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Stationery Supplies by fjzhangxiaoquan


									              Stationery Supplies
                    Grade 3
Dear Parents,
     The following supplies are required for the Third Grade. We are
asking that the primary supplies be purchased through school.
                                         The Third Grade Teachers

                           Primary Supplies
     7 Cursive Copybooks                           $1.25 ea.
     1 Regular Copybook                            $1.25

                           Additional Supplies

                                   2 Folders
                        1 Pencil Case or Pencil Box
       1” Binder with loose leaf and a folder which is hole punched
                           to fit inside the binder
                                 12 inch ruler
                                   Red pens
          Pencils (Mechanical pencil are permitted in 3rd Grade)
                    Crayons/Markers (24 pack or less)
                        Glue Sticks & Elmer’s Glue
                    Water Colors (These can be from
                               the Dollar Store)

             *In September each student is asked to bring in:
                            a box of tissues
                        baby/disinfecting wipes
            *Book Sox are permitted. We have 5 textbooks.*

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