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									                                                                               Club Membership
                                                                                                                            2010                                              DATE RECEIVED

Club Name
DBC Voting Delegate (first and last name)

City/Town                                                            Prov.                                                                Postal Code
Email address
Telephone no. (                     )                                                                   Fax no. (                )
Club President/Program Director (individual responsible for the club)
(first and last name)
Club Contact/Club Administrator
(first and last name)

City/Town                                                            Prov.                                                                Postal Code
Email address
Telephone no. (                     )                                                                   Fax no. (                )

            Participate and vote at the Dragon Boat Canada Annual Meeting (with a minimum number of registered racing members)
            Access to the Canadian National Dragon Boat Championships
            Eligible to participate in Sport Division Racing (Life Jacket Exemption)
            Access to Club Crew World Championship Qualification Process
            Accident Insurance for Individual Members
            Recognition on DBC website as a DBC Dragon Boat Club
            DBC Insurance Program Eligibility

Please check the one situation that best reflects your Club Membership :                                                                     Fee

      o      18-30 Members                                                                                                                   $ 50.00 + 5% GST = $ 52.50
      o      31-100 Members                                                                                                                  $100.00 + 5% GST = $105.00
      o      101-200 Members                                                                                                                 $150.00 + 5% GST = $157.50
      o      201-300 Members                                                                                                                 $200.00 + 5% GST = $210.00
      o      301 and more Members                                                                                                            $250.00 + 5% GST = $262.50
Factor in all club members whether registered with DBC as individuals or not. Club membership fees are based on proportional representation to reflect
the voting opportunities for Member Clubs. Upon receipt of this form DBC will provide your Club Administrator with a link and password to complete the
on-line registration.

                                        Signature                                                                                                       Date
                            When complete, forward this form to Dragon Boat Canada, or P.O. Box 51517, Toronto, ON M4E 1C0.
Upon receipt your club will be registered in the on-line membership system the Club Contact/Administrator will be supplied with instructions on how to use the system. The club fee will be assessed at that
                                                             time. For more information contact DBC at
                                                             Club Membership
                                                             2010 – Additional Information

What is a Club?
An organization consisting of a group of individuals formed under an identifiable name that promotes on-going training
and dragon boat racing by its members.

What is a DBC Voting Delegate?
The DBC Voting Delegate is the individual assigned by the Club that will represent the Club at DBC meetings. This
individual may or may not be the Club Contact/President/Program Director. There is only one Voting Delegate
(regardless of the number of votes (as determined by the number of paid DBC Full Members) the Club may hold).

What is a Club President/Program Director?
The Club President/Program Director is the individual responsible for the Club (i.e. oversees coaches, equipment and
facility rental, club decision making, etc.).

Club Contact/Club Administrator
The Club Contact/Club Administrator is the individual responsible for club administration including the registration of Club
and Club Members with DBC. This individual will receive all correspondence from DBC and is responsible for
communicating it to their club members.

Registration of Individuals
The registration of individual club members is done on line. Once the Club Membership form and fee is received your
club will receive a password and link to the DBC on-line registration system. This system is designed to function as your
club data-base; simplifying your administration. The information required for all individuals to be entered into the system
     Full Name                                                         Digital image not exceeding 250K
     Postal Address                                                    Unique Email Address (for example husband
     Birthdate                                                            and wife may not use the same address)

There are two options for the registration of individuals:

       Member fee is 15.00 (plus gst)
       Eligible for Sport Racing
       Eligible to participate in Canadian National Championships
       Eligible to participate in National Team programs
       Eligible for CCWC selection
       Accident Insurance (for those 65 years of age and under)
       DBC Member Racing Card
       Member privileges on the DBC website
       Standard Waiver as part of registration process

    Affiliate fee is $2.00 (plus gst)
    Club access to the DBC – Database/registration system
    Each individual receives an affiliate card
    Standard Waiver as part of registration process

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