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    2S               I                    TREATMENT OF WOtNDS oF MWAR.                                          (JN    5,   £91
greatly slows the reaction, shows that the most effec-
tive rays are those of short length. Rain water pre-
 served for a considerable time contains no nitrites,
                                                                               TIE AVWAR.
but freshly collected rain water or dew always con-
tains a mixture of nitrites and nitrates. Air bubbled                   TREATMENT OF WOUNDS OF WAR.
through distilled water free from nitrite and nitrate gives      WE gave some account, a short time ago, of the regultsg
a mixed reaction afterwards when the water is tested for         reached by the Inter-Allied Surgical Conferences held in
nitrites and nitrates, showing presence of both forms of         March and May, 1917. A third conference, held in
ajiides of nitrogen in air. There is no hydrogen peroxide        November, 1917, was attended by delegates of America,
or ozone in air at surface level. The fresh odour in open        Belgium, Great Britain, France, -Italy, Japan, Portugal,'
sur, commonly referred to as " ozone," is probably nitrogen      and Serbia. It reached a number of conclusions which-
trioxide, which at high dilutions has the odour of ozone.        are of general interest, some of them to surgeon's at the
The oxides of nitrogen are probably formed by the action         front, others also to those serving at hospitals at the
of sunlight, rich in ultra-violet rays, upon air and aqueous     base or at home.
vapour in upper regions of the atmosphere. Professor
Moore concluded by drawing attention to th:e importance                     Wounds of the T'horat and Abdone?n.
of tllese actions of light in purification of air and water         (1) In wounds involving bothi the thorax andc abdomen
and enriclhment of soils and waters by the continuous            the special factor is the wound of the diapinagm; the:
supplying of matter essential to organic growth, the energy      wounds of the thoracic and abdominal organs do not
of which, like that for the upbuilding of non-nitrogenous        present any special features from the anatomical point of
organic fompounds, comes from sunliglht.                         view. (2) Hernia of the abdominal organs is difficult to
                                                                 recognize clinically. Radioscopic examination hliowing dis-
                                                                 placement of the lheart to the right is an element in-
                                                                 diagnosis wlhich should -be taken -into account, especially
                                                                 witlh haemothorax of the left side. (3) Operation is indi-
     THE PHYSIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF THE                           cated in alrnoat- all cases, the exception being the case of a
                ILLUMINATING ENGINEER.                           very small projectile involving only the upper part of the
TIm yotung profession of illuminating engineering has            abdomen, especiallv on the right side. Indepen:dently of
never hesitated to enlist the help of the ophthalmologist,       indications Jfor operation afforded by the thorax and the
for, notwitlhstanding all rules and formulas and readings        abdomen, perforationof tlhediaphragm m-iln itself sufficient
of photometers, the ultimate verdict, on the lighting of         to call for suture. (4) Operation by the thoracie trans-
 any place or building is based on the impression received       pleural route presents great advantages botlh for the inspec-
by the eye. SolUs OcU1u8 est judex. Tilis was pointed out        tion of the lesions and for the treatment of the pleural
in Mr. A. P. Trotter's presidential address to the Illumi-       cavity and the diaphragmatic wound (suture). It permits
                                                                 a.lso tlle treatment of lesions of the subdiaplraginatic
nating Engineering Society, when it was stated that it           abdominal organs, whether herniated or not. (5) Cases
would be useful if more work were done, or at least more         occur in which a separate laparotomy may be indicated.
literature made accessible, on the physiology of vision so       (6) Thoraco-laparotomy allows of the treatmient of botlh
far as concerns tlhe relation of liglht flux to visual percep-   the thoracic and abdominal lesions on a large scale and
tion. Mr. Trotter pointed out thiat the range of luminous,       througlh a single incision.
stimulus to wliclh the eye could respond was enormous
extending from illawinations of 0.0001 of a foot-candle on                          Fractures involving Joints.
the darkest niglat to 5,000 or more foot-candles in summer          (1) The aseptic courw seen by osteo-articular lesions in
sunslhine. There must be some intricate provision over            whichl operation is performed early (witlhin ten to twelve
aud beyond the mere- contraction of the pupil-perhaps a           hours) clearly indicates that the surgical treatment of
                                                                 fractures involving joints slhould aim at the maximum of
chemical change in the retina, or an iahibition of the optic     conservatismxi. (2) Comminuted fractures of the epiplysis
nerve, or a compensatory reaction or opposing activity in         and shlaft are now amenable to thorouglh cleansing and
the brain-to explain the automatic adjustment of control         ourettage, followed by primnary suture. (3) Fractures of
wlichl permitted so sensitive au organ as an eye to accom-       the epipliysis and shaft whichi are partial or in T form are,.-
 mnodate itself to suclh .great chiangs in thle external         according to circumstances, amenable to artlhrotomy with
stimulas. If the plhysiologist could inform the illuminating     reposition, or to arthrotomy with limuited excision of boniy
engineer futrther with regrard to that quantitative control      fragments (partial atypical resection) followed by primary,
it w-ould beo-f assistance in many -ways. Mr. Trotter            suture. '(4) Primary resection is indicated only in ex-
                                                                 ceptional instances: (a) in the case of bony lesion's, wfiehe
svuggested that illuminating engineers should give some          it should be performed only in very comminuted fractures
attention to experimental and observational psychology, so       of the articular extremities; experience proves tllat it is
that lthe various factors involved in sense minprcssions         mole likely to be required at the hip or slhoulder than ill
could be (Lisentangled and dealt witlh one by one.               the knee, elbow, or foot; (b) primary resection in donbtfUl
                                                                 cases- in order to obtain a -better functional restult slhould-
                                                                 give place to conservative metlhods (artlirotomly with.-
  -THE Royal Dental Hospital, fteicester Square, has             removal of- fragments of bone, partial atypical resection).
received a donation of £250, being the-amount allocated to       Bad functional results are amiienable to late orthopaedic
thwe lospital by the trustees of the late Leopold Salomons,      resection, which will generally be done under better con;
                                                                 ditions than a primary resection. (5) The indications for
  THE' Scottishi Women's Hospitals lhare done excellent          primary aniputation are cruishing of thel limb wvitlh de-
x oork in France, in Serbia, and in Corsica for the Serbians,    struction of tlie principal arterial trulnk. (6) Immediate
in Salonica, and Rumnaniia, as has beeni nioted from time        active mobilization appears to be an indispensable part of-
to time in these columiuns. The committee has now pub-           operative treatment, and seems to lhave given better results
lished a second T'zhistle sotuvenir book, a miscellany of        than those following imniobilization (Willems). (7) Re-
stories, verse, and l)ictures, intrinsically worth more than     section m-nay still be necessary in th-e treatment of infected,
the price (Glasgow and liondon: J. Horn, (anid             articular fractures.
Menzies); pp. 104, 1s. 6d.) at whi-h it is sold. The first
page reproduces in facsimile a letter fromii M. Poincar6,
who has not forgotten that he is Lor(d Rector of the UTni-                     Treatment of Chtrovic Ostcomyclitis.
versity of Glasgow. In it he expresses lis gratit'ude " to           (1) Thle mnechanisn of infection is the samiie as tiat of
the conrageous Scottish women for their iexha:ustible            infection in otlher war wotunds; it spr6ads in two wvavs:
charity and for the indefatigable. devotednless they show        (a-) by continulity thr ough thef medlullary and1 comlpact
to the w-oundedl soldiers of the allied countries:;' Miss        tissue, and (6) to a distance along fiSssures. (2) rrhle spreadl
McIlroy is to be eQulgratulated on having got aboult her -so     thlrough the- bony tissue is generally slow and limited.-
long a list of distinlguished contributors and on the goodi      Among    thle earliest germs to sspread are thle streptococcus,-
aupearancc the new numnber of the Thistle makes.                 thle staphylococcuas, thle enterococcu.s, andl, more rarely'
  Titl '5 i 119't   81.
                                     CASUALTItS       'IN- kttE MEDICAL SERVICES.                                   r TuDI eJiOU
                                                                                                                   rLM EIDCaL JOURWT(AL-;: 2.   9

ana6robic Tlle germus miiost often foulnd in the         Second ,ary and Late, Cosnplications of TWound?s of the
flora of subacute or chlronic stippuration of bones are                                            Brainl.
the streptococcus, staplhylococcus, enterococcus, and tlle            (1) The effcet of the documents collected" is to showr
pneu2nobacillus. (3) Tl'e treatulient of chrouic osteoimlvelitis   that though secondary complications of- cerebra,vl wounds
slhould above all things be preventive; it does not differ from    are relatively frequent, late infectious complications are'
the treatment of tlle. seat 'of fractu re. (4} At the present      much more rare than was supposed. (2) Organic disorders
time the treatment of establislhed osteomyclitis is purely         consecutive to wounds of the brain (heemiplegia, mono-
surgical; it should be undertalen early and consists               plegia, aphasia, visual disturbances, etc.) frequently slhow
essentially of (a) free opening up of tle seat of fracture;        a tendency to imnprove. Their treatment belongs to'
 (b) carueful search for all sequiestra and foreign bodies, and    tlle domain of neurology. (3) Late epileptic attacks of
  lheir removal; (c) free laying open of all cavities. (5)         a Jacksonian chaaracter may be benefited by' surgical
This having been done one of two alternative methods               operation-the removal of a cause of compression, of foreign
may be followed: eitlher (a) immediate closure of tlle             bodies, or of fragments of bone. It is not advisable to'
wound, completed by an autoplastic operatioii, or (b)              operate on account of one' or two isolated attaeks of'
clhemical sterilization of the wound, secondary autoplasia         Jacksonian epilepsy, for they may be due to an attack 'of'
to fill up tle bony cavity, and then sutuLre. Tile second          enceplhalitis from whicl recovery may takp place, and
method is t4at mIost generally applicable.                         upon the course of whiclh surgical operation can lhave no
                                                                   influence. Epileptic attacks, except in cases whlere a-
           Late Results of Fractutres of the Thigh.                foreign body or a fragment of bone is present, do not call
   (1) Speaking generallv, the end results of the treatment        for any fresh surgical operation. Wlhere there is hyper-
of fractures of the tlhiglh are poor. This is due to tile          tension of the cerebro-spinal fluid, lumbar- punctures- con-
extent of the lesions, to insufficient reduction and reten-        trolled by the manometer may be useful. (4) Late cerebral
tion, and, above all, to infection of the seat of fracture.        abscesses, diagnosed and differentiated from non-suppu-
(2) The late results of fractures in the upper third, and          rative encephalitis, ouglht to be operated upon after
still more in the lower third of the femur, are those which        accurate clinical localization by the surgeon and the nouro-
leave most to be desired. (3) The late complications most          Iogist. After an exploratory puncture and taking care not
frequently met with are (a) infections producing chronic           to destroy protective adlhesions, the abscess slhould be
osteomyelitis; (b) deformities duie to incomplete reduction        opened and its sterilization tested periodically by bacterio-
(slhortening,. rotation, and angular union); (c) very rarely       logical examination. (5) Late localized meningitis and
defective consolidation, or functional loss of power having        encysted meningeal abscesses ougllt to be operated uipon.
an articular, muscular, or nervous origrin.       (4) Of tllese    (6) The present treatment of generalized meningitis it'
deformities, slhortening is thle most comnmon, and the             usually ineffective. Tlhe most rational means of treatment
only one whllicl is not always avoidable (loss of bone).           appears to be repeated lumbar puncture. (7) Cerebral'
(5) Rotation and angular union are most often due                  hernia with abscess should be operated- upon and the
to inefficient surgical treatment. (6) Primary steriliza-          abscess drained. It seems preferable, in order to avoid'
tion is the principal object to be souglht; its in-                the possible diffusion of a local infection, not to per-
sufficiency is the essential cause, direct or indirect,            form lumbar puncture during thle acute febrile plhase
of the defective results. Tile slow proaress of, and the           which occurs in some cases of cerebral lhernia, Whlen
difficulties encountered in treating, prolonged infectionls        the evidences of inlfection observed at thle oniset liave
 uake it less possible to ensure retentioni of thje fragm6nts.     dim-ninished, lumbar ptunctures, by diminishlingi intracraniial
(7) Primary sutLture of tlle wound and secondary suture            hypertension, may favour the reduction of the hernia.-
after cicatrization, tranisformuing ani open fracture intO         Resection of a hernia is an operation only justifiable
a closed fracture, have a determiiining influlence oln the         whien local necrosis occurs or mneningocele is present.
remote results of treatmnent of fractures of tle thigh.            (8) Intracerebral foreign bodies whiclh are determinling
(8) :Joint stiffness, very frequiently observed in th¢e kniee,     attacks of enceplhalitis, epileptic attacks, or an abscess,
and stiffness of the hip and tlle foot, eitlher separately         slhould be removed. Foreign bodies wliicll are well
or in combiination, can be prevented by early mnobilization.       tolerated ouglt, it would seemi, to be left alonie. (9) Thle
(9) Adlesions of miuscles to tlle callus are tile cause of         facts collected slhow that cranioplastic operations per-
mttny   functional troubles wilich nay necessitate surgical        formed witlh ani aestlhetic object are specially indicated
oper'ation to free tlheni. (10) Trophic complicatiolls (inus-      wlhen the loss of substance is in tlle frontal l'egion. Fronm
cular atroplhy, oedema, vasotnotor disturbances) play a            tlle point of view of cure they are only justifiabi-e in cases
very important part and slhouild always receive early and          in wlhich tlhe distensibility of tlie scar is the only dis-
persistent treatment. (I1J Very pronounced deviations,             coverable cause of the symptoms observed. Fronm thle
attended   or not by osteomyelitis, are amllenable to osteo-       prophylactic point of view the risk of cranial injury of the
toimy; whIeIn tlhere is concomlitant osteomlyclitis resection      trepllined region later on may be ani indication for opera-'
of -the callus is generally indicated.                             tion. In every case the surgeon sliould nmake sure tlhat
                                                                   there is no contraindication to operation 'afforded by any
                                                                   nervous trouble, by any chlemical or cytological alteration
                      TVounitds of Nerves.                         in the cerebro-spinal fluid, or by papillary stasis. (10) The
   (t1) Operations on nerves for war wounds lhave so far           best prophylactic treatment of secondary or late infectious
 given relatively poor results. Partial lesions give a larger      complications is by methodical disinfection and primary
percentage of good results than total lesions. (2) Tihe            sterilization of the intracerebral traumatic foci.
mediocrity of tile results is due clhiefly to operation at
too late a period. (3) Operatioli should never be under-
taken in the presence of suppuration. (4) Thie tlhree               CASUALTIES IN THE MEDICAL SERVICES.
principal causes of want of success in late operations
on nerves are (a) sclerosis of tlhe peripheral end whliclh                             ROYAL NAVY.
must increase witlh the lapse of timne; (b) too wide an                               Died on Sermice.
interval between tlle two ends; (c) tlje intensity and               Surgeon Probationer H. M. Macplherson, R.N.V.R.
duration of suppuration. (5) Retraction of tendons, anky-
losis of joints, and isehaemic uluscular sclerosis all tend                           Prisoner of War.
greatly to diminislh tile value of the functional result.            Surgeon Probationer P. A. Faichney. R.N.V.R.
The joints ouglht fromLi the first to be put in an appropriate                                     AR-MY.
corrective position. (6) Prilnary stuture of the nerve, wlicih                              Died of     TVounds.
 is rendered possible by the miietlhods    now   in use for tile            COLONEL C. C. FLEMING, D.S.O., R.A.M.C.
disinfection of wounds, tends considerably to improve                Colonel Charles Clhristie Fleining, D.S.u., R.A.M.C.,
results in respect of tlle frequenlcy, the rapidity, and the       died, aged 53, oin Decemiber 24th, 1917, of wounds caused
*degree of functional recovery. (7) Even wlhen tlue opera-         by a bomtib on the previouis day. He was the son of the
tion ig unsuccessful, prirulary sutiure mlraintains tile ends of
 the nerves in an anatomnical positin whlichl greatly facili-
                                                                       Of 6,664 old cases of trephini g in litspitals ii. regional neuro-
                                                                   logical centres in France the niumber of epileptic etttacks. partial or
 tItes later operation. (8) FLunctional recovery occtIrs           general.. observed was 67S (10.14 per cent ) the number of ca es of
 slowly; it requires many.months and evell ybars, and this         c(rebral ab-cess was 94 (1.41 per cent.); of oldl, menitgitis 32 (0 48 per
 fact must be kept in mind in estiinating the final degree of      cent.); and cases df In-to cerebral hernia 54 (0.81 per eut.: am.nong
                                                                   these old cases of trephininge there were 83 deaths (1.24 per cent.), and
'disability.                                                       one case only of sudden death.
            'Til DRTTE
                             I                            ITONOURS.                                   rJAN. 5, Trgi
3-- I
late DeputySurgeon-General Andre'w Fleming, was born               Formerld Reported Woutnded, flOiV Reporte'd not
on November 6th, 1864, and educated at Edinburgh Uni-                                        lVounidded.
 versity, where he graduated M.B. and C.M. in 1888. After           Captain    0. Matthews, Australian A.M.C.
filling the posts of resident physician and resident surgeon
 in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and of resident phy-                                        Missing.
 sician in the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children,          Captain G. A. D. McArthur, R.A.M.C. (temporary).
lhe entered tlle R.A.M.C. as surgeon-lieutenant on
 January30thl, 1892, becoming surgeon-captain on January
                                                                    Lieutenant T. F.     Ryan, R.A.M.C.      (temporary).
 30th, 1895, and ma-or on January 30th, 1904, and retiring                     DEATHS AMONG SONS Or MEDICAL MEN.
 on October 29th, 1910. After his retirement he acted for           Cavanagh, Rev. Bernard C. F., son of Dr. Cavanagh of Dublin,
                                                                  died of wounds in Palestine on December 21st, 1917. He was
 a time as secretary to the Scottish branch of the British        born at Limerick in 1866, educated at Crescent College, Dublin,
 Red Cross Society. He also joined the Reserve of Officers,       ordained in 1890, and had worked for twenty years as a
 and rejoined for duty on April 17tlh, 1915, in his old rank      Redemptorist missioner before he joined the arm y as a
 of major. During the war he had risen to colonel, and
 was A.D.M.S. to the Highland Division when he met his              Crawford, Dunlop, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers, only
 death. He served in the Nile campaign of 1898 as senior          son of the late Dr. John Kerr Crawford of kilwinning, died
                                                                  wounds in East Africa on December 10th, 1917, gef1 28.
                                                                                                                   a            of
 medical officer in the operations on the Upper Atbara, in          Elliott, H. C., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, second son of
 the action at Gedaref, and in the defence of Gedaref; was        Dr. Christopher Elliott of Clifton, died at a base      hospital
 mentioned in dispatches, and received the medal, the             on December 20th, 1917, of wounds received on December 8th.
 Egyptian medal, and the D.S.O. He also served in the               Steyn, Stephen   Sebastian Lombard, Lieutenant Royal Field
 South African war from 1899 to 1902, when    he took part        Artillery, son of the late Dr.educated Steyn, killed in December,
                                                                                                  G. H.
 in the advance on Kimberley, including the actions of            1917, aged 26. He was                    at the Diocesan School,
 Belfont and Magersfontein, in the relief of Kimberley, and       Rondebosch,    South Africa, and at the University College,
                                                                  Oxford, wherehe was a Rhodes scholar of 1909. He was
 in the operations in Cape Colony and in the Orange River         a noted Rugby football player, having played at three-quarter
 Colony, and received the Queen's medal with five clasps          both for Oxford and for Scotland in 1911 and 1912. He got
                                                                  his commission on December 8th, 1914.
 and the King's medal with two clasps.
                                                                                         MEDICAL STUDENT.
            CAPTAIN N. McG. SMIITH, R.A.M.C.                        Chalmers Cowan, Philip, Captain Manchester Regiment,
                                                                  attached Royal Flying Corps, is reported missing since Noyem-
   Captain Norman McGaan Smith, R.A.M.C., was reported            ber 8th, 1917, when he took part in medical combat in France.
                                                                                                       an air
as having died of wounds, in the casualty list publislhed on      Captain Cowan was a second year the Manchester of -Trinity
December 22nd, 1917. He was educated at Glasgow Uni-              College, Dublin, when   he joined
                                                                  in August, 1914, from the Dublin University O.T.C. He
versity, whero he graduated M.B. and- Ch.B. in 1915, took         was promoted captain in October, 1916, and shortly after-
a temporary commission in the R.A.M.C. soon after, and            wards joined the Royal Flying Corps. He was .his twenty-
wa.s promoted to captain after a year's service.                  second year and was a son of Dr.P. C. Cowan of Ailesbury Y.
                                                                  Road, Dublin.
                       Died on Service.                             [JrIe shall be in(lebted to relatives of those who are killed in
          CAPTAIN W. E. GIBBONS, M.D., R.A.M.C. base
  Captain Wilfred  Ernest Gibbons, R.A.M.C., diedat a
                                                                  action or die in the war for iniJforlmation which will enable us go
                                                                  niake these notes as complete and accurate as ossible.]
lhospital on December 21st, 1917, after a hlort illness follow.
ing an operation. He was the son of Mr. JohnGibbons of
Mossley Hill, Liverpool. He receivedhis medical educa-                                      HONOURS.
tion at the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated
M.B., C.M. in 1896, and M.D. in 1900. He had held the             IN connexion with the New published lists of appointments,
                                                                          and pronmotions were
                                                                                                Year long
                                                                  awards,Lonidon Cazette on December in specialhonours men-
office of house-surgeon to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary,         to the                                31st. the
and subsequently became assistant to Dr. Maclaren, the            tioned have been awardled to the following medical officers, all
senior surgeon at the Carlisle Infirmary. He settled in           of whom belong to the A.M.S. or R.A.M.C. unless otherwise
practice in Leicester in 1900, and was late chairman and          indicated:
honorary secretary of the Leicester and Rutland Division
of the Britislh Medical Association. He took great interest
                                                                      Naval Aweards in   Recognitionl(CIVIL). during theTW'ar.
                                                                                                      of Services
in sports, and on several occasions- represented hlis   univer-                             K.C.B.
                                                                    Surgeon-Generals: Wm. Henrv Norman, C.B., R.N., George
sity at association football. He married in 1901, and is          Lenthal   Cheatle,
                                                                                  C.B., C.V.0., R.N.
survived by his widow and two children. In 1908 he
joined the Territorial Force, and was mobilized with his                                     C.B. (CIVIL).
unit, and had been on the staff of the base hospital since          Surgeon-Generals: Arthur Edmunds, R.N., Wm. W. Pryn,
November, 1914.                                                   R.N., James Lawrence Smith, M.V.O., R.N.
                                                                    Deputy Surgeon-General Daniel Joseph Patrick McNabb,
                     Accidentally Killed.                                                    C.M.G.
           CAPTAIN H. M. SPOOR, M.C., R.A.M.C.                      Fleet Surgeon E. H. Meaden, R.N.
  Captain herbert Mather Spoor, M.C., R.A.M.C., was
reported as accidentally killed, in the casualty list pub-                                        D.S.O.
lished on December 29th, 1917. He was educated at Edin-             Staff Surgeon Henry Cooper, R.N.
burglh University, where he graduatecl M.B. and Clh.B.              F7or Vatluiable Services Rendlered in Connexion with Mlilitary
in 1908, and then vent into practice at Stoke, Rochester,                                Operations in the Field.
where he held the appointment of superintendent of the                                C.B. (MILITARY DIVISION).
Hoo isolation hospital. Ile joined the R.A.M.C. as a                Surgeon-Generals: Richard Henry Stewart Sawyer, C.M.G.,
temporary lieutenant on April 17th, 1915, was promoted            Henry Neville Thompson, C.M.G., D.S.O.
                                                                    Colonel and Honorary Surgeonl-General Bruce M. Skinner,
to captain after a year's service, and received the                          I 0
                                                                  C. M.G., M. XO.
Military Cross on September 26th, 1917.                             Colonels: Charles Mackie Begg, C.M.G., N.Z.M.C,, Robert
                                                                  Hiammill Firth, Anthoiny John Luther, Foster Reuss Newland,
                                                                  C.M.G., Alexander Dunstan Sharp, C.M.G., James Matthew
                         Wounded.                                 Forrest Shilne, Alfred Sutton, C.M.G., A.A.M.C., Hugh
  Captain R. G. Burnard, Australian A.M.C.                        Champneys Thurston, C.M.G., James Barnett Wilson, C.M.G.
  Captain W. C. Douglass, R.A.M.C. (temporary).                     Lieut.-Colonel and Brevet Colonel (temporary Colonel)
                                                                  Frederick Smith, C.M.G., D.S.O.
  Captain F. G. Flood, M.C., R.A.M.C. (S.I.).
  Captain J. R. Forde, R.A.M.C. (temporary).                        Temporary1 Colonels: Sidney Maynard Smith, Alfred Henry
                                                                  Tubby, C.M.G.
  Captain L. R. Hill, R.A.M.C. (temporary).                         Lieut.-Colonel and honorary Colonel Charles Joseph Trimble,
  Captain E. H. Lawson, R.A.M.C. (temporary).                     C.m.G.
  Captain'D. M. Moffatt, M.C., R.A.M.C. (temporary).                Lieut.-Colonel (temporary Colonel) Thomas Finllayson
  Captain J. E. S. Smith, R.A.M.C. (T.F.).                        Dewar.
                                                                   Lieut.-Colonel (acting Colonel) Arthur Russell             Aldr,idge,
  Captain C. J. Timms, M.C., R.A.M.C. (temporary).                C.S.I., C.M.G.
  Captain W. K. Turner, Canadian A.M.C.                                                       G.C.M.G.
  Lieutenant G. Gordon, R.A.M.C. (temporary).
  Lieutenant S. G. Johnson, R.A..IA.C. (temporary).
                                                                   Temporarv Surgeon-General Sir George
                                                                                                                     Heniry    Makins,
   ZAN.    5,   I9181                                             IIONO'LTRS.                                                             .MEDICAL   JOUYXXV     3J1!
                            K.C.M.G.                                                                    T'2 be Brevet _1 jQs.
  'surgeon-General William Grant Macpherson, C-B., C.M.G.                         -captain (temporary Lieut.-Colo,nel) R. E. Kelly.
  'Colonels and honorarv Surgeon-Generals: James Murrav                            Ca tains (acting Lieut.-Colonels): G. Hf. Dive, D.S.O., P. S.
Irwini, C.B., James Maher, C.B.
   Temrporary Colonels      Thomas Crisp EnDlish, C.M.G.,
                                                                                T!omvinsonl.(temporary Major) K. W. Monsarrat.
James P rrves Stewart, C.B}                                                        Cautains: R. C. Duii, G. W. Ellis, NV. B. Galwev. MI.C., A. D.
                                                                                Griffith, A. S. N. Macgregor, G. Pattoln.
                             C.I.G.                                               Temporary (Captains: N. Dnggaii, H. F. Marris.
 .Coloznels: George Walter Bgrber, D.S.O., A.A.M.C., Robert
James Blackham, C.I.E., D.S.O., ErnIest WVilliam Bliss, D.S.O.,                    The following officers have been promoted to the rank in-
Edwardl George Browvne, C B., Robert Rupert MN1. Downies,                       dicated for         valuable services relndered i-            coniuxion-with tlib
A.A.M.C., Phlilip Cecil Harcourt Gordon, Alfred Eriest C.                       war.
Keble, Ix.o., (barles Joseplh MacDoinaldl, Samuel CGuise                                                        To    be   Brel rt Colonel.
Moores, C.1B., Charles WVilliam Profeit, D.S.O.                                  Lie'ut.-Cololel I.        J. C.      Cottell, T. W. O'H. Hamnilton,           C.MI..G.,
 .Tem`porary Colonel (Lieut.-CoJouel RA..M.C.T.F.) William                     P.   H. Jolinstoii, (.M\.Cr., C. W.    Monllini, J. J. Pratt,                    I       .,
Pasteur.                                                                        S. J. Thomsoii, (.I.E.T. AI.S., T. B. A. 'rucke-.
 .Lieut.-Colonel and Brevet Colonel (temporary Coloilel)                           MIajor anid Brevet Lieit.-Colonlel J. S. Bostock.
Howard Ensor, D.S.O.
 .Lieut.-Colonels (temporary Coloniels): Artlhtur Thomas White                                             Brevet Lieut.-Colonel.
                                                                                                          To)   be
A.A.M.C., Daniiel Davis Shanahanl, D.S.O.                                           M\Iajor (acting LieLt.-Colonel) J.
                                                                                                                     C. Furn-ess.
 .Lieiit.-Colonels: Clarenice Isidore Ellis, Charles Tilson                      Major (local l,ietlt.-Colonlel) A. Wright.
Hudson, I.M.S.                                                                   Surgeon-Mlajor F. F. MacCahe, Irish IJorse.
  Temporary Lieut.-Colonels:      Leonard Stanley Di4geonl,                      .Majors W. E. A. Armstroug, I.M.S., T. W. Griffitlh, H. Joles,
3rnest Heary Starlinlg, F.R.S.                                                 F. W. Mott; F.R.S., 11. J. Parry, D.S.O., C. G. Speilcer, W. K.
  Temporary honiorary Lieut.-Colonel Nathan Raw.                               Steele.
                                                                                                                 To be Br evet Major.
    -      Sezrvices Rendered in Coinnexion wcith the War.
           or                                                                    CCaptain, (tempoirary Lieut.-Colonel) H. J. Stiles,
                  K.C.B. (MILITARY DIviSION).                                    Captain (temporarv Major) E. W. H. Groves.
  Surgeon-General Sir David Bruce, C.B., F.R.S.                                  Cap'tain H. G. Gibson.
                   C.B. (M1ILITARY DIVISION).                                                    . be7hono-a-y lieuit.- Colont el.

  Surgeon-General Francis John Jeiucken.                                         Quartermiiasters and honorary. Majors: A. Bruce,                                D.     3.
  Cblonels: William Coates, C.B.(Civil),'Frederick GaultFinley,                Gillman, H. G. Hasell.

 -Temporary ColoneL (Lieut.-Colonel R.A.M.C.T.F.) Howard
Henry Tooth, C. M.G.                                                                                 DISTIN GU rSHED SERVICE ORDER.
 ,Temporary Lieut.-Oolonel Andrew Balfour, C.m.G.                                               -   Bar to the.Distinquished Service Order.
 .Temporary honorary Lieut.-Coloned George Seaton Buchanan.                      Bla'or
  Maior and Brevet Lieut.-Coloinel Robert Markham Carter,                                     (temnporary    Lieut.-Colonel) Wm. M. Bell
                                                                                 Captain (acting Lieut.-Colonel) Frank Worthington, D.S.O.
                              1K.C.M.G.                                          Temporary Captain (acting Lieut.-Colonel) James R. G
  Colonel and honorary Surgeon-General Michael William                         Greenlees,      D.S.O..
Russell, C.B.
 -Temporary Colonels: Charles Alfred Ballance, C.B., M.V.O.,                                         Distguis.dhed Service Order.
Archibald Edward Garrod, C.M.G., P.B.S.                                          Lieut.-Colonels (temporary Colonels): Harold P. W. Barrow,
                                                                               C.M.G., Henry W. Grattan, Harry A.- Hinge, C.M.G., John
                              C.M.G.                                           W. H. Houghton, George A. Moore, C.M.G., Charles A. Peters,
   Colonels: Kenneth Cameron, C.A.M.C., Joseph Griffiths,                      C.A.M.C., Frederick S. Penny, C.M.G., Edward W. Slayter,
Charles Henderson Melville, Charles Pye Oliver, K.H;IP.,                       C.M.G.
George Septimus Rennie, C.A.M.C., Wallace Arthur Scott,                          Lieut.-Colonels : James J. Black, A.A.M.C., Samuel R.
C.A.M.C., Walter Laugmuir Watt, C.A.M.C.                                       Burston, A.A.M.C., Edward W. W. Cochrane, James E. Davey,'
  Temporary honorary Colonel Sir John Collie.                                  C.A.M.C., Charles H. Dickson, C.A.M.C., Michael H. DowIey,
  -Lieut.-Colonel (honorary Surgeon-Colonel, temporary Colonel)                A.A.M.C., Thomas R. Elliott, Archibald N. Fleming, I.M.S.,
William Mitchell Roocroft.                                                     Thomas Fraser, Arthur H. Moseley, A.A.M.C., Thomas J. F.
  Lieut.-Colonels (temporary Colonels): Kenneth Snmith,                        Murpliy, C.A.-M.C., Henry S. Newland, A.A.M.C.. Charles T. H.
A.A.M.C.;, Douglas Murray McWhae, A.A.M.C.                                     Newton, N.Z.MH.C., Edgar E. Powell, R.A.M:C., J. M. YY
  Lieut.-Colonels: Henry Stewart Anderson, Louis Edward                        Stewart, A.A.-M.C.. Alexander H. Thwaites, A.A.M.S., Arthur
Barnett, N.Z.M.C., Johni Gordon, A.A.M.C., Arthur deCouircy                    B. Ward, S.A.M.C., Arthur 0. B. Wroughton.
Scan4an. Lieut.-Colonel James Anderson MIurdoch, A.A.TH.C.
                                                                                 Temporary Lient. - Colonels : John Edward           Davies,
                                                                               Thomas McC. Leask, C.A.M.C., Wm. R. Matthews, Clharles E.
  Temporary Lieut.-Colonlels: James Hiurley, A.A.M.C., John                     Wassell, A.A.M.C.
Charles Grant Ledingham, George Basil Price, Charles Morley                      'Majors- (temporary Lieutenaint - Colonels): P. S. Clarlke,
Wellnyon.                                                                       S.AM.C., Reginald T. Collinis, Johln F. Crombie, Normani E.
  Temporary honorary Lieut.-Colonels: Harry Richlard Keni-                     DUnIkerton, Gborgc J. ifoughton, Rtochford N. Hunit. Thom-iias
wood, Johig Robertsoii.                                                        Kay, jerard A. Kemptliorine, Sy dney Mi. W. Meadows, Clifford
  Major itemporary Lient.-Coloinel) Thomas MUill, N. Z.M.C.                    H. BReason, C.A.IM.C., Henry F. SShea, Frederick WValley,
  Major (actinig Lieut.-Colonel) John Andrew Amyot, C.A.M.C.                   Charles R. Wh   bite, James Woo(l.
 '-Major Thomas Wardrop Griflitli.                                                 Majors (acting Lieut.-Colonels): Alfre(d T. Bazin, C.A.M.C.,
                                                                               Percy   G. Bell, C.2X.M.C., Richardl Coffey, Davi(d L. Fishier,
                          KNIGHT   BACHELOR.                                   James J. Fraser. ( '.A.M.C., John M. Gover, Alexander Leggzat,
   MIajor Andrew Macpliail, C.A.M.C(., Professor of Histo-y of                 Wm. McCall, Thomas B. Moriarty, Wetitwortli             Tvnidale,
Bledicilne, McGill Ulniversity, Montreal.                                      C.M.G., Joseplh Wardt, James H.         W'inder.   .

                                                                                  Majors:   Alani S. D. Barton. A.A.MI.C., David D. Cade,
  Lieut.-Coloncl   aind
                          Brevet Colonel IHenry Francis     Cleveland,         A.A.-M.C., Frederick Cameron, N.Z.M.C.. Clemenit L. Chap-
                                                                               man, A.A.M.C.. Walter T. Finlayson I.M.S., Roy S. McGregor,
V.1I.S., I.M.S., Deputy D)irector-General, L.M.S.                              A,-A.M.C.-, Edwardl H. Milner Moore, George S. Motlersill,
  ILieut.-Colonel Bawa Ji wanl Singh, I.M.S., Inispector-General               C.A.M.C., John J. Power, A.A.M-.C., C. John Tozer, A.A.M.C
otPrisous, Bilhar and Orissa.                                                  David      Tomory, S.A.M. C., Erne§t B. Waggett, (George W. W.
  Lieut.-Coloiiel Wm. Byan Lane, I.M.S., Inspector-Genieral of                 Ware, Henry James Williams, A.A.M.C.
PrisoIns, Central Provinces.                                                      Captains (temporary Lieut.-Colonels): Fraincis L. Brandisl.
    Ateit.-Colonel Henry Smith, I.M.S., Civil Surgeon, Amritsar,               Arthur T. Falwasser, William I. Thompsoii.
Ptiiijab.                                                                         Captains (actinigLieut.-Colonels): Edmund Alderson Frederick
  Major Heniry -Coddington Brown, I.3M. S., Assistant Director,                 H. Bradley, Charles S. Brebner, Win. Egan, Thomas S. Eves,
Central Research Institute, Kasauli.                                           Wim. R. Gardner, Harold Gibson, Arthur H. Habgood, Edwardi
  Assistant Sturgeon Kedar Nath Das, Professor of Midwifer-,                   J. Kavanagh, TM.C., John Dui P. Langrishie, Johni A. Manifold,
Campbell MIedical School, Calcutta.                                            Ernest C. Plielain, MI.C., Alexander hi. Pollard, Johnl W. L.
                        PROMOTIONS.                                            Scott, George P. Taylor, M.C., Win. Tyrrell, M.C., Anldrew R.
  Tlle following oflicers have been promoted to thle rankl]                      Captain (temporary M1ajor) Arthur W. Falconer.
indicated for distinguished service in the field;                                Ca-ptains: Thomas Carnwath, Thomas S. Dunn, E.A.M.S.,
                      To be Brevet Colonels.                                   Harold .A. T. Fairbaiik, Eric G. Gauntlett, Alexanider J.
  Lieut.-Colonels (temporary Colonels): H. E. M. Douglas, V.C.,                Gibson, John G. Gill, hI.C., Alfred G. Hebllethwaite, Basil
C.M.G.,-D.S.O., J. Poe, D.S.O.                                                 Hulghes, Stainley D. Large, M1.C., Wm. McK. H. McCullagh,
                                                                               M.C., John Wm MeNee, George W. Miller, George S. Parkin-
                    To be Brevet Lientt.-Colonel.R.                            son1,Alexan(ler D. Stirling, James IH.Thomas.
    MIajors (temiiporary -Lieut.-Colonels): A.        MIeMun11n, S.   L.            Tempora.ry       Captain         (acting   Lie    t.-Coloel)   CTristopher          V.
Pallanit, D.S.O., MI. G. Winder, D.S.O.                                        Bulstrode.
  Majors (acting Lieut.-Colonels): B. R. Dennlis, G. AW. G.                      Temlporary Captains: Jolhn Anidersoni, Gordoni A. McLarty,
H.ughes, D.S.O.                                                                 Hughl B$. vt-n, Ia+nda A1edicalServi6e, Jolhni F. G. Riclards,
  Majors: R.. T. Brown, D.S.O., J. T. Johnson, D.S.O.,                         Adrian Stokcs.
 t; MeCarrisoD, I.M. S.                                                                              Th  bc continuedl.)
       32          MIDICAL JouawA J                                                          MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES.                                                              IJAN.    5,   X91*
       The Albert           medal         has been          conferred        uipon Captain                C.      R.     Falwasser, W. R. Gardner, E. J. Kavanagli, MI.C., J. de P.
 Hloskyn, R.A.M.C.,                   for the       following          lheroic deed:                                     Langrishe, A. M. Pollard, J. Rlobertson, N. C. Rutherford,
        In    France, on        November        24th, 1916. as a result of a serious                      railway        D.S.O., S. S. Smith, G. P. Tavlor, M.C., W. I. Thompson,
      accident,      a man was pinned down by    legs uncder some heavytho                                               W. Tyrrell, M.C.
      girders.       The wreckage was on fire.                         anid
                                                 the flames had alr eady                                                    Captains (acting Lieit-Colonels): F. L. Bradish, H. N.
      reached the man's ankles.  Captain Hoskyn crawled into a cavity in                                                 Burrouglhes, H. G. 2V. Dawsoni, G. H. Dive, D.S.O., XV. Egan,
      the flaming wreckage, and, after releasing onie of the man's
                                                                                                                sFgs,    T. S. Eves, H. Gi3bson, A. H. Habgood (S.R.), A. Irvine.
      amputated the other, whereupon the man was drawn out alive,
      -Captain Hoskyn retaining hold of the main artery until atourniquet
                                                                                                                         Fortescue, E. C. Phelan, M.C., H. C. D. Rankin, R. T. C.
      could be put on.                                                                                                   Robertsou (8.R.), J. W. L. Scott, F. Worthington, D.S.O.
                                                                                                                            Captain (temporary Major, acting Lieut.-Colonol) T. A.
                            MENTIONED IN                         DISPATCHES.                                                Captains (temporary Majors): J. D. Fiddes, A. C. F. Turner,
 SUPPLEMENTS to the                       Lonido*m         Gazette      issued          on December             24th     D.S.O.
 amid    28th, 1917, contain, in                    addlition
                                            to the iiames published in
                                                                                                                            Captains: J. G. Anderson, S. R. Armstrong (S.R.), R. P.
 our issue of December       15th, 1917, p. 806, a further list of officers                                              Ballard (S.R.), J. H. Bavley, M.C. (S.R.), A. J. Beveridge (S.R.),
        the A.M.S., R.A.M.C,
                                                     Domninion Mledical
                                                         Corps, and the
                          Army Medical Corps, mentioned by Sir Douglas
                                                                                                                         T. R. H. Blake, M.C., R. A. Broderick, A. S. Bruzaud, D.
                                                                                                                         Buchanan, E. D. Caddell, M.C., W. K. Camnpbell, D.8.O., F. C.
 Hlaig       in his    dispatch dated Noveember 7th, 1917, for distinguished                                             Chandler, P. J. Chissell, T. C. Clarke, J. Dale, R. M. Davies,
 and        gallant services and               dev-otion         to    duty.                                             A. H. T. Davis, W. H. Davison, J. W. Dew, C. K. G. Dick, R. C.
                                                                                                                         Dun, J. Dundas, A. H. Falkner,J. McK. Ferguson, H. J. B. Fry,
                     HEADQUARTERS STAFF.                                                                                 C. E. H. Gater (8.11.), R. E. Gibson, H. Goodman, H. B. Graham,
   Surgeon-Genierals: Sir A. T. Sloggett, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.,                                                              A. H. Greg, T. W. Hancock, A. J.- lawes, W. S. Haydock(S.R.),
  K.H.S., W. G.   Msacpherson, C,B., C.M.G.,. M. XV. O'Keeffe,                                                           J. H. Hlebb, H. Henry, W. Hulnt, M.C. (8.1.1, A. H. Huycke,
 C.B.,        R.   Porter,      C.LB.,
                                 R. H. S. Sawyer, C.M.G.                                                                 R. Jacobs, A. E. Jury, C. M. Kennedy, R. Keninoin, G. D. Laing,
      Colonels         (temporary Surgeon-Generals): C. H. Burtchaell,                                                  J. H. Lloyd, P. MacCillum (S.R.), S. McCausland, W. McK. H.
 C.B., (J.M.G., J3 M. Irwin, C.B., B.         M. Skinner, C.M.G.,                                    DI.V.O.,            McCullagh, M.C. (S.R.), J. P. McGreehiii, J. W. McNee (S.R.),
 HI. N. Thompson, C.M.G., D.S.O.                                                                                         D. G. McRae, J. S. Manford, H. F. Afarris, S. S. Meighaln,
       Colonels: de B.               Birch, C.B., V.D.,                  E.        G. Browne, C.B., G.                  A. D. Moffat, F. R. H. AMollan (S.R.), H. S. Moore (S.R.), C. B.
 Cree, C.B.,  C.MC.G., fl. H. Firth, P. ('. H.                                     Gordon, S. Hickson,                   Moss-Blunidell, J. C. Newman, C. Nicholson (S.R.), H. S. Palmer,
 CBli., A. J. Luther, S. Alacdoniald, C.M.G., 1L.    R. Macleod,                                                        A. C. Pearson, G.E. Pepper (S.R.), J. Pinder, G. S. Pirie (killed),
 C('.B.,-S. G. Mloores, C.B., F. R. Newland, C.M.G., J. M. F.                                                           J. MI. Plews, R. B. Price, W. Raffle, J. Rafter (S.R.), R. T. Raine,
 Shine, WV. T. Swanl, C.B., 1H. C. Thurston, C.M.G.,J. B. %Wilson,                                                      J. Ramsay, J. F. G. Richlar(ds, F. A. Roper, P. J. Ryan, J. C.
 C'.M.G., R. W. WN'riglht, C.M.G.,                          C. A.      Yoting, C.M.G.                                   Sale, D.S.O., M.C., H. A. Saudiford, J. J. M. Shaw (8.k), C. N.
      Brevet Colonel (temporar3, Coloniel) T.                                 XV.       Gibbard, K.H.S.                 Smith, W. Snieddoin, J. C. Sprotile, J. Stephensoi (S.R.), A. D.
      Temporary Coloniel H. 31cI. NV. Gray.                                                                             Stirling, E. S. Stork, D.S.O., F. Sykes (S.R.), J. H. Thomas,
      Brevet        Colonet         H. Enisor,      D.S.O.
                                                                                                                        J. Walker(S.R1.), D. L. Wall, W. S. Wailace (M,C.), G. D.Watkins,
   Lieut.-Colome'ls (temporary Coloncls): HI. P. V. Barrow,                                                             D.S.O.,- F. H. C. Watson, F. W. White, J. B. Williamsou (S.R.),
C.M.G., R. J. Blacliham, C.T.E., D.S.O., 1.                 liliss, D.S.O.,                  XV.
                                                                                                                         W. F. Wood, D.S.O. (S.R.).
A. W. N. Boweni, 1).S.O., F.
           M. E.
                                    1B. Bniswell, C.M.G-., T. F. Dewar,                                                     Temporary Captain (temporary Lieut -Colonel) H: Faulkner.
             Douglas, V.C., 1)..O., C..M.G., H. N. DLinmi, D.S.O.,                                                          Temporary Captains (acting Lieit.-Colonels): C. I. Pye-
0. W.       Elsiser, D.S.O., 11. W. Grattanm, IH. A. Hinge, C.M.G.,
                                                                                                                        Smith, D.S.O., M.C., J. 11. C. Greenlees, D.S.O.
J.          Houiglhtoni, T. P. Jomnes, C,.MI(.,
              H.                                      A. MToore, C.M.G.,           C.
                                                                                                                            Temporary Captains: E. A. Aldridge, J. Alexander, R. C.
G. J. A. Ormsby, D.S.0., J. Poe,          D.8..'. . I'ollock, 1).S.O.,
                                                  C                                      .
                                                                                                                        Alexanider, F. H. Allfrey, J. Anderson, L. Aniderson. D.S.O.,
 (W. Profeit, D.S.O., H. V. Prvnne, MT. IA. Ilattray, D.S.O.,
     XV.                                                                                                                G. WV. Armstronig, D.S.O..       WN. H. Attlee, G. T. Baker, J. H.
1). D.   Shanalian, D.S.O., A. D. Sharp, C.M.G., E. W. Slayter,                                                         Banikes, J. II. Barry, D.S.(., M.C., N. Mc. C. Boyce, E. Boyers,
C.M.G., A. G. Tlhomnpsoll, D.S.O., H. S. Thtirston, C.B., C.M.G.                                                         1t. Clharles, G. S. Clancv, A. Climie, J. M Campbell, C. D.
   Lieut.-Coloniels (acting Colonels):           W. Clemeiuts, D.S.O.,   ..
                                                                                                                        Coy-le, F. W. -Craig, G. McI. Dale, A. W. Denniis, C. F. Drew,
AV      B.
          lludlestone, D.S.O.                                                                                           J. C. Dunni, D.S.O., M.C., I. Feldmani. J. H. Fletcher, D.S.O.,
   Lienit.-Coloiiels:   A. Chopping, C.M.C., J. S.
                                                          Gallie, D;S.O.,                                                 MI.C., A. Fraser, J. Gibson, WV;B. Gordoni, E. H. Griffin, D.S.O.,
1. C. It.              G. MIartiin.
                   Hime,       H.
                                                                                                                        M.C., E. L. M. Hackett, A. E. Hallinian, A. G. P. Hardwick, R.
   Brevet Lient.-Coloiiel E. Ryan, D1.5.0.
                                                                                                                        Her(dmani W. J. Hirst, R. McC. Hill, D.S.O., R. D. Laurie, D.
   Major (actimig Lient.-ColoielJXW. F. Tryvnd1ale, C.M.G.                                                              Lees, D.S.O., 0. C. Linlk, J. W. Linnell, T. L. Llewellyn, H. L.
   Majors W.        McAlfister-Hewlings, JL. FitzG. Martin, C.l.G.,

C. G. Thomson, D.B.O., L. V. Thlirstoni, D.S.O., A. C. Turier,
                                                                                                                        McCormick, A L. McCreery, F. C. Macdonald, A. Macinityre,
(G.                                                                                                                     D. Alaclntyre, E. C. Mackay, XV. Mackeuzie, G. A. McLarty,
          W; XVare.                                                                                                     G. D McLean, I. C. MIaclean, D.S.O., M.C., W. R. P. McNeight,

                 T. H. Balfour,
                                        Mt.C., W. S. S. Berry, G. 0.                                                    J. C. Mackwood, J. Manuel, H. W. Moir, H. Mortimer,
Chambers, A. J. Clarlk, M.C., GA. XV. Ellis, A. J. Gibson,               G.                                J.
                                                                                                                        J. iM. Moyes, H. G. Oliver, M.C., J. B. Orr, D.S.O.. M.C., J, I.
Gill, S. S. Greaves; M.C., A. G; Heebbletliwaite, A. H. Heslop,                                                         O'Sullivan, H. A. Pallant, D.S.O., M.C., H. Y. Riddell, R. C.
D.S.O., S. D. Large, iI.C., D. C'. Macdonald, (. S. Parkinson,                                                          Robertson, R. S. Ross, G. W. -R. Rudkin, M. P. Scanloni, H. L.
G.        Smith, R. E Todd, A. XV'ilsou,-M,C.-. A'. B. XV'right'
                                                                                                                        Shlelton, S. J. Simpson, V. F. Soothill, T. Stansfield, J. L.
   Temporary Captainis: WV.             Alderton, C. 1). Hindley, K. XV.
                                                                                                                        Stewart, M.C., A. Stokes, D. J. Stokes, H. S. Sugars, D.S.O.,
MackeInzie.                                                                                                             M.C., R. 1. Sullivan, J. Tate, J. N. L. Thosebv, G. G. Timpson,
      Lieutenant          (temporary           Captain) C.             W.     Trcehlere.                                H. S. Turnier, M.C., V. C. W. Vickers, C. D. WAlker, J. Walker,
                                                                                                                        K. M. WValker, F. E. S. XVillis, A. Wilson, F. B. Winfield, P. R.
                                                                                                                        Woodhouse, C. S. E. Wright.
      Surgeon-Genexals:                   Sir A.      A.     Bowlby, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O.,                                  Temporary honorary Captrins: E. H. Hicks, C. McNeil.
 Sir        .K.     Makins,         K.C.M.G.
                                                                                                                          Lieutenants (temporarv Captains): J. H. Boag, J. La
      Colonels:        A.      F7ullertonX,C.M-G-,            Sir W. P. Ilerringham, C.B.,                              Lauder, D.S.O., M.C.

        Pasteur, S.         M.      Smitht,     A.    B.    Soltan, C.M.(G., C. (G. Watson,                               Temporary Lieutenants: D.          H.     Colliugham, W. J. Isbister,
      KLient.-Colonel                                                                                                   H. S. Johnston, D. A. H. Moses.
                                C.   S.
                                          Myers.                                                                          Quartermaster and hon9rary Major T. Dunn.
                                                                                                                          Quartermaster and honorary Captaini W. Wilson.
                                ROYAIL ARMY MEDIC AT. COPPrs.                                                             Quartermasters and honorary Lieutenants: C. XV. Atkins, E.
      Lieut.-Coloniels:            T. R.
                                         Elliott, (C. 1. Ellis;, 'T. -Fraser,                        H.   A.     L.     Birch (honorary AMajor), J.   Enwiright, J. Forman, W. Gough.
  osowell, J.        C.   Jameson,         XX'.     X. Matthews,              A.    Il. Morris A.         0.    B.        Temporarv Quartermasters and honorary Lieutenants: E. C.
Wroughton.                                                                                                              Bowen M. XV- Colahan, G. F. Drayson, G. Foster, T. H. Griggs,
J; E.
            H. Davies.
                            LJieut.-Cololiels:              C.    3.
                                                                        Trimble, C-.Ml.G.,                V..D.,         R. L. fiasters, H. G. Miller, T. Newling, W. Parnell, J. H.
  Temporary               honorary         Lient.-Colonel `.
                                                                                                                                    UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL COUPS.
  Acting Lieut.-Colomiel C. S. Brember.                                                                                   Lieut.-Colonels: H. Cabot, C. C. Collins, M. De Laney, J. D.
  Majors (temporary Licut.-Coloinels): W.                                                Blennett,   D.S.O.,            Fife, H. L. Gilchrist, 11. U. Patterson.
E. B. Bird.       VD.S.O.,
                       R. Coffey, It. '1'. Collins,
        E. D,titkerton, R.                     Mt.
                                                                                              F.   Crombie,               Majors: G. W. Crile, H. Cushing, L. L. Hopwood, V. H.

D.S.O.,   W.           J.      S.
                                 F4a'wett, 1D.S.O., P. J.

                    Harvey, D.S.O., G. J. Hotlhtoni, G. W. G,
                                                                                                   Hanafin,             Kazanijiani.
                                                                                                                                             FRIENDS' AMBULANCE UT.NIT.
 Hulghes, D.S.O., R. N. Hunt, A-. E. S. Ilrvine, T. Kay, H. B.                                                            Dr.    H.   Nockolds.
Kelly, D.S.0., G. A. Kempthiorne, S. tL. X'. Meadows, A. C.
Osburn, D.S.O., W. F. Roe, -D.S.O., XW. M. B. Sparkes, D.S.O.,                                                                              AuSTRALIAN IMPERI.AL        FORCE.
F'. Whalley, J. H. R. WiXnder, tM. (;. WVinder, 11.S.O., J. WV,ood.                                                                                        Stayf.
   Majors (acting Lieut.-Colonels: P. R. Ash, B. R. Dennis,                                                               Colonels: G. W. Barber, D.g.O., A.A.M.C.; W. W. Hearne,
    D. Ducat, H. Fulton, J. Mt.
                                  Crover, F.    Johinson, E. F. Q.            X.
                                                                                                                        D.S.()., A.A.M.C. (killed); R. B. Huxtable, D.S.O., V.D.,
L'Estrange, W. Mc(all, E. C. Montgomerv-Snith, D1.S.O.,                                                                 A.A.M.C.; A. Sutton, C.M.G., A.A.M.C.; A. T. White, V.D.,
 T.    Moriarty, J. Nightingale, H1. F. Shea.
   Majors: W. J. P. Adye-Curran, 'r. A. Barron, G. A. Benson,
                                                                                                                            Majors      (temporary Lieut.-Co lonels):         J.   H.      Anderson,
IT. D'A. lllnnmberg, T.D., T. S. Coates, A.
Miller, EJ. I1. M. Moore,                      3.
                                                   A. Irwini, G. W.
                               S. Y. Rogers, D.S.O., M. Sinclair,                                                       A.A     .C. .
                                                                                                                          Majors: H. K.
                                                                                                                                          S. McGregor, A.A.M.C.
3.;   W.'     XXest.                                                                                                                         Fry, D.8.O., A.A.M.C.; W.      Vickers, A.A.M.C.
  Temporary                    Lielit.-Colonel)
                          itajor (acting            Aldlersoin.                    E.
                                                                                                                                             Armty Medical CCorps.
  Temporary    hotnorary Majors: C.         M-.Hope, Houston.
  Brevet Major
                         Patiton, 1).S... M.C.
                                                                 XV.                         T.
                                                                                                                          Lieut.-Colonols (temporary Colonels):
                                                                                                                                                       "                 J. A. Dick, M. H.
                                                                                                                        Downey, A. B. Shepherd.
            (temporary -Lient.-Colonels):         Barkley,      J.
  Captains                                                                    J.                   XV.
                                                                                                                  E.     Lieut.-Colouels: J. J. Black,         S.- R. Burston, A. G. Butler,
 &cll, D.S.O.,       1). Boie, D.b.0., P. 11. Br1adiley,                                                 A.     T.
                                                                                                                         D.S.O.; H. H. B. Follitt, F. A.      Maguiire, A.     Moseley, H.S.
  JAN.      5,   191S)                         _COTLAND.                                                             tiBImaCn         3

NKewland, J. S. PurdY, D.S.O., J. M. Y. Stewart, V.D., ('                Dr. Tlhomas J. Uorder, Assistant Physician St. Bartholom" ewv's
~Vassell,  J. 1. Wel)b.
  Honorary Lieut.-Colonel E. W. Hta yw-ard.
                                                                         Dr1. Johnl Phillips, Eimeritus Professor of Obstetric Mledicine,
  Major (temporary Lieut.-Coloiiel H. V. P. Conrick. D.S.().           King's College; Conisutlting Obstetric Physician, Ring's Collc*ffe
   MTajors:' S.V.Applevard,D.S.0.,A.S.D. lIartoin, F. L.iBinell,       Hospital.
L. W. Bond, D.S.0., H. P. Browilell, D.S.O., D. D. ('ade, ('. L.         Mr. Harold J. Stiles, M.B.. C.M., F.R.C.S.Edin., Snirgcoa
Chapman, W. 13. Craig, 1)D.0., W. M.' A. Fletcler, \. (C.              Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Chlildreni.
Fraser, t. I. Furber, 1.S.0., AV. A. Hailes, D.S.O., 1. 1.
Hultchinisoln, D.S.0., AV. W. S. Johnston, D.S.O., TMI.C.; I-T. 1.                       KATSAnT)-J-IIIND (OTLD MEDAL.
Lee, D.S.O., M.C., iB. AM. MlcMlaster, D.S.O., tB. Norti, .J. J.
                                                 .                       Dr. Ernest Neve,       Surgeon 'Mission Hospital, Srinagar,
Power, G. S. Robinson, M1.C., C. J. Tozer, H. J. Williams.             Kashimnir.
  Captains: I1. F. Dunstan, G. S. Elliott (kille(l), F. W. Fav,
I. J. Hunter, J. T. Jonies, II.C., I. B. Jose, A. Juett, C. F.
Robinsoni, J. R. Tillett (died of wounds), E. D. WVatson,
  QUartermaster and honorary iMajor T. F. Hall.
  Quartermas,ter and( hoinorary Captain J. I. Anidersou.
                        CANADIAN FORCES.                                           THE PROPOSED Mi1N-ISTRY OF HEALTM.
                               St(Iff.                                 THE Royal College of Plhysicians of Edinburglh lhas issue(l
  Colonel A. E. Ross, C.M.G., C.A.M.C.
  Lienit.-Colonels (temiporary Colonels)     H. M. Jacques,            a statement dlealing witlh thje quLestion of the establishment
C.A.M.C.,D.S.0., C. A. Peters, C.A.M.C., R. P. Wriglht, D.XS.0.,       of a Ministry of Healtlh. Under tlhe privileges conferred
C.A.M.C.                                                               by its charter it is thlC duty of the College to consider
  Najor (temporary Colonel): A. E. Snell, D.S.O., C.A.M.C.             "any matters affectingt the general interests of tho
                  Ctaadian A4rmt MlIedical C.orps.                     miiedical profession and the public." Thle College has
  Lietit.-ColoIels : H. J. Blanchard, J. E. Davey, C. H.               accordingly considered tlhis question, and lhas accepted the
Dicksou, J. A. GulDn, J. Hayes, T. J. F. Murphy, F. WV. E.             general propositiou that it 'vould be to tlle advantage of
Wilson.                                                                the public hlealtlh were tlle various existing lhealtlh agencies;
  Mlajors (temlporary Lieut:-Colonels): A. T. Bazini, J. N. Guinn,     co-ordinated and broughlt under the supervision, control,
T. McC. Leask, C. H. Reason.
  ,Majors (acting Lieut.-Coloniels): P. G. Bell, J. J. Fraser.         and initiative of a board of llealtlh, constituted on tlie lines
   MSIajors: D. J., Cochrane, G. S. Motliersill, S. Paulin.            suiggestedI in the statemlent, ancd presided over by a Minister
  Captains: L. E. Clark, V. J. E. Miingie.                             of State. Tlle only aspect of tlle question wlhich leadls to
  Lieuitenaint W. McL. Moore (Canadiani Red Crows).                    a divergence of view is as to the desirability of proccediug
  Quartermaster aild lhoilorary Captain J. E. TntilocIi.
                                                                       with a schelmne of such magnitude at this strenuou.% and
                        NEw3' ZEALAND FORCE.                           anxious timiie in thle nation's history, wlhen the medical
                               foffl.                                  forces of the country are large disorganized. It tllh
  Colonel C. M. Begg, C.M.G., N.Z.M.C.                                 circumistances the prevailina opinion of the College is that
                          Mle(lical Corps.                             thle establislhmiient of a Ministry of Ilealtlh otught to be
  Colonel D. J. McGavin, D.S.O.                                        postponed until after tllh war.
  Lieut.-Colonels: 1). N. W Murray, D.S.O., J. H. Neil
  Majors: F. G. Cameron, K. MnacCormick, D.S.O., P. If.                   StatVemet b)y the Royal College of Physiciaiis of Edbiburgh.
XValtoln.                                                                 The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh was erecte(l.
  Captains: H. M1.Goldstein, MI.C., I. N. Speddingr.                   by Rioyal Charter granited by His Majesty Kimig Charles tle
                          SOUTH AFRICA.                                Secon(d, 29thl November, 1681, and incorporated anewv by Royal
                                                                       (Charter granted by Her Majesty Queeni Victoria, 16tlh August,
                       M1edical Corps.                                 1861. The Itoyal College has been, and continues to be, largely
  Lieut.-Colonej A. B. WVard, commandingf South Africani               concerlned withi matters affecting the health of the nationj. It
(4eneral Hospital.                                                     has taken conisiderable part in developing medlical science and
  Quartermaster and honorary Lieutenant W. Richardsoni.                Practice. It is therefore particularly interested in all proposals
                                                                       wlich have for their aim the erection of a State Department of
              BRITISH WEST INDIES REGIM.ENT.                           Ilealth. The Fellows of the College have giveni carefuil con-
  Tcmporfriy Sturgeoni Captaini W. S. Mitchell.                        sfideration to tlie sulbject. The statemeint wlhieh follows is tlbc
                          INDIAN ARMY.                                 outcome of deliberations which had regard to the grex:t
                      lli(dia.nMedical Service.                        questions of health and the urgenit need of their recognition
                 .' '                                                  and effective handlinig by the State. Trhe stalndpoiiit of the
  Lieut.-Colonel A. N. Fleming, Major J. J. Urwin.                     College is frankly medical, i1ot political or departmenltal.
                                                                          Tlle administration of lhealth measures has in the past been
  The list.also contains a number of names of N.C.0. s and mein        developed in conlniexioin with a numl)er of Governimetnt Depart-
of the R.A.M.C., A.A.M.C., C.A.M.C., N.Z.MI.C., S.A.M.C., and          mneints, such as the Local Governmiient Board, Homne Office,
inembers of the various niursing services.                             Board of Education, Insurance Commission. Each of the
                                                                       several departments has worked withinl the limiits of certaini
THE name of temporary Captain Frederickl Edwasrd Saxby                 Acts of the Legislature dealing with definite subjects anid coni-
Willis, R.A.M.C., attached Seaforth Highlanders, was acci-             ferring definite powers. The health of the communiity lhas
dentally omitted from the list of recipienits of the Mlilitary         received benefit from the work of the departmelnts; but the
Cross published in:our-issue of December 22nd, 1917, p. 839.           operations of the departments have not attainied that compre-
                                                                       hensive measure of stuecess which the extenlt and gravitv of the
                                                                       health problem demand.
              NE W YEAR HONOURS.                                          As regards health questions, the sphere of the several- depart-
                                                                       Ments is limited, and, with increasing legislation, the over-
THrP following New Year Honours have been conferred                    lappinig whiclh inevitably follows from their separation becomes
upon medical men, in addition to those specifically awarded            steadily aggravated. A fundamental weakness lies in the fa.ct
for services in the field and in connexion withi the war,              that in none of the departmenits concerned is the conitrol
publislhed at pp. 30-32. On behalf of the medical profession           vested in a minister appoinited primarily to deal witlh lhealth
we offer congratulationis to all those of our numnber whlose           problems.
                                                                          From this division of interest an(d responsibility depart-
distinguished services have thus been recognized:                      mental diffictulties ar e apt to arise; policy in regard to imlatters
                           G.C.V.O.                                    pertainiing to health tends to become subject to considerations
                                                                       of departmental jurisdiction; and the essential interest of
  Sir Bertrand Dawson, K.C.V.O., C.B., M.D., Physician ii              health questions is liable-to be obscured. Unider the restric-
Ordinary to HiM.-. The King, Physiciall London Hospital.               tions of the presenlt system it has been imipossible to evolve
                            K.C.V.O.                                   concerted meanls for dealinIg witlh tlhe complex and ever
  Lieut.-Colonel Hlugh Maliinson R.igby, R.A.NI.C., F.R.C.S.,          widenitog problems of nationial lhealth. Not uintil these re-
                                                                       strictions are renmoved wvill it be possible to attain effective and
Surgeon. to H.Ml. The Kingl's Houiehold anld to H..M. Queen            adlequate machinerv.
Alexandra's Household, Surgeoni London Hospital.                           WVhat is required is the creationi of a. ml-inistry which slhall
                             M.V.O.                                     coneerni itself with health matters pure and(I simple, andl to
  Staff Su'rgeon Louis Greig, R.N., M.B., Ch.B.                         wlhose jnrisdictioln shall be -tran-sferre(d from other departments
                                                                        thie operations of all'existingd Cnlactmlenits in so far as they deal
                              K.C.B.                                    with health. This opens up alnother aspect of the question,
  Sir George Newman, M.D., Principal Medical Officer to tlle            namely, the imumense. extent of the issuies inivolved. Existing
Board of EdLucation.                                                    Acts deal only with sectionis and fragments of the subject.
                         KNIGHTHOOD.                                    A. multitude of cond(litions affecting health are niot inelnLde(l in
  Dr. Barclay J. Baron, Consulticr Physician for Dii3eases of           the pulrview of the Acts, and lhave hitherto beeni left untouched.
the T'hroat anid 'Nose, Biristol (eneral Hospital *.ex;P:tresid1(>nt       Thc Miniister 6f Health must lhanidle the wlhole problem. Ile
o, the Bath and B3ristbl -Branch of the B1ritish Medical                must be concernedinot only with questionis already dealt wvith
 Association.                                                           l)y the Legislature, suchi as itnfectious diseases, infanlt welfare,

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