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PB Millionaire's Event Focuses On Homeless Youth Project In San Diego.

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									 “Charity” Is The Winner In First Annual Miss Pacific Beach Contest

  PB Millionaire's Event Focuses On Homeless Youth Project In San Diego.

San Diego, CA, October 07, 2011 -- The First Annual Miss Pacific Beach Contest
was held at PB Bar & Grill on September 14th, where Charity Hodges was crowned
the very first Miss Pacific Beach. The event, which was the brainchild of Jim Lawlor,
locally known as the "PB Millionaire," was a huge success with a capacity turnout
of about 400 people. In fact, the enthusiastic fans standing in line outside stretched
around the block - some waiting for more than an hour to get in. (See video: http://

It's appropriate that the winner’s name is 'Charity’, since the event was organized to
bring awareness to San Diego’s homeless youth. One of Charity’s first duties will
be to appear at the “Photo Charity National Walk and Concert” on November 12th
organized by PhotoCharity ( to raise money for San
Diego’s homeless youth.

Before the winner of the first Miss Pacific Beach contest was announced, Lawlor
presented a check for $3000 to Jeffrey Sitcov, PhotoCharity organizer. Then
awarding the winner, Charity Hodges, with a check for the same amount. Over the
past ten years, Photocharity has raised over $1.6M to save homeless youth due
mostly to corporate sponsors and private donors like Lawlor.
Lawlor is also the executive producer of the PB Reality Show
( which is filming the behind-the-scenes action of the Ms
PB Contest, as well as Lawlor’s lifestyle of “living the California dream” - the theme
of the show. His numerous parties at his home, a.k.a. the “PB Castle,” are also
showcased in his reality series scheduled to be released this January.

Charity Hodges will be hosting Lawlor’s Halloween party at the PB Castle in late
October and is also scheduled to appear in several other events as part of the PB
Reality Show, including charity functions, throughout 2012 as part of her reign as
Miss Pacific Beach.

Charity is no stranger to being in the public spotlight. She has appeared on the
CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, numerous music videos and commercials, as well
as, providing commentary and hosting responsibilities for various television shows.
She's also graced the pages of Stuff, Maxim, Planet Muscle, as well as various
swimsuit calendars.

Lawlor was one of the three judges that chose Charity as the winner and he feels
very confident that he made the right decision. “We feel we made the right choice in
choosing Charity and think she will be a prefect fit in fulfilling her duties and
responsibilities as the very first Miss Pacific Beach,“ Lawlor said.

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