LOS ALAMOS PUBLIC SCHOOLS District Mission Statement by NeilOlder



 Put your best foot forward in
scholarship, character and life!

      Student Handbook

    Cindy Montoya, Principal

         301 Meadow Lane
      Los Alamos, NM 87544
            (505) 663-2470
  Absentee Line: (505) 663-2471
 Info/Snow Line: (505) 663-2472


          Mary McLeod
     Interim Superintendent

          Kate Thomas
    Assistant Superintendent


      Steve Girrens, President
    Joan Ahlers, Vice President
   Kenneth Johnson, Secretary
   Jody Benson, Board Member
 Allison Beckman, Board Member

                           LOS ALAMOS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                               District Mission Statement

The vision of the Los Alamos Public Schools, in partnership with the total community, is
to ensure each student has met the district standards and graduates with the skills and
knowledge required to be a productive member of society.

Mission: All students will meet or exceed district standards, which were established
         according to national, state, and local guidelines.

        Parents and community members will be an integral part in planning for quality
        educational practices, continuous student improvement, and encourage a
        pattern of lifelong learning in students.

        Our schools will provide a safe environment for all members of the learning

                             Chamisa Mission Statement

Vision: We put our best foot forward in scholarship, character, and life.

Mission: All members of our Chamisa Elementary school family foster a safe, active
        learning community, which values the worth, dignity, and leadership capacity of
        each individual. Our school community provides a place where students
        become fully aware of their academic potential; imagination and creativity soar;
        diversity is honored; and all members cultivate the strength of character to
        become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

                                        School Calendar

August 18                     First Day of School                     12:00 dismissal
                                                                       all week
August 27                     Open House                              5:00-6:30 p.m.

September 1                   Labor Day                               No School
September 11                  School Pictures
September 17                  Constitution Day
September 26                  Homecoming Parade                       2 p.m. Dismissal
September 29                  Fall MAPS Testing Begins

October 13                    Columbus Day                            No School
October 16                    Picture Retakes
Octorber 17                   Fall MAPS Testing Ends
October 31                    End of Marking Period

November 7                   Report cards go home
November 12-18               Conference Week                        11:30 dismissal
November 11                  Veterans’ Day                          No School
November 26-28               Thanksgiving Break                     No School

December 8                   Winter MAPS Testing Begins
December 22-Jan 2            Winter Break

January 9                    Winter MAPS Testing Ends
January 15                   District Spelling Bee at Chamisa       6:30
January 19                   Martin Luther King Holiday             No School
January 24                   County Science Fair

February 6                   End of Marking Period 2
February 12                  Report cards go home
February 11                  Spring Pictures
February 13-February 20      Conference Week
February 16                  Presidents’ Day                        No School

March 2                      Spring MAPS Testing Begins
March 20                     Spring MAPS Testing Ends
March 23                     NM Standards Based Assessments Begins
March 30- April 3            Spring Break

April 16                     Elementary Speech Contest
April 24                     NM Standards Based Assessments Ends

May 20                       Elementary Track Meet
May 29                       End of Third Marking Period
May 29                       Sixth Grade Graduation                 9:30
May 29                       Last Day of School


                              Chamisa Advisory Team

Mission Statement

We work cooperatively for the betterment of our school by objectively studying issues
and advising the school administration. The issues we consider are those that affect
the performance of a significant number of students.

                                 Advisory Team Membership

Team Leaders
Cindy Montoya        Principal                       663-2470     c.montoya@laschools.net
Lynne McLean         Primary Team Teacher            663-2473     l.mclean@laschools.net
Valerie Adams        Middle Team Teacher             663-2485     v.adams@laschools.net
Deidre Thorn         Upper Team Teacher              663-2502     d.thorn@laschools.net
TBA                  Special Ed Teacher
Kim Letellier        Specials Teacher                663-2494     k.letellier@laschools.net

Becky Littleton      Primary Team Parent             672-4040    sb_littleton@msn.com
Jake Turin           Middle Team Parent              672-1211    turin@newmexico.com
Valerie Collins      Upper Team Parent               672-1875    catsa.horizons@msn.com
Cindy Budge          Special Education Parent        672-9726    clbudge@aol.com

Classified Rep
Karen Chronis       Instructional Assistant          663-2465    k.chronis@laschools.net

Community Member
Britton Donharl Community Representative 672-2038                abrnm@mac.com

District Parent Council
Cindy Budge         672-9726        clbudge@aol.com

Marci Partin         672-1934       mbpartin@msn.com

Bond Oversight Committee Rep
Cindy Budge      672-9726           clbudge@aol.com

                                 Chamisa E-Mail Addresses
All staff, with the exception of custodians, are available via e-mail by using the following
address format: firstinitialoffirstname.lastname@laschools.net. In the case of
hyphenated last names, only the first word of the last name will be used in the last name

                                  Staff Phone Numbers
Primary Team                               Specials Team/Special Education
2477 Becky Sims (K)                        2487   Justin Black (PE)
2476    Julie Goen (K)                        2493     Sue Bloss (ART)
2475     Sharon Jiron (1)                     3230     Julie Bulthuis (ELL)
2474    Carolyn Torres (1)                    2465     Karen Chronis (Reading Coach)
2469    Laura Gallimore (2)                   2491     Debby Elliott (GATE)
2473    Lynne McLean (2)                      2611     Michael Gyurik (Orchestra)

                                            2499     Chris Haberkorn (SPED)
Middle Team                                 2676     Rhonda Harmon (Math Specialist)
2486     Kathy Kelly (3)                    2468     Jennifer Kieltyka (SPED)
2485     Valerie Adams (3)                  2465     Margaret Larkin (Reading Coach)
2483     Dana Kline (4)                     2492     Lisa LaPrarie-Whitacre (Librarian)
 2484 Cathy Wiget (4)                       2494     Kim Letellier (Music)
                                            2676     Suzanne Lynne (Reading Specialist)
Upper Team                                  2466     Jennifer Schmierer (Counselor)
2495      Diedre Thorn (5)                  2481     Carolyn Stavert (Resource)
2496     Kassandra Brandt (5)               2482     Jenifer Thayer (SPED)
2501     Colleen Goddard (6)                2481     Rachel Wehner (Resource)
2502     Debbie Smith (6)                   2491     Addie Jacobson (GATE)

                                Chamisa Peace Policy
In an effort to empower students to take responsibility for a peaceful school, our
students wrote the rules for keeping the peace at Chamisa. What follows are the Seven
Simple Rules for Chamisa. These rules are the basis for the Chamisa Peace Policy.

                               7 Simple Rules for Chamisa
       Challenge yourself every day.
       Hike the trustworthy trail.
       All times are safety times.
       My school should be treated with the greatest of care so that it won’t be in need of
       constant repair.
       Inappropriate behavior is not okay; it’s not a good way to spend your day.
       Show respect for people and property.
       Always care about yourself and others.

                                      Discipline Belief
We believe that responsibility for student behavior rests in several places: the home,
school and other institutions. Parents are expected to assume the major responsibility
for the conduct of their child(ren). The school will endeavor to assist the child in
developing responsible, self-directed behaviors in order to maintain a safe, productive
environment for everyone.

                                   Disciplinary Action
Students who behave inappropriately should expect disciplinary action. Appropriate
behavior includes meeting responsibilities in both the academic and social arenas. The
home, school, and other institutions are expected to work cooperatively toward attaining
appropriate student behavior in school.

Depending on the seriousness of the behavior, disciplinary action(s) may be taken by
school personnel. Under normal circumstances, discipline initiates from the student’s
teacher or the duty supervisor. Serious infractions such as aggressive, physically
hurtful behavior, chronic class disruption, and insubordination may be referred
immediately to the principal. Parents will normally be notified of discipline referrals to
the principal.

Consequences may include, but are not limited to, the following (not necessarily in this

  1. Informal Talk: A school official will inform the student of their inappropriate
      behavior and how the student is expected behave.
  2. Conference: A formal conference may be held with student(s) and school staff.
      The parent may be contacted.
  3. Detention: The student may be required to makeup time, and whenever
      reasonable, the instruction that was lost due to inappropriate behavior.
  4. Parent Conference: A parent may be notified by telephone, e-mail, letter or
      certified letter. A conference will be conducted with the student(s), the parent,
      appropriate school personnel, and any invited individuals with concern in the
  5. In-school Suspension (by principal only): The student may be removed from class
      for up to three days, but he or she will remain at school during the removal period.
  6. Rights or privileges suspended temporarily (with simultaneous opportunity for due
      process if requested). Examples may include recess with other students, field
      trips, extracurricular activities, graduation, or access to the regular classroom.
  7. Parent required to attend class with student for brief period of time.
  8. Compensation paid to legal limit.
  9. Detention on Wednesday afternoon.
  10. Suspension out of school for up to 10 days (by principal only with simultaneous
      due process opportunity if requested).

The disciplinary action(s) will be recorded in a confidential student file kept in the
Principal’s Office. Confidential Disciplinary Files may to given to principal at a receiving
school when students transfer (School Board Police 5132).

                           Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use
Alcohol and other illicit drug use, including manufacturing, possessing, smelling of,
being under the influence of, selling, trading, dispensing in any way, and/or transporting
alcohol/illicit drugs, drug analogs, or substances purported to be alcohol and/or illicit
drugs, or products containing alcohol, is prohibited on school property, at school
sponsored activities, or in school vehicles. Any suspected violation of this policy should
be reported to the school principal or other school administrator. (School Board Policy

The Los Alamos School Board prohibits students and adults including school personnel
or volunteers from possessing, smoking, carrying, or holding a pipe, cigar, or cigarette,
or using other tobacco products in any form, on school campuses, in school buildings,
on school property, in school vehicles, including buses, or at school sponsored
functions/activities. (School Board Policy 5128)

                                    Sexual Harassment
All students have a right to be educated in an environment free from sexual
harassment. The Los Alamos School Board prohibits sexual harassment of or by the
student, employee, volunteer or non-employee who conducts business with the school
district. This policy applies to conduct during and relating to school and school
sponsored activities. Students or parents who have a concern regarding conduct of this
nature should contact the principal. (School Board Policy 5152)

                                   Weapons in School
The School Board recognizes that the presence of weapons in school not only creates
unacceptable risks of injury or death, but also creates a climate that undermines the
educational purposes of the schools. Accordingly, it is the policy of the School Board to
forbid the possession, custody, or use of weapons by students in or around school
property or at school sponsored activities.

Weapon: Any item or device which may be used as a weapon, including all pocket
knives or other knives regardless of length or blade, or other objects, even if
manufactured for a nonviolent purpose, that have a potentially violent use, or any “look-
a-like” objects that resemble objects that have a potentially violet use. (School Board
Policy 5154)

             Activities Prohibited by the Public Education Department
State Board of Education Reg. 8-13 prohibits certain activities. These are:
   1. Criminal or delinquent acts.
   2. Disruptive conduct.
   3. Refusal to identify self.
   4. Refusal to cooperate with school personnel
   5. Truancy from school

Examples of criminal and delinquent acts include, but are not limited to, the following:
   1. Willful interference with the educational process.
   2. Arson.
   3. Assault (threatening or frightening someone) and/or battery (physically hurting
   4. Criminal damage to property.
   5. Criminal libel.
   6. Criminal trespass.
   7. Unlawful assembly.
   8. Extortion.
   9. Larceny, robbery, or burglary.

   10. Illegal sale, possession, transportation, or use of alcoholic beverages, firearms or
       other deadly weapons, and explosives.
   11. Sale, possession, transportation or use without prescription of a controlled
   12. Use of solvent for intoxication.
   13. Use of a telephone to intimidate, harass, threaten or annoy.
   14. Traffic offenses.
   15. Sexual Harassment.

Disruptive Conduct
   1. Causing harm to others by violence, force, noise, threat, ridicule, coercion, and
       frightening or distracting conduct.
   2. Engaging in conduct distracts others from learning or receiving instruction such
      as noise, passive resistance, noncompliance, personal appearance, or actions.
   3. Urging others to engage in harmful behavior or disruptive behavior.

Refusal to Cooperate with School Personnel
   1. Refusing a directive to cease any behavior that is a hindrance to the activity.
   2. Not complying with a legitimate request from a staff member.
   3. Not leaving a school facility or activity when directed to do so by an authorized
      staff member.
   4. Refusing or failing to abide by disciplinary measures imposed by administrative

              Activities or Items Prohibited by the Los Alamos Schools
   1. Truancy - unexcused absence from school
   2. Partial Day Absences - unexcused late arrival or early departure
   3. Any weapon, look-alike, and laser pointers.
   4. Unauthorized use of, presence on, and access to school property.
   5. Unreasonable conduct at school-sponsored activities or other activities on school
   6. Inappropriate language or disruptive actions including clothing or appearance.
   7. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs in any form.
   8. Unauthorized assembly and speech.
   9. Distribution of unauthorized publications on school property.
   10. Unauthorized use of wheeled vehicles such as skateboards, motorcycles,
       bicycles, scooters, roller blades, motorized bicycles, or automobiles on school
   11. Statements or actions that intimidate, ridicule, or frighten another person,
       including profanity.
   12. Taking of property that belongs to another person or the school without
   13. Participation in games where money or property is exchanged.
   14. Violation of bus transportation rules.
   15. Use of electronic signaling devices in classrooms and during school hours
       without permission. (School Board Policy 6145.4R)

   16. Bullying (School Board Policy 5152)

              Authority to Deal with Persons Who Are Verbally Abusive
If any member of the public uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting,
and/or demeaning manner, the employee to whom the remarks are directed shall calmly
and politely warn the speaker to communicate civilly. If the verbal abuse continues, the
employee to whom the remarks are directed may, after giving appropriate notice to the
speaker, terminate the meeting, conference, or telephone conversation. If the meeting
or conference is on school district property, any employee may request that an
administrator or other authorized person direct the speaker to promptly leave the
premises. If the person refuses to leave, the principal or other authorized personnel
shall seek the assistance of law enforcement, and request that law enforcement take
such action as is deemed necessary. If the employee is threatened with personal harm,
the employee may contact law enforcement. (School Board Policy 4002)

                                      Code of Ethics
All staff at Chamisa Elementary School shall abide by the Code of Ethical Responsibility
of the Education Profession (6.60.9 NMAC). All complaints for violations of the Code
will be put in writing by the complainant or the person who receives the complaint and
will be signed by the complainant. The signed complaint will first be given to the school

                               Parent/Student Complaints
Students and parents who believe their rights have been violated under school policies
or regulations have the right to file a complaint. The matter must first be discussed
directly with the staff member involved within 5 work days of the time that the parent of
student has knowledge of the act. If talking with the staff member does not resolve the
issue, an appointment can be made with the school principal.

We believe that most matters can be settled in conversation among the parent, student,
staff member, and principal. A complaint will not be considered at an upper level unless
the parent or student has discussed the matter at the school level, and the principal has
had at least four workdays to seek a satisfactory resolution. (School Board Policy 5132)

The playground will be supervised from 7:55 to 8:10 a.m. Students are not permitted to
arrive at school before 7:55 a.m. without parental supervision. School is dismissed at
3:15 and there is no after school supervision on the playground.

Homeroom and physical education teachers will review playground rules with their
students during the first week of school.

                           General Safety Guidelines
   1. Use assigned playground area only; stay within the school boundaries and away
      from doors and windows.

   2. Receive permission from office staff before leaving school grounds during school
   3. Whitewashing (putting snow down shirt or pants) is not allowed. Throwing
       snowballs is prohibited.
   4. Fighting, bullying, pushing, and shoving are strictly prohibited.
   5. Throwing rocks, sticks, and other hard or sharp objects is not permitted.
   6. Climbing on one another (piggy backing, building pyramids, dog piling) is
   7. Climbing on buildings, fences, walls, trees, bushes, poles, planters, or signs is
       not allowed.
   8. Throwing or kicking sand, dirt, pine cones, etc., will not be permitted.
   9. Hard balls, frisbees, electronic devices, and toys are to be left at home. Items
       brought to school will be confiscated and returned to the parent. Second-offense
       items will be returned at the end of school.
   10. Stay off ice, whenever possible, and avoid mud and water.
   11. Running on the sidewalks and inside the buildings is prohibited.
   12. Knives, guns, weapon look-alikes, laser pointers, and other items, which could be
       used to cause injury, are not allowed.
   13. Tobacco, alcohol, products containing alcohol, or illegal drugs are not permitted.
   14. Advertisements on clothing or personal objects, which refer to alcohol, violence,
       gangs, tobacco or illegal drugs are prohibited and may be confiscated. Legal
       personal property will be returned to parents.
   15. Animals found on campus should not be touched.
   16. Strangers on campus should be reported to the nearest staff member.
   17. Hanging on targets and basketball hoops is prohibited.
   18. Wheeled vehicles must be carried or walked on campus.

               Guidelines for Correct Use of Playground Equipment
   1. Sit in the center of the seat. Never stand or kneel.
   2. Only one person in a swing at a time.
  3. Hold onto swing chains with both hands.
  4. Swing forward and backward only -- not sideways.
  5. Stop the swing before getting off. No jumping out of swings.
  6. Walk way around a moving swing (front, back, sides).
  7. Never push another student in a swing -- avoid all pushing and shoving.
  8. Never swing empty swings or twist swing chains.
  9. No climbing on swing set poles.

    1, Hold onto the handrail with both hands going up the steps of the slide. Take one
       step at a time.
    2. Only one student at a time on the ladder. No pushing or shoving.
    3. Be patient and wait your turn.
    4. Be sure no one is in front of the slide before sliding down.

   5. Slide down one at a time, with your feet first in a sitting position; no lying down or
       sliding down backwards.
   6. Leave the front of the slide after you have taken your turn.
   7. Students - not objects - may use the slides.
   8. No walking up the slide.
   9. Do not throw gravel or sand on the slides.
   10. Do not walk near the front of the slide.

Climbing Equipment, Jungle Gyms, and Domes
   1. Use fingers and thumbs in a “lock-grip” for climbing and holding. Use both
   2. No hanging upside down by knees -- not even if holding with hands at same time.
      No cherry drops, penny drops, etc.
   3. Watch carefully when climbing down and avoid those climbing up.
   4. Avoid too many students on equipment at one time.
   5. No racing or running near equipment.
   6. Do not pull on students using climbing equipment.

Monkey Bars or Horizontal Ladder
   1. All start at same end of equipment, and using the “lock grip,” move in the same
   2. Stay well behind the person in front. Avoid swinging feet.
   3. Do not use equipment when it is wet.
  4. Sitting on top of equipment is prohibited
  5. When ready to dismount, use ladder at end or release hands from bars and land
      on feet with knees slightly bent.
  6. Do not walk under bars when other students are using equipment.

                                    Wheeled Vehicles
Students in third through sixth grades may bring wheeled vehicles to school if they
follow proper safety habits. Kindergarten through second grader are not allowed to
bring bicycles, scooters, skates, or roller blades to school.

It is the responsibility of parents to instruct their child(ren) in the proper operation of their
wheeled vehicles. This should include instruction on safe riding habits as well as
abiding by proper traffic patterns and signs. The school cannot assume responsibility
for a child’s operation of wheeled vehicles.

The following rules will be enforced during the school day.
   1. Students are expected to dismount, walk or carry wheeled vehicles on school
   2. Students may not operate these vehicles on the school grounds. They are to be
       used for transportation to and from school only, not for recreation before school,
       at noon, or after school.
   3. Students may not loiter around the bicycle rack.
   4. Los Alamos County Code 10.11.011 requires that students under the age of 18

      wear helmets whenever they ride bicycles.
   5. Wheeled vehicles are not to be brought inside. Wheeled vehicles are to be
      locked in the bike rack.

                                   Student Placement
Promotion/Acceleration/Retention/Class Assignment
The building principal is responsible for class assignment and promotion of students
from one grade level to the next. The principal welcomes information from parents
regarding individual student needs and learning styles that may be helpful in making
these decisions.

Acceleration (moving ahead more than one grade level) or retention (repeating a grade
level) are decisions which require careful study and data collection. If acceleration or
retention is being considered, the parents will be included in discussions with the
Student Assistance Team early in the process. Every effort is made to meet the
student's needs in the regular class assignment before a recommendation to accelerate
or retain is made. (School Board Policy 5123)

                                    School Hours
All grades will attend school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:10
a.m. until 3:15 p.m. The Wednesday schedule is 8:10 a.m. until 12 p.m.

On Wednesdays, students in the elementary grades of the Los Alamos Schools are
dismissed at 12:00. They do not return in the afternoon. Students are expected to
depart from campus within 15 minutes of dismissal unless he or she is participating in a
supervised activity.

                             Report Cards and Conferences
Parent conferences have been scheduled to coincide with the distribution of report
cards following the first and second grading periods. There are three reporting periods
for elementary students in the Los Alamos Public Schools. The first conference occurs
approximately nine weeks into the school year. The second occurs midway through the
remainder of the school year. During the 2006-07, conferences will be held and parents
will receive report cards on the following dates:

                    Conferences                       Report Cards
                    Nov. 12-18                        November 7
                    February 13-20                    February 12
                                                      May 29

                                          Web Site
Please visit our web site at http://laschools.net/chamisa. Information about our school,
its staff, standards based learning, upcoming events, advisory team & PTO news,
extracurricular activities, essential standards, and the rubrics we use to assess
assignments can be found there.

Homework is used to enhance the educational program in all grade levels at Chamisa
School. Homework provides opportunities to practice skills learned at school, to solidify
understanding of concepts, and to go into greater depth through projects. Homework is
collected, checked, used to determine when student progress toward meeting
standards. Homework completion is reported to parents in the Work Habits of the
standards based report card through 4th grade. In the 5th and 6th grades, a letter grade
in each core subject will reflect the student’s homework completion, quality, and effort.

Students and parents can generally expect homework on Monday through Thursday.
Weekend assignments will be rare, except when a long-term assignment has been
made. When students do not use class time wisely, they may have more homework.
The following guideline are used for assigning nightly homework:

             K, 1st and 2nd       No more than 30 minutes per night.
             3rd and 4th          No more than 45 minutes per night.
             5th and 6th          No more than 60 minutes per night.

If a child is consistently working on homework beyond these guidelines, and the parent
determines this is not due to procrastination or poor work habits at school, a parent-
teacher conference should be requested.

Parental assistance with homework should consist of monitoring and encouraging.
Providing answers or doing the assignment for a child robs the student of the
opportunity to learn and the teacher of the means to assess their progress. Most
assignments will be designed to be completed independently by the student.

                                     Snow Day Plan
A “snow day” plan will be declared when deep snow and weather conditions warrant.
The purpose for the delay is to allow traffic to spread out and to avoid having students,
buses and cars on slick, snow-packed streets simultaneously. A “snow day” will be
announced on the following television and radio stations beginning at approximately
6:30 a.m. If there is a delay on a Wednesday, then elementary schools are

             KOB-TV - Channel 4                  KOAT-TV - Channel 7
             KRQE-TV - Channel 13

Parents may also call the district’s information line at 663-2223 or the Chamisa
information line at 663-2472. Both telephone lines will provide a taped message.

The decision to call a snow day may seem unwarranted at times. In White Rock
conditions are sometimes radically different than those on the hill. Countywide bus
transportation concerns and LANL decisions are major factors in deciding to make a
snow day determination.

School starting time will normally be delayed one hour when significant snow falls.
Under a one-hour delay, classes will start at 9:10 a.m. If it appears the storm is quite
severe, the starting time may be delayed two or three hours. Please continue to listen
for updates on delays or closings as decisions are made throughout the day. If there is
a delay on a Wednesday, then elementary schools are cancelled.

On rare occasions, school will dismiss early because of unusually heavy snowfall during
the day. The superintendent, in collaboration with LANL and Los Alamos County staff,
makes this decision. A special early release plan will be set in motion at that time.
Under an early release, staff will follow instructions provided by parents on the Early
Release Form. This form, which is completed at the beginning of school, helps us know
what your family has decided to do in the event of an early release. Each teacher will
keep a copy of your plan at the school. When the decision to dismiss school early
occurs, it generally precedes county and laboratory closings. For that reason, it is
important for students and school staff to proceed home quickly in order to avoid traffic
congestion within the county. If your personal information changes, especially the
phone number, you must inform the school office so that we can contact parents.

                               Use of Telephone & Messages
Students may use the school telephone in the event of an emergency. Please help
reduce the number of messages for students by planning ahead and restricting your
calls to unanticipated circumstances. Students will not be allowed to use the telephone
to get permission to visit a friend after school or to call home for a ride. These
arrangements need to be made prior to the student(s) leaving for school.

                                  Deliveries to Students
Classes will not be interrupted to deliver student messages. Using the intercom system
for messages is extremely disruptive. The staff is unable to leave the office area to
make deliveries. Students will be called to the main office to receive messages and to
pick up deliveries during recess, lunch, and after school.

Each year we have flowers and balloons delivered to school. Please have these special
items delivered at home in the evening. If the office does get a delivery, they will try to
get it to the student at the end of the day.

Elementary schools in Los Alamos do not have the facilities to provide for a hot lunch
program. Sheets of milk tickets may be purchased in the office for $7.00. Make checks
payable to Chamisa Elementary School. Students will need to present a ticket to obtain
milk each day in the lunchroom.

The Chamisa PTO sponsors weekly hot lunches twice a week that are catered by
different restaurants in the area. The order forms may also be downloaded from the
web site each month.

Hot water is available for those students who bring dry soup with their lunch.

Glass containers and cans with pull-tab lids should not be packed in student lunches.
Please mark all lunch boxes and remind your child(ren) to bring them home each day.
Parents are welcome to join their children for lunch.

Instructional assistants will provide supervision in the lunchroom and on the playground
after lunch.

                                    Lunchroom Rules
    1. Sit while you eat. Primary children are asked to remain seated during the time
        they are in the cafeteria. Adult staff will provide water for soups, and will collect
        trash when the children are done with lunch.
    2. No disruptive behavior: No stomping feet, popping bags, kicking under the table,
    3. No toys.
    4. No loud talking.
    5. Line up quietly. No running in the halls when dismissed.
    6. Polite behavior and good manners are required in the lunchroom.
    7. Inappropriate use of food will result in disciplinary action.

                                 Going Home for Lunch
Students who go home for lunch on a regular basis must have a note from their parents
on file in the main office. Students who go home occasionally need to bring a note to
their homeroom teacher on the day they plan to go home. Students are expected to
sign in and out in the office when leaving and returning to campus.

                            Chamisa Absentee Call Line
When your child will be absent, please call the school Call Line (663-2471) any time
between 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. and leave the appropriate message. The call line is
an answering machine. Parents need to call the absence line every day their child(ren)
is absent.

                             EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                        ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL

In compliance with the Compulsory School Attendance Law of the State of New Mexico, the
following attendance procedures will be enforced at Barranca Elementary School. The
complete policy for elementary schools can be accessed on the LAPS website at

                                    EXCUSED ABSENCES
Medical Reasons                                 Non-Medical Reasons
After the fifth (5th) absence (consecutive or non-    Up to and including 5 days upon parent request.
consecutive) a doctor’s certificate or a written note Requests must be made in writing prior to the
from the school nurse is required                     absence.
Prolonged illness (10 days or longer) require a       Recognized Religious Holidays
meeting to develop an academic plan
Family Bereavement (mother, father, stepmother,       Officially excused school activities, e.g., field trips
stepfather, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister,
grandparent, step grandparent, aunts and uncles.)
TARDY or EARLY for ANY reason.
15 tardies or earlies or a combination thereof
whether excused or unexcused, will result in a
parent conference conference with the Student
Assistance Team and or an IEP. This will be
initiated by a certified letter sent to the
parent/guardian. A tardy/early is 5 or more
During the school day absences longer than 3.5 hours will equal a FULL DAY absence.
Homework or equivalent assignments will be arranged for excused absences.
After the 5th medical absence WITHOUT verification from a physician or the school nurse, a letter will be
sent home.

                                  UNEXCUSED ABSENCES
The third (3rd) absence requires a parent/guardian conference with the Student Assistance Team and/or
and IEP
The fifth (5th) absence – written notification to parents/guardians and to the LAPS Prevention Specialist
and to the Juvenile Probation office. This will include intervention documentation that was determined at
the 3rd absence.
The fifth (5th) absence within 20 days = TRUANT
The sixth (6th) through the ninth (9th) absence – written notification is sent to the parents/guardians.
The tenth (10th) absence – written notification is sent to LAPS Prevention Specialist, to the Juvenile
Probation Office and to FINS.
TARDY or EARLY for ANY reason.                            Mid-day sign-outs (e.g., piano lessons and the like)
15 tardies or earlies or a combination thereof            constitute an unexcused tardy or absence.
whether excused or unexcused, will result in a
parent conference conference with the Student
Assistance Team and or an IEP. This will be
initiated by a certified letter sent to the
parent/guardian. A tardy/early is 5 or more
  Parents/guardians requesting absences beyond five (5) days in a given school year
                     (e.g., family travel, vacations) are unexcused.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school at every absence.
Please call the office (663-2471) before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the student’s absence.

  Reviewed 8-
  08                                             16
                                      Early Arrivals
In October, 2002, the LAPS Board of Education directed school principals to address
the problem of students arriving at or being left at school earlier than staff supervision
begins. Principals and school staff were directed to consistently enforce the district
policy prohibiting children on campus prior to 7:55 a.m. unless participating in a
supervised activity.

There are several reasons we do not allow students to arrive early. These include:
      Students can become injured when unsupervised.
      The district may be held liable even with published rules.
      This shows a lack of respect for school policy and rules.
      Staff are drawn from early morning preparation and tutoring time to safeguard
      children on the playgrounds.

However, the main reason is that it is not safe for children to be unsupervised on school
grounds. Our staff can only provide supervision from 7:55 until 8:10 a.m. We need
your cooperation with the early arrival problem. It is understood that students invited by
teachers for early morning help sessions are exempted from this rule.

                          * Safety When Dropping Children Off*
Please do not stop along side other vehicles in the driveway when dropping off or
picking up your student. Please drive slowly as you proceed through the parking lot.
Please follow all direction arrows while driving through the access lanes. We must
consider student safety and respect the need of others to exit the parking lot. No
stopping or standing in the bus zone or crosswalks. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                 Parking Lot Safety
Between 8:07 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. the front area is strictly for drive-through traffic.
Parents may NOT leave their cars during that heavy traffic time. Leaving a car causes
unnecessary traffic jams and inconveniences.

Please follow the arrows. Traffic flow is one way. Please do not enter through the exits.

                               Permission to Leave School
Children will not be permitted to leave during school hours without the consent of their
parents and knowledge of the office personnel. School staff can only release students
to person’s authorized by a parent on the Emergency Release / Medical Card.
Frequent tardies and early departures may result in disciplinary action by the school
administration. That action may include making up the time during recess, at lunch,
after school, or at the end of the school year. Parents will be asked to sign their student
in / out and to provide an explanation for the partial absence. Please refer to the
regulations of 5110R.

                      Signing Students Out of School by Parents

In order to ensure safety of children in our care, we request that students always be
signed in and out from school. We ask parents come to the office and ask for their
student(s) instead of going to the classroom. We find using the intercom to call for
students seems far less disruptive to instruction than when a parent enters a classroom.
This procedure applies to students attending extra-curricular activities such as band or

When a student returns, the parent is asked to come to the office and sign the student
back into school. Parents must record the reason for the partial day absence in order
for it to be excused. This procedure applies during school hours between 8:10 a.m. and
3:15 p.m.

Only those individuals identified on the reverse side of the medical card will be allowed
to check your child out of school. If the office staff does not recognize an individual
checking a student out, a photo ID will be requested. Please be understanding when
we do not recognize you or forget your name.

Outside agencies may be allowed to contact a child at school or to pick up a child from
school. These officials will be required to produce documentation for their actions.
Examples would be organizations such as Boy Scouts, Brownies, police, and social
workers from Child Protective Services, etc.

                                        After Hours
We understand that school grounds are commonly viewed as public parks. Schools are
actually considered private, not public, property. As a result of previous damage and
liability claims by unsupervised individuals, the LAPS Board of Education has directed
school personnel to strictly enforce the rules in order to protect your property. Students
are not allowed on campus earlier than 15 minutes before school. Students are
expected to depart from campus within 15 minutes of school ending unless participating
in a supervised activity. A morning and afternoon bell will sound to reminds students of
these times. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this policy.

Doors that lead outside of the main building will be locked at 3:30 p.m. If you are
renting the building, the custodian will let you in at the scheduled time. The custodial
staff is not hired to supervise activities. Youth program supervisors are expected to
keep groups together and within sight at all times. We suggest scheduling whole-group
breaks periodically rather than granting allowing children to leave and roam.

Reports of unsupervised children may result in denial of permission to use Chamisa
School. We want to continue opening our school for community use after hours.
Parents and sponsors must support community use of school facilities by providing
supervision and by not allowing siblings to accompany students to evening activities at
our school.

Students who forget their homework will not be allowed back in the building. Your
desire to support homework completion is appreciated. However, opening classrooms

creates liability risks, and it takes our custodial staff away from their work. We suggest
calling another student in the class instead.

                              Parents, Volunteers, & Visitors
Another component of our safety plan is accountability of children and adults while
present on campus. This is another reason why you are required to sign in and out
whenever visiting the school. If you are here during any of our drills, or an actual
emergency, please follow directions from the staff. Unless an evacuation, lock down or
shelter in place is announced, please proceed to the muster area in the front, dirt,
parking lot. We are required by emergency personnel to provide an accurate count of
pupils and adults. If we believe someone is left in the building, rescue workers will
conduct an exhaustive search at their own risk. We do not want to jeopardize their lives
due to inaccurate record keeping. Therefore, it is critical for visitors, as well as students
and staff, to sign in and out when arriving and departing campus.

All staff are expected to wear district or school picture identification badges on campus.
Visitors, parents, and volunteers are asked to obtain a temporary badge from the office
while on campus. Volunteers must sign a confidentially letter before volunteering. If a
staff member stops and asks you for identification, please be patient and accept that
this is being done for safety reasons.

                           Assignments for Absent Students
Parents of students who are ill for more than one day are allowed to request
assignments by calling the office. Please call as early in the day as possible in order to
allow the staff adequate time to meet your request. The clerk will contact the teacher,
and it can be picked up in the office after school. A classmate who lives nearby can
also be asked to deliver homework.

This procedure curtails the number of class interruptions. Please remember that a
teacher’s first priority is to instruct students that are present. Preparing homework for
absent students happens during those rare breaks that occur in an elementary school
day, and it competes with numerous other responsibilities.

LAPS policy states that a teacher is not obligated to provide makeup work for
unexcused absences. Unexcused absences create a dilemma for educators who want
students to learn both content and effective work habits. In addition, the most effective
learning activities are interactive and involve access to materials making them difficult
and unreasonable to makeup. The only way to ensure learning is for students to be
present at school, all day.

                                   Appropriate Dress
The purpose of the student dress code is to encourage students to come to school
prepared for the instruction. At Chamisa School, we recognize that each student’s
mode of dress and personal grooming is a matter of individual expression. The staff will
not interfere with students’ and parents’ decisions regarding appearance except when
their choice disrupts the educational process, interferes with the maintenance of a

positive teaching/learning climate or violates reasonable standards of health, safety,
decency, and respect for others. (School Board Policy 5151).

When a student’s appearance becomes disruptive to learning, it will be considered a
violation of the dress code. Colored hair, makeup, revealing or tightly fitting clothing,
and extremely unusual hairstyles have proven to be disruptive in the past. The
displaying of apparel, accessories or the marking of the skin with designs or patterns
that attract attention or that advocate drugs, tobacco and/or alcohol use, violence,
disruptive behavior, disrespect for others or denotes gang membership is prohibited.

Students creating a disturbance at school through their clothing, behavior, or
appearance will be asked to call their parents. They will remain in the office until their
appearance can be corrected. Whenever possible, parents and the principal will decide
together how to best correct the problem, i.e. changing clothes or washing hair etc.
When parents are unavailable for an extended period of time and valuable instruction is
being missed, the student will be given an opportunity to change their appearance in an
acceptable manner.

                                     Lost and Found
A lost and found box for clothing and large items is kept in the school lobby near the
handicapped ramp to the office. If your child is missing an item, this is a good place to
start your search. Small or valuable items may be kept in the main office. During
conferences, unclaimed merchandise will be displayed on tables in the hallway. At
winter break and at the end of the school year, these items will be given to a local
charity or donated to our emergency kits. The best insurance of locating lost property is
to write your student’s name on all items with a permanent marker.

                                         Field Trips
Bus field trips may be scheduled periodically. Parents will be notified as to the
educational reason for the trip, the method of transportation, and its schedule. Walking
trips may also be a part of your child’s program. A field trip permission form will be
required for any activity that includes a destination away from Chamisa School. Due to
budget reductions, field trips are no longer included in the school operational budget. At
times, our PTO is able to support field trip requests. Students may be asked to pay a
fee for a field trip. Scholarships are available for students with a need.

                                   Specials Classes
Chamisa students receive instruction in art, library, music, and physical education.
Students are scheduled for these classes each week and are taught by teachers
licensed in these disciplines. New Mexico Standards and Benchmarks guide the skills
taught at each grade level. Progress reports are provided by Specials Teachers during
the school year.

Art: Wear appropriate clothing on art day as materials used may stain clothing.

Music: Students in grades 4-6 may participate in a program of stringed instrument
instruction (beginning and advanced orchestra). Students in grades 5-6 may participate
in wind instrument instruction. (beginning and advanced band). These classes may
meet outside of the school day and require transportation by parents.

Band/Orchestra: All students must come to class with instruments and music. If your
student needs to be excused from class they must have a written note and be signed
out at the office.

Physical Education: Soft-soled shoes (tennis or sneakers) are required for your child to
participate. Girls are expected to wear jeans, slacks, or modest shorts.

                                  Library Procedures
Library materials are checked out for one week for all students. These resources may
be renewed if the materials are presented to the librarian.

Fines are not charged for overdue items; however, students are responsible for
anything they have checked out and will be charged for repair/replacement of damaged
or lost items. School Board policy holds parents/guardians responsible for lost or
damaged school property.

Occasionally a book may get back on the shelf without being checked in. For that
reason we ask students to check with the librarian about anything believed to have been

Please do not attempt to mend a torn or damaged item at home. Have your child bring
it to the library to be repaired.

Report cards are withheld at the end of the year for students with overdue materials.
Report cards will be released once the items have been returned or the replacement
costs have been submitted.

We encourage all Chamisa students to enjoy books and reading. Come visit our library
and get to know the wonderful collection available for borrowing. Developing a regular
habit of reading (and being read to) is vital to becoming a life-long learner.

                               Special Education Services
The Special Education Team is comprised of trained professionals who strive to help
students overcome challenges. These obstacles to learning range from the routine to
severely handicapping and from minor learning differences to severe disabilities. By
providing emotional support, consultation with staff and parents, appropriate
modifications, and direct instruction, this team promotes success and self-reliance
among students with exceptional needs.

Services become available to students when a significant need is established. The
process begins with a referral to the Student Assistance Team typically initiated by the

classroom teacher and sometimes by a parent. A multidisciplinary team determines
eligibility for additional services. This includes diagnostic testing conducted at no
expense to parents by LAPS. Final decisions concerning participation in any
specialized program beyond the regular educational program resides with the parents.
When eligibility and need are established and parents agree to services, a committee of
educators, specialists, and the student’s parent(s) develops an Individualized
Educational Programs (IEP).

                      Student Assistance and Referral Procedures
When a student shows signs of needing some type of special help, the student may be
referred to the building Student Assistance Team (SAT). The SAT is made up of the
principal, counselors, teachers and other personnel as needed. The student may be
referred to the SAT by the school staff, a parent, or through self-referral. Parents or
students who wish to make a referral to the Student Assistance Team may contact the
classroom teacher, the counselor or the principal.

The SAT reviews the student's records and other information, recommends general
education intervention strategies and support, and develops a time-line for reviewing the
success or failure of these interventions. After the review, the SAT may decide that
there is sufficient information to substantiate the need for a multidisciplinary educational
evaluation. If the student is determined to be eligible for special education services, an
Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed. If the SAT determines
through appropriate evaluation that a student is eligible for modifications to the general
education program under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a 504 Plan is developed
with participation of the parents. The SAT will continue to provide support as needed
should the student not be eligible for either an IEP or a 504 program.

                               Counseling Services
Chamisa’s counselor provides an array of services which include:

             Individual short term counseling
             Skill base group counseling
             Classroom guidance lessons
             Conflict resolution facilitation and training
             Teacher and Parent consultation/conferencing
             Crisis intervention
             Student Assistance Team facilitation
             Standardized Test coordination and interpretation

                             Shared Custody and Sole Custody
Los Alamos Public Schools will make every reasonable effort to provide duplicate sets
of official, school-related information to parents with shared custody of a child. If a
request is made to the school office and if the parents have joint custody, the office staff
will mail report cards and school newsletters to the parent with whom the child does not
reside. A copy of the court-parenting plan may be requested.

Copies of day-to-day student work/class announcements, notices of field trips, etc., are
normally sent home with the child rather than mailed. It is expected that parents make
every effort to communicate pertinent school information to each other. However if you
must have duplicate copies of classroom notices, his/her teacher may be able to
provide them. However, the school does not have a large enough supply budget nor
does the teacher have the time to make duplicate copies of these items as well as
student assignments on a regular basis.

Activities (such as field trip forms or permission to participate) that require a parent
signature will be accepted by the school staff with one custodial parent’s signature. The
school will not make an effort to acquire both signatures. We must assume that parents
will communicate.

Due to time limitations, a single conference to which both parents are invited will be
scheduled for shared custody students.

Unless a parent has been denied access by the court, Chamisa School will provide both
parents with access to the child and/or the child’s records. Access may be limited if the
custodial parent provides the office with a copy of the most recent court order. Chamisa
cannot enforce restraining orders without a copy of the court order.

To assure the school’s best response to the needs of shared custody families, please:

             notify the school office if you are requesting duplicate mailings of official
              school information,
             provide the school principal with a copy of all court orders (if applicable),
             communicate pertinent school information with your child’s other parent
             talk with your child’s teacher about your needs,
             talk with your child’s teacher about requesting second copies of flyers if
              needed, and/or
             let the school principal know if the arrangements agreed upon are not
              working well

                              Health and Medical Information
Michele Wright, our School Nurse, is the staff member most concerned with protecting
and promoting the health of our students and the staff. A healthy student body and
healthy staff maximizes each student’s potential to learn and grow. Each school in the
district has a full-time school nurse. Nurses work under the guidance of the school
physician and cooperate closely with state and local health providers.

Health services include:
  1. Emergency care
  2. Health education and counseling.
  3. Acting as liaison with parents, community and health providers.
  4. Promoting a healthy and safe school environment.
  5. Staff training on first aid and CPR.

  6. Consultation of safety planning and accident responses.

It is important that our nurse be informed when your child is taking prescription
medications. Parents are also encouraged to consult the school nurse if they have
information or concerns regarding the health status of their students.

Medical Permission Cards
The district requires annual completion of medical permission cards, which list all phone
numbers to be used in the case of illness or injury at school. These cards will be
distributed during the first few days of school and should be returned as soon as
possible. Parents should call and update information throughout the school year with
the school secretary as necessary. If urgent medical care is required and school
personnel cannot reach a parent, guardian or designated representative, then the child
will be taken by ambulance to Los Alamos Medical Center. School personnel are not
allowed to take ill or injured children to the hospital.

Medical Emergencies
It is the parents’ responsibility to obtain and provide medical care for their child in the
case of an emergency. The schools will assist. Frequently it is impossible to
immediately determine the seriousness of an illness or injury. The nurse, or in her
absence, trained school personnel, will notify parents of all head or eye injuries,
possible fractures, persistent pain, and temperature elevations. Parents will be
informed if further observation or medical evaluation is indicated.

In case urgent care is needed for a student, the information on the above-mentioned
Medical Permission Card will be utilized. If urgent medical care is required and school
personnel are unable to contact parents or the adults listed on this card, students will be
transported to the Los Alamos Medical Center Emergency Room via ambulance.
School personnel may not transport ill or injured students.

Medication Policy
The School Board Policy states that all medication should be taken at home but
recognizes that on occasion a student may need medication during school hours for
treatment of a chronic disability or illness.

Students with an acute problem requiring medication on a temporary, short-term basis,
may carry one day’s dosage with them and will assume all responsibility for taking it as
directed by their physicians. Should a student need to take a medication at school
because of chronic or acute problems, please notify the nurse. Other staff members
may not keep medications in their desks or assist in the administration of medication.

In the few cases where assistance, supervision, or storage of medications is needed,
arrangements will be made by the nurse. Before any medications, including aspirin,
may be administered, a form completed by the parent and physician must be on file.
These policies are for the protection of the students and staff. Your cooperation in this

matter is appreciated.

Communicable Diseases
Our goal is to assist students in attending school regularly, but there are a few
recognized situations when a child should remain at home. These are:
   1. When it is for the child’s protection and health.
   2. When it is for the protection of other students and staff.
   3. When the child is unable to function in the classroom.

Communicable diseases, which require exclusion from school as, determined by the
State Health Agency are:
    1. Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - during the first 24 hours of treatment.
   2. Strep throat - during at least the first 24 hours of treatment.
   3. Chicken pox
   4. Hepatitis
   5. Scarlet fever, measles, rubella, and mumps.
   6. Impetigo
   7. Lice

Children returning to school after an illness will not be excluded from physical education
or recess for more than three days without a written excuse from their physician. Both
of these activities are part of the school curriculum and are necessary for the student to
function at a maximum level in the classroom.

Children with elevated temperatures should not be in school. Our recommendation is
that the temperature should be “normal” for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to

Health Screenings
School nurses conduct vision and hearing, screenings for students at selected grade
levels as well as heights and weights on students in fifth grade. Parents will be notified
of any detected deficiencies. Parents or guardians of students with known health
problems should contact the child's school nurse within the first two weeks of the school
year to ensure appropriate assistance.

According to New Mexico law, all students are required to provide proof of immunization
prior to or at the time of enrollment. All students entering kindergarten through 5th
grade and 7th through 12th grade are required to have the 3-dose Hepatitis B vaccine

Varicella (chicken-pox) immunity by proof of vaccination or a reliable history of the
disease from a parent or physician will be required for all students entering kindergarten
through 5th grade.

In addition to the above, New Mexico requires immunizations for all students for
diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. At least one dose

of the polio vaccine and one dose of the DTP/DtaP vaccine must have been received
after the age of 4. A combination booster vaccine to prevent Tetanus, Diphtheria, and
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) is now required for all students entering middle school
who have not received a diphtheria or tetanus booster during the past 5 years.

Documentation of required immunizations by a medical provider or public health official
must be brought to the school nurse before a child may attend school.

                            Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
The officers for 2008-09:       President: Ha Hill - 672-2294
                                Vice President: Becky Littleton – 672-4040
                                Treasurer: Marci Partin 672-1934 &
                                            Deann Caspersen 672-3007
                                Secretary: Cindy Budge – 672-9726

The PTO is a service organization for Chamisa Elementary School students. Their
activities include raising money for equipment, staff training, and supplemental
instructional materials; sponsoring staff appreciation events; arranging family days;
sponsoring educational programs; providing a scholarship for a graduating senior that
attended Chamisa Elementary; organizing school beautification projects or school
safety programs, and sponsoring youth activities.

Periodic evening programs of common interest to parents and teachers are also
scheduled. The PTO Board also serves as a planning committee for some of the extra
curricular activities at Chamisa School. PTO meetings usually occur on the first Friday
of each month in the library at 11:30 a.m.

                                  Volunteer Program
Parents of Chamisa students are encouraged to participate actively in their children’s
school day through the Chamisa Volunteer Program. Your talents can be utilized in
many facets of your child’s education, both at home as well as in the classroom,
working with children and preparing materials for the staff. Opportunities will be
discussed at Open House and monthly PTO Meetings.

                   Guidelines for Parent Visitation and Observation
We want to maintain an open door policy for parents visiting our school. There are 3
opportunities for parents to visit our school:

   1. Volunteering - this is time scheduled with a teacher to help in the classroom,
      regularly or occasionally or you may be volunteering in the school. Teachers
      welcome regular and occasional volunteers in their classrooms.
      a. If you wish to volunteer in a classroom, please arrange ahead of time to
          volunteer, so that the teacher may best utilize your services.
      b. No matter what volunteering you are doing, when you arrive, please sign in
          at the Front Office on the “Volunteer Sign Up” sheet.
      c. Please take a Volunteer Badge

        d. You must sign a confidentially statement.

   2. Observing - this is time when you wish to observe your child’s performance in
      the classroom. These times do not have to be pre-arranged; however, the
      observer must follow the guidelines below:
      a. Sign in at the front office.
      b. Pick up an Observation Badge and the guidelines from our front office staff.
      c. Enter the classroom quietly and find the Observation Chair.
      d. Simply watch your child. Please refrain from participating in the lesson in
          progress as that will work against the goal of observing your child’s
          interaction with the other children and the teacher.

   3. Meeting with teachers - this is time scheduled with your child’s teacher in
      advance. If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher for any reason, please
      make an appointment. Before, during, and after class are not appropriate times
      for unscheduled meetings between parents and teachers as teachers have
      important duties throughout the day. Teachers always want to have your child’s
      data in their possession in order to competently discuss progress and cannot do
      that in an unannounced situation. Without an appointment, they also cannot
      give you the individualized attention that you deserve.

                                    Student Records
Student records are a property of the Los Alamos Public Schools and are kept
according to local, state, and federal regulations. The records are filed in six categories:
open records, discretionary records, special education records, confidential records,
health records, and at the high school, advisement records.

Open, discretionary, and health records are maintained for each student in the Los
Alamos Public Schools. Special education and confidential records are established for
individual students as needed. Advisement records are maintained for all high school

Directory information is defined as material concerning individual students that may be
given to the general public without the express consent of the student or the student's
parents or guardians. Directory information is limited to:
       Student's name, address, and telephone number
       Date and place of birth
       Class in school
       Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
       Weight and height of members of athletic teams
       Dates of enrollment
       Honors received
       Most recent previous school attended
       Eligibility information for auto insurance discounts

Parents have until September 15 of the current school year to notify the school
not to release directory information without prior consent.

Academic and attendance records, basic health records, and most recent diagnostic
and individualized education program records are kept indefinitely by the schools.
Other records are purged one year after graduation of the student's class.

Information in student records shall be disclosed to eligible students (students over age
18), their parents or guardians, school personnel and other persons or organizations
only in accordance with provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA), provisions of New Mexico law and provisions of State Board of Education

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act affords the following rights to parents and
eligible students with respect to the student's educational records:

•    The right to inspect and review the student's educational records within 45 days of
     the day the District receives a request for access.

     Parents or eligible students should submit to the school principal (or appropriate
     school official) a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect.
     The administrator will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or
     eligible student of the time and place where records may be inspected.

•    The right to request the amendment of the student's educational records that the
     parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading.

     Parents or eligible students may ask the Los Alamos Public Schools to amend a
     record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading by clearly identifying the part of
     the record they want changed in writing, and specifying why it is inaccurate or
     misleading. This written request must be submitted to the Director of Student

     If the District decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or
     eligible student, the District will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision
     and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment.
     Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the
     parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.

•   The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in
    the student's educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes
    disclosure without consent.

    One exception which permits disclosure without consent is disclosure to school
    officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed
    by the District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member

    (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person
    serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the District as
    contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical
    consultant, or therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such
    as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in
    performing his or her tasks.

    A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an
    education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.

    Upon request, the District discloses educational records without consent to officials
    of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.

•   The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning
    alleged failures by the District to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name
    and address of the Office that administers FERPA is:
               Family Policy Compliance Office
               U.S. Department of Education
               600 Independence Avenue, SW
               Washington, D.C. 20202-4605

                                          Child Find
The Los Alamos Public Schools is required to identify all children with disabilities from
birth to age twenty-one who may be in need of special services and who reside within
the jurisdiction of the district. This applies to all children whether they are in public
school, private school, or in the custody of public institutions or agencies. Anyone who
knows of a child with special needs, who is not presently being served by the public
schools, should contact Karla Crane, Assistant Director of Student Services at 663-
2212. Information will be kept confidential.

                   Los Alamos Public Schools Preschool Programs
The Los Alamos Public Schools provides preschool programs for children ages 3-5 that
have developmental delays. To qualify for services, a severe delay must be identified
through diagnostic testing in one or more areas of development. Delays may be
identified in areas of speech and language, vision, hearing, motor skills, intellect,
behavior, or physical development. Parents who have concerns about possible
developmental delays may contact Karla Crane at the Los Alamos Public Schools, 663-
2212, to schedule an appointment for a screening.

A few peers who are developing normally in all areas are accepted on a tuition basis
into each class to serve as models for age-appropriate language, motor and social
skills. Parents desiring to have their children considered as peer models should contact
the schools at the above number to be placed on a screening list. Peer models are
selected in mid-September.


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