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					                                                                               Issue #5 Tuesday 13th April 2010

                                       PLOUGHING AHEAD
‘Opening Split’
It is seven years since Gordon McKee of Australia attended a World
Ploughing Contest and 1971 since he last competed. When Gordon walked
into the FMG Centre on Saturday night, he walked into a community of old
“I immediately saw 20 or 30 people I knew and it was as though I had been
talking to them just last week,” he says.
The experience moved him to write the following tribute:
“Ploughmen are not just people. They are very special people. I have been
involved with ploughing since 1966 and at WPO level since 1971. My
wife and I felt very humbled on Saturday night to be greeted by so many
old and new friends. In the past I’ve been competitor, coach, judge, visitor
and member of an organising committee. These positions have allowed me
to be a member of this wonderful organisation, the W.P.O. Tuesday 20th
will be a sad day when we say goodbye but don’t worry. We will all return
some day.”

The Republic of Ireland is making this a family affair. This
year’s conventional ploughing contestant (and two times national
champion), is Willie Kehoe. Willie’s father Martin won the
conventional section at the 1994 World Ploughing Contest held in
New Zealand at Outram. Simlarly, Liam O’Driscoll, the Republic’s
national reversible champion has a link to Outram. His father Jacky
also ploughed at Outram in 1994. Liam’s two brothers, Jamie and
Keiran are here in Methven as Liam’s support crew.

‘Ins and Outs’
                                                                         Willie John Kehoe        Liam O’Driscoll
Shuttle bus pick-up times remain the same as usual. Coaches will return you to your accommodation after tonight’s meal
at approximately 8.30pm

Information for Wednesday April 11
Coaches leave the FMG Centre at 9am sharp. Bring your lunch vouchers, drink bottle, comfortable shoes, warm jacket
and camera but not your blue chilli bag. We cannot guarantee you will get the option you choose (shopping or Five Star
Beef) because two full buses must go to each destination but we will do our best. Shoppers will find Ashburton very
friendly and with good shopping. Your tour leader will know where to find specialty shops, be they clothing (expensive or
cheap), shoes (how does $20/pair sound?) china, patchwork, antiques, farm equipment or furniture. You may even enjoy
wandering around the local supermarket and hardware stores.

                                           Cafe Primo
                                McMillan Street, Methven
                                       Open 7am - 7pm daily
    General Appearance

  McMillan Street METHVEN
OPEN SEVEN DAYS 7am till 9pm
General Appearance

Yesterday you enjoyed the hospitality of the Todhunter family at ‘Cleardale Station’ and from the feedback I’ve heard, the barbequed
meat supplied by Five Star Beef was one of the high-lights. As one person said, it was the first time he has ever been able to cut beef
with a plastic knife. From the other comments I’ve heard, the knife, plastic or otherwise, wasn’t really necessary anyway.
Five Star Beef, a joint-venture company with Japan, is New Zealand’s only large-scale beef feedlot. It was established in 1991 to
supply grain-fed beef to the top-end of the Japanese market.
Situated on the foreshore of the Pacific Ocean, its location offers a moderate climate,
plenty of pure, clean water, a dust-free environment and a ready supply of locally
produced feed, none of which is grown from genetically modified seed stock.
Five Star Beef is proud of the fact that its animal health profile is of the highest
possible standard, and that its grain-fed beef meets the highest possible food safety
Cattle are processed at Canterbury Meat Packers in Ashburton, just 15km away.
Carcasses are graded by a qualified Japanese meat inspector. Individual cuts are
inspected to ensure all product conforms to the required Japanese meat grading
The link between the Todhunter family and Five Star Beef goes back to 1991
in a relationship which the Todhunters say is a win/win situation for everyone
                                         Cleardale Station runs 80 Angus finishing cattle, bred for
                                         marbling. Marbled meat has fat distributed through the
                                         meat, a factor which accounts for much of its tenderness
                                         and taste. The meat is in high demand in Japan.
                                         ‘Cleardale Station’ and a second Todhunter property
                                         ‘Lake Heron’ have traditionally fattened 90 per cent of
                                         their steer calves to the weight required by Five Star
                                         Beef, before the animals reach their second winter.
         Glenfalloch Station             They are now moving to an older-cattle policy to better
                                       fit pasture supply.
                                        Four generations of Todhunters have farmed in the Rakaia                Glenfalloch Station
                                        Gorge. Mr R.C. Todhunter, (Ben’s great grandfather) purchased Lake Heron Station in 1917
                                        and ‘Blackford Station’ in 1924.
                                        In 1940, his son J.R Todhunter, purchased ‘Glenfalloch’ at the head of the gorge, and ‘Cleardale
                                        Station’. Cleardale has been expanded over the years with the addition of Little River Block
                                        and Steephill Block.
                                        By 1990, JR Todhunter & Sons Ltd were running Lake Heron Station, Glenfalloch, Cleardale
                                        and Highfield, the latter being a mixed cropping enterprise at Laruiston. Clent Hills station was
           Cleardale Station
                                        purchased in 2004, and the Blackford homestead block in 2008. This year saw the installation
                                           of a One Mega Watt power station and irrigation system to irrigate 200ha at Cleardale.

          Clent Hills Station
                                                                                                               Glenfalloch Station

                    ‘‘The cattle are grazing, their heads never raising; there are forty, feeding like one.’ Wordsworth

                                                                          Ski Time Restaurant & Bar
                                                                       Open Wednesday - Saturday from 5 pm

                                                                       Fantastic food, extensive wine list,
                                                                             relaxed atmosphere .
                                                                     Phone 302 8398     

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