Statement of Accomplishment

       During 2003 the Fulton, Montgomery Schoharie Counties Workforce

Solutions System excelled in fostering a highly cooperative working relationship

among the partners. This cooperative approach was in place throughout 2003. In

addition to cooperation in day-to-day operations, areas of cooperation include

marketing, training and planning. I believe it could serve as a model, applicable to

many areas of the State.

       It is for these reasons that I, Daniel M. Steen, as member of the International

Association of Workforce Professionals and as Manager of the NYSDOL offices in

Gloversville, Amsterdam and Cobleskill nominate the Fulton, Montgomery

Schoharie Counties Workforce Solutions System for the 2003 Best One-Stop Award.

The Fulton Montgomery Schoharie (FMS) Counties Work Force Solutions

System operates three certified One-stop Centers that bring together multiple

programs and services in a seamless manner to job seekers and business

customers. This system can be accessed through a variety of mechanisms

including physical/walk-in service access, electronic linkages, resource rooms,

Internet, and other methods. The focus of this system is on meeting the needs of

the customer through the following four principles:

      Universal Access: All individuals will have access to the One-Stop

       system and to core employment services.

      Customer Choice: Eligible individuals will be empowered with "training

       accounts" and the ability to choose training providers who can best meet

       their specific needs.

      Integration of Services: Customers will be able to conveniently access

       the employment, education, training, and information services they need

       at a single location.

      Performance-Driven System: The One-Stop Center System is based on

       performance and outcome measures and is accountable for meeting

       customer needs.

The three centers are located in Amsterdam, Cobleskill and Gloversville, New

York. There is a long standing tradition of culture of cooperation shared by the

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many partners who make the system work.                  NYS Department of Labor

(NYSDOL) staff is fully integrated into each center. FMS Workforce Investment

Board (FMS WIB) funded Placement Specialists sit side by side with NYSDOL

Labor Services Representatives and Veterans staff. FMS WIB funded Business

Service Representatives sit side by side with the NYSDOL Employment Service

Representative. The Resource Rooms are staffed by both NYSDOL staff and

FMS WIB funded staff.

Cooperation in Marketing

      The level of cooperation is clearly evidenced in our marketing efforts. We

have developed a marketing packet that highlights the services available in our

centers from thirteen partner organizations. This packet is used by marketers

from all partner agencies in order to present a system perspective on the

services available to employers. FMS WIB funded Business Services

Representatives and the NYSDOL Employment Service Representative routinely

make joint marketing visits to employers.

      The FMS Workforce Development System sponsors a Business Services

Consortium, made up of organizations providing business and job development

services in the three county area. This group meets monthly to share ideas and

leads. To assist in coordinating activities, a database of business contacts and

information is available to all members of the consortium. This “Toolbox” is

available   for   members    to   access     via   the     system’s   web   site   at

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      Another example of the level of cooperation is that NYSDOL staff was

included as presenters in a series of three Business Service Breakfast Seminars

held in September of 2003. These events were designed to provide business

with an opportunity to learn first hand how the Workforce Solutions Systems can

help their business. In addition to NYSDOL staff, presenters included the WIB

funded Business Services Representative and employers.            More than 75

employers participated in these sessions. One session was held in each county.

These events were provided at no cost to the employers who attended.

      On September 30, 2003 the NYSDOL and The FMS Workforce Solutions

Center co-sponsored a Job Fair held at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown. Twenty-

eight employers and approximately 350 job seekers attended the job fair. This is

an annual event.

Cooperation in Training

      The culture of cooperation extends to training, and includes the employer

community. On April 15th 2003, the FMS WIB co-sponsored a breakfast seminar

on the topic of “Maximizing Your Workforce Potential…An Information Session

Regarding Employment and Disability” with the Fulton & Montgomery County Job

Service Employer Committee and the Schoharie County Job Service Employer

Committee. 48 employers attended this session.

      The FMS WIB routinely invites DOL staff to participate in training.

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       On January of 28th 2003, the Center for Workforce Learning provided an in

service session for all center staff focusing on identifying customers who should

be enrolled in WIA services and the enrollment and exit process.             Again,

NYSDOL staff was provided with a training that would not otherwise have been


       On December 9th, 2003, FMS WIB contracted with the Center for

Workforce Learning to provided training to their staff on keeping case notes.

NYSDOL staff was invited to participate at no cost. As a result, our Counselors

and Vets staff were able to participate. Similarly, local NYSDOL staff provides

training to partner staff on the use of OSOS on an as needed basis.

Cooperation In Planning

       The cooperative relationship among partners extends into planning

activities. On November 13th and 14th, 2003, the WIB contracted with the Center

for Workforce Learning to facilitate a “Service Mapping” session, designed to

provide a picture of the workforce development related services available in the

three county area. In addition to system partners, wide ranges of community-

based organizations were invited to participate in this full day event. This was the

first step in a strategic planning process that is ongoing.

       Operations level planning and coordination is accomplished through

monthly center management meetings. This group includes representation by

the WIB’s Executive Director, NYSDOL Manager and One-Stop Operator, and

the Director of Program Services for the Private Industry Council (the WIB’s

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primary sub-contractor). These meetings provide a regular forum to discuss a

wide range of operational issues. This is an important device that contributes to

the   maintenance       of   a   cooperative    environment.   Frequent   informal

communication among this group resolves issues between meetings.

       Line staff of these three organizations also contribute to center operations

via “The Green Team”. This representative group provides a formal mechanism

for employees to make suggestions for improvements to the system process.

Issues are referred to the Green Team for discussion by the center management

team, described above. Recently the Green Team was responsible for designing

a process for all customers to sign is as “guests”.        This addressed security

concerns while providing an additional opportunity to interact with customers to

find out how we can help at each visit to our centers. After its deliberations, the

Green Team makes its recommendations back to the center management team

for a final decision.


The Fulton Montgomery Schoharie Counties Workforce Solutions System, while

certainly not perfect, can serve as a model of what can be accomplished when

problems are approached with a cooperative outlook. While inter-organizational

conflicts are inevitable in a system that is made up of so many stakeholders,

FMS provides an example of how such conflicts can be managed to the benefit

of the job seekers and employers who rely on us for critical services in a rural

environment and a challenged economy.

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System Partners

System partners include The Schoharie County Department of Social Services;

Fulton County Office for the Aging; HFM BOCES; Schoharie Co. Community

Action Program, Inc.; NYS Education Dept. - VESID; NYS Department of Labor;

Fulton-Montgomery Community College; Albany Regional BOCES; Montgomery

County Office for the Aging; Schoharie County Office for the Aging; Schoharie

County Office for the Aging; SUNY College at Cobleskill.

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