Dada and Surrealism - Get as PowerPoint by wuyunyi


          1915 -1922

•   French for Hobbyhorse

•   Declared purpose was to
    ridicule and protest the
    established values of society
    in response to the destruction
    from WW1

•   Satire – Humor with a political

•   Anti Art

•   Readymades

•   Ubsurdity                         Marcel Duchamp

“As beautiful as the chance encounter of an umbrella
    and a sewing machine on a dissecting table.”

                         - Andre Breton

• Began in Paris France, 1924 and still continues to influence modern art

• A group of artists and writers led by the poet Andre Breton

• Influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud and the Dada movement

• Emphasizes fantasy, imagination, and the unconscious mind (dreams)

• Utilizes juxtaposition (joining images together in impossible combinations)
  to create bizarre and dreamlike imagery.
               Other Surreal Techniques

1. JUXTAPOSITION. Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition
2. DISLOCATION. Place an object in an environment where
   it would normally not exist.
3. Change an objects SIZE or SCALE
4. LEVITATION. Make objects float or fly that normally would not.
5. TRANSFORMATION. Convert, Metamorphose, Mutate.
6. REPETITION. Repeat lines, shapes, textures, objects, etc.
            Georges De Chirico

            • Greek / Italian

            • Precursor to Surrealism

            • Poetic cityscapes

            • Trains, shadows and
              classical architecture

            • Enigmatic

Love Song
The Conquest of
the Philospher
                                          Salvador Dali

                                  • Spanish

                                  • Most well known and eccentric

                                  • Paranoic critical method

                                  • Hidden forms, melting clocks,
                                    dream like landscapes

                                  • Hand painted dream photographs

“Every morning when I wake up, I experience the joy – the joy of being
Salvador Dali - and I ask myself in rapture, “What wonderful things this
Salvador Dali is going to accomplish today?”
“I do not take drugs, I am drugs.”

     Persistence of Memory
Metamorphosis of Narcissus
       Rene Magritte

• “I want to make familiar
objects scream out loud.”

• Belgium

• Wallpaper designer and
commercial artist

• “Magic Realism”

• Quiet

• Visual Puzzles

The Son of Man

“My painting is visible
images which conceal
nothing; they evoke
mystery and, indeed,
when one sees one of
my pictures, one asks
oneself this simple
question, 'What does
that mean?'. It does
not mean anything,
because mystery
means nothing either,
it is unknowable.”
Castle in
Presence of
 the Mind
High Society
   Yves Tanguy

• French sea merchant

• Lunar landscapes and

• Amorphous – having no
  recognizable shape.
Through Birds, Through Fire and Not Through Glass

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