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Dear Fellow Nobles:
    Looking over the last two years of Newsletters for September, it looks like this is the month I
traditionally talked about the “State of our Unit” by reflecting back at our previous Parade season. I
must say it is G-o-o-d to have it put behind us and look forward to a brighter future:
     Hartland Sunday, June 29th: We decided to do this Parade this year instead of East Troy
     because the 4th of July fell on a Friday, and we didn’t think we would be able to do 3 Parades
     in one week. We only had 12 pedaling members at the Parade. It started to rain before the
     Parade, we wanting to have the truck behind us, “just in case” of problems, we were able to
     talk Dale Cady into driving the truck for us. We did get 3 more riders from the Directors
     Staff (Dave Farkas, Michael Kozinski, Rich Czekalski) to help us out, giving a total of 15 on
     the bike. About ½ of the way through the Parade the Bike was getting pretty difficult to
     pedal, even downhill. Good thing we had the truck behind us to help “Push” our way to the
     end. With the brake problems again, I think we lost at least two of the new guys that helped
     us out for any future Parades. Well, here we go again, a great way to start off the New Year!
     Oak Creek Friday July 4th: The week prior, Frank Mayer would again rebuild the master
     cylinder for the Bike and replaced some of the hoses and connections. When we would
     “test” the brake system on the Bike we found it still was not working and couldn’t get the
     fluid to release the “Pads”. The only thing left that wasn’t done was to replace the 22 feet of
     brake line. Did we want to do that? The day before the Parade we still did not have a
     functional Bike. I was in panic mode and decided to stop at Hal’s Harley-Davidson in New
     Berlin and finally got some great help. After about an hour, I was back at the truck and
     “Hot” “Bench tested” the brake on the Bike by connecting the “New” master cylinder
     directly to the disc brake. It worked great! Then I reconnected it to the front of the Bike on
     the handle bar and it still worked! Couldn’t wait for tomorrow to see if the Bike was fixed?
     Parade day we had 14 members to pedal, plus our 1 seasoned rider from the Director Staff
     (Dave Farkas) plus a brave Noble David Frye came to help us, total of 16 on the Bike. Not
     knowing if the Brake was truly fixed we still had to find someone to drive the truck, just in
     case a push was needed. Luckily another Brother Vic Brodzik, from the Directors Staff said
     he would be happy to drive for us. This was probably the best Parade we have had since I
     joined the Unit in the past three years. Was the Bike actually fixed?!

     South Milwaukee Saturday, July 26th: Looking forward to a Great Parade! We had 14
     pedaling members 1 member to drive the truck plus our two standbys from the last Parade,
     total of 16 on the Bike again. The only glitch we had in the Parade, was that street repairs
     were being made and the “side training” or “stabilizer wheels” dropped down from the Bike
     due to uneven pavement and then the “pins’ got bent when the Bike was leveled out. Next
     Parade a solution will be needed to prevent this, but what is the best and easy fix? Anyway,
     W-O-W, good thing we had “Brakes” on the Bike. The Bike actually would coast and pick-
     up speed downhill!! Had to “Ride the Brake” to keep the Bike from going out-of-control!!
     St Francis Saturday, August 30th: Fixed the problem with the “training wheels” to keep
     them from dropping down – “Duck-Tape”, ha-ha, just kidding. Got some “Bungee Cords” to
     strap around the wheels to keep them in place. The Parade: How soon we forget! I said this
     last year; this has to be the longest (time wise) Parade in the history of all Parades. It must
     take at least a good ½ hour for us to get down to where the Parade really begins (with the
     people) and then the starting and stopping! It would never fail; the time we had to stop
     would be after we would coast downhill so that we would need a “Push” to get us going
     again uphill. We had a little better turn out than the previous Parade but still some empty
     seats. I still wanted to have someone drive the truck because of the hills and we could have
     our 15 members pedaling on the Bike. When I was at the State Fair Booth, I was working
     with one of the Trustees from Tripoli, Skip Bruckner. He was very happy to help out and
     just said “When? Where? What time?” Had a Great Parade, it was nice to see Eddie
     Jonokuchi as a spectator on the Parade route, but St Francis should still be placed in the
     “Guinness Book” for the Longest running Parade!
     Wis Dells Sunday, Sept 14th: There was a new Parade Director this year and when I made
     out the Application, I only mentioned two sections with one truck. Really thought, we were
     going to have to cancel! “Eleven” members to pedal the Bike with two sections of 18 seats?
     Our Directors Staff standby made the trip again and the Motor Corp pulled through for us
     again for the 3rd year in a row with two of their members, and a last minute surprise from one
     of our past members, George Toeller, which gave us the magic number of “Fifteen”. At first
     we were allowed the truck in the Parade, then not, then maybe. But they did allow Frank to
     drive the truck in the Parade even though we really didn’t need him behind us. Looks like
     we are back “On the road again” with a “New Bike”!
   Recapping our sign-up sheets I am proud to say that seven (one more than last year) out of the
nineteen (five less than last year) of our members who made it to the Parades, made 100% of the
Parades. This Unit should be proud of the hard work done by all of our core members. We also had
nine Nobles from other Units that came to help us.
   It was “Great” to have Harold Laabs back on the Bike with us again and to have Bobbie Enloe
make the last Parade after all of the problems they both had during this past year!
    Since making the long trip on the Sunday to the Dells Parade and most everyone had prior
commitments, the September meeting for the Tuesday, two days afterwards was cancelled. Hopefully
I contacted all those members that usually show up, but I did go down to the Temple just in case.
    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday October 21 @ 7:00 pm. This will probably be the last one for
the year. Will discuss: Christmas Party for Saturday December 20, more information to follow next
month, Parade in New Berlin November 8th? if we want to donate items for the Pre-Holiday Ladies
Fashion Show and Luncheon on November 15th, the status of members in arrears for two years, and if
the Long-Riders want to become involved in the building of a garage on the grounds at Tripoli?
    Last minute news from the Stated Meeting: There will be no Follies at the Unit Dinner, but the
Dinner will still go on November 8th. Tripoli is looking for Units to sponsor a Menu item. This night
will be a night to bring in new prospects for our Ceremonial. If you bring someone in that evening and
you are the top line signer with a petition in hand you both will get in free, otherwise its $25/person.
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        I just returned from a night to remember! I was especially proud to classify myself as a Mason!
We lost a fellow Brother this past October 10th and his Service was tonight October 13th. If you
attended this evening you can consider yourself “Lucky” on the thirteenth. There were at least 35
Masons, from several Lodges, including 33º Masons and Past Potentates. Virtually everyone stayed
after the Masonic Service which Past Potentate and Past Commander of the Long Riders Jim Christie
Officiated. Pastor John Jacobs from Ascension Lutheran Church addressed the Congregation and us
Masons with his Sermon. He really did study the tenants of Masonry and the giving Soul of a Shriner.
A wonderful Hymn written by a Lawyer John Ness Beck in 1873, after losing his four daughters at sea,
was song by the Choir, “It Is Well With My Soul”. Then there was the celebration of Holy
Communion and it was an experience to be able to share The Lord’s Table with my fellow Brothers.
As the people were leaving the pews, “On Wings Of Eagles” was sung as a recessional. Looking
back, at our Parades this past year, it was most fitting to have an open seat on the Bike at each of our
Parades, to remember Brother Roger “Bud” Wescott. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Phyllis.

In Brotherhood,
James “JayBee” Burton
James “JayBee” Burton
Commander ~ Long Riders

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