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									                    Murder on the Carob Bean Queen
You are the crew of the deluxe cruise ship Carob Bean Queen. A terrible crime was just committed aboard
ship. A wealthy passenger named Jamison Harrison Dickinson III has been found murdered in his cabin.
You are scheduled to dock at Miami Harbor at 8:00 in the morning. If the murderer escapes and word of
this reaches the press, your entire cruise line will be ruined financially from the bad publicity. You must
discover the culprit by then. The ship’s doctor has found that the time of death was exactly 6:15 p.m. this
evening. Interviews with the crew and other passengers have determined that there are a total of six
suspects who had the motive and possible opportunity to commit this heinous act.

Instructions: Read through the following information silently for five minutes. Then discuss these suspects
with the other members of your group and decide as a group who killed Jamison. All the information you
need to solve this crime is contained on this page.

Marlene Fulbright Dickinson: Wife of the deceased. She and Jamison have been married twelve years
and rumor has it that their marriage hasn’t been a happy one. The newspapers and gossip columns have
printed stories of his repeated infidelities. They were overheard having loud arguments. Jamison’s secretary
admitted that he was planning to divorce Marlene and marry his mistress, thereby cutting Marlene out of
his fortune. The ship’s purser reports seeing her drop something overboard at about 6:20 p.m. this evening.

Yvonne Demarco: Mistress of the deceased. She is the latest in a string of women linked to Jamison. A
singer and dancer aboard this ship, Jamison booked this cruise specifically to be near her. But sources say
they saw Jamison in the company of another woman that he had just met on a shore excursion in Jamaica.
Yvonne was seen crying in her quarters just before 6:00 by her roommate, who also heard Yvonne exclaim
that she would “kill that rotten louse.” She was then seen walking in the direction of Jamison’s cabin just
after 6:00, and appeared to still be weeping.

Freddy Schmidt: A high rolling gambler in debt to Jamison. Ever since this cruise began, Jamison has
been playing poker on a daily basis with several other wealthy passengers. Freddy has attended most of
these games and has lost money at an alarming rate. He is rumored to now owe Jamison over $250,000.
The evening of the murder, he was seen in the bar at 5:30 drinking heavily and muttering to himself. One
passenger saw Freddy staggering toward Jamison’s cabin about 5:45. He was later seen at around 6:30
lying passed out on the deck near the casino entrance.

Cranston Snerd: Personal secretary and assistant to Jamison. He is part butler, part valet, and part
administrative assistant. He has worked for Jamison for years at a rather meager salary. Records found in
Jamison’s safe in his cabin show that he has discovered that Cranston has embezzled thousands of dollars
from Jamison over years. Several passengers heard shouting coming from Cranston’s cabin shortly before
the murder took place, including the words “you’re fired!” The ship’s cook reported that Cranston had
borrowed a steak knife from her earlier that afternoon, which corresponds to the murder weapon.

Bob Johnson: A photographer with a tabloid magazine. Bob has been following Jamison relentlessly for
several years, taking photos of him and his many lady friends. They have had several confrontations and
Jamison has placed a court injunction against Bob, but has recently dropped the injunction. Bob knows his
paper will bail him out if he gets into trouble, since his photos sell magazines. Records found in Jamison’s
safe show that Bob was also blackmailing him, which is why he dropped the injunction. Bob was seen that
evening with a large bruise on his check and a swollen left eye.

Annette Kowalski: Political protester and agitator. Annette has been a long time protester against the
Dickinson Corporation policies which have led to pollution and several toxic disasters in various parts of
the country. She has become increasingly obsessed with Jamison and has gone from simply holding up
picket signs to making threatening phone calls to physically attacking Jamison. Police have arrested her
several times, but it only seems to encourage more extreme behavior. Jamison’s wife reported to the ship’s
security department that she had seen Annette on board the Carob Bean the day before. A search of her
quarters turned up an extra steak knife that had been wiped clean.

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