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                                        Yankee Engineer                           Volume 45, No. 4           January 2011

District makes permit determination, record of
decision on Cape Wind wind energy facility proposal
                                         404 of the Clean Water Act, which        Service (MMS), is the lead federal
by Timothy Dugan
                                         regulates the discharge or fill of       agency in the environmental
Public Affairs Office
                                         material in United States waters,        review, as required by the National
    After reviewing the Federal          including wetlands.                      Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
Environmental Impact Statement               The Corps completed its                   BOEMRE released its Final
and     Record       of                                                                        Environmental Impact
Decision on the                                                                                Statement (EIS) in
Cape Wind, LLC                                                                                 January 2009 before
wind energy facility                                                                           making its Record of
proposal to construct                                                                          Decision (ROD) in
130 wind turbines                                                                              April 2010.
in Nantucket Sound,                                                                                The Corps of
Mass., that was                                                                                Engineers has been
compiled by the                                                                                one of many federal,
Bureau of Ocean                                                                                state     and       local
Energy Management,                                                                             cooperating agencies
Regulation         and                                                                         in the environmental
Enforcement                                                                                    review process. The
(BOEMRE),           the                                                                        BOEMRE           website
New           England                                                                          with the EIS and
District has made its                                                                          Record of Decision
determination under                                                                            is     available        at:
Section 10/Section                                                                             http://www.boemre.
404 jurisdiction to                                                                            gov/offshore/
issue a Corps permit                                                                           RenewableEnergy/
for the proposal.                                                                              CapeWindFEIS.htm.
    The application                                                                                Information on the
for the Cape Wind                                                                              Corps of Engineers
wind energy facility                                                                           Record of Decision and
federal permit was                                                                             permit determination is
filed with the District The Nysted Offshore wind farm off the coast of Denmark.                available on the Corps
in compliance with                                                                            website at http://www.
Section 10 of the Rivers and             Section 10/404 permit review             nae.usace.army.mil. Select “Proj-
Harbors Act, which provides for and Record of Decision on Jan. 5                  ects” and then “Cape Wind permit
federal regulation of any work in,       and issued a Corps permit for the        application” or go directly to the link
or affecting navigable waters of proposal. BOEMRE, formerly                       at: http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/
the United States; and with Section called Minerals Management                    projects/ma/capewind.htm.
    January 2011

                                                                                   Sheila Winston-Vincuilla, Tom Rosato,
                                                                                   Bob Gauvreau and Evamarie D'Antuono

                                                                           Evamarie D’Antuono Receives Chief
                                                                           of Engineers Award For Second
     … to Wendy Gendron, Engi-
     neering/Planning, on the passing
                                                                           Straight Year
     of her father, Richard S. Corbin,
                                                                                                                New England District’s Deputy
     Nov. 22. He proudly served our
                                                                                                             for Small Business, Evamarie
     country in the U.S. Navy aboard
                                                                                                             D’Antuono, has received the Chief of
     the USS Ranger during the Viet-
                                                                                                             Engineers Award for Small Business
     nam War.
                                                                                                             Program Specialist of the Year for
                                                                                                             a second straight year. Lt. Gen.
     …to Ruthann Brien and her
                                                                                                             Robert L. Van Antwerp, the Chief of
     husband, Paul Minken, both
                                                                                                             Engineers, presented the award to Ms.
     of Regulatory, on the passing
                                                                                                             D’Antuono in early December at the
     of Ruthann’s grandfather, Dale
                                                                                                             2010 Society of American Military
     Stovall, Dec. 14 in Virginia.
                                                                                                             Engineers (SAME) Annual Small
                                                                                                             Business Conference in Grapevine,
     ...to the family of Operations
     retiree Lionel E. Chauvette,
                                                                                                                The award recognized Ms.
     who passed away, Jan. 2. Mr.
                                                                           D’Antuono’s leadership, dedication and vision in advancing the Small
     Chauvette was a veteran and
                                                                           Business Programs within the Corps of Engineers. To have received
     worked for many years at the
                                                                           the award two years running is indeed a special honor and testament to
     New England Division Water
                                                                           her professionalism and dedication to the Small Business contractors
     Quality Laboratory. He retired
                                                                           involved in working with us to successfully execute our many missions.
     as Assistant Project Manager,
                                                                               Ms. D’Antuono also very successfully filled the added role of Lead
     Tully Lake.
                                                                           for the North Atlantic Division regional small business team in Fiscal
                                                                           Year 2010 and has been asked to continue that role for Fiscal Year 2011.
     … to Steve Patchkofsky,
     Naugatuck River Area Office
     Environmental Compliance                                              Words Worth Repeating
     Coordinator, on the passing of                                        "Know what your values are and then stick with them. Don't let
     his grandmother, Mrs. Julia                                           people talk you out of what you know is right."
     Patchkofsky, Jan. 17.                                                 - Flip Saunders

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                                                                                                                                                  New England Divisi
                                                                                                              YANKEE ENGINEER
                                                                                                                    January 2011   3
Union, Management sign new Collective Bargaining
Agreement built on employee concerns
     The New England District management team and             that there will be a Union Representative present on all
the NFFE-IAMAW, AFL-CIO Local 1164 Union                      the boards – the Awards Board, Selection Board, etc.
signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with – as well as at the biweekly staff meeting. “If there’s
a signing event held on Dec. 13, 2010 in the Gridley an issue that needs to be addressed, it can be brought
Conference Room.                                              up at the meeting,” said Casoli.
     “Everyone involved did a great job,” said Col. Philip        “There was also a complete rewrite of the whole
Feir, New England District Commander, at the signing          grievance procedure,” said Chamberland. “It places
event. “It’s a better product than we had before. I ap-       more responsibility on the supervisors to be proactive
preciate the contributions made by both sides. The give       in working with Bargaining Unit Members to resolve
and take made it a                                                                                      grievances.”
better document.”                                                                                           According to
     “With this                                                                                         Casoli, telework
new contract,                                                                                           and time and at-
everyone has                                                                                            tendance were
a voice,” said                                                                                          also negotiated
Union Vice Presi-                                                                                       in the new con-
dent Tom Cham-                                                                                          tract. “With this
berland. “This                                                                                          new agreement,
contract is all                                                                                         it’s all based on
about the people.                                                                                       trust and commu-
We’re always Members of the NFFEE-IAMAW, AFLC-CIO Local 1164 Union (Bob Casoli, Dr. Ian Os-             nications,” he said.
going to have a gerby and Tom Chamberland) and New England District (Col. Philip Feir, Lt. Col. Steven “If you treat people
few bumps in the Howell, Theresa Negron and Tony Mackos) sign a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.   like professionals,
                     (Photo by Brian Murphy.)
road, but now we                                                                                       they’ll act like pro-
can sit down and talk.”                                       fessionals.”
     The signing ushered in a new way District Man-               Another difference between the new contract from
agement and the Union negotiate contract agreements. the old one is the size. The superceded document was
Before formal negotiations began, members of the over 50 pages long whereas the new contract is just
Management Negotiation Team and the Union Nego- over 20. The reason is the District policies have been
tiation Team traveled to Maryland to attend special moved to the appendices, which will help keep the
negotiation training.                                         new contract more like a living document. “A policy
     Once the training was completed, Union members change will not negate the new contract,” said Dr. Ian T.
sent out a survey to employees to see what issues were        Osgerby, Union Negotiator. “That’s why we put them
important to them so they could bring those issues to in appendices. We can just switch out the old policy
the negotiating table. About 85 percent of those given        with a new, approved policy.”
the survey responded. According to Bob Casoli, Chief              The Management Team that participated in the
Steward and Negotiator for the Union, that’s a stagger- Contract Agreement signing included Col. Feir, Lt. Col.
ing amount of participation. “That survey gave us a Steven Howell, Deputy Commander, Tony Mackos,
lot of information,” he said. “We knew what we were Theresa Negron with Kim Kaminski-Donaher serving
going to negotiate based on those answers.”                   as the Management Team's recorder.
     Negotiations for the new contract only took two              The Union Negotiation Team consisted of Bud
months, in sharp contrast to the five years of talks it Taylor, Ian Osgerby, and Bob Casoli with Tom Cham-
took to get the old contract signed. “It was a mutually berland serving as recorder for the Union team. After
agreed upon contract,” said Casoli. “We negotiated it completing negotiations for the Bargaining Unit Mem-
in good faith and this contract represents everybody.”        bers, Bud Taylor ( Chief Union Negotiator) left to serve
     One of the biggest changes in the new contract is        the Corps and the nation in Afghanistan.
    January 2011

District ends the year with holiday celebrations
  The New England District celebrated the holiday season with two parties in December.
Hundreds of New England District employees and members of the Community Based Health
Care Organization (CBHCO) attended the fun-filled events to end the year on a positive note.
    The night time holiday party                available. Tables at the entrance of             Regulatory headed the efforts to
took place, Dec. 3 at Hanscom Air               the cafeteria were filled with meats,            arrange this year’s celebration.
Force Base’s Minuteman Club, with               cheeses, olives, vegetables and other            Both encouraged everyone to enjoy
about 41 people turning out for the             delicious pickies.                               themselves during the party and
festivities. Party organizers did                   At noon, party participants                  wished everyone a happy and safe
things a little differently this year,          moved to the Massachusetts and                   holiday season.
adding an informal sit down dinner              Connecticut conference rooms to                       Activities abounded during the
that featured Lemon Garlic Half                 select their lunch from a large vari-            holiday party. Event organizers ar-
Chicken. Partygoers danced the                  ety of luncheon delights to include              ranged a holiday trivia contest with
night away to tunes played by the               spinach ravioli with pesto, squash               participants breaking into groups
District’s favorite new DJ, Regula-             ravioli with sage butter sauce, lin-             to see which team could answer
tory’s own Greg Penta.                          guini with clam sauce, chicken pic-              the most questions correctly. The
    The daytime holiday party was               cata, eggplant parmesan and more.                winning team of Paul Sneeringer,
held at noon, Dec. 17 at the Concord            Delicious desserts that included a               Joe Buckley, Barbara Newman,
Park Headquarters. Over 175 people              Finnish log, canolis and cookies                 Mike Riccio and Dan Vasconcelos
clamored into the District cafeteria            ended a fabulous lunch.                          each won gift certificates to a local
to partake of gourmet appetiz-                      Col. Philip Feir, New England                restaurant.
ers such as spanakopita and mini                District Commander, and Bob De-                       A Karaoke contest was held in
quiche. Lt. Col. Steven Howell’s                Sista, Acting Chief of Regulatory,               the theatre. A number of employees
famous minuteman brew was also                  welcomed attendees to the party.                 were brave enough to step up to the

                                                                                                                        Photos by Brian Murphy
Members of the CBHCO arrive in costume at the daytime holiday celebration to get everyone into the spirit.
                                                                                                                      YANKEE ENGINEER
                                                                                                                            January 2011   5
 microphone. They included Col.
 Feir, Laura Lally, Helen Newcomb,
 Karen Wolfe and Cynthia Wright.
 Karen Wolfe walked away victori-
 ous with a gift certificate.
      The WE Committee held their
 annual basket auction during the
 party. This annual favorite earns
 money for the WE Committee’s
 activities during the year and al-
 lows employees to pick up a special
 holiday gift. Regulatory Division,
 Resource Management, Human
 Resources and Real Estate Divi-
 sion all made up baskets of varying
 themes and donated them to the
                                            Mrs. Tara Feir and Col. Philip Feir hang out with Santa and his helper.
 event. The winners were Ruth Ladd,
 Bill Walker, Karen Wolfe, and Zina
      In the midst of all the fun and
 frivolity that the holidays bring,
 New England District employees
 and members of the CBHCO re-
 membered the little ones at risk of
 not having a good holiday. By do-
 nating 371 toys – the most toys the
 WE Committee has ever collected
 for the Toys for Tots Program – they
 made sure that hundreds of children
 would have a holiday gift to open
 this year.
      Retirees who attended the day
 time party were Amal Gurguis,
 Forrest Knowles, Steve DiLorenzo,          The Concord Park cafeteria was transformed into a winter wonderland.
 Alexine Raineri, Chiway Hsuing,
 Marie Pinede, Buz McDonald,
 Bob Gauvreau, and Joe Bocchino.
 Bocchino also attended the night
 time party.

(From left) Terry Negron, Raushanah Mu-
                                            Party goers play Guitar Hero in the theatre.
hammad and Tina Krawczyk sit and relax at
the daytime holiday party.
    January 2011

Patchkofsky honored with Interpretive Awards
by Marci Montrose
Park Ranger, Hop Brook Lake
    Steve Patchkofsky, Environ-
mental Compliance Coordinator
for the Naugatuck River Basin,
was recognized by Col. Philip Feir,
New England District Commander,
at January’s Park Ranger Confer-
ence as the New England District’s
(NAE) 2010 Interpreter of the Year.
In the fall, he also received a plaque
for winning the North Atlantic
Division’s (NAD) 2010 Hiram M.
Chittenden Award for Interpretive
    Patchkofsky received his recog-
nition as the NAE’s 2010 Interpreter                                                                                   Photos by Brian Murphy

of the Year and the NAD’s 2010           Steven Patchkofsky demonstrates the fine art of donning a life jacket to Joan Gardner.
Hiram M. Chittenden Award due            tended his services on all levels. He             had solar panels installed on the top
to his hard work, determination and      is a member of the National Water                 of the trailer, thereby allowing all
willingness to assist when needed.       Safety Team and the North Atlantic                electronics to be operated by solar
He has proven his commitment to          Division’s Water Safety Team repre-               power. He had a small hole made in
educating his fellow Corps members       sentative. This position allowed him              the side of the trailer and installed a
and the public. The fact that he         to not only supply USACE Rangers                  flat screen television with a cover to
works on local, District, division       with knowledge and tools for their                protect it. An awning was installed
and national levels indicates that       own interpretive programs, but to                 and a VCR/DVD combo player was
he knows no bounds and is willing        interact with the public, providing               connected to the TV.
to do whatever it takes to make          them with first-hand, up-to-date                       Inside the trailer is a plethora of
certain that everyone he meets is        Water Safety information.                         water safety brochures, pamphlets,
armed with useful knowledge and               One of Patchkofsky’s largest                 coloring books and other hand-outs
is comfortable with performing the       endeavors has already proven to be                for all to use at whichever event
skills needed to keep themselves and     a very worthwhile and sought after                they have the trailer at. Water
the public safe and well informed.       tool for many projects throughout                 safety videos are also provided to
    Patchkofsky does not fit the         the New England District. This                    use with the TV, DVD/VCR and
mold of what may be thought of           brainchild of Patchkofsky’s is                    different styles of life vests, safety
as the typical interpreter. He is not    what’s known as “the Water Safety                 rings, throw sticks, whistles, lights
a Park Ranger who has continual          Trailer.” His planning began prior                and flares are available as interac-
interpretive opportunities handed        to 2009, however, most of his work                tive teaching devices. A Bobber the
to him. He is an Environmental           and the completion of the trailer                 Safety Dog costume comes with the
Compliance Coordinator whose job         occurred in 2009. Patchkofsky                     trailer, and if requested, Seamoor
does not normally entail interpretive    basically took a small landscaping                the Water Safety Dragon is also
opportunities; therefore, he creates     trailer that one of the projects was              available.
his own interpretive opportunities       not using and turned it into an energy                 Patchkofsky also made a spin-
and performs them willingly and          efficient water safety interpretive               ning wheel trivia game to use when
effectively.                             tool on wheels. This trailer is en-               awarding items such as flying discs
    Patchkofsky repeatedly ex-           ergy efficient because Patchkofsky                or zipper pulls for correct answers
                                                                                                                  YANKEE ENGINEER
                                                                                                                        January 2011   7
to questions.                               ence in Washington, DC where he                 a booth at a Memorial Day Weekend
     He also included in the trailer        was given the task of trying to entice          event in Bristol, Conn., alongside
another game that he had made in            young prospective applicants to the             staff members from Thomaston
a past year but perfected in 2009.          USACE booth during the career fair.             Dam. Patchkofsky greeted many
This game is a shower-like system           Using his ability to think outside              of the 600 attendees who passed
made of PVC piping with small               the box, he utilized Seamoor the                by their booth. His efforts helped
holes drilled into it at certain in-        Water Safety Dragon as a creative               to educate people of all ages in
tervals. This system hooks up to a          tool to speak with the fair attendees           regards to the Corps, the Flood of
hose. The water flows through the           and persuade them to come to the                1955, what we do and why we do it.
piping and drains out of the holes.         booth where representatives from                He also staffed the 2009 Naugatuck
The person who goes through it is           the Corps could interview them.                 River Race, a kayak race, in Beacon
allowed to travel through the water             While attending a Water Safety              Falls, Conn., with Thomaston Dam
maze normally without getting wet.          Team meeting in Texas, the team                 members.
Then they are given a set of goggles                                                                    Patchkofsky travelled to
which blurs their sight. The person                                                                Colebrook River Lake on
must navigate through the maze,                                                                    weekends to assist the staff
again, without getting wet. This                                                                   with boat safety/visitor as-
game helps to educate the public                                                                   sistance patrols. He realized
on the dangers of drinking alcohol                                                                 the two staff members that
when in the presence of water. It                                                                  Colebrook has are extremely
is a very effective tool that is both                                                              busy with administrative
educational and fun, especially on                                                                 duties and rarely have time
a very hot day.                                                                                    to meet with the public or
     Since its maiden voyage on                                                                    conduct boat patrols, so he
May 9, 2009, the trailer has been                                                                  volunteered his weekends
used at several events hosted by                                                                   to help them out. In doing
the Cape Cod Canal, some Mer-                                                                      so, Patchkofsky was able to
                                         Steven Patchkofsky receives his award from Col. Philip
rimack River Basin projects, Hop         Feir.                                                   assist several stranded boaters,
Brook Lake and Thomaston Dam.                                                                    carry out safety checks and
     Patchkofsky also travelled to the      attended an interpretive event for a perform many impromptu inter-
Summer Ranger Visitor Assistance            local inner-city school being held pretive programs explaining the
training in Southbridge, Mass., with        by area Corps staff. The purpose history of the basin, to include the
the trailer and conducted a training        of the event was to watch them Flood of 1955 and other areas of
session for the summer rangers on           and critique their interpretive skills natural resources management and
how to use the solar power in the           involving water safety.                         environmental education.
trailer, where everything is in the              Instead of standing in the back-               Patchkofsky was and continues
trailer, how to store things and how        ground, Patchkofsky, among others to be a First Aid/CPR/AED, pepper
to assemble and use the games and           in the group, worked side-by-side spray and boat instructor. As the
also how to use Seamoor and Bob-            with the staff. By doing this, he only First Aid/CPR/AED instruc-
ber properly.                               assumed several interpretive roles,             tor in the Naugatuck River Basin,
     Patchkofsky’s vision is a highly       one was as a traditional educational therefore, he certified all NRB
successful tool that has already            interpreter with the local inner-city personnel. His trainings were fun
proven its worth and practicality to        school children and the other was as and informative.
the District and will only continue         a mentor/trainer to the local staff.                These may not be thought of
to grow in popularity and necessity              On a more local level, Patchkof- as typical interpretive opportuni-
for those who host events.                  sky was and continues to be a reli- ties, however, by his involvement
     In addition 2009 was the second        able source that the entire Naugatuck and mentoring, Patchkofsky made
year Patchkofsky attended the Black         River Basin has come to depend on. a direct positive impact on anyone
Engineer of the Year Awards Confer-         He volunteered to staff and support he has trained.
    January 2011

Dredging up the past . . .

               Col. Earle Richardson (center) signs the 1995 NFFE Union Agreement on Nov. 28,
               1995. Participants were (from left) Dave Wilbur, Human Resources, and Farrell Mc-
               Millan, Engineering, representing management and Jerry Nunziato, Contracting, and
               Vicki Voltz Engineering, representing the Union.

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     Permit No. 494                                                         Concord, MA 01742-2751
      Concord, MA                                                           696 Virginia Road
          Paid                                                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      U.S. Postage                                                          New England District
       First Class                                                          Public Affairs Office

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