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					                            THE CONNECTION
                           Angell Elementary School
   Attendance Hotline: 248.837.8530 Office: 248.837.8500 December, 2007
                            Beth Krehbiel, Principal
                                                                                  Be Safe
                                                                     Be Kind
                                                                                  Be Productive

                Dear Parents,

It is so hard to believe we are closing out 2007 now, and bringing in 2008. It just seems like
yesterday that we were starting the new school year and now we are almost half way through. I
would like to take this time to thank you for sharing your children with us. It has been a terrific
school year so far and I expect 2008 to continue to be outstanding. Your efforts to support your
child’s education are truly felt and you really make the difference in your child’s future.

      More parents are following the traffic pattern, parking away from the school, and letting
       their children walk to the cars.
      We are having less and less tardy students because parents are understanding the
       importance of being on time.
      Student attitudes are supporting our theme of being Safe, Kind, and Productive
      Our literacy groups are humming along in grades 1-4.
      Students using the Success Maker program are improving their skills daily.
      Our Math Center program has a number of volunteers and will be up and running in
      Math Pentathlon and Clue Me In enrichment programs are well attended.
      Many families have participated in PTA events this year.
      Parent volunteers have been a terrific resource to everyone connected with Angell.

I am so very proud of all the efforts our families and staff members are making for our children.
If there are any areas that you feel we could improve upon for the new year please let your voice
be heard. I am always looking to tweak and improve Angell School.

Happy Holidays!
Beth Krehbiel
Here is what is
happening…..                                              Flip Days/ Early Release Days

Dec. 4         Early Release – 2:00 p.m.                     Early Release Days - 2:00 p.m.
               PTA Meeting – 7:00 p.m.
Dec. 14        PTA Parent’s Night Out                               January 8, 2008
               6:00 – 9:00                                          March 4, 2008
Dec. 21        ½ Day Students & Teachers                             April 1, 2008
               FLIP DAY                                               May 6, 2008

Jan. 3        Classes Resume                                   No School PM – Flip Days
             No PTA Meeting this month
Jan. 8        Early Release – 2:00 p.m.
              PTA Meeting – 7:10 p.m.                              December 21, 2007
Jan. 21       No School – Martin Luther King                        March 20, 2008
              Day                                                    April 1, 2008
                                                                     May 23, 2008
Media Center Web Site
                                                       Please mark your calendars
If you have not had a chance to visit the
amazing Berkley School District web site                         now!, be sure to do so. Each
classroom teacher has their own web site. There
are also many exciting links to visit on the                 Tutoring Available at BHS
Angell Media Center page. This is a great way
for students to reinforce their math, reading,       The NHS (national honor society) at BHS will
science, and social studies skills that they are     again have tutors available for our students.
learning in their classrooms. The web sites are      This year however, they are doing it differently.
great places to find research materials beyond       On Mondays and Thursdays BHS students will
Google.                                              be available to tutor in the Career Center. They
                                                     will be there from 3:30-4:30. Our students must
             Uncle Andy’s Pizza                      bring their own homework to work on and sign
                248.545.6111                         in and out of the room. There is no need to
The 19th of every month will be the Angell           prearrange a time. Everyone is welcome.
Elementary School’s day at Uncle Andy’s
located at Woodward and 12 Mile Road.
Twenty percent of the day’s sales comes right
back to Angell.
                                                                        Outdoor Lunch/Recess

          ATTENDANCE HOTLINE                                             We go outdoors whenever
                                                                         possible. Please remind
Please remember to call the office 248.837.8530                       your older children that they
         when your child is going to be              are responsible to have all their outerwear with
tardy or out of school due to illness, family day,   them and they must put it on before going
               or any other reason.                  outside. Make sure your little ones have
   We need to know that your child is safe!          everything they need to stay dry and warm.
Everyday Activities to Reinforce Math

Everyone knows the importance of reading to          When it’s time to relax - Look for games and
their children. How many parents realize that        activities that reinforce math skills, whether
it’s equally essential to help their children        they’re computer games (like Math Blaster),
understand math – both math concepts and how         online programs (there’s a great list of
it’s part of their everyday lives? Here are some     children’s      Internet   math    games      at
fun, easy ways to incorporate math learning into, or old
family life – without a lot of time, effort, or      favorites like dominoes, card games, or puzzles.
                                                     On the road - Long car trips were made for
In the kitchen - Cooking and baking using a          math games. Pick a number from one to ten and
recipe not only is a terrific way to help children   have each child try to find a license plate whose
better understand fractions, it is great bonding     numbers equal the target number. Younger
time. (And you get to eat the results!) With         children can add the numbers together.
younger children, show them all the different        Children who have learned subtraction can try
sizes of measuring cups and spoons and show          to find one that involves adding a few of the
them how measuring two half-cups of flour or         numbers and then subtracting one. Kids who
sugar gives them exactly the same amount as          have learned multiplication and division can put
one full cup. Ask older children to help you cut     those skills to use.
a recipe in half or double a recipe. Have them
write down the new measurements and double-          Money is a powerful teacher – If your children
check them together, making sure they                are trying to save up to buy something special
understand that, when you cook, it’s important       for themselves or others, keep a chart of how
to get your math just right.                         much money they will need and what they have
                                                     saved to date.
At the grocery store - Bring a simple calculator
with you to the grocery store when you shop          Create something – Both sewing and building
with your children. Your children can add up         involve a lot of math ability and children love
how much you’ve spent on groceries or saved          the ability to create. Teach your children how to
with coupons. Kids in third grade or higher can      measure and sew fabrics together and to build
help you figure out which size of detergent, for     basic structures out of wood (just make sure
example, is the best value, or whether using a       they know to always have adult supervision and
particular coupon will end up costing less than      to never do any projects like these on their
buying the same product from a different             own).
                                                     Above all, make sure not to pass any math
In the garage or driveway - A tire gauge is one      phobias that you might have on to your children.
of the simplest tools for a child to use, and can    It’s important for children to hear at home that
help him or her learn about adding and               what they’re learning is valuable – that all the
subtracting quantities. Show your children how       work they’re doing; trying to comprehend
to measure the pressure in your bicycle or car       division, fractions, or measurement, will pay off
tires. Explain what the pressure should be, and      their whole lives.
have them help you figure out how much air
you need to add or release. Figuring out gas
mileage is another great math skill booster for
older kids.
                                                  Are you looking for the “perfect” way to acknowledge
                                                  a special teacher for the upcoming gift-giving
                                                  season? Are you a Room Parent in search of an
                                                  original idea for a classroom to recognize the caring
                                                  efforts of a dedicated teacher? One way to do just
                                                  that is to make an honorarium donation to the Berkley
                                                  Smart Cart Program through the work of the Berkley
                                                  Educational Foundation.

                                                  The Smart Cart is a stand-alone mobile workstation
                                                  consisting of a Pentium 4 computer with DVD writer,
                                                  flat-panel monitor, LCD Projector, visual presenter
                                                  and a DVD/VCR. The Smart Cart allows teachers,
                                                  students, and staff to bring learning to life through a
                                                  direct connection to the Internet, view 3-D
                                                  presentation for demonstrating models, and enhance
                                                  visual presentations in individual classrooms to
                                                  “movie-screen” format. Smart Carts, designed and
The Oakland County Community Mental Health        assembled in-house by Berkley School District
Authority in partnership with its provider        Technology Services cost approximately $3,500 and
network agencies, has introduced a centralized    are in high demand for use by all classroom teachers
24/7 resource and crisis helpline for those who   to enhance our students’ learning experience
need: community resources and referrals, mental   throughout the district.
health screening and assessment, eligibility
determination* Advocacy and support Crisis        If you would like to help attain the Foundation’s goal
intervention.                                     of purchasing a Smart Cart for your child’s school, we
                                                  ask that you complete the included form and
Call 1.800.231.1127 to speak to courteous         designate which building should receive your
professionals who can help.                       donation. A Smart Cart can easily be purchased for
                                                  your school building if 150 families contribute $25.00
*This enable persons with developmental           each. You can make your tax-deductible contribution
disabilities, children with serious emotional     to insure updated technology is in the classroom for
disturbances, and adults with mental illness to   our students via check, MasterCard or Visa. In
receive services through the public mental        addition, your contribution can be made in
health system.                                    honorarium to special teachers for the upcoming gift-
                                                  giving season. Simply complete the appropriate
                                                  section and a personalized gift card will be sent
                                                  acknowledging your gift.

                                                  Please contact the Media Specialist in your building,
                                                  call the Berkley Educational Foundation directly at
                                                  248.837.8018, or visit
                                                  “Foundation” for more information.
                 PTA News
                                                           Motor Moms and Dads
The PTA has granted the following mini-grants:
                                                 We are starting a new program at Angell
    2nd grade was approved for $600 for         called Motor Moms and Dads.             This
     GLAD/science materials                      program uses physical activities to enhance
    $400 was granted for math center            academic success. By doing a circuit of
     materials                                   quick physical activities young students are
    $250 was granted for Motor Moms             able to develop their balance, gross motor,
     materials                                   and visual motor skills. It has been proven
                                                 that by developing these areas students will
Thank you PTA family!                            become more successful with their
                                                 academic studies. We are in need of mini-
                                                 trampolines, sit & spins, and balance
                                                 boards to use for the program. If you
       Sally Foster/Cookie Dough                 have any of these and would like to donate
                                                 them please send them to school. We also
The Sally Foster/Cookie Dough Fundraiser was     will need parent volunteers to help run the
a wonderful success. All of our students who     program.    If you are interested please
participated did a splendid job. The follow
                                                 contact Michelle Hoerner at (248)837-8524
promotional gifts were awarded:
Top Seller:    Tyler Coon – IPOD

Top Selling Classes: Mrs. Kelly
                     Mrs. Maten
They were awarded gift cards to Pronto’s.        The Yearbook Staff Needs Your Help!

Thank you everyone!                                      We are looking for pictures to include in
                                                 this year’s yearbook! If you have any candid
                                                 shots of classroom or school activities that you
                                                 are willing to share with us, please send them to
                                                 Miss Wexler or Mr. Codney as soon as possible!
                                                 The pictures will be returned to you upon
                                                 completion of the yearbook!
              Math Pentathlon                            *Also, we still have yearbooks available
                                                 from the 2006-2007 school year. If you are
                                                 interested in purchasing one, please see
Our Math Pentathlon groups meet every
                                                 Miss Wexler in Room 13. The cost
Thursday at lunch time. Mr. Codney, Mrs.
                                                 is $12.
Hoerner, and Ms. Wexler each have a group.
Our students are amazing and they look forward
to the Thursday meetings. The combination of
teacher enthusiasm and student excitement adds
up to successful learning!

                                                  Happy Holidays!
Help us Raise Smart Kids by donating today!

Yes, I would like to make a donation to help purchase a Smart Cart for my school!
By simply completing this form and returning it to the Berkley Educational Foundation with your contribution you will
help to enhance the educational opportunities for the students in your school.

Amount of Donation: __________$100.00 __________$50.00__________$25.00__________Other$______________
MasterCard or VISA Card Number:_______________________________________ Expiration Date:________
Please make checks payable to the Berkley Educational Foundation or complete the MasterCard/Visa information
and mail to:

Berkley Smart Cart Program
Berkley Educational Foundation
14700 West Lincoln Boulevard
Oak Park, MI 48237

Donor’s Name: ________________________________School:_______________________
Address:______________________________ City, State,
Telephone Number:_________________________________ Email

I would like to make my contribution in:
Honor of
Memory of

For my gift, please send a gift card to: (gift amount will not be mentioned)
Name: _____________________________________
City, State,

The Berkley Educational Foundation is a 509 (a) non-profit, tax-exempt organization
designed to enhance the educational opportunities for all students in the Berkley School District.

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