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									Why GE?

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                  World-Class HR at GE
GE builds world-class leaders
We offer seven company-wide leadership training
programs in the following functional areas:

 Human Resources
 Information Technology
 Operations Management
 Sales & Marketing

 Rotational in nature, these programs
 offer hands-on experience, while
 offering either classroom or additional
 learning experience while on program.

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                                                  World-Class HR at GE
“The ability to lead innovation
will be the primary management
focus for this decade.”
Jeff Immelt
Edison Engineering Development
Domestic Class Size: 190
 • An intense 2-3 year entry-level technical
   development program requiring 3 or more
 • Assignments driven by business priorities
 • Broad experiences may include: Systems,
   Analysis, Design, Quality, Reliability, and
   Integration & Test
 • Formal technical problem-solving skills
   taught by engineering experts requiring
   reports and presentations to senior
 • Business skills developed in corporate
   leadership courses
 • Opportunity to attain an advanced degree
   in Engineering
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                                                 World-Class HR at GE
So why should I join EEDP?
             experience diverse aspects of the business
             with real responsibility

            Ahmed                              “EEDP is a great opportunity for
                                               accelerated technical growth and
            Ain Shams University, Cairo        experience”
            Electronics & Telecommunciations   There is no better way to jump start your
               Engineering                     career than on EEDP.”

            Amy                                “The opportunities presented through
                                               Edison are endless.
            Milwaukee School of Engineering
                                               The engineering experiences, coupled
            Biomedical Engineering             with business knowledge and
                                               performance, have been and promise
                                               to be a great platform to begin my
                                               career .
                                               “Coming out of college, I wasn’t sure
            Kelly                              what engineering field I wanted to
            University of Central Florida      pursue.
            Electrical Engineering             EEDP provided the opportunity to
                                               explore a variety of career options while
                                               gaining business specific technical
                                               training and developing leadership

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                                                                       World-Class HR at GE
Rotational assignments:
challenging business driven projects,
defined deliverables with stretch opportunities,
diverse technical experiences

• Design

• Analysis

• Reliability

• Systems

• Quality

• Integration & Test

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                                                   World-Class HR at GE
What do the assignments look like?
Ahmed               • Joint Strike Fighter Engine Control Logic
GE Global Research Signal Estimation & Modeling for Dryness Detection
                      in a Clothes Dryer
                    • Transient Modeling & Controls
                    • Global Services Technology - Modality Integration
                    • CT Systems Engineer - Image Quality
GE Heathcare        • GEHC-IT Lean Manufacturing
                    • Applied Science Lab MR-PSD Programming
                    • Controls Systems Integration Engineer
Kelly               • Repair Engineering Special Process Engineer
GE Energy           • Materials Application Engineer
                    • Wind Turbine Engineer

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                                                                  World-Class HR at GE
Training:           developing critical skills for technical leaders
Technical Training:
 • Advanced Courses in Engineering – a transition
   from academics to technical applications in industry
      Broad Technical Problem Solving Skills
      30 Weeks Technical Training
      Formal Technical Reports and Presentations
      World-Class Technical Network
 • Six Sigma Quality Training … The Way We Work
 • Challenging mix of technical experiences
   leveraging Master’s Degree in Engineering

Business & Leadership Training:
 • Business skills developed in Corporate Leadership
 • Managing Your Career

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                                                             World-Class HR at GE
Life after program : the training is universal…
the experience is as individual as you

Near Term        Work on a Team/Project Where You Performed a
                 Emerging Development Team
                 Converge towards an Advanced Technical
                  Degree While Working – Fully reimbursed by GE

Long Term        Diverse Technical Experiences
                 Depth of Knowledge
                 Focus on Expertise and Sustained
                 Broad Engineering Network
                 Life-Long Relationships

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                                                          World-Class HR at GE
We’re looking for …
our approach: Start with the Best …
> Passion for Technology
> Excellent Academic Record
> Demonstrated Project Management Experience
> Strong Analytical Problem Solving & Communication Skills
> Competitive Spirit to Excel
> Relevant Academic and/or Work Experience

                                 Build a Strong Technical Foundation &
                                 Sustained Performance … Attributes that
                                 Enable You to Succeed and Advance HR at /GE
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Consumer and Industrial
            Majors: ME/EE/ChemE/CSE/Mat. Sci/ Physics
            Experience/Key terms:Other Co-Op/Intern
            experience;Leadership Experience;Interests
            outside school
            Typical Rotation: Work with Innovation team
            and GRC to determine specifications of next
            generation of products.
            Lousiville,KY;Cleveland,OH;Plainville, CT;Fort
            Wayne, Indiana

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                                                 World-Class HR at GE
Is GE right for you?

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                       World-Class HR at GE
Selection process
make your career choice an informed one

 Research GE & EEDP

                         Are You a Fit for GE ?
                           Campus Interview
                           Business Decision

                                                   Is GE a Fit for You ?
                                                  Business Site Interview
                                                        Job Offer
                                                     Career Decision

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                                                              World-Class HR at GE
Why GE?

Ask Us!

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          World-Class HR at GE

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                World-Class HR at GE

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