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     Hearing to Discuss Development Project on Rte. 94

                                                                                                                                                                 Eileen Patterson/The Warwick Valley Dispatch

                Competition for Shop Rite and a neighbor for Frontier Lanes – this is the site of a proposed grocery store and car dealership on Route 94 in Warwick.
                                                 The property, which is 47 acres, would include 90,000 square feet of retail space.

                    By Eileen Patterson                            Country Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc, which is currently              moving out of the Village, many of those asked comment-
                                                                   located on Main Street in the Village of Warwick. Mr.              ed that they will not miss the site or the noise caused by car
     The landscape of the Town of Warwick is changing              Petrucci plans include moving the dealership to the new            carriers delivering to Country Chevy Olds.
and many residents work hard to stay on top of the pro-            site. The Fairgrounds plan also includes approximately 450              Warwick is in the middle of a building boom for hous-
posed changes. Those residents keep a close eye on the cal-        commercial parking spaces and space for 400 vehicles at            es, additional retail space is inevitable and the location is
endars of the Village and Town Planning Boards.                    the dealership.                                                    acceptable to many residents. It’s far enough from Main
     On Wed., Feb. 16, the Town of Warwick Planning                      A recently adopted law in New York State requires new        Street that a modern retail area will not disturb the charm
Board will hold a public hearing to discuss The                    commercial buildings on state highways such as Route 94            and antiquity of the Village.
Fairgrounds Retail Development project. This particular            to include a secondary access road to reduce traffic conges-            The recent Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) at
project is situated on property which many consider to be          tion. This project takes that regulation into consideration        Raynor Farm on Route 94 created a buffer for the Village
the gateway to the Village.                                        in the plan and also allows for a new traffic light.               and the growing commercialization beyond it. In addition
     The property is 47 acres and is adjacent to the Frontier            Negative public response to this project is hard to find.    to the Fairgrounds project, a new retail complex is being
Lanes bowling alley that is directly across Route 94 from          Residents asked about the affect the project will have, agree      built along the northern side of Route 94 before Leo Kaytes
Leo Kaytes Ford and ShopRite. The project proposes use             that a second grocery store in Warwick is not a bad thing.         Ford.
for approximately 90,000 square feet to include                    One resident said, “ShopRite is too expensive. They need                St. Anthony Community Hospital also recently pur-
Hannafords, a grocery store; Country Chevy Olds, a car             some competition.”                                                 chased 10 acres in that area but at this time has no plans to
dealership; and another section of retail space for a yet to             Another resident said, “Without driving thirty min-          build. Hospital spokesperson Ann Lombardi said, “We
be determined tenant.                                              utes to Middletown, ShopRite is the only choice and their
     The owner of the project, Frank Petrucci, owns                prices are too high.” When told the car dealership will be                                                   continued on page 5

              Residents to Expect 8% (+) Increase in School Budget
                      By Nancy Owen                                increase over the current year. When the Superintendent            Technology ($124,000), Director of Community Relations
                                                                   figured in the items he would either like to add or must be        ($124,000), and expansion of the Foreign Language
    Superintendent Dr. Joseph Natale presented the pro-            added, due to growth, in “Phase 2”; the total proposed             Program ($75,000). When asked by a Board member what
posed budget for the 2005-06 school year to the School             budget costs would be $70,228,872 or a total increase of 8.5       this last item meant, it was not definite whether this would
Board and the public at a work session on Mon., Jan. 31.           per cent.                                                          involve starting language in the elementary schools or
Emphasizing that this is the first of several meetings                  As he explained most of the increases are due to con-         expanding the language program in the high school as
addressing the issue of the budget, the Superintendent             tractual responsibility, state and/or federal mandates, and        another language choice.
indicated that many things may change in subsequent                debt repayment; in other words nothing the public can do                Three more public meetings are scheduled on the
meetings.                                                          much about (77% of the budget). “Phase 2” would cost the           budget - Feb. 28, Mar. 21, and Apr. 11, all of which will be
    Dr. Natale described the basic budget as “Phase 1,” in         taxpayers $638,547, or less than a one percent increase.           held at 7:30 p.m. at the Dorothy C. Wilson Education
which the budget moves forward a year, neither adding nor                Dr. Natale went on to describe items that have been          Center. In addition budget issues may be raised at regular-
subtracting any programs to the current budget. This               identified as needs but are not included in the proposed           ly scheduled School Board meetings during the “comments
phase will cost the taxpayers $69,590,325, a 7.5 percent           budget, i.e., High School Custodian ($49,915), Director of         from the public on non-agenda items.”
                                                                                                                                           The next regular School Board meetings are Feb. 7 at
                                                                                                                                      Kings Elementary and Mar. 14 at Pine Island Elementary at
                                                  Entered As Second Class Matter
                                                                                                                                      7:30 p.m. and a public hearing will be held May 9 at the
                                                       Warwick, N.Y. 10990                                                            Dorothy C. Wilson Education Center at 7 p.m. The vote by
                                                      Publication No.666800                                                           qualified registered voters is scheduled for May 17.
2                                                                    WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

        40 BCM Lots in Bellvale Win Planning Board Approval
                       by Scott Webber                                Oprandy which will run along Route 17A from Ketchum             Conservation Law, which says that no construction can
                                                                      Road to Pumpkin Hill Road. On Jan. 19 the Planners were         take place within 100 feet of any bog turtle’s muddy habitat.
     After more than six hours of public hearings, the                cautioned by the Town’s Conservation Advisory Board to               At the Jan. 19 meeting, Town Planning Consultant Ted
Warwick Town Planning Board gave preliminary approval                 go slow on approvals.                                           W. Fink noted that the BCM developer had come up with
to the BCM Development Co. application for a 40-lot sub-                   The developer will now have to come before the             a bog turtle “recreation program.” Last week he corrected
division on 70 acres at the end of the meeting on Wed., Feb. 2.       Planners for final approval. The subdivision application        this to a “reclamation program.”
     On Jan. 19, the Planners closed the lengthy hearings             has drawn the opposition of the Save Old Bellvale (SOB)              Fink will be explaining the SEQRA law at a lecture he
that had begun in October but took no action until it was             group of residents. They offered questions about the proj-      will give at the Wawayanda Town Hall on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m.
determined what the impact of the development would                   ect at the Oct. 20 and Dec. 15, 2004 hearings as well as Jan.   Everyone is invited.
have on the area along Route 17A in Bellvale. Last week               19, 2005. There will be more public comment opportuni-               One of those other subdivision applications in the
they voted 4-1 that the impact would be negative under the            ties when the final approval comes up.                          Bellvale area came before the Board last week, The Gables
terms of the New York State Environmental Quality Review                   The SOB group is also fighting the plans of several        at Warwick, Inc. for 18 lots on 84 acres on the south side of
Act (SEQRA). This means that the subdivision will have no             other developers who want to build in the area that would       Route 17A which is up for preliminary approval.
adverse effect on the community.                                      create some 96 homes between the Peach Grove Bed and                 The Board voted to put the application on the next
     In its motion, in which Board Member, Al Buckbee,                Breakfast and the Bellvale General Store.                       available meeting agenda.
voted “no,” the Board said it would continue to review the                 A factor in the application approval is the presence of
impact of the subdivision being planned by Peter J.                   the bog turtle, an endangered species under the State’s

           Superintendent’s Proposed Budget                                                                                                   Village of
                  to Air on Television                                                                                                     Warwick Meetings
     A videotape of the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget for          22 at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.                                              The Village of Warwick Zoning Board of Appeals
2005-06 for the Warwick Valley Central School District will be             Dates in March will be forthcoming. The video will also    meeting will be held Tues., Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. upstairs in the
broadcast on Cablevision Channel 12 according to the follow-          be shown on WVT Digital TV Channel 130 every Wednesday          Village Hall located at 77 Main Street.
ing schedule: Wed., Feb. 9 at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.; Mon., Feb.          at 8 a.m., 6 p.m., and 9 p.m. The presentation can also be                                  ***
14 at 12 p.m.; Tues., Feb. 15 at 3 p.m.; Wed., Feb. 16 at 3 p.m.      viewed on the School District's web site: www.warwickval-            The Village of Warwick Planning Board meeting will
and 8 p.m.; Thurs., Feb. 17 at 9 a.m.; Fri., Feb. 18 at 12 p.m., 3    leyschools.com                                                  be held Thurs., Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Village Hall.
p.m., and 8 p.m.; Mon., Feb. 21 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.; Tues., Feb.

                                                                                                                                             By Michael P. Sweeton
                                                                                                                                          Warwick Town Supervisor


                                                                                                                                            For     Town    information   log   onto
                                                                                                                                         www.townofwarwick.org or tune to Cablevision
                                                                                                                                         Municipal Channel 12.

                                                                                                                                              Once again the Orange County Office of the
                                                                                                                                         Aging will be offering help for Seniors in prepar-
                                                                                                                                         ing their 2004 tax returns. After Fri., Jan. 28, any
                                                                                                                                         Warwick senior can call 988-9517 to set up an
                                                                                                                                         appointment to have volunteers assist in the
                                                                                                                                         preparation of basic, individual tax returns. These
                                                                                                                                         volunteers have been trained and certified by the

                                                                                                                                              Town Hall and the Recycling Center will be
                                                                                                                                         closed in observance of Lincoln’s Birthday on Fri.,
                                                                                                                                         Feb. 11.

                                                                                                                                              The next regular meeting of the Town Board
                                                                                                                                         will be held on Thurs., Feb. 10 at 1 p.m. in the
                                                                                                                                         Warwick Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway. This is a
    On Thurs., Jan. 28, Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton and his daughter, Stephanie, brought their dog, Guiness,                         rare daytime meeting.
      to get a shampooch at U Shampooch, located at 585 Rt. 94 North in Warwick. Impressed with the facility,
                                        Sweeton said, “This is a clever idea.”

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                                                                 WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                       3

                           Church Opens 138-Year-Old Time Capsule
                       By Lon Tytell                              might cause a spark and possibly destroy the contents of
                                                                  the capsule.                                                   tary resources.
                                                                       Protective tape was placed around the edges to allow           Rev. Ludlum did not want the small congregation to
     There was joy and excitement in October, 2004 when a                                                                        pay for the remaining three thousand dollars needed to pay
time capsule dated July 14, 1866, was found in the walls of       Ivy Tulin, the Church Historian, to remove the contents
                                                                  while wearing gloves. Surprises were discovered when the       off the building fund over a 20 to 30 year period. He
the Christ Episcopal Church. Ivy Tulin, her husband,                                                                             thought the debt would cripple the parish.
Michael, and her father, Michael, worked with Rev. Scott          capsule was opened in late October, 2004.
                                                                       Besides items that were recorded in church records, a          A member of the church selected as a courier, traveled
Barker and his son, Sam, to discover the time capsule.                                                                           on the Warwick Valley Railroad back and forth to 3 Bible
      The next step was to find the correct method for            July 7 edition of the “Warwick Advertiser” was found
                                                                  wrapped around an 1866 Bible, which was first covered          House and 5 and 13 Cooper Union in NYC to obtain nec-
opening the capsule while preserving the contents inside.                                                                        essary funds. Within one year the building expenses were
Rev. Scott Barker found the appropriate information on            with tissue paper.
                                                                        Inside the Journal of the 82nd Diocesan Conference       paid.
the internet.                                                                                                                         Ivy Tulin, Church historian, will be available on
     Phil McCutcheon, Head of the Building and Grounds            was a photograph of Nicholas F. Ludlum, the first pastor of
                                                                  the newly constructed Christ Church. On most of the doc-       Tuesday and Thursday to give tours at Christ Episcopal
for Christ Episcopal Church, was chosen since he had                                                                             Church to share the history of each item found in the time
knowledge of power tools. Never having opened a time              umentation found inside the capsule, was a signature of
                                                                  Rev. Ludlum and the words, "Deposited at the laying of the     capsule. To insure the information found in the time cap-
capsule before, Phil decided to cautiously follow directions                                                                     sule will be saved in perpetuity, arrangements have been
found.                                                            cornerstone on July 17, 1866, Christ Church, Warwick."
                                                                        The July 14, 1866 “Warwick Advertiser” found in the      made with Sue Gardiner of the Warwick Historical Society,
     He balanced the time capsule on a pencil placed on a                                                                        to photocopy the contents of the capsule.
table. Determining the bulk of weight was at the bottom of        capsule contained an article written by Rev. Ludlum,
                                                                  detailing the upcoming ceremony. Discovering mistakes               Webmaster George Opper of Christ Episcopal Church
the capsule meant this area would be the location of entry.                                                                      is currently transferring all the historical items found to the
Foregoing the recommendation to drill a hole, Phil used a         printed in the article, Rev. Ludlum edited in his own hand,
                                                                  using blue colored pencil, all mistakes made.                  church website, christchurch.org. Ivy plans to place the
razor blade utility knife to score repeatedly the metal of the                                                                   1866 contents back into the time capsule and reseal it using
time capsule.                                                               Because he wanted people to find the newspaper
                                                                  with historically correct information, notes were made in      state of the art anti-acid wrapping paper.
     After making an opening to allow the air to flow, sta-                                                                           Another time capsule containing 2005 documents
bilizing the contents, Phil waited 24 hours to continue cut-      the text and margins, changing the dates and names mis-
                                                                  spelled.                                                       replicating as much of the original contents will also be
ting. It took five hours to work the blade cutting through                                                                       buried. This time Ivy plans to leave evidence in many
a double, triple, and quadruple layer of metal.                         Inside the time capsule was also a church monthly
                                                                  newspaper article from the church journal of Wednesday         places in the church that will delineate directions, location,
     The blade never went more than an eighth of an inch                                                                         contents, and removal procedures of the two buried cap-
inside the capsule, to insure the contents would not be           evening, April 18, 1866, written by Rev. Ludlum. It was an
                                                                  appeal to everyone in the diocese of NY to help the coun-      sules.
destroyed. No power tools were used since Phil feared heat
                                                                  try parish which was struggling and had tapped all mone-

                                                                                                                                    The Mayor’s Office
                                                                                                                                        By Mayor Michael Newhard
                                                                                                                                               Village of Warwick

                                                                                                                                         Last week was historically important for
                                                                                                                                    Warwick with the PDR protection of the Raynor
                                                                                                                                    Farm. The farm is an important part of a green belt
                                                                                                                                    to our Village, as well as, the entry way from the south.

                                                                                                                                        Thank you to the Raynor family, our Town
                                                                                                                                    Board and the agriculture protection advocates who
                                                                                                                                    made this dream possible.

                                                                                                                                         The Albert Wisner Public Library unveiled
                                                                                                                                    their dream of a new facility to serve our growing
                                                                                                                                    community. With the gift of land and the sensitive
                                                                                                                                    planning by the Library Director and Board, this
                                                                                                                                    too may become a reality.

                                                                                                                                         The current Water Bill will be sent out late. The
                                                                                                                                    30 day payment period will be based on the date
                                                                                                                                    when the bill is sent to the water user. We apologize
                                                                                                                                    for the inconvenience.

                                                                                                                                         The Caring Caller Program setup by Mt. Alverno
                                                                                                                                    Center, the Town of Warwick and Warwick Police
                                                                                                                                    Dept. is free and available to all at-risk individuals who
                                                                                                                                    would benefit from a daily phone call to check in on
     Great Teamwork - Phil McCutcheon, who opened the time capsule, is shown with Ivy Tulin, Christ Episcopal                       their well-being. For information please call 987-5632.
     Historian, with the 1866 Bible and the 1866 Warwick Advertiser with edited changes made by Rev. Ludlum.

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4                                                                       WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                                        Letters to the Editor
                       Publisher                                   Guidelines for Effective Letters                                      Needless to say, misinformation and gratuitous insult will not
                     Min Jae Hong                                                                                                   survive the editor’s pen.
                                                                Everyone has a right to express an honest opinion, but we                All letters should be approximately 400 words or less due to
                     Editor-in-Chief                      would like to remind readers of a few simple rules for writing
                   Jennifer O’Connor                                                                                                space limitations. Letters must be signed with full name and con-
                                                          effective letters.                                                        tain a telephone number for verification purposes. Anonymous or
                    Managing Editor                            Less is more! The shorter your letter the more likely it is to be
                    Marion Moraski                                                                                                  unsigned letters will not be published.
                                                          read. Civility is more persuasive than invectiveness. That is, honey           Letters may be edited for length and style. The deadline for
                      Art Director                        catches more flies than vinegar.
                     Michael McVey                                                                                                  sending letters is 12 noon on Mondays. Letters may be mailed to
                                                               When you read a letter that angers you or that you disagree          the Warwick Valley Dispatch, P.O. Box 594, Warwick, NY 10990, or
                        Reporters                         with, we warmly encourage you to write a response following the
                     Scott Webber                                                                                                   faxed to 987-1180. Letters may also be emailed to:
                       Katie Bisaro                       guidelines suggested above. Our pages are always open to lively
                     Collen McAvey                        debate, but play fair.                                                                    editor@wvdispatch.com
                      Nancy Owen
                    Eileen Patterson
                       Lon Tytell
                   Editorial Assistants
                                                          Bill Would Lessen School-tax Burden                                       sacrifices, inconceivable to us today, it has taken to become and
                                                                                                                                    remain a free country.
                      Evelyn Lord
                                                          Editor,                                                                        In short, what Dr. Richard Hull brought to light about bring-
                         Press                                                                                                      ing a plaque in honor of our local patriot heroes to the foyer of our
                      Dave DeWitt
                                                                Property taxes are rising nationwide, but a school-tax relief
                      Evelyn Card                         bill recently re-introduced in both houses of the New York State          Town Hall, is long overdue.
                                                          legislature could, according to unofficial estimates, save taxpayers
                    Eugene Wright                         many billions of dollars each year.                                                                                         GARY RANDALL
                                                                Under the provisions of the proposed Freedom of Education
                                                          Act, (S332) co-sponsored by Senators Serphin R. Maltese and
                                                          William J. Larkin, Jr., any owner of real estate in any school              Merchants Guild is Saddened by
    The Warwick Valley Dispatch has been your
                                                          District in the State of New York, who pays all or any part of the
                                                          actual educational expenses of tuition and/or textbooks, for any
                                                                                                                                       Closing of Deep Sea Warwick
    hometown newspaper since 1885 and is the only
    newspaper printed in the Town of Warwick.             District student-resident, of any public or private elementary of         Editor,
     The Dispatch is the official paper for the Town of   secondary school, which legally fulfills the State of New York com-            The Village of Warwick Merchants Guild is a collaboration of
    Warwick; Villages of Warwick and Florida; the         pulsory attendance laws could receive a credit for school taxes
    Warwick Valley Central School District; the                                                                                     local business owners that works to maintain the vitality of our
    Florida Union Free School District; Warwick, Pine     from the School District in which the student resides. This credit        downtown and we are saddened at the recent closing of Deep Sea
    Island and Florida Fire District; Albert Wisner       would be an amount not to exceed 90% of the taxpayer’s school             Warwick. For 15 years, Pat Mulrooney and his staff were an
    Public Library and the Florida Public Library.        real property tax assessment. A companion bill (A0386) has also           important part of our community and the restaurant was valued
    Visit our website: www.wvdispatch.com.                been re-introduced in the Assembly by Assemblyman Daniel                  by Warwick residents and visitors alike for their good food and
                                                          Hooker.                                                                   quality service.
        Dispatch Newspaper Available Online
    You can use the internet to read a free electronic          The benefits of the measure are not confined to taxpaying                Deep Sea Warwick was a great place to share a meal with your
    version of The Warwick Valley Dispatch. Visit         parents or guardians only, under a provision in the act, which            family and to purchase fresh seafood and meats to take home.
    www.warwickinfo.net, and click on the Warwick         defines “individual” to include persons, corporations, associa-           Additionally, Deep Sea Warwick was a regular sponsor/supporter
    Valley Dispatch link. You will be taken to a pre-     tions, or any legal entity.
    view page of the current weekly edition, available                                                                              of numerous charity causes and community organizations. Pat
    for download in Adobe PDF format.                           The purpose of the bill is to lessen the costs of “free” public     was not only generous with his business, but also with his person-
                                                          schooling, as mandated by state law, by increasing the number of          al time as a Little League baseball coach. Operating any independ-
                  Letters to the Editor                   tuition paying students. But this can only be done by relieving           ent business presents many challenges and as Pat’s colleagues we
    We welcome Letters to the Editor. All letters         tuition payers of the requirement of paying twice for educational
    should be approximately 400 words or less due                                                                                   applaud his dedication and to providing Warwick with a wonder-
    to space limitations. For verification purposes,
                                                          services – once in school taxes and once in tuitions. Some have           ful restaurant and seafood market. We will miss Deep Sea Warwick
    letters must be signed with full name and tele-       suggested the shifting of taxes from one group of taxpayers to            and wish Pat all the best.
    phone number. Anonymous or unsigned letters           another, which is no solution at all since it fails to address the root
    will not be published.                                cause of the problem and the current uncontrollable annual
    Letters may also be edited for length. Send let-                                                                                                                    BARBARA LAURENCE
    ters to the Warwick Valley Dispatch, P.O. Box
                                                          increases in school budgets occasioned by state mandates, union                                                    CHAIRPERSON,
    594, Warwick, N.Y. 10990, or fax to 987-1180 or       contracts, and also, most recently – court ordered increases in                              VILLAGE OF WARWICK MERCHANTS GUILD
    e-mail: editor@wvdispatch.com.                        public school spending over duly adopted budget increases, in
                 Have A Good Story?                       order to achieve “sound basic education.”
    Do you know of a good news story or need cov-
    erage of an event? To make a request call
                                                                By allowing participants to keep and spend a portion of their
                                                          own money for educational expenses, as the act would provide,
                                                                                                                                             Kudos to The Dispatch for
    986-2216, e-mail news@wvdispatch.com or fax
    your request to 987-1180.
                                                          more funds would be available for household needs, health care                       Providing Local News
                                                          insurance, savings and investments, business expansion, and job
                       Obituaries                         creation. And that is why every federal, state and local taxpayer         Editor,
    The Warwick Valley Dispatch reports the death                                                                                        I was astonished to read the letters to the Editor in the Feb. 2
    of current and former residents of the Town of
                                                          would benefit
    Warwick as a community service. We do not                                                                                       issue castigating The Dispatch and its reporter for the story on
    charge a fee for obituary listings. For more                                       EDWARD P. SCHARFENBERGER                     Deep Sea Warwick’s closing.
    information contact the office at 986-2216.                                    WARWICK TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION                         My own reaction on seeing that page-one story was gratitude
                      Classified Ads                                                                                                that information regarding the sudden loss of one of our best-
    The rates are $12 minimum charge per inser-                                                                                     loved establishments was so quickly provided.
    tion for up to 12 lines. The deadline is noon on
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                                                                                                                                    ing real news and giving it the placement it deserved.
    should be mailed to: The Warwick Valley
    Dispatch, P.O. Box 594, Warwick, N.Y. 10990. To                      Earliest Heroes
    place an ad, call 986-2216.                                                                                                                                                     DOLORES SIMON
    The Dispatch has the best rates in Town for dis-           Dr. Richard Hull’s letter in the “Warwick Valley Dispatch,”
    play ads. To inquire about display advertising,       Jan. 12, regarding a plaque listing the names of our Revolutionary              Town Board is Proud to have
    call 986-2216 or e-mail ads@wvdispatch.com.
    Deadlines are noon on Friday.
                                                          War Veterans should be alongside the plaques listing the names of
                                                          Warwick veterans from 20th century wars.
                                                                                                                                           Appointed an Intelligent &
    Subscription rates for Orange County residents
                                                               He raises a good question. Why isn’t there a memorial plaque                 Hardworking Man as a
                                                          commemorating the patriots among our earliest settlers?
    are $24 per year. For those residing outside
    Orange County, the rate is $26 per year. College           I’ve researched the early history of the Town of Warwick, and                   Councilmember
    students and those serving in the military            assisted in the writing of two books. Making a list of names of
    receive a special rate of $18 per year. To sub-       patriots, approximately 100, who fought in the Revolutionary              Editor,
    scribe to the Dispatch, call 986-2216 or mail a       War, would not be a difficult task.                                            I would like to clarify a few points in a recent letter regarding
    check to The Warwick Valley Dispatch, P.O. Box                                                                                  the appointment to fill a vacancy on the Town Board. The facts are
    594, Warwick, N.Y. 10990.
                                                               There have been numerous wars since our inception as an
                                                          independent country (wars, an unfortunate necessity to preserve           that eleven residents applied and eight were interviewed by the
                Publishing Information                                                                                              entire Town Board irregardless of party affiliation. The only crite-
    The Warwick Valley Dispatch (USP # 666800),
                                                          our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness) and all of them deserve
                                                          recognition and especially the men and women who fought in                ria used, initially, were that the Board would attempt to seek a
    located at 2 Oakland Ave., Warwick, N.Y., is
    published weekly on Wednesday.                        them. But, none of the other plaques have context unless we rec-          qualified candidate who was a resident of the Greenwood Lake
    George F. Ketchum founded the Warwick Valley          ognize and memorialize the first hero veterans who without their          area.
    Dispatch in 1885. The Dispatch has been pub-          insight and bravery, there wouldn’t be a country of freedoms to                Fielding candidates that live in different areas of our Town
    lished and edited by Mr. Ketchum and Miss                                                                                       was the one of the stated principles of the current board when it
    Florence L. Ketchum; by Eugene and Betty Jane         protect.
    Wright; and at the present by E. F. Wright and             A pleasant thought: as parents bring their children into the         stood for election in 2003 and as the letter points out it was our
    Min Jae Hong.                                         foyer of the Town Hall, they would go to the plaques commemo-             prerogative to stand by our principles in this appointment. By
    Second-class postage is paid at Warwick, N.Y.         rating those who have protected us in recent memory and then go           doing so the Board has ensured that an extremely qualified candi-
    Postmaster: send address changes to The
    Warwick Valley Dispatch, P.O. Box 594,                to the plaque of patriot names. They then explain our history as a
                                                          town and country in a positive way, expressing the difficulties and                                                      continued on page 5
                                                                WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                                                        5


             Causing Harm Was Not
                 the Intention
                          By Jennifer O’Connor, Editor-in-Chief

     We received many responses to our           rass Pat Mulrooney, the owner of Deep Sea                                                        at The Eclectic Eye Garage
cover story on the closing of Deep Sea           Warwick.
Warwick in our Jan. 26, 2005 issue. First,             In journalism, we need to walk a fine
we want to thank everyone who wrote for          line between presenting hard-edged news
taking the time and having the courage to        (yes, even in a small town) while remaining                                                            gifts
voice their opinions, and for trusting that
we would listen.
                                                 mindful that the stories we write are about
                                                 our friends and neighbors. We need to pro-
                                                                                                                                                   asian antiques
     Without question, news about the            vide the facts, whether they are good or                                                           odds & ends
sudden closing of a favorite local restau-       bad, even as we strive to live our lives and
rant warrants a front page story. Even           conduct our business with compassion.                                                            unusual furniture
before our story appeared, there was a
great deal of speculation about what might
                                                       We witnessed firsthand how a local
                                                 newspaper can serve as a vital forum for
                                                                                                                                                      & more...
have happened. But in our eagerness to dis-      the community. And we observed, in the
pel the rumors and provide the facts in a        outpouring of kindness and generosity in
balanced manner, some felt we may have           your letters to Pat Mulrooney and his fam-                                                  18 Railroad Ave.Warwick, NY 10990
gone too far.                                    ily, what community truly means.                                                               845-986-5520 • 845-258-8222
     In answer to some of your letters, we              If our words were chosen without
want to say clearly that it was not our          adequate care and caused pain for Mr.
intention to cause harm. It is never the         Mulrooney, we are deeply sorry. We thank
intention of this paper to make statements       you for your letters and we wish the
that may be seen as hurtful or accusatory,       Mulrooney family a brighter and better
and it was certainly not our goal to embar-      tomorrow.

Development Project
                                     continued from page 1
took advantage of an opportunity but have made no deci-
sions on building at this time. It may turn into an invest-
ment opportunity.”
     The common thread among projects being fought at
the Planning Board public hearings is the protection of
wetlands and wildlife. In this case, the DEIS states that
“Wildlife habitat on the site will be altered but no protect-
                                                                                                                                     How to tell Horizon
ed wildlife species were identified or observed.”
     The statement also indicates that “The proposed                                                                                 Family Medical
action will result in the direct loss of 4,100 square feet of
freshwater wetland on the site.” From the perspective of
those interested in maintaining historical character in
                                                                                                                                     Group Physicians
Warwick, the statement points out that, “The project will
remove existing farm buildings on the site, some of which                                                                            and staff from
may have local historic significance.”
     The public hearing will be held at Town Hall at 7:30
p.m. Anyone interested in viewing the plans before the
                                                                                                                                     everybody else.
meeting may do so by contacting Conni Sardo, the                                                                                         Our doctors take a personal interest
Secretary of the Planning Board.
                                                                                                                                     in young patients, their parents, and their
                                                                                                                                     grandparents. They know their names and
                                                                                                                                     health histories – and pride themselves on
Letters to the Editor                                                                                                                the Horizon approach to family wellness.
                                     continued from page 4
                                                                                                                                     Benefits of the Horizon Family Medical
date will bring to Town government a clear understanding                                                                             Group include:
of issues peculiar to his/her area for the betterment of our                                                                         • Quality personal health care in your
entire community.
     The letter writer did not have the advantage of review-                                                                           own community
ing the resumes of and interviewing the eight candidates                                                                             • Same-day appointments
who were all very worthy. He assumed mistakenly that it
was simply a political decision. However, Mr. D’Angelo’s                                                                             • Weekend and evening hours
record of achievement in his community, service on vari-                                                                             • Acceptance of most insurance plans
ous municipal boards, and volunteer efforts gave him the
edge over any of the other candidates even the three from                                                                            • Women’s Health Division dedicated
outside the Greenwood Lake area.                                                                                                       to complex gynecological, regular and
     The Town Board is proud to have appointed an intel-                                                                               high risk obstetrical, and infertility care
ligent, hard working, community asset like Floyd D’Angelo
to represent all of the residents of the Town of Warwick.                                                                            • Affiliated with and supportive of
Hopefully the voters will remember that this November.                                                                                 area hospitals
                                  MICHAEL P. SWEETON                                                                                 • Peace of mind
                                    TOWN SUPERVISOR

                                                                                                                                 Advanced Medical Care Where Our Patients Live
    In The Dispatch article, “Raynor Farm Preserves                                  WARWICK                            Chester         Maybrook             Salisbury Mills          affiliated with:        WOMEN’S
                                                                                21 Maple Avenue                                                                                                                HEALTH
Gateway Along Rtes. 94 & 1A,” it should have read that the                                                              Florida         Monroe               Slate Hill               Harriman                 Goshen
main farm was sold to Wilfred L. Raynor, Sr. in 1926 by                         (845) 986-3311                          Goshen          Port Jervis                                   Middletown               Warwick
Charles Walling. The Dispatch regrets the error.
                                                                             To reach the Horizon office nearest you, call 1-800-859-0085 • www.horizonfamilymedical.com
                                                                          Horizon Family Medical Group is affiliated with Orange Regional Medical Center, St. Anthony’s Community Hospital, and Bon Secours Community Hospital
6                                                             WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

      Florida Officials Warn of Adverse
    Impacts From Proposed Developments                                                                                               Village of
                     By Scott Webber                                Burnside noted that the Florida Village Planning
                                                               Board is now considering development plans proposing                       By Mayor Jim
     The Warwick Town Planning Board adjourned any             185 homes, adding that the Cedar Ridge plans are using                        Pawliczek
decision on preliminary approval of a proposed 36-lot sub-     “extremely low” pupil estimates.
division entitled, “Cedar Ridge,” on Wheeler Road until the         Florida Mayor James R. Pawliczek Sr. wrote that the
March 2 meeting after Florida Village officials warned of      proposed development will add to the already overcrowd-                 This article is my way of communicating
serious adverse impacts that the construction will have.       ed conditions on Route 17A, which is Florida’s Main Street,        with you, the residents of the Village of Florida
     Florida Schools Superintendent, Douglas W. Burnside,      where over 11,000 cars pass through in every 24 hour peri-         on a regular basis. Any opinions expressed are
wrote the Board that current development plans in the area     od. “This is not acceptable,” said the Mayor.                      strictly my own.
for 221 homes threatens to completely fill to capacity the          The Cedar Ridge development will be on 137 acres on                Village Planning Board Chairman, Robert
School District, at a time when the District does not have     the south side of Wheeler Road about 1,500 feet west of the        Scott and I attended an informational meeting
any further land to build more schools or the ability to       intersection with County Route 41, Union Corners Road.             on Fri., Feb. 4 hosted by Congresswoman Sue
expand the existing facilities.
                                                                                                                                  Kelly regarding the Highland Conservation Act
                                                                                                                                  of 2004. The purpose of this act is to recognize

               Golden Hill Elementary School                                                                                      the importance of the water, forest, agricultural,
                                                                                                                                  wildlife, recreational, and cultural resources of
                                                                                                                                  the Highlands region, and the national signifi-
                2004-2005 Honor Roll, Second Quarter                                                                              cance of the Highlands region to the United
                                                                                                                                  States. The Village of Florida and the Township
               4th Grade High Honor Roll                                        5th Grade Honor Roll                              of Warwick are included in the Highlands
    Julianna Allen, Brandon Codi, Jonathan Campana,                Ryan Christian, Justin Ruquet, Ashley Pomella,                 region.
Sara Cannillo, Christina Comizio, Tristen Martin, Andrew       Miranda Card, Melissa Gaeta, Megan Ludecker, Alex Kocot,                The program will provide $10,000,000 a
Fraser, Sara Fritsch, Adam Meier, Sarah Glowaczewski,          Mariah Cordaro, Brandon Holmes, Jessica O’Brien,                   year for ten years for matching funds to projects
Benjamin Grawi, Allison Morgan, Joshua Hoare, Kyle             Matthew Cleary, Christopher Cupp, Michael Montuori                 which conserve and preserve priority land and
McKenna, Wei-Lynn Ng, Thomas Sudul, Alyssa                     Lorissa Vaughn, Joseph Guerra, Thomas Mythen, Liam                 natural resources. This may be a factor in deter-
McLaughlin, Kevin O’Neill, John Sgombick                       Kennedy, Veronica Martinez, Cody Stevens, Ian Gott,                mining the future quality of life in our commu-
                                                               Kevin McGinty, Evan Fulciniti, Kevin Sullivan, Danielle            nity.
                 4th Grade Honor Roll                          Stam, Adam Vazquez                                                      During the recent snowstorms, the DPW
     Kristen Bruno, Emma Nicholson, Charlotte                                                                                     encountered difficulties with mailboxes that are
Diefenbach, Paul Lee, Erin Salmons, Samantha Scheiman,
Rebecca Morganbesser, Robert Weber, Brianna Nicolas,
                                                                                                                                  not properly situated. Mailboxes may not pro-
Neil Penwarden, Michael Rahm                                       Florida School District                                        trude beyond the curb or shoulder of the road.
                                                                                                                                  You may obtain a copy of mailbox regulations
              5th Grade High Honor Roll
    Kelly Godsey, Hayley Cohen, Anthony Bailey, Amanda
                                                                          Meeting                                                 from the Post Office or Village Hall.
                                                                                                                                       Parking on village streets overnight inter-
Brands, Kari Ward, Shannon Dougherty, Elizabeth Gilliard,             The Board of Education of the Florida Union                 feres with snow removal. If you have no provi-
Christian Jaros, Allison Faliski, Thomas McDonough,               Free School District announces a regular meeting                sion for off-street parking, you can park at
Emily Krebs, Ryan Van Fleet, Anthony Rico, Brandon                on Thurs., Feb. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at S.S. Seward
                                                                                                                                  Cohen Circle between the library and the police
Mark, Gabby Villari, Robert Ullman, Shawn Howell, Jacob           Cafetorium.

     Awareness Month
    As part of HEART HEALTH Awareness
    Month, Seely & Durland is offering
    free educational tips and tools to
    help you stay healthy.

    You’re invited to stop by and pick up
    information on how to keep stress
    under control, how to lower your
    blood pressure and nutrition tips.

    Seely & Durland is celebrating
    their 70th Anniversary serving the
    community. They offer insurance
    for group health, life, disability
    income and long term care, along
    with home, auto and business.

               sponsored by

          The Durland Agencies
          INSURANCE                                                                              Warwick Valley Rotary President, Alan Fernandez (left) hands a check for $1,000 to
                                                                                               Glenn Ehlers, who represented the Florida Food Pantry. By buying staples from a cen-
           Seely & Durland Inc.                                                                   tral clearinghouse, effectively a major food retailers’ outlet, the highly productive
                                                                                                 Florida Food Pantry is able to purchase a pound of food staples for only .18 cents.
          (845) 986-1177                                                                       Thus, the Rotary Club’s $1,000 will buy approximately 6,000 pounds of food to be dis-
       13 Oakland Ave Warwick, NY
                                                                                               tributed locally. The Florida Food Pantry helps anyone in need in the area and is open
                                                                                                                                Monday through Friday.
                                                                WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                      7

                           Builders vs. Taxpayers
                     By Scott Webber                             upheld the Town and when the builders went to the                                      MADE   IN   WARWICK
                                                                 Supreme Court in Washington, the highest court refused to
     Florida Mayor, Jim Pawliczek and Florida School             take the case and let the New York State Appellate ruling               Find Something Special
Superintendent, Douglas Burnside are raising issues that         stand.
we all need to raise – our building boom is threatening to            The financial crisis of the 1970’s and a return to the              f o r Yo u r Va l e n t i n e . . .
drown us in traffic and crowd our schools. In letters to the     long-time Republican control of Ramapo saved the
Town Planning Board, they say the proposed developments
in their area will have an adverse affect on the community.
     What about the developers donating land that could
                                                                 builders. But it was hailed by “Time” magazine as one of
                                                                 the best ways to control growth. In the years since, Ramapo
                                                                 has been splintered into some 12 incorporated villages each
                                                                                                                                           25% OFF
be used for new schools? What about a county-wide mas-           with their own zoning controls.                                                 with this ad
ter plan for road construction and what about some                    That way the people can control what will be done on
Orange County sewer districts to replace the millions of         their streets and in their backyards, they took away the                      O p e n D a i l y, Tu e s - S u n 1 1 - 6
small septic units that could one day contaminate our pre-       power from the town. In New York City the once majestic                (845) 988-7004 • 4 West Street, Warwick
cious water aquifer beneath our beautiful Warwick town?          homes on 5th Avenue and farms north of 59th Street gave
Who should pay for all this?                                     way to high-rise office buildings and apartment houses.
     Years ago the supervisor of the Town of Ramapo, in          There was much more money in them than in nice looking
Rockland County, came up with a 15-point program to              small single-family buildings.                                             Valentine’s Day means
control building. To build, a developer needed to come up             Sadly money seems to speak the loudest and wins out.
with 15 points – what about schools to accommodate the           What will Warwick look like 50 years from now? Will our                a gift for that special person...
student population? What about roads, sewer and water            grandchildren have to pay for it? The cheapest septic way
infrastructures to accommodate the services that will be         becomes the most expensive sewer way in the long run.
required to handle the population explosion?                     How long can we put off sewers? Municipal water systems?
     The builders were wild and took the Town to court.          Rockland had to switch to them. Will our grandchildren be
The State’s highest judiciary, the Appellate Division,           left with staggering taxes to correct these problems?

                                                                                                                                                    Featuring Polish Pottery
                                                                                                                                        Willow Tree Collection • Jewelry, & much more...

                                                                                                                                         20 North Main St., Florida, NY 10921 • Open Wed-Sun

                                                                                               Lon Tytell/The Warwick Valley Dispatch

Successful Membership Drive – First year members of the Warwick Lions Club spoke about their involvement in club
 activities since joining. The program attracted a good turnout of prospective members. An Italian buffet was served
  to all who attended. Pictured from left to right are Linda Lisi, Stu Durland, Dawn Murtagh, Craig Thompson, Sara
                                 Werling, Doug Stage, Denise Bulnes, and Jesus Rivera.

                                                                                                                                        Family Dentistry
                                   Warwick Police Blotter                                                                                   Eugene A. Tomosivitch, D.D.S
                                                                                                                                             Leonard G. Episcopio, D.D.S
                      January 30                                 and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Driving
    Susan Gallagher, 43, of Greenwood Lake was arrested          While Intoxicated - over .08% following an incident on
and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and                   State Rt. 17A. He was released to reappear in Town Court.                          •   Children - A Specialty
Endangering the Welfare of a Child following an incident              Andrew W. Rossig, 24, of Warwick was arrested and
on State Rt. 17A. She was released to reappear in Town                                                                                              •   Cordial and Friendly Staff
                                                                 charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 3rd follow-
Court.                                                           ing an incident on Maple Ave. He was released to reappear                          •   Relaxed and Comfortable
                                                                 in Village Court.
                        January 31                                                                                                                  •   State of the Art Dental
                                                                                                                                                        Equipment and
    A 20-year-old male from Florida was arrested and                                     February 4                                                     Diagnostic Tools
charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 2nd fol-                Gary R. Steines, 39, of Warwick was arrested and                               •   Nitrous Oxide Sedation
lowing an incident on South Main St. He was released on          charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 2nd fol-                              •   Emergencies and New
$60 bail to reappear in Town Court.                              lowing an incident on Colonial Ave. He was released on                                 Patients Welcome
                                                                 $50 bail to reappear in Village Court.                                             •   Most Insurance Plans
                         February 1                                                                                                                     Accepted
     Robert J. Decker, 34, of Milanville, PA was arrested and                           February 5
charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 3rd follow-             A 20-year-old male from Warwick was arrested and
ing an incident on Oakland Ave. He was released on $100          charged with Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs and
bail to reappear in Village Court.                               Unlawful Possession of Marijuana following an incident on
                                                                 Galloway Rd. He was released to reappear in Village Court.
                    February 2                                                                                                           Extended Office Hours (including Saturdays)
    Domonick P. Visconti, 25, of Warwick was arrested                                                                                         31 Oakland Avenue, Warwick, NY
                                                                                                                                        Call Today - (845) 986-2929
8                                                                              WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                                            Valentines Day Roses & Chocolates
                                                                                                at Pennings Farm Market
                                                                                    Surprise that special valentine with a dozen beautiful         only the freshest and best quality are still on-hand. Orders for
                                                                                long stem roses or delicious chocolates from the Milford           custom trays and platters are always available.
                                                                                Chocolate Company. Pennings Farm Market is now taking                   Pennings bakery is still preparing fresh baked goods
                                                                                advance orders, although roses will be available to purchase       with a tasty assortment of breads, cookies, pastries and
                                                                                on Valentines Day.                                                 pies. Remember you can always place a custom order for
                                                                                    Pennings also provides a great alternative to the busy         any upcoming special occasion or holiday.
                                                                                supermarkets that we are all used to. Whether you’re just               The farm market also has a wide assortment of spe-
                                                                                looking to stop for that gallon of milk, eggs or butter,           cialty and gourmet items as well - such as jams, jellies, pan-
                                                                                Pennings is the convenient choice for your grocery needs.          cake mixes, syrups, and so much more.
                                                             ™                      The store also carries gourmet chicken, sausage, and all            So come and visit Pennings Farm Market during new
              Steven Spiegel                                                    natural fresh meats from Dines Farms (as seen at the Warwick       winter hours – Thurs. – Sun., from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Rt.
              Lawyer, Musician                                                  Farmers Market). Wide assortments of fruits and vegetables of      94, in Warwick, or visit: www.penningsfarmmarket.com.
              Part time Monk

                                                                                                     Mt. Peter Honors Firefighters
          Something Special for                                                      Join Mt. Peter Ski Area, in Warwick, in honoring all               Proceeds of the day will benefit the John Ginley
                                                                                firefighters at their annual John Ginley Memorial                  Memorial Scholarship Fund. As always, Mt. Peter offers
            Valentine’s Day...                                                  Firefighters Day, on Sun., Feb. 13. Firefighters will receive      free beginner ski and snowboard lessons. So even if you’re
                                                                                discounts on lift tickets, and families will enjoy a day           a beginner, this is the perfect day to discover winter fun,
                                                                                packed with activities, such as a hose race, musical chairs,       while benefiting a good cause.
                                                                                races, snow-games, and entertainment by DJ Jay Bird                     For more information, visit www.mtpeter.com, or call
       JEWELRY TRUNK SHOW                                                       Productions.                                                       986-4940.
        Friday, February 11th at 7:00 P.M. at

                                                                                       Library Annual Election Set for April 5
            A Place to Rendezvous with Friends...                                    The Albert Wisner Public Library’s annual election            p.m. at the library at 2 Colonial Avenue in the Village of
              20 Railroad Ave. • Warwick, NY                                    will be held on Tues. Apr. 5 at the Library. The operating         Warwick. Copies of the FY2005/2006 proposed Operating
                       845-988-0988                                             levy and election of two trustees are the items on the ballot      Budget will be available at the library beginning Mon., Feb.
                                                                                this April. A referendum for the funding of a new building         28 or can be found on the library’s website at www.alber-
                                                                                will not be decided at this election.                              twisnerlibrary.org.
                                                                                     The polls will be open at 10 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.              There is the election of two Library Trustees on the
                 Handcrafted Sterling Silver                                    Residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District            same ballot. Library Trustees are elected to serve a five-year
              and Stone Strands by Janet Setter                                 who are registered to vote may participate in this election.       term of office. Persons wishing to stand for election as
                 View Janet’s work online at                                    Voter registration is held at the School District Office.          Trustee must return a petition with at least 25 signatures of
             www.janetsetter.com • (201) 891-5125                               Voting by Absentee Ballot can be requested at the Library          residents of the Warwick Valley School District no later
                                                                                at least seven days before the election date if the ballot is to   than 5 p.m. on Mar. 2. Petitions are available at the Library.
                                                                                be mailed and one day before the election if the ballot is to           For more information contact Rosemary Cooper,
                                                                                be picked up by the voter.                                         Library Director at 986-1047.
                                                                                     A Public Hearing will be held on Tues. Mar. 15 at 7

                                                                                  Sustainable Energy Design for Your Home
                                                                                     On Sun., Feb. 27, at 4:30 p.m. in the library, the Albert          Dr. William J. Makofske is a professor of physics at
                                                                                Wisner Library is sponsoring a talk on sustainable building        Ramapo College of New Jersey where he teaches courses on
                                                                                design by Professor William J. Makofske. The presentation          energy sources and technologies, sustainable building
                                                                                will provide an overview on how to incorporate cost-effec-         design, environmental modeling, and physics. He received
                                                                                tive sustainable energy technologies and methods into              a Fulbright Fellowship to study renewable energy in
                                                                                homes.                                                             Germany, and has been a visiting scientist at Argonne
                                                                                     Proper use of site, landscape, and orientation provides       National Laboratory, and at the Building Research
                                                                                passive solar heating and cooling. New solar hot water             Establishment in Garston, England. Recently, he served on
                                                                                technologies and solar electric panels can be integrated           two New Jersey state task forces on grid-connected renew-
                                                                                into existing houses for hot water and electricity. Good           able energy, and on renewable energy policy. His house in
                                                                                thermal envelope design and construction, and simple heat          Warwick has been on the National Solar Energy Tour for
                                                                                recovery can reduce energy bills in half. Use of environ-          the past few years.
                                                                                mentally-benign materials and a focus on indoor air qual-               Since seating at the library is limited, registration is
                                                                                ity can make your home greener and safer. A short illus-           required for this program. For more information or to reg-
                                                                                trated presentation will be followed by a question and             ister call 986-1047.
                                                                                answer session.

                                                                                                                                                       May your day be filled with love, health & happiness...

               Small Fry
@ the Warwick Valley Community Center,11 Hamilton Ave.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN                                                                                                                                    Valentine’s Day is Near!
                                                                                                                                                                  Gift Baskets Available
      • AM & PM Classes Available for the 2005-06 school year                                                                                           (Candles • Bath & Body • Bears, and much more...)
     • Gently structured environment for the 3, 4 & 5 year-olds
    • Extended day & enrichment classes for your 4&5 year-olds                                                                                             THE NEWEST STORE IN SUGAR LOAF
    • Conveniently located in Warwick Village for over 20 years                                                                                               NEW ITEMS ARRIVING DAILY

                          986-6422                                                                                                                                     845.469.5616
                          ask for Karen Kettler                                                                                                       OPEN: Thurs.-Sun. 12-5 • 4 Romers Alley, Sugar Loaf, NY
                                                                                                                                                             (Across the street from The Barnsider!)
     A U N I T E D WAY A G E N C Y • S C H O L A R S H I P S AVA I L A B L E
                                                                WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                          9

 Celebrate Valentine’s Day at
      La Petite Cuisine
     Treat yourself to a reception with
champagne and chocolates, while shopping
for something special for Valentines Day
this Fri., Feb. 11, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at
La Petite Cuisine Restaurant, located at 20
Railroad Avenue in Warwick.
     Once again, back by popular request
for the third time in nine months, Janet
Setter is pleased to provide an “open trunk”
show of her fine sterling silver jewelry at
Warwick’s very own La Petite Cuisine
restaurant. Guests are invited to enjoy a
glass of champagne and fine chocolates,
while meeting friends and leisurely brows-
ing a unique collection of handcrafted ster-
ling silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
Janet Setter will be on hand to discuss her
designs, and assist you with any questions.
     Janet Setter has been creating one of-a-
kind fine jewelry for the past four years
using a variety of free form and calibrated
                                                                 Janet Setter
stones. Her unique style captures the
essence of these unusual stones, and com-
bines them with handcrafted chains that
further enhance the fine workmanship and          she is now designing and manufacturing
                                                  her jewelry full time. The designs are her
                                                                                                      READ THE DISPATCH ONLINE!
appearance. For a preview of the show, visit
her website at www.janetsetter.com.               own and represent the creative use of the             Visit www.warwickinfo.net/dispatch.html
                                                  materials and tools on hand and in her
     After a career in the automotive retail                                                     You will be taken to a preview page of the current weekly edition,
industry, Janet Setter is pursuing her long       workshop, and she regularly attends and
                                                  displays her work at national and regional                available for download in Adobe PDF format.
time interest in designing and creating ster-
ling silver jewelry. After apprenticing in        trade shows in the jewelry and fashion
Joseph, Oregon with the local silversmiths,       industries.

Searching for ‘Frenchy’, Warwick H.S., 1951                                                               St. Anthony Community Hospital and
                                                                                                  Timber Ridge Medical Associates are proud to sponsor
     Did you know “Frenchy,” an African           his real name. This is a different book than
American sent to Warwick High from the            Claude Brown’s “Manchild In the Promised
State Training School for Boys? He was on
the track team around 1951, and went on to
                                                  Land,” which also records experiences at the
                                                  Training School. The book is going to be       Free Colorectal Cancer Screenings
college and a successful career. A book was       reissued as a classic, and anyone who
published by Ira H. Freeman in 1960, “Out         remembers “Frenchy’s” real name or other
of the Burning,” about “Frenchy’s” early
experiences of gang life in Brooklyn and his
                                                  information about him is urged to leave a
                                                  message for Sue Gardner at the Wisner
                                                                                                                                           Why should 57,000
struggle to a better life.
     A pseudonym was used for him, how-
                                                  Library (986-1047; email sgardner@rcls) or
                                                  Carlo Rotella at Boston College (617-552-                                                people die this year
ever, and the publisher has lost all trace of     3191; email rotellca@bc.edu).
                                                                                                                                             from colorectal
                                                                                                                                            cancer when it is
                                                                                                                                            often preventable
                                                                                                                                            and curable when
                                                                                                                                               detected and
         Fine Italian Restaurant
                                                                                                                                              treated early?
       Nor ther n Italian Cuisine in a Manhattan
        Atmosphere, Right Here in War wick
                                                                                                 Sundays, February 13 & March 13
             Come Join Us for                                                                            9 am - 12 noon
          a Romantic Evening on                                                                              Screenings will be held at the newly opened
                                                                                                            Timber Ridge Medical Associates Office
         Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14                                                                                  3 Forrester Avenue, Warwick, NY

               Reser vations Required                                                                     Screenings include a health history interview with a physician,
                                                                                                   a rectal exam and a Guiac test to determine if blood is present in the stool.
       Open Valentine’s Day from 1PM til 11PM                                                                      Screening is for men and women over 50.

                                                                                                    Pre-registration is required. Please call 845-987-5122
      Introducing a New Special Lunch Menu                                                                 Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm, for an appointment.
        Come and Experience the New Flair
           • New Extensive Lounge Menu                                                                         Early detection could save your life.
          • New After Hours Bar Schedule                                                                         Make your appointment today!
               til 1:30 AM Tues-Sat

              22B Railroad Avenue, War wick                                                                           ST. ANTHONY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL
              Open Tues-Sun • 845-986-1801                                                                    MOUNT ALVERNO CENTER - SCHERVIER PAVILION
                                                                                                                                               Bon Secours Charity Health System
                                                                                                                 15 Maple Avenue, Warwick, NY • www.StAnthonyCommunityHosp.org
10                                                           WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                        Kids Show their Stuff at Science Fair
             Text and Photos By Lon Tytell                    received a beautiful certificate and ribbon for their partici-
     Recently the Park Avenue P.T.A. sponsored a science           Besides the traditional volcanic explosions, youngsters
fair that encouraged imagination and creativity. Seventy      delved into areas such as taste, center of gravity, sinking
nine registered participants in grades K-5, some receiving    and floating, static electricity, cave icicles, friction, life
help from parents, proudly displayed their explorations in    cycles, winter birds, electric mazes, jet propulsion, and
many areas of science. This non-competitive annual event      much more.
guarantees that everyone's a winner. Each young child

                                                                                                                               On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! - Toy cars raced down the
                                                                                                                               friction raceway to determine which track is the fastest.
                                                                                                                               Andrew Thomson, Kindergartener at Park Avenue
                                                                                                                               School, constructed three tracks, one smooth, one with
                                                                                                                               artificial grass, and one with sandpaper, to prove how
                                                                                                                               friction slows down the speed of an object.

Tasty Treats - Harrison Dempster, a kindergartener at         Density and Volcano - Using dry ice, egg, and lemon,
Park Avenue School, asked volunteers to taste samples of      Angelo Mason, first grader, worked on a sinking and
food blindfolded and identify the food, while holding         floating experiment. Assisted by his sister, Angela, and
their noses. Every participant received a jellybean.          their parents, they constructed a beautiful volcano.

                                                                                                                               A Joint Project - Emilie Ledwin and Skip Ronne, third
                                                                                                                               graders at Park Avenue School, drew the life cycle of a

The Uphill Climb - Different sized funnels actually trav-     All in the Family - Bobby Cervone-Richards, grade 1,
eled up on yardsticks which were placed on two and            and his sister, Abigail, grade k, demonstrated how to
three inch boxes. Liam Little, second grader at Park          make objects move using static electricity. Emily
Avenue School, proved the center of gravity of two fun-       Cervone-Richards and her brother, Thomas, grade 5,
nels pulled them UP the ramp. The funnels were actual-        grew stalactites to show how cave icicles are formed.            Winter Birds in Warwick - Kindergartener, Olivia
ly going DOWN closer to the table.                                                                                             Sicherman, drew pictures and wrote a description of
                                                                                                                               birds visiting her bird feeder during the winter.

                                                                                                                               The Electric Maze - Sean Ormsby, second grader at Park
                                                                                                                               Avenue School, received help from his father in the proj-
                                                                                                                               ect called, "Can You Find Your Way Through the Maze"?
                                                                                                                               If you touched the conductor path using a nail to follow
                                                                                                                               the maze, a light bulb lit up.
                                                                WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                              11

         ‘Fuddy Meers’ for Your Valentine
    How does a candle lit room, warmed by wood stoves,                This absurd farce was originally produced off-
a good bottle of wine and some gourmet food followed by          Broadway by the Manhattan Theatre Club in 1999 and
a couple of hours of non-stop laughter, sound for a              received critical acclaim and a Drama Desk award.
Valentine's gift?                                                     The show will run on the weekends of Feb. 11, 18 and
    Then head up to the Warwick Valley Winery on                 25. Friday and Saturday performances are at 8 p.m.
Valentine's weekend (or the two following weekends if that       Sunday performances will begin at 7:30 p.m.
works better) for The Illustrious Theatre Company's pres-             Seating, which is cabaret style, begins an hour before
entation of the outrageous comedy “Fuddy Meers” by               curtain for those who would like to enjoy a delicacy from
David Lindsay-Abaire.                                            the bistro-style menu of the winery. Tickets are available at
                                                                                                     the winery and at The
                                                                                                     Bookstore, 20 Main
                                                                                                     Street in Warwick, or by
                                                                                                     calling 258-4858.
                                                                                                          Advance purchase
                                                                                                     is recommended as
                                                                                                     most performances sell
                                                                                                     out. Ticket prices are
                                                                                                     $17, except seniors and
                                                                                                     children 12 and under
                                                                                                     are $14 (note: some lan-
                                                                                                     guage may be inappro-
                                                                                                     priate for children).            At the center of historic
                                                                                                                                  Railroad Avenue, we are proud
                                                                                                     In “Fuddy Meers” Joe              to present the best of
                                                                                                     Martin plays the role
                                                                                                     as Kenny and Nancy           antiques, art, jewelry, oriental
                                                                                                     Rollins plays Heidi.
                                                                                                                                        rugs, pottery, those
                                                                                                                                   accessories and collectibles
                                                                                                                                         that you and your
                   ‘An Evening of Love Songs’                                                                                       loved ones will cherish for
     The Highland Stage, in Vernon, NJ, is launching the
                                                                                                                                           years to come.
remainder of its eighth season with a cabaret event on Sat.,
Feb. 26, to raise funds for the non-profit company’s opera-
     “An Evening of Love Songs” will feature many of the
company’s past performers in a series of solos and duets
that will be capped by a preview of the April dinner theatre                                                                     Asian Imports, Gifts & More
engagement of the love and marriage musical “I DO, I DO”
by Rainbow Productions and sponsored by the Highland
     The event takes place at 7 p.m. at St. Thomas Episcopal
Church in Vernon. The requested donation is $10 for all
patrons. The cabaret will offer light refreshments, coffee,
                                                                                                                                 The Kimball Collection
tea, and wine. For tickets call 973-875-3039, or stop by at
Holy Counselor Lutheran Church on Sandhill Road in                                                                                     Oriental Rugs

   Faith Anderson and Jon Hartlage are the professional
 actors who will be previewing “I DO, I DO” at a cabaret
                                         on Sat. Feb. 26.
                                                                                                                                               Victoriana, Art,

  ‘Music You Can Talk Over’ at the Tuscan Café
     On Sun., Feb. 13, the Tuscan Café in Warwick will hold      environment by generating abstract musical atmospheres
a session of “Music You Can Talk Over” during its                for dining patrons.
lunchtime hours. Featuring a range of atmospheres,                    The pieces run the gamut from light to dark, surpris-
“Music You Can Talk Over” (MYCTO) is a semi-regular              ing to dulling, innovative to familiar, and soothing to
performance series that spotlights local musicians who           unsettling. It is precisely the indeterminacy and unpre-                                      Crafted Antiquities
specialize in lowercase sounds.                                  dictability of the soundscapes that makes a MYCTO set so
     As the name indicates, the sounds produced during           intriguing and unique.
MYCTO sessions are intended to be thought of as mood-                 MYCTO is a creation of the Hudson Valley
setting pieces, rather than the centerpiece of attention and     Experimental Arts Society (HvEXAS), a bold new organi-
discussion (much like Erik Satie’s “furniture music”). It is     zation dedicated to facilitating cutting edge works of new                            Linda Rosen Antiques
the intention of the MYCTO artists to subtly engage their        media and new uses of media in Upstate New York.                                      Country & Informal Furniture, etc.

            Kings Theatre Company Celebrates
                     Valentine’s Day                                                                                               Handcrafted Furniture

     Take your one and only to the Kings Theatre                 Theatre Company is proud to salute this contribution by
Company’s “One and Only” for Valentine’s Day! Kings              presenting “Broadway! The Big Band Years” at the Lycian          Gail Ball, Ltd
Theatre Company is presenting the Gershwin musical “My           Centre for the Performing Arts in Sugar Loaf on Sun., Feb.        Vintage/Estate Jewelry
One and Only” at the Lycian Centre for the Performing            20, at 8 p.m.
Arts in Sugar Loaf on Sat., Feb. 19 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.              Direct from Broadway themselves, two rising young
     With a delightful and entertaining story, gorgeous sets,    stars sing such memorable Broadway show tunes as                16-18 Railroad Avenue
lavish costumes and the magical music of the Gershwin            “Singin’ in the Rain,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” “42nd Street,”      Warwick, New York
brothers, this is a musical that everyone can enjoy and          “Luck be a Lady” and many other well-known classics.
treasure. Tickets to this romantic event are $45 for adults      Tickets to this spectacular event are $34 for adults and $25         Telephone:
and $33.75 for youth (18 years and younger).                     for youth (18 years and younger).
                                                                                                                                    (845) 986-5520
                                                                      Tickets may be purchased by calling the Lycian Centre
            The “Big Band Era” of Broadway                       Box Office at (845) 469-2287 Tues. through Sat. between 11             Email:
     Broadway generated a staggering number of hits dur-         a.m. and 4 p.m.                                                  geonal@hotmail.com
ing the Big Band Era of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and Kings
12                                                                 WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                                                                                    • Richard B. Stage, a lawyer, announced that he would
                      Ye Jolly Onion Inn                                                                                            run for the Village Board. He is a partner with his father
                                                                                                                                    and brother as Stage and Stage. He is also a fireman, a
                            WE’RE OPEN                                                                                              Boy Scout troop leader, a deacon in the Reformed
                                                                                                                                    Church and a Masonic Lodge trustee. Also running are
                          VALENTINE’S DAY                                                                                           Daniel Palmer and Charles Sicina, both for their fifth
                       For over 32 years, the Greiner family                                                                        two-year terms.
                          has been delighting vistors with                                                                          • William Bollenbach, a Warwick dairy farmer, was hon-
                         expertly prepared cuisine, superb                                                                          ored at the annual meeting of the Holstein Friesian
                     service, and a comfortably elegant setting.                                                                    Association of America in Rochester. He received a spe-
                                                                                         By Scott Webber                            cial commendation based on his registered cow, Flordale
                           Wed & Thurs: 5-9 • Fri & Sat: 5-10                                                                       Burke Prairie Ideal, who has been designated as excellent
                                    Sunday: 12-7:30
                                                                                                                                    – the highest designation attainable. He was also cited
                      Co. Route 1, Pine Island, NY • 258-4277                                                                       for setting a new annual herd production record for
                                                                                     SEVENTY YEARS AGO                              milk and butterfat. His herd had an official cow average
                                                                                       February 13, 1935:                           of 16,002 lbs. of milk and 581 lbs. Of butterfat. The U.S.
                                                                    • The Board of the Union Free School District No. 12 had        average is 7,800 lbs. of milk and 280 lbs. of butterfat.
                                                                    enough money to hire two more teachers – a music teacher
                                                                    and a teacher of commercial and social subjects. The treas-
                                                                    urer reported a bank balance of $145.81.                                      TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO
                                                                    • All radios tuned in to hear the outcome of the Richard                           February 13, 1980:
                                                                    Bruno Hauptmann trial in Flemington, NJ. He was                 • Mickey and Theresa Olejniezak went to Washington,
                                                                    charged with kidnapping and killing the baby of Charles         D.C., to see the Pope and brought back a 14 x 20 inch
     Free Music Every Saturday & Sunday                             Lindbergh and Ann Morrow. The Rev. Charles V.                   portrait of the Pontiff with the Washington Monument
              Bistro Style Cafe                                     Sanford and Wilfred L. Raynor tried to attend the trial         in back. They gave the portrait to Mayor John C. Harter
                                                                    but were unable to get into the courtroom. Instead, they        and the Florida Village Board to hang in Village Hall.
           Bakery and Wine Tasting                                  had dinner at the Union Hotel where they ran into               • Mayor John C. Harter was sworn-in as Florida’s new
                                                                    another Warwickian, Miss Genevieve Crissey.                     Postmaster by Paul Beaver, MSC Manager in Mt.
                114 Little York Road, Warwick, NY                   • Orange & Rockland Electric Co. replaced the old 32-           Vernon. Present were Warwick Postmaster, Wayne
     tel. (845) 258-4858 • fax (845) 258-6055 • wvwinery.com
                                                                    candle power street lamps with new 60-candle power              Rutledge, and retired Florida Postmaster, George I.
                                                                    street lamps without extra charge.                              “Whitey” Kowalcyzk.
                                                                    • Charles Hotaling, age 4, wandered off into the                • Warwick Democrats were on hand to greet former
                                                                    Demarest Orchards in snow “as deep as he was tall.” The         Miss America Bess Myerson at the Brookside Manor at
                                   We will be                       orchards are next to the Buchanan Farm, where his               an Orange County Democratic Dinner in Wallkill. The
                                  Open at 4PM                       father worked. Harry T. Demarest was pruning his                55-year-old candidate for the party nomination for the
                                                                    orchards when he heard a child crying. He called the            U.S. Senate covered issues from Stewart Airport to the
                                 Valentine’s Day                    State Police who finally found the boy.                         Iran hostage situation.
                                  Call Now For
                                                                                       SIXTY YEARS AGO                                               TWELVE YEARS AGO
                                                                                         February 7, 1945:                                             February 10, 1993:
                                                                    • The Warwick Town Board contracted with Orange &               • Elizabeth Van Lear was the Warwick Jaycees Citizen of
                                                                    Rockland Electric Co. to furnish electricity lighting for       the Year in recognition of her many civic contributions
 • Open 4PM Tues-Sat,                                               Florida.                                                        and her involvement in historic preservation projects,
   Closed Sun, Mon.                                                 • The celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Rev.             most recently Baird’s Tavern. The award was presented
 • Enjoy Our Daily Drink                                            Mother Aquilina, O.S.F., the first such golden jubilee of       by Jaycee President, Marianne Noshay, as her daughters,
   & Dinner Specials                                                                                                                Mary Hope Lewis and Lily McLean, looked on.
                                                                    religious profession in Warwick, was held at the Mt.
 • Open Mic Night Tues                                                                                                              • Wheeler Jessup of Florida celebrated his 90th birthday
                                                                    Alverno Convent, the Provincial House and Novitiate of
 • Live Music Thur & Fri                                                                                                            at a party at the Goshen Hall of Fame attended by 70
                                                                    the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. Mother Aquilina
 28 North Main Street • Florida, NY                                 spent her entire life nursing the sick, tending to the poor     guests. He is a past president of the Florida Board of
                                                                    and the aged as well as caring for the incurable.               Education, an elder in the Presbyterian Church, a
              845-651-2337                                          • Residents up on Sleepy Valley received all their neces-       Warwick Town Planning Board member and a Director
                                                                    sary supplies by airplane from Mr. Field of the Safair          of the Florida National Bank. He and his wife, Harriet,
                                                                    Airport. He dropped groceries and essentials during the         are the parents of Douglas of Montgomery, NY, Robert
             Entertainment • Catering • Dinner                      recent snowstorms to Mr. Sherlock and a loaf of bread           of Goshen and Jane Welch of Panama City Beach, FL.
                                                                    to Mrs. Gibson.                                                 They have six grandchildren and six great-grandchil-
                                                                    • The Reformed and Methodist Churches held union                dren.
                                                                    services for six weeks because of the severe shortage of        • Ken Stewart, chairman of the Town Recycling
                                                                    coal. Since the Methodist Church uses less coal, services       Committee, met with ShopRite Construction
                                                                    were held there with Rev. John Lennon and Rev. Irving           Superintendent Tony Dorado about relocating the Town
                                                                    Decker, who alternated in conducting the services.              Recycling Center. At the meeting were Town
                                                                                                                                    Councilman, Tony Houston, and DPW Commissioner,
                                                                                                                                    Jim Watch.
                                                                                     FORTY YEARS AGO                                • Three couples will celebrate their wedding anniver-
                                                                                       February 10, 1965:                           saries on Valentine’s Day: Sandra and Al Ciliberti of
                                                                    • Many parishioners wept when they learned that Msgr.           Bellvale, 23 years; Marlene and Austin Decker Jr., 33
                                                                    John S. Felczak had been transferred after 31 years at St.      years; and Tami and Ron McCormick, five years.
                                                                    Stanislaus Church to become pastor of St. Adalbert’s            • Other recent anniversaries: Cornelia “Corry” and
                                                                    Church of Staten Island. He began his ministry here in          Joseph Van Duynhoven of Bellvale, 35 years on Feb. 15;
                                                                    Oct. 1933. His successor was the Rev. Benjamin J.               Rose and Robert Morse, 30 years on Feb. 16; Janet and
                                                                    Wosilewski.                                                     John Smith, 19 years, on Feb. 16.

        Do you have a local news story
             you would like to report?
                                                                                   Orange County 4-H Tractor Program
                                                                         The U.S. Department of Labor declares certain farm         farm and/or is looking for a fun educational experience.
         Contact The Dispatch editorial                             occupations too “hazardous” for youth below the age of 16.      Participants are expected to attend five meetings at local
                                                                    Tractor driving is included on this list, and these youth are   tractor dealers and to be tested.
          offices at 986-2216, or email                             prohibited from working on any farm but their home farm.             Meetings are scheduled for Feb. 23 (Chambers Ford,
              editor@wvdispatch.com                                 An exemption is permitted for youth under 16 (but over          Montgomery); Mar. 2 (Chester Valley Equipment, Chester);
                                                                    14) if they have successfully completed a basic Tractor         Mar. 9 and 16 (Pine Bush Equipment); and Mar. 23
                                                                    Safety Course.                                                  (Extension Office, Middletown) from 7 – 8:30 p.m., testing
                                                                         The 2005 Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Tractor         will be held Apr. 16 at 9 a.m. Sign up is due by Feb. 16 and
                                                                    Program is open to any Orange county youth, 14 years old        can be done by calling the 4-H Office at 344-1234. The reg-
                                                                    and above, who wants to receive certification to work on a      istration fee is $8 for 4-H members, $13 for non-members.
                                                                 WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                        13

                                       ‘Warwick in Bloom’ Calendar Reveals
                                        Gardening To-Do's for Each Month
      It's the middle of winter and you're surrounded by          ish last fall or left for winter interest should be removed,"      of life through the creative use of gardening. The group's
snow and freezing temperatures. Cabin fever is setting in.        says Alicia Frosini of Sugarloaf Mountain Herbs. Part of           intent is to create a network of people whose common
This is the perfect time to turn your thoughts toward             the month's chores also include keeping bird feeders full          interest is the beautification of the community in which
improving the health of your plants and flowers, according        and providing fresh water for drinking and bathing.                they live by encouraging the appropriate planting and dis-
to a new calendar just released by Warwick in Bloom, a com-             If the soil is crumbly enough, "set out English daisies      playing of trees, flowers, shrubs, and aesthetically pleasing
munity group in the Town of Warwick. This group special-          and pansies, and fertilize rhubarb before growth begins,"          gardening programs.
izes in teaching residents how to improve their environment.      adds Frosini.                                                            Warwick in Bloom believes that by sharing ideas and
      The calendar is full of many tips and reminders.                  What's really helpful is that the calendar provides use-     information with others throughout the area, all parties
"January is the best time to start onion and cabbage seeds        ful insight into preparing the right environment that will         can benefit. This common sense of purpose can lead to
as well as pansies and delphiniums," said Deborah                 enable your garden to flourish, instead of competing with          personal and community growth, the creation of lasting
Sweeton, of The General's Garden, who is one of the pro-          weeds for resources. It even teaches you about the impor-          friendships, more beautiful living and working environ-
fessional gardener-volunteers. "Don't forget to turn your         tance of keeping insect pests under control and the need           ments, and the enjoyment that comes from an active
houseplants every other day and wash them in the sink or          for fertilizer at appropriate moments.                             involvement in one's community.
shower to keep leaves clean."                                           The complete 12-month, 20-page, 8 1/2 x 11" gardening
      Another tip in providing moisture for houseplants is        guide, specially designed for plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs
to "rest them on a tray of stones with water."                    in the Hudson Valley region, is available as a free download by
      February's To-Do list includes repairing and reviewing      clicking on http://www.warwickinfo.net/wib.html. But there's                       LAW OFFICES
the condition of garden tools or starting the tender sum-         another bonus: if you have a gardening question for Warwick
mer flowering bulbs like caladiums and tuberous begonias.         in Bloom, then click on the same website address and you’ll              Do you have a child support problem?
If you've always wondered why some flowers look a lot bet-        receive an answer by one of the group’s professional gardeners                     See an expert.
ter than others, the secret is in keeping busy year 'round.       for free.
      March is an active month for gardeners who know                   Warwick in Bloom is an independent, non-profit                      RICHARD                     BARBARA J.
their stuff. "It's the right moment during the growing sea-       group of community volunteers interested in educating                     MANDELL                      STRAUSS
son to complete garden clean up - anything you didn_t fin-        and informing area residents about improving the quality               rmandell@frontiernet.net      straussb@frontiernet.net

                                                                                                                                               (845) 294-2616 • Fax (845) 294-3861
                                                                                                                                             60 Erie Street • Goshen, New York 10924
       Get Motivated Into Shape at F.A.S. -
         ‘Fitness, Agility, and Strength’                                                                                                LUKE M. CHARDE, JR.
                    By Eileen Patterson                           achieve their own potential. Their job is to motivate you to           Attorney at Law
                                                                  get to the next level of healthy exercise without getting
     If you are having a difficult time following through on      burned out and bored with traditional aerobics or weight               Elder Law, Medicaid Eligibility, Wills,
the standard New Year’s Resolution – to get into shape,           room training.
then motivation is available at F.A.S. (Fitness, Agility, and          In addition to classes at their gym, located at 317               Trusts, Estate & Financial Plans, Estate
Strength) Training on Route 94 in Warwick.                        Route 94, F.A.S. Trainers are available for private or semi-           Administration
     F.A.S. Training is owned and operated by Dr. Frank           private sessions at your home.
Welling, a Chiropractor and Certified Strength and                                                                                       By Appointment Only
Conditioning Specialist with twenty years of experience in
weight lifting, fitness, and training.                                                                                                   Telephone: (845) 986-3700
     Dr. Welling employs a staff of two personal trainers,
Tom Sobotor and Ash Morgan. They are certified by the
National Academy of Sports Medicine. Tom and Ash are
both lifelong residents of Warwick who are graduates of
Warwick Valley Central High School and as students, were
members of the Warwick Football Team.
     "The goal at F.A.S. Training is to get you into the shape
you desire, with a customized workout delivered at a pace
you can handle," says Tom. Having been through this pro-
gram as a client, Tom can speak volumes to its success.
     He suffered a broken ankle during his last season of
football at Warwick. The injury was severe enough to elim-
inate football during college and he continued to feed his
large frame at the rate he was used to, but without the exer-                                                                                There’s Nothing We Don’t Do
cise to work off the calories. When he graduated college, he
weighed a very unhealthy 355 pounds.
     When he returned to Warwick after college, Tom
signed on as a client with Dr. Welling. Four years and 100
pounds later, Tom’s interest in healthy exercise returned
with a motivation to help other people achieve the same
success. It did not take much convincing for him to leave a
job at a New York City advertising firm, and join the team
at F.A.S.
     The approach that Dr. Welling, Tom and Ash take
rejects the dogma requiring training in the gym: a regular
cycle, with the same equipment, at the same pace, no mat-
ter what your goal.                                                The members of F.A.S Training are taking the Monday
     The F.A.S. objective, while addressing the standard           night challenge class - a non-stop, 60-minute workout
approach, personalizes the workout to help each client            for the very advanced athlete (and a couple of trainers!).

                                                                                                                                        Screen Printing • Sportswear
                                                                                                                                        Sporting Goods • Embroidery
                                                                                                                                        Trophies • Promotional Items
                                                                                                                                               Mon-Fri 10:30AM - 5:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                  Sat 10:30AM - 3:00 PM
                                                                                                                                          314 Rt. 94 South • Warwick, NY 10990
                                                                                                                                         Phone: 845.987.8223 • Fax: 845.987.8224
           The professionals at F.A.S. Training are (from left) Tom Sobotor, Frank Welling, and Ash Morgan.
14                                                    WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

  SACH to Develop Parish Nurse Program with St. Stephens
                                                            Thanks to the persistence of Clare Brady, Vice             on resources.
                                                       President of Mission for Bon Secours Charity Health                   According to Donna Kearns, Parish Nurses do not
                                                       System, and the cooperation of Rev. Michael McLoughlin,         provide clinical care. The Parish Nurse is a Registered
                                                       Pastor of the Church of St. Stephen, the First Martyr, an       Nurse who acts under the Nurse Practice Act to provide
                                                       idea that’s been around for about five years is about to        spiritual care and function as a health advocate, counselor
                                                       become a reality.                                               and educator.
                                                            That idea was the development of a Parish Nurse                  As a health promoter and wellness specialist, the Parish
                                                       Program. During a recent weekend, Brady spoke at all the        Nurse will also screen, assess and refer individuals to the
                                                       Sunday Masses at St. Stephen’s explaining the program and       appropriate healthcare resource. Through these activities,
                                                       asking for volunteers. "The response was wonderful," she        members of the congregation can assume individual respon-
                                                       said.                                                           sibility for health and begin the journey toward wholeness-
                                                            Donna Kearns, RN and Maureen McDermott, RN,                physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
                                                       both nurses at St. Anthony Community Hospital will serve              "Bon Secours Charity Health System wants people to
                                                       as coordinators of the Parish Nurse Program. They have          receive health care in many different ways," said Clare
                                                       since held well attended meetings at the St. Stephen’s Parish   Brady. "The Parish Nurse, working with the members of a
                                                       Center with those volunteers who came forward and               faith based community, is one more way to get information
                                                       together they have begun the implementation stage of the        to people who need physical and spiritual help."
                                                       program.                                                              According to the American Nurses Association (ANA)
                                                            Although the Parish Nurse will have a desk, a phone        parish nursing is non-denominational. It is, however,
                                                       and scheduled hours at the Center, others, who may or may       intended to combine health and faith to promote the phys-
                                                       not be nurses, will form a cadre of trained personnel to        ical and spiritual well-being of a congregation. The organ-
                                                       assist the Parish Nurse and to reach out to members of the      ization estimates that there are about 6,000 parish nurses
St. Anthony Community Hospital nurses Donna Kearns,    congregation. The Parish Nurse, in turn, will work closely      practicing in the United States. Some work as part of the
RN and Maureen McDermott, RN are spearheading the      with the coordinators at St. Anthony Community Hospital         church or hospital staff. Others are volunteers.
               Parish Nurse Program.                   who will then offer their support and provide information             "My parishioners will love this." said Father Michael
                                                                                                                       McLoughlin. "We are pleased to begin this wonderful pro-
                                                                                                                       gram with St. Anthony Community Hospital. Our Parish
                                                                                                                       Council has given its wholehearted support."
                                                                                                                             Father McLoughlin was the first to raise his hand and
                                                                                                                       volunteer at an ecumenical meeting to discuss parish nurs-

     Are you staying                                                                                                   ing. But the Parish Nurse Program at St. Stephen’s is a pilot
                                                                                                                       project and the coordinators hope to extend it to other
                                                                                                                       churches in the Warwick area. The pastors of the United
                                                                                                                       Methodist Church and the Union African Methodist

      young at heart?                                                                                                  Episcopal Church have already expressed an interest in the
                                                                                                                             "Parish," said Donna Kearns, "comes from the Greek
                                                                                                                       ‘to walk with.’ And the root of nurse means ‘to nourish the
                                                                                                                       soul.’ The goal of parish nursing is to walk with members
      Learn to keep your heart healthy                                                                                 of the congregation and nourish each soul."
            and enjoy your life!                                                                                             For more information on services provided by St.
                                                                                                                       Anthony Community Hospital, visit its Website at
         St. Anthony Community Hospital and the
          SACH Parish Nursing Program present

            Healthy H eart D ay                                                                                          Humane Society Seeks
            Saturday, Feb 12, 12 - 4pm                                                                                   Blankets as Donations
                                                                                                                            Warwick Valley Humane Society is desperate for dona-
                  St. Stephen’s School                                                                                 tions of old, usable blankets for dog bedding. The animal
               West Street Ext., Warwick, NY                                                                           shelter also needs cleaning supplies: bleach, laundry and
                                                                                                                       dish detergent, paper plates, paper towels, contractor
                                                                                                                       garbage bags and Simple Green. Please bring greatly appre-
           Join us for this free informational program                                                                 ciated donations to the shelter at 48 Public Works Drive
               focused on keeping your heart healthy by being                                                          between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information call 986-
                     informed about eating well, and reducing stress.

              12:00     Diet & Exercise f or C ardiovascular W ellness
         -1 2:50pm
          1             Presented by Viral Sheth, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist                                     Spanish for Landscapers
                1:00    Advanced D irectives                                                                                Geared towards industry professionals who supervise
           -1 :25pm
            1           Presented by Joie Ogrodnick, RN, CEN, Director of Patient Relations, SACH                      and or work with non-English speaking Hispanic employ-
                                                                                                                       ees, this two-hour introductory “words and phrases” class
                1:30    Guided I magery f or H eart H ealth                                                            will help you understand and better communicate with
           -2 :00pm
            2           Presented by Barbara Preistner-Werte                                                           your Hispanic workforce.
                                                                                                                            The class will be held at Cornell Cooperative
               2:00     Inspirational P rayer f or Y our D aily L ives                                                 Extension in Middletown on Feb. 16 from 1 – 3 p.m. The
          -2 :30pm
           2            Presented by Deacon Artie                                                                      trainers are Patrick Leap and Glen Hold from the NYS
                                                                                                                       Department of Labor. For more information call Rose
                2:30    The L ow G lycemic D iet        to p revent D iabetic C omplications & Weight L oss            Baglia at 344-1234.
           -2 :50pm     Presented by Janine Killeen, RD, CDE
                3:00    Cardiac C atherization
           -3 :50pm
            3           Presented by Syed Jaffrey, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist
                                                                                                                        Expert to Teach Seed
               12:00    Free B lood P ressure, C holesterol & G lucose S creenings
           -4 :00pm
            4                                                                                                          Starting & Propagation
                                                                                                                            Learn about propagating and seed sowing to kick-off
                                                                                                                       the 2005 gardening season. Cindy Muro, the Greenhouse
                        Call   845-987-5240 for information.                                                           Manager at Mohonk Mountain House, will demonstrate
                                                                                                                       how to start thousands of plants in as little space as your
                                                                                                                       kitchen windowsill.
                                                                                                                            Come learn from an expert on Tues., Feb. 15 at 7:30
                                             ST. ANTHONY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                                            p.m. and increase your chance of success. The event will
                                     MOUNT ALVERNO CENTER - SCHERVIER PAVILION                                         take place at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kings
                                                                           Bon Secours Charity Health System           Highway, Warwick. All are welcome! For more information
                                                  15 Maple Avenue, Warwick, NY • www.StAnthonyCommunityHosp.org        call Lori Testa at 986-0314 or Linda Fay at 460-8409.
                                                               WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                        15

  Ratti & Yacavone Receive DAR Good
             Citizen Awards
     Honored for their outstanding qualities of
Dependability, Service, Leadership and Patriotism are
Brittany Ratti, S.S. Seward Institute, and Krista Yacavone,
Warwick Valley High School.
     The prestigious DAR Good Citizen Awards were pre-
sented by Minisink Chapter, National Society Daughters of
the American Revolution, Goshen during ceremonies held at
the Historic 1841 Courthouse. The honored students were
accorded the privilege of ringing the courthouse bell by
Orange County historian Theodore Sly.
     Certificates from the National Society of the Daughters
of the American Revolution and lapel pins and monetary
awards from Minisink Chapter NSDAR were presented by
Minisink Chapter Regent Linda Burroughs and by Alberta
Kelsey, chairwoman of the DAR Good Citizen Committee.
Following the presentation of awards, the assembled stu-
dents, parents, faculty members and DAR members were
addressed by the president of the Orange County
Genealogical Society, Robert Brennan.

       VanHof Named to Dean’s List
    Jessica VanHof a graduate of Warwick Valley High
School 2004 has been named to the Dean’s List at Lynn
University in Florida. Jessica is majoring in Fashion
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Esler Van Houten
                                                                     The Warwick Valley Dispatch was visited this week by Tiger Scouts on Friday, February 4th. Greenwood Lake’s
            Gordon & Held Receive                                Den 4, Troop 121 was given a full tour by Art Director Michael McVey, who demonstrated the complete newspaper
              Academic Honors                                    process for the cubs and their parents. The young scouts learned about reporting, editing, designing, and printing new-
     Christine Gordon, a major in English, and Lisa Held,        papers, including a special up-close look at the Dispatch’s in-house printing press. Le d by troop leader Paul Striso, the
majoring in sociology, were among 1700 students at               group was energetic and curious. A good time was had by all.
Northeastern University named to the dean’s list that are            Front row (left to right) are Dakota Striso, Matthew VanHouten, Harley Striso, Jesse Gause, Daniel Campagne,
also involved in the honors program. Both are Warwick            Robert Frankle. Back row (left to right) are Ryan Campagne, and Dispatch staff Marion Moraski, Jennifer O’Connor,
residents.                                                       Michael McVey, and Evelyn Lord.

                                                               Passing through Nature to eternity. -Shakespeare

                  HELEN RUSZKIEWICZ                              and grandmother who took great pride in the accomplish-                         GIACOMA CATANZARO
     Helen Ruszkiewicz of Pine Island a longtime area res-       ments of her children and grandchildren. Her generosity,             Giacoma Catanzaro of Warwick passed away on Feb. 5,
ident, entered into rest on Sat., Feb. 5,2005 at St. Anthony     lovingness, words of constant encouragement, and "can-do"       2005 at the Schervier Pavilion, Warwick. She was 92.
Community Hospital, Warwick. She was 91.                         attitude will forever be part of her family to be carried on.        Born in Castlemore, Italy on Sept. 4, 1912, she was the
     The daughter of Nicholas and Adeline Dombrowski                  She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Edward         daughter of Pasquale and Antonia Gioia. She was the
Kozykowski she was born Jan. 19, 1914 in Perth Amboy, NJ.        Vega; her children, Jean Toomey and husband, Daniel, and        widow of Santo Catanzaro.
     She was the widow of John T. Ruszkiewicz.                   Edward Vega and wife, Mary; granddaughters, Shayna,                  Mrs. Catanzaro was a retired seamstress with Local 89,
Helen was a member of St. Stanislaus Church, St.                 Cailin, Dina and Jenna; three sisters and one brother.          International Garment Workers in Brooklyn, NY. She was a
Stanislaus Living Rosary Society, Catholic Daughters of               Visitation was Mon., Feb. 7 at T.S. Purta Funeral          member of St. Stephen Church, Warwick.
America, Senior Citizen of Pine Island, Florida and              Home, Florida.                                                       She is survived by her daughter, Rose Ryerson, of
Warwick, P.L.A.V. Post #16 Ladies Auxiliary, Pine Island,             A Funeral Mass was held Tues., Feb. 8 at St. Edward’s      Union, NJ; son, Ben Catanzaro and his wife, Pat, of Los
and a volunteer for Orange County Infirmary.                     Church, Florida.                                                Altos, CA, son, Joseph and his wife, Pat, of Warwick; five
     Family statement reads, "She was the best Mom and                Interment was in St. Stephen’s Cemetery, Warwick.          grandchildren, Catherine, Ben, Joseph Jr., Gregory and
Babci and her family and friends will miss her. She touched           Memorial contributions may be made to American             Jacqueline.
the lives of many with lots of love, laughter and chocolate      Heart Association, 255 Lafayette Ave., Suffern, NY 10901 or          She was predeceased by a son, Paul Catanzaro.
chip cookies. She will never be forgotten."                      the American Diabetes Association Greater NYC Office,                Visitation was Tues., Feb. 8 at the Lazear-Smith &
     Survivors include three sons, John J. Ruszkiewicz and       149 Madison Ave., Room 701, New York, NY 10016.                 Vander Plaat Memorial Home, Warwick.
wife, Ann, of Pine Island, Patrick "Bob" Ruszkiewicz and                                                                              Services were held Tues., Feb. 8 at St. Stephen Church,
wife, Judy, of Boston, Mass., and Raymond Ruszkiewicz and                      FREDERICK W. LAUSTER SR.                          Warwick.
his wife, Hanna, of Pine Island; one daughter, Joyce Curabba          Frederick W. Lauster Sr. of Pine Island, NY a retired           Interment was in the family plot in Moravian
and husband, John, of Port Jervis; 14 grandchildren, Janet,      dairy farmer entered into rest Tues., Feb. 1, 2005 at St.       Cemetery, Staten Island, NY.
Margo, Laura, Robert, Cathy, Debbie, Vicky, John, Jennifer,      Anthony Community Hospital, Warwick. He was 90.                      Memorial contributions may be made to the
Kenny, Michael, Amy, Alena and Paul; 13 great-grandchil-              The son of the late Gustave and Anna Sauter Lauster,       Ecumenical Council, Meals on Wheels, 20 Grand St.,
dren; sister, Adeline and a brother, Anthony; several nieces     he was born May 28, 1914 in Nassau, NY.                         Warwick, NY 10990.
and nephews and great nieces and nephews.                             "Frederick devoted his life to his family and will be
     Visitation was Mon., Feb. 7 at T.S. Purta Funeral           greatly missed by his family and friends who loved him."                          HELEN MARY LORRAY
Home, Pine Island.                                                    He was married to the late Evelyn K. Dollar Lauster.            Helen Mary Lorray of Warwick, passed away Feb. 5,
     A Funeral Mass was held Tues., Feb. 8 at St. Stanislaus          Survivors include ten of his 12 children, Doris Crane      2005 at Schervier Pavilion, Warwick. She was 92.
Church, Pine Island.                                             of Daytona Beach, Fla., Robert Conklin of Slate Hill, NY,            Born in Paterson, NJ Oct. 25, 1912, she was the daugh-
     Burial was in St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Pine Island.         Everett Lauster Sr. of Milford, PA, Jean Van Duzer and          ter of the late Michael and Magda Sauers Syrewicz. S h e
     Memorial contributions may be made to American              Patricia Luft of Warwick, Fred Lauster Jr. of Pine Island,      was the widow of Keith Lorray.
Heart Association, 255 Lafayette Ave., Suffern, NY 10901.        Rose Skellenger of Wantage, NJ, Donna Dodge of                       A loving wife and mother she was a simple woman
                                                                 Simsbury, CT, George Lauster Sr. of Sparrowbush, NY and         who was known for her sense of humor. She remained
                       PURA VEGA                                 Cheryl Toner of Warwick; 36 grandchildren, 52 great-            cheerful and never complained despite her challenges.
     Pura Vega of Florida, NY beloved wife, mother, and          grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.                     She is survived by her daughter, Renelle Lorray, of New
grandmother died on Sat., Feb. 5, 2005.                               He was predeceased by one son Donald Conklin and           York City; nieces Michaelyn Plavier and her husband, Roy,
     Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico Nov. 18, 1924, she was         one daughter, Shirley Kinney.                                   and Mae Cook, her companion, Sam Scarpulla and her
one of ten children of Angela and Ralphael Charres.                   Visitation and a Funeral Service were held Fri., Feb. 4    beloved cat, Tiger.
     She was employed by the Jewish Guild for the Blind          at T.S. Purta Funeral Home, Pine Island.                                  Services and interment were private at the con-
where she lovingly instructed the blind and handicapped               Memorial contributions may be made in lieu of flow-        venience of the family.
for 28 years.                                                    ers to American Cancer Society, 407 East Main St.,
     Mrs. Pura Vega was a devoted and loving wife, mother        Middletown, NY 10940.
16                                                                         WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                                       LEGAL NOTICES
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.                                 WHEELER STREET PARTNERS for property located at 17                    consider the Library Tax Levy Proposition to be submitted at the
NAME: LAMBRE 99 LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the           Wheeler Avenue, Warwick, New York, designated on the Village tax            aforesaid Special District Meeting.
Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/13/05. Office location:         map as Section 207 Block 5 Lot 10 and located in a DS District, for a       NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to § 2014 of the
Orange County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon            variance of Section 145-121.1 and Appendix A for use and area vari-         Education Law, personal registration of voters is required, and no per-
whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of            ances allowing an accessory apartment over a garage.                        son shall be entitled to vote at said Special District Meeting whose
process to the LLC, 24-25 43rd Street, Astoria, New York 11103.                   The above application is open to inspection at the office of the      name does not appear on the register of said School District or who
Purpose: For any lawful purpose.                                            Board of Appeals, 77 Main Street, Warwick, New York. Persons wish-          does not register as hereafter provided, except a person who is other-
                                                            1-19-t6         ing to appear at such hearing may do so in person or by attorney or         wise qualified to vote and is registered under provisions of Article V of
                                                                            other representative. Communications in writing in relation thereto         the Election Law. The Board of Registration shall prepare a register for
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY .                          may be filed with the Board, or at such hearing.                            said Special District Meeting, except that the register prepared for the
NAME: HIS MINING ASSOCIATES, LLC. Articles of Organization                                                           MOSHE SCHWARTZBERG                 last Annual Meeting or Election shall be used as the basis therefore and
were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on                                                                        CHAIRMAN            shall include all persons who shall have presented themselves personal-
01/07/05. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2104. Office location:                                                                    2-9-t1      ly for registration thereat, and also, all persons who shall have been pre-
Orange County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon                                                                                        viously registered hereunder for any Annual or Special District Meeting
whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of            At a meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Warwick, Orange               or Election and who shall have voted at any Annual or Special District
process to the LLC, 339 East 58th Street, New York, New York 10022.               County, New York, held in said Town on the 30th day of                Meeting or Election held or conducted at any time within four (4) years
Purpose: For any lawful purpose.                                                                        December, 2004.                                 prior to the preparation of said year registered.
                                                                 1-26-t6    PRESENT:               Supervisor Sweeton                                         NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, that walk-in registration
                                                                                                   Councilperson Shuback                                will be available at the office of the School District Clerk, West Street
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.                                                  Councilperson DeBuck                                 Extension, Warwick, New York, Monday through Friday, excluding
NAME: HIS COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATES, LLC. Articles of                                                  Councilperson Gerstner                               School District holidays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, prevailing time.
Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York                                          In the Matter of                                     The register prepared pursuant to § 2414 of the Education Law
(SSNY) on 01/07/05. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2103.                         The extension of a Water District known as                    shall be filed in the office of the School District Clerk, West Street
Office location: Orange County. SSNY has been designated as agent                                "Pine Island Water District"                           Extension, Warwick, New York, and will be open for inspection by any
of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall                     In the Town of Warwick, Orange County, New York                   qualified voter in the district on each of the five (5) days prior to the
mail a copy of process to the LLC, 339 East 58th Street, New York,                                     ORDER SETTING                                    date set for the Special District Meeting (excluding Saturdays and
New York 10022. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.                                                      PUBLIC HEARING                                    Sundays) between the hours of
                                                           1-26-t6                WHEREAS, a map, plan and report have been prepared in such             9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, prevailing time.
                                                                            manner and in such detail as has heretofore been determined by the                NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBEY GIVEN, that applications for
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.                           Town Board of the TOWN OF WARWICK, Orange County, New                       absentee ballots may be applied for at the Albert Wisner Public
NAME: THE MINISINK GROUP, LLC. Articles of Organization were                York, relating to the extension of the Pine Island Water District in said   Library. Absentee ballots shall be provided in accordance with the
filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/07/05. The       Town, and                                                                   policy for Absentee Ballot Voting Guidelines available at the office of
latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2104. Office location: Orange                 WHEREAS, such map, plan and report have been duly filed in            the School District Clerk. Any such application must be received by
County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom              the Town Clerk’s office in said Town and are available for public           the Albert Wisner Public Library at least seven (7) days before the
process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to      inspection during normal office hours; and                                  date of the aforesaid Special District Meeting if the ballot is to be
the LLC, 339 East 58th Street, New York, New York 10022. Purpose:                 WHEREAS, said map, plan and said report was prepared by               mailed to the voter or the day before such Special District Meeting, if
For any lawful purpose.                                                     Tectonic Engineering Consultant, P.C., a competent engineering firm         the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter. A list of all persons
                                                              1-26-t6       duly licensed by the State of New York, showing the area of the pro-        to whom Absentee Ballots shall have been issued shall be available for
                                                                            posed extension and a general plan of said system and a report on the       public inspection in the office of the Albert Wisner Public Library not
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.                           extent of improvements necessary; and                                       less than five (5) days prior to the day that the Special District
NAME: CityFile, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the                 WHEREAS, the area of said extension is set forth in Schedule          Meeting (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) during regular office
Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/25/05. The latest date of       "A;" and                                                                    hours until the date of the aforesaid Special District Meeting. In addi-
dissolution is 12/31/2044. Office location: Orange County. SSNY has               WHEREAS, the maximum amount proposed to be expanded                   tion, said lists shall also be posted conspicuously at the place of the
been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may        for such improvements to be installed in such district including pur-       voting during the hours of such Special District Meeting.
be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Phillip E.     chase price is $0, the cost to be borne by the properties in the exten-     Dated:       Warwick, New York
Goldstein, CPA, c/o Levitan Yegidis & Goldstein, LLP, One Industrial        sion, and the fee for new hookups and the annual cost to the typical                     January 31, 2005
Drive, Middletown, New York 10941. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.         property owner will be not substantially changed; and                                                                   By Order of the Trustees of the
                                                               2-2-t6             ORDERED, that a public hearing before the Town Board of the                                                        Albert Wisner Public Library,
                                                                            Town of Warwick shall be held at the Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway,                                                                Warwick, New York
                                                                            Warwick, New York on February 24, 2005 at 7:00 p.m., to hear all per-                                            By: Donna Lee Applegate, President
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.                           sons interested in the subject thereof, concerning the same, and for                                                               2-9; 2-23; 3-9; 3-23
NAME: LIQUID PROPERTIES INTERNATIONAL, LLC. Articles of                     such other action on the part of said Town with relation to the said
Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York             district extension as may be required by law or is proper.                  PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Planning Board of the Town of
(SSNY) on 02/02/05. Office location: Orange County. SSNY has been                 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Order be pub-              Warwick will hold a Public Hearing on February 16, 2005 at 7:30
designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be          lished and posted as required by law.                                       p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at the Town
served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Shondu            DATED: February 9, 2004           BY ORDER OF THE TOWN                      Hall, 132 Kings Highway, Warwick, New York, on the application of
Lowrance, 12 Marian Drive, Newburgh, New York 12550-1841.                   BOARD OF THE TOWN OF WARWICK                                                Wheeler R.E. Development, LLC., for the application for preliminary
Purpose: For any lawful purpose.                                                                                     Karen S. Lavinski, RMC/CMC         approval of a proposed 19-lot subdivision + lot line change, entitled
                                                            2-9-t6                                                                      Town Clerk      "Round Hill" – formerly Wheeler Estates, located on tax parcel S 7 B
                                                                                                                                   SCHEDULE "A"         3 P/O L 51; parcel located along the northerly side of Wheeler Road
NOTICE OF FORMATION OF REGISTERED LIMITED LIABILI-                                                                          SECTION/BLOCK/LOT           between Meadow Road and Hunt Drive, in the RU zone, of the Town
TY PARTNERSHIP. NAME: TWIN RIVERS GASTROENTEROLO-                                                                                             12-2-8    of Warwick, County of Orange, State of New York.
GY, LLP. Certificate of Registration was filed with the Secretary of                                                                          12-2-9          All interested parties will be given an opportunity to speak.
State of New York (SSNY) on 01/24/05. Office location: Orange                                                                               12-2-15     Dated: February 8, 2005
County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLP upon whom                    A copy of the map entitled "Pine Island Water District" dated                                  TOWN OF WARWICK PLANNING BOARD
process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to      September 15, 2000, prepared by Tectonic Engineering is on file at the                                                          Benjamin Astorino
the LLP, 56-68 Church Street, Port Jervis, New York 12771. Purpose:         Orange County Clerk’s office.                                                                                                            Chairman
For the practice of the profession of Medicine.                                                                                               2-9-t1                                                                     2-9-t1
                                                                                                 Albert Wisner Public Library                           PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Planning Board of the Town of
                   ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS                                           2 Colonial Avenue, Warwick, NY 10990 • 986-1047                    Warwick will hold a Public Hearing on February 16, 2005 at 7:30
                    VILLAGE OF WARWICK, N.Y.                                NOTICE OF SPECIAL DISTRICT MEETING OF THE WARWICK                           p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at the Town
                          Notice of Hearing                                 VALLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, ORANGE COUNTY,                              Hall, 132 Kings Highway, Warwick, New York, on the application of
      A public hearing before the Board of Appeals of the Village of        NEW YORK                                                                    Ivone and Danica Teskera, for the application for final approval of a
Warwick will be held on the 22nd day of February, 2005 commencing                 The Board of Trustees of the Albert Wisner Public Library, 2          proposed 2-lot subdivision, situated on tax parcel S 17 B 1 L 54; par-
at 7:00 P.M. at 77 Main Street, Village of Warwick, New York to con-        Colonial Avenue, Warwick, Orange County, New York, HEREBY                   cel located on the westerly side of Union Corners Road 820± feet
sider the following applications:                                           GIVES NOTICE that for Library purposes, a Special District Meeting          southerly of Spanktown Road, in the RU zone, of the Town of
                                                                            of the qualified voters of the Warwick Valley Central School District       Warwick, County of Orange, State of New York.
                                                                            will be held at the Albert Wisner Public Library, 2 Colonial Avenue,              All interested parties will be given an opportunity to speak.
                                                                            Warwick, New York on the 5th day of April, 2005, beginning at 10:00         Dated: February 8, 2005
                                                                            AM, prevailing time, to vote upon the propositions hereinafter set                                   TOWN OF WARWICK PLANNING BOARD
                                                                            forth. Polls for the purpose of voting will be kept open between the                                                            Benjamin Astorino
                                                                            hours of 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM prevailing time.                                                                                            Chairman
                                                                            LIBRARY TAX LEVY PROPOSITION                                                                                                                 2-9-t1
                                                                                  That for the fiscal year July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006, the Board of
                                                                            Education of Warwick Valley Central School District, Orange                 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Planning Board of the Town of
                                                                            County, New York, shall be authorized to levy taxes on the taxable real     Warwick will hold a Public Hearing on February 16, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.,
                                                                            property of said School District for the Albert Wisner Public Library,      or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at the Town Hall, 132
                                                                            in the amount of $716,765.00.                                               Kings Highway, Warwick, New York, on the application of Warwick
                                                                                  A copy of the July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006 Albert Wisner Public       Professional Park for the application for final site plan approval and
                                                                            Library budget will be available at the Albert Wisner Public Library, 2     special use permit for the construction and use of an office park con-
                                                                            Colonial Avenue, Warwick, New York, for a period of fourteen (14)           taining (7)-buildings; to be located off the easterly side of Kings
                                                                            days prior to said School District Meeting.                                 Highway (County Route 13) on tax parcel S 33 B 1 L 12, in the OI zone,
                                                                            ELECTION OF TRUSTEES                                                        of the Town of Warwick, County of Orange, State of New York.
                                                                                  That pursuant to § 260 of the Education Law, Library Trustees               All interested parties will be given an opportunity to speak.
                                                                            will be elected at said Special District Meeting.                           Dated: February 8, 2005
                                                                            NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, that a special informational                                            TOWN OF WARWICK PLANNING BOARD
                                                                            meeting of the qualified voters of said School District will be held at                                                         Benjamin Astorino
                                                                            the Albert Wisner Public Library, 2 Colonial Avenue, Warwick, New                                                                        Chairman
                                                                            York, on the 15th day, March, 2005, at 7:00 PM prevailing time, to                                                                           2-9-t1
                                                                WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                  17

                     Call 986-2216 • Deadline 12 Noon Fridays

         Rentals                       Help Wanted                    Help Wanted
$725.....1 BR..Warwick           REPORTERS WANTED -
$1,150..3 BR..Warwick                                            YE JOLLY ONION INN
                                 Part-time work,
$1,200..1 BR..Warwick                                            Waitress/Waiter, Full or
                                 flexible hours. Goshen
$1,500..4 BR..Chester                                            part-time. Experience pre-
                                 Independent Newspaper.
$1,600..2 BR..Warwick                                            ferred. Call 258-4277, after
                                 Must be able to take pho-
 Call Warwick Country                                            12 noon.
                                 tographs. Writing samples
     Realty, Inc. For                                                                9-1-tfn               CHARMINGLY RENOVATED COLONIAL
                                 required. Call 986-2216.
 Additional Information                            1-19-tfn                                                    ...with natural wood trim, 4 bedrooms & 1 1/2 baths.
      845-986-1592.                                              CABLE TV INSTALLERS
                                                                                                             Includes full walk-up attic with 2203 square feet. Separate
                    2-9-t1       GRAPHIC DESIGNER                - Only those willing to                          ground floor in-law suite not included in square ft.
                                 WANTED - Great oppor-           work      need       apply.
   RENTAL 2004-2005
                                 tunity to learn and build       Applicant must have a                                        Offered at $289,000
Enjoy a memorable vaca-                                          valid DL, ability to lift 65
                                 portfolio,     experience.
tion week at Westgate Lakes                                      lbs. and be drug free. We
                                 Must have some working
Resort     in     beautiful                                      supply rewarding pay,
                                 knowledge of Quark,
Orlando, FL, between                                             company vehicle, tools,
                                 Photoshop, Macs. Email
Disney World & Universal                                         and uniforms. Positions
                                 resume to ads@wvdis-                                             EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY
Studios – 2-bedroom unit.                                        currently available at our
                                 patch.com or call 986-                                                                                              www.warwickrealty.com
Pools and Lake, owner                                            following        locations:
                                 2216.                                                                                                 15 Oakland Avenue, Warwick NY 10990
privileges and discounts.                                        Haskell, NJ; Sparta, NJ;
                                                    2-9-tfn                                               REALTOR®                                            845-986-1592
Call Warwick owner for                                           Rockland, NY & Warwick,
additional information                                           NY. For an appt, please call
                                 PART-TIME - Secretarial /
987-7837.                                                        (973) 831-6912, 9 a.m. to 4
                                 General Office work. Must
                 12-31-tfn                                       p.m. M-F. Or, apply online       Big enough to meet all your real estate needs...small enough to care.
                                 be knowledgeable of
                                 MSWord & Excel. Real            at RFMSERVICES.COM
GREENWOOD LAKE - 4                                               EOE
                                 Estate Knowledge helpful.
BR, 2 BA, $1600/mo.
                                 Fax resume to 845-986-                              1-26-t3                                                               845-986-4545
cottage, $750/mo. with
storage shed. Each requires
                                                     2-9-t2            Thrift Shop                         TOTALLY RENOVATED TOWNHOUSE...
2 months sec., 1 month                                           THRIFT SHOP of Christ                                                         In Whispering Hills... 2 bedrooms, 1.5
                                 PART TIME BUS DRIVER
rent. Call 845-544-1253.                                         Episcopal Church is open                                                      baths... New carpet, pergo floors,
                                 NEEDED - for Winslow                                                                                          security system, appliances, storm
                    2-9-t1p                                      every Saturday from 9:30
                                 Therapeutic Center. Start                                                                                     door, kitchen sink lights, etc. NYC bus
                                                                 a.m. to 12 noon at 50 South                                                   pick-up at front door... 2 car garage
                                 date: February 4, 2005.
ADORABLE            STORE                                        St. in Warwick. Clothing,                                                     w/extra storage. Professionally deco-
                                 Must have clean CDL. In
FOR RENT - in Arts &                                             baby clothes, toys, house-                                                    rated! Just move in... not a thing to do
                                 exchange for free horse-                                                                                      but relax in front of the fire... All the
Crafts Village of Sugar Loaf                                     hold items, books and mag-
                                 back riding lessons, or pay.                                                                                  work has been done for you... Don’t
on Kings Highway. Ideal                                          azines. Clean saleable dona-                                                  miss out! This one won’t last!!! UST93
                                 Please contact (845) 986-
for artist or craftperson.       6686.
                                                                 tions welcome. 986-3440.           Offered at: $219,500
Next to art gallery. Please                                                          3-22 tfn
call for information 845-
469-0993.                                                                 For Sale
                                                                                                       3 St. Stephens Lane, Suite 2, Warwick, NY 10990 • fax 845-988-5898
                      2-9-t3     KITCHEN             HELP        GOLF CAR – 1999 CLUB                       email: usrealty@warwick.net • www.uspreferredrealty.com
                                 WANTED - Assistant              CAR - electric, aluminum
         Wanted                  cook - Spanish speaking a       frame, rack & pinion steer-
                                 plus. Full or part time.        ing, independent suspen-
                                 Experience preferred. 845-      sion, hydraulic shocks,                       TOWN OF WARWICK...
ALS – Need auto parts?                                                                                                                                              Village Realty
                                 986-2526 – Harpoon Bay          used and stored at Warwick
Call Specht’s 986-1052.                                                                                                                                               of Orange County
                                 Restaurant.                     Valley C.C., excel. cond., a                                                  ...don't miss this
Reg. dlr. 7092957.                                                                                                                             all brick ranch on
                                                     2-9-t3      bargain at $1995. (845)
                 12-4-tfn                                                                                                                      1.4 acres nestled     62 N. Main Street,
                                                                 733-6710.                                                                     on a beautiful        Florida, NY 10991
                                                                                       2-9-t1                                                  country road
                                                                                                                                               between Florida       Tel: 845-651-4466
                                                                                                                                               and Warwick. Two      Fax: 845-651-4536
                                                                                                                                               bedrooms, one
                Blood Drive at Goodwill                                                                                                        and one-half bath-
                                                                                                                                               rooms, patio with            E-mail:

                    Hook & Ladder                                                                                                              canopy and
     The Goodwill Hook & Ladder Ladies           blood can help save the lives of three peo-
Auxiliary is sponsoring a Blood Drive with       ple. Blood and platelet donors must be at
the Hudson Valley Blood Services at the          least age 17, weigh a minimum of 110
Warwick Fire Dept.-Station 1 on Sat., Feb 12     pounds and be in generally good health.
from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All blood donors             Bring photo ID and know your Social
will receive a cholesterol test for free.
     Four million Americans would die
                                                 Security number. Appointments are
                                                 encouraged but walk-ins are welcome. The
                                                                                                   Horse Schooling Show at Winslow
each year without donated blood being            Goodwill Hook & Ladder is located on
available. In fact, one of every three people    Church Street Extension in Warwick. For             On Fri., Feb. 18, Winslow Therapeutic      Stirrup Hunter, Beginner Rider, Beginner
will require a life-saving transfusion some-     more information or to register, call 986-     Center will host a Horse Schooling Show in      Hunter,      Pleasure,       Pre-Children’s
time in their life, and each pint of donated     0573.                                          their 80’ by 180’ indoor, heated arena.         Equitation, Pre-Children’s Hunter,
                                                                                                Anyone who wishes to participate in the         Children’s Hunter, Schooling Hunter,
                                                                                                show, or come for fun is welcome.               and Jumper.
                                                                                                     This event will benefit Winslow, a              The organizer of this Horse Show is
Raymond Hose Turkey & Fish Dinner                                                               non-profit organization that provides
                                                                                                Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherpay to
                                                                                                                                                Kenneth Okken, a renowned trainer, judge,
                                                                                                                                                and show organizer. Michael Dowling,
     The Raymond Hose Company No. 2                  The cost is adults $10/person ($12 at      children and adults in need. Schooling of       who is also very well-known, will be the
sit down or take out Turkey and Fish             the door); children 5-12, $5/person ($7 at     the horses will begin at 8 a.m. and the show    judge of the event.
Dinner with all the fixings will be on Feb.      the door); and seniors over 65 $9/person       starts at 9 a.m. There will be sufficient            For more information, and questions
11, 4-8 p.m. at Fire Station No. 2, 200 West     ($11 at the door). For tickets call 986-       schooling breaks throughout the show.           about which class is right for you, call (845)
Street. There will be continuous seating.        4644.                                               Divisions include: Lead-line, Mini-        986-6686. Winslow will be hosting its next
                                                                                                Stirrup, Short-Stirrup Equitation, Short-       Horse Schooling Show on Fri., Mar. 18.
18                                                                 WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                        Hoover to Play Soccer at Marshall University
 Sports Fans!                                                                              By Katie Bisaro                             Herald Record Second Team All-Stars. Hoover has played
                                                                                                                                       on a variety of club teams in Orange, Rockland and
       I BET                                                             Courtney Hoover, center striker for Warwick Valley            Westchester Counties, traveling throughout the country
                                                                                                                                       for tournaments.
                                                                    High School’s Varsity Girls soccer team, has received a schol-
     YOU DIDN’T                                                     arship to play soccer for Marshall University, a Division I             The scholarship to Marshall, worth approximately
                                                                                                                                       $8,500, will cover a little more than half of Hoover’s yearly
                                                                    school in Huntington, West Virginia. At a press conference
       KNOW                                                         on Tues., Feb. 1, in the Warwick Valley High School Media          expenses. Her decision to attend Marshall stemmed not
                                                                                                                                       only from what she saw on a visit there with regards to the
       Brought to you by                                            Center, Assistant Varsity Coach, Susan Waddell, announced
        Eric Nilsestuen                                             Courtney’s decision to accept Marshall’s offer.                    campus and soccer team, but a desire to be closer to fami-
                                                                         Waddell pointed out Hoover’s strengths as a player            ly and friends – Marshall is only about three hours from
       Can you name the only NFL player ever to appear in
                                                                    including her quickness and, of great interest to the coach-       Cincinnati, Ohio. Hoover moved to Warwick from
 Super Bowls in three different decades? Here are two hints:        ing staff at Marshall, her ability to play balls out of the air,   Cincinnati in the eighth grade.
 He was the first player elected to the NFL Hall of Fame who        a rare quality in a female soccer player that made her a for-           Coach Waddell is very proud to have a player from
 played exclusively at guard, and he’s long held a prominent        midable opponent in Section IX soccer. Waddell also                Warwick receive a scholarship to a Division I school and is
 position with an organization that is deeply involved in off-      remarked that Hoover’s scholarship "speaks volumes about           pleased at the exposure it provides to other Warwick ath-
 the-field league issues. The answer is the longtime presi-         the dedication [she] and her family have to this sport."           letes. It is her hope that Hoover’s dedication and hard work
 dent of the NFL Players Association, Gene Upshaw.                       For the Wildcats this past fall season, Hoover had a          to her sport will set an example to younger players and
 Upshaw was a fixture on the offensive line for the Raiders         team-high 13 goals, 5 assists, and was named to the Times-         serve as a model of where that perseverance can lead.
 when they lost to Green Bay in Super Bowl II (1968), when
 they defeated the Vikings in Super Bowl XI (1977), and
 when they beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XV (1981).
       In the United States, the day on which the most food is
 consumed each year is Thanksgiving. But the day of the
 Super Bowl ranks a close second. In fact, at Reliant
 Stadium alone in Houston, site of Super Bowl XXXVIII in
 2004, the live crowd on hand for the game polished off
 approximately 15,000 hot dogs, 9,000 gallons of soft drinks,
 6,400 cookies, 4,000 baked potatoes, 3,000 barbecue sand-
 wiches and 260 gallons of chili. Figures are still out on
 nachos, french fries and ice cream.
       With all the hype surrounding the Super Bowl, NFL his-
 tory often gets lost. For example, what do you know about
 the very first official NFL championship game? On
 December 17, 1933, the Chicago Bears defeated the New
 York Giants 23-21 to take the title. Surprisingly, the winning
 touchdown came on a very modern play – a flea-flicker.
 Bronko Nagurski threw a short pass to Bill Hewitt, who lat-
 eralled to Bill Kerr, who ran in for the score.
       I bet you didn’t know...that being an independent agent
 means we can get the best coverage and best price from a
 number of top Insurance companies...Stop in or call and see
 for yourself.

 John W. Sanford & Son, Inc.
 68 Main St • Warwick • 986-2211

     Letters & Lines
     Personal and Small Business Computer Services
                                                                       Courtney Hoover, senior at WVHS, has received a scholarship from Marshall University in West Virginia to play
                          Web Site Design
                                                                     Women's Soccer. Courtney (center) is surrounded by (from left): Susan Waddell, Assistant Coach of the WVHS Girls
                          PC or Mac Training                        Varsity Soccer; Courtney's parents, Mark (holding his son, Evan) and Gail Rom; and Courtney’s brother, Drew (seated).
                          Database Programming
                          Troubleshooting & Support
                                                                      East Arm Rowing Prepares for Annual Regatta
             richard @ lettersandlines.com                               Have you ever seen the sleek rowing shells gliding            being on the water in a competitive setting. There is a long
                   914.263.2934                                     along beautiful Greenwood Lake on an early weekend                 tradition of rowing on Greenwood Lake, going back to the
                                                                    morning? Have you desired to get more exercise, but lack           early 1900's. Join with hundreds of others across the coun-
                                                                    the motivation to start? Well, now is your chance!                 ty who enjoy this vigorous, exciting sport. Reduced club
                                                                         Greenwood Lake's East Arm Rowing Club will begin              membership rates are available to first-time regatta rowers.
                                                                    training for its annual regatta on Sat., Apr. 2 with an orien-          The club is also looking for businesses interested in
      Serving Warwick Since 1985                                    tation day. Interested parties can sign up to train for            sponsoring a boat in this community event. You may
     24 hours a day, 7 days a week,                                 approximately six week in teams of four. Seasoned club             sponsor a boat for $100, and even supply a team of
            365 days a year.                                        members acting as coaches will train you as a team in the          employees looking to compete. Sponsors receive their
                                                                    sport of sweep rowing. Training ends with a race sched-            business name on this year's regatta T-shirt and the race
         Panco Oil Co. has been a family tradition since 1907,      uled for Sun., May 22 at 9 a.m. You must be available for          day program.
       supplying Warwick’s energy needs for almost thirty years.    race day in order to train.                                             For more information you may call the boathouse at
       With four locations in Orange County, we’re always nearby
          to answer your call - any season, any day, any hour.           A maximum of $75 per rower gets you at least one              845-477-3076 or e-mail info@eastarm.org by visiting our
                At Panco your comfort is our business.              hour per week training, a team shirt, and the experience of        web site at www.eastarm.org.

                                                                                           Spurs Win 29-28 in Close Battle
                                                                         In an exciting, back and forth game, the Spurs of the         pass, and scored to put the Spurs up 29-28. Nick finished
                                                                    Warwick Youth Basketball League (11 to 13 year olds),              the game with eight points, including the clutch, game
                                                                    moved to 3-0 for the season, with an amazing last second           winning shot.
           HOME HEATING OIL • GASOLINE                              win over the Lakers. In a defensive battle on both ends of              Sean O'Rourke, of the Spurs, took control, under the
              DIESEL FUEL • PROPANE                                 the court at Sanfordville Elementary, the Lakers were lead-        boards, in the second half, with five rebounds. Chris
       WHITE KEROSENE • BURNERS & SERVICE                           ing late in the game 28-27.                                        Gesner led the defensive battle with six steals, and was the
                                                                         With only seconds left on the clock, Nick Mazzella of         leading scorer for the Spurs with 13 points during the
                                                                    the Spurs, came up big with a steal of a Lakers inbound            game.
              Warwick              845-986-2264
           Pine Island             845-258-4046
              Goshen               845-294-8871                               Baxter Qualifies for Intercollegiate Race
        Highland Falls             845-446-2008                         James Madison University sophomore, Dave Baxter, of            Amateur Athletes of America Men’s Indoor Track and Field
                                                                    Warwick, placed fifth among a field of 30 runners in the           Championships in the Penn State National Open.
               www.panco.com                                        1000-meter race and was one of three James Madison team                Baxter was clocked in two minutes and 25.93 seconds
                                                                    members to qualify for the Intercollegiate Association of          and emerged fifth on the Dukes’ all-time chart.
                                                               WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005                                                                                      19

              WEDNESDAYS                        door), Kings Hwy. Cost: $39. To register         information, call Tara (496-5996.                 AARP Meeting – Feb. 28, 12:30 p.m. sharp,
Chess Club - The Tuscan Café, 5 South           call George Arnott 469-9482.                                                                       Town Hall Senior Room, Kings Highway,
St., Warwick each Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.                                                                   SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19                     Warwick. Guest speaker: Dr. Wayne Rossi,
All levels welcome.                             T.A.G. (Teen Advisory Group) – For teens         The Princeton Review New SAT Practice             chiropractor, addressing the natural approach
                                                in the Florida School District, Feb. 12, 1       Test – Florida Public Library, Feb. 19, 9         to chronic health problems. Everyone is wel-
               SUNDAYS                          p.m., Florida Public Library. Enjoy pizza        a.m. to 1 p.m. for all high school students.      come; refreshments will be served.
Family Storytime – Sundays, 2 p.m.,             while planning upcoming events at the            Receive an in-depth explanation by mail of
Florida Public Library. The sessions are        library. Call 651-7659 to register. Board        your scores. Call 651-7659 or stop in to                    TUESDAY, MARCH 15
open to all families looking for family         Game program for young adults in grade 6         register.                                         Mothers of Multiples Holiday Dinner &
weekend activity. Registration is required      and up only at 2 p.m.                                                                              Chinese Auction – Mar. 15, 7 p.m., O.C.
in person or by calling the library, 651-                                                        Pancake Breakfast – Elementary school-            Parents of Multiples meet at a local restau-
7659.                                           70’s/80’s Dance – St. Stephen/St. Edward         aged children (K-5 ONLY) are invited,             rant.     The      club     also      holds
                                                School Gym, Feb. 12, 8 p.m. – 12 mid-            Florida Public Library, Feb. 19, 2 p.m. Miss      infant/toddler/preschooler playgroups
      WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9                     night. Tickets $25 each. Appetizers,             Maria will make heart shaped pancakes             weekdays and weekends. For information,
Ash Wednesday Service – Bellvale and            wine/beer/soda and music. For informa-           and read breakfast stories aloud.                 call Tara at 496-5996.
Sugar Loaf United Methodist Churches,           tion and tickets, call Terri 988-1705.           Registration is required, call 651-7659.
Feb. 9, 7:30 p.m. held at the Bellvale                                                                                                                       MONDAY, MARCH 21
Methodist Church.                                       MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14                              TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22                      AARP Driver Safety Program – Warwick
                                                Hudson Highlands Photo Workshop –                Scrapbooking a Memory Page – A Senior             Town Hall, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Mar. 21.
Project Graduation Meeting – Warwick            St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chester, Feb.       Focus Program of Albert Wisner Public             Cost: $10. Call Hakimah, 651-7085 to reg-
Valley High School South Cafeteria, Feb. 9,     14, 7:30 p.m. Theme for presentation is          Library, Green Brier Room at Mt. Alverno,         ister before Feb. 20.
7 p.m.                                          "Holidays." Anyone interested in photog-         Feb. 22, 2 p.m. Bring personal photos, all
                                                raphy is invited to attend. For information      other materials supplied. Registration is                    TUESDAY, APRIL 19
       THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10                    and directions call Madelyn 783-8520; or         required, 986-1047.                               Mothers of Multiples Dinner & Penny
Indian "Masala" Cuisine – Albert Wisner         visit our website at                                                                               Social Fundraiser – Apr. 19, 7 p.m., O.C.
Public Library, Feb. 10, 7 p.m. Cookbook        hudsonhighlandsphotoworkshop.org.                       THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24                      Parents of Multiples "moms night out" at a
author Nita Elphick tasting party and dis-                                                       "Control Room" – Film about media cover-          local restaurant. The club also holds
cussion of Indian cuisine. Registration                 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15                     age of the War in Iraq, Warwick Valley            infant/toddler/preschooler playgroups
required, call 986-1047.                        Defensive Driving Class – Tues., Feb. 15,        Community Center, 11 Hamilton Ave., Feb.          weekdays and weekends. For information,
                                                5-10 p.m., American Legion, Forester Ave.        24. Dining 6:30 p.m.; screening 7 p.m. For        call Tara (496-5996.
         FRIDAY, FEBRAURY 11                    (side entrance). Cost: $39. To register call     more information, call O.C. Peace and Justice
Fish Dinner – Hosted by Knights of              George Arnott 469-9482.                          986-5474 or visit www.orangepeace.org.                      FRIDAY, APRIL 29
Columbus, St. Edward’s Hall (behind St.                                                                                                            3rd Annual Golf Tournament – Wild
Edward’s R.C. Church), 74 Main St.,             Winter Classics – Storytelling for children              SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26                     Turkey Country Club, Hardyston, NJ, Apr.
Florida, Feb. 11. Continuous serving 5 to 7     in K-5 concludes Feb. 15, 4 p.m., Florida        Book Discussion – "The Color of Water:            29, hosted by St. Stephen-St. Edward
p.m. $10/adults; $5/children 4-12. For          Public Library with Black Dirt Storytelling      A Black Man’s Tribute to His White                School, Warwick. Call 988-1705 for infor-
reservations call 651-9171 or 651-4952 on       Guild member Eileen Stelljes. No registra-       Mother" by James McBride. Bernadine               mation. Corporate sponsorships available.
day of dinner.                                  tion required. For information call 651-         Codella will lead the discussion at the
                                                7659.                                            Albert Wisner Public Library, Feb. 26, 2                    THURSDAY, MAY 19
       SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12                                                                     p.m. Books available at the library. To reg-      Burke Catholic Golf Classic – Mansion
Five-hour Pre-licensing Course -                Albert Wisner Public Library Board of            ister call 986-1047.                              Ridge Golf Club, Monroe, May 19, spon-
Required for NYS Driver license appli-          Trustees Meeting – 2 Colonial Ave.,                                                                sored by John S. Burke Catholic High
cants, Sat., Feb. 12, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.,          Warwick, Feb. 15, 7 p.m. The public is                    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28                      School and benefits Burke Eagles
Warwick Town Hall (front entrance),             invited to attend.                               Readers’ Theater – Teen Program at Albert         Educational Foundation. Entry fee: $160
Kings Hwy. Cost: $30. Enrollees must hold                                                        Wisner Public Library, Feb. 28, 7 p.m. Read       (scramble format) by May 1, space limited.
a NYS Learners Permit before registering.       Mothers of Multiples Dinner – Feb. 15, 7         aloud with others "The Ghosts of Life" by         Shotgun start 12 noon sharp; prizes. For
To register call George Arnott 469-9482.        p.m., O.C. Parents of Multiples "moms            local teen playwright Chris Sullivan. Pick        ticket information, contact Office of
                                                night out" at a local restaurant. The club       up play at Reference Desk. High schoolers         Development & Alumni Relations (294-
Defensive Driving Class – Sat., Feb. 12, 9      also holds infant/toddler/preschooler            only. Call 986-1047 to register.                  2830) or www.burkecatholic.org and
a.m.-3 p.m. Warwick Town Hall (front            playgroups weekdays and weekends. For                                                              download ticket order form.

                         Ryan’s Star Rises After Millrose Mile Victory
                     By Richard Furst                           they try to stay centered on the upcoming performance.            within is lifted. But if you are not focused the energy
                                                                Each knowing that when they enter the arena the crowds will       becomes a weight and the deafening sound the death knell
     Aislinn Ryan proved that practice can make for per-        give them a sole touching acknowledgement of their prowess        of this competition. In Roman times this often met death.
fection as she put all that she has into the fabled Millrose    and the undeniable anticipation of something great.               But in today’s world of civilized sport it means that you
mile and came away with a decisive victory in the sixth               As Ryan stood on the starting line waiting for the gun,     must gather yourself and make the necessary adjustments
fastest time ever run in Madison Square Garden by a high        a high jump performer clears 7’6" and the crowd gives a           for the next contest. For Ryan, the effect is uplifting and she
school girl. Ryan’s time of 4:52.29 was more than three sec-    deafening roar of recognition and approval. It is at that         instinctively looks up and surges past the last two runners
onds faster the Sarah Bowman of Virginia and seven sec-         moment that Ryan realizes just how big this is. It is then        between her and the finish line. With two laps to go she is
onds ahead of the rest of the field. Ryan’s star has been on    that it becomes known inside that "this place is for real."       in front all alone and rides that tide of the moment, pulling
the rise for the past three years.                              The gun goes off and the competitors begin their epic             away from the vanquished all the way to the finish line.
     The Millrose Games are one of the oldest and most          onslaught towards the finish line, which is eleven laps and            The crowd is in a frenzy of satisfaction and continues
prestigious track and field games in the world and to get       ten yards away. Ryan is focused and centered and settles          on for a few moments more. In that time the civility of the
invited is a true honor. When Ryan received the invitation,     into seventh place in the field of ten elite runners letting      human spirit plays out before everyone’s eyes but not every-
the thought about the small track was over shadowed by          her body dictate pace for now. Staying comfortable and            one sees. At the finish, each competitor touches hands, pats
the enormity of the honor and the invitation was accepted.      relaxed in the beginning is the key. Others rush to lead and      the shoulder, gives hugs and says words of congratulation or
Just how big the Millrose Games in Madison Square               fight with each other over position on the short track with       consolation to each other. It is the most poignant moment of
Garden are cannot be explained. It can only be experi-          22 tight turns before the finish. Ryan counts down 11, 10         the day for each competitor, as only they can really know
enced. As a venue, the Garden takes on the feel of the          until she reaches six. That’s the number of laps left and         how much of themselves each gave to the crowd. It is per-
Roman Coliseum of perhaps two thousand years ago. The           now its time to come out of the comfort zone and begin to         haps the most important reason for our love of sport.
track is tucked into a small arena which is surrounded by       join the fray. The "star mechanism" is now engaged and                 At the press conference Ryan politely answers questions
18,000 seats, most of which are filled by the most passion-     Ryan surges past three runners, then one more. With three         peppered from a group of reporters. One reporter wants to
ate fans anywhere.                                              laps to go the Garden sees what is happening and thou-            know if she is now the best and better than her main New
     The warm-up area is like the catacombs filled with         sands jump to their feet shouting encouragement and               York State rival, Nicole Blood. Ryan wisely answers, "Well I
modern day gladiators. Each goes through a ritual of warm-      approval and the energy level of the coliseum raises expo-        won this race, but it’s just one race. Now it’s over and there
ups. Each tries to stare inward to the place where desire,      nentially so that now it reaches the sole of every competi-       will be more coming up and we all must get ready for them.
courage, passion and faith merge with confidence, positive      tor. The effect depends on where you are. If you are still        Nicole and all of these girls are great runners and no one
thoughts and the knowledge that the training for the event      focused and centered it immediately launches you to that          knows what will happen in the next race." One thing is for
was the ultimate and the outcome of "champion" can be           place within where courage, bravery and faith rule. The           sure. The fans will come and they will all be watching with
achieved. Every competitor wrestles with nerves and wits as     heart of the champion is now fully in play and the star           great anticipation to see which stars will rise.
20                                             WARWICK VALLEY DISPATCH, FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                                       "Our relationship with WVT has helped us create a niche
                                                                                 for our firm and attract a level of clientele that
                                                                                             might otherwise be unattainable."
                                                                                                                    - Bob Krahulik
                                                                                                                 Principal Attorney
                                                                                                                 Bonacic, LoBiondo
                                                                                                                   & Krahulik, LLP

         WVT Communications
                 Empowers Business
     A Century-Old Law Firm With 21st Century Capabilities
     The firm of Bonacic, LoBiondo & Krahulik has evolved into one of the most pro-
     gressive law offices in the Hudson Valley – and WVT Communications has enabled
     that evolution decade after decade. "Our relationships with large institutional clients
     are typically reserved for bigger practices in New York and Washington DC," says
     principal Bob Krahulik. "Technology gives us skill sets unique to this region. WVT has
     networked our three local offices with our affiliate firm in Long Island, enabling
     video conferencing over DSL. It’s remarkably effective and affordable.
                                "We’ve had a long association with WVT. I can access crit-
                                ical information at home or the office any time. WVT’s
                                service is excellent, and they do an outstanding job with
                                security. Now as they’re getting ready to roll out Voice
                                over IP services, we want to be an early Beta site."

     Serving the community since 1902

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