PUHL & YOUNG MUSIC STUDIO POLICY 2009
                   Jennifer Puhl & Stephanie Young, Instructors
                       Contact Jennifer:         949.551.8862        puhls@aol.com
                       Contact Stephanie:        949.413.4632        bumpusdiva@aol.com

PRIVATE LESSONS are $65 for a 60-minute lesson, and $50 for a 45-minute lesson; $35 for 30 minutes.
* Note the tuition amount on your first statement for verification.

lesson. Required is a registration fee of $35 for first student in the family ($10 for additional siblings).
This fee covers CD recordings, handouts, special music copies and incentives.
A TRAVEL FEE of $5 per week per family will be added to one student in your family if an instructor comes
to your home for your convenience. This will help with high gas prices. Travel fee for outside a 3-mile range will
be proportionate.

VOICE RECORDING – All voice lessons will be recorded. At the Puhl & Young Music Studio, we will provide
voice students with a new CD each week. Students can also bring the instructor old CDs, which we can erase
and record over. For those voice students that I travel to, it is up to you to provide a recording method. The
instructor will bring an italk if you would like to use the ipod to record lessons. For voice students only.
STUDENT PIANO WORKSHOPS/SMALL RECITALS. These small classes will be offered approximately once
a month on Friday afternoons at 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. The fee is $7 per class session ($5 for
siblings). The amount will be added to your monthly invoice. Workshops may also take place on Saturday or
Sunday afternoon. I will give you a week's notice as to the dates and times. Watch your e-mail for information.
For piano students only.
COMPUTER LAB is free per basic session, $10 for teacher assisted session. Lab time is offered Tuesday
afternoons and occasional Saturdays and Sundays. The Lab will be open on some holidays. All students are
required to sign up for one or more sessions per month at the piano lab. Each student must pass all units of
study in his level. Senior-level high school students may monitor the labs while instructors are in the studio.
For piano students only.

A TUITION INVOICE will be sent to you the first week of each month. Payment is due by the 10th of each
month or shortly after receiving the invoice. A FEE of $5 will be added to next month's statement if
tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month. $25 will be added if tuition is not paid by the end of the
current month. This will be waived if you make prior arrangements for a special situation. Your statement will
reflect the number of weeks of lessons that are possible in the current month. ADDITIONAL FEES: Music
book prices and audition fees (Certificate of Merit, Piano Guild, festivals, conventions, MTAC - Orange Branch
workshops) will be added to the next monthly statement.
MISSED LESSONS. Please give a 24-hour notice of absence or time change. If you call ahead, you will be
eligible for a make up lesson or a credit towards your next tuition. Please be aware of the piano lesson time
before scheduling doctor's appointments, soccer, scouts, etc. It is a big help to communicate potential conflicts
a few days or weeks ahead by e-mail, if possible.

We, the teachers of The Music Teacher's Association of California, the National Guild of Piano Teachers and
National Association of Teachers of Singing, set high standards of study for piano, voice and other
instruments. We follow a curriculum created to provide a systematic and comprehensive plan to develop
performance skills, technique, ear training and sight reading together with study of music theory (music
structure & vocabulary). The curriculum takes the student through these skills each year with progressing
difficulty. Supplementary material may be tailored for each student to keep his/her interest. If the student
misses the lesson, he/she is still required to finish the required work. The workshops and computer programs
are there for reinforcement, enrichment, and performance practice.

A two-week notification must be made before stopping lessons.
                To the students: RECIPE FOR SUCCESS

1   Be on time to the lesson if you come to the studio. Be home and ready, if lessons are at your
    house. Wash your hands when you arrive at my house or do so before I arrive at your house.

2    Bring these items – or have them ready:
    all of your music that is listed on your book list
    assignment book
    loose-leaf notebook
    flash cards
    CD practice Disk or I-pod Nano

3   Have the books open and ready with assignment notebook opened to the latest lesson. If I come to you,
    have your metronome nearby. Do this the night before, if I come to your house.

4   Store all music books and materials in a dedicated music bag, file or backpack.

5   Make friends with the Metronome. Count out loud while the metronome ticks for each piece you are
    learning at least one time per day. You may do this while you play or as you point to the notes. Make sure
    the batteries are working.

6   Listen to the recorded lesson at least 2x during the week.
    You may come to my house on the weekend to have me record your pieces for you.

7   Practice daily. Try to practice every day, even if only for 10 minutes.

8   Set your practice goal. Decide if you will practice 2, 3, 4 or 5 or more hours a week. The higher the level,
    the more you will need to practice because the pieces will become longer and more challenging.

9   Assignment sheet practice log. Check all items you practice each day. Add up the total minutes for each
    item and put the total at the bottom. By the end of the week, be sure every item has been checked off at
    least once.

10 Ask a parent or grandparent to sign your assignment sheet at the bottom of the page. Do
   this after you show that person that you checked off the items. Give them a sample of what you
   have learned by playing some of the music on the list.


 PLAY SMALL CHUNKS OF MUSIC MANY TIMES. Double check the notes, AND counting, staccatos,
  slurs, dynamics and flow. This will take 3 - 6 times or more if needed.
 Start each practice with chords, scales and assigned warm-up.
 Finish theory assignment on the day of or day after the lesson.
 Sing the melody. Also try singing the bass line or another part of the music.
 Sight-read every day. Keep eyes on the music once the fingers are in place. Count while playing and
  make NO MISTAKES or as few mistakes as possible. Do not stop to correct notes.
                        To the parents: RECIPE FOR SUCCESS

1 Be on time to the lesson if you come to the studio. Be sure your child is at home if I come
  to your house. If the student is late to the lesson, he/she receives the remaining time of his
  scheduled lesson.

2 Keep all music books and materials in a dedicated place. Check the book list to get
  acquainted with the books your child should bring to the lesson or have ready on the piano when I

3 Help with organization. See that your child gets in the habit of having the books open and
  ready with assignment notebook opened to the latest lesson.

4 Keep the Metronome handy and with a fresh battery. Check to see that your child is using the
  metronome daily. He/she needs to at least tick and count out loud while pointing to the music.

5 Listen to the recorded lesson. I can record the lesson at your house if you have an I-pod Nano
  or other recording device. You may also come to the studio on the weekend and have me record
  the pieces he/ she is studying.

6 Assignment sheet - practice log. Each student checks all items he practices each day and
  adds up the total minutes at the bottom.

7 Please sign at the bottom of the assignment sheet to confirm the practice time and
  see that items have been properly checked before the student's next lesson.
To students and Parents:

SCORE 9 or 10 POINTS FOR 20 WEEKS (does not have to be every week)
Each student starts out with 10 points at the beginning of the lesson. One point is taken away for
each assignment item not studied on most items. Student will lose 5 points, if practice does not
reach goal.

20 or more Terrific lessons is a winner!

 SIGHT READING MARATHON. A book of easier pieces will be available to play on your own.
  Each piece you understand how to play without my help will be listed on the Sight reading Page.
  Fill in 28 pieces and earn an ice cream cone at Baskin Robins or McDonald’s coupon.

FESTIVALS (optional)
Baroque, Bach, Romantic, Classical, Contemporary, Duet

Bach, Composition - Branch and State, Duet

PERFORMANCE ADJUDICATIONS (Assessment of student's progress)
 The Music Teacher's Association of California Certificate of Merit Program is highly
  recommended for all students, once they know all the basic notes.            Path A is with State
  adjudication at a nearby college and Mrs. Puhl gives Path B at the studio. It is the same test. The
  difference is that Path B takes place in April instead of February and gives them more time to
  prepare. Path A for high school students gives them an edge in on college applications and offers
  possible scholarships as music majors or minors. Registration is in October.

 The National Piano Guild is an excellent test of memory, technique and piano artistry, and also
  looks great on college applications. Registration is in January.

Halloween “Monster” Recital
Mini Recitals (at homes of students who volunteer)
*Annual June Recital (mandatory). A parent's written explanation is needed to miss this event.
Please read the lesson policy sheet, fill out this form, sign and date. Please return by September 15, 2009

                 FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 - May 31, 2010
    I have read and understand the Puhl & Young Music Studio Policy for the school year 2009-2010.

Parent Signature ________________________________________________ Date_____________

    Please fill out the form below, mail or hand to your instructor. Returning students please write name and
     any changes from last year.
    For Jennifer Puhl’s students, please mail or bring to 14672 Oak Ave, Irvine, CA 92606
    For Stephanie Young’s students, please mail to 1404 N Tustin Ave, #M-2, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________ Age in Sept _____Birthdate__________

     School _______________________________________________ Grade in the Fall ______

    STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________ Age in Sept _____Birthdate__________

     School _______________________________________________ Grade in the Fall ______

    STUDENT’S NAME ___________________________________ Age in Sept _____Birthdate__________

     School _______________________________________________ Grade in the Fall ______

Home Address___________________________________ City_____________ ZIP __________

Phone Numbers: Home __________________________ Cell___________________

Mom's Wk _____________________Dad's Wk ____________________ e-mail address_________________


The best available times for lessons are:

________________________________ between ______________ and _____________

________________________________ between ______________ and _____________

________________________________ between ______________ and _____________

Please avoid _________________________________________________________________________

It is possible for a sunrise lesson time? Instructor comes to you in the AM before school: Yes _____ NO_____

Workshops will be held on various Friday afternoon or eve, Saturday a.m. or early p.m, and Sun afternoon.
Circle the times which best fit your availability for the workshops

Thur 7 pm       Fri 5:30 pm       Fri 6:30 pm      Sat 1 pm      Sat 2 pm       Sun 2 pm       Sun 3 pm

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