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									Hydro consultancy
Delivering renewable
energy solutions

                                                                                   Hydroelectric turbine runner.

Hydroelectric power plants are a source of clean, renewable
and reliable energy that can be operated economically
for many years. Hydropower produces lower greenhouse
gas emissions than nearly all other forms of power
generation, represents an excellent investment for the
countries concerned and offers substantial benefits for the
population served. Mott MacDonald assists national and
local governments, public and private utilities, developers,
contractors, investors, banks and funding agencies to realise
these benefits.

Complete hydro consultancy services
Mott MacDonald is at the forefront of providing comprehensive consultancy
services to the global power generation market. We offer all the technical
skills required to successfully deliver hydropower schemes and the necessary
expertise to deal with all economic, environmental, social and management
matters. Our technical strengths are supported by our independence and
ability to take an overarching view of the entire project in its complete

With over 80 years’ multidisciplinary experience in all aspects of hydroelectric
power generation schemes from technical expertise to risk and asset
management, we offer across the board services at all stages of hydroelectric
power development. We provide our complete package of services for all
hydropower owners, financiers, contractors and manufacturers. Our service
is adapted to the specific requirements of our clients to add value and reduce
risk by combining technical and commercial expertise with our extensive
experience and capability in hydroelectric generation.

Through our team of hydro specialists, access is available to the global
resources of the Mott MacDonald Group. With an impressive track record
of major engineering assignments worldwide, the team provides an
extensive range of technical services. They can also call on the expertise
of Mott MacDonald’s 14,000 international staff, including engineers,
                                                                                   Mott MacDonald monitored dam and tunnel
environmentalists, economists, architects, financial analysts, project             construction for the 690MW hydroelectric
managers, IT specialists and many others.                                          development at Kárahnjúkar, Iceland.

                                                       Services for developers and owners
                                                       Mott MacDonald’s services cover all stages of project development for
                                                       both new schemes and refurbishment and uprating. These include initial
                                                       reconnaissance, feasibility and environmental impact studies, civil, mechanical
                                                       and electrical design, commercial and technical contract documentation,
                                                       project management and supervision of implementation. In addition, we offer
                                                       services in asset management and valuation, economic, financial and legal
                                                       assessments, and plant optimisation.

                                                       Services for lenders
                                                       Mott MacDonald works closely with lenders and sponsors to address all the
                                                       technical and environmental issues relevant to financing and to understand
                                                       how the business and assets operate. We provide clear analysis and focussed
                                                       conclusions to clearly address financing from a technical and environmental
                                                       perspective. Once financial close has been achieved, we provide a monitoring
                                                       service for both the construction work and the provision of equipment, and
                                                       support lenders through testing and commissioning of the assets and in
                                                       monitoring their ongoing operation.

                                                       Services for contractors and manufacturers
                                                       Today’s market often requires complex contracts for construction and
                                                       equipment supply within tight timescales and margins. In addition to
                                                       Mott MacDonald’s role as designer of both civil works and equipment, we
                                                       offer services in the management of interfaces between the various designers,
                                                       suppliers and builders, and in cost consultancy. These interfaces can pose
                                                       the largest single obstacle to successful achievement of both new build and
                                                       refurbishment contracts both at the tender stage and during implementation.
                                                       Our integrated services to support both design and construction are designed
                                                       to minimise the risks involved and improve the profitability of any project
Mott MacDonald prepared a detailed feasibility study   so that the management of subcontractors and strategic partners is both
for the proposed 700MW Suki Kinari hydroelectric       technically and commercially effective.
project, Pakistan.

                                                       Sustainability through refurbishment
                                                       Hydroelectric power plants use simple and robust technology but incur high
                                                       initial capital costs. Investment to enhance capacity, increase life expectancy
                                                       or improve performance frequently produces a high rate of return.
                                                       Mott MacDonald offers a full range of engineering services in this field,
                                                       including the initial engineering survey and testing, uprating of generation
                                                       plant, and refurbishment and replacement of parts to give extended life.
                                                       We also have experience of investigating problems – such as mechanical or
                                                       hydraulic vibration – and advising on the causes of failure of structures
                                                       or equipment and the means of their repair or modification.

                                                       The initial engineering survey stage is a key part of refurbishment work. We
                                                       use a wide range of testing methods to obtain information on the condition of
                                                       plant and structures and to determine appropriate refurbishment or remedial
                                                       works. Our experience includes projects involving runner replacement for
                                                       improved efficiency, complete turbine refurbishment and generator rewind,
                                                       investigations of causes of vibration and tunnel lining failure.

                                                       Essential studies
                                                       Successful development of any hydroelectric power project requires a full
                                                       understanding of every element – from the water available through the power
                                                       plant itself to the market for the energy and the delivery of power.
Successful identification of the environmental
impacts and their mitigation is essential to the       Mott MacDonald has the expertise to carry out initial reconnaissance, water
development of any hydroelectric project.
                                                       management, power network and optimisation studies, and complete pre-
                                                       feasibility and feasibility studies. We are experienced in the analysis
                                                          of financial and economic aspects of any proposed scheme and in cost
                                                          evaluation comparisons with alternative forms of energy generation.

                                                          In-house software has been developed to facilitate the evaluation of water
                                                          resource options, generating plant layout and network configuration. Our
                                                          simulation models can determine the power and energy production for
                                                          run-of-river and reservoir storage conditions, varying installed power plant
                                                          capacities and the physical characteristics of a site. These models are tailored
                                                          to suit each site, taking into consideration many factors, such as irrigation and
                                                          riparian rights, and power peaking demands.

                                                          We are now developing analytical tools to examine the impacts of climate
                                                          change policy on energy prices and consumption, greenhouse gas emissions
                                                          and other environmental and social impacts. This modelling framework will
                                                          incorporate both climate change mitigation programmes and adaptation

                                                          Project implementation
Construction of the upstream coffer dam for the Gibe
III hydropower project, Ethiopia. Mott MacDonald          On completion of the essential studies, Mott MacDonald is fully experienced
performed an independent economic, financial and          in bringing hydropower projects to fruition. During the design, specification
technical assessment of the scheme.
                                                          and construction phases we provide services ranging from detailed design
                                                          and tender preparation to construction supervision and operations monitoring.

                                                          Enhancing benefits
                                                          The successful identification of environmental and social aspects is essential
                                                          to the development of any hydroelectric project – both enhancing benefits and
                                                          mitigating impacts. Mott MacDonald is committed to thorough environmental
                                                          and social impact assessments (ESIAs) as well as economic and financial
                                                          analysis. Our studies include components such as land tenure surveys,
                                                          socio-economic assessments and measures to minimise adverse impacts on
                                                          local inhabitants. The impacts of changes in river regime downstream of a
                                                          project are also included, as are the effects on flora and fauna with a view to
                                                          identifying species that may be at risk. We have gained particular expertise
                                                          on major resettlement studies.

                                                          Recent projects
                                                          • Bunji hydropower project, Pakistan This project is located on the
                                                            Indus River and will be one of the largest hydropower projects worldwide.
                                                            According to the feasibility study, the optimized maximum power of the
                                                            project is 7200MW. The total construction period of the project is estimated
                                                            to be 7½ years. Mott MacDonald was commissioned to lead a joint venture
                                                            to undertake the feasibility study and produce detailed engineering designs
                                                            and tender documents.

                                                          • Cruachan Power Station, Scotland ScottishPower appointed
                                                            Mott MacDonald as owner’s engineer for the refurbishment and uprating
                                                            of the pumped-storage machines at Cruachan, with responsibility for project
                                                            management, design review, factory inspections and site supervision of the
                                                            complete works. We were also responsible for the supervision of repairs to
                                                            the penstock, detailed finite element analysis of the turbine structure and
                                                            fault level studies of the complete electrical system.

Mott MacDonald advised lenders on the technical
aspects of the New Bong hydropower project –
Pakistan’s first privately funded hydroelectric scheme.
                                                     • Kárahnjúkar, Iceland Mott MacDonald led a joint venture appointed by
                                                       the Icelandic national power company, Landsvirkjun, to oversee construction
                                                       of a 190m high, concrete-faced rockfill dam and 60km of tunnel in eastern
                                                       Iceland. The dam and tunnel are part of a US$1.3 billion project which includes
                                                       the 690MW Kárahnjúkar Power Station. Mott MacDonald directed the team
                                                       supervising construction of the dam and tunnel. We also project managed all
           Contact us                                  dam construction work and provided specialist expertise for the tunnels.

           UK/Europe                                 • New Bong hydropower project, Pakistan The proposed 83MW New
           Simon Harrison                              Bong hydropower project is the first privately funded hydroelectric project to
           t +44 (0)1273 365217                        be developed in Pakistan. Mott MacDonald was commissioned by the Asian
           e simon.harrison@mottmac.com                Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank to advise them on the
                                                       technical aspects through the life of the project.
           Howard Bate                               • Luhri hydroelectric project, India Mott MacDonald has provided a
           t +27 (0)11 275 0086                        feasibility study, a detailed project report and bid documents for the proposed
           e howard.bate@mottmac.com                   Luhri 775MW hydroelectric project on the River Satluj in Himachal Pradesh.

           Gulf region                               • Suki Kinari hydroelectric project, Pakistan Mott MacDonald was
           Claudio Tassistro                           appointed to prepare a detailed feasibility study for the project. This looked at
           t +971 (0)2412 0337                         optimising the design of the proposed 700MW hydroelectric plant taking into
           e claudio.tassistro@mottmac.com             account and carrying out topography, hydrology, geology, seismic, environmental
                                                       and power evacuation work.
           India subcontinent
           Sadiq Shafiq                              • Gibe III hydropower project, Ethiopia This is proposed to be the largest
           t   +91 (0)12 0308 2322                     hydropower project in Ethiopia. The power plant will be the third project on the
           e   sadiq.shafiq@mottmac-india.com          Omo/Gibe river basin, and is expected to generate on average 6,500GWh/
                                                       annum of energy. Mott MacDonald was appointed to undertake an independent
           Pakistan                                    economic, financial and technical assessment of the scheme on behalf of
           Mushtaq Chaudry                             potential lenders including a review of least cost generation options for Ethiopia
           t +92 (0)42 6662 595                        and technical sustainability of the scheme.
           e mushtaq.chaudry@mmpakistan.com

                                                     • Enhancing development benefits of hydropower projects
           South East Asia                             The overall objective of this initiative is to develop an operational framework
           Surasak Phanraungwong                       for enhancing the development benefits of World Bank-financed hydropower
           t +66 2643 8648                             projects. Mott MacDonald was engaged to carry out a literature review
           e surasak.phanraungwong@thaimottmac.com     and develop an analytical framework. These were presented to a panel of
                                                       international experts and to World Bank staff in a technical workshop.
           Paul Pring                                • Song Bung 4 hydropower project, Vietnam The project involves the
           t +1 781 915 0084                           construction of a 156MW scheme that will help meet increasing power demands
           e paul.pring@mottmacinc.com                 in Vietnam while reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. The scheme
                                                       involves the construction of a 110m high roller compacted concrete dam, an
                                                       intake structure, a 3.2km long 7.2m diameter headrace tunnel, 16m diameter
                                                       surge shaft and powerhouse. Mott MacDonald is the lead firm responsible for

                                                       construction supervision and contract administration duties. Other services
                                                       include design review, advice and assistance with procurement, resettlement
                                                       advice and monitoring, and environmental management advice and monitoring.

                                                     • Rockwater 250MW project, New Zealand Mott MacDonald is part of an
                                                       international joint venture appointed to perform detailed design of the scheme
                                                       layout and individual structures based on investigation data collected as part of
                                                       previous studies, including whole of life and other scheme operational issues.
                                                       This includes the preparation of an engineering feasibility design report and
           www.mottmac.com                             supporting drawings.

                                                     To find out more see our dedicated microsite

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