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					chapter book(or series) for K read aloud

Hi folks - I got a lot of great suggestions which I have just listed below.
A GIANT THANKS to all who sent me along some ideas. It is very much
appreciated. My teachers are going to start with *Mercy Watson* and then
move on to *Jigsaw Jones*, the *High Rise Private Eyes*, *Down Girl and Sit*,
and *Moongobble and Me* if there is time for all these. :)

The list is in no particular order and I tried to mention when a series had
been suggested more than once.

Judy Moody or Clementine (3 times)

We have Nate the Great that is geared to that age group. (4 times)

Jigsaw Jones is a great chapter book series for the young ones. (3 times)

Toot and Puddles by Holly Hobbie,
Frog and Toad set,by Arnold Loebell,and Mr....

Young Cam Jansen or Cam Jansen by David Adler
Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne

"High-Rise Private Eyes", 'Nate the Great", "Frog and Toad", Horrible
Harry", A-Z Detectives","Amber Brown", "Cam Jansen" (these last two series
have "younger" and "older" reader versions) One of my first grade classes
loved the "Pixie Tricks" series, some of which are still in print.

Mercy Watson by Kate Di Camillo (4 times)
Roscoe Riley by Katherine Applegate

Ramona Quimby by Cleary
Freddie Fernortner by Johnathan Rand (available on his site or from
James Howe has some that are great-the series is Bunnicula, but the books I
am thinking of are Houndsley and Cattina, There's a Nightmare under My Bed,
and Harold and Chester.

I like to use the Young Hoosier Book Award nominees

How about the Henry and Mudge series by Cynthia Rylant? (3)

How about Magic Tree House? Those books have a girl and boy character (4
Nate the Great books by Marjorie Sharmat or the Cam Jansen mysteries

How about the Clementine series by Pennypacker?

How about a Magic tree house or My fathers dragon?
How about Henry and Mudge or Mercy Watson

Magic Tree House?

Little House books

How about Cynthia Rylant's The High-Rise Private Eyes series? (3 times)

How about the Down Girl and Sit series by Lucy Nolan.

central theme.

Bruce Coville's Moongobble and Me series (Dragon of Doom is the first one),
and a few kids always look for it when they hit grade 1 or 2 to read again
on their own since they loved it so much in K. A few I haven't tried in
class but may use in the future: Beverly Cleary's Ramona series -- I think
Ramona the Pest is the first one, where Ramona starts kindergarten; The
Littles by John Peterson; A Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon.

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