74790 over 10 months Program Evaluation and Fundraising Resources To by qingyunliuliu


									Spirituality Institute                                      Total Award: $74,790 over 10 months
(South Deerfield, MA)
Program Evaluation and Fundraising Resources
To support Program Evaluation and Fundraising Resources to further the long-term sustainability of
the Spirituality Institute. The comprehensive program evaluation will include the second rabbis' cohort,
the first cantors' cohort, the current educators' cohort, and a longitudinal evaluation of the impact of the
program on the 35 participants in the first rabbinic cohort. The evaluation will include an assessment of
the impact on the participants' personal rabbinate/cantorate/etc., their ability to initiate programmatic
and structural change within their congregations, and their ability to effect cultural change in the larger
Jewish community. The Spirituality Institute will also produce a DVD as a central resource for their
fundraising campaign to strengthen the Spirituality Institute's infrastructure by building, over the next
two years, a significant base of multi-year donors and supporters.
Program Contribution Breakdown:
$74,790 Jewish Life and Values/Contemplative Practice Program: Goal I, Objective 2

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