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					Vol 11, No 1   August, 1982
                                         Published by Unlvers~tyRelat~ons Sangamon State Un~vers~tySpr~ngf~eld, 62708

                                                                                     Admissions off ice

Ayers named                                                                          at Capital Campus
associate                                                                              The Sangamon State University
                                                                                    Office of Admissions and Records
dean                                                                                has established office hours a t the
                                                                                    University's Capital Campus, the
                                                                                    Leland Hotel at Sixth Street and Ca-
                                                                                    pitol Avenue in Springfield. An
    Michael Ayers, associate profes-                                                admissions officer from SSU will be
sor of economics at Sangamon State                                                  at the office to answer questions
University, has been ;amed asso-                                                    and provide information four days
ciate dean of the University's Or-                                                  each week.
ganization and Management Stu-                                                         The new office will operate be-
dies Cluster effective July 1. Ayers,                                               tween 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on
who joined theSSU faculty in 1971,                                                  Mondays and Thursdays, and be-
replaces Clarence Danhof, profes-                                                   tween 3 and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays
sor of political economy, who has                                                   and Wednesdays.
retired.                                                                               Applications for admission and
    Ayers, 40, holds the bachelor's                                                 financial assistance, class schedules
degree in business from Midwest-                                                    and general information about SSU
ern University in Wichita Falls, Tex.,                                              will be available at the Capital
and the master's and Ph.D. degrees                                                  Campus office, Room 150 C.
                                         A yers
in economics from the University
of Oklahoma.                             ter for the Study of Middle-Size
                                         Cities), and has worked closely with
                                                                                     Fall registration
    His maior areas of interest in-
clude public policy toward busi-         the Vice President for Academic             begins Aug. 19
ness, public finance, urban studies      Affairs in program and staff devel-
(planning, economic development,         opment.                                       Fall Semester registration gets
local consumer affairs, utility regu-       Before coming to Sangamon               underway a t Sangamon State Uni-
lation and citizen action) and work-     State, Ayers was a statistical analyst     versity on Thursday, Aug. 19 and
place concerns (quality of working       with the Treasurer's Division of           continues on Friday, Aug. 20, Sat-
life, employment and unemploy-           Eastman Kodak Company in Ro-               urday, Aug. 21 and Monday, Aug.
ment and work motivation).               chester, N.Y., and was a research          23. Monday is also the first day of
    His research and publications        assistant with the Bureau of Busi-         the semester.
have dealt extensivelv with utilitv      ness Research at the University of            Registration will be held in Brook-
ratemaking and regulation, the           Oklahoma.                                  ens Concourse. Students are asked
economics of energy, the evolu-             This summer,Ayers worked with           to register alphabetically accord-
tion of economics and consumer           the Illinois Association of Commu-         ing to a schedule listed in the Fall
interests.                                                          s
                                         nity Action Agencies a project             Semester Course Schedule on
    In addition to his teaching, writ-   coordinator for "The Rural Com-            Thursday and Friday. However,
ing and research, Ayers has served       munity Assistance Program," help-          registration is open to anyone from
on the University Assembly (the          ing rural communities solve their          12 noon to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday,
University's governance body) and        water and waste water problems.            and during all registration hours
as chairman of the University's Per-        As associate dean of Organiza-          on Saturday and Monday.
sonnel Committee and Tenure              tion and Management Studies, Ay-              Registration is from 9 a.m. to
Decision Committee. He has also          ers will lead the faculties of the         6:3u p.m. every day except Saturday,
served as coordinator of the Labor       University's Accountancy, Business         when it closes at 2 p.m.
Studies Program, as acting director      Administration, Economics, Man-               For more information, call the
of the Center for Community and          agement and Labor Studies pro-             Office of Admissions and Records.
Regional Studies (formerly the Cen-      grams.                                     786-6626.
                                          "Beatlemania" hits SSU Auditorium
                                          in two performances Sept. 25

                                             "Beatlemania," referred to by        form 30 of the Beatles' lost popu-
                                          critics, theater buffs and audiovis-    lar songs live on stage.
                                          ual experts a "one of the most             To accomplish this retrospective
                                          ambitious theatrical audiovisual        look at the '60s, the show utilizes
Alley                                     productions to date," will be per-      the latest electronic audiovisual
                                          formed live on the stage of San-        equipment to break new ground in
Alley appointed                           gamon State University's Auditori-
                                           um Saturday, Sept. 25, at 6 and 9:30
                                                                                  the area of real and projected im-
                                                                                  ages, merging them to form an ex-
librarian at                               p.m.
                                             "Beatlemania" is a collage of
                                                                                  citing theatrical experience.
                                                                                     One man controls the entire
Brookens                                  '60s imagery projected in slides        show, carefully following the lyrics
                                                                                  of each song and cuing the visual
                                          and film clips and centering around
    Brian Alley, assistant director of    the musicof the Beatles. It captures    program, which has nearly 4,000
libraries at Miami (Ohio) Universi-       the excitement, the beauty and the      specific lyric cues.
ty, has been appointed librarian of       hysteria of the '60s, while correlat-      Tickets for the two performan-
Sangamon State University's Norris        ing the evolution of the Beatles'       ces are now on sale at the SSU
L. Brookens Library. He began his         music with the culture and histori-     Ticket Office, 217/786-6160. Prices
duties July 1.                            cal events of the decade.               range from $10 for orchestra/loge
    Alley, 49, holds the bachelor's          The sophisticated video presen-      to $9 for mezzanine to $7 for bal-
degree in art history from Colby          tation, which made its Broadway         cony. SSU students may receive a
College (Maine) and the master's          debut in 1978, revolves around four     50 percent discount.
degree in library science from Flor-      accomplished musicians who per-
ida State University. He is also certi-
fied by the University of Maryland's
Library Administrators Program.
    Alley had served in the libraries
of Miami Universitysince 1968, first
a undergraduate librarian, then a     s
assistant director for technical ser-
vices and finally a assistant direc-
tor of libraries. He has also worked
in the libraries at Elmira College
(New York) and Portland StateCol-
lege (Oregon).
    His research and writings have
dealt mainly with the areas of li-
brary acquisitions, bidding, con-
tracts and library budgeting. Alley
is the editor of Technicalities, the
nationally recognized periodical for
librarians. He formerly edited and
published The Inter-University Li-
brary Council Technical Services
Newsletter for academic librarians
in Ohio.
    At Sangamon State, he will be         Tom Mack, holder of several Central     Robert Hanie (left), director of the
responsible for a library containing      Illinois McDonald's restaurant fran-    program; Barb Dickerman, chairman
more than 250,000 volumes, 3,000          chises, was honored by the organizers   of the community advisory committee
periodical subscriptions, 75,000gov-      of the 1982 Youth Honors Program for    for YHP; and Leroylordan, dctingdean
ernment publications and a large          his role in making this year's YHP a    of Innovative and Experimental Stu-
selection of non-print materials.         success. Mack received a plaque from    dies.
leads series
The world-renowned ChicagoSym-
phony Orchestra will lead off San-
gamon State University's 1982 Fall
Performing Arts Series with a con-
cert in the Auditorium of the Pub-
lic Affairs Center Saturday, Sept.
18. The Symphony's performance
is the first of five outstanding en-
tertainment events to be present-
ed during SSU's fall season.
    Other series events include Gil-
bert and Sullivan's musical, "Pirates
of Penzance," Oct. 2; the Pacific
Northwest Ballet Company, Oct.
16 and 17; Broadway's smash hit
musical "Tintypes," Nov. 6; and
the wizardry of flamenco guitarist
Carlos Montoya, Nov. 20.
    Season tickets are now available
to new subscribers. Prices range
from $53 for orchestra/loge to $49
for mezzanine to $39 for balcony,
representing up to 24 percent sav-
ings over the price of individual
tickets for the events.
    The Chicago Symphony, under
the direction of Georg Solti, with
conductor Reynald Giovaninetti,
will present a program featuring
Carl von Weber's "Invitation to the
Dance," Franz JosephHaydn's "Sym-
phony No. 85,"and Hector Berlioz'
"Symphonie Fantastique." The con-
cert begins at 8:15 p.m.
    "Pirates of Penzance" will be        R.F. Eschenfelot of Springfield concen-     ville's first Artists Day - art show and
presented twice on Oct. 2, at 2 and      trates on his oil painting of a barnyard    sale on Sunday, Sept. 5. Gates open at
8:15 p.m. This production of the         scene while demonstrating his tech-         1Oa.m.Admission is free. Historic Clay-
traditional version showcases artists    nique at Sangamon State University's        ville is located 12 miles west of Spring-
from America's leading opera             Clayville Rural Life Center and Muse-       fieldon Illinois Route 125near Pleasant
houses, beautifully costumed,along       um. Artists from throughout Central         Plains.
with a full orchestra and chorus.        ll/inois will display their work at Clay-
    The Pacific Northwest Ballet will
give two performances of "Swan           "engaging, ingeniously staged slice         the world over. He has won inter-
Lake Act 11" and a mixed reper-          of Americana" in which five actors          national favor through his many
toire. A Saturday performance will       sing and dance their way through            recordings and his artistry has
be held at 8115p.m. and on Sunday        14scenes. Grouped around a given            "evoked hosannahs and ole's frorn
there will be a 2 p.m. matinee.          theme (arriving immigrants, facto-          audiences in virtually every out-
Debbie Hadley, formerly co-artis-        ry workers, vaudeville), each scene         post of the free world." He will
ticdirector of the Springfield Ballet    contains popular songs that date            give one concert at 8:15 p.m.
Company, will be traveling with          from the turn of the century. The              For a descriptive brochure on
the Pacific Northwest troupe and         play was nominated for two Tony             the fall season, contact the Public
will dance the role of the white         Awards.                                     Affairs Center Manager, Sanga-
swan at both performances.                  Carlos Montoya has become a              mon State University, Springfield,
      Tintypes," a t 8:15 p.m., i s an   living symbol of flamenco music             IL 62708, telephone 217/786-6150.
                                           Prime Minister lndira Gandhi's visit      list includes the Northrop F5G inter-
                                       to the United States gives President          mediate fighter, Howitzer, and an im-
                                       Reagan a window of opportunity to             proved version of TOW antitank mis-
                                       mend relations and provide a basis for        siles.
                                       mutual trust between the two leaders              President Reagan should permit
                                       of functioning democracies.                   these sales in order to give Mrs. Gandhi
                                           The President has reason for such a       a defense against her anti-American
                                       rapprochement.                                critics.
                                           Mrs. Gandhi's government seems to                President Reagan should frankly
commentary                             be moving away from a pro-Soviet for-
                                       eign policy t o stronger links with the
                                                                                     tell Mrs. Gandhi that the Soviet occu-
                                                                                     pation of Afghanistan and the situation
in Christian                           West. The most recent developments
                                       in the policy shift are: purchase of 40
                                                                                     in Poland are unacceptable to the
                                                                                     Americans. The US will continue to
Science                                Mirage 2000 jet fighters from France,
                                       new diplomatic initiatives in dealing
                                                                                     provide arms and support to the Afgh-
                                                                                     an guerrillas. The administration should
Monitor                                with Pakistan and China, winning a
                                       new friend by a visit to Saudi Arabia,
                                                                                     indicate that it would consider it a a
                                                                                     gesture of genuine friendship if the

                                       and an interest in American military          prime minister used her good offices
                                       equipment.                                    toward improving US-Soviet relations
                                           O n the economic front, Mrs. Gand-        by persuading the Russians to achieve
    The following article appeared      hi's administration has concluded that       a political settlement in Afghanistan.
in the "Opinion andcommentary"         economic growth lies in the private           This, in turn, would enhance the role
section of The Christian Science        sector, rather than a controlled central                                s
                                                                                     that Mrs. Gandhi seeks a an important
Monitor for )uly 28, 1982. It is re-    economy. She has lifted controls on          leader on the international scene.
printed here in its entirety.           imports, private sector expansion, li-              M r . Reagan should take this op-
                                        censing, plant capacity, and foreign in-     portunity to brief Mrs. Gandhi on the
                                        vestment.                                    Arab-Israeli war. She has a close rela-
Reagan should woo Mrs. Gandhi
                                            These policy shifts are important        tionship with PLO leader Yasser Arafat
                                        signals to the Reagan administration,        and other Arab leaders. These ties
by Ashim K. Basu
                                        an indication that Mrs. Gandhi i s wil-      could be utilized by the US in formulat-
                                        ling to start a new chapter in India-US      ing a new policy for the Middle East.
                                        relations. The administration should         lndian troops could be used in the
                                        follow through with these steps:             multinational force in Lebanon. lndia
                                              US foreign policy strategists have     has experience in international peace-
                                        regarded lndia with benign neglect in        keeping efforts since its troops partici-
                                        spite of its dominant role in South Asia     pated in the International Control
                                        and the Gulf region. The Reagan ad-          Commission in Laos in 1961.
                                        ministration can improve relations at              India is interested in attracting in-
                                        little cost by courting lndia o n regional   vestments from the US. Mrs. Gandhi i s
                                        and global issues. This means consult-       taking steps to liberalize the economy
                                        ing with and informing lndia about US        and trade policies. India's impressive
                                        interests in the region, recognizing         scientific manpower coupled with a
                                        and accepting India's role a an inde-        diversified industrial infrastructure pro-
                                        pendent world power, promoting In-           vide opportunities for American busi-
                                        dia a a model of democratic society to       nessmen to invest in India. The ex-
                                        communists and authoritarian coun-           panding Indian market can offeroutlets
                                        tries, and catering to India's national      for American equipment and consu-
                                        pride.                                       mer goods.
                                               The US should encourage Mrs.              Already big US companies such a       s
                                        Gandhi's attempt to reach out to Pakis-      Dow Chemical Company, Revlon Inc.,
                                        tan and China. President Reagan might        Xerox Corporation, and DuPont are
                                        propose hosting a summit meeting be-         showing keen interest in investing in
                                        tween Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq          India. The Reagan administration should
                                        and Mrs. Gandhi to sign an India-Pakis-       be pleased with India's economic poli-
                                        tan nonaggression pact. A similar type       cies and publicly give credit to Mrs.
                                        of meeting was hosted by the Russians        Gandhi for her efforts.
                                         in Tashkent after the 1965 Indo-Pakis-          There is no real problem between
                                        tan war. A summit meeting under the           lndia and the US except for poor com-
                                         auspices of the President would dispel       munication and, consequently, mutual
                                         lndian perceptions that the Reagan           misperceptions. Given the President's
                                         administration is particularly hostile to    proven communication skills with the
                                         India.                                      American public and world leaders alike,
                                               Indians view the US sale of F-16       he can do much to dispel this wall of
                                         and other military equipment to Pakis-       misperceptions which separates the
                                         tan a a threat to India's security and       American and lndian peoples.
                                         national interests. However, New Del-
                                         hi has failed to dissuade Washington           Ashim K. Basu, an American citizen
                                         from selling the military hardware. So      o f lndian birth, is assistant professor
                                         instead lndia showed interest in buy-       specializing i n South Asia at Sangamon
                                         ing American military equipment. The                                           1.
                                                                                     State University i n Springfield, 11
Soccer season                                                                     1982 Schedule
begins with                                      Aug.      21      SSU Alumni                             Home       2 p.m.
arch rival                                       Aug.
                                                                   Blackpool, England
                                                                   Quincy College
                                                                                                                     2 p.m.
                                                                                                                     5:30 p.m.
                                                 Sept.      2      Taylorville vs. Blackpool, England     Away       7 p.m.
   Sangamon State University's 1982              Sept.      4      S.E. Missouri State University         Home       2 p.m.
soccer season begins at Quincy,                  Sept.      5      Bradley University                     Home       2 p.m.
where the Prairie Stars and Hawks                Sept.         8   McKendree College                      Home       7p.m.
will renew the intense rivalry which             Sept.    12       Illinois State University              Home       2 p.m.
has developed between the two                    Sept.    16       Avila College, Missouri                Away       3 p.m.
squads over the years. QC beat SSU               Sept.    19       Metro State College, Colorado          Home       2 p.m.
1-0 in an overtime match to begin                Sept.    22       University of Illinois                 Home       7 p.m.
last season and then came back to                Sept.    28       Harris Stowe College, Missouri         Home       7 p.m.
Springfield to down SSU 4-1 in the               Oct.      1       University of Missouri/Rolla           Away       8 p.m.
NAlA National Tournament.                        Oct.      2       Southwest Missouri State               Away       6 p.m.
   The home opener is Saturday,                  Oct.      6       Western Illinois University            Away       3:30 p.m.
Sept. 4, against Southeast Missouri              Oct.     10       University of Wisconsin/Madison        Home       2 p.m.
State University. The 2 p.m. match               Oct.     16       Bethel College, Minnesota              Away       2 p.m.
will be the first meeting ever be-               Oct.      17      St. John's University, Minnesota       Away       2 p.m.
tween SEMO and SSU.                              Oct.      20      Greenville College                     Home       7p.m.
   Eleven of the Stars' 21 regular               Oct.      22      Spring Arbor College, Michigan         Home       7 p.m.
season matches will be played a t                Oct.      24      Alderson-Broaddus College,
Kiwanis Field this year. As a warm-                                West Virginia                          Home       2p.m.
up for the season, SSU will host a               Oct.      27      Rockford College                       Away       2 p.m.
team of former Prairie Stars, in-                Oct.      30      Eastern Illinois University            Away       11 a.m.
cluding All-America sweeperback                  Oct.      31      Illinois State University              Away       2 p.m.
and former pro player Rick Wie-              -
gand, in the annual Alumni Game
at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21. The             The two squads will play a rematch             College(Colorado),SouthwestMis-
Blackpool Tower Lions, one the               at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2, at Tay-           souri State, the University of Wis-
best amateur teams in England, will          lorville.                                      consin, St. John's University (Min-
visit Springfield Sunday, Aug. 29,              New teams on the schedule this              nesota) and Bethel College (Min-
for a 2 p.m. match at Kiwanis Field.         season include SEMO, Metro State               nesota).

Former Prairie Stars goalie Nelson Fernandez instructs                 Youth Soccer Camps sponsored by SSU's Athletics Depart-
youngsters in the finer points of ball control at one of the           ment. Nearly 170 youths participated in the three sessions.
    campus                                                                                  PAC Auditorium
                                                                                            open to recitals
                                                                                               Sangamon State University's
                                                                                            Public Affairs Center Auditorium is
                                                                                            being made available at a special
                                                                                            rate to dance and music teachers
    Rassule Hadidi, assistant professor           Charles Strozier, associate pro-          and students for recitals.
    of mathematical systems and pub-           fessor of history, has written Lin-             According to Auditorium Man-
    lic affairs at Sangamon State Uni-         coln's Quest for Union. The book             ager John Dale Kennedy, the prim-
    versity, i s the co-author of "A           is a psychological study of Lincoln          ary reasons for the new recital ren-
    Quantitative Method for the Selec-         as he sought to heal a divided na-           tal policy are to make the Uni-
    tion of Hospital Information Sys-          tion.                                        versity's Steinway grand piano avail-
    tems Components," which appear-                Everson's book is currently on           able to students and to increase
    ed in the June issue of Computers          sale in SSU's bookstore; Strozier's          usage of the Auditorium during
    and Biomedical Research. The pa-           is on order and expected to arrive           periods when events are not sche-
    per was written in conjunction with        within the next eight weeks. Strozi-         duled.
    Michael S. Leonard of the Universi-        er's book is also available at the              A rate of $250 has been estab-
    ty of Missouri and W. Bradford             SSU Library.                                 lished to cover all expenses for us-
    Ashton of Battelle Northwest La-                                                        ers. However, this rateonly applies
    boratories.                                Frank Kopecky, director of SSU's             under specific conditions: attend-
                                               Center for Legal Studies, was ap-            ance i s limited to 100 and the au-
                                               pointed to the Child Abuse and               dience will be seated on the stage,
    Two Sangamon State faculty mem-            Violence Advisory Committee of               the piano will be tuned only once
    bers have recently published books.        Governor Thompson's Task Force               for each performance, and no ad-
    David Everson, professor of politi-        on Children and to the American              mission may be charged for attend-
    cal studies and public affairs and         Bar Association's JuvenileJusticeCom-        ing the recitals.
    director of the Legislative Studies        mittee. The task force is a biparti-
    Center, i s the author of Public           san panel of Illinois citizens who
    Opinion and Interest Croups i n            are to make recommendations to
    American Politics. A sequel to his         the governor on children's policy.           Outstanding SSU
    1980 book, American Political Par-
    ties, it outlines the current decline
                                               The Juvenile Justice Committee is
                                               in the process of completing work
                                                                                            students named
    of political parties and the resur-        on a uniform standard for juvenile
    gence of special interest groups.          justice.
                                                                                               Five Sangamon State University
                                                                                            students are among the country's
                                                                                            outstanding campus leaders selec-
                                                                                            ted for inclusion in the 1981-82edi-
                                                                                            tion of Who's Who Among Stu-
                                                                                            dents i n American Universities and
                                                                                               They are: Henry J. Berry, Rebec-
                                                                                            ca Blair, Barry Goff, Susan Werler
                                                                                            and john 0. Zehr.
                                                                                                Berry is a graduate student in the
                                                                                            Public Administration Program.
                                                                                            Blair received the master's degree
                                                                                            in literature in May and has been
                                                                                            accepted for doctoral studies a t
                                                                                             Indiana University.
                                                                                                Goff, also a 1982 graduate, re-
                                                                                            ceived the master's degree in Hu-
                                                                                            man Development Counseling.
                                                                                            While at SSU he was editor of Capi-
                                                                                            tal Commentary, a tabloid on state
                                                                                             government published by the Uni-
                                                                                            versity for distribution to Illinois
    Mike Lennon (center), publisher of         the book, wrote the introduction, and         high school civics classes.
    Illinois Issues and associate professor    edited one-half of the publication. He           Werler received the bachelor's
    of literature, was the guest of honor at   i s flanked by G. Cullom Davis (left),        degree in Creative Arts and Wom-
    a reception held to mark the publica-      vice president for academicaffairs, and       en's Studies and is continuing her
    tion of Norman Mailer's most recent        Gail L. Lutz, director of university rela-    studies in creative arts at Sangam-
    book, Pieces and Pontifications. Len-      tions.                                        on State. Zehr is a senior in the
6   non contributed four interviews for                                                      Management Program.
    Loan fund
    receives                                               Calendar of Events
    major gifts                                                    University Events
                                            New Faculty Orientation                      Aug. 16, 17; 9 a.m.-
                                            Sponsor: Vice President for Academic         3:30 p.m.; PAC B
       Sangamon State University's          CLEP Testing                                 Aug. 16, 18; 8:30 a.m.-
    Student Short-Term Emergency                                                         5 p.m.; L-58
    Loan Fund recently received a $1,000
                                            New Student Advising and Counseling          Aug. 18; 5-7 p.m.
    donation from the Henry Bunn
    Memorial Fund and the Chester B.         Sponsor: Advising and Counseling            PAC C
    Sikking Jr. Fund administered by        1982 Fall Semester Registration              Aug. 19, 20, 23; 9 a.m.-
    the Springfield Marine Bank.                                                         6:30 p.m.
       The Emergency Loan Fund aids                                                      Aug. 21; 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
    SSU students who find themselves                                                     Brookens Concourse
    in unexpected financial difficulties.   Foreign Student Advising and Counseling      Aug. 19; 1-3 p.m.
    The University's Student Senate has     Sponsor: Advising and Counseling             PAC C/D
    voted to make matching funds            Part-time Faculty Orientation                Aug. 19; 7:30-9 p.m.
    available from student activity fees.   Sponsor: Vice President for Academic         PAC B
       SSU President Alex Lacy said that    Affairs
    the Emergency Loan Fund i s "a
    very important fund in our Univer-      CPA Review Seminars                          Aug. 20, 27, Sept. 4;
    sity which permits us to respond to     Sponsor: Continuing Education                6:30-9 p.m.
    emergency needs of students and                                                      Aug. 21, 28, Sept. 5;
    help keep them in school until                                                       9 a.m.-4 p.m.; L-12
    they and their families can find        SSU Gamers Club                              Aug. 21, 28; 9 a.m.-
    long-range solutions to their prob-                                                  6 p.m.; E-2
    lems."                                  Muslim Organization Meeting                  Aug. 22; noon-3 p.m.
       The grants from the Bunn and                                                      L-12
    Sikking funds are "a major assist-
                                            Orientation for New Legal Studies Students   Aug. 24; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
    ance to our student body," said
                                                                                         PAC F
       Homer Butler, SSU dean of stu-       Noontime Entertainment                       Aug. 24, 31; 11:30 a.m.
    dent services, added, "We are high-     Sponsor: Student Activities                  1:30 p.m.
    ly appreciative of this grant and the                                                PAC Terrace & Cafeteria
    vote of confidence from the trus-       Certified Insurance Counselors               Aug. 26; 11:30 a.m.-
    tees."                                  Sponsor: Continuing Education and            1:30 p.m.
        In order to be eligible for an      Illinois PIA                                 Aug. 27, 28; 8 a.m.-
    emergency loan, students must be                                                     5 p.m.; PAC C/D
    registered for at least a half-time     Student Film Series, "East of Eden"          Aug. 26, 27; 8-11 p.m.
    course load (six semester hours).        Sponsor: Student Activities                 Brookens Aud.
    First-term students may borrow up
    to $75 and other students may bor-      International Students Orientation           Aug. 27; 9 a.m.-noon
    row up to $125. Students may have        Sponsor: Learning Center                    PAC G
    only one loan outstanding at a          Probation Training (Basic I)                 Sept. 1, 2, 3; 8 a.m.-
    time, and loans must be repaid           Sponsor: Center for Legal Studies and       5 p.m.
    within one month.                        Continuing Education                        PAC A, €3, E
       From August, 1981, through June,
    1982, the University's Office of Fi-                          Non-University Events
    nancial Assistance processed emer-      Insurance Testing                         Aug. 28; 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
    gency loans in excess of $28,000.       Sponsor: Educational Testing Service      BRK. Aud., BRK. 333,
    Information about the emergency                                                   376, 477
    loan fund is available from the Of-     Springfield Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Aug. 28; 8a.m.-midnight
    fice of Financial Assistance, 786-                                                University Auditorium
                                            Springfield Symphony Orchestra            Aug. 29; 8 p.m.
                                            Performance                               University Auditorium
    Copy for the Sept. 7 issue of the
    SSU Journal must reach the Publi-
    cations Office, €3-57, no later than
    Aug. 27.                                                                                                        A
                                         secretary.                              for others. This minimal charge
                                             Pasarelli and Yavuz Gonulsen        covers only the cost of the vaccine
                                         are newly elected members of the        and syringes.
Spencer again                            12-member board. Other board
                                         members are Walter Hill, Tom
                                                                                    The U.S. Public Health Service
                                                                                 has determined that strains of in-
heads Friends                            Grayson, Lynn Neff, G. Joseph Ni-
                                         coud, Alan Rubenstein, and Bill
                                                                                 fluenza virus recommended for
                                                                                 vaccine use for the 1982-83 season
of Prairie Stars                         Taylor, jr.
                                            The Friends of the Prairie Stars
                                                                                 will be A/Brazii, A/Bangkok and
                                         support intercollegiate sports at          Annual vaccination is an impor-
                                         Sangamon State primarily through        tant way of preventing influenza
                                         scholarship programs. But their aid     and is especially recommended for
   Robert Spencer, business ad-          also goes toward providing sup-         persons who have chronic health
ministrator of the Andrew McFar-         plies, equipment and facilities; gen-   problemssuch as heart, pulmonary
land Mental Health Center, has           erating public support for SSU          and kidney diseases, diabetes and
been elected general chairman of         sports; and assisting in the expan-     anemia; older persons, especially
the Friends of the Prairie Stars, a      sion of intercollegiate athletics at    those over 65; and persons who
community-based tax-exempt char-         the University.                         provide community services and
itableorganization working to sup-                                               are therefore at increased risk of
port intercollegiate athletics at San-                                           exposure.
gamon State University. This is                                                     Vaccinations are NOT recom-
Spencer's second consecutive one-                                                mended for persons who have al-
year term as chairman of the Friends.
   Other new officers include Karl
                                         Flu shots                               lergic reactions to chickens, eggs
                                                                                 or chicken feathers. Children under
Schaefer, an agent in the Spring-
field office of the Federal Bureau
                                         available now                           six, pregnant women and anyone
                                                                                 who has received another type of
of Investigation, first vice chairman;                                           vaccine within 14 days should con-
Harold Christofilakos, president of         Influenza vaccinations are now       sult a physician before receiving
AMCO Fence and owner of the              available for all Sangamon State        flu inoculations. Flu shots should
Grecian Village restaurant, second       students, employees and their            not be taken within 72 hours be-
vice chairman; Ed Eck, a Spring-         spouses in the University's Health      fore giving blood.
field accountant, treasurer; and         Service Office, C-139, during regu-         For further information contact
Ralph Pasarelli, vice president of       lar office hours. Cost of the vacci-     University Nurse Lynne Price at
the Sangamon Bank and Trust Co.,         nation is $3.50 for students and $4     786-6676.

Sangamon State University                                                                            N o n p r o f ~ rOrg.
            Illlnois (52708
                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                     Springf~eld, I 11.
                                                                                                    Permit No.        703
Vol. 11, No. 2   September, 1982           Published by University Relations
                                                                                      rnal    Jniversity
                                                                               Sangamon State I            Springfield, I L 62708

New SSU faculty appointments
begin Fall Semester
   Fifteen new faculty members              chairman of the department of                   completed doctoral studies and re-
have been added to the faculty a t          business a t Winston-Salem State                search in linguistics and educational
Sangamon State University, bring-           University, North Carolina, and was             theory at the Massachusetts Insti-
ing the total number of full-time           previously an associate professor a t           tute of Technology and Harvard
faculty to 170. Fall Semester classes       the University of Houston.                      University, and was awarded a Juris
began Aug. 23.                                 Formerly an associate professor              Doctor degree from the National
   Economic development interests           of finance at Eastern Illinois Uni-             Law Center at George Washington
in Springfield and Central Illinois         versity, Sally J oWright joins SSU as           University in Washington, D.C.
will be strengthened by the addi-           an associate professor of business                 A new associate professor o f
tion of Ronald F. Reimer, who joins         administration. She was previously              public administration at SSU, Fred
SSU as professor of business ad-            an assistant professor of finance a t           W. Becker, Jr. previously served as
ministration. Reimer is a senior-           the University of Texas and an as-              chief of staff operations for the Ok-
level general executive with suc-           sistant professor of economics at               lahoma Department of Mental
cessful profit and loss experience          the University of Wisconsin-Eau                 Health in Oklahoma City. Becker
in manufacturing industries.                Claire. Wright completed the Ph.D.              completed a Ph.D. in political
   Since 1976, Reimer has been              and a bachelor's degree in eco-                 science, specializing in public ad-
president and chief operating of-           nomics at Southern Illinois Univer-             ministration and public policy anal-
ficer of Standard Locknut & Lock-           sity.                                           ysis. He also earned a master's de-
washer, Inc., of Carmel, Ind. He               SSU's new associate professor in             gree in public administration, a
was previously an associate profes-         social justice professions and the              master's degree in economics, and
sor a t the University of Texas and a       Center for Legal Studies i s Martin             a bachelor's degree in business
staff member of the corporate sys-          B. Miller, most recently an assistant           administration - all a t the Univer-
tems management of Avco Corpo-              professor for the criminal justice              sity of Oklahoma.
ration. He earned a doctorate in            program at the State University of                 A practicing attorney-at-law and
business administration from Indi-          New York in Utica. Miller, who has              former regional director for the
ana University, specializing in man-        been involved in criminal justice               American Arbitration Association
agement,quantitative methods,and            studies for more than 10 years,                 in Chicago, Anne L. Draznin joins
transportation. Reimer also holds           completed a doctorate on the sub-               SSU as associate professor of legal
master of business administration           ject at the University of California            studies. Draznin was also associat-
and bachelor of science degrees             at Berkeley.                                    ed with the legal services group of
from Northeastern University in                Carolyn W. Marsh has joined                  the American Bar Association for
Massachusetts.                              the SSU faculty as an associate pro-            four years, and earned the Juris
   This fall SSU will be launching a        fessor of legal studies and women's             Doctor degree from the University
master's degree in Accountancy.             studies. She has been an assistant              of Illinois at Champaign.
Important to the development of             professor at Pacific Lutheran Uni-                 SSU's new associate professor of
this new program is the addition of         versity in Tacoma, Wash., and a t               nursing IS Alison L. Blasdell, who
Donald R. Escarraz as professor of          the University of Nebraska. Marsh                (Continued on page 8)
management and economics. He
earned the Ph.D. in economics a t
Oklahoma State University, a mas-
ter of business administration de-           A convocation at which President Lacy will address "The State of The
gree in accountingfrom the u n i -         University" will be held Monday, Sept. 20, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in the
versity f ~ i s c o n s i and a bachelor
         o                n,               Public Affairs Center Auditorium. All faculty, staff, and students are cordially
of science degree in accounting            invitedtoattend-
from the University of Tampa. Es-
 carraz has been a professor and
                                             Camp named associate dean of
                                             ~ r tand Sciences

    Dispute center
    SSU survey
       A dispute resolution center to
    serve the Springfield area is on the
    drawing board after a survey com-
    pleted in June by Sangamon State
    University's Center for Legal Stu-
    dies found strong support among          Dennis Camp
    local professionals. Nancy Ford, as-
    sistant professor of legal studies           Dennis D. Camp, professor of lit-   years and were co-curators of the
    and survey director, reported that        erature and charter member of the      Lindsay Home for three years.
    86 percent of those responding be-        Sangamon State University fac-            i n 1979, Camp also planned and
    lieve a center to resolve minor dis-      ulty, has been appointed Associate     directed the Vachel Lindsay Cen-
    putes is needed in Springfield.           Dean of Arts and Sciences at the       tenary Festival with the support of
       A cross-section of professionals       University.                            the Illinois Humanities Council and
    in the community was surveyed,               He will be responsible for ad-      the Illinois Arts Council.
    primarily by mail. Returns were re-       ministering instruction and research      At Sangamon State, Camp di-
    ceived from a total of 113, includ-       in the Arts and Sciences Cluster.      rected the University's 1981 North
    ing attorneys, judges, city govern-       One of seven academic units, the       Central Association accreditation
    ment officials, police, clergy, teach-   cluster encompasses seven degree-       review. For two years he held the
    ers, counselors, university person-       granting programs, the Philosophy      position of convener of the Litera-
    nel officers, civic leaders and social    and Human Values Sequence and          ture Program.
    service administrators.                  the Learning Center.                       Camp received the Ph.D. from
       Half or more of the respondents           "Dennis Camp is a distinguished     the University of Wisconsin, the
    believe a dispute resolution center      faculty member who has ably served      M.A. from Rutgers University and
    is particularly appropriate for cases    the University in many capacities,"     the B.A. from Hope College. Be-
    involving disputes between neigh-        said Cullom Davis, SSU's VPAA.          fore coming to SSU, he taught at
    bors, landlords and tenants, con-        "He is a dedicated teacher, scholar     Hope College; the University of
    sumer issues and minor civil com-        of poet Vachel Lindsay, and a re-       Wisconsin-Rock County Campus,
    plaints. A majority believe the cen-     sourceful colleague. We are fortu-      where he chaired the English De-
    ter should be staffed by profes-         nate to have as an associate dean       partment and was named "Out-
    sional mediators or arbitrators who      someone of his dedication and           standing Teacher On-Campus" by
    would volunteer their time. The          ability."                               students; and Wisconsin State Uni-
    center should serve all people, most         Camp has published several es-      versity-Whitewater. Camp replaces
    felt, without regard to income, and      says on Lindsay and has compiled a      Judith Everson, who has moved in-
    fees should be charged on asliding       complete edition of Lindsay's poems     to the office of the Vice-President
     basis according to income.              and drawings called The Poetry o f      for Academic affairs as a faculty as-
       A majority felt the center should     Vachel Lindsay with Original Illus-     sociate. Everson's new duties in-
    not be attached to any existing or-      trations. The book will be pub-         clude review of academic programs,
    ganization and favored creation of       lished in 1983 by the Spoon River       preparation of internal and exter-
    a non-profit corporation. Most fa-       Poetry Press. Camp and his wife.        nal reporting documents, resource
    vored a downtown location for the        Trula, have been active in the Va-      planning, and faculty development.
2   center.                                  chel Lindsay Association for 10
President Lacy                            New Prairie Stars tennis coaches
testifies before                          announced by Gonulsen
Housecommittee                                Sangamon State University Ath-       Centre.
                                           letic Director Aydin Gonulsen has           Ruuttila, a Springfield insurance
    In mid-August Sangamon State          announced the appointment of two         agent, graduated from Wheaton
University President Alex B. Lacy,        part-time coaches for the Universi-      College with a bachelor's degree
Jr.,gavetestimony beforethe House         ty's intercollegiate men's and wom-      i n physical education. H e has
Committee o n Education and La-           en's tennis teams. Kurt Sames and        coached college basketball, base-
bor Subcommittee o n Postsecon-           E. Whitey Ruuttila, both of Spring-      ball, and soccer at King's College in
dary Education, directing his state-      field, are the new men's and wom-        New York; basketball a t Spring-
ments to the recent controversv           en's coaches.                            field Junior High School; arid cross
concerning funding for National               Sames, a 1982 graduate of San-       country at Springfield High School.
Direct Student Loan programs.             gamon State, played for the Prairie          I n 1980, Ruuttila coached the
    Lacy testified that the NDSL pro-     Stars in 1981 and 1982. He was           Springfield High School girl's ten-
gram has been one of the federal           named to the National Association       nis team to a 14th place finish in the
"                 most successful stu-    of Intercollegiate Athletics Aca-        Girl's S!ate Championships. That
dent aid programr, allowing needy         demic All-America Tennis Team in         season his team compiled a 10-3
students at SSU and nationwide to         1982 for maintaining a 3.27 grade        dual meet record, placed second
obtain college educations when            point average (on a 4.0scale) while      in the Big 12 Conference, tied for
they h w e n o other possible means       majoring in economics.                   first in the District Championships
of fin,lncial assi5tance.                     Sames played No. 2 singles for       and won the MacArthur Invitational
    L,jcy testified that the results of   the Prairie Stars and was ranked as      Tournament in Decatur.
the NDSL program have been im-             high as 33rd among individual play-         For the past six years he has
pressive, as needy students have          ers in the NAlA during the 1982          coached and developed his d'lugh-
been provided w ~ t h o l ~ d  educa-     season. H e has been a tennis in-        ter, Kim, a highly regarded ama-
tions, and are now. In most cases,        structor at both the Washington          teur now pl'lying tennis at the Uni-
making significant contributions to        Park Tennis Center and the Spring-      versity of Iowa.
our society and to its economy.           field Racquet Club and Fitness
    Lacy urged thesubcommittee to
reiterate the continuing Congres-         Chrans named Director of Purchasing
sional intent for the NDSL pro-
gram, testifying that the vast major-
ity of students have paid their loans
o n time and have been responsible
i n every way. H e stated that the
NDSL program, in its original con-
ception, has been very succe~sful
at SSU arid shows everv indication
of continuing its success.
    Lacy ended his testimony by urg-
ing the Subcommittee to request
the Education Secretarv t o delav
implementing his decision for one
year, and to convene a task force of
rsresidents from institutions with
high student default rates, with the
mdndate to come u p with alterna-
tives over the next 90 days, for a
new policy that could be imple-
mented during this next year.
    The NDSL program at SSU will
continue to operate, regardless of
the decisions being made in Wash-
ington, because the funds utilized
at the University are taken from a        Steve Chrans
pool consisting of money from the            Stephen R. Chrans has been            areas. Before that hespent six years
federal government and money              named Director of Purchasing for         as sales manager for Biscayne Fire
collected through repayment of            Business and Administrative Ser-         Equipment Company in Miami, Fla.
past loans.                               vices at Sangamon State University,         A Springfield native, Chrans
    Last year, nedrly 100 SSU stu-        effective July 16.                       served i n Vietnam with the U.S.
dents received NDSL assistance,              Chrans formerly was a buyer for       Army. He completed degrees at
averaging $500 per loan. An equal         the Department of Administrative         Lincoln Land Community College
number of students are expected           Services, State of Illinois, responsi-   and Florida International Universi-
t o benefit from the NDSL program         ble for coordinating statewide pur-      ty in Miami, and has studied at SSC!.
                                          chasing contracts in a variety of
                                             continue to conduct the Sangam-
                                             on State Administrators' Round
                                             Table, which he was instrumental
                                                                                      Star Parties to
                                             in creating in 1976, and will con-       start in Sept.
                                             tinue to consult with faculty and to
                                             advise students.                             The Star Parties a t Sangamon
                                                  Anderson also taught at the Uni-     State University's Observatory will
                                             versity of Wisconsin - Stout, the         be held this fall from 8 to 10 p.m.
                                             University of Oklahoma, Universi-         each Friday from Sept. 10 through
                                             ty of Chicago, and Eastern Illinois       Nov. 19.
                                             and Northwestern universities. He            The Observatory's three tele-
                                             was with the office of Inter-Ameri-      scopes will be focused on the Ring
                                             can Affairs in Peru for two years         Nebula in Lyra, the Andromeda Gal-
    Faculty, staff                           and headed the UNESCO Techni-
                                             cal Assistance Mission in the Phi-
                                                                                      axy and the moon. In addition, this
                                                                                      year's presentation has been ex-
    retirees                                 lippines for one year. He has wide       panded to include a video tape of
                                             experience as a teacher/adminis-
    announced                                trator in Illinois' public schools.
                                                                                      timelapse photogrdphs of the sun's
                                                                                      surface, a video tape of the july 6
                                                  Wilbur Moulton. director of bud-    lunar eclipse and a slide/tape show
        Five SSU faculty and staff em-       get and planning and professor of        on Saturn.
    ployees -Clarence Danhof, Robert         chemistry, has begun full-timestudy          Observatory director Charles
    Zeller, Stuart Anderson, Wilbur          at the University of Illinois towards    Schweighauser, who is the host for
    Moulton, and Betty Sorling - have        a Ph.D. in business administration.      the free, public Star Parties, will
    retired from their duties with the       He plans to return to the classroom      begin each session a t 8 p.m. with an
    University to pursue personal in-        as a teacher of strategic manage-        Astro Talk on the stairway which
    terests.                                 ment and policy. Moulton came to         leads to the Observatory on the
        Clarence Danhof has left his work    SSU in 1972. Prior to that he served     southeast corner of SSU'S Norris L
    as associate dean of organization        in various capacities - including        Brookens Library.
    and management studies and pro-          dean of students - at Southern               Assisted by Schweighauser and
    fessor of political economy at SSU.       Illinois University-Carbondale.         SSU students, visitors will then view
    He will be doing extensive research           Betty Sorling, executive secre-     objects through the Observatory's
    and writing for a book concerned         tary-secretary to the University, is     telescopes.
    with the promotion and control of        moving to Florida to pursue per-             The Ring Nebula in the Lyra
    technological change, an outgrowth       sonal activities. She has been with      Constellation is one of the explod-
    of work he began with The Brook-         SSU since its inception, serving as      ingstars ofthesky. In addition to its
    ings lnstitution and George Wash-        executive secretary to the president     vivid colors, it somewhat resem-
    ington University.                       and assistant secretary of the SSU       bles a smoke ring. The star first ex-
        Danhof has also been on the fa-      Foundation.                              ploded several thousand years ago.
    culties of Lehigh, Princeton, Tu-                                                 "A magnificcent sight through a
    lane, American, George Washing-
    ton, and JohnsHopkins universiries.
                                             Gubernatorial                            telescope," Schweighauser said,
                                                                                      "and mavbe what the sun will look
    He has served a editor of Survey o f
    Current Business, U.S. Department
                                             debates live                             like some five billion vears from
    of Commerce; a director of the
                       s                     on WSSR                                  Some 2.2 million light years away,
    Office of Defense History, U.S. Bu-                                               the Andromeda Galaxy is some-
    reau of the Budget; and as a senior         Live transmission of debates be-      what larger than our own Milky
    fellow with Brookings lnstitution        tween Gov. James R. Thompson             Way. Andromeda, containing sev-
    and George Washington University.        and gubernatorial candidate Adlai        eral hundred billion stars, is the
        Robert Zeller, associate dean of     E. Stevenson I l l i s being broadcast   closest spiral galaxy to the Milky
     health science professions and pro-     in Central Illinois by WSSR 92FM.        Wav.
    fessor of human development coun-           The first of four debates, spon-          The video-taped, time-lapse
    seling, has left SSU after 11 years of   sored by the Illinois League of          photographic presentations were
    teaching, coordinating, and academ-      Women Voters, took place Aug. 30         produced by Ray Schroeder, as-
     ic planning. He will be returning to    in Peoria.                               sistant professor of communication
    campus in a consulting capacity in          The second debate is scheduled        a t Sangamon State. The tape of the
    the near future, and plans eventu-       for live broadcast from the Chica-       sun shows sun spots, dark spots on
     ally to move to Florida to live and     go area at noon on Friday, Sept. 10.     the sun's surface. and flares and
    work. Zeller previously taught at           The third debate is scheduled         prominences, hugh ejections o f
     DePaul, Southern Illinois, Millikin,    for 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 5, in     gas sometimes shooting out from
     and Bradley universities and at         Carbondale. It will either be broad-     the surface 50,000 miles. The tape
     Shurtleff College.                      cast live a t that time, or taped for    of the lunar eclipse was produced
        Stuart Anderson, professor of        broadcast at noon on Wednesday,          during the total eclipse on July 6.
    educational administration, who          Oct. 6.                                      Star Party visitors may call the
    was responsible for establishing            The fourth debate is scheduled        Sangamon State operator 786-6600,
     SSU'sTeacher Preparation Program        for live broadcast from the Chica-       beginning a t 7 p.m. each Friday, to
     in the early 1970s, has retired after   go area at noon on Saturday, Oct.        determine if weather conditions
4    12years with theuniversity. HewiII      23.                                      will be favorable for viewing.
                                 Calendar of Events
                                              University Events

    Success Skills Series                                          Sept. 6 & 8; 5:30-
      Sponsor: Continuing Education                                7:30 p.m.; PAC E
    Film, "Alien"                                                  Sept. 9,lO; 8-11 p.m.
      Sponsor: Student Activities Committee                        Brookens Auditorium
    Illinois CPA Society Workshop                                  Sept. 10; 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
        Sponsor: Continuing Education                              PAC A and B
    National Project/Women in Higher                               Sept. 10; 1-5 p.m.
    Education                                                      PAC E
    Illinois CPA Foundation Workshop                               Sept. 13, 14; 8 a.m.-
       Sponsor: Continuing Education                               5 p.m.; PAC A and B
    Health Assessment for Community Nurses                         Sept. 6, 9, 23, 30
                                                                   1-4 p.m.; K-24
    Hypnotist-Comedian Tom Deluca                                  Sept. 15; 8-10 p.m.
     Sponsor: Student Activities Committee                         PAC G
    Building Service Managers Institute                            Sept. 16; noon-5 p.m.
                                                                   Sept. 17; 8 a.m.-noon
                                                                   PAC E
    Illinois Reading Council Workshop                              Sept. 18; 7.30a.m.-noon
        Sponsor: Continuing Education                              PAC C/D, G,A,B,E
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra                                     Sept. 18; 8:15 p.m.
                                                                   University Auditorium
    Chemical Magic Show                                            Sept. 23; 6-10 p.m.
     Sponsor: Chemistry Program                                    Brookens Auditorium
    Seminar on Negotiations EPA and Dept. of                       Sept. 24; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Personnel                                                      PAC A and B
      Sponsor: Continuing Education

    Beatlemania                                                    Sept. 25; 6 & 9:30 p.m.
                                                                   University Auditorium
    Probation Training                                             Sept. 29, 30; Oct. 1
      Sponsor: Center for Legal Studies and                        8 a.m.-5 p.m.
      Continuing Education                                         PAC A, B, E
    Conference of Vice-presidents                                  Sept. 30; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
     Sponsor: Business and Administrative                          PAC F
    Pirates of Penzance                                            Oct. 2; 2 & 8:15 p.m.
                                                                   University Auditorium
    Probation Training                                             Oct. 6,7,8; 8a.m.-5p.m.
      Sponsor: Center for Legal Studies and                        PAC A, B, E
      Continuing Education
                                           Non-University Events
    Insurance Testing                                              Sept. 11; 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Sponsor: Educational Testing Service                           BKN Aud., BKN 333,376,
    Arbitration Negotiations                                       Sept. 16; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Springfield Mass Transit District                              CC 100D
    Insurance Testing                                              Sept. 25; 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Sponsor: Educational Testing Service                           BKN Aud., BKN 333,376,
    Statewide Convention Bahai Faith                               Oct. 3; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                                   BKN Auditorium, PAC E
    Youth tennis                                                                          Collection of
    lessonssign-up                               Student Specials                         food for needy
    underway                                     at Cafeteria                             to begin
       The Sangamon State University                The Sangamon State University                         in
                                                                                               Beg~nning mid-September, San-
    Athletics and Recreation Office is           cafeteria, located o n the first level   gamon State University will serve
    offering beginner, intermediate,             of the Public Affairs Center, i s now      5
                                                                                          a a collection point for food to be
    and youth tennis lessons through             open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.,           taken to food pantries In the Spring-
    Sept. 30 at the Main Campus.                 Monday through Thursday, and             field area The project i s being
       Beginner sessions will be held at         from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. o n Friday.     coordinated byihe SSU Staff Senate
    5.30 p.m. o n Mondays and Wed-                  The cafeteria offers a hot entree          Food collected during Septem-
    nesdays or at 6.30 p.m. o n Tuesdays         section which includes meats, po-        ber will be taken t o the food pan-
    and Thursdays. Intermediate ses-             tatoes, vegetables, and soups. All       tries o n Thursddy, Sept 30 After
    sions will be held at 6:30 p.m.              entrees are served with a roll and       that, f o o d collected will be taken
    Mondays and Wednesdays or at                 butter. This section is open for         t o the pantrieson the last payddy ot
    10:30 a.m. or 5:30p.m. Tuesdays and          lunch f r o m 11 a.m. t o 2 p.m. daily   the month
    Thursdays. Youth sessions for ages           and for dinner from 4 until 6 p.m.,          Food may be donated at any
    seven t o l o w i l l be held at 9.30 a.m.   Monday through Thursday.                 time dnd should be left with the
    Tuesdays and Thursdays and for                  The grill section offers a selec-     following people at the collection
    ages 11 t o 14 at 1 p.m. Mondays and         tion of breakfast items, sandwiches,     points I~sted   below
    Wednesdays.                                  french tries, onion rings, and ice
       The one-hour lessons are taught           cream and is open daily from 8 a.m.         Brookens Library - Media Lab,
    by members of the Prairie Stdrs              until closing.                           Curt Neitzke
    women's tennis team.                            Salad, dessert, and beverage sec-        Brookens faculty offices - BRK
       A $10 fee is required for SSU             tions are also offered. Student Spe-     470
    students and activity card holders,          cials - including a hot entree and          McClelland House - Office of
    $20for community people, and $18             soup or tossed salad - are offered       Space Utilization, Carolyn Bardos
    for youths. All fees must be ac-             daily for $1.25. Student I D cards are      PAC 1st level - Burs'lr's Office,
    companied by an unopened can of              required t o receive this special dis-   Wally Wheeler
    balls. To register, contact the SSU          count.                                      PAC 4th level - Business and
    Athleticoffice (E-20), 217/786-6674.                                                  Administrative Services, Sue Dozier
                                                                                             PAC 5th level - University Rela-
                                                 Stars' Fernandez                         tions, Mary Hummel
    Plan for United                              injured
                                                                                             Buildings G, H, I, j - H-62, Sue
    Way    now                                      Casto Fernandez, a senior half-
                                                                                             Buildings A, B,C - Lobby switch-
                                                                                          board, Helen Lash
                                                 back for the Sangamon State Uni-
                                                                                             Building L, Cox House - L-109,
       The 1982 United Way campaign              versity Prairie Stars soccer team,
                                                                                          Pat Raymond
    at Sangamon State University will            has been sidelined as a result of
                                                                                             Buildings F, K -Admissions and
    get underway i n September and a             injuries sustained in an auto acci-
                                                                                          Records, Ruth Giachetto
    number of activities are being plan-         dent in Miami, Fla., his hometown.
    ned by this year's campus coordi-               Prairie Stars head coach Aydin
                                                                                             SSU food collections will be dis-
    nators, Ruth Giachetto and Lynne             Gonulsen said doctors in Miami
                                                                                          tributed by food pantries located
    Price.                                       may have t o operate t o repair lig-
                                                                                          at Christ Episcopal, Grace Lutheran,
       "We are looking forward t o ex-           ament damage in Fernandez' knee,
                                                                                          and Kumler Methodist churches.
    cellent cooperation from all mem-            but he expects Fernandez t o be
                                                                                          Food will be distributed among
    bers of the SSU community," said             ready to play in September, possi-
                                                                                          needy families w h o have been re-
    Giachetto, adding that the Univer-                ~
                                                 b l in time for the S e ~ tl2. game
                                                                                          ferred by a public
    sity - as well as its faculty, staff,        against Illinois State University.
    and students - receives a number                Gonulsen said, "I was counting
                                                                                             A brochure describing the food
    of services from United Way agen-            o n Casto to help stabilize the mid-
                                                                                          pantry program at SSU will be avail-
    cies.                                        field and set the tempo this season.
                                                                                          able o n campus soon.
       "The community does a lot for             If he decides t o redshirt this sea-
    Sangamon State," she said. "This is          son, we'll have t o look closely at
    a way of helping repay that sup-             the new people and may have t o          Copy for the Oct. 7 issue o f the SSU
    port."                                       move some players around. The            )ournal must reach the Publica-
       Details of the 1982 campaign will         decision o n whether he will play in     tions Office, B-57, n o later than
6   be announced later.                          1982 is his."                            Sept. 28.
Fred W. Becker, Jr., associate pro-     Jeanne-Marie Col, associate pro-         and recommended him for the
fessor of public administration at      fessor of public administration, pre-    competition, for which students
Sangamon State University, was          sented a paper o n "The Fall and         submitted papers o n the topic
guest speaker at the annual Office      Rise of Quasi-Governmental and           "What is one crucial need i n reha-
of the Secretary of State Fiscal Con-   Non-Governmental Organiz,~tions:         bilitation, possible solutions, and
ference, held Aug. 19 in Springfield.   The 1970s and the 1980s in Ugand,~"      your opinion of the'best solution'?"
Becker's speech concerned the gen-      at the 12th tri-annual Congress of       Eighteen finalists were chosen.
erdl trends of productivity in state    the lnternational Political Science      Stymets' paper will be submitted to
government. He also described cer-      Association in Rio de Janeiro in         the journal o f Applied Rehabilita-
tain University resources which         August. She also attended meet-          tion Counseling for possible publi-
might be used by state agencies to      ings of the Research Committees          cation.
aid in increasing productivity.         o n Legislative Studies, Conceptual
                                        Analysis, and Sex Roles and Polit-
                                        ics. ~ oserves as the newsletter ed-
                                                                                 N i n e o f the I2administrative trans-
                                        itor of the Research Committee o n
                                                                                 fers and promotions made in the
Alfred Arkley, associate professor      Sex Roles and Politics and will be
                                                                                 Springfield Public Schools for the
of management and public affairs,       managing the committee's joint
                                                                                 1982-83 school year earned the
spoke t o the Springfield Lions Club    research project o n women in pub-
                                                                                 M . A . i n educational administration
o n the topic "How To Run an Effec-     lic administration (1982-85). While
                                                                                 and/or the general administrative
tive Meeting" o n Aug. 17.              in Brazil, Col served as a consultant
                                                                                 certificate from SSU's Educational
                                        t o the International Communica-
                                                                                 Administration Program.
                                        tions Agency, meeting with jour-
                                                                                     The nine promotions included:
                                        nalists, researchers, and feminist
                          -      -                                               A. C. Rudin, lles assistant principal,
Stuart Anderson, recently retired       leaders in Rio and Recife.
                                                                                 promoted to McClernand principal;
professor of educational adminis-           Col also completed a two-month
                                                                                 Diane Rutledge, Jefferson assistant
tration at Sangamon State, is the au-   research project o n "The Role of
                                                                                  principal t o Marsh principal; and
t hor of Successful School Board        Women's Voluntary Organizations
                                                                                 Sharon Tadlock, Wilcox assistant
Meetings, a 78-page paperback           in the Redevelopment of Uganda,
                                                                                 principal t o Fairview principal.
                                        1982" for the U.S. Agency for In-
book published in June by the Illi-                                                  Cheryl Benner, sixth grade teach-
                                        ternational Development. While in
nois Association of School Boards.                                               er, Webster, to assistant principal
The book is designed t o assist Illi-   Uganda, she presented a week-long
                                                                                  at Wilcox; Clifford Hathaway, fourth
noisschool board members in plan-       seminar o n "Coordination of Field
                                                                                  grade teacher, Butler, t o assistant
                                        Administration" for 64 district-lev-
ning, conducting, recording, and                                                  principal at Iles; and Elizabeth Nel-
                                        el officials at Uganda's Institute for
evaluating their meetings.                                                       son, Project TARGET, Southeast, t o
                                        Public Administration.
                                                                                  assistant principal, Jefferson.

Six new principals in Illinois public   Robert Stymets, a student in SSU's
schools earned the M.A. in San-         Human Development Counseling
gamon StateUniversity's Education-      Program i n t h e rehabilitation
al Administration Program. They         counseling emphasis, has been
are: Terry 1. Phillips, Greenview       named third-place winner i n the
CUSD #200; Daniel Craddock, Gi-         1982 AMVETS Auxiliary - National
rard CUSD #3; Douglas A. Creason,       Rehabilitation Counseling Associ-
Rochester ClJSD #3-A; Charles Jack-     ation scholarship competition.
son, Donovan CUSD #3; Dennis J.            Stymets' adviser, Jack Genskow,
Smith, Franklin CUSD #I; Wil-
                            and         gave him the application materials
liam C.Bird Ill, Winchester CUSD
(NEW FACULTY Cont'd page 7)              gree in hospital administration from    countancy. A certified public ac-
                                         St. Louis University and a bache-       countant, she has taught at Lincoln
has served as a consultant and lec-      lor's degree from the College of St.    Land Community College and Eas-
turer in physiology. Blasdell com-       Thomas, Minn.                           tern Illinois University. Browning
pleted a Ph.D. in physiology and an          Susan M. Povse has joined SSU       earned master's and bachelor's de-
M.S. in nursing at the University of     as an assistant professor in nursing.   grees in business education at
Illinois Medical Center in Chicago.      She has most recently been a fac-       Eastern Illinois University.
    Yu-Hua Ting is a new assistant       ulty member at North Park Col-              Recently an instructor at Spring-
professor of mathematical systems        lege, and was previously with Rush      field College in Illinois, Gary A.
at SSU. He holds the Ph.D. in mathe-     Presbyterian St. Luke's Bowman          Lasby comes to SSU as an assistant
matics from JohnsHopkins Univer-         Center. Povse completed a mas-          professor of mathematical systems.
sity in Baltimore, Md., and pre-         ter's degree in nursing at Loyola       He was previously a computer re-         ,
viously earned bachelor's and mas-       University of Chicago and a bache-      search assistant at the University of
ter's degrees in mathematics at the      lor's degree in nursing a t Northern    Illinois. Lasby earned Ph.D. and
National Taiwan University. Ting         Illinois University.                    M.S. degrees a t the University of
has also recently completed addi-            A new assistant professor of        Illinois, and the B.A. a t the State
tional master's-level study in both      health services administration at       University of New York at Buffalo.
computer science and statistics at       SSU is Michael S. Grobsmith, most           Miles D. Woken has joined the
the University of Rochester in New       recently chief of the division of       staff of the Learning Center as a
York.                                    hospitals and ambulatory health         faculty assistant-learning specialist
    A new assistant professor of         programs, Office of Health Regula-      in English as a second language.
health services administration at        tion,Springfield. Grobsmith earned      Woken has been with the linguis-
SSU is Frank S Sabor, who has been
               .                         a master's degree in health plan-       tics department of the University
executive vice-president and chief       ning at Johns Hopkins University        of Michigan at Ann Arbor where
operating officer of St. Therese         and a bachelor's degree in biology      he is pursuing a doctorate. He
 Hospital in Waukegan, Ill. He was       and psychology at New York Uni-         holds the M.A. in linguistics from
 previously assistant administrator      versity.                                Michigan State University and the
 of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belle-       Betty Jo Browning has been ap-      B.A. in German from California
 ville. Sabor earned a master's de-      pointed assistant professor of ac-      State University a t Hayward.

 Sangamon State University                                                                            Nonprofit Org.
 Spnngflelcl, llllno~s
                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                      Springfield, Ill.
                                                                                                      Permit No.    703
Vol. 11, No. 3   October, 1982            Published by Univers~tyRelations
                                                                             Sangamon State University   Springfield, IL 62708

President Lacy addresses state-of -the-University
     Sangamon State University Pres-       mandates and I even think that the              in this plan, enhance our reputa-
 ident Alex B. Lacy, Jr., in an address    mandates themselves can now be                 tion as an institute focusing on the
 to the University Community during       stated more clearly, succinctly,                great public affairs questions of
 a Convocation Sept. 20,called for a       precisely, than we currently have              our time.
 major revision of the University's        them stated in these basic docu-                   "It seems to me that the plan
 Master Plan and announced the             ments," he said.                               should also lead us into finding
 formation of a task force to con-           "We must marshal what we have                 new focus and spark for our man-
 duct a feasibility study of his pro-     and match that against our priori-              date to be Illinois' experimental
 posal to create a research center in     ties in a precise way," Lacy ex-                and innovative institution.
 public policy and administration         plained. "We will not be able to                    "Finally let us be known as an
 on the University campus.                afford waste in the future. We will             institution where the matter of a
     In his state-of-the-university ad-   have to allocate the scarce dollars             firm, stable world peace i s a pre-
 dress, Dr. Lacy characterized the        judiciously and only to the clear               dominant matter in all that we do.
 current status of the institution as     top priorities of the University.               This issue i s going to dwarf a l l oth-
 being stable and in good shape.             "For instance, let us continue to            ers for the remainder of our gener-
 "But," he said, "we have now             be known as a teaching institution              ation and the next generation. We
 reached the point where we have          where students come first. Let us,                             (continued on page 6)
 outgrown the current master plan.
     "We really have come a long
 way in the past 13 years," he said,
 "and we have a base to build on
 that is quite sound."
     The University Master Plan was
 formulated between 1969 and 1973
 and consists of eight to 10 docu-
 ments that are used to guide deci-
 sion making in the areas of aca-
 demic programming, campus devel-
 opment, and related support activi-
     "The Master Plan under which
 we've operated for these first 13
 years has obviously served us well,
 and I think we owe a great deal of
 credit to those people who wrote
 it," Lacy said. "The basic mandates
 still appear to me to be sound, and
 I would expect those mandates to
remain the basic mandates of the
institution. We now know, howev-
er, a good deal more about each o f
thes; mandates than we knew at            Ruth Ciachetto (1eft)andLynne Price willcoordinate the 1982 United Way Campaign
the end of the '60s and the begin%        at Sangamon State. The University hassurpasseditsgoalin each ofthepast four years
 ning of the '70s. I think we can now     andRuth and Lynne will beorganizinga campus-wide campaignaimedat surpassing
be much more precise as we make           the goal again this year. If you are calledupon to serve, consider helping in whatever
 plans for implementation of these        way you can.
                                                                                       "lllinois Elections"
    "Crossroads 82" examines future                                                    now available from
    of Illinois government                                                             lllinois Issues

                                                                                          The second, expanded edition
         "Crossroads 82," a two-day con-      Bill Miller, director of SSU's Public    of "lllinois Elections" is now avail-
    ference examining the issues con-         Affairs Reporting Program, will be       able from lllinois Ihwe5, Sangamon
    fronting Illinois in this year's elec-    the panel moderator.                     State University's monthly public
    tions and discussing the future of            Preceding the Thursday, Oct. 14,     affairs magazine.
    government and politics in the state,     session on "Regionalism: Its Effect         The 117-page book is the most
    will be held at Sangamon State            on lllinois Government and Polit-        complete examination of state elec-
    University Oct. 14 and 15.                ics" a play entitled "Chicago vs.        toral issues in print. The new edi-
         The conference, like its forerun-    Downstate" will be presented.            tion contains 30 articles by 15 au-
    ner "Crossroads 80," will bring to-       Based on the works of columnists         thors,covering topics such as voting
    gether students, academics, public        Mike Royko and James Krohe, Jr.,         patterns in lllinois and Chicago,
    officials, membersof the media,and        the one-man show will be per-            the decline of the party, presiden-
    citizens to discuss and debate the        formed by Kevin Purcell. Both the        tial nomination politics, dnd the
    future of lllinois government, ac-        public policy forum and the play         consolidation of elections.
    cording to David H. Everson, direc-       are free to the public.                     "lllinois Elections" contains full
    tor of SSU's Illinois Legislative Stu-        Co-sponsoring "Crossroads 82"        reports on congressional redistrict-
    dies Center, one of the sponsors of       are: Illinois Issues magazine, the       ing and legislative reapportionment,
    the event.                                University of Illinois Institute of      as well as commentary on the cut-
         The organizers have lined up an      Government and Public Affairs,           back amendment. Also included in
    impressive list of distinguished leg-     Governors State University's Insti-      the new edition are detailed maps,
    islators, government officials, and       tute for Public Policy and Adminis-      charts, and graphs supporting the
    political scientists for panels dis-      tration, the Central lllinois ASPA       material presented by the authors.
    cussing topics as varied as the 1982      Chapter, the lllinois State Universi-       For a copy of "Illinois Elections,"
     lllinois elections, future funding       ty School of Education, the Southern     send $8.95 (plus $1 for postage and
    for public education, legislative         Illinois University Graduate School,     handling) to lllinois Issues, K Build-
    oversight of the executive, and re-       the Northern lllinois University Cen-    ing, Sangamon State University,
    gionalism's effect on lllinois go-        ter for Governmental Studies, the        Springfield, IL 62708.
    vernment and politics. In all, 20         lllinois Legislative Council and the
    panels will explore various aspects       Springfield Educational Con-
    of state government and politics.         sortium.
         Additionally, Sen. Adlai E. Stev-
    enson Ill, Democratic candidate
                                                  Advance registration is required
                                              and the fee is $30. For information
                                                                                       Transfer Day
    for governor, will deliver one of         contact David H. Everson or Joan         set for October
    three addresses scheduled during          Parker at the lllinois Legislative
    the two days. Other speakers will         Studies Center, PAC 466, Sanga-
     be John D. Kramer, Secretary of          mon State University, Springfield, I L      Community college students
    Transportation for Illinois, and          62708. 217/786-6574.                     from across lllinois are being invit-
     Philip 1. Rock, president of the Illi-                                            ed to Sangamon State University
     nois Senate.
         WSSR 92FM, SSU's public radio
                                              WSSR covers                              Saturday, Oct. 16, for a day-long
                                                                                       festival a t the Springfield campus.
    station, will present live coverage
    of nine of the conference sessions,
                                              debates                                  "Transfer Day 1982 will be a day
                                                                                       packed with fun for the visiting
     including the addresses by Kramer           Sangamon State Unversity's pub-       students. It will also give them a
    and Stevenson.                            lic radio station, WSSR 92FM, con-       chance to talk with faculty, stu-
         As an unofficial kick-off to the     tinues coverage of the Thompson-         dents, and alumni about programs
    conference, the Illinois Legislative      Stevenson debates this month. The        offered at the University," said Dr.
    Studies Center will present a pub-        fourth debate from Chicago will be       L. F. Robinson, SSU director of
    lic policy forum dealing with the         broadcast live at noon on Saturday,      Admissions and Records.
    topic "New Taxes or More Cut-             Oct. 23.                                    The activities - which are free
    backs? Illinois' Policy Dilemma in           There are also tentative plans to     to visiting community college stu-
    the 1980s." The forum, to be held         cover the League of Women's Vo-          dents and their guests - begin at
    in the Brookens Auditorium at 8           ters forum for county and state le-      10 a.m. and include an academic
    p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 13, will fea-        gislative candidates, on Thursday,       fair, campus tours, refreshments,
    ture a panel consisting of Susan Ca-      Oct. 21, at 7 p.m.                       live music, and a soccer match
    tania, Republican state representa-          W S S R ~also cover the Findley-
                                                              II                       featuring Lincoln Land Communi-
    tive; Richard Kolhauser, deputy           Durbin debate sponsored by SSU           ty College and Lakeland College of
    director of the state Bureau of the       and the Springfield chapter of the       Ohio.
    Budget; Douglas Whitley, execu-           League of Women Voters. The de-             To make reservations or for more
    tive director of the Taxpayers' Fed-      bate is scheduled for Monday, Oct.       information on Transfer Day 1982
    eration of Illinois; and Hank Scheff,     25, at 7:30 p.m. in the SSU Audito-      call 2171'786-6626or toll-free in IIIi-
2   public relations director of AFSCME.      rium.                                     nois 800/252-8533, extension 6626.
    Last year's "PAC-A-Lunch" fo-
rum series was so successful that it
is being continued this year. Spon-
sored by SSU's four public affairs
centers - the Center for Legal
Studies, the Illinois Legislative Stu-
dies Center, the Center for Policy
Studies and Program Evaluation,
and the Center for Community
and Regional Studies - the brown-
bag forums provide an opportuni-
ty for faculty and staff t o share the
results of their applied research
and community service projects.
    The series resumed o n Sept. 1,
with Merrill Redemer, associate
professor of educational adminis-
tration, speaking o n "School Fi-
nance in a Changing Environment."
O n Oct. 6 Charles Schweighauser,
 professor of environmental studies
and director of the SSU dbservato-       Glenda Warren of Springfield (right), a student in SSU's Creative Arts Program,
ry, presented a slide tour, "Stars       received the President's Purchase Award from SSU President Alex 6. Lacy, ]r., for her
and Mountains," a report o n his         pastel drawing, "Bottles,"exhibited in this year's Student Art Show. The drawing will
1982 sabbatical to Kitt Peak, Ariz.      hang in the reception area of the President's Office on the fifth floor of the PAC.
    Future "PAC-A-Lunch" forums
will be "Physician Payments: H o w
M u c h and To Whom?" o n Oct. 27
 by Charles Begley, assistant profes-
                                         Round Table                                  Cronson speaks
sor of economics; "Was the Rea-          topics for                                   at conference
gan Mandate Repealed?" o n Nov.
 16 by David Everson, professor of
 political studies and public affairs;
                                         82-83 set                                        Robert Cronson, Auditor Gen-
                                                                                      eral of Illinois, was the featured
and "Research and Politics: Do                                                        speaker at the First Annual Con-
 They M i x ? " o n Dec. 8 by Leroy         Dates and topics for the San-             ferenceon Evaluation and Account-
 Wehrle, professor of economics          gamon State Administrators Round             ability, co-sponsored by the State
 and public affairs. All of these fo-    Table programs for 1982-83 are:              Evaludtion Network and the Cen-
 rums will be presented at noon in       "Managing Schools in Hard Times:             ter for Policy Studies and Program
 the PAC Atrium Lounge.                  C o s t - C u t t i n g Ideas," Dec. 1;      Evaluation of Sangamon State Uni-
    SSU students, faculty, and staff     "School Law: Reductions in Force             versity, held Sept. 30 i n the Public
 are encouraged t o bring a lunch        (RIF)," Feb. 2; and "Curriculum              Affairs Center.
 and attend the informal meetings.       Trends," April 6.                                Cronson chaired a blue-ribbon
 For more information,or to present         All meetings are held at the Her-         plenary panel comprised of State
 a forum, contact Sharon Baum at         itage House restaurant in Spring-            Representative Ted E. Leverenz,
 786-6571.                               field. Advance registration is nec-          fifth legislative district; Jeffrey C.
                                         essary.                                      Miller, director of the Illinois De-
                                            A seminar o n "Current Prob-              partment of Public Aid; and Ri-
                                         lems in Educational Administra-              chard Kolhauser, deputy director
                                         tion," offered by the University's           of the Bureau of the Budget.
 In the near future the SSUlournal       Educational Administration Prog-                 The one-day conference was de-
 will become a quarterly publica-        ram, is available t o participants in        signed t o enhance skills and un-
 tion and a newsletter will be           Round Table programs. Two se-                derstanding by practitioners i n the
 coming out more often, featur-          mester hours of credit may earned.           field of evaluation and performance
 ing more information about you,            For further information about             auditing. The emphasis was o n pro-
 the campus community. Watch             Round Table programs and the                 viding practical ideas which can be
 for details, to be announced lat-       educational administration semin-            used in the everyday work of eval-
 er.                                     ar, contact Round Table secretary            uators in state and local govern-
                                         Stuart Anderson at Sangamon State            ment and private not-for-profit
                                     b   University, telephone 217/786-6306.          organizations.                             3
    Archives/Special Collections offers many services

       The exhibit o n the Springfield         sity publications; audio and video                 them by county, subject, title, and
    Race Riot of 1908 currently o n dis-       tapes of University events; master's               depository. Records which are o n
    play in Sangamon State Universi-           theses and projects; select student                microfilm may be borrowed from
    ty's Norris L Brookens Library was         papers and projects; photographs,                  other depositories. In addition,
    created by the staff and graduate          slides, and films of University peo-               census records may be requested
    assistants of the library's Archives/      ~ l and events; official and under-
                                                     e                                            from the Illinois State Archives for
    Special Collections section, utiliz-       ground student newspapers; faculty                 use at A/SC.
    ing photographs, newsclippings,            papers; and architectural drawings.                   Reflecting the history dnd tradi-
    maps, oral history memoirs, pap-               A/SC is currentlv involved in an               tions of the r eu i o nthe IRA D col-
                                                                                                                   ~      ,
    ers, research notes, and other             automated indexing project that                    lection includes circuit case files;
    materials from A/SC resources.             will provide speaker and subject                   wills and estate settlement records;
        The exhibit, which is o n display      access to all its tapes and films, dat-            poll books and election returns;
    through Oct. 31, documents the             ing back to the University's first                 deed books: tax records; birth,
    outbreak of m o b violence that oc-        academic year.                                     death, marriage, and divorce re-
    curred in mid-August 1908 follow-             Local g o v e r n m e n t records,              cords; swamp land records; natu-
    ing the alleged rape of a white            dating back to 1809, comprise the                  ralization papers; almshouse, jail,
    woman by a black man.                      oldest historical records available                and guardian records; and militia
        Materials in the exhibit come          at A/SC. As a member of the Illi-                  roll records. These documents are
    from the Illinois Regional Archival        nois Regional Archives Depository                  valuable to genealogists, as well as
    Depository, housed in A/SC; from           (IRAD) system, under the direc-                    social and communitv historians.
    the Booth-Grunendike Family Col-           tion of the Illinois State Archives,                  Historical collections, consisting
    lection; from the G. Cullom Davis          local public records of outstanding                of manuscripts and records gener-
    Papers; and from the memoirs col-          historical and legal value, which                  ated by private individuals, fami-
    lected by Sangamon State's Oral            would otherwise be i n danger of"                  lies, and brganizations, are also se-
    History Office.                            physical deterioration or actual loss,             lectively acquired and preserved
        A slide show, with accompany-          are transferred to A/SC, as well as                by A/SC. They include scrapbooks,
    ing lecture transcript from the G.         five other IRAD state university                   photographs, letters, diaries, draw-
    Cullom Davis Papers, is also avail-        depositories.                                      ings, and blueprints of research
    able for individual viewing in A/SC.          At A/SC, researchers can exam-                  importance.
        Students, faculty, staff, and the      ine county and circuit court re-                      Located o n level one of the SSU
    general public are encouraged t o          cords from I4Central Illinois coun-                Library adjacent t o the Media Lab,
    make use of the rich variety of            ties: Bond, Cass, Christian, Fayette,              A/SC is open to the public from 9
    primary source materials available         Greene, Jersey, Macon, Macoupin,                   a.m. to 7 p.m. Monddy through
    at A/SC for research needs. Be-            Mason, Menard, Montgomery,                         Thursday, from 9 a.m. t o 5 p.m. o n
    cause of their irreplaceable nature,       Morgan,Sangamon and Scott. Com-                    Friday, or by special appointment.
    these documents are not checked            puter printouts of all records in the              For more information, contact
    out; however, a reading room, mi-          IRAD svstern are available, listing                Nancy Hunt at 786-6520.
    croform readers, tape recorders,
    and photographic reproduction ser-
    vices are available.
        In an effort to fulfill SSU's teach-
    ing and public affairs functions,
    University Archivist Nancy Hunt
    and the A/SC staff are continuous-
    ly accessioning, preserving, inven-
    torying, and providing reference
    services for three types of materials:
    University records, local govern-
    ment records, and historical col-
        University Records, both offi-
    cial and unofficial, which document
    the history and development of
    SSU, are located, acquired, and
    made avarlable for research They                                                                       ld
                                               The Spanrhh Amerlcan Cultural C l u b of S p r ~ n g f ~ erecently donated an Amerlcan
    rnclude Board of Regents' minutes          Flag to the U n ~ v e r i l t yThe hand-embro~tleredflag, now o n tl~splay the Atrlum o f

    and regulations; mrnutes, corres-          the Publlc A f f a ~ r ,Center, will be uhed ln c e r e m o n ~ a l                      ~
                                                                                                                 event\ or1 c a n ~ p u D ~ r ~ a h
    pondence and reports of Unrversi-          Roncanclo and Patrlcla Laymon, paht preildentc of the club, preientcd the flag to
4   ty offices and commrttees, Univer-                                                ty      tiurlnga rc,ceptlon ~nthe A t r ~ u m
                                               Call Lutz, dtrectorof U n ~ v e r , ~ Relat~on\,                                      Lour~ge
        campus                                                                           A. Wayne Penn, associate dean of
                                                                                         public policy and administration
                                                                                         has been installed as president-
                                                                                         elect and program chairman of the
                                                                                         Central Illinois Chapter o t the
                                                                                         American Society for Public Ad-
                                                                                         ministration. O n July 1, 1983, he
                                                                                         will become president of the chap-
                                                 major works for the permanent           ter, which has more than 150 mem-
        Linda King, assistant professor of                                               bers, all professional administrators
        creative arts at Sangamon State,         collection of the new Southern II-
                                                 linois University School of Law         from federal, state, and local go-
        exhibited a collection of recent                                                 vernment and private organizations.
        paintingsand monoprints at Renner        Building in Carbondale.
        Art Gallery, Blackburn College, Car-        A show of Dixon's ceramic sculp-
        linville. The exhibit ran from Sept.     tures was featured in August and
        20 through Oct. 1.                       September by the art gallery of
                                                 Western Illinois University in Ma-
                                                                                         The Nursing Home Administrators
                                                                                         Licensing Board of the State of Illi-
        Al Casella, professor of environ-           O n Nov. 1 Dixon will serveas the
                                                                                         nois Department of Registration
        mental studies, made presentations       judge for statewide professional
                                                                                         and Education has dpproved a
        before several national groups re-       crafts competition for the Charles
                                                                                         course of study submitted by Gari
    1   cently. In May he took part in a         H. MacNider Museum in Mason
                                                                                         Lesnoff-Caravaglia, associate pro-
        panel discussion o n "Developing a       City, la.
                                                                                         fessor of gerontology at Sangamon
        Comprehensive Community Energy                                                   State. The four-course, 16 semester
        Plan" at the National Community                                                  hour sequence includes: Perspec-
        Energy Management Conference.            Karen Karczewski, a junior in the       tives o n Aging, Long Term Care
        The conference was held i n Balti-       Medical Technology Program at           Administration, Organizational dnd
        more and sponsored by the Na-            Sangamon Stdte University, was re-      literpersonal Behavior in Hedlth
        tional Community Energy Manage-          cently elected national vice-chair-     Care Institutions, and Administra-
        ment Center, Ford Foundation, U.S.       person o f the Student Forum of the     tives Uses of Accounting Informa-
        Conference of Mayors, National           American Society for Medical Tech-      tion, and is the only on-campus
        League of Cities, National Associa-      nology. Elections were held at the      course of its kind in the state.
        tion of Counties, and the Interna-       ASMT annual meeting in Houston.            Completion of this sequence
        tional City Management Associa-          Karczewski is also active in the or-    qualifies applicants to sit for exam-
        tion.                                    ganization at the state level and has   ination as a licensed nursing home
           I n August Casella presented          been chair of the Illinois Student      administrator. Sangamon State Uni-
        "Model Community Energy Strate-          Forum.                                  versity is the only university in Illi-
        gies: The Springfield Project" at                                                nois to have received such appro-
        the Community Energy Strategies                                                  val. The only university course of
        Conference held i n Knoxville and        Wilma Scott Heide, professor of         instruction previously approved by
        sponsored by the National League         public affairs and women's studies      the Department of Registration and
        of Cities and the National Associa-      at SSU, has agreed to serve o n the     Education is offered by George
        tion of Counties.                        nine-member advisory board of           Washington University.
           And in September he made two          the Public Leadership Education
        presentations - "Local Energy Fu-        Network (PLEN). Heide has pre-
        tures: The Economic Impact of            viously served as speaker, consul-
        Energy Use" and "Building Sup-           tant, and resident faculty for var-
        port for Local Government Energy         ious PLEN conferences and other         Marla Ford, a staff member in the
        Programs" - at a conference o n          educational activities.                 University's Grants and Contracts
        Energy Saving Strategies for Local          The purpose of PLEN is t o edu-      Accounting Office, was named Suc-
        Governments held in Milwaukee.           cate women for public leadership        cessful 1980 Accounting Graduate
        This conference was sponsored by         and t o prepare society for public      i n the Central Illinois Area by Ro-
        the Wisconsin Department of Ener-        leadership by women in all areas.       bert Morris College, Carthage. Ford
        gy, League of Wisconsin Munici-                                                  was interviewed and photographed
        palities, Wisconsin County Boards                                                at work o n Sept. 20 for inclusion in
        Association, Michigan Energy Ad-         An article in the September issue       alumni and recruiting publications
        ministration, Minnesota Depart-          o f The Saturday Evening Post con-      for RMC. Ford has been employed
        ment of Energy, Illinois Department      tains a letter written by Adalin        by Sangamon State for 16 months.
        of Energy and Natural Resources,         Borman, faculty secretary at San-
        and the National Community Energy        gamon State. Borman completed a
        Management Center.                       questionnaire in the ]uly/August
                                                 issue of the Post to assist in a re-
                                                                                         Copy for the November issue of
                                                 search project being conducted by
                                                                                         the SSU journal must reach the
        Bob Dixon, assistant professor of        the magazine. The September issue
                                                                                         Publications Office, B-57, by Oct.
        creative arts, has been selected by      stated "letters by the hundreds
        the Capital Development Board as         have been pouring in," but Bor-
        one of 10 Illinois artists to complete   man's was one of only five printed.
                                                liberal arts. In addition, the plan               "Our plan must also promote
    Convocation                                 obviously must provide for the pro-          our relationship with the commun-
                                                per housing of our science pro-              ity colleges and add meaning to
                (continued from page I )        grams. Likewise, it must enhance             our upper divisior; mandate. The
                                                the position of thevisual arts in our        community colleges are a great
    must deal with this question more           university community. It will not            strength in our state and they very
    directly and openly in our curricu-         be easy, but it will be important for        much need the help and attention
    lum."                                       this plan to offer nourishment to            of the faculty as they attempt to
        Lacy continued, liNow,very brief-       someof our newer programs which              meet their o w n agenda.
    ly, let me sketch out a few more            promise great things for the future               "The new plan must also give
    specific ideas for the planning             - programs such as Women's Stu-              serious attention t o the conditions
    agenda. Let me begin by suggest-            dies, Labor Studies, and others              of student life o n our campus out-
    ing that this plan needs to provide         which are relatively new in our in-          side the classroom. It must give at-
    for this University t o become a na-        stitution.                                   tention t o the development o f
    tional center for the study of go-              Lacy stressed, "In two important         Phase II of student housing. It must
    vernment, politics and public policy.       areas, this plan must find some              give attention t o the development
        "To help us move in this direc-         answers for us o n fronts where I            of a University Community Life
    tion, I am going t o ask a special task     believe we have difficulty at the            and Fitness Center for our students
    force in the next few days to begin         moment. First, the plan must pro-            and faculty and staff as well. It must
    to assist us in analyzing the feasibility   vide for enhanced faculty devel-             give attention to the question of
    of establishing o n this campus a re-       opment opportunities. We havean               providing activities for adult, com-
    search center in public policy and          exceedingly strong faculty, but we            muter students that have rneaning
    administration which would bede-            ask impossible things of that fa-             and enhance the experiences of
    signed t o accommodate major na-            culty. We ask them to teach subject           the classroom. And it must provide
    tional associations and research            matter, almost as soon as they come           for the continued development of
    organizations, with special atten-          t o this campus, that their graduate          our Athletic Program.
    tion t o those organizations which          education d i d not prepare them t o              The plan must also continue t o
    focus their efforts o n the concerns        teach. Furthermore, we ask them               strengthen governanceon this cam-
    of state and local governments.             t o teach it well, which their gradu-         pus. The strength of governance is
        "Second, this plan needs to pro-        ate education probably did not                a critical question for us in this se-
    vide for our University a much              prepare them t o do. Moreover, we             cond decade. In particular, the
    stronger international focus in our         ask them t o teach in a collegidl fa-         tremendous strengthening of the
    teaching and research efforts than          shion, with colleagues from many              student role in governance over
    we've hdd down to this time.                disciplines, and that t o most new            the past year, I believe, bodes very
        "This plan must also provide for        Ph.D.s is a novel notion.                     well for the future of governance
    our institution effective mechanisms            "It i s of critical importance then        o n the campus. I n additon, the
     for us to assist this state o n the eco-   that we have both the internal                 great success of governance partic-
     nomic development front.                   support and external support t o               ipation in the details of the budget
        "The plan also needs to permit          make it possible for us t o find new           process for the past two years, I
     us t o enhance our efforts in the          ways to permit this faculty to de-             believe, also bodes well for the fu-
     area of civics education in the ele-        velop t o its fullest capabilities. If we     ture. The analysis of governance,
     mentary schools, i n t h e h i g h          can d o that, many of the other               which began last year in our Self-
    schools, in the community colleges,         things I am talking about are cer-             Study and concluded with a very
     and in adult groups which tend to          tain to be accomplished.                       fine external evaluation o n our
     be isolated from the political pro-            "Moreover, we must find ways               campus in the spring, should be
     cess.                                       to provide significant new sources            continued this year. The consensus
        "The plan must also provide for          of financial support for our student          at theend of the spring was that we
     the continued centrality of the             body. The basic financial support             need t o streamline, we need to
     Brookens Library to the total life o f      apparatus of our country discrimi-            sharpen our focus, we need to
     this campus and must provide for            nates against part-time students,             keep attention focused t o the big
     the maximum use of this great re-           and most of our students are part-            policy questions, and I hope that
     source throughout our teaching,             time students. It discriminates aga-          we can continue to make progress
     research and public service pro-            inst commuter students, and most               in that direction.
     grams.                                      of our students are commuter stu-                 "The plan must also reaffirm our
         "The plan must take maximum             dents. It discriminates against in-           commitment to the Springfield com-
     advantage of the many opportuni-            dependent students, w h o do not               munity. And we can best reaffirm
     ties in front of us to provide leader-      depend o n their parents for finan-           that commitment by first being the
     ship in promoting interuniversity           cial support, and most o f our stu-           very best at what we do and im-
     cooperation.                                dents are independent students.                plementing much of the rest of this
         "This plan must provide also for        We simply have t o persuade feder-             plan. Moreover, the plan must con-
     the continued growth and devel-             al, state and private sources that             tinue to tie us as closely as possible
     opment of the sciences in this fa-          students i n these categories are              to Lincoln Land Community Col-
     culty and it must provide for their         worthy of support and have to                  lege and to Springfield College in
     integration into the total curricu-         have support. It must be a very
      lum in much the same way that we           high priority o n our agenda to
6    have been able t o integrate the            achieve that support.
           (continued f r o m page 7)
                                                               Calendar of Events
                                                                                     University Events
Illinois where significant, meaning-       Faculty Senate M e e t ~ n g                                       Oct. 8, 22, Nov 5; 8 a.m.-noon
ful relationships have been deve-                                                                             E-2

loped in recent years.                     CPA Review Sem~nars                                                Oct. 8, 22, 29; 6.30-9 p m., O r t . 9,
                                            Spon\or: C o n t l n c ~ ~ n g
                                                                       Ftlucalrori                            15,16.23,30; 9a.m.-4 p m.,L-12
    "Finally, but not at all least in      Soccer Gdme: Prairie Star\ vs. Univ, of Wistonrin                  Oct. 10: 2 p.m.
importance, the plan also must                                                                                Kiwanls Stad~um
provide for the continued vitality         Tuesddy Noon Llve                                                  O t t . 12, 19. 26, Nov. 2; 11:30-
                                            Spornor. Stutier~t
                                                             Actrvrlres                                       1 p.m., Cafeteria
of our long established and suc-
                                           Faculty Sendtt. Sterrtng CommlttcxxMeeting                         Oct. 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2, 1:30-3
cessful Public Affairs Centers and                                                                            p.m., BRK 340
for our more recently established          Student Scrv~cer
                                                          Cabinet M e e t ~ n g                               Oct 13, 27; 1-4 p.m.
formal Continuing Education pro-                                                                              F-23C
gram.                                      Assert~venesr
                                                       Training                                               O t t 13, 20, 27, 6-8:30 p m
                                            Spori\or Advr\rng and Courl\<41r1g                                E-2
    "We will still emphasize public
                                           Forum: New Taxes or M o r e Cutback5?                              Oet. 13; 8 p.m.
affairs, teaching, and innovative           Spori\or. Illrrior\ Legislative Stcldre\ Cenler                   BRK Aud.
educational programs," he said.            Crossroads '82                                                     O r t 14 ; 8 a mi.-10 p . m . .
"The trick will be t o devise pro-          Spori\or C o r i l ~ r i ~ ~ Eclucatrorl & Lc~gr\lar~vr
                                                                         rng                     Srutl~e\     O t t . 15; 7 a m -6 p.m.
                                                                                                              RRK Aud & PAC Conf. Centrr
grams t o meet those mandates in
                                           "Ch~cago Downstdtr"                                                Oct. 14: 7.30 p rn
the coming decades."                                                                                          BRK Aud.
    In calling for the creation of a       Bu5inesr prrsons Breakfa51                                         0 c t . 15; 7.30a.m.
research center devoted t o public                                                                            PAC Restaurant

affairs, government and political               "Johnny Cot HIS Gun"
                                           F~lni,                                                             Oct. 14. 15: 8-11 p . m
                                            Spon\or Stutlent Aclrv~rrec                                       BRK Aud
studies, Lacy said a task force will       Trdnsfer Ddy                                                       Oct. 16; 8 a.m.-5 p m
be appointed soon t o conduct a                                 &
                                            Sponcor. Atirnrs~rons Record\ Ofirce                              BRK Aud., Terrae?. PAC C
feasibility study.                         O h l o Ballet Compdny                                             Oct. 16; 8:15 p ni , Oct 17, 2 p.m.
                                            S[x)nsor. 5511                                                                   t u
                                                                                                              U n ~ v e r s ~Ay t j ~ t o r ~ u n i
    Lacy envisioned "bringing ma-
                                                       Students Assn M e e t ~ n g                            Ocr 18, Nov 1; n o o n - l p.m.
jor national and regional research                                                                            F-23C
organizations together housed in           Faculty U n ~ o n e e t ~ n g
                                                           M                                                  O t t . 19, 10 30 a.m.-noon
the research center which would                                                                               Studto Thc,dtrr Foyc,r
bean independent entity affiliated         Film, "New Wdve Culture Series''                                   Oct. 19; 7 p.m
                                                                                                              BRK Aud.
with the University.
                                           Probat~onTraining, "Supervts~onStrat~gies"                         Ocr. 20, 21, 22; 8 d.m.-5 p.m.
    "I view this as a major opportun-       Spon\or Contrnurng Eduratron                                      SGL A-D
ity for the University t o make a          Soccer Gdme: Prdirie Stars vs. Creenvillt, College                 Oct. 20; 7 p m.
contribution to the economic de-                                                                                       ~\
                                                                                                              K ~ w a nStddium

velopment of the community," Lacy
                                                                                                      (continued o n page 8)

evaluation o f Illinois (District 20)   Martha Cassity (left) presents University Librarian Brian Alley with a copy.of her
NAlA soccer teams during the 1982-      book, O n With the Show. Cassity, the 1971 Illinois Teacher of the Year, completed
3 season. This evaluation determines    her mahter's degree in Educational Administration at SSU this summcr. A fourth
which teams will participate in NAIA.   grade teacher at Madison Park Elementary School in [itchfield, Ca.$sity wrote the
postseason competition to qualify             s
                                        book a a teaching aid for grade school music teachers. She is now working on a
for the 1983 National Soccer Cham-      second book tlcaling with skits and programs for elementary students at Christmas
pionships.                              time.                                                                                                               7
EPS capabilities
expanded                                    Calendar                                      (continued from page 7)
                                            Courtroom Drama: Forrnslr Psychology In Actlor-                 O t t . 21, 22, 8-30 2.m.-5 p . m
                                             Sporisor Corirrri~rrr~g                                        PAC A/B
    SSU fdculty and s t a f f are encour-   Society l o r the Advancement of Mdnagement                     Oct. 21, 7:30-9 p 1 1 1.
                                                                                                            Cox H o u i c
aged to utilize the expanded capa-                                                                          Oct 21, 22; 8-11 p m .
                                                 "Bugs Bunny Superstar"
bilities of the Educational Produc-          Sponmr Stutlcrit Artrvrtic's                                   BRK Aud.
tion Services Unit for the design           Sorrer Game P r a ~ r ~ e vs. Spring Arbor Collegr, M l c h .
                                                                  Star$                                     Oct. 22; 7 p . m
                                                                                                            K~wdn~s  Stad~um
and production of instructional
materials for classrooms, work-             Resident, Council                                               0 c 1 23; 8 a m.-8 p.m.
                                             Sponsor. Hoilsrng Oflrce                                       Cox H o u i c
shops, conferences, academic pub-                              Star$ VS.Alderron Brodddus College.
                                            Soccer Game: Prair~e
lications, and broadcast production         W. Va.                                                          Oct. 24; 2
                                                                                                            K~wdn~s  Srad~um
                                            Findley-Durb~n  Debate                                          Or 1 25, 7 30 p.m.
    Studio renovations and equip-            Sponsor: SSIJ anti Ledgcle o f Women Voters                    University Aud.
ment acquisitions during the past           Blood Drive                                                     Oct. 27; 8.30 a.m.-5 p m.
year have made it possible for the           Spon,or. Health Servrce5                                       PAC C / D
unit to offer expanded services,            PAC-a-Lunrh                                                     Oct. 27; n o o n - I p.m.
                                             Spon\or Four Publrc A l l a ~ r Center5
                                                                             \                              Atrium Lounge
especially in the areas of audio and
                                            Film, "Young Frdnkensteln"                                      O r t 28, 29; 8-11 p.m.
video production, in addition to             Spon\or. Student Actrvitrc\                                    BRK Aud.
producing graphics and photo-               F ~ l m"Fiddler o n the Roof"
                                                   ,                                                        Nov. 4, 5; 8-11 p.m
graphy such as charts, graphs, illus-        Spor15or. Sfudent Actrvrtie\                                   BRK Aud.

trations, transparencies, slide shows,      Health Occupar~ons o ~ nStaff M e e t ~ n g
                                                               J     t                                      Nov. 5; 3-5 p.m.
                                             Sponsor East Central Network                                   PAC E
and black-and-white prints.
                                            "Tintypes"                                                      Nov. 6; 8:15 p.m.
    The unit now is capable of pro-          Spori\or 5511                                                             A
                                                                                                            Unlvers~ty u d ~ t o r ~ u m
ducing voice-overs for slide shows;                                              Non-University Events
audio and video taping of speak-            l l l ~ n o State H~storical
                                                        ~s             Records Adv~soryBodrd                Oct. 7; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
                                            Sponsor Illinois State Archrve5                                 CC 146
ers, meetings, and events on loca-
                                            Insurance Test~ng                                               Oct. 9, 23. Nov 6; 7 d m -5 p m.
tion; audio and video in-studio re-         S p o n ~ o r Educatronal Testrng Servrcr
                                                          .                                                 BRK Aud., 333, 376,477
cording; and production of tele-            Concert Comments                                                Oct. 9; 7 p.m.
vision commercials and radio and            Sponsor: Sprrnglreld Symphony Orrhcstra Assn                    PAC G
television instructional courses.           Spr~ngfield
                                                      Symphony Orchestra Concert                            Oct. 9; 8:15 p m
                                                                                                            Un~versity u d ~ t o r ~ u m
Customers are provided with VI and
                                            Energy Auditor Training                                         Oct. 13; 1-5 p m
l/2 inch videotape cassettes, audio                         Dept, o f Energy & Nafural Re\ources
                                            Sponsor. lll~nors                                               PAC F
cassettes, or reel-to-reel tapes.           lll~no~s
                                                  Library Assn. Board Meeting                               Oct. 18; 3-5 p.m.
    Educational Production Services                                                                         BRK 204D
 is open to faculty and staff from          Maurice Andre, trumpet virtuoso                                 Oct. 26; 8:15 p.m
                                            Sponhor: Community Concert A$\n.                                University A u d i t o r ~ u m
8:30a.m. to5 p.m., Monday through
                                            Zagreb Grand Ballet                                             Oct. 29; 8:15 p m .
 Friday, and is located in Brookens         Sponsor. Community Concert Assn.                                University Auditorium
 180B (enter off Brookens Con-              Agency Management Institute                                     Nov. 4 . 5, 6; 8 a.m.-6 p.m
course). For more information,con-          Spontor, Illinois Assn. o f PIA                                 PAC C / D

tact Irene Allsop at 786-6788.

Sangamon State University                                                                                                       N o n p r o f i t Org.
Springfield, Illinois 62708
                                                                                                                                U.S. P O S T A G E

                                                                                                                                Springfield, Ill.
                                                                                                                               Permit N o .       703
Vol. 11, No. 4   November, 1982         Published by University Relations
                                                                            Sangamon State University   Springfield, IL 62708

Jordan named dean of IES cluster
                                        rector of SSU's Applied Studies                  Sister. And he was a member of the
                                        Program in 1972. He holds the B.S.               Land of Lincoln Girl Scout Council.
                                        in elementary education from South-                  Jordan's research and writing
                                        ern Illinois University-Carbondale               has dealt mainly with innovations
                                        and the M.A. in educational ad-                  in vocational and technical educa-
                                        ministration from Sangamon State.                tion. His professional affiliations
                                           Jordan has served two terms on                include memberships in the Illi-
                                        the Springfield School District #I86             nois Vocational Association, the
                                        Board o f Education (1975 to 1981)               National Cooperative Education
                                        and was elected president of the                 Association, and the Council for
                                        Board in 1976 and 1980. He is a                                       of
                                                                                         the ~dvancement Experimental
                                        member of the boards of the Na-                  Learning.
                                        tional Committee of the Campaign                     Jordan's wife, Johnetta, is direc-
                                        for Human Development, National                  tor of public information for the
                                        Council of Catholic Bishops; Memo-               Illinois Department of Public Aid.
                                        rial Medical Center; Citizens for                They have three daughters.
                                        Voter Education and Community                                       s
                                                                                             His selection a Associate Dean
                                        Participation; and of the Springfield            of Innovative and Experimental
                                        Statesmen Drum and Bugle Corps.                  Studies culminates a nationwide
                                           He has served on the boards of                search in which 80candidates were
                                        the Capital Area Vocational Center               considered.
                                        and of Springfield Big Brother/Big

   Jordan,who has served a acting       The Margaret Burke Alumnae Award from Barat College was presented to SSU
associate dean of the IES Cluster       Professor of Management Anna May Smith (center) at the school's annual college
since the resignation of Allison        alumnae dinner on Oct. 23 in Lake Forest. Visiting with Smith areSSU President Alex
Bernstein in December, 1981, joined     B. Lacy, jr., and Sister Margaret Burke, former Barat College President. See related
the University staff as assistant di-   story inside.
KeIty is new                                                                       well as the Phi Alpha Delta legal
                                                                                   fraternity and the Sigma Alpha Ep-
Foundation                                                                         silon undergraduate fraternity,
                                                                                   Kelty lives in Springfield with his
president                                                                          wife and three children.
                                                                                      Kelty has written numerous arti-
   Springfield attorney Thomas W.                                                  cles o n municipal antitrust liability,
Kelty has been elected president of                                                publicworks legislation, civil rights,
the Sangamon State University                                                      age discrimination, open meetings,
Foundation. H e succeeds Bruce A.                                                  and related topics for the Illinois
Campbell, division manager -                                                       Municipal Review, a publication of
economic development for Illinois                                                  the Illinois Municipal League. He is
Bell Telephone Company.                                                            general counsel for the League, in
   Kelty, a graduate of Creighton                                                  addition t o serving as attorney for
University and the University of                                                   the Village of Pawnee, Sangamac
Missouri School of Law, is a principal                                             Ambulance District, and other or-
in the firm of Pfeifer & Kelty, P.C.,                                              ganizations.
Attorneys-at-Law in Springfield. The                                                  Kelty is also a member of the
firm's practice is concentrated in                                                 American Business Club.
municipal law, bond law, public                                                       The Sangamon State University
utility law, general corporate law,                                                Foundation is a charitable, not-for-
                                           Thomas K e l t y
real estate, and estate law.                                                       profit corporation formed t o assist
   A member o the Sangamon                 Bar Associations and the National       in developing the facilities and pro-
County, Illinois State, and American       Association of Bond Lawyers, as         grams of the University.

                                                                                    Beginning in December, theSSU
                                                                                    lournal will become a quarterly
                                                                                    publication focusing o n infor-
Smith receives Burke Award                                                          mation of interest t o members
                                                                                    o f the community and commun-
from Barat College                                                                  ity colleges. A new publication,
                                                                                    tentatively called SSU New>,will
                                                                                    present news of interest o n cam-
   Anna May Smith, professor of            turned to Barat in 1965 as thedirec-     pus. Materials for SSU News
management at Sangamon State               tor of cont~nuing  education and the     should be sent t o Mark Raeber,
University, has been named recip-          Upward Bound program. I n 1978           PAC 578.
ient of the Margaret Burke Alum-           she was elected t o the Board of
nae Award from Barat College in            Trustees for a two-year term.
Lake Forest, Ill.                             Smith is an honorary member of
    Smith, a 1938 graduate of Barat,       the National Pressclub in Washing-
received the award in ceremonies           ton, D.C., and holds memberships        PAC recognized
at the annual college alumnae din-         in numerous other state and na-
ner o n Oct. 23. he award was es-          tional organizations, such as the
                                                                                   for accessibility
tablished in 1976 t o honor Sister         Association for Continuing Higher       to the disabled
Burke, a member of the Religious           Education.
Order of the Sacred Heart, who                Said Smith, "I truly was honored
served as president of Barat Col-          by the recognition given me. For            Sangamon State University's Pub-
lege for 21 years. The award is giv-       many years at Barat, first as a stu-    lic Affairs Center has been awarded
en annually t o an alumna who ex-          dent, then as an instructor, and lat-   a certificate of appreciation by the
e m ~ l i f i e s her life and work the    er as an administrator, I tried t o     Springfield Community Internation-
qualities Barat seeks t o foster i n its   follow the educational philosophy       al Year of Disabled Persons Exfcu-
students: "the growth of intellec-         o f Ste. Madeline Sophie Barat,         tive Committee in recognition of
tual, artistic and professional com-       which was t o teach students and        the "initiative and forethought"
Detence, of cultural, moral and            develop intellectual and emotion-       used in making the building ac-
spiritual awareness, and of person-        al balance in them, and in myself as    cessible t o disabled people.
al commitment and service."                well. This philosophy I have at-            The PAC was one of only three
    Smith has taught at Sangamon           tempted t o follow here at SSU -t o     new buildings in Springfield to be
State University since1973. She was        look at students as individuals, and    recognized by the committee as
associated with Barat College from         their education as a continuing         being "accessible t o and usable by
1938 t o 1951, first as an instructor in   process."                               disabled persons."
speech and drama in the English               Her two daughters graduated              SSU President Alex B. Lacy, Jr.,
Department and then as chairman            from Barat College and her late         presented the certificate t o Tom
of the Department of Speech and            husband, Charles, was at one time       Goins, vice-president for Business
Drama. Serving in numerous man-            director of development for Barat.      and Administrative Services, and
agement development capacities                Noticeof Smith's award has been      Dick Williams, director of Physical
in Illinois for many years, she re-        read into the Congressional Record.     Planning and Operations.
                                                 the 1982 elections. Conference ses-                                 o f lllinois will be determined by
300 participants                                 sions studied everything from me-                                   how well the state's transportation
                                                 dia coverage of the election (in
attend                                           which participants heard debate
                                                                                                                     system is maintained. At the same
                                                                                                                     time he made a pitch for increased
                                                 o n the pros and cons of opinion                                    user fees for truckers and a hike in
"Crossroads '82"                                 polls and their influence o n deci-                                 the gasoline tax.
                                                 sions), t o the implications of femi-                                   Kramer said lllinois has a "leg-
                                                 nism o n lllinois politics, t o the                                 up" o n the other states in the na-
     Nearly 300 students, academics,             issues facing Chicago voters in next                                tion in attracting and maintaining
public officials, legislators, mem-              spring's mayoral election ( a con-                                  industry because it is the transpor-
 bers of the media, and citizens in-             sensus among the panelists i n this                                 tation center of the United States.
terested in the issues confronting               session was that Mayor Jane Byrne                                   Three of the nation's five transcon-
 lllinois government and politics                has alienated her power base and                                    tinental highways pass through our
gathered in the Public Affairs Cen-              may lose the Democratic primary                                     borders; we have several navigable
ter Oct. 14and 15 for Crossroads 82,             to her challenger, Richard Daley).                                  rivers, two major railroad hubs (East
Sangamon State's second statewide                   Participants also heard lllinois                                 St. Louis and Chicago) and the
conference o n the futureof Illinois             Transportation Secretary John Kra-                                  world's premier airport (Chicago's
government and politics.                         mer sav that the economic destiny                                   O'Hare).
     David Everson, professor of pol-
itical studies and public affairs and
director of SSU Legislative Studies
Center, oneofthe conferencespon-
sors, said the diversity of the partic-
ipants' backgrounds and the wide
range of issues discussed during
Crossroads 82 made the confer-
ence a success.
     Successful enough, in fact, that
Everson and his staff at the Legisla-
rivestudies Center are making plans
to host similar conferences every
two yedrs.
     Everson said the importance of
Crossrodds 82 is that a large number
of people interested in the public
affairs of Illinois came together to
discuss issues and exchange ideas
o n important concerns of the com-
ing decade.
     He said several kev issues were
brought out in the sessions and
pointed to three main themes that
ran through much of the confer-
     1. The first dealt with the ques-
tion of how Illinois is going t o
maintain its services while avoiding
bankruptcy. Everson said a lot of
discussion was devoted t o dlterna-
tives t o the present state tax sys-
tem, with pdrticipants calling for
exploration of thestate income tax
as a means of gaining more revenue
and for reform of the state's prop-
ertv tdx
     2. The second theme concerned
what direction the 1.llinois General
As,emblv should take in rcsDonse
to the ch'illenges of the cAming                 Rctipicrlts of this year'c American Association of Ilnivertity W o m r n Scholarships
cjecade. Conference discussion                                                                                            l
                                                 were ,innounceti recently. They drc ( \ c , i t f ~ iron, left): Brcnoid Sw,~rtz,                                 wirlr1f.r o f t h c
c r n t c l c d on the future relationship       Sar~tir~i Hockenyos Aw,?rtl; Karcv, Cr,~wiortl,
                                                                 (.                                                                         oi        ,
                                                                                                                              wir~r~c,r t l ~ ch.l,~ry(;c,r~c>        H,tIIAfi,,~rti.
of committees ,ind commissions,                  'irltl M,~rc l l , ~  r                                of                            .               AAI
                                                                              Biet\ch, wirlr~er .I AAL'W A w , ~ r t l A \ f ~ c o r ~ t l ' W ALV,I~(Il ~ r l r ~ ( ~ r ,    n
                      ~ I L ~ of
on I C ~ I S ~ Jo~c'rs~ght the ex-               N,lrlcy E . S o l o n ~ o r w,t\ r,ot prc\cr,f for the, [)I(-trrrc. A i 'W Prc,\i(lc'r,f 1 o i j Strorr?.
                                                                                        ~,                                                  A
ccut~\e,       cine' on thc p o l ~ c yIssues                            g,                         n/            to                     Coortlin,ifor S/~ic>/,r
                                                 ( \ t , i r ~ t l i r ~lr,ftj , ~ r ~ t l A A i ' \Etlirc,ttior~,~l l r r ~ ( l , ~ t i o r ~                        hl,ick n1,1t1c
pr~'5cntcd ) ~ioc ~ c t y ' s groh lng re-       thtx[ ) r ( ~ \ ( ~ r ~ t ~ tM o rr~~ .~ y t h < ~ ~ v ~ tho (fir\[ \ ( / ~ o l ' ~ r \ / ~ i p \ ~ ~ ~ ~ c ~ l ~ / i \ h
                                                                                      t i o \ for             ~         ~r l\,                            t3v(>r.                            ~t
Ir'inc c on high technolog\                      S S L ', i\ r - < i i \ t t/~rocr,q/i
                                                                            ~l                                                                                                  l
                                                                                           thc>AAL'LV'\~ t r ~ r ~C / r~~r li \ t r ~\ l1< 1 1\\ ( ~ Tocrr, ~ v h i11 ~ t , i l/I(> / 7 ( , 1 ( 1
                                                                                                                        c                    0~                     (
     3 The t h ~ r t fthcme t l e ~ l tn ~ t h                     ,~                            l
                                                 t l c ~ r i r lthe, fir\t ~ v c c k c n tof D c c c n ~ b c r .
                                                                                    Advising and
                                                                                    counseling hosts
                                                                                    seminar series
                                                                                       The University's Advising and
                                                                                    Counseling Center is sponsoring a
                                                                                    series of seminars o n personal en-
                                                                                    hancement and other topics, now
                                                                                    through December. The series is
                                                                                    offered under the auspices of the
                                                                                    Academic Advising, Personal Coun-
                                                                                    seling, Minority Services, Foreign
                                                                                    Student Advising, and Career Ser-
                                                                                    vices/Placement offices.
Winners o f the 1982 SSU Alumni Association Scholarships are: (seated from left)       Remaining programs include:
Saralyn Kay Phelps, a student in the Legal Studies Program; Lori Danner, Computer      "Relaxation Workshop," Nov. 11,
Science; and Matthew 1. Maurer, Management. Standing (from left) are: Dale E.       1:30 t o 3.30 p.m., room E-2. A brief
Bilyue, Chemistry; and Terry Wallace, Management. The five undergraduate stu-       presentation o n the consequences
dents were selected from more than 40 candidates for the scholarships, which are    of stress and the benefits of relaxa-
awarded annually.                                                                   tion will be followed by an oppor-
                                                                                    tunity t o practice several relaxation
                                                                                    techniques. The facilitator will be
                                                                                    Ron Havens, associate professor of
Lash is first                              versity employees and the selec-         psychology.
                                                                                       "International Celebration,"
                                           tion is made by a committee of the
Employee of the                            University's Staff Senate. All winners
                                           of the Employee of the M o n t h
                                                                                    Nov. 14,5 t o 8 p.m., PAC Cafeteria.
                                                                                    The Foreign Students Advisers O f -
                                                                                    fice, in conjunction with the Inter-
Month                                      Award will be eligible for an Em-
                                           ployee of the Year Award, which          national Students Association, will
                                           will be presented each December,         present a celebration which features
                                           beginning in 1983.                       ethnic foods, exhibits, and cultural
    Helen Lash, University switch-                                                  performances - all prepared and
board operator, has been named                                                      staged by SSU international stu-
Sangamon State University's first                                                   dents. Admission is $6 per person,
Employee of the M o n t h . The award      Ceramics                                 $4for students, and children under
was created this year t o recognize
University staff who have performed
                                           Invitational                             12 free.
                                                                                       "Anger and Hostility Clinic,"
their duties i n an exceptional man-
ner. Lash's recognition is for Oc-
                                           now on                                   Nov. 17 and Dec. 1, 5:30 to 7 p.m.,
                                                                                    room E-2. Experiential sessions in
tober. She has been employed at
SSU since 1973.
                                           display                                  handling anger and hostility will be
                                                                                    facilitated by John Miller, profes-
    "I certainly didn't realize people                                              sor of psychology. Cost of the ses-
appreciated my work that much,"               The fifth Ceramics Invitational       sions is $5 for SSU faculty, staff, and
Lash said upon being surprised             Exhibition will be displayed in the      students; $10 for the community.
with the award at her station. Tom         Sangamon State University Art Gal-          "Developing Self Concept," Nov.
Goins, vice-president for Business         lery through Nov. 28. The exhibit        30 and Dec. 7,6 t o 8 p.m., room E-2.
and Administrative Services, made          will be featuring works by Illinois      A two-part program exploring the
the presentation.                          State University graduate students       idea of a healthy self concept dnd
    Born and raised in Monticello,         Jerrie Sutherland, Dennis Tobin,         ways to develop it, this workshop is
Ill., Lash, the mother of four grown       Ann Branson, and George Davison.         facilitated by James Pancrazio, pro-
daughters and a grandmother o f               The SSU Gallery is located o n        fessor of guidance and counseling.
five, was trained as a telephone           thethird level ofthe Norris L Brook-        "Problem Solving," Dec. 3,2 t o 4
operator by Illinois Bell while in         ens Library. The exhibit, which is       p.m., PAC Studio Foyer. This work-
high school.                               free t o the public, is open for view-   shop will focus o n the elements of
    The Employee of the M o n t h          ing between 8 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.        critical thinking and creative prob-
Award is open t o active SSU em-           Monday through Friday, between           lem solving. Facilitator will be Ro-
ployees w h o have shown outstand-         8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturdays, and         bert Crowley, associate professor
ing merit, or who have performed           between 2and 10:30 p.m. Sundays.         of human development counseling.
service through work or through a             For information, contact Gallery          For further information contact
positive and supportive attitude.          Director Myra Schwartz, 217/786-         the Advising and Counseling Cen-
    Nominations are made by Uni-           6790.                                    ter, F-50. 786-6678.
                                                                                        Energy Studies

                                                                                            Energy Studies Gatherings, an
                                                                                        informal seminar series sponsored
                                                                                        by Energy Studies at Sangamon State
                                                                                        University, has resumed for the Fall
                                                                                        Semester. All programs are sche-
                                                                                        duled for Thursdays, from 11:45
                                                                                        a.m. to1:15p.m. in R o o m 3 D o f t h e
                                                                                        Public Affairs Center, and are open
                                                                                        to the public free of charge.
                                                                                            Remaining sessions for the fall
                                                                                        are: a film. "Lovins o n the Soft
                                                                                          ~   ~

                                                                                                     ,     -                ~   -

Tony Fantham, senior halfback on the Prairie Stars soccer team, received the Robert     Path," in which Amory Lovins dis-
Roach Memorial Scholarship for 7982. Rose Marie Roach, associate dean of student        cusses renewable energy sources
services at SSU, holds the plaque on which recipients' names are engraved.              and how they differ from nonre-
                                                                                        newable sources (Nov. 11); "Low
                                                                                        Energy Living o n the Maine Coast,"
Fantham is recipient of Roach                                                           with Ed Hawes, associate professor
                                                                                        of history in the Environmental
Memorial Scholarship                                                                    Studies Program (Nov. 18); a film,
                                                                                        "Small I s Beautiful," a portrait of E.F.
                                                                                        Schumacher examining his call for
   Tony Fantham, a senior halfback            was made t o Fantham by Roach's           decentralized, small-scale technolo-
for Sangamon State University's soc-          widow, Rose Marie Roach, associate        gy supporting humane economies
cer team, has been awarded the                dean of student services at San-          (Dec. 2); and a film "Energy and
1982 Robert Roach Memorial Prairie            gamon State.                              Morality," which examines the
Stars Scholarship.                               Fantham, a native of London,           ethics and values of our energy sys-
   The scholarship, established in            England, has played an important          tems (Dec. 9).
memory of the Springfield busi-               part in stabilizing SSU's halfback            Previous segments of the series
nessman and avid soccer fan, is               line this season. H e has also con-       have included: "Should Imported
awarded each fall t o a senior o n the        tributed five goals t o the offensive     O i l Be Taxed?," with Assistant Pro-
Prairie Stars in recognition of out-          attack, for a total of 13 goals and 15    fessor of Economics and Energy
standing contributions to the team            assistsso far during his career at SSU.   Studies Sumol Padungchai; and
during the season. The endowed                   Sangamon State University's Prai-      "Energy Management at SSU," with
scholarship was established with              rie Stars are ranked first in the Na-     Dick Williams, director of the Uni-
the help of business, university,             tional Association of Intercollegiate     versity Physical Plant.
and other friends shortly after               Athletics with a 16win, 1 loss, and 2         For further information contact
Roach's death in 1978.                        tie record.                               Al Casella, director of energy stu-
   The presentation of the award                                                        dies, at 786-6720.

Alchemist Review now accepting material
    Original poetry, fiction, nonfic-         ond-place student entries in each         and nonfiction; each entry must be
tion, art, and photographs are be-            category. Faculty and staff are in-       typed; n o name or other identifi-
ing accepted now through Jan. 14              eligible for monetary awards.             cation should appear o n the en-
for The Alchemist Review, the Uni-               Last year's winners were: poetry       tries themselves; list ndme-address-
versity's annual literary magazine.           - Birgit Fowler Burke, Ron Dev-           telephone number-social security
All current and former SSU stu-               erman, and Jane Morrel; fiction -         number o n the outside of a manila
dents, ds well as faculty and staff, are      Carol Millar and Gary Smith; non-         envelope with entries inside and
encouraged t o submit original                fiction -Nancy Flood and Shirley-         send t o : Shirley-Raye Redmond,
works for inclusion in the seventh            Raye Redmond; art - Bdrbara               Brookens 375, SSU.
edition, to be published in the               Olson; photography -Teresa GaI-               Copies of the 1982 edition of
spring.                                       lion and John F. Kauffmann.               The Alchemist Review are availa-
    A student editorial board will se-           Guidelines for submittingworks               :
                                                                                        ble a $2 from the literature office.
l e a works for ~ u b l i c a t i o n award
                                    and       are: limit of two pieces per catego-      For further information, contact
$30 and $20 prizes to first and sec-          ry; limit of 3,000 words for fiction      Redmond at 786-6778.
math faculty
   JohnE. Miller has been appointed
 assistant professor of mathematical
systems at SSU, teaching computer
science and mathematical systems
   Before joining the faculty on
Aug. 16, Miller worked for two ye-
ars in data processing for the Uni-
versity's computer services. Prior
to that he was a statistician for the
Southern Illinois University School
of Medicine for five years.
   Miller holds the B.A. in mathe-
matics from the University of Wis-
consin at Green Bay, and the M.S.         Robert Zeller (left), assocrate dean o f Health Scrence Profectronc, present5 a check
in statistics from Cornell University     for nearly $9,000 to Robert Clement, d ~ r e c t o r oF ~ n a n c ~ a l
                                                                                                f           Ass~stanceThe money was
in Ithaca, N.Y. H e has pursued ex-                                                                a
                                          grverl to Sangamon State Unrversrty to establ~ch Health Profe5sron\ Scholar\hrp
tensive studies in computer science       Fund Two scholarsh~ps     wrll b e awarded each year from the f u n d beg~nnrngr l the
at SSU.                                   fall o f 1983 The money w11lb e awarded to undergraduate andgraduate s t ~ ~ a ' e rrnt s
   Miller is particularly interested                                                                              o             w
                                          the health profecsron5 o n the bas15o f need o r merrt Select~on f the reclp~ents ~ l l
in statistical computing and pro-         b e made by a faculty commrttee The money ha5 been placed In an erltJowed fund,
gramming languages. H e is also in-       whlch Zeller hopec to Increase through cionat~on)        from former SSIl Health Program
terested in linguistics and Asian         student,

                                          campus notes

Author's Party
set for Nov. 15
                                                                                                   two-day workshop was trrst presentcti
     An Author's Party will be held in    Barbara Scheibling, graph~cdes~gner
                                                                                                   at the U n ~ f o r m e d      Unlvcvs~tyof
the University bookstore from 11          for the Educat~onal  Product~on  Serv~tes
                                                                                                   the Health Sclen(es In W,l,hlngton
a.m. to 6:30 p.m. o n Nov. 15. SSU              t
                                          U n ~ d l Sdngamon State, recently re-
                                                                                                   D C o n Sept 10,jnd 11 It w ~ lbe pres-
faculty and staff with published          celved lhe    Bronze           from the
                                                                                                   ented upon request from groups or
works will be present t o visit and       Springfield                     and Ad-                  organ~zat~ons      throughout the country
                                          vertlsln~  Federat~on  for her des~gn of
sign autographs. Follett's Lakeside
                                          the S S H ~ u s ~ n g
                                                      o       brochure. The bro-
Bookstore is sponsoring the event,                                                                  ---                       -.

which is open t o the public.             t h u r e features an                      folder        John Nosari, ass~stantprofessor of d c -
                                                  an         h       logo.
                                          w ~ t h orrg~nal o u s ~ n g                             countdncy dt Sdngamon State, wds re-
     The following authors and books
                                                                                                   cently elected to the Bodrd of Gover-
will be featured at the party: (11t o
                                                                                                   nors of the Central l l l ~ p o ~ sCh,tpter of
1) Gari Lesnoff-Caravaglia, several       Henry Smorynski, associate professor                                         of
                                                                                                   the l n s t ~ t u t c Internal A u d ~ t o r s No-
gerontology books; (11 to 11:30           of health services administration dt                     sarl has recelved d grant froni the IIA
Charles Schweighauser,Astronomy           SSU, dddressed the Sept. 17 meeting of                   for the purposeof completrng hrs doc-
and the Origin o f the Earth; (11 t o     the Illinois Medical Group Managers                      toral d~ssertdt~onh ~ s   T  summer hc ,llso
6:30) Charles Strozier, Lincoln's         Association. His topic was "Clinics and                                       In
                                                                                                   p d r t ~ c ~ p d t e d a panel drstu5slon of
                                          Group Practices in an Emerging Health                    how to teach rntern'll ' i u d ~ t ~ n g   spon-
Quest for Union; (1 to 4) David Ev-
                                          Revolution." O n Sept. 21 he took part                   sored by the N a t ~ o n ~ l l Amer~cdnAc-
erson, Public Opinion and Interest        i n a workshop o n upgrading require-
G r o ~ i p sn American Politics; (1:30
             i                                                                                     counting Assocrdt~on
                                          ments for professional licensurc spon-
t o 2:30) Brian Alley, Keeping Track                                   collegeof Nurs-
                                          sored by t h e ~ m e r i c a n                            --    -..
                                                                                                           - . .
o f What You Spend; ( 3 t o 4) Pro-       ing Home Administrators. Both meet-                      Alfred Arkley, ~lsioc-~ate          profeisor of
shanta Nandi, The Quality o f Life o f    ings were held in Springfield.                           management and public- ,~ff,~irs,          fdcili-
Asian Americans; (4 to 5) Cullom                                                                   t,lted J. workshop on "The C!scs of
Davis, Oral History: From Tape to                                                                  Power in YourOrg~lni/,~tion",ltthe1982
Type and The Public and Private           Jim Veselenak, ,~ss~st,~nt          professor of         Munirip,~l   M,~n,igcrncnt Tr,lining Con-
Linco111; (hours uncertain) Robert        med~cal    technology, r?cently rccc~\.ed                fcrenc e, of the Illinoic As<oci,ition of
Hanie, Cualc: The Golden Coast o f        dpprovdl from the A m c r ~ c , ~ n     Soc~et)    of    Municip,~l  M,in,iqclrnrnt Acsiit,~nts,       hclci
Georgia.                                                      gy                  workshop
                                          M ~ c r o b ~ o l o for a t ~ a v e l ~ n g              in Allc,rton P,lr k in Sexptcrnhc,r. Also in
                                          entrtled "Adv,~nt es In Labor,ltorv Ttlc h-                                               c~
                                                                                                   Scptrmhc,r Arkley g , > ~,I prc,c3nrcltlon
     Additional authors may partici-
                                          n l q u o In M e d ~ c ah4vcology w ~ t h Kc-
                                                                   l                     I
                                                                                         '         o n "TheTc,~lnBurlding Fun(-t~on rhc,     ot
p j t c , ,3nd times when certain ,~u-    L I C U of M v ~ o l o g y ' The workshop 1 5            Junror At hie~c,rriclnt A t i i 1sc.1" ,II rhct
thors will be present may be cx-                                     for
                                          cIc.51gncdpr ~rm,ir~l) the mrt I o b ~ o l o -           Junior Ac ~ I C L C ' I ~ ~ A(i\ isc'r TI CIIIIIII~
                                                                                                                               ( ' I ~ ~
tended. For further information                             ~ dI                y
                                          g ~ s t ~ o r k Inn gd b ~ r d t o r or tcJ,rc h ~ n g   Scsjion heltl i r i Spririgt~t.lcl.
contact Linda M c K a y dt 786-6634.                                  r
                                          d~,lgnostrc nied~cdl n ~ t r o b ~ o l o gThe    y           Arkle) . ~ n dJudith Ettinger, ,i,s~\t,i~:r
professor of businessadministration, re-      and Mid-Career Training held in O t -         recent paintings and rnonoprints in a
cently participated in the design of a        tawa, Canada, in October. Her presen-         one-person show at the Peter Miller
first-line supervisor training program        tation was entitled: "Boldnessand Barn-       Gallery in Chicago. The exhibit will run
for the IllinoisSecretary of State'soffice.   raising: A Prescription for Mid-Career        through Nov. 15.
Arkley and Ettinger trained experienced       Training."
managers in the office to facilitate the                                                    JackieVehmeyer, Naragansett, R.I., has
training program.                                                                           joined the SSU Women's Tennis Team.
                                              Students, faculty, and alumni of San-
                                                                                            Vehmeyer previously attended Lincoln
                                              gamon State's Gerontology Program             Land Community College.
Richard Judd, associate professor of          were among new members initiated
management, presented "Daydream-              into the ETA chapter of Sigma Phi
ing with a Purpose: H o w Can I Become        Omega, the national gerontology honor         Catherine Walters, part-time instruc-
a High Performer?"to theannual rneet-         society, in ceremonies held in Spring-        tor of psychology at Sangamon State
ing of the Central lllinois Mechanical        field in October. Representing SSU            University, conducted a day of training
Engineering Society, held in November         were: Gari Lesnoff-Caravaglia, associate      o n "Theory and Process in Counseling
at Bradley University.                        professor of gerontology; JeffreyChes-        the Battered Woman" for the lllinois
   judd also participated in a panel dis-     ky, assistant professor of gerontology;       Coalition Against Domestic Violence
cussion in a recent program o n In-           Curtis Coonrod, Judith Feurer, Sr. Ar-        o n Sept. 8.
vestment, Technology, and Export De-          lene Winkler, Geraldine Albright, Mary
velopnient sponsored by thesmall Busi-        Carroll, and Janet Larrick.
nesslnstitute Directors Association and          Chesky also recently presented a se-       Robert 1. Reid, dean of social science
the U.S. Small Business Administration.       minar entitled "Effects of Exercise o n       at Sangamon State from 1971-1975, is
The meeting was attended by SBI di-           Age Dependent Changes in Cardiac              the editor of Battlegrountl: The Auto-
rectors and SBA personnel from nine           Proteins" at Mdssachusetts General            biography of Margaret A. Haley which
midwestern states. j u d d serves as trea-    Hospital.                                     was recently published by the Univer-
surer of the association.                                                                   sity of Illinois Press.

Ardeshir Lohrasbi, assistant professor        At the annual meeting of the Oral His-
                                              tory Association in San Antonio, Tex.         K. G.Janardan,professor of mathemat-
of mclnagement,workedwith the Amer-                                                         ical systems, is co-author of t w o papers
ican Industrial Art Students Associa-         Cullom Davis, SSU vice-president for
                                              academic affairs, was elected vice-pre-       recently published i n the )ourrlaf ot
tion to develop a leadership confer-                                                                               l
                                                                                            Toxicology a r ~Enviror~mcntal               Health.
ence held at Lake Williamson Christian        sident/president-elect. I n October of
                                              1983 Davis will begin a one-year term         Work he performed while o n sabbati-
Center in Carlinville in October.                                                           cal from SSU at the University of Pitts-
   Donald Vanover, associate profes-          as president of this national organiza-
                                              tion o f some 1,400 professional histori-     burgh resulted in "Estimating the Pro-
,or of management, conducted a work-                                                        portion of Mutagenic Compounds in
shop o n leadership techniques and            ans, librarians, and other practitioners
                                              of oral history. The current director i s     Environmental Samples," written in con-
Anna May Smith, professor of man-                                                           junction with B. Raja Rao of the Uni-
agement, spoke o n "Motivation."              Betty Mason of Columbia University.
                                                  I n addition, Davis delivered a paper     versity of Pittsburgh and David]. Schaef-
                                              at the meeting o n the subject of legisla-    fer of the Illinois Environmental Protec--
                                              tive oral histories underway i n a dozen      tion Agency. Jdnardancoll,~bor~~ted            with
Smith also completed six Management
                                              states, particularly the continuing pro-      Schdeffer and William R. Glave of the
Training Sessions for the Auditor Gen-
                                              gram in lllinois conducted by the SSU         Raytheon Company, Submarine Sign'll
eral's office in September. She was in-
                                              Oral History Office for the Illinois Leg-     Division, to produce "Multivariate Sta-
vited to participate in a two-day work-
                                              islative Council.                             tistical Methods inToxicology. Ill. Speci-
shop on supervisory training for criminal
                                                                                            fying Joint Toxic Interaction Using
justice personnel in Macon County,
                                                                                            Multiple Regression Analysis."
held in Decatur Sept. 22 and 23.
                                              Bill Miller, associate professor and di-          janardan is also the senior author o f
    Also in September Smith spoke on          rector of the Public Affairs Reporting        "Characterization o f Generalized
"Comniuniration and Interpersonal             Program, i s the author of a chapter in a     Markov-Polya and Generalized Polyer-
Relations" at the Annual Conference
                                              forthcoming book, InsideState Govern-         Eggenberger Distributions."The paper
o f the Illinois Medical Group Man-           ment, published by the Institute of Go-       was written in conjunction w i t h B. Raja
agement Association, held at the Spring-      vernment and Public Affairs at the Uni-       Rao and appeared in theOctober issue
field Hilton. In October sheconducted         versity of Illinois. Miller's chapter, "The                                  in
                                                                                            of C o m m ~ l n i c a t i o r , ~ Statirtics.
J workshop o n "Time Management"
                                              Press Corps and Public Information,"
i n Springfield for the lllinois League of    details the history, makeup and func-
Redevelopment Officials.                                                                    The September issue of the "Env~ron-
                                              tions of the statehouse press corps. The
                                                                                            mental Education Report," published
 -  -                             -           book, edited by Prof. James D. Nowlan,
                                                                                            by the American Society of Environ-
Debbie Ryman, student In the Creatlve         director of the Public Administration
                                                                                            mental Education, carried a lengthy
Arts Program at Sdngdrnon State, has          program at the University of Illinois,
                                                                                            excerpt, including photographs of
been selected to recelve a $250 achreve-      will be available to the public in De-
                                                                                            classes at SSU and Springfield schools,
ment ,~w,ird from the Sprlngf~eld      Ce-    cember.
                                                                                            f r o m Professor of City Planning Mark
ramlts ,lnd Crafts Club The award IS             Miller was recently re-elected pres-
                                                                                            Heyman's Simulation Games for the
b,~sed solely o n progresswe demon-           ident of the lllinois Freedom of Infor-
                                                                                            C l ~ s \ r o o n Published in 1975 and re-
str,ltlon of professional and creatlve        mation Council, a coalition of journal-
                                                                                            printed twice, Heyman's primer o n the
d b ~ l l t y Ryman has been studyrng ce-     ism organizations dedicated to protec-
                                                                                            subject i s one of Phi Delta Kappa's
ramlcs wlth Bob D ~ x o n SSU assrstant
                             ,                tion of First Amendment rights. Hewas
                                                                                            bestsellers in the "Fastback" series.
professor of creatlve ,irts, for two years.   also selected by the lllinois League of
                                                                                                 Heyrndn will also be featured in the
                                              Women Voters to moderate the Oct. 5
  --     - -                                                                                100th anniversary issue of "The Inland
                                              Thompson-Stevenson gubernatorial
DoloBrooking, assoclated~rector the
                                  of                                                        Architect," published in Chicago. The
                                              debate in Carbondale.
community arts management program,                                                          issue will include feature article about
gave an ~ n v ~ t e d
                  paper to the Interna-                                                     Frank Lloyd Wright by Heyrnan, who
tron,il Cornni~sslon n Museums Con-
                      o                       Linda King, assrstant professor of crea-      WCIS one of Wright's apprentices for
ference on Profess~on~il  Development         trve art at Sangarnon State, IS exh~brtrng    five years.
International                                               Calendar of Events
Studies sponsors                                                                University Events
                                         Workshop                                                   Nov. 15, 22, 29, Dec. 6;
series on Global                         Sponsor. Learning Center
                                         Faculty Senate Steering Committee Meeting
                                                                                                    4:30-5:30 p.m.; F-23C
                                                                                                    Nov. 16,23,30, Dec. 7; 1:30-3 p.m.
                                                                                                    BRK 340
Awareness                                Muslim Organizat~on
                                                           Meeting                                  Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 2; 7-9 p.m.;
                                                                                                    CC 10oc
                                                                                                    Nov. 19, 26, Dec. 3; 7-9 p.m.; L-18
                                                                                                    Nov. 21, 28, Dec. 5; noon-3 p.m.;
                                         International Students Association Meeting                 Nov. 15, 30; noon-1 p.m.; F-23C
   Sangamon State University's In-                                                                  Nov. 22; 3:45-5 p.m.; Cox House
ternational Studies Committee is         PAC-A-Lunch                                                Nov. 16; noon-1 p.m.
sponsoring a winter colloquium            Sponsor: Four Public Affairs Centers                      Atrium Lounge
series on Global Awareness, de-          Noon Time Entertainment: Steve Gipson, Comedian            Nov. 17; noon-l:30 p.m.
                                          Sponsor: Student Activities                               Cafeteria
signed to allow open discussion
                                         Public Policy Forum                                        Nov. 17; 7 p.m.
and dialog on vital issues confront-      Sponsor: Legislative Studies Center                       BRK Auditorium
ing the international community.         Anger and Hostility Workshop                               Nov. 17, Dec. 1; 5:307:30 p.m.
A focal point of the series' theme i s    Sponsor. Advising and Counseling                          E-2

the concept of Central Illinois as an    Health Assessment for College Nurses                       Nov. 18; 1-4 p.m.
                                          Sponsor: Nursing Program and Continuing Education         K-24
important part in the international      Student Senate Meeting                                     Nov. 18, Dec. 2; 5-7 p.m.; Cox Hse.
system and an integral part of the       Films, "Animal Crackers" and "Duck Soup"                   Nov. 18,19; 8 p.m.
world economy.                            Sponsor: Student Activities                               BRK Auditorium
   Remaining programs in the ser-        Faculty Senate Meeting                                     Nov. 19, Dec. 3; 8 a.m.-noon; E-2
ies are: "Violence in the Third          Carlos Montoya                                             Nov. 20; 8:15 p.m.
                                          Sponsor: SSU                                              University Auditorium
World: Case Study India," led by
                                         International Students Association Party                   Nov. 27; 11 a.m.-4p.m.; Gdme Rm.
Professor of Sociology Proshanta
                                         "A Christmas Carol"                                        Nov. 27, 28; 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.
Nandi (Nov. 16); and "United States-      Sponsor: SSU                                              University Auditorium
India Relations: Economic, Politi-       "Dreams" Exhibit                                           Nov. 29-Dec. 3; 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
cal, and National Security," led by       Sponsor- Community Arts Management students               PAC H/I
Assistant Professor of Health Servi-     Developing Self-Conce t Workshop                           Nov. 30, Dec. 7; 6-8 p.m.
                                          Sponsor. Advising antcounseling                           E-2
ces Administration Ashim Basu
                                         Film. "Cinderella"                                         Dec. 2, 3; 8 p.m.
(Dec. 2). Both programs are sche-         Sponsor: Srudenr Activitie5                               BRK Auditorium
duled for noon until 1.30 p.m. in        Illinois CPA Foundation Meeting                            Dec. 6; 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Brookens 333.                             Spon\or: Continuing Education                             PAC A, B

   Previous programs and speakers                                          Non-University Events
have been: "Crisis in Mexico," As-       Insurance Testing                                          Nov. 20, Dec-. 4; 7 a m.-5 p.m.
sociate Professor of Anthropology         Sponsor: Educational Testing Servfce                      BRK 333, 376, 477
Michael Quam; and "Crisis in the         Hodgens and Howard Concert                                 Nov. 21; 8:15 p.m.
                                          Spon5or: Communrty Concert Assoc~atron                    University Auditorium
Middle-East," Ashim Basu.
                                         ISU Pre-registration                                       Dec. 2; 5-7 p.m., PAC 4C
   For further information contact
                                         Annual Presentation of New Members                         Dec. 4; 5 p.m.
Assistant Professor of Political Stu-     Sponsor: SQUAWS. Inc.                                                 T
                                                                                                    PAC C/D, S Concourse & Foyer
dies Darryl Thomas at 786-6646.

Sangamon State University                                                                                               N o n p r o f i t Org.
Sprlngflcl(i, I l l ~ n o (52708
                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                        Springfield, I l l .
                                                                                                                     Permit No.           703

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