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									  CTECU–Serving Employees of Chevron Corporation

           People                  From your chairman
                                                                                                                      October 2010

    —Board of Directors—
            Chairman               On September 24, 2010, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) – the federal
          Michael Beard
                                   government agency that regulates credit unions in the U.S. – took steps to help stabilize
            Mike Jung              the corporate credit union system. NCUA’s actions have not impacted your deposits at
            Secretary              CTECU.
         Johnny Van Etta
            Treasurer              Business at CTECU is continuing as usual. The same level of quality service you receive
          Radney Turner            from our credit union will continue. Our service to you is not affected by these government
   Bill Alvarez • Gary Cohen
Tana Daughtrey • Jackie Kapalski
                                   actions. Your funds here are perfectly safe. Our credit union is federally insured up to
            Dell Vance             $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and backed by the full faith
      –Audit Committee–            and credit of the U.S. Government, just as FDIC does for bank deposits. No credit union
           Chairman                member has ever lost a dime of federally insured funds.
         Glenn Ewan
   Rod Loper • John Hanten         It is important to remember that while credit unions have experienced some collateral
Kane Prestwood • Sharon Savage     damage during this recession (from member job losses, declining home values), we did
        –Office Staff–             not cause the problems we are seeing in the economy. Congressman Barney Frank, the
      President/Manager            chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has said more than once that “If
        Jackie Kapalski
      Assistant Manager
                                   credit unions made all of the mortgage loans, then there would have been no subprime
         Anita Woolley             crisis, and therefore no economic crisis.” In today’s economy, regular credit unions like
   Administrative Assistant        ours that serve consumers continue to be a safe haven and offer great value. Our credit
         Alice Freeland            union is very well capitalized with a capital cushion of 10.97%; stronger than you would
     Operations Manager
        Orelia Peterson            find at many banks. This capital means our credit union is well positioned to absorb the
  Wilcrest Branch Manager          costs of this action by the agency with minimal outward impact on our members.
          Bianca Etter
 Downtown Branch Manager           CTECU has been serving members for 58 years, through good times and bad. We are
         R. Lynn Coats             safe, secure, a great value for consumers … and we are well positioned to remain strong.
         Loan Officer
         Betty Clowers             At the September Board of Director’s meeting, the directors declared the dividend rates
  Assistant Branch Manager         for the month ending September 30, 2010, as follows: Regular Share dividends at 0.80%
          Sara Cantu
             Tellers               rate yielding 0.80% APY*; IRA Share dividends at 1.50% rate yielding 1.51% APY*; and
 Shaloma Lopez • Binh Nguyen       Share Draft dividends at 0.40% rate yielding 0.40% APY*.
       Dianne Teasdale
                                   *APY denotes Annual Percentage Yield
       Information                                                                              Michael Beard, Chairman          CTECU

     CTECU—Main Office
                                                       CALL US TOLL FREE! 1-888-658-2328
      4800 Fournace Place
    BTF-Bldg. B, Room 116
     Bellaire, Texas 77401
           P.O. Box 430
   Bellaire, Texas 77402-0430
     Phone: (713)432-6572                                          into Spectacular Savings … with rates as low as 2.99% A.P.R.*
       Fax: (713)432-6561          financing for new and late model vehicle loans**. Put the power of your credit union to work for you
   CTECU—Branch Location           today and enjoy “The Ultimate Car Buying Experience” from Dealer Select and their Credit Union
    3100 Wilcrest, Suite 141       Certified Dealer Network. With new and late model vehicle loan* rates as low as 2.99% A.P.R.*
     Houston, Texas 77042          and our “Certified” network of dealer representatives “The Ultimate Car Buying Experience” is at
     Phone: (713)532-7570          your Credit Union!
      Fax: (713)532-7578
                                   Follow these three easy steps: 1) Call or visit with a CTECU Loan Officer and get pre-approved.
 CTECU—Downtown Location
                                   2) Go to where you can request a quote and our dealer reps will contact you via
   1415 Louisiana, Suite 100
    Houston, Texas 77002           telephone or email or select a dealer representative from the listing on the enclosed brochure. Call
    Phone: (713)650-3400           before you go to make sure they are expecting you. 3) Speak only with the designated dealer
      Fax: (713)650-3401           representative. (Yes, it does make a difference.) Select your vehicle and we’ll do the rest. Our
        –Office Hours–             “Certified” dealer representatives can show you why it really does Make A Difference when you
  M-F 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.    purchase your new vehicle from one of them! Go to for your simple loan application
    Website:         form, complete and fax back to CTECU at 713/432-6561. Pre-approved loan* applications are good
    E-mail:         for 90 days! So hurry!
   Member Service Centers,         Certain restrictions apply: *APR denotes annual percentage rate. Based on 80% financing. New
a new service from CTECU. Visit    & Late model cars, trucks, & SUV vehicles only. Not to be used for refinancing loans for a
                                   currently existing at CTECU. **For qualified applicants only.
  shared branching facility near                                                                                         CTECU
  where you live, work, or play!
Other Services Available               CTECU invites you to celebrate International Credit Union Day
 Please check with us first!           on Thursday, October 21, 2010.
    Notary (free of charge)
      Postage Stamps                   On October 21, credit union members
        Money Orders                   worldwide will join together to celebrate
     Traveler’s Cheques                International Credit Union Day and this
    American Express Gift              year’s theme: Local. Trusted. Serving You.
   Cheques and Gift Cards              Do you remember why you chose CTECU to
       Cashier’s Checks                be your financial services provider? It may
                                       be among many reasons shared by the 186
      CTECU MasterCard                 million people in 97 countries who have also
      payments accepted
                                       chosen credit unions, but it most likely has
    Share Draft (checking)             something to do with the common philosophy
    QwikCash ATM cards                 of people helping people. Credit unions
      VISA check cards                 provide value to their members by returning
  Pulse Select ATM Network
                                       earnings in the form of lower loan rates,
    CO-OP ATM Network
 Credit Union Service Centers          higher interest on deposits, and lower or
                                       even no transaction fees.
      Holiday Closings
                                       Members of CTECU, stop by one of our 3 locations on October 21 as we honor our
                                       most valuable asset: our members. You are the reason CTECU exists. While you are
   Thanksgiving Closings
                                       there, be sure to pick up your membership appreciation gift and enjoy a sweet treat
   November 25 & 26, 2010
                                       between 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Also, complete any transaction at one of our 3
    Christmas Closings                 locations from October 18 - 22 for a chance to:
   December 24 & 27, 2010
                                                                   Win a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card
       Easy Home Loan
                                       Double your chances to win by signing up for MIA-Members Internet Access, Online
Getting a home loan                    Bill Pay or E-statements!!
has never been easier.
                                       Not a CTECU member? well now is the time to join! Join during October 18 - 22 and
                                       you will also receive a double entry for the drawing.
Just call (800)366-6041 to pre-        If you are 13 years of age or younger you can enter our coloring contest by getting
qualify or visit:
                                       your parents to log onto and clicking on the LOCAL.TRUSTED.                     SERVING YOU. pamphlet to access the coloring sheet. Print it out, color it and
CU Members Mortgage- - the             return it to the credit union by October 22, 2010 by 3:30 p.m. for a chance to:
credit union mortgage
company- -offers over 150                                        Win a $10 McDonalds Gift Card
products to customize your             For additional information call (713) 432-6572, (713) 532-7570 or (713) 650-3400 and
home loan.                             speak to a Member Service Representative.
                                       ****Multiple account transactions completed on the same day will be counted as one entry. ****
                                       ****Drawing for a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card will be at 3:30 p.m. on October 22, 2010. Each
                                       branch will have their own drawing. ****
                                       ****There will only be one winner for the $10 McDonalds Gift Card. ****                   CTECU

                                                                 GoToMyCard® Goes Mobile
                                                            We are pleased to announce that members can now access a mobile-
                                                            optimized version of The new mobile website is
                                        designed for easy viewing and navigation from the most popular smart phones in use today
                                        including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry®, and others.
                                        The most commonly used functions have been incorporated into the new mobile site and will
                                        securely allow users to:
                                                                 View account summaries, statements, and recent activity;
            Please Note                                          Make payments;
   Your utilization of any outside
   program or product is neither
                                                                 Change passwords and email address;
sponsored by nor endorsed by your                                Contact cardholder service for further assistance.
Credit Union, and your participation
       in or purchase of any                                   Please Activate Your Dormant Accounts
   program/product is voluntary.
                                        Do you have a savings or checking account with your credit union that has been dormant (no
                                        withdrawals or deposits) for a year or longer? If so, we have missed you and want you to
                                        contact your credit union about reactivating the account. We have some great new and late
                                        model vehicle loan rates as low as 2.99% Annual Percentage Rate for qualified applicants.
                                        We have also added several new services over the past few years including the recent
                                        Member-selected PIN (Personal Identification Number) on ATM and Debit Cards.              CTECU

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