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					                                            Sam Haozous
                                      620 West San Francisco Street
                                            Santa Fe, NM, 87507
                                       Home Phone (415)-571-9782

                  CAREER OVERVIEW:
                  Extensive background in the southwest art community including acting as the
                  Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar family business. Involvement in
                  various aspects of the media for eight years. Print media background, web-based ad
                  sales, and guerilla marketing experience, IBM-PC and Mac experience, fifteen years
                  of photography experience, and a wide array of experience with other forms of
                  technical and artistic media. Experience with various non-profit organizations with
                  a broad base of knowledge ranging from security issues to archival issues dealing
                  with rare and fragile items. Extensive management background, customer service
                  experience, and a team player with coworkers.

                  15 years of experience with the ever-changing internet, HTML, all browsers, web
                  programming applications such as FrontPage and DreamWeaver. 8 years of video,
                  media, and photography experience including training and experimentation. 3 years
                  of Mac system program experience, 6 years of IBM-PC program experience.
                  Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PhotoShop. Many independent projects involving
                  a wide array of publication mediums including on-line, print, video, and audio.

                  WORK HISTORY
Mar ‘05 – Present Operations Manager & Family Liason for Allan Houser Inc.
                  Managed personnel and daily operations of this well-established south western art
                  company based on the art created by Allan Houser. Acted as family representative
                  on for all business appearances geared toward generating exposure and income for
                  the estate of the Allan Houser family. Oversaw the complete overhaul of the
                  grounds surrounding the sculpture garden and visitor’s center that displays the
                  works of Allan Houser. Helped create an environment suitable for an incoming
                  CEO to enter and lead the company into future decades including establishing a
                  more solid foundation for the non-profit aspect of the business. Oversaw the
                  maintence of the grounds and maintence of the estate. Ensured that communication
                  between the corporation and the board of directors was maintained at a reasonable
                  level. Kept the level of communication between high-profile collectors and the sales
                  division at a steady stream. Oversaw and expanded advertising onto internet and
                  radio, with a positive response on both a local and national level. Expanded tours
                  and events from previous lower volume years of traffic. Spearheaded the upgrade
                  of promotional media onto DVD including a remastered collector’s version of the
                  award winning video, “Allan Houser: AThe Lifetime Work of an American

2001 - 2006       Ebay Store Seller, Inventory Consultant, and Trading Assistant
                  Managed a cash-positive Ebay store that, at its height in 2006, had an inventory of
                  over 17 thousand objects of art and collectibles relating to pop culture including

                  comic books, records, CDs, video tapes, rare artwork, rare books, clothes, and toys.
                  Duties included mass-uploading and modifying an Excel database of the entire
                  inventory as well as monitoring the actions of hundreds of competitors in order to
                  stay on top of the current market for these niche items of interest. Inventory
                  Accessor duties included frequently travel to see specific collections of pop culture
                  items including artwork, collectibles, and comic books in order to determine the fair
                  market value. This position as an ebay seller also yielded frequent contacts in the
                  online art community.

Jan '99 – Jan ‘04 Senior Quality Editor for LookSmart, Inc.
                  Managed a wide array of different projects using web-based utilities and Excel to
                  examine, modify, and update the companie’s worldwide database of on-line
                  commercial web sites. Responsibilities encompassed search engine optimization
                  including research and analysis of individual websites and commercial aspects of
                  the world wide web. Duties included frequent managementof specific editors for
                  specialized projects relating to updating Looksmart's internal and external database.
                  I had extensive customer service experience including phone cold calling and
                  internet referrals. At one point I was the point person between LookSmart and
                  MSN with whom we had a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership. Viewing,
                  analyzing, and critiquing up to 1000 websites a day to determine each one’s quality
                  in relation to the company’s mission statement. In my final year, I migrated to the
                  then-popular database where I interacted with thousands of online
                  vollunteers and oversaw the specific work of various bot programs designed to
                  streamline the influx of data.

'90 - '96         BA with an emphasis on art, photography, and computers, Humboldt State
’87 – ‘90         General Education, College of the Redwoods

                  David Rettig: Curator: Corporate Collections, Allan Houser Inc.
                  Phone: 1.505.471.1528 Fax: 1.505.471.1482 email: (

                  Kate Wingerson: (Former) Chief Ontologist, Looksmart Inc.
                  Phone: 1.415.203.4500 Fax: 415.341.8700 email: (
                  Billy Mungovan: Director of Client Services, Looksmart Inc.
                  Phone: 1-707-822-5174                 email: (


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