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             Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, Febuary 10, 2009

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Mary Ellen Madden at 2:00

Establish a Quorum: A quorum was established with President Mary Ellen Madden,
Vice President Jack Sheehan, Treasurer Ron Skarzynski, Secretary Leo Duffy, Directors
Blair Holden, Frank Rosner, and Director Bill Pizoli by speaker phone. Also present were
Rich Sikorski of Star Management and twelve unit owners.

Proof of Notice: The meeting Notice was posted and mailed, in accordance with
Association documents and Florida Statute 718.

Approval of Minutes: Leo Duffy made a motion to accept the minutes of January 27,
2009. The motion was seconded by Blair Holden, voted on and passed.

New Business:
Greenscapes Landscaping: Jay Winborn discussed the background of Greenscapes
Landscaping and the proposal that he provided.
Speakers Resolution: Leo Duffy read the proposed speakers resolution. A motion was
then made by Bill to accept the resolution as read. The motion was seconded by Blair,
voted on and approved.
James Poulin asked the Board about posting notices of committee meetings. Mary Ellen
stated that the Board would take it under advisement.
Reconstruction: Bill Pizoli will chair this committee with members Sean Gallagher and
James Poulin. Ron discussed the railings grab bars going to the 2nd deck and will check
on the flashing.
Roof: Blair will post a roof committee meting notice on February 16, 2009.
Parking Lot: Bill stated that the earliest the asphalt could be replaced is in March and
that it will take about five days. Cars will have to be parked along Park Beach Circle.
The old surface will be removed. So far the cost is estimated at $21 to $25,000.00, we
have two bids in so far. Concrete cost for 4 inches deep would be approximately
Pool/Steel/Concrete Painting: Five RFP’s are out, so far we have received three
responses. Lane at $21,500.00, J&L at $7,850.00 and Trident at $7,640.00. There will be
extra painting involved like the laundry room doors and other areas. Mary Ellen has
called the other contractors for their proposals. When the pool is empty the drain
upgrades will be done. Leo made a motion to accept the bid from Trident. The motion
was seconded by Blair, voted on and passed.
Howard Pool prepaid Contract: Jack discussed the proposal that had bad arithmetic
and after contacting Howards, received a correction, $1,878.00 less a 10% discount. Ron
stated that we should get a new contract and Jack will contact them. Ron made a motion
to accept the new annual contract amount. The motion was seconded by Leo, voted on
and passed.
Wind guard: Leo contacted another company, Scotty’s in Ft. Myers. We have quotes
from Scotty’s for $2,793.00 and B&B for $2,400.00. Bill stated that he believes a better
design could be obtained from Punta Gorda Glass. They had a sheet of plexiglass that
would fit between the rails and cost about $270.00 per sheet. He will check further on
the cost.
TV reception research report: Leo is contacting Dish Network. Direct TV installation
for the entire condo was quoted as upfront costs of $500 per unit and $1500 for the
Association. Blair spoke with Comcast, $30.00 per month per unit for one year if added
to the maintenance fee. The Board will check further on this matter.
Landscaping: Frank said that the new palm doesn’t appear to be straight. He stated that
Greenscapes will do the pruning of palms and bushes at no charge. He also tried calling
Bob Craig at the city about the dead bushes and has not received any response. Frank
further stated that Rich from Star Management will be heavily involved with landscaping
at the property.
5th floor laundry room: Mary Ellen picked up a piece of carpeting and it’s working well.
The Board discussed installing coin operated washers & dryers. Signs will be installed
asking residents to use full loads.
Flagpole: Our current pole does not meet code. We have a quote to install a 23 foot
aluminum pole for $493.62. Electric is available to install a light for the evening. Bill
made a motion to accept the quote and have the pole installed. Ron seconded the motion;
it was voted on and passed.
Air conditioner for Elevator Room: Ron stated that the elevator company agreed that
installing a A/C unit would be in our best interests. He has contacted four companies for
quotes. Portables may work and Ron is getting specs on the units. Costs range from
$399.00 to $599.00, other units are higher.
Lobby Entrance: Due to the age of the building, we are grandfathered with the existing
entrance. We would like to be compliant with ADA standards. To remove the existing
entrance and replace with new concrete, including rubber pads would cost approximately
$850.00. Frank made a motion to go ahead and accept the proposal and install the new
entrance. The motion was seconded by Leo, voted on and approved.
Attorney Response report: It is the opinion of the associations attorney that the pet
must reside in the unit prior to the pet restriction. The Board questions one owner who
had a photo taken of his cat in the unit even though he was not residing in the unit. Leo
will contact the owner and discuss the matter.
Any other business coming before the Board: A discussion was held about getting
quotes from plumbers for rod outs on the 3rd. floor.
Adjournment: With no further business coming before the Board, a motion to adjourn
was made by Bill, seconded by Jack, voted on and passed.

Rich Sikorski CAM
For Leo Duffy Secretary
Approved 3/10/2009

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