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					           24 Clubs in 24 Hours

                                  Wednesday 25th February

        Who?                            What?
                                        If you were God what would you do? Plus an acoustic guitar
 9am    Evangelical Union [EU]
10am    Anime Society [Anime]           Watch top Anime drawers and join them if you’re up for it!

                                        Ever wondered how solar system activity affects you? Come explore
11am    Space Society
                                        with us and you’ll never look at the sky the same way again!

        Movement and Dance              Free combined style dance class. Pick up some moves to bust out at
        Society [MADSOC]                the Summer of Love Dance Party on Thursday night!

                                        Speed Diplomacy: fusing speed dating and political negotiation,
 1pm    United Nations Society [UN]     everyone’s invited to pick a country and chat-up another nation before
                                        moving on. Entente or Entendre? You decide.
                                        Taking “Flashback, Fastforward” from campus to canvas, it’s your
                                        chance to express O-Week 09’s theme with paint, pastels and
 2pm    Fine Arts Society [FARTS]
                                        magazines. Prizes for the most creative.

                                        Go under the grillz and beneath the bling to unearth true hip-hop
 3pm    Hip Hop Club [Soul Express]     culture. Take a crash course in hip hop emphasising the 4
                                        foundational elements – dance, DJ, MC & graffiti.

        French Society [FrenchSoc] &    Relax with good company, as we wine and dine you with French
        Wine Society [Winesoc]          cuisine, glorious wine!

                                    Thursday 26th February

       Who?                             What?

       Architecture Society [SUAS] &    Lay the foundations of a brilliant day with amusing theatresports, lewd
       Architecture Revue Club [ARC]    props and outrageous costumes!

                                        Activate your hands and your minds as we introduce you to a variety
       Engineers Without Borders
10am                                    of sustainable engineering technologies. We’ll even show you how to
                                        make some yourself!

       SUTEKH &                         Discover the best of Geekdom amidst a whirlwind of boardgames,
       Costume Society [CosSoc]         card games, comic books and role plays!

                                        Socrates says! Have a philosophical debate about love, truth, ethics
       Russellian                       and beauty with the man on the soap box.
       Musical Theatre Ensemble            Join in a musical theatre workshop, learning and performing popular
       [MUSE]                              chorus numbers. If Bert Newton can do it why can’t you?

                                           Make art from chocolate and other sweet treats. Trying to keep them
       ChocSoc                             on paper and not in your stomach is just part of the challenge!

                                           Social Innovation Survivor: What most troubles you in the world
       180 Degrees: Social Innovation
3pm                                        today? Student debt? Climate change? Global poverty? Workshops
       Society [180]
                                           about these problems and finding innovative solutions to them.

       Epicurean Society [EpicSoc] &       They say movies and munchies make a perfect couple and we’ve got
       Film Society [Filmsoc]              short films and delicious nibbles to your hearts content!

                                        Friday 27th February

       Who?                                What?

                                           Worldwide culture exchange: IYF overseas volunteers from all around
       International Youth Fellowship
9am                                        the globe showcase what they learnt overseas! Music, games and
       Society [IYF]
                                           food in store.

                                           Learn how to be creative and sell stuff! Have a go at creating an
10am   SELECT Marketing Society            advertisement for zany product we’ve invented. Prizes for the best

       Work and Organisational             None of your business trivia! These are insights into uni life you won’t
       Studies Society [WOSOC]             learn in lectures.

                                           Take a tour of what it takes to put on a revue. From writing to
12-    Science Revue Society
                                           rehearsals to the actual show we’ve got it covered!
                                           We’re putting on an Israeli market with nargillah, falafel and Israeli
                                           music and dancing!
       Australasian Union of Jewish
       Students [AUJS USYD]
                                           Get ready to strum your vocal chords as we shake the tent with
2pm    Madrigal                            melody and merriment.

                                           Thinking of going overseas on an internship? AIESEC helps you
3pm    AIESEC Sydney
                                           decide. Plus a global food fair and free dance lessons!

                                           Funny-Man-Dan does his comedy thang before handing over to the
4pm    Hillsong Campus
                                           316 dance group for an interactive dance class.

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