LIAISON STATEMENT Reply on GMPLSASON Lexicography by NeilOlder


									                     INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION                                                 COM 15 – LS 41 – E
                     STANDARDIZATION SECTOR
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                     STUDY PERIOD 2005-2008
                                                                                                                 Original: English
 Question(s):           3/15                                                                               Geneva, 16-27 May 2005
                                                     LIAISON STATEMENT
 Source:                ITU-T SG15
 Title:                 Reply on GMPLS/ASON Lexicography

 To:                    IETF ccamp WG
 Approval:              Agreed to at SG15 meeting (Geneva, 16-27 May 2005)
 For:                   Action
 Deadline:              August 31, 2005
 Contact:               Hiroshi Ohta                                                    Tel: +81 422 59 3617
                        NTT                                                             Fax: +81 422 59 5636
                        Japan                                                           Email:

 Thank you for your information on your Internet-Draft on GMPLS/ASON Lexicography. We
 would like to explain the status within ITU-T SG15 concerning the GMPLS/ASON development.
 To facilitate readers in using ASON terminology, ITU-T has developed Recommendation
 G.8081/Y.1353, which is intended to be a single normative source for terms in ASON area.
 G.8081/Y.1353 included two Appendices, which are named:
            Definitions found in documents from other organizations related, and
            Abbreviations and Acronyms found in documents from other organizations related.
 Among terms listed in these two appendices, most are from IETF. Of course, due to the availability
 of documents and progress of the work related the coverage of these appendixes is not complete,
 and updates to them are needed. To avoid misleading, the two appendices cited exactly what the
 original documents stated for particular term as a definition listed explicitly with no extra words.
 All terms and Abbreviations are listed in Alphabetical order in G.8081/Y.1353 including those in its
 appendices as this would be convenient for readers to look up.
 We appreciate the continuous exchange of information between us for consistent development.

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