • Strong and compact
                                                                         • Windproof, waterproof and soil resistant
                                                                         • Retains body heat
                                                                         • Reinforced corner grommets and layered
                    RATCHET TYPE TIE DOWNS                                 construction of aluminized polyethelene
                                                                         • Stitched and vinyl bound edges
                    • Heavy-duty nylon web
                    • Ideal for roof racks, motorcycles and boats        COG 8544           50” x 79”         14 oz.
                    • Quick secure cinching
                    • Comes with “J” hooks

                    HJK PSTD-16           1” x 15’ 2,000 lbs. strength

                                                                         ALL SEASON SHIRTS
                                                                         • Relaxed fit base layer
                                                                         • Made from fast-drying materials with
                    NYLON EMERGENCY                                        advanced moisture and
                    TOW STRAPS                                             temperature management
                                                                         • Lightweight, multi-panel with flat seam design
                    • Ideal for emergency pulling
                                                                         • Anti-microbial / anti-odour treatment
                    • Strong nylon webbing
                                                                         • Available in sizes M - 3XL
                    • Will not stretch or snap back
                    • Two drop forged hooks with safety                  ERG 40103(size)      Short sleeve     Black / gray
                      latch included                                     ERG 40163(size)      Long sleeve      Black / gray

                    HJK NS-20       2” x 20’        8,500 lbs. SWL
                                                                         LONG UNDERWEAR
                                                                         • Ripped fit, all-season base layer long johns
                                                                           made from fast drying materials with
                                                                           advanced moisture and
                                                                           temperature management
                                                                         • Lightweight stretch fabric with flat
                                                                           seam design
                                                                         • Anti-microbial / anti-odour treatment
                                                                         • Available in sizes M - 3XL
                    FOLDING SHOVEL
                                                                         ERG 40803(size)      Black
                    • Tempered steel forged blade, metal handle
                      and shaft
                    • Positive locking collar                            THERMAL FLEECE

                    COG 9065              23”       10” folded           • Thermal outer layer
                                                                         • Soft fleece made from fast drying materials
                                                                           with moisture management for comfort in
                                                                           cold conditions
                                                                         • Midweight fleece and flat seam design
                                                                         • Anti-microbial / anti-odour treatment
                                                                         • Available in sizes M - 3XL

                                                                         ERG 40503(size)      Black w/ reflective accents

                                                                         INSULATED CHEST WADERS
                                                                         • PVC molded lug sole boot with full neoprene

                                                                           lining for insulation
                    SURVIVAL SIGNAL MIRROR                               • 420 denier nylon / PVC upper with reinforced
                    • Highly reflective laminated glass                    knees and seat
                    • Unique mesh targeting system                       • Suspenders include neoprene
                    • Pinpoint aiming accuracy                             shoulder patches
                                                                         • Padded kidney support
                    COG 9902              2” x 3”
                                                                         • Web chest belt with quick release buckle
                                                                         • Inner access pocket
                                                                         • Sizes 7 - 12

                                                                         WOR 6655B(size)
                                                               BEAR SPRAY
                                                               • 8 m - 10 m range with a spray duration of
                                                                 8 - 10 seconds
                                                               • Contains 1% capsaicin, which is the highest
                                                                 legal limit
BEAR SHIELD                                                    EAM BBP0390A         390 g
• 3 - 6 m range
• 0.75% capsaicin
WLA BS-0035A          225 g           7 sec. duration

       BEAR BELLS                                              BEAR BEWARE
                                                               • 6 - 8 m range
       • Strap with hook and loop closure
                                                               • 0.75% capsaicin
       • Fasten around packs, belt loops, etc.
                                                               • Neoprene holster optional
       • Provides enough of an alarm to warn any bear
         of user’s approach                                    EAM BBP-0015A        225 g    4 - 5 sec. duration

       EAM BBP0500         6” strap           1-1/2” bell

                                                               BEAR BEWARE PLUS
                                                               • 6 - 8 m range
                                                               • 0.98% capsaicin
       BEAR BANGERS - RIM FIRE                                 • Glow in the dark top with safety lanyard
       • Alerts or signals prearranged messages                • Neoprene holster included
         between parties
       • Height of between 20 m - 30 m with a                  EAM BBP-0010A        225 g    4 - 5 sec. duration
         duration of 0.8 - 1.0 seconds                         EAM BBP-0020A        325 g    6 - 7 sec. duration
       • Use with pen launcher
       • 12 g each
       • 6 per package

       EAM BC4001

                                                               DOG BEWARE
       FLARES                                                  • 0.75% capsaicin
       • Used for distress signalling with a                   • Neoprene holster included
         pen launcher
                                                               EAM DB-0300          50 g
       • Height of between 40 m - 50 m with a
         duration of 4 - 6 seconds
       • 10 g each
       • 6 per package

       EAM SF3001          Red rim-fire flares

                                                                                                                   CAMP AND FIELD
       • German rim-fire crack cartridges
       • Height of 60 m
       • 6 per package

       SFI 52731
                                                               NYLON HOLSTER
                                                               • For Bear Beware, Bear Beware Plus and
                                                                 Bear Shield

                                                               WOE 13831            225 g

                                                               WOE 13832            325 g or 390 g
       • For german rim-fire signal flares and crack
       • Visible from about 1/2 km away by day and
         20 km by night
       • Burning time approximately 6 seconds                  NEOPRENE HOLSTER
       • 9 per package                                         • For Bear Beware Plus
       SFI 52174           Multi-colored (red, green, white)   EAM NH8888           325 g
       SFI 52711           Red

                    12 GAUGE FLARES                                      PEN LAUNCHER
                    • Altitude of 80 m and burn time of                  • The size of a fountain pen
                      5 – 7 seconds                                      • Comprised of a metal tube, firing pin, spring
                    • Visible from a distance of 2 km by day and           and pocket clip
                      20 km by night                                     • Firing pin can be set for either rim fire or
                    • For use with a 12 gauge shotgun or #5281             center fire cracks or flares
                      signal pistol                                      • Uses flare, multi-flare or bearbanger (cracker)
                    • 6 cartridges per box
                                                                         EAM RPL4001
                    SFI 6262              Red, green and white

                    FOUR CALIBRE FLARES
                    • Four calibre flares in aluminum casings
                    • 5 – 7 seconds burn time to a maximum of
                      120 m                                              CLASSIC WHISTLE
                    • Visible for 4 km by day and 40 km by night
                                                                         • A high-pitched “trill” that carries for
                    SFI 6322              10 / box                         long distances
                                                                         • Cannot be overblown
                                                                         • Has no pea to collect dirt and bacteria
                    FOUR CALIBRE                                         FOF CLASSIC
                    CRACK CARTRIDGE
                    • Four calibre crack cartridges in
                      aluminum casings
                    • 100 m projectory before detonation
                    • Time elapsed from firing to detenation is
                      5 - 7 seconds                                      MARINE WHISTLE
                    • Creates a very loud bang                           • Tough, high impact plastic whistle with
                    SFI 6330              10 / pkg.                        powerful sound range
                                                                         • Ideal for emergencies
                                                                         • High visibility orange
                    H & K SIGNAL PISTOL
                                                                         GSL 54017
                    • Signal pistol can launch item #52711, 52731
                      (requires insert), 6262 12 gauge flares, 6325
                      parachute flare, 6322 4 calibre flare and 6330
                      4 calibre crack cartridge                          BUG BLOCKER PULL OVER
                    SFI 5281                                             •   Tightly woven polycotton jacket
                                                                         •   Zip off mesh hood and cuff / waist drawstrings
                    H & K FLARE INSERT                                   •   Jacket folds into fanny pack
                                                                         •   Sizes S - XXL
                    • Accessory required for Heckler and Koch
                      signal pistol to launch flares item #52711 or      WOR 3061(size)
                      bear cracks #52731

                    SFI 18002

                    OLIN PISTOL                                          FULL ZIP BUG JACKET
                    • Comes in a plastic case with four flares (#R912)   • Polyester mesh netting
                                                                         • Full zippered front and zip back hood, elastic
                    SFI R931
                                                                           waist and knit wrist cuffs

                                                                         • Sizes S - XXL

                                                                         WOR 3085(size)
                    OLIN FLARE ADAPTER
                    • Adapter for Olin flare gun
                    • Allows the firing of item #52711 or #52731

                    SFI R52

                    SIGNAL POCKET FLARE PEN

                    • For use with rim-fire flare refills and
                      Bear Bangers

                    SFI SG67
                                                                         MOSQUITO HEAD NET
                                                                         • Cool cotton top, fine mesh keeps out the
                                                                           smallest insects
                                                                         • Wide ring keeps mesh away from face
                                                                           and neck
                                                                         • Adjustable headband and drawstring neck

114                                                                      COG 9360
                                                    OFF!® INSECT REPELLENT
                                                    • Deep Woods OFF!®
                                                    • Aerosol
                                                    • 25% Deet

 MOSQUITO                                           DPP CB719447         230 g

 • Repels up to 98% of mosquitoes,
   black flies and no-see-ums
 • Cordless and portable
 • Odour free
 • Safe – no open flame
 TMC R1                       12 hr. refill
 TMC R4                       48 hr. refill         BUG SPRAY
                                                    • Protects for up to eight hours. against
                                                      numerous biting insects including mosquitoes,
                                                      black flies, chiggers, ticks and gnats
                                                    • 1.5% related toluamides
MOSQUITO REPELLENT                                  SPL 11-050074         Pump (30% Deet)       50 ml
HOLSTER                                             SPL 11-050222         Liquid (30% Deet)     40 ml
• “No-hands” way to transport and secure            SPL 11-050221         Aersol (23.5% Deet)   110 g
  Thermacell and Thermascent appliances             SPL 11-052100         Aersol (23.5% Deet)   200 g
• Provides storage for extra mats and cartridges
• Secures unit to tree stand or boat with
  convenient strap and buckle


                                                    INSECT REPELLENT
LANTERN REPELLENT                                   AEROSOL
• Repels 98% of mosquitoes, black flies and         • 28% Deet
  no-see-ums                                        • Effective for up to 6 hours
• For added protection, the lantern automatically
                                                    DEG 12435
  shuts off if tipped over
• Uses the same refills as the hand unit


• Quick, even coverage - sprays at any angle,
  even upside down
• UVA / UVB SPF 30 protection goes on               INSECT REPELLENT
  clear— no rub, no mess                            SINGLE TOWELETTE
• Waterproof and ultra-sweatproof                   • 30% Deet

                                                                                                        CAMP AND FIELD
• Ultra-dry formula allows for no-slip grip and
                                                    • Effective for up to 6 hours
  won’t run into eyes and sting
• Twist and lock cap prevents spills                DEG 12405
SPL 11769177

• UVA / UVB SPF 50 sunblock protection
• Micronized zinc oxide
• Waterproof, moisturizing includes Vitamin A, C,
  and E

SPL 11761773

• Vitamin E and aloe moisturizers
• Waterproof                                        SPF 30 SUNSCREEN LOTION
• Protection against UVA and UVB rays               • Provides 30X the natural protection against
                                                      harmful UVA and UVB rays
SPL 11050134         110 mL
                                                    • Non-greasy, fast drying and fragrance free
SPL 11245228         220 mL
                                                    • Hypoallergenic, sweatproof and waterproof

                                                    DEG 12340             4 oz. bottle                  115
                                                                      THE BLACK BOX
                                                                      GOPHER TRAP
                                                                      • Rids homes, lawns, gardens and camps of
                                                                        gophers and rats
                    SUNSCREEN TOWELETTES                              • Easy to set trap kills by choking rodent with
                    • Peel and reseal label allows the product to       steel bar
                      dispense effectively and prevents drying out    • Reuseable plastic trap contains spring bar,
                    • 16 towels per package                             spring and trigger wire
                                                                      • Sure to catch on first try
                    DEG 12360
                                                                      FAV 08-0300CAN

                                                                      TWO SPEAKER PEST CHASER
                                                                      • Two powerful speakers for double the output
                                                                      • Repels mice before they become an issue
                                                                      • Designed to be used against a wall or in
                    MULTI-CATCH MOUSE TRAP                              a corner
                    • No poisons required                             • Comes with a 6’ cord
                    • May be used indoors or outdoors
                                                                      FAV M760CAN
                    • Capable of catching multiple mice in a
                      single setting
                    • Long lasting reliable wind up mechanism with    ATTACK ANT KILLING
                      a clear top                                     SYSTEM
                    FAV M417                                          • Kills queen and colony
                                                                      • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
                    SEE THROUGH TOP                                   • Place near ant trails and hills for
                    MOUSE TRAP                                          effective results
                    • Live catch mouse trap enables catch             FAV 325420CAN
                      and release
                    • Bait with peanut butter or chocolate chips
                    • Enables multiple catching of mice
                    • Can be used around food, water, animals
                      and people
                                                                      CHEMICAL FREE ANT KILLER
                    FAV M308CAN
                                                                      • Kills ants with patented bait formula by
                    WOODEN MOUSE TRAP                                   ingestion / dehydration within 48 hours
                                                                      • Works indoors or outdoors when kept dry
                    • Wood based wire snap trap with scented
                      trip pedal                                      FAV 021063CAN
                    • No bait required, swiss cheese scented
                    • Ideal for runway trapping
                    • Can be used around food, water and people

                    FAV M035             2 / pkg.

                    QUICK KILL MOUSE TRAP                             WASP AND INSECT TRAP
                    • Contains a power bar designed for a quick
                                                                      •   Controls yellow jackets, flies and fruit flies
                      and humane kill
                                                                      •   Reusable easy to use design
                    • Easy to set and bait, use peanut butter or
                                                                      •   No poisons needed
                      chocolate chips
                                                                      •   Bait with soft drinks, fish or meats
                    • Reusable and cleans quickly
                                                                      FAV M362CAN
                    FAV M140CAN          2 / pkg.

                    PRO RAT TRAP

                    • Original wood based wire snap trap with metal
                      trip pedal
                                                                      FLY STRIP RIBBON
                    • Clean and quick trapping                        • No vapours or mess to clean up, throw away
                                                                        when full
                    FAV M326                                          • Low cost dependable alternative to poisons
                                                                      • Colour highly attractive to flies
                                                                      • Hang from high point for best results

                                                                      FAV M512CAN               4 / pkg.
                    LIVE ANIMAL TRAPS
                    • Trap sets with one hand
                    • Easy to release lever opens door and animal
                      is set free

                    • Set and release mechanism is located on top
                      of trap limiting interaction with animal
                    • 32” x 10” x 12”                                 SNAKE BITE KIT
                    FAV 1084             Squirrel                     • Easy-to-use one hand lymph constrictor
                    FAV 1085             Raccoon                      • Contains:
                                                                            (3) pliable suction cups
                    CRITTER RIDDER REPELLENT                                Scalpel
                                                                            Antiseptic swab
                    • Works in rain or shine
                    • Repels animals                                  COG 7925
                    • Will not damage soil or vegetation
116                 FAV 223242CAN
                                                    HANDLE WITH SNOW SAW
                                                    • Handle comes with a built-in 16” snow and
                                                      ice saw
                                                    • Collapsed length is 31.5” (80 cm)
                                                    • Extended length (not including blade) is
                                                      40.5” (103 cm)
AVALANCHE BEACON                                    SVS SH104
• The F1ND is specifically designed to aid in the
  location of persons buried by
  snow avalanches
• 90 m receiving range and indicator light          STANDARD SHOVEL SCOOP
• 7 position rotary search dial                     • Available in a solid powder coated purple or
• Comes in a black, high impact case                  semi transparent red, yellow, or blue
SVS B201                 25 mm x 70 mm x 120 mm     SVS SC120            26 cm x 30 cm 470 g

•   Lightweight and economical
•   Overall length is 2.4 m
•   Seven section ferrule insert joints             SHOVEL GRIPPER CLIPS
•   7075 Easton aluminum                            • Vinyl coated spring metal clips
                                                    • Custom sized to securely retain the SOS
                                                      shovel handle when mounted to any surface

                                                    SVS RGC110

• Easy assembly in under 10 seconds
• Seven 40 cm x 12.9 mm aluminum                    ALL-TERRAIN GAITERS
  tubing sections
• Swagged section joining design & patented         IFS T27970           Med.
  SOSLOC locking mechanism                          IFS T27972           Lrg.
• Powder coated purple and yellow
  alternating sections

SVS PS301             Standard 2.8 m      370 g

• 64 cm hollow shaft
• Contains:
      Mini probe                                    SNOWSCOPIC
                                                    • A lightweight mountain axe and telescopic
SVS SH105                325 g
                                                      trekking pole

                                                    PEZ U03             65 cm      105 cm extended

                                                                                                       CAMP AND FIELD
• Lightweight and compact
• Fixed length of 27” (69cm)
• Does not include blade


                                                    HIKING POLE

                                                    • Lightweight aluminum poles with
TELESCOPING HANDLE                                    ergonomically designed hand grip for comfort
• Collapsed length is 27.5” (70 cm)                   and positive grip
• Extended length is 36.5” ( 92 cm)                 • Anti-shock pole shafts are marked with
• Does not include blade                              increments in cm for easy pole height settings
                                                    • Carbide pole tip
SVS SH102                                           • Each pole is supplied with three additional
                                                      ends, dome shaped cap for snow, angled
                                                      hard rubber end and rubber cap for
                                                      general use
                                                    HJK VT183
                    SNOWSHOE BINDING
                    • Nylon harness for wooden snowshoes

                    GVS 2
                                                                           WIDE TRAIL
                                                                           • Aluminum frame 6000 grade,
                                                                             recommended for forestry workers,
                                                                             energy saver pivot system
                                                                           • Ergonomic harness keeps your foot
                                                                             centered and provides a perfect fit for
                                                                             winter boots
                                                                           • Freeze free ratchet buckle system,
                    HEEL STABILIZER                                          front and rear claw with non-stick coating
                                                                           • Heel stabilizer to provide efficient
                    • Strap attachment to keep heel in place and
                                                                             movement in dense bush
                      allow for a consistent backing up step
                                                                           • Wide footprint for optimum flotation
                    GVS 301
                                                                           GVS 5046              11” x 28”
                                                                           GVS 5048              11” x 38”
                                                                           GVS 5047              12” x 33”
                                                                           GVS 5049              12” x 42”

                                                                           • Highest quality frame for the weight,
                                                                             snowshoe geometry offers great
                                                                             flotation in all circumstances
                                                                           • Energy saver pivot system, harness
                    POWER LIFT SYSTEM                                        keeps user’s foot centered with a
                    • Aluminum bracket to provide a level                    perfect fit for winter boots
                      footstep on steep slopes                             • Freeze free ratchet buckle system,
                                                                             double claw front and rear
                    GVS 100
                                                                           GVS 5021              9” x 30”
                                                                           GVS 5022              10” x 36”

                                                                           • Includes all the features of the Aerolite plus a
                                                                             snow pocket frame geometry allows for
                    SNOWSHOE BAGS                                            great flotation and a rebound for the
                                                                             next step
                    • Nylon bag                                            • Freeze free ratchet buckle system,
                    • Fits different sizes of snowshoes                      double claw front and rear
                    GVS 203           L             9” x 32”, 10” x 36”,
                                                                           GVS 5093              9” x 29”
                                                    11” x 28”, 12” x 33”
                                                                           GVS 5095              9” x 32”
                    GVS 204           XL            11” x 38”, 12” x 42”


                                                                           • Wooden snowshoe for quiet and efficient
                                                                             movement in crowded areas of the forest
                                                                           • Frame is made of white ash and the lacing
                                                                             from cowhide
                                                                           • Harness sold separately

                                                                           GVS 14C               14” x 32”


                                                                           • Wooden snowshoe that’s very quiet, easy to
                                                                             maneuver with great flotation
                    YAKTRAX MEN’S PRO                                      • The frame is made of white ash and the
                    • Made out of a 100% natural rubber blend                lacing is cow rawhide
                      designed to give you increased durability            • Harness sold separately
                      and strength
                    • Comes with a removable performance strap             GVS 11                12” x 42”
                      to help keep your Yaktrax in place during use

                    INI 8005S              Sizes 6 - 9
                    INI 8005M              Sizes 9 - 11
                    INI 8005L
                                           Sizes 11 - 13
                    INI 8005XL             Sizes 13+

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