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The Charity Family


									The Charity
Family                                                                 Charity Lutheran Church

                                                                                               January 2011

                                                                                               Volume 28 Issue 1

“We live under a vast canopy woven by the ages”
By Pastor Randy Upgren

This is the inscription written under an   thinking. It forced me to grow and            Inside this issue:
intriguing photo print I have; a print I   understand that God wants us to see
                                                                                         Lenten Small Groups       2
will be displaying in the fellowship       Him in the everyday world around us
                                                                                         Nordvall News             3
area after Christmas for viewing. The      – not just at church. God wants us to
image shows what looks to be large         understand that His beauty, power,            November Financial        3
classic stone cathedral, but upon giv-     breath-taking artistry, and heart are
ing it a second look one no-                                on display all around        December Trust Fund       3
tices that the aisle of the sanc-                           us – waiting patiently
tuary is actually a street, com-                            to be experienced by         Vision Council Minutes 4

plete with tiny cars, people and                            those who would              January Birthdays &       5
everyday traffic – the sides of                             ―see‖ and those who          Anniversaries
the church pews looking like                                would ―hear‖. The            Children’s Ministry       6
storefronts. The Church and                                 print helped me to           Needs
the World are interwoven al-                                embrace the over-
                                                                                         From the Trust Fund       7
most seamlessly so that they                                whelming and truly           Committee
seem like one entity – rather                               awesome truth that
                                                                                         Women’s Bible Study       8
than two separate realities.                                the Gospel is about
Hanging above the street is a                               nothing less than the
retro- looking church banner                                rescue and transfor-
which reads “Go therefore and                               mation of that which
make disciples of all nations, baptizing   was created good, but fallen – includ- Special Dates in January
them in the name of the Father, Son,       ing my own soul.                         January 5 ~ WOW Resumes
and Holy Spirit”. The message, it          To grasp my own salvation is to ac-  January 9 ~ Sunday School Re-
seems, is intended to challenge our        cept the mission of joining God in

tendency to separate the Church and        this transforming work – and the bat-  January 9 ~ Installation of New
                                                                                     Vision Council Members
World. It subtly implies that Jesus        tle that goes with it. I am not allowed  January 15-17 ~ Middle School
never intended for us to see God’s         to cocoon myself away in my home,         Ski Trip to Red Lodge
work as happening ―in the church‖,         or my church, thinking it is possible  January 22 ~ Parents of Adult
leaving the world to fend for itself the   to be safe AND good. In the classic

other six days of the week.                CS Lewis work The Lion, Witch,
I bought the print 16 years ago be-        and the Wardrobe (Narnia) one of
cause it challenged me; my way of
                                                                 Continued on Page 2
Continued from Page 1                                    designed to help people see Jesus in the world around
                                                         them. These services are especially geared to connect
the children asks Mr. Beaver, upon experiencing the
                                                         with people who, though they may be spiritually
imposing presence of Aslan the Lion (the Jesus fig-
                                                         seeking or curious, may be skeptical or afraid of com-
ure), “Is he safe?”. “Safe?” answers Mr. Beaver,
                                                         ing to church by themselves. This series in entitled
“No, Aslan is not safe, but He is good. He is the
                                                         “See”. This is where you, the people of Charity come
                                                         in. You know these people are all around you in your
I realize that the idea of God inviting us out our co-   everyday lives – they are your family, work col-
coon is a bit scary – conjuring up images of Satan       leagues, fellow students, and friends. Go to them,
targeting you and bad things happening to you or         and invite them to come to these services with you –
your loved ones. This is NOT what I am talking           bribe them with lunch afterwards if you need. ☺ Our
about. What I am suggesting though is that we have       goal is to employ all the creativity, enthusiasm and
marvelous opportunities to ―Go and make disciples‖       love we can muster into creating an inviting experi-
just in our everyday relationships and vocations. We     ence for these people to ―See‖ the God who is all
have an exciting chance to help others ―See‖ God all     around them and loves them so much. The most
around them, and experience the healing, meaning,        creative expression of these services will be found at
and hope that goes with this new vision of life. It is   the 10:45 NOVA worship, but the content will also
our chance to break down the false separation be-        be preached at the other services.
tween the Church and the World by loving and invit-
                                                         It is my hope that between the invitation of Charity’s
ing those around us to lift the veil and see Jesus all
                                                         people, along with some roll-over from our Christmas
around them.
                                                         Eve services, that new people will come to know and
I don’t want to get too mystical here – so here is the   follow Jesus Christ, and experience the one true hope
practical skinny:                                        in this world.
Starting Sunday, Dec. 26 and running Sundays             After-all … God wants to be found!
through Feb. 6 we are doing six weeks of services

Lenten small group study begins in March. We are          we began the Rick Warren series a few years
changing it up with multiple studies so you can pick a    ago. We found ourselves enriched by the reading
group based upon your interests and spiritual needs.      materials and the discussions. Mostly we were
Small groups can be a wonderful way to meet new           blessed to develop a new circle of Christian friends
people and make lasting friendships, grow your rela-      who became more than just ―handshakes on Sunday
                                                          morning,‖ but have grown to be much deeper
tionship with Jesus Christ, or begin one. Watch future
                                                          friendships that be counted on for prayer and sup-
bulletins and the January newsletter for more details.    port when needed. We wholly embrace the small
If you are interested in hosting or leading a small       group concept and encourage everyone to join
group, please contact Kevin Kindel at 226-0539, you       one. Even if you don’t like to talk much you will
can pick your topic or have Kevin & Pastor Scott help     grow simply through listening and reading.
you pick a study topic.
                                                          Chad Kourajian
Small group testimonial:
Laura and I joined our first small group study when

                            Page 2                                                         The Charity Family
Nordvall News
     Did you get sick of Christmas commercials? I never                  It was spring when we
tired of the Salvation Army promotions. In one, a collage of        left Lativa after our sabbati-
ordinary people sings, ―This Little Light of Mine.‖ A joy-          cal, and we were packing
ous, toothless old man really belts it out; he’s singing from       light and giving away our
his Jesus-healed soul. This is what the Salvation Army does         winter clothes. We thought
– ministry to the whole person. I was on the SA board in            and prayed about what to
Bismarck and have been a donor ever since, as I hope you            do with my nice wool sport
are.                                                                coat. I hoped if I asked
     That old man reminded me of Valdis, a Latvian who lets         Valdis he would not be of-
his light shine. He is a splendid guitarist who leads vespers       fended, though we had seen
music at the St. Gregor’s Bible School. He had been a               him in the same purple
―hopeless‖ alcoholic most of his life. He and his wife had          sweater for weeks. I cau-
six kids, and prior to his recovery, they were so poor she had      tiously said to him, ―I have
to do all the laundry in the bathtub. (This reminds me of a         a sport coat to give away, if
Heartview story: A sneering agnostic asked a new Christian          it would fit you…..‖ He
and recovering alcoholic, ―Do you really believe that Jesus         instantly replied, ―It fits!‖ And it did, perfectly.
turned water into wine?‖ ―Well,‖ he countered, ―In my                    It gives me joy (and you, too, I hope) that our giving
house, He turned beer into groceries!‖)                             can meet people’s temporal needs, and that the Gospel
     Valdis had come to know Christ, and he sang out of a           can clothe them in Christ’s righteousness for eternity.
heart full of thanks to his Healer. God is at work in Eastern       That’s even better than a warm sport coat for Valdis.
Europe, and I love to tell about it as I travel to mission festi-
vals this month.

November 2010 Financial Report
                                       General Fund          Building Fund       Special Funds             All Funds
Beginning of
Month Balance                                $8,594             $23,254             $169,890               $201,738
Income                                       66,131               1,233               23,747                 91,111
Expenses                                     62,751               3,394               28,316                 94,461
End of
Month Balance                              $11,974              $21,093             $165,321               $198,388

Detailed financial statements are available in the office.

December Trust Fund & Special Gifts
        In Memory of Janet Uline by Jerry & Renee Walz, Wayne & Marie Levang,
              James & Jeanne Selby
        In Memory of Mary Sundby by Wilbert & Alvina Fueller
        In memory of Martha Birst by Wilbert & Alvina Fueller
        Gift by Wayne & Marie Levang

The Charity Family                                                                                                    Page 3
Vision Council Minutes - November 9, 2010
Members Present
Pastor Scott, Pastor Randy, Doug Leet, Sam Coleman, Kari Knudson, staff; John Dwyer, Dallas Sailer, An-
drea Collin, Doug Berglund, John Kuhn, Kevin Kindel, Mike Schneider, Brenda Whitman, council members.
President John Dwyer opened the meeting.
Pastor Randy gave devotions on John 3:16. He read a letter from a person who has been attending Charity with her family and
what this has meant to them. Pastor Randy said letters like this should encourage us to stay true to John 3:16.
Brenda reviewed the following prayer requests to share with the congregation in the weekly bulletins:
Guidance for Sam and the Senior High team as they are re-working Senior High Youth Ministries … may the Holy Spirit
guide them!
Thank God for the way He touched hearts to giving was generous and over $50,000 was donated to pay down our mortgage.
Praise you, Lord!
Ask for discernment on how to prune and invest in our children and youth ministries and the Nova service as the attendance in
these ministries grows.
Pray for Vision Council members, together with our Charity pastors and staff, as decisions are made and our mission is carried
out. May the Holy Spirit touch the hearts of those who will be asked to serve on the Vision Council as terms end.
Approval of Agenda and Minutes
The agenda for this meeting, and the minutes from the October 12, 2010, meeting were reviewed and approved as amended.
Pastoral and Staff Reports
Pastor Scott said he has been able to make 12 congregation calls a week. They have been going well. He is spending time
with recruitment and training of Stephen Ministry, which will begin a new training session in January. The sabbatical policy
considered last month was approved with the decision to have it available to clergy only for now and to consider adding other
staff later. John praised Brenda and Charlie Whitman and Duane Bentz for their work on this policy. Discussion Pastor
Scott’s sabbatical proposal for next summer was discussed. A decision was made to add $4,000 to the budget to cover the ex-
penses, with the understanding that another $1,000 will be raised elsewhere, as needed. Regarding pastoral coverage, there will
likely be a need for a replacement pastor while Pastor Scott is away. Next year’s budget proposal will note that this may be
required but it is not funded. Pastor Scott’s sabbatical proposal was approved.
Kari and Sam proposed adding a new staff person to be the preschool director to handle the increased numbers of children in
these programs. A decision was made to revisit this in a few months and at that time consider putting it in the 2012 budget.
Sam said he was thankful for the added features on his Blackberry for texting and Facebook. There are 125 middle school
students coming every Wednesday, a very large group, which Sam called ―awesome.‖ There are 15 to 30 senior high students
every week. He said he is very grateful to the 10 adults who have committed to working with the middle school students. Car-
ing adults helping these young people with sometime some very heavy duty issues are what is making this ministry so success-
ful, because so much of this is relational, one on one, taking an interest in young people’s lives. The trips are also being very
well received.
Pastor Randy said last Wednesday’s reconciliation service was very successful, and included a spontaneous adult confirma-
tion. All WOW services are now archived on the web site, and much credit for this needs to go to Andrew Milas, who along
with Rob Peske have made this work. There is good balance in attendance with the NOVA and the Shelter services, and al-
though there are a few kinks in the NOVA service, they are being worked out. The recent meeting with the traditional wor-
shippers went well. John K. agreed that it was a very constructive meeting and it is well worth the effort to do on occasion.
Financial Report
Dallas reported that for the first time all year the end of month balance was in the black! The general fund balance as of Octo-
ber 31 was $8,575. He noted, however, that some of this was from not spending from the budget. His
biggest concern is the 17 percent to-date decrease in giving from 2009, which is down by $104,217.           Continued on Page 5

                                 Page 4                                                                   The Charity Family
Continued from Page 4
While the attendance is dramatically up this year, the giving is up only slightly. Dallas said it is wonderful to see such a de-
crease in the mortgage. To go from $1,055,655 to $782,532 in a year is a very good feeling, he said.
Dallas asked for approval to set up a new online giving program for offering and other payments to the church. He has found
a program with a $200 setup fee, a $15 monthly fee and 29 cents per transaction. Other congregations that set up these pro-
grams see a 20- to 30-percent increase in giving, he said. Doug L. said he favored it because it can also be used to pay for
events, trips or conferences. This request was approved.
2011 Budget
The budget was reviewed and approved. It will be presented to the congregation at the annual meeting on December 19. In-
formational meetings will be held at 10:15 on November 14 and 21 in the Fireside Room.
John K. said 144 surveys from the congregation have been received and he is in the process of compiling them.
Strategic Plan Goals
Members reviewed the Strategic Plan goals for the areas they handle.
John asked for a written version of these areas for presenting to the annual meeting.
Future meetings scheduled will be Vision Council meetings at 4 p.m. November 9 and December 14, and the Charity Annual
Meeting Sunday, December 19.
Pastor Randy gave the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Andrea Collin, secretary

January Birthdays & Anniversaries
                                       David Lee                           Lindsey Kroll                    Ashley Doll
                                       Ryan Okerson                  18    Robert nelson                    Sydney Weaver
                                       Brian Samuelson                     Alex Roth                  26    William Hineman
1    Drew Kary                    12   Joanne Felchle                      Benjamin Wrolstad                Janet Mitzel
2    John Dwyer                        Kyler Larson                  19    Bert Gums                        Sharon Schock
3    Joel Anderson                     Jennifer Nelson                     Kaleb Hruby                27    Samuel Artz
4    Bryce Hayes                       Samuel Stelter                20    Wendy Jorgenson                  Acacia Collado
     Katie Huizenga               13   Darlene Beck                        Kelly Swanberg                   Anja Fritz
6    Pat Hagen                    14   Nikyla Anderson               21    Jasmine Sheets                   Herb Kringen
     Courtney Seedorf                  Erik Jensen                   22    Dani Bergeson              28    Renee Huwe
8    Treyton Bosch                15   Kimberlee Collado                   Sam Swanson                      Lyndsey Scheurer
9    Wayne Dosch                       Kyla Hammer                         Amy Towner                 30    Parker Larson
11   Kaleb Anderson                    Allen Knudson                 23    Katherine Johnson          31    Julie Ell
     Barb Dordahl                 16   Karrie Bauman                 24    Jordan Beyer                     Betty Kuhn
     Francis Greff                     Dustin Dutchuk                25    Sam Coleman

          1   Gene & Linda Wyman                         23 Craig & Lisa Keidel
          4   David & Kacie Schlecht                     25 Jewell & Phyllis Mehlhoff
              Jason & Barb Weaver                        27 Eric & Torie Larson
          9   Terry & Charlotte Milas

The Charity Family                                                                                                     Page 5
Children’s Ministry Needs
Thank you to all the wonderful people who have stepped forward to help out! Every small and large amount helps so very much!!!

Thank you…
    To all the people who have been substituting Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings – sometimes even last min-
       ute! We appreciate you so very much!
         To Sarah Turnbull who directed the preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade program. You are awesome, Sarah, and we
          appreciate you so much!
         To all who helped with both of the Christmas programs. You are awesome!
         To Brandon Bauman, Karrie Bauman, Jo Cahoon, Lauri Desir, Sam Desir, Alissa Knudson, Allen Knudson, Britta
          Knudson, Karly Knudson, Laurie Martin, Cindy Mastel, Byrdi Naasz, Jim Neumiller, Rachel Neumiller, Kris Olson,
          and everyone else who helped with Family Christmas Craft Stations. We all had so much fun thanks to each of you!
          You are awesome!
         To Char DeMaria and Angela Vincent who helped lead a craft on Wednesday evening! Thanks to each of you, the
          children made Egyptian collars for their costumes and the children decorated many dish towels with colorful crosses
          to give to the Welcome House to give to families in need.
         To Penny Kaldor, Mary Korsmo, and Brenda Whitman for preparing and serving food for our Egyptian Marketplace
          on Wednesday evening. The children and leaders enjoyed authentic Egyptian food!
         To Anjanette Schlafmann for supplying fish for the Marketplace.
         To Ramie Turner for coming in on Wednesday afternoons to help photocopy and do other office help. We appreciate
          you so very much!
         To everyone who has donated new and used toys, candy, and snacks! This has all been needed and much has been
          used! It is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!
         Jon Sanstead and Drew Milas who have volunteered to help with the technology problems downstairs. They are just
          waiting for me to be able to go to the next step!

Here is where we need help now!

People: If someone will just help once or twice, that is a big, huge help!
           Wednesday evening kindergarten teachers.
           Wednesday evening 1st Communion teachers
           Wednesday evening 6th grade Bible teacher
           Wednesday evening crew leaders
           Wednesday evening craft leaders
           Wednesday evening Bible time leaders
           Wednesday evening music leaders
           Wednesday evening game leaders
           People to help with planning and/or carrying out a Valentine Party on a Wednesday evening.
           People to help chaperone the 5th graders in an overnight here at church.

     Donated toys & trinkets from fast food restaurants, etc. to be used for birthday prizes
     New or next to new toys to be used for the WINGS store and for Wednesday night bin

Please call Kari Knudson - 258-1228 - if you can help in any way!

                                  Page 6                                                                 The Charity Family
From the Trust Fund Committee
Malachi 3:10,12 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this
―says the Lord Almighty, ―and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much
blessing that you will not have room enough for it. Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be
a delightful land, ―says the Lord Almighty.

It is hard to believe the season of Christmas is upon us already. The celebration of the birth of Christ is God’s
ultimate gift to us. Let us be both joyful and thankful for God’s unconditional Love and Grace. Christmas is a
season of giving and God has commanded us to give joyfully. On behalf of the Trust Fund Committee, I want
to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have given ―Joyfully‖ to the Charity Trust Fund.
It is because of your generous gifts that the Trust Fund has grown to $107,176.47! The contributions given by
you to the fund this year alone total $3,425.66. The Trust Fund Committee is called and elected to promote and
advance the mission and vision of the congregation as embodied in the constitution and bylaws of the congre-
gation. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it will endeavor to support the ministries of the congregation for
the total furtherance of the work of Christ’s Kingdom. Your giving allowed us to disperse funds last year out
of the Trust Fund’s earnings in the amount of $600.00. $250 was provided for the Tartu Academy of Theology
to purchase student books, $225 was provided to the Freedom Fellowship in McLaughlin for its children/youth
Christmas Celebration, and $125 was given to the Charity Lutheran Sunday School for puppets to be used by
the Sunday School Clowns in the Sunday School Program. As the Trust Fund continues to grow, we will have
larger amounts of earnings to be disbursed, and this year we have $1,000 available to be used for the growth of
God’s Kingdom. The disbursement of earnings and/or non designated gifts can be done on a Quarterly, Semi
Annual or Annual basis depending on the growth of the Trust Fund and the availability of earnings at the time
of the request. There is a Request for Funds form that needs to be filled out and presented to the Trust Fund
Committee. The form can be obtained from the Charity Lutheran office or a Trust Fund Committee member.
The Committee meets quarterly to conduct business and to review any requests that have been received. For
the next three to five years, the Committee anticipates focusing its distributions in meeting the current needs of
Children and Youth Ministries, Adult Ministries, and Evangelism in order to preserve some income for Fund
Growth. It is the Committee’s goal to grow the Trust Fund to $1,000,000. We know this is a lofty goal but
with God’s help and your continued generous giving, it is a goal that can be obtained. We, the Committee both
encourage and challenge you to continue to give joyfully to the Charity Lutheran Trust Fund. May God Bless
all of you this Christmas Season and in the many years to come.
In Christ,
Steve Miller, Vice Chairman, Trust Fund Committee

                                                  A New Year Prayer
          For the New Year, I would wish to have strength enough to battle with difficulties and overcome them;
         love enough to move me to be useful and helpful to others; faith enough to make real the things of God;
                          and hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.
                                                                              — Johann Wolfgang Von Boethe

The Charity Family                                                                                            Page 7
                                                                         Non Profit Org.
                                                                         U.S. Postage PAID
                                                                         Permit #353
                                                                         Bismarck, ND 58503
                                      CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

    Charity Lutheran Church
    120 Aspen Avenue
    Bismarck, ND 58503
    Phone: 701-258-1228
    Fax: 701-258-4398

          Rev. Scott Bauman
          Rev. Randy Upgren

             Youth Director
             Sam Coleman

     Director of Worship & Music
             Robert Peske

      Children’s Ministry Director
             Kari Knudson

        Administrative Manager
             Doug Leet

   Custodian & Maintenance Manager
              Joe Haugen

Women’s Bible Study
The Thursday Morning Bible Study at Charity will      Christ is eternally worshiped as King of kings and
begin again on January 6, at 9:00 am. We will be      Lord of lords.
finishing the last 2 chapters of ―The Renewed
                                                      Books will available at the study. Facilitator is Shelley
Mind.‖ Starting on January 13, we will begin a new
                                                      Traynor. Everyone is welcome!
study called — ―Life Principles for Worship from
What is the right to worship God? Throughout his-
tory, God has chosen to provide a way for man to
worship Him, and for nearly 500 years, the Taber-
nacle was that way. Please join us as we discover
that the early Tabernacle and its components hold a
spiritual significance and was actually a model of
the ―true Tabernacle‖ in Heaven, where Jesus

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