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					                                                                                                         Cal State   Fullerton
Additional Information

    For more information on
    building your leadership skills or
    getting involved in a leadership
    role on campus, please contact
    the Dean of Students office.
    We have a variety of activities to
    assist in you in building your
    leadership skills as well as getting
    involved in the community.
    The Student Leadership Institute
    provides opportunities such as
    workshops and a University
    Leadership Conference. Our
    Greek Life programs works with
    numerous sororities at CSUF that
    provide all types of ways to get
    involved on campus as well at
    the Community-based Learning
    And Service Center which
    coordinates community service
    activities for CSUF students.
    Feel free to contact any of us for
    more information. We look
    forward to hearing from you!

    Dean of Students
    (714) 278-3211, TSU 235
    Volunteer & Service Center
    (714) 278-7623, TSU 2                             California State University, Fullerton
    Student Leadership Institute                      Dean of Students Office
    (SLI)                                             Titan Student Union 235
    (714) 278-5999, TSU 235                           P.O. Box 6830, Fullerton, CA 92834-6830
    Greek Life                                        714.278.3211
    (714) 278-3211, TSU 235                 
    Women's Center/Adult Re-entry
    (714) 247-3928, UH 205
    Women's Studies
                                           We would like to thank the University of California, Irvine
    (714) 278-2006, EC 475                 Office of the Dean of Students for use of their publication
                                           in creating this brochure.

                                                                                                           Dean of Students
                                      Encouragement                            Mentoring
  in Leadership
                                        We all need it so why not share
                                        it! Sometimes a person just
                                                                                Learning the ropes. Sharing
                                                                                knowledge. Providing
                                        needs to be told to take a              opportunities. A mentor can
                                        chance. Encouragement is the            help a person's career to move
  The changes in the status of          first step to taking a risk, sharing    faster and smoother. Look
  women in higher education             an idea or running for office.          around and see if someone can
  during the last two decades make      Check your own attitudes - do           be a mentor to you. A mentor
                                        you encourage men more than             could be a professor, another
  leadership roles a unique
                                        women? Do you unconsciously             student, a program advisor, or it
  opportunity for women today.
                                        check for "extra" qualifications if     could be you! Do you have
  Women have been able to change                                                experience in your organization?
  the who, how, what, and why of        nominating, electing, or
                                                                                Be a mentor to an emerging
  decision-making. Currently,           appointment a woman to a
                                                                                female leader in the organization
  women still have barriers to          position? Encouragement is a
                                                                                - it will ensure quality leadership
  overcome in accessing leadership      true motivator.                         for the future and help encourage
  opportunities. The barriers that                                              women to grow.
  effect women include both
  external factors such as
  traditional values and norms in
                                      Language                                 Communication
  society and also internal
  messages about "proper"               Does your language exclude              Studies show that in groups, men
  behavior for a woman.                 women? Do you always assume             tend to dominate meetings and
  Attributes perceived as being         the male pronoun? If you do,            control policy decisions. Women
  needed for good leadership:           just replace pronouns with              who wish to develop their verbal
  being assertive, decisive,            articles:                               skills could take a speech class,
  independent, comfortable with                                                 join a toastmasters group, or take
                                        N A careful secretary consults her      an assertion training class. In
  control, and (yes!) even being          dictionary often.
  aggressive at times are not                                                   your organization you can suggest
                                        N A careful secretary consults a
                                                                                rotation of responsibilities that
  behaviors encouraged in women.          dictionary often.                     enhance an individual's verbal
  To develop women's leadership         N The average man on the street
                                                                                skills, i.e. chairing a meeting,
  roles you must address both the         speaks his mind on the issues.        introducing, speakers, representing
  internal and external barriers.       N The average voter speaks out
                                                                                the organization or giving a report
  The following are suggestions for       on political issues.                  to the organization. Enhancing
  enhancing women in leadership.                                                leadership in all people means
                                        You can eliminate the pronoun,
                                        use plural nouns and pronouns           sharing challenges, opportunities,
                                        or alternative male and female in       and rewards. Look to others for
                                        your speech. You can use chair          their possible contribution to your
                                        for chairman, representative for        organization. Make choices based
                                        spokesman, call a policeman a           on ability and watch your own
                                        police officer and call a female        potential grow.
                                        doctor simply a doctor.

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