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					      Congratulations          USER GUIDE
you are now the proud owner
    of a unique water saving
     micro greywater system

                                   Sanitary Systems
               Ecoplay is a unique,
               innovative, micro greywater
               management system which
               re-cycles bath and shower
water and re-uses it for toilet flushing.
It has won the building services green
product of the year award as well as
achieving the prestigious Waterwise Mark.

How does Ecoplay                                  How does the Ecoplay
benefit you?                                      System work?
•	   Enables you to be environmentally friendly   For the user, the Ecoplay System works in
•	   Re-uses water not reduces water              exactly the same way as a standard toilet.
•	   Operates just like a normal toilet           Bath and or shower water collects in the
•	   Minimum maintenence required                 cleaning tank. A skimmer removes light
•	   Minimum space required                       surface debris such as foam, hairs and
•	   Kind to the environment                      soap, while heavier waste particles sink
                                                  and are flushed away to waste. Clean
                                                  water from the middle of the tank is then
This system operates just                         transferred to the storage tank. Combined
like a normal toilet                              storage capacity is 100 litres which
The Ecoplay System can re-use mains water         provides approximately 15 flushes.
reducing consumption by up to 30% in a
typical household. In addition to being
environmentally beneficial, it delivers
considerable savings on water and sewage
bills and also reduces energy usage. With
concerns over water resources due to
climate and lifestyle change and the
demands of new housing developments,
Ecoplay is a proven, effective and
sustainable water management solution.
                                                             INNOVATION IN GREYWATER TECHNOLOGY

How do we purge the system                                 Guide to Troubleshooting
if we need to?                                             If your Ecoplay system is not working properly, origin of the
                                                           fault can be diagnosed through the beeping system of the unit.
In certain circumstances, i.e. hair dye
                                                           Toilet A - first or only toilet
contamination, you may feel that you would
                                                           Toilet B - second toilet if fitted
like to manually over-ride the system and purge
                                                           The following beeps will sound if an error occurs:
it to waste. This is a very simple process and
                                                           2 beeps = Toilet A empty
can be done in 3 simple steps:                             3 beeps = Toilet B empty (if connected to 2 toilets)
                                                           4 beeps = Flush motor in toilet A malfunctioning
                                                           5 beeps = Flush motor in toilet B malfunctioning
                                                           (if connected to 2 toilets)
                                                           6 beeps = No activity at shower/bath sensor
                                                           8 beeps = No safe tube connection
                                                           9 beeps = Toilet B is empty
  Fig.1                   Fig.2
                                                           If the system is ok there will be one long beep.
                        1. Remove the flush plate by       If toilet B is not installed the 5 beep alarm will always sound
                        holding at the edge and sliding,   when system is in test mode (see below) and this is normal.
                        (Fig. 1&2)
                        2. Press red purge button          In any other case there should not be any other beeps.
                        (Fig.3). 4/5 seconds later the
                        system will purge.                 Self Test of System
                        3. Replace flush plate and use     If you would like to self test the system, this can be done
Purge button            as normal.                         in 4 simple steps.

                                                           1. Remove the flush plate as described under purging system.
                85 0
                                                           2. Turn on shower or bath water.
                                                           3. Press the red purge button for at least 7 seconds.
                                                              The system now enters the test mode.
                                                           4. Listen out for the beeps. One long beep will indicate
                                                              the system is working ok.
                                                           If you need to contact Ecoplay, please call Customer Care/
                                                           Technical on: +44 (0) 1303 792115. Alternatively, email us
                             Cleaning                      Disclaimer: The Ecoplay system is designed to recycle bath and
                                                           shower water generated from normal domestic use containing only
2300                                                       standard proprietary shampoos, shower gels, soaps and bubble
                                                           bath products. The Ecoplay system is not designed for the disposal
                                                           of chemicals or products not intended for normal bathing/showering
                                                           activities such as paints and solvents or chemicals such as Sodium
                                                           Polyacrylate which is often found in fun bath products.
                                                           Use of such substances is strictly prohibited and CME Sanitary
                                                           Systems Limited accepts no liability to you if any such chemicals
                                                           or products are used and the Ecoplay system is damaged or fails
                                                           to work properly. In addition, use of the products will also
                                                           invalidate any warranty provided with the system.
                                                           Please note the list of prohibited products is not exhaustive.
                                                           If you are considering using a product but are in doubt as to
                                       All dimensions
                                                           whether the Ecoplay system will recycle it then please contact
                                       are in mm and       CME technical support on 01302 792115 and we will be happy
                                       are approximate.    to provide further guidance.
                                                                    INNOVATION IN GREYWATER TECHNOLOGY

Please register your Ecoplay System by simply completing
your details and returning






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or date of moving into your Ecoplay home

Please tick box if you do not wish to receive further information
Contact Us                                Printed on 100% recyclable chlorine-free paper.
                                          All inks used in this brochure are vegetable based.
CME Sanitary Systems Limited              The products within this brochure have been designed to
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                                          and performance.
                                          It is essential that installation and use is strictly in accordance
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                                          with recommendatins provided within packaging and on our
                                          company website at and that products are
                                          cared for and maintained to prevent loss of function and identify                         any wear which might otherwise lead to failure or injury.

                                          CME Sanitary Systems Limited accepts no liability to you for
Helpline Number:                          any loss or failure that may result through failure to follow these
Tel. 00 44 (0)1302 792115                 recommendations or failure to ensure installations are made in
                                          compliance with current statutory or regulatory requirements;
                                          failure to do so will invalidate any warranty provided.

                                          For further advice or information please contact CME technical
                                          support on 01302 792115 and we will be happy to provide
                                          further guidance.

                                          Information in this publication must not be reproduced in
                                          whole or in part without the permission of CME Sanitary
                                          Systems Limited. The contents are given in good faith and no
Visit to view      warranty is given or implied in respect of such information.
                                          CME Sanitary Systems Limited reserve the right to amend this
our technical information                 specification without prior notice.                                   Sanitary Systems
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