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					 4E— News-Press • Sunday, August 6,1995

                                                                                WEDDINGS, ENGAGEMENTS
                         Knight-Ayscue                                                          HOW THEY MET                                                                         Coleman-Rowell
                                                                                                                                                                 Jennifer Ashley Coleman and Mi-
    Jennifer Lee Knight and William                                                                                                                          chael Christopher Rowell were mar-
Tollie Ayowue were married Aug. 5                                                                                                                            ried Aug. 5 at 2 p.m. at St. Peter the
 at Savannah Christian Church. Blair                                                                                                                         Apostle Catholic Church. The Rev.
 Walker officiated.                                                                                                                                          Patrick O'Brien officiated.
    The bride is the daughter of Mr.                                                                                                                             The bride's parents are Mr. and
 and Mrs. Lee B. Knight Jr. The                                                                                                                              Mrs. Gary Coleman. The groom's
 groom is the son of William S.                                                                                                                              parents are Mrs. Margaret Rowell
 Ayscue of Red Oak, N.C., and Mrs.                                                                                                                           and the late John E. Rowell.
 Patricia 0. Curenton of Columbus.                                                                                                                               The bride chose Suzanne Wynn
    Given in marriage by her father,                                                                                                                         Fussell as matron of honor and
 the bride chose her sisters, Betsy                                                                                                                          Christy Webb as maid of honor
 Hinz and Amanda Mallard, as ma-                                                                                                                             Bridesmaids        were       Christy
 trons of honor. Bridesmaids were                                                                                                                            Bruggeman, Elizabeth Coleman, the
 Debbie Neville, Kimberly and Kelly                                                                                                                          bride's cousin, Jenifer Johnson Paul
Cooper, Raegan Poppell, Dawn Scott                                                                                                                           and Laura Weaver.
and Lisa Cook. Flower girls were                                                                                                                                 The groom's cousin, James Row-
Jessica and Candace Hinz and Eliza-                                                                                                                          ell, was best man. Groomsmen were
beth Thompson, the bride's nieces,                                                                                                                           David Christian, Scott Coleman, the
    The groom's father was best                                                                                                                              bride's brother, Chris Heyel, Scott
man. Groomsmen were Charles                                                                                                                                  Kimball, Jeff Rowell and Tim Row-
Bloodworth, Bob Oakes, - John                                                                                                                                ell, the groom's brothers.              A reception was held at The Mul*
Mynatt, Brad Brooks, Keith Hinz,       worth, the groom's nephews.
                                         A reception was held at Savannah                                                                                        Annie Coleman, the bride's cous- berry. The couple honeymooned in
Cecil Mallard and Trey Thompson,                                                                                                                             in, and Taylor Ruffo were flower Florida,
the bride's nephew. Ringbearers        Square. The couple will live in Fort
                                       Oglethorpe.                                                                                                           girls.                                 They will live in Savannah, ••••
were Charlie and Steven Blood-
                        CoopeivCarlton                                                                                                                                                Simpson-Wilson
   Page Kingery Cooper and Benja- cus B. Robertson officiated,                                                                                                  Judith Denise Simpson and Doug- ciated. •
min Calvin Carlton were married        The bride is the daughter of Dr.                                                                                                                              The bride is the daughter of Dr.
Aug. 5 at Christ Church. The Rev. and Mrs. Max Murray Cooper. The                                                                                            las Richard Wilson were married
                                                                                                                                                             Aug. S at Sacred Heart Catholic      and Mrs. John. E. Simpson. The
Paul Z, Hoornstra and the Rev. Mar* groom's parents are Dr. and Mrs.                                                                                         Church. The Rev. Chris Schreck offi- groom is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Joe
                                    Frank Eberle Carlton III.                                                                                                                                     A.Wilson. "
                                       The bride was given in marriage           ..The couple:                            "It was an hour late and .the                                              Given in marriage by her father,
                                    byjher father. Eleanor Moore and               Avis and Walter V. Myles, She      air conditioner was broken, that                                            the bride chose Melissa Lamb as
                                    Julie Rayburn were maids of honor.         is 22 and an early childhood edu-      was the most unusual thing," she                                            matron of honor and Debbie Kemp
                                    Bridesmaids were Hedy Aronson,             cation major at Georgia Southern       said.                                                                       was maid of honor. Bridesmaids
                                    Sharon Carmichael, Leah Cooper,            University. He is 27. and a fifth-         Songs at the weddings: "One                                             were Angela Barton, Linda Baxley,
                                    Melissa Franklin, Holly Geriner,           grade teacher at Islands Elemen-       in a Million," and a Christian ver-                                         Jennifer Beaumont and Carie Phtt-
                                     Mary Linda McCall, Laura Sussman          tary.                                  sion of "The Closer 1 Get to You"                                           lips. Junior bridesmaid was Ceciui
                                     and Christen Wheeler.                         How they met: _ ,                      Something old, new, borrowed,;                                          Kemp. Flower girl was Anne
                                       The groom's father was best                 July 19, 1990, at a surprise       blue:
                                     man. Groomsmen were Frank Carl-           birthday party for Walter held at          Old were the pearls she wore                                            nel.
                                    ion IV, Sam Carlton, Mark Cooper           Winburn Hall at Georgia Southern       in her hair. New were the tear-                                                The groom's father was
                                     Reed Dulany, Michael Fox, Emer-           where both were students. A mu-        drop, pearl earrings she wore.                                              man. Groomsmen were John Simjx
                                     son Ham, Richie Harris, Ken John-         tual friend introduced them, but       Blue was her garter. Nothing was                                            son, the bride's brother, Williad
                                     son, Stewart Marshall, George Ryan        there was definitely no chemistry      borrowed,                                                                   Stuart, Phil Sumner, Chris Tutfli
                                     and Winfield Smith.                       between them, they said.                  The reception:           -                                               and Randal Wilson, the groomlff
                                        After a reception at the Savannah      ; The two met again in Septem-             At the Atlanta Civic Center,,                                           brother. Ringbearer was Steven;
                                     Golf Club, the couple left for a hon-     ber of that year in the same hall          The surprise of the affair was                                          Wilson, the groom's nephew.         -g
                                     eymoon to Aruba. They will live in         (a women's dorm). Walter was                                                                                         After a reception at the Savanna*
                                                                                                                      a violin serenade, compliments of                                           Visitor's Center, the couple left focS
                                     Savannah. '                               visiting a friend.                     the disc Jockey's son,                                                      Caribbean cruise. They will live 4ft
                                                                                   Time passed, Walter and Avis           "I'm a Sade (Shar-day) fan                                              Savannah,
                       Mdck-Lockett                                            got to know each other and even-       and the violinist played one of tier
                                                                               tually began dating.                   songs/' Avis said, smiling.
    GUYTON -.Barbara Michelle                                                      First date;                           The song was "Mermaid" and                                   Mills-Sutton
Mock and Daniel Robinson Lockett                                                   May 1991. They took in a school    while Avis requested that there be
were married Aug. 5 at New Provi-                                              play and later walked around the      .plenty of the Nigerian-born sing-          Elizabeth Anne Mills and Antho-
dence -Baptist Church. The Rev.                                                campus.                                er's music played at the recep-        ny Earl Button were married March
Steve Taylor officiated.                                                           The proposal:                      tion, .the violin serenade was an      25 at Epworth United Methodist
    The bride's parents are Mr. and                                                Sept. 5,1992                       unexpected pleasure.                   Church. The Rev, Donald Clark offi-
Mrs. W/ Glenn Mock, The groom's                                                    Walter was in the Army and            Favorite moment of the wed- -       ciated.
parents are^Mr. and Mrs. 'Daniel G.                                            stationed at Fort Lee, Va. He was      ding day:                                 The bride is the daughter of
Lockett.                                                                       oh a three-day pass, visiting Avis        Hers - Seeing some of her old       James H. Mills, and of Ms. Dido C.
    Given in marriage by her father,                                           at her parents' home in Stone          classmates:                            Mills of Reidsville. The groom is the
the bride chose her sister, Jenny                                              Mountain at the time. ,                   His - The saluting of the bride     son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Sutton of
Mock, as the maid of honor.                                                        They had.already discussed         and being declared man and wife.       Metter.
    Bridesmaids, were Shannon Baze-                                            marriage, so earlier that day Wal-    . Favorite wedding gift:                   Given in marriage by her father,
more, the bride's cousin, Ginger                                               ter and Avis went shopping for an         Her-Finechina.: '                   the bride chose Cheri Bond and Amy
Monroe and Heather Marsh. Junior                                               engagement ring. He bought it but         His '- The honeymoon trip,          Jukes as bridesmaids. Kayla Cal-
bridesmaid was Whitney Taylor                                                  waited until later that night be-     compliments of his father, Walter       houn, the groom's cousin, was flow-
 Flower girl was Catherine Qsborne.                                            fore he officially asked her to       Myles.                  ;               er girl.             .
    Daniel G. Lockett, the groom's                                             marry him.                                The honeymoon:                         The groom's father was best
 father, was best man. Groomsmen                                                   The wedding:                          A week in Freeport; Bahamas,        man. Groomsman was Jay Mc-
 were Troy Lockett, the groom's                                                    July 1,1995, at Warren Memo-                                              Cranie. .
 brother, Jimmy -Short, and Andy      After the reception in the church        rial United Methodist Church.                    - Audrey D.McCombs              A reception was held i n , the
 Weber. Junior groomsman was Tony fellowship hall, the couple left for a                                                                                     church social hall; James F, Mills       The couple honeymooned in Sea-
 Muggins. Ringbearer was Stephen trip to Disney World.        .                                                                                              led a jazz ensemble.                  side, Fla, They live in Savannah, »
 Huggins,                            They will live in Springfield.
                        Allen-Campbell                                                                                 .Kiciklighter-Sbtli                                             Fields-Echols
                                                                                                                                                                                                      James J. McLendon officiated,
   ATLANTA - Julie Anne Allen          married June 3 at Little Gardens.                                                 Maurice J. and Dorothy Z. Kick- ry Dana Hendricks Fields and Bar-
                                                                                                                                                              William Echols were married                The bride's parents are Mr. and
and Douglas Ray Campbell were          The Rev, William Kurd officiated.                                             lighter celebrated their 50th wedding June 24 at Wesley Monumental Unit-         Mrs. Julian Fields of Alapaha. The
                                           The bride's parents are the late                                          anniversary July 22 in Europe.                                                   groom is the son of Mr. and'Mrs.
                                       Theodore T. Allen and Marjorie B.                                               , They were married July 22,1945; ed Methodist Church. The Rev.                Fred Corbett of Rayle.         .
                                       Allen. Hie groom is the son of^Mr.                                            by the Rev. John S. Wilder at Calva-                                                The bride was escorted by her fa-
                                       and Mrs. Harlan Campbell.                                                     ry Baptist Temple, then at Barnard                                               ther and chose her sister, Julianne
                                           The bride was given in marriage                                           and 32nd streets.                                                                Clamp of Alapaha, as matron of haft;
                                       by her^uncle, Ronald Allen. Stefani                                               Kick and Dot were accompanied                                                or. Bridesmaids were Michelle Cot-
                                       Edens K3t£gozeski was matron of                                               on their trip by their daughter and                                              tie of Tifton and Antoinette Cox of
                                       honor. Bridesmaids were Susan Al-                                             son-in-law, Brenda and Hurley Cook,                                              Columbus, Flower girl was Erika
                                       len Dennard, Sandra Allen Bowden                                              and'grandchildren, Trey and Maria                                                Johnson.                          >
                                       and Susan Byrd. Flower girl was                                               Cook.                                                                                The groom's son, Parker Echols,
                                       Carson Dennard.                                                                   Dot was employed by the Central                                              was best man. Groomsmen were
                                          The groom's brother, Tim Camp-                                             of Georgia Railroad as the auditor of                                            Mark Jackson of Simpsonville, S.C.,
                                       bell, was best man. Groomsmen                                                 the traffic department. Kick is                                                  Kevin Mara of Ac worth and Rodney
                                       were David Baize, Bill Byrd and                                               chairman of the board of Savannah                                                Roberson of Metasville. Billy Clamp
                                       Woody Wilson. Ringbearer was Tay-                                             Tire.                                                                            of Alapaha was usher.
                                       lor Bowden.                                                                                                                                                        A reception was held in the
                                           After a reception at the Little
                                       Gardens, the couple honeymooned in                             Paulk-Morrissey                                                                                 church fellowship hall.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The couple honeymooned in Ja-
                                       Ochos Rios, Jamaica.                                                                                                                                           maica and live in Savannah. The
                                           They live in Atlanta.                 DUNWOODY - Melissa Kirby
                                                                              Paulk and Michael Patrick Morris-                                                                                       bride is employed by Charter of Sa-
                                                                              sey were married May $0 at Dun-                                                                                         vannah and the groom by Savannah
                          Kirby-Ward                                          woody Methodist Church.                                                                                                 Electric and Power Co.
                                                                                 The bride's parents are Dr. and
    Stephanie Mincey Kirby and Wil-                                           Mrs. E. Alan Paulk Jr. The groom's
liam Dennis Ward were married
June 3 at 1:30 p.m. at Old Fort Jack-
                                                                              parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
                                                                              Morrissey Jr. of Savannah. His
                                                                                                                                                                Wedding, engagement rules
son. The couple and wedding party                                             grandparents are the late Mr. and                                                   Wedding; engagement and anni-        inch, black-and-white waist-up shot
wore period clothing based on the                                             Mrs. Robert A. Morrisey, and the                                                versary announcements are pub-           (no full length, please) of the bride
Civil War era. Charles Annis offici-                                          late Mae H. Morgan, all of Savan-                                               lished in the Sunday Accent Savan-      or couple. The picture must accom-
ated.                                                                         nah, and A. Roscoe Morgan of Jack-                                              nah section. Please allow two weeks      pany the announcement informa-
    The bride is the daughter of Mrs.                                         sonville, Fla., formerly of Savannah.                                           for processing prior to publication.    tion. Pictures may be picked up in
Caroline Hackle and Joseph S. Min-                                               Given in marriage by her father,                                             Please follow the guidelines listed     the Accent department within 30
cey Sr. The groom is the son of Mr.                                           the bride chose her sister, Druanne                                             below in submitting your informa-       days of publication.
and Mrs. Billy 0. Ward.                                                       Paulk, as maid of honor. Brides-                                                tion:
    Given in marriage by her broth-                                           maids were Stacey Whitecross and                                                                                            • Faxes are accepted only if no
er, Joe Mincey, the bride chose her                                           Kerri Ponzilla. Flower girl was                                                     • Announcements, written in         picture accompanies the announce-
sister, Lori Stacy, as matron of hon-                                         Anna Kate Kinard.                                                               your own words, should be typed,        ment. Please include your daytime
or. Junior bridesmaids were Whit-                                                The groom's father was best                                                 double-spaced or printed clearly and     phone number on the fax. The fax
ney Osteen, the groom's niece, and                                            man. Groomsmen were Richard the Atlanta Athletic Club.                          double-spaced on lined paper.           number is (912) 234-4522. Put "At-
Skylar Stacy, the bride's niece.                                              Beall and Alan Collins. After the     The couple honeymooned in Ha-             Please use standard-size paper. At      tention: Weddings Editor" on the
Flower girl was Cheyenne Stacy, the                                           ceremony, a reception was held at waii and live in Denver.                      the bottom of the announcement,         fax sheet.
bride's niece.                                                                                                                                                please list your full name, complete
    Robert Sprinkle was best man.                                                                                                                             mailing address and daytime tele-          • Engagement announcements
The groom's nephew, Landon               After a reception at the Italian                                                Meachum-Smith                        phone number. (Forms from other         are not accepted less than three
Osteen, was groomsman and played Club, the couple left for their honey-                                                                                       newspapers are not accepted.)           weeks before the wedding and no
trumpet for the ceremony. Stefan moon in the Great Smoky Moun-                                                           AUGUSTA - Betty Elaine                  • Renewal of vows are not ac-        earlier than one year before the
Kirby, the bride's son, was ringbear- tains.                                                                         Meachum and Darryl Arthur Smith         cepted except in SOth and above          wedding date. Engagement an-
er.                                      They live in Savannah.
                                                                                                                     were married July 1 at Bethel           wedding anniversaries. Only an-          nouncements must include the wed-
                                                                                                                     A.M.E. Church.                          nouncements from SOth wedding an-        ding date. Wedding announcements
                                                                                                                                                             niversaries and above are accepted.      are not accepted six months beyond
                        Hadden-Nease                                                                                     The bride is the daughter of the
                                                                                                                     late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mechum
                                                                                                                                                                                                      the wedding date.
                                       School and is employed by the city of                                                                                     • Due to the volume of announce-
    POOLER - Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                            Sr. of Savannah. She is head nurse of   ments we receive, we must limit             • The News-Pressreservesthe
Simmons Randy Haden announce           Port Wentworth. Mr. Nease is the                                              the child psychiatry unit at the Med-   each announcement to 150 words. In       right to edit announcements to con-
the engagement of their daughter,      grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel                                               ical College of Georgia, and serves     fairness to all of our brides, we can    form to basic Associated Press
Heather Denise, to Jeremy Patrick      Lancaster and Mr. and Mrs. Bur-                                               as a captain in the U.S. Army Re-       make no exceptions. Submitted an-        style, good taste and word limit.
Nease, son of Mr. and Mrs. Terry       nette Nease Jr.                                                               serve.                                  nouncements of more than 150 words
Michael Nease.                            Mr. Nease is a graduate of                                                    The groom is the son of Mr. and      will be cut to meet the word limit.         • Mail your announcements to
    Miss Hadden is the granddaugh-     Groves High School and is employed                                            Mrs. Alfred 0. Smith of Decatur. He                                              Weddings Editor, Savannah News-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Simons W. Had-     by the United Parcel Service.                                                 is employed by the U.S. Postal Ser-         • Only one picture is used, either   Press, P.O. Box 1068, Savannah, GA
den, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Wynn, and         A Sept. 9 wedding is planned for 3                                         vice.                                   with the engagement or the wed-          31402-1088. If you have a question or
the late Irv in'H.Bacon.               p.m. at Rolhwell Baptist Church in                                               A reception was held at the Old      ding. The pictures should be a pro-      need more information, please call
   She is a graduate of Groves High    Pooler.                                                                       Medical College of Georgia.             fessionally made vertical, 5-by-7-       652-0309.

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