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                         Esplanade’s Yfest 2011 is back!

SINGAPORE, 15 July 2011 – Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay puts the spotlight on
popular youth culture with Yfest 2011 from 12-14 August 2011. For three days, the centre
comes alive with young artists from Singapore and the region bringing with them an exciting
mix of free programmes for everyone. This year, the festival will feature collaborations
across the different genres of music, dance, visual arts and lifestyle activities. The
collaborations at the festival serve as a platform for friendly competition, teamwork and the
development of talents for youth in Asia.

Commented Ms Ye Jun Min, Programming Officer, The Esplanade Co. Ltd, “Yfest was
meant to be a one off event last year to celebrate the pride of Singapore hosting the first
ever Youth Olympic Games. It was very well received and allowed us to provide another
platform to engage our youth. After we saw the enthusiasm with which it was received, we
knew we had to make it a mainstay. So yes, Yfest is back!”

Music genres that are all the rage with the young such as hip hop, pop, rock and R&B will
feature in the music offerings at Yfest. Two collaborations arranged specially for the festival
between local and regional hip hop artists and DJs will take place at the Outdoor Theatre on
Saturday 13 August. These collaborations allow for a deeper exchange of ideas between
local and regional artists. First up, CROWD CONTROL will see local hip hop collective made
up of Singapore‟s emcees Xarin Garuda XG and Masia One and DJ Azrael collaborating
with five-piece hip hop act from Manila, Philippines – The Might Miscellaneous. Together,
they will form a live hip hop jam performing a medley of hip hop classics, improvised jams
and original songs. Another highlight for the evening will be the all-star BLOCK PARTY that
will bring the whole community of Yfest artists on stage. Led by one of Singapore‟s best DJs
and producers – Koflow – and turntablist pioneer, producer and music label owner from
Bangkok, Thailand – SpydaMonkee, they will show off their creative turntabling and
scratching skills to create a soundscape that will serve as a backdrop for battles and
freestyle performances by rappers, dancers and breakers.

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The Outdoor Theatre also plays host to local musicians from The Music Lab who will dish
out hip hop and funk numbers performed by the school‟s students and their mentors. Rap
artist Shigga Shay with his brand of energetic live rapping and local five-member pop band
Aish will also play catchy pop favourites. Over at the Concourse, A cappella group
MICappella, vocalist Amni Musfirah, singer, guitarist and beatboxer Charles “Stitch” Wong,
soul and pop singer Eli T., Odd.inary Band – a funk, jazz and pop influenced band fronted by
Tay Kexin, and beatboxing collective Beats Machine will perform acoustic sets.

The music offerings at Yfest complement the dynamic three-day alternative music festival
Baybeats which will take place the following weekend from 19 – 21 August 2011. At
Baybeats, a diverse range of sounds from folk and indie-rock to electronica and metal will be

The dance showcases at Yfest are centred around hip hop, an appealing genre for the
young which encourages friendly competition and teamwork. First up is SixTeen – Dance
Crew Challenge – a platform to uncover dance crews with potential and provide them with
an opportunity to meet and learn from notable choreographers in the region. An audition call
for dance crews went out on 12 July, looking for five dance crews who will have the
opportunity to be mentored by the five SixTeen Dance Crew Challenge choreographers. The
selected dance crews will undergo 16 hours of rehearsals to hone their craft, culminating in a
performance at the Outdoor Theatre. Their five mentors include Singapore‟s very own
Hafeez, from the FANTASTIC 4 CREW who were champions at the Overdrive hip hop dance
competition at Esplanade‟s da:ns festival in 2006, Korea‟s Ha Woo Shin who is the leader
and choreographer of the established Prepix Crew, Japan‟s Hiroyuki Ayano who leads
Middle Filter from Osaka, Australia‟s Etienne Khoo who is a choreographer for popular
reality television programme So You Think You Can Dance (Australia), and Nish Mathur who
is a member of one of Australia‟s leading hip hop crews, Jigsaw Sneakers. Dance
enthusiasts can also look forward to hip hop dance masterclasses conducted by Hiroyuki
Ayano, Nish Mathur and Etienne Khoo.

Festival-goers will have the opportunity to track the evolution of the various street dance
styles such as B-boying, locking, popping and hip hop through dance demonstrations in a
specially commissioned piece titled Dance Dance Evolution! Street Styles Through the
Times. Put together by local dancers from the local online hip hop dance community –
Dance Meets, this piece will take place at the Outdoor Theatre on Friday 12 August.

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A rapidly-growing dance culture in Asia, B-boying, takes centre stage on Saturday 13 August
when six B-boy crews from Singapore and the region will perform with Koflow on the decks
in B-boy Showcase and Battle with Koflow at the Outdoor Theatre. Featuring local B-boy
crews Radikal Forze and Bakau Rockers, Thailand‟s 99 Flavas, Taiwan‟s Hyper Rush Crew,
Laos‟ Lao Bang Fai and Hong Kong‟s Rhythm Attack, these crews will awe audiences with
their slick moves and complex stunts.

The spotlight shines on local street dance crews on Friday 12 August and Sunday 14 August
when six crews will perform their own signature styles. Lion City Lockers will perform in the
style of „Locking‟ which features body freezes in an exaggerated position before continuing
in the same speed as before. The Poppers Action Party, also known as „PAP‟ is one of the
most prominent local „Popping‟ crews, and the crew‟s style is based on the technique of
quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in a dancer‟s body. Known for a
style called „Waacking‟ which originated from the idea of male performers performing to
female songs on stage, Pink Dollars Crew will surely be a delight to catch. The group
Identities will be dancing in the ever popular Korean pop style or „K-Pop‟, and Styles from
Beyond will feature versatile dancers who are able to perform in a variety of hip hop styles.
Finally, the FANTASTIC 4 CREW will bring on a dance showcase that highlights the
dynamism of Singapore‟s dance community.

HangOut at the Lawn
The festival village HangOut located at the Lawn next to Makansutra Gluttons Bay will add
another facet to the festival. This year‟s festival village will feature several lifestyle activities
which youth can enjoy such as an area for fixed gear bicycles, commonly known as „fixies‟,
as well as food and beverage stalls with fun and creative items. Also making a return to the
festival this year is the popular Swop Shop. The Swop Shop originates from the idea of “free-
cycling” where usable unwanted items are given away to others instead of being thrown
away, an activity which encourages youth to be mindful of wastage.

Members of Esplanade Youths – the centre‟s tertiary youth engagement programme that
seeks to encourage youth involvement in the arts – will oversee the Swop Shop. They will
ensure that only items in good condition are traded, offering a socially responsible alternative
shopping experience for everyone.

A highlight this year at HangOut will be the segment Fixie Fever which will cater to a growing
band of hobbyists who enjoy fixed gear riding, or „fixie riding‟, as it is better known. A fixed

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gear bicycle is one that unlike a traditional bicycle, has no freewheel. This means that as
long as the bicycle is moving, the pedals will continue to turn. Fixie fans and interested
friends will be able to learn more about this by meeting local fixie riding organisers PEONX
and Tales FromThe Crit. All are also invited to take part in a specially organised stationary
bicycle rollers racing social event where one cyclist is pitted against another cyclist to peddle
as fast as they can in a „Goldsprint‟ competition.

Engagement with the Community
This year extending beyond the centre as part of Esplanade‟s community engagement
efforts, the festival has engaged graffiti artist Jahan Loh to conduct three workshops from 29
July – 4 August for 20 secondary school youths identified by Students Care Service. Besides
learning about issues concerning graffiti such as its positive and negative implications in
society, the youths will also be introduced to different graffiti spraying techniques. This
activity will enable the youths to channel their creative energies in a positive manner and
their final artwork will be displayed at their school.

Esplanade‟s community engagement programme, which leverages on the centre‟s
accessible and wide-ranging annual calendar of presentations to bring the arts to community
groups and beneficiaries of Voluntary Welfare Organisations, aims to serve the needs of
diverse groups in Singapore through specially-developed and sustained arts programmes.

Visual Arts
Visual arts displays and activities play a large role at Yfest. Visitors will be treated to
innovative visual arts pieces and demonstrations by young artists at various spaces of the
centre and also have the opportunity to channel try their hand at creating their own street art
pieces. On Friday, there will be a graffiti artist showcase at the Courtyard where Clogtwo,
Antz and Zero will demonstrate their mural painting expertise in a segment titled Open
Domains. A graffiti challenge will also take place at the Lawn located next to Makansutra for
the best graffiti piece based on the themes of youth, friendship, music and dance on
Saturday in Open Call – Graffiti Showcase. Everyone is invited to Give It a Go at your own
Graffiti on Sunday at the Lawn where members of the public can learn the art of graffiti.

Over at Jendela, local artist Jahan Loh‟s Cherry Poke will explore the memory that an object
can evoke from a viewer. The Tunnel and Theatre Street Cones will also feature sets and
puppets created by youths through workshops facilitated by contemporary puppet theatre
group Papermoon Puppet Theatre from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Created over a three-day
workshop, Circus of Life brings together nine students from ITE College Central, School of

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Design and Media who will collaborate with six artists in a special exhibition featuring
handmade puppets and a video installation which will showcase the youths‟ creativity.

For more information on Yfest 2011, please visit

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About Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is one of the world‟s busiest arts centres, officially opened
on 12 October 2002. This architectural icon with its distinctive twin shells is sited within
Singapore‟s civic district, just by Marina Bay at the mouth of the Singapore River.

Esplanade aims to be a performing arts centre for everyone, and its programmes cater to its
diverse audiences. Its programme line-up spans all genres to encompass music, dance,
theatre and visual arts, with a special focus on Asian culture.

Esplanade houses world-class performance spaces, supported by a comprehensive range of
professional support facilities and services. Its two main venues are the 1,600-seat Concert
Hall, with acoustics by the late Russell Johnson of ARTEC Consultants, and a theatre with a
capacity of 2,000 adapted from the traditional European opera houses in horseshoe form.

In the past year, Esplanade welcomed over seven million visitors and hosted over 2,700

                                            ~ End ~
Issued by The Esplanade Co Ltd.

For more information, please contact:

Chow Keat Yeng
Programme Marketing
The Esplanade Co Ltd
Tel: 6828 8309


Gina Koh
Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
The Esplanade Co Ltd
Tel: 6828 8332

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Esplanade Presents
12 – 14 August 2011

12 August 2011, Friday
              6.30 - 7pm        MICappella
Esplanade     7.30 - 8pm        Amni Musfirah
Concourse     8.30 - 9pm        MICappella
              9.30 - 10pm       Amni Musfirah
              7 - 7.45pm        The Music Lab
              8 - 8.45pm        Aish
                                Dance Dance Evolution!
Esplanade     9.15 - 9.45pm
                                Street Styles Through The Times
Theatre       10 - 10.30pm      Hip Hop Dance Showcase

                                Dance Dance Evolution!
              10.45 - 11.15pm
                                Street Styles Through The Times

13 August 2011, Saturday
              6.30 - 7pm        Charles “Stitch” Wong
Esplanade     7.30 - 8pm        Charles “Stitch” Wong
Concourse     8.30 - 9pm        Eli T.
              9.30 - 10pm       Eli T.
                                CROWD CONTROL
              7 - 7.45pm        feat. Xarin Garuda XG, Masia One, Azrael
                                & The Mighty Miscellaneous (PHI)
              8 - 8.30pm        SixTeen - Dance Crew Challenge
Outdoor       8.30 - 9pm        B-boy Showcase
Theatre       9 - 9.30pm        B-boy Battle Part 1 with Koflow
              9.30 - 10pm       B-boy Battle Part 2 with Koflow

                                BLOCK PARTY
              10.15 - 11pm
                                feat. Koflow and Spydamonkee (THA)

14 August 2011, Sunday
              6.30 - 7pm        Odd inary Band.
Esplanade     7.30 - 8pm        Beats Machine
Concourse     8.30 - 9pm        Odd.inary Band
              9.30 - 10pm       Beats Machine
              7 - 7.45pm        ShiGGa Shay
Esplanade     8 - 8.45pm        Eli T.
              9.15 - 9.45pm     SixTeen - Dance Crew Challenge
              10 - 10.30pm      Hip Hop Dance Showcase

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We celebrate the verve, vigour and creativity of young music-makers to watch out for this year, in a
gobsmacking line-up of hip hop, pop, rock and R&B stylings!

MICappella (Singapore)
12 Aug 2011, Fri
6.30pm - 7pm & 8.30pm - 9pm
Esplanade Concourse

With a style that features explosive and high-energy sounds found in clubs and rock music,
MICappella represents Singapore‟s next step forward in contemporary a cappella music. Formed in
2009 and consisting of 6 members – Juni, Ein Ein, Calin, Eugene, Peter and Wei Jin – MICappella
forges ahead in pursuit of their dream of blasting into the mainstream as a vocal rock band that has
no need for any instruments except their voices.

MICappella has performed at events such as the Youth Olympics 2010 and represented Singapore at
Super Idol 5, a singing competition in Taiwan. MICapella has also appeared on invitation as the only
South East Asian group at the Hong Kong International a cappella Extravaganza 2010, appearing
alongside top groups from the USA, Sweden, Hong Kong, and indie singer-songwriter Khalil Fong.

Amni Musfirah (Singapore)
12 Aug 2011, Fri
7.30pm - 8pm & 9.30pm - 10pm
Esplanade Concourse

This 16-year-old School of the Arts student is a talented vocalist who was spotted by Iskandar Ismail
at ChildAid 2008. Since then, Amni has performed at ChildAid Asia 2011 in Tokyo, the opening and
closing ceremonies of the Asian Youth Games 2009 and won STOMP‟s MMSing Talent Contest.
Together with fellow musician Elias, hear Amirah and her dazzling vocals in a special acoustic
performance as she belts out ballads and more.

Charles "Stitch" Wong (Singapore)
13 Aug 2011, Sat
6.30pm – 7pm & 7.30pm - 8pm
Esplanade Concourse

Charles "Stitch" Wong is a singer, guitarist and beatboxer. He broke out onto the scene in 2009 when
he clinched 4th place in the third season of Singapore Idol. Now plying his trade as a solo performer,
he combines all his talents by looping his fast-paced beatboxing, melodious guitar tunes and vocals to
single-handedly perform his songs.

This one-man band has also performed at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, opened for Kanye
West's Glow in the Dark concert in 2008 and performed numerous times for the President of

Eli T. (Singapore)
13 Aug 2011, Sat
8.30pm - 9pm & 9.30pm – 10pm
Esplanade Concourse

14 Aug 2011, Sun
8pm - 8.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, Eli T. is on a mission to make Singapore heard across
the globe. He has performed internationally in Vietnam and Dubai, bringing his brand of urban soul
and East meets West blend of pop to audiences everywhere.

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Eli T. just made his theatre debut in Dick Lee‟s Beauty Kings. He also composed the number 1 smash
hit Record Breaker for Philippines pop princess Sarah Geronimo, and has worked with international
stars like Wang Lee Hom, Wilbur Pan and Singapore‟s own Taufik Batisah.

Odd.inary Band (Singapore)
14 Aug 2011, Sun
6.30pm - 7pm & 8.30pm - 9pm
Esplanade Concourse

The Odd.inary Band is about bringing back the soulful sounds of the organ, paired with brushes and
percussion. Largely funk, jazz and pop influenced, they paraphrase well known tunes with original
content and unique instrumentation. Fronting the band is Singapore's own petite powerhouse, Tay
Kexin, currently a resident singer of the Summertimes Big Band and also a “PK contender” on the hit
Taiwan TV show Super Idol in 2011.

Beats Machine (Singapore)
14 Aug 2011, Sun
7.30pm - 8pm & 9.30pm - 10pm
Esplanade Concourse

You can hear them but you can‟t see them – here come the sounds of Beats Machine. With just their
voices, Beats Machine – composed of Singapore beatboxers Chee Ang, Seong Bum and Yvonne –
creates instrument sounds and breakbeats that will amaze you.

The Music Lab (Singapore)
12 Aug 2011, Fri
7pm - 7.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

A music school run by a team of local professional musicians who are totally fun yet truly
knowledgeable, The Music Lab‟s instructors are reputable performers in their own field and have over
a decade of music education experience under their belt. At Yfest, expect a collaboration of epic
proportions between some of the school's best students alongside their mentor, as they serve up a
heaping helping of hip hop and funk numbers to groove to!

Aish (Singapore)
12 Aug 2011, Fri
8pm - 8.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Brought together by their love of pop, Aish comprises Tok Xue Yi on vocals, Chang Qizhong on bass,
Euntaek Kim on keys, Brandon Tan on drums and Justin Low on guitar. With influences like Katy
Perry, John Mayer, Paramore, Adele and everything else in between, the band takes the best of every
genre out there and distils it all into a catchy and potent mix of catchy vocals and juicy riffs.

13 Aug 2011, Sat
7pm - 7.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Crowd Control is a live hip hop jam that is all about a gathering of masses, bringing together two
dynamic collectives from two countries – Singapore‟s Masia One, Xarin Garuda, and Azrael from The
XS Collective, and Philippines‟ DJ and MPC collective The Mighty Miscellaneous.

Witness the magic of Crowd Control as they rock the stage with a medley of hip hop classics,
improvised jams, and original songs. Hip hop is a live and interactive experience, and Crowd Control
is on a mission to bring that to you!

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Masia One (Singapore)
Born in Singapore, Masia One became a hip hop fan early on when she stumbled upon a bootleg
copy of a Public Enemy album. Now, she has two albums, four music videos, and countless
international appearances and media bookings to her name. This Singapore-Canadian girl is the
future of international urban sound.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Che Vicious (Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Eminem), Masia
One‟s latest album features her remarkable flow over highly-infectious hip hop, dance, and dancehall
rhythms, and includes guest appearances by Pharrell, The Game, Talib Kweli, RZA and Graph Nobel.

Azrael (Singapore)
Azrael expresses his love for hip hop through lyricism and sound manipulation. With a wide range of
influences across hip hop and pop culture, his creative wordplay and flow are a constantly evolving
diverse fusion of imagination and honesty flavoured with a dash of swagger.

Azrael is also one of the driving forces behind The.XS Collective playing a multitude of roles He is an
emcee, producer, engineer, graphic designer, videographer, and creative director, who contributes to
various aspects towards the development and progress of the collective.

Xarin Garuda Manchild (Singapore)
MC Garuda – now known as Xarin Garuda XG – is a live hip hop emcee and DJ with a unique style
when it comes to language, flow and crowd interaction. Since his first show as a hip hop emcee when
he was 16, Xarin has collaborated with Singapore‟s legendary DJ Koflow and shared the stage with
Jin tha Emcee from Hong Kong, The Black Eyed Peas and Freestyle from USA, and Masia One from

A firm proponent of boogie funk, bass-heavy disco soul and an advocate of feel-good records, Xarin
currently spends his time spinning tunes for conceptual party nights in clubs in Singapore and
produces hip hop tunes for artistic and commercial works. Xarin will be releasing his last and only
“debut” album Escaped from Singapura on 11 November 2011 under his own imprint Golden Triangle

The Mighty Miscellaneous (Philippines)
The Mighty Miscellaneous is a five-piece live hip hop act from Manila, Philippines consisting of five
assorted like-minded yet unique individuals who have come together to uphold the roots of hip hop.
Formed in 2000, the current lineup consists of Producers Tibbz and DJ Umph, DJ DTech, and
emcees Delphi and Switch. With hard beats and a melodic flow, The Mighty Miscellaneous makes hip
hop music that is a throwback to the „90s with a dash of funk and jazz.

13 Aug 2011, Sat
10.15pm - 11pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Catch this all-star mash-up jam that brings a whole community of Yfest artists on together on stage!

Led by the combined creative forces of Koflow from Singapore and Spydamonkee from Thailand, this
is one party you can‟t miss! Witness the mindblowing turntabling and scratching skills of both DJs as
they conjure up a soundscape that will serve as a backdrop for a jam-packed mix of creative

Expect a hip hop spectacular filled with improvisations, cyphers, and freestyle performances by
rappers, dancers, and breakers as the Yfest community comes together in a frenzy of energy and

Koflow (Singapore)
Hailed as the “Grandmaster” in 2009 and voted Best DJ 2008 by JUICE magazine, DMC Singapore
DJ 2003 champion and Heineken Thirst 2005 Champion Koflow has evolved to become more than
just a DJ and is now a true artist in his craft. Armed with musical knowledge and skill, he injects

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creativity and musicality into his live performances, always refining his strokes that turn every
performance into a true sonic experience.

Koflow has shared the stage with international artistes including Missy Elliot, The Black Eyed Peas
and Kanye West, and collaborated with jazz musicians, violinists, rock bands and even a 70-strong
samba bateria! Constantly discovering and experimenting, the only constant with Koflow is his
continuous evolution and desire to push the boundaries of music and turntablism.

SpydaMonkee (Thailand)
Spydamonkee is a turntablist pioneer in Bangkok, Thailand. Kicking off his DJ career at the legendary
Beat Lounge in San Francisco, Spydamonkee brought his turntabling skills back to Thailand and won
the DMC World DJ Championship Thailand 1997. From old school funk to dancehall, he believes in
the art of sound and performance.

Since then, Spydamonkee has played at many clubs and major events and started Thailand‟s own
Beat Lounge. He now also spends his time as a producer at Gancore Club, a music label which he

ShiGGa Shay (Singapore)
14 Aug 2011, Sun
7pm - 7.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

At the tender age of 9, ShiGGa Shay started his journey into the world of hip hop and rap. Influenced
by rap artists such as Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G., he experimented with
his rap repertoire and went on to win battles with fellow rappers by the time he was 12. By then, he
knew he was ready to make a name for himself in the Singapore music industry.

Since then, ShiGGa Shay has performed at Live ‘n’ Loaded, National day Parade 2010 and New
Year‟s Eve Countdown 2010 at Sentosa, bringing his amazing stage presence and energetic live
show to crowds any opportunity he gets. Only 19 but already achieving considerable attention in the
industry, ShiGGa Shay is definitely one artist to keep a lookout for.

Slick B-boy moves, high-energy dance crew performances and battles by a wide spectrum of local
and international hip-hop dance talents!

Dance Dance Evolution! Street Styles Through the Times
12 Aug 2011, Fri
9.15pm – 9.45pm & 10.45pm – 11.15pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

In this special festival production, a team of 10 - 15 local dancers from local online hip hop dance
community Dance Meets demonstrate the various street dance styles (B-boying, locking, popping,
house and hip hop) that reflect the different musical eras of hip hop music from the „70s to current

SixTeen – Dance Crew Challenge
13 Aug 2011, Sat
8pm - 8.30pm

14 Aug 2011, Sun
9.15pm - 9.45pm

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

SixTeen – Dance Crew Challenge is a programme with a special focus on developing artists as part of
Esplanade‟s Yfest 2011. This challenge is targeted at local aspiring crews who wish to hone their

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choreography skills and techniques in hip hop, as they will meet and learn from selected
choreographers invited by Esplanade.

Our selected panel of choreographers will audition and select five crews to perform in Yfest 2011.
Each choreographer will then choose one crew to work with. The crew will undergo 16 hours worth of
rehearsals with their choreographers and this will culminate in a five to six minute choreographed
routine to be showcased at the Outdoor Theatre during Yfest 2011.
Come bear witness and support them!


Hafeez (Singapore)
Hafeez a.k.a. Bombom started dancing on the streets and at Youth Park when he was 15. He went on
to win numerous dance competitions such as the Mark Ecko Hip Hop Dance Competition 2005,
OVERDRIVE 2006 and the Singapore Hip Hop Championship 2006.

A teacher of hip hop dance and breakdance since 2005, Hafeez also conducts workshops in schools
and for companies to share his passion for dance. He has also been actively involved in dance
performances for television productions on MediaCorp and MTV.

Haw (Korea)
Ha Woo Shin (Haw) is the leader and choreographer of Prepix Crew, a dance crew from Korea.
Known internationally for his dance expertise, Haw‟s impressive dance resume includes judging
dance championships and festivals to conducting dance workshops. He has travelled all over the
world to Europe, North America, and Asia to showcase his dance skills.

Back in his home country, Haw has won numerous dance competitions with Prepix Crew, and also
choreographed for many Korean music artistes including Jay Park, Supreme Team, G Na, 2PM, and
Korean boyband B2ST.

Hiro (Japan)
Hiroyuki Ayano (Hiro) is the leader of Japanese dance group Middle Filter. Based in Osaka, Japan,
Hiro travels all over the country making special appearances at events, judging dance competitions,
and conducting dance workshops. With a signature dance style that is a combination of old school hip
hop and New Jack Swing, and 14 years of experience as a dance instructor, he is sought after by
dance lovers who travel to Japan to improve their dancing skills.

Etienne Khoo (Australia)
Etienne Khoo has a diverse career working in all facets of the entertainment industry, choreographing
for Australia‟s So You Think You Can Dance and performing in TV shows and at high profile events.
Etienne is also a teacher at the Ballarat College of Art and Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance as well
as the artistic director of up and coming new age hip hop company Dance Virus Production.

Nish Mathur (Australia)
Nish is one of Australia‟s most recognised hip hop dancers and choreographers. A founding member
of the Melbourne Lockers and BC Tribe, Nish is also a member of Australia‟s leading hip hop crew
Jigsaw Sneakers. Nish endeavours to inspire people to dance from their heart and is a strong believer
in letting the music in first and developing your own style.

With a unique style that is a blend of hip hop, house, popping and locking, Nish has performed with
the best in Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney and Delhi, and won competitions such as the National Masters of
Hip Hop 2010, Freestyle @ Fed Square 2009 and Funk It Up 2008.

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Masterclasses by SixTeen choreographers
13 Aug 2011, Sat
Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

Step it up… with the crème de la crème of Asia‟s hip-hop arena. Hone your hip-hop dance skills with 3
of our choreographers from SixTeen – Dance Crew Challenge.

9am - 10.30am Hiro (Japan)
11am - 12.30pm Nish Mathur (Australia)
1pm - 2.30pm Etienne Khoo (Australia)

For participants with basic hip hop dance skills only.
Tickets are available at Esplanade Box Office and all SISTIC authorized agents. For more
information, visit

B-boy Showcase and Battle with Koflow
13 Aug 2011, Sat
8.30pm - 9pm (B-boy showcase)
9pm - 9.30pm (B-boy Battle Part 1)
9.30pm - 10pm (B-boy Battle Part 2)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Give it up for the craziest B-boys from the region! You might have seen them at international and
regional B-boying competitions. With Koflow on the decks, watch some of the tightest crews you‟ll
ever see performing who will then go head-to-head in a battle of the best.

 99 Flavas (Thailand)
Highly prolific in the Thailand B-boy dance scene, 99 Flavas has won several competitions, including
R16 Thailand 2011, Circle Prinz Japan, BOTY Taiwan, and Armory Cup Thailand. They have also
represented Thailand in regional B-boy competitions and Asia in international competitions.

Bakau Rockers (Singapore)
Formed in 2008, the Bakau Rockers is a local B-boy crew made up of 10 young breakdancers aged
17 to 20 who used to practice at the Bakau LRT station. True to its name – Bakau, which means
“foundation” – the crew focuses on the foundations of B-boying. In the past 3 years, the Bakau
Rockers have participated in and won numerous jams in Singapore, such as Step it Up B-boy Jam
2011, Raw to the Floor and more. The crew aspires to dance at an international level and represent
the new generation of Singaporean B-boys.

Hyper Rush Crew (Taiwan)
Hyper Rush Crew is part of Hyper Rush Dance Academy, a 3rd generation B-boy powerhouse that
contributed greatly to developing Taiwan street culture. Known for their use of clever music mashups
in their performances, Hyper Rush Crew was champions of BOTY Taiwan 2006 and ranked ninth in
the international finals in Germany. That same year, founder B-boy Bojin was also one of two
Taiwanese representatives in the UK B-Boy Championships solo category.

Lao Bang Fai (Laos)
Lao Bang Fai is an association officially registered with the Ministry of Culture and Information in Laos
in 2004. Lao Bang Fai specialises in the field of social youth development, providing young people
with sport, music, and other recreational activities, with contemporary and traditional breakdancing
being their main activity. They are well-regarded within the Laos dance scene and have been
extremely successful in international competitions such as the BOTY and R16.

Radikal Forze (Singapore)
Formed in 1998, Radikal Forze is currently made up of its fifth generation of B-boys. The 13-strong
crew includes members from Singapore, UK and South Korea. They have competed successfully in
many competitions, including the Singapore B-Boy Championship, BOTY Asia, and Circle Princz
Japan. Radikal Forze has also taken an active role in shaping the local dance scene by organising
their own competitions and inviting regional dance crews to compete and work with local crews.

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Rhythm Attack (Hong Kong)
Ten-member dance crew Rhythm Attack is extremely prolific in the local Hong Kong dance scene and
has been crowned champions in many competitions including Evolution 4 Hong Kong in 2009, BOTY,
and the ONE Dance Competition. They are driven by the concepts of “metre” and “attack,” which
forms the foundation of how they approach the art of dance.

Hip Hop Dance Showcase
12 Aug 2011, Fri
10pm - 10.30pm

14 Aug 2011, Sun
10pm – 10.30pm

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Get inspired by the imagination, passion and signature styles of six fabulous street dance crews from
the local hip hop dance scene!

Lion City Lockers (Singapore)
Formed in 2008, Lion City Lockers is a community of dancers who are passionate about locking and
who want to continue spreading the funky dance that originated in 1970s in the United States to a
local dance community that has grown tremendously in recent years. They believe that anyone can be
a Lion City Locker as long as they are from Singapore and love locking!

Lion City Lockers has performed at numerous major events including The Big Groove organised by O
School, various events by City Harvest, as well as CAN! Festival in support of the Singapore‟s Youth
Olympic Games bid in 2009. They have also had the privilege to represent Singapore at international
events in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and even France.

Poppers Action Party [PAP] (Singapore)
The Poppers Action Party, fondly known as "PAP" in the Singapore dance scene, is one of the most
prominent local popping crews in recent years. They define the popping scene with their distinctive
flavour that easily bridges the gap between technique and creativity and constantly churn out
imaginative and creative moves.

PAP is the brainchild of Michael Sim who gathered a group of his most passionate students together.
Since their formation in 2007, the crew has grown from strength to strength together. Each individual
member of PAP has developed their own unique style that at the same time complements the styles
of the other members.

Catch five members of the PAP crew – Marcus Tan, Rachel Lee, Chang Jer Hsuan, Lim Kah Sing and
Tan Zhiming – as they take to the stage for a session of passionate popping!

Styles From Beyond (Singapore)
Formed in 2001, Styles From Beyond is a crew that includes full time dancers, dance instructors and
video producers. Versatile and talented, the crew is skilled in various hip hop styles and believes in
taking on new challenges to improve themselves.

Styles From Beyond were champions of Dance Crown of Honour 2009 and second runners-up in City
Alive 2010, and have been invited to perform at numerous prestigious events. The crew now focuses
on sharing their love of dance with the community.

Identities (Singapore)
Made up of four teenagers – Lois, Selina, Clarissa, Sean – who major in different dance genres in
different schools, Identities is a dance crew made up of unique individuals who share the same
passion for dance and live performance.

Identities has performed at events such as Youth for Cause and the InMySeoul K-Idol Battle 2011,
and competed in the Teenage K-Pop Dance Battle 2010 and TeensSupreme 2010.

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Pink Dollars Crew (Singapore)
Pink Dollars Crew is a renowned Singapore dance crew whose name is synonymous with a unique
dance style that is a mix of voguing, jazz funk, waacking, hip hop, reggae and dancehall.

The fabulous boys of Pink Dollars Crew have performed in The Big Groove 2009 and were finalists in
Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 1 and champions of Funkamania XIV.

FANTASTIC 4 CREW (Singapore)
FANTASTIC 4 CREW is a formidable dance force in Singapore, constructed with the tender loving
care from aspiring dancers, choreographers and passionate dance aficionados. Formed in late 2007,
FANTASTIC 4 CREW have evolved into a talented bunch consisting of 3 different dance groups of
different age groups namely Fantastic Kidz Crew (Kidz), Fantastic Forze Crew (Teens) and F4C All
Starz (Adult). With a list of illustrious achievements, winning many dance competitions and
experiences, this passionate team never fails to impress as the stage is almost a second home for
every single performer in this crew.

Join fresh young artists in their own inventive searches for new perspectives and experiences.

Cherry Poke By Jahan Loh (Singapore)
12 Aug – 11 Sep 2011
Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

Jahan spent the past eight years exploring the human form to develop his CHERRY POP concept,
which is centred on human expressions stemming from inner ecstasies. This is its second incarnation

This time, with an explosive palette of kitsch colours from a single can of reconstituted food, he
investigates our tendency to extract and express memories and emotions from our perception of
objects of mass consumerist culture, and how the romance in this process makes each person‟s
experience special.

Circus of Life by Papermoon Puppet Theatre and students from ITE College Central, School of
Design and Media (Indonesia & Singapore)
12 Aug – 25 Sep 2011

12 Aug – 4 Sep 2011
Theatre Street Cones

Featuring real narratives based on conversations with elderly people, this puppet and video
installation is the result of a three-day workshop where students developed storyboards that formed
the basis for the Papermoon artists‟ creation of sets and puppets.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre is a contemporary puppet theatre group from Indonesia which performs,
collaborates, creates art installations and conducts workshops.

Open Domains
12 Aug 2011, Fri
5pm – 10pm
Esplanade Courtyard

Ever wondered who‟s behind the murals on the wall? Come watch street artists Clogtwo, Antz, Zero
and their friends demonstrate the skills needed to create these awesome street art pieces. This is
your chance to have an insider‟s look at the artistic process of one of the most exciting art forms in
contemporary times.

Open Call – Graffiti Showcase

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13 Aug 2011, Sat
5pm – 10pm
Lawn (next to Makansutra)

Local art students, design disciples and purveyors of the street art movement answer to an open call
to participate in our live graffiti challenge. Watch our shortlisted artists battle it out to create the best
graffiti piece for Yfest based on the themes of Youth, Friendship, Music and Dance.

Give It a Go at your own Graffiti
14 Aug 2011, Sun
5pm – 10pm
Lawn (next to Makansutra)

Open to the public! Come with a desire to personalise and have a go at creating your own street art
piece! Recommended for ages seven and above.

12 – 14 Aug 2011, Fri – Sun
5pm – 10pm
Lawn (next to Makansutra)

Time to chillax – it‟s treats and trends galore, with food, fun and friendship all under one roof at the
Yfest Festival Village!

Swop Shop
Swop Shop is all about freecycling – the act of giving away useable unwanted items to others instead
of junking them. It operates on a zero-dollar economy that encourages us all to think twice before
throwing something out.

How it works:
Pack your old clothes/CDs/shoes/books/games/toys/etc in a sturdy bag
Get the goods sorted by us (we say “YAY!” to items in good condition and “NAY!” to perishables)
Pick out stuff contributed by others like you and go home happy
Best of all, everything‟s free – remember, one man‟s junk is another man‟s treasure!

Fixie Fever
Calling all fixed-gear enthusiasts, fans and friends! Drop by our Fixies corner specially put together by
PEONX & Tales From The Crit to get the lowdown on the Fixie craze that has taken Singapore by
storm. Celebrate the tradition of cycling and take this chance to meet others in the steadily growing
community. You even get to take part in a Goldsprint competition!

Foodie Goodie
Check out creative menus by Artease Café, Tomo Izakaya, Ice      Café and Big Ben‟s Pies.

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