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                             Philippine Fiesta
                                                                          Filipino-American Community Broadsheet Newspaper

                                                                                                                                                                                         June 20- July 18, 2011
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American                                               Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento 2011
doublespeak                                            Tidbits on Philippine Independence and Jose Rizal’s Birthday
By Val G. Abelgas

It came as a shock to many.
For certain, Malacanang was caught flat-foot-
ed when US Embassy spokesperson Rebecca
Thompson said that “the United States does
not take sides in regional territorial disputes”
in response to a previous statement by deputy
presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte that the
US would honor its commitment to defend the
Philippines in case of an external attack under
the Mutual Defense Treaty.
   The jolting statement came just two weeks
after the same US Embassy spokesperson
had categorically stated that the United States
would definitely stand by the Philippines in the
event of an armed conflict with China over the
Spratly islands. Thompson was reiterating what
US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. had person-
ally told President Benigno S. Aquino III dur-
ing a dinner on board the USS Carl Vinson a
few days earlier.
   Ambassador Thomas had said that America
would be proud “to stand by your side” if ever
the Philippines was in danger. “Now and in the
future, we will maintain our strong relation-                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Dave San Pedro
ships, and we are dedicated to being your part-          The Filipino community of Sacramento and vicinity celebrated one of the biggest events, The Filipino Fiesta 2011 honoring the Filipino Americans in Law En-
ner whenever you are in harm’s way,” adding              forcement. The all day festival showcased the Filipino cultured old and new, from hip-hop performances to traditional Filipino dances.
that this commitment was “born of our shared
histories and our close ties.”                                                                                   By Jose Abaya, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                     Roman Catholic religion, although, its main
   It was not the first time that the US had as-
sured the Philippines it would stand by its ally
in its conflict with China over the Spratlys.
In 1999, when Philippine-China relations had
soured because of Chinese violations in the
                                                                                                                T     he event on June 5, 2011 of the Filipino
                                                                                                                      American community in Sacramento
                                                                                                                      which was dubbed as Filipino Fiesta
                                                                                                                was actually a triple celebration that includes
                                                                                                                the Philippine Independence, Filipino Fiesta
                                                                                                                                                                     purpose is to honor local patron saints. It is
                                                                                                                                                                     also the event to bring out bountiful harvest
                                                                                                                                                                     to the market and days of festivities when
                                                                                                                                                                     the town folks invite everyone to eat, drink
                                                                                                                                                                     or just be happy with their friends and town
Mischief Reef, a part of the disputed Spratlys                                                                  and remembering the 150 years of Dr. Jose            mates. Usually, the culmination of the fiesta
group, President Bill Clinton told then Philip-                                                                 Rizal’s birthday. Of course, all such under-         is the crowning of their local beauty queen in
pine President Joseph Estrada at the sidelines                                                                  takings whether purposely done or just coin-         the town plaza where dancing, singing and
of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation                                                                        cidental were commendable for, at least, we          cultural presentations are held up to the wee
Summit in Auckland, New Zealand that the US                                                                     had one event remembered which was seldom            hours of the morning.
would stand by the Philippines against an ex-                                                                   celebrated, the birthday of our National Hero.          On the other hand, June 12 is the Philippine
ternal aggressor.                                                                                                                                                    Independence, the day in 1898 when General
  “It would be best if we can settle it diplomati-                                                              Historically, fiestas are supposed to be reli-       Emilio Aguinaldo unfurled and raised the
cally and amicably,” Estrada quoted Clinton as                                                                  gious events brought by the Spanish conquis-         Philippine Flag for the first time at the balco-
saying. But “if worse comes to worst, the US                                                                    tadores in the Philippines to propagate the          ny of his residence in Kawit, Cavite before the
will stand by us,” Estrada added.
  In July last year, US Secretary of State Hillary                                                                                                                                   Continued on page 3
Clinton told participants of the regional secu-
rity forum in Vietnam that the resolution of the
disputes over the Spratlys and Paracels was an
American national interest, angering China.
    In the face of these American assurances,
                                                       Phl sending more troops to Spratlys
the turnaround by US Embassy spokesperson              By Jaime Laude
Thompson caught many by surprise. Immedi-                                                                   ians. It is the biggest of the seven islets occupied
ately, members of both the Philippine Senate           MANILA, Philippines - A Philippine Navy              by Filipino troops in the Kalayaan group. A re-
and the House of Representatives condemned             supply ship has reached Pag-Asa Island in the        tired administrator of the Department of Public
the US, saying the Philippines should not have         Kalayaan Island Group in the Spratlys and has        Works and Highways (DPWH) in Palawan, Eu-
relied on the US in the first place since America      unloaded troops and fresh provisions.                genio Bito-onon Jr., is mayor of Kalayaan.
was only concerned about its own national in-            The BRP Benguet (LST 507) dropped anchor             The arrival of the Benguet came amid increas-
terest, which, of course, is true.                     off Pag-Asa Island the other day but has yet         ing tensions in the West Philippine Sea stoked
   We completely agree with these lawmakers            to complete unloading its cargo of food and          by reports of intrusions by Chinese vessels and
that the Philippines should never rely on the          other supplies due to bad weather, according         aircraft into areas within Philippine jurisdic-
US to defend it in case of a foreign attack. The       to a source.                                         tion.
Philippines is an independent and sovereign                “Our Navy supply ship arrived there the             The Philippines has deployed its biggest war-
country, and as such, must be able to defend its       other day but it is still unloading supplies,” the   ship, World War II-era BRP Rajah Humabon,
own interests without relying on foreign assis-        Palawan-based source told The STAR yester-           “for routine patrol within the country’s territo-
tance or foreign intervention. The country just        day.                                                 rial waters” near Palawan.
celebrated its 113th year as an independent and           The ship will return to its base in Palawan           Aside from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and
sovereign nation, and yet we are still relying on      today if it completes its delivery. The source       Brunei also have claims in the Spratly Islands.
a foreign nation to defend our shores?                 did not say how many troops were brought in          The area is believed to contain huge deposits of
   On this point, Thompson’s statement was a           or if some had been pulled out after complet-        oil and gas.                                           Imperial reach. Map shows the extent of China’s
good wake-up call.                                     ing their one-month tour of duty.                       Navy spokesman Lt. Col. Omar Tonsay de-             claim in the South China Sea.
   However, if we review Thompson’s most re-              Nine civilian residents of Pag-Asa, includ-       clined to comment if the Benguet had indeed
cent statement, she merely said “the US does           ing an infant, were among the passengers of          already reached Pag-Asa.                               reiterating the country’s right to defend its ter-
not take sides in regional territorial disputes,”      the ship.                                            No agitation                                           ritories were not meant to agitate China.
                                                         Pag-Asa, also called Isla, is home to 60 civil-       At Malacañang, officials said their statements                       Continued on page 6
              Continued on page 3

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 2    Editorial                                                                                                        (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                                   June 20- July 18, 2011            Philippine Fiesta

                                                                                                                                                                          Rizal, Spratlys, China, Philippines, Vietnam
                                             Editor’s Note                                                                                                                Empowering the Filipino People
                                                                                                                                                                          By Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos
                                             It’s halfway through the year and we’re just now feeling the
                                             summer heat today. Aside from spring, this is my favorite                                                                    “The sea, the sea is everything...Virtue lies
                                             season of the year. It is because around this time is when I get                                                             in the middle ground...” — Jose Rizal
                                             to celebrate my birthday! It’s another year for me and a new
                                             beginning. I’ve been back to school since the first part of the                                                              Happy 150th birthday, Dr. Jose Rizal! We
                                             year. I also started to hit the gym again. Like learning, staying                                                            wish you could have lived that long up
                                                                                                                                                                          to this day, and so, too, do we all wish to
                                             fit for me is a lifelong obligation.                                                                                         eventually live that long (the better to serve
                                                                                                                                                                          God, country, and people).
                                 Father’s Day celebration, in honor of Dave, was a lot of fun for
                                 our family this time. We’ve enjoyed barbecuing in our back-                                                                              In his very first trip from the Philippines
         yard, just like in the early years when our kids were younger.                                                                                                   onboard the steamship “Salvadora” to Bar-
                                                                                                                                                                          celona via Singapore, 21-year-old Jose
         We survived the rainy Vallejo’s Pista Sa Nayon and the Sacramento’s Filipino Fiesta                                                                              Rizal in May, 1882, crossed the South
         celebration, honoring the Filipino Americans in Law Enforcement. Congratulations                                                                                 China Sea.
         to the honorees and to Maharlika Lions Club and Leo Club’s new sets of officers,                                                                                     Were he still around, Rizal (a lover of
         most especially to Lion Rey de Jesus for receiving the “Lion of the Year Award.”                                                                                 nature and the sea) would have relished
                                                                                                                                                                          a serene, bountiful, and an “all-nation”
                                                                                                                                                                          South China Sea with freedom of access/
         In this issue are upcoming concerts in Reno and Filipino Fiesta celebration in Santa                                                                             commerce, and open to enjoyment/devel-
         Clara and Vallejo:                                                                                                                                               opment with proportional benefits guaran-
         Sharon Cuneta concert-July 3, in Reno                                                                                                                            teed for all stakeholders.
         Ai-Ai and Pops Fernandez concert-July 3, in Reno                                                                                                                   Most disturbing of issues these days is the        man rights is making war obsolete among the
         Kababayan Fest July 9 at Great America, in Santa Clara                                                                                                           rise of tensions around the Spratlys, where the      great powers and, increasingly, also among oth-
         Adobo Festival July 9 and 10 in Vallejo                                                                                                                          Philippines, China, and others have conflict-        ers that have linked their progress to the global
                                                                                                                                                                          ing claims. The heightened “unfriendliness”          economy.
         Have safe 4th of July celebration.                                                                                                                               generated by Beijing’s spokespersons have               These universal aspirations were strongly af-
                                                                                                                                                                          arisen allegedly from “bad rumors/specula-           firmed in the Joint Communiqué following Pres-
                                                                                                                                                                          tions” (according to Chinese Ambassador Liu          ident Hu Jintao’s state visit to the US last Janu-
                                                                                                                                                                          Jianchao). In reality, there have been intru-        ary on President Obama invitation, thus:
         Yours in celebration,                                                                                                                                            sions by Chinese aircraft into Philippine air-         “The two sides agreed to enhance communica-
         Dinnah S. San Pedro                                                                                                                                              space (23 May), Chinese patrol boats in the          tion and coordination in the Asia-Pacific region
                                                                                                                                                                          Recto (Reed) Bank only 85 miles west of Pal-         in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation, and
                                                                                                                                                                          awan (2 March), and, most serious, a Chinese         to work together with other Asia-Pacific coun-
                                                                                                                                                                          missile frigate’s firing at Filipino fishing boats   tries, including through multilateral institutions,
                                                                                                                                                                          near Palawan’s Quirino atoll (25 Feb).               to promote peace, stability, and prosperity.”
                                                                                                                                                                             Is shooting war or armed conflict the ulti-          In his homeland, last 15 April, President Hu
Since when did we become a nation of                                                                                                                                      mate outcome of the barrage of recurring pro-
                                                                                                                                                                          tests from the Philippines and Vietnam on one
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               declared before world leaders at the Boao Fo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               rum for Asia: “China will always be a good
cowards?                  Why did Lacierda issue such
                                                                                                                                                                          hand, and repeated counter-denials from Chi-
                                                                                                                                                                          na on the other? Is this what our three coun-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               neighbor, good friend, and good partner of other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Asian countries.”
                                                                                                                                                                          tries and other stakeholders, including the US,         On this basis, the future world community is
By Bobit S. Avila                                                      an insulting remark spewing                                                                        want for our posterity? Of course, NOT!              hoped to become a concert of civilizations –
                                                                       fire and venom against the                                                                           Is the threat of violence by “bullying” neigh-     where countries abide by the civilized rules of

A       s a lover of history,
        we often hear that fa-
        mous quotation by Bar-
bara Tuchman who quipped,
“Those who do not remember
                                                                       Butuan Bishop? I can only
                                                                       second guess that it is because
                                                                       Lacierda has nothing but
                                                                       contempt for members of the
                                                                       clergy. Fire and venom for the
                                                                                                                                                                          bors what Rizal envisioned for the Philippines
                                                                                                                                                                          a century hence? Of course, NOT!
                                                                                                                                                                            Right now, relations between the Philippines
                                                                                                                                                                          and China, and between Vietnam and China
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               the United Nations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Meanwhile, we must also adhere to open re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               gionalism, respect the interests of countries
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               outside the Asia-Pacific, and welcome their par-
                                                                                                                                                                          are at their lowest point since 1995.                ticipation in peacekeeping and security coopera-
their history are doomed to re-                                        Bishop who has no armies,                                                                                                                               tion.
peat them.” I write this piece                                         but when China creates trou-                                                                       Philippines-China friendship?
because of the recent events                                           ble against the Philippines, he                                                                    Last 09 June, it was our distinct honor to key-      Positive benefits from binding commitments
that have happened between                                             asks us not to issue inflamma-                                                                     note the celebration of the joint 36th anniver-      President Aquino III has declared his intention
the Philippines and China in                                           tory statements? What cow-                                                                         sary of the opening of our diplomatic relations      to visit China to honor the invitation of Presi-
the past few weeks when Chi-                                           ardice from Mr. Lacierda!                                                                          with the PROC and the 10th anniversary of            dent Hu made last March.
nese Migs buzzed Philippine                                            Perhaps he ought to resign!                                                                        Philippines-China “Friendship Day” at the               This visit should take place soonest – since
Air Force OV-10 Broncos in                                                I’m truly scared that at this                                                                   PICC before an audience of 5,000 Filipinos           there are issues of national and regional criti-
the Spratlys, which was fol-                                           point in time, Pres. Aquino has                                                                    and Filipino-Chinese which included Ambas-           cality our two heads of state must navigate.
lowed by the Chinese Navy                                              only shown weakness with his                                                                       sador Liu, Foreign Undersecretary Erlinda            Concurrently, diplomats from all stakeholder-
firing shots at Filipino fish-                                         leadership style. Meanwhile                                                                        Basilio, several congressmen, and Chairman           countries must endeavor to forge a truly bind-
ing vessels and capped by the                                          what is the Aquino govern-                                                                         Manny Dy of the host Federation of Filipino-         ing agreement to resolve the Spratly issues, thus
scolding of the Philippines by                                         ment doing when faced with                                                                         Chinese Associations of the Philippines.             insuring our region’s uninterrupted peace and
China.                                                                 a potential threat from China?                                                                        Against the background of harmonious his-         sustained progress.
   There is no doubt China has                                         Go on war exercises with                                                                           torical relations between our two countries,            The Spratlys should be first on their agenda.
now become a superpower and                                            the US Military? Sure, that                                                                        that joint celebration was an important land-        Secondly, we Filipinos need to tap into China’s
its leaders have also acquired                                         should scare the Chinese off.                                                                      mark for close neighbors and distant rela-           surging economy – if we are to overcome global
a super inflated ego. Only last                                        But it still doesn’t make the                                                                      tives.                                               food shortages and price inflation looming on the
Sept. 10, 2010 a Chinese fish-                                         Armed Forces of the Philip-                                                                            Sadly, the screaming headlines that same         horizon. Chinese capital and expertise can help
ing vessel purposely rammed a                                          pines (AFP) any stronger!                                                                          day were: “China Blasts Philippines Anew             us cultivate our vast agricultural farms, harness
Japanese Navy Patrol boat re-                                          P-Noy already sent his friend                                                                      on Spratlys Claim, etc.” These were not only         renewable energy, and develop the resources of
sulting in the Japanese Navy’s                                         Mr. Domingo Lee to be Phil-                                                                        counter-productive but also unwarranted (be-         our surrounding seas.
arresting the crew of the Chi-                                         ippine Ambassador to China,                                                                        cause of ongoing diplomatic “massaging”)                President Aquino should also renegotiate the
nese trawler.                                                          but what good will that do                                                                         and, indeed, most unfortunate coming as they         stalled national broadband and railroad back-
   This incident sparked a dip-                                        when the man has no experi-                                                                        did on that very day of rededication to friend-      bone projects now “derailed” by allegations of
lomatic furor in China where                                           ence in diplomacy? While we                                                                        ship.                                                corruption.
Japan ended up repatriating                 Gregorio del Pilar         may not expect the Chinese to                                                                         Both Beijing and Manila realize fully well
the Chinese crew to China                                             invade the Philippines at this                                                                      our mutual need to preserve existing condi-          Demilitarization: Confidence- building mea-
which then demanded an apology from Japan. time (they can’t even retake their own renegade                                                                                tions of stability, fairness, and reciprocity that   sures
But Japan did not apologize as video footages Province of Taiwan) we must now sound the                                                                                   have made East Asia the world’s fastest grow-        The Pacific Forum Center for Strategic and In-
later showed that it was a deliberate act by the alarm bells for the Philippines to prepare our-                                                                          ing region. And so do Hanoi and Washington,          ternational Studies report, “Confidence Build-
Chinese trawler that caused the incident. Japan selves for such an eventuality.                                                                                           DC.                                                  ing Measures in the South China Sea” (August
which has a powerful Navy apparently backed              There is no question that the United States                                                                                                                           2001), reveals:
down against Chinese aggression. You can was totally unprepared to wage a war against                                                                                     A world without great-power wars                         “In 1995, when China’s encroachment on
watch that incident in YouTube.                      Japan when World War II ignited in Hawaii.                                                                           Certainly, there must be positive actions that       Mischief Reef came to light, President FVR
  So now it is the turn of the Philippines to taste But at least many Filipinos took the Reserve                                                                          China, the Philippines, Vietnam, other claim-        proposed the ‘freezing’ of troop strengths on
Chinese aggression and what does Malacañang Officers Training Corps (ROTC) that gave the                                                                                  ants, and the US can undertake to avoid fur-         disputed islets, followed by the demilitarization
say about this? Rather than take the position that basic training for future guerrillas. Alas, the                                                                        ther irritants and facilitate solutions.             of the Spratlys, and then cooperative efforts by
the great Winston Churchill took when Germa- weakness of our AFP has been aggravated by                                                                                      This senior citizen who has long wrestled         rival claimants to assure safe shipping passage
ny invaded Poland, Malacañang spokesman Ed- the reality that we no longer have ROTC in our                                                                                with similar problems (on Tracks I and II)           in order to preserve the maritime environment
win Lacierda issued a statement for people not schools.                                                                                                                   believes win-win solutions can be achieved           and exploit its sea/seabed resources judiciously
to make fiery or counter productive statements         We may rely on our strategic partner the Unit-                                                                     if Asia-Pacific’s leaders and peace advocates        under joint authority. These CBMs have never
that would irk China.                                ed States with the assurances of US Ambassa-                                                                         strive patiently and unwaveringly to forge a         been tried; it is time they should be.”
     What is happening in this country under dor Harry Thomas. But did you listen to outgo-                                                                               covenant binding upon all country-stakehold-           Since 1994, starting with Vietnam President Le
President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III, have ing US Defense Sec. Robert Gates scolding the                                                                                  ers – big or otherwise.                              Duc Anh, FVR had proposed to ASEAN leaders
we sunk so low we cannot even complain any- North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for                                                                                   Global interdependence, science/technology,        (and before various international forums) the de-
more when our foreign neighbors tease or bully not supporting the Libyan campaign, which he                                                                               and the empowerment of people (as at EDSA            militarization of the Spratlys and joint develop-
us? Since when was the Philippines a nation of says is a weak country? NATO apparently con-                                                                               and the “Arab Spring”), I believe, offer us the      ment of the resources therein while preserving
cowards? I dare say that despite our poverty and tinues to rely on the US for nearly 80 percent of                                                                        possibility of a future world without war. Or-       ecological balance.
the weakness of our Armed Forces of the Philip- its funding the Libyan campaign and this tells                                                                            dinary people’s assertion of their political/hu-
pines (AFP) we must not be scared to tell China us that a recession torn United States may not                                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 4
to back off!                                         be willing to fight for the Philippines when the
    In another incident Edwin Lacierda reacted time comes. Now we are forewarned that may-
strongly against Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos of be we can’t rely on the US for help.
Butuan for making calls for P-Noy to resign be-        We know that the only way we can fight China
cause he is not really worthy to be a President. today is through words, but even that, Lacierda
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Michael P. Karr
But was Bishop Pueblos telling a pack of lies or warns us not to. How I miss P-Noy’s father, Ni-
the truth about P-Noy? The Bishop’s remark got noy Aquino, who machine-gunned the Marcos                                                                                     Law Office of Michael P. Karr & Associates
an instant reply from the Malacañang spokes- Dictatorship only with his words, but he even-                                                                                                            930 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 270
man calling the latter a “Nazi Propagandist”, tually won for us our freedom. What about you
what a grave insult!                                 P-Noy?                                                                                                                                               Sacramento, CA 95816
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 Philippine News                                                           (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                  June 20- July 18, 2011          Philippine Fiesta          3

Philippine province may be among the                                                                           Navy dispatches war relic as China deploys
world’s top tourist destinations                                                                               14 boats
                                                                                                               By Bloomberg  with two military aircraft, the routine patrol of waters in the
By Raymund F. Antonio                                                                                                                             People’s Daily said. The ex- Western Pacific,” US Navy
                                                                                                                THE Navy is sending its big-      ercises were aimed at refining spokesman Commander Jeff
                                                                                                               gest warship, a World War II       anti-submarine, replenishment Davis said, without providing
                                                                                      Rockcauseway,            vessel, to a disputed part of the and island defense capabilities details of its planned route.
                                                                                      financed to the          South China Sea after China        in dealing with a sudden crisis.     “The South China Sea is
                                                                                      tune of P48.2            said it was deploying one of its     Tensions in one of the world’s international waters, and we
                                                                                      million, provides        new coastal patrol vessels in      busiest shipping lanes have transit through there routine-
                                                                                      a gateway to             the waters.                        increased as the Philippines ly,” Davis said by phone Fri-
                                                                                      Gota Beach. The              The BRP Rajah Humabon, and Vietnam press ahead with day from Jakarta. The carrier
                                                                                      Port of Codon is         used by the United States oil and gas projects against “has been through there many
                                                                                      just a 30-minute         against German submarines in China’s wishes. Exxon Mobil times before in the past, and
                                                                                      boat ride to Got-        World War II, will patrol around Corp., Talisman Energy Inc., it’ll be through there many
                                                                                      ta beach, which          Scarborough Shoal,                                                               times in the fu-
                                                                                      has become the           Defense       Depart-                                                            ture.”
                                                                                      favorite location        ment spokesman                                                                   Wa s h i n g t o n
                                                                                      shooting of the          Eduardo Batac said                                                               sold a 378-foot
                                                                                      international re-        Friday.                                                                          Coast       Guard
                                                                                      ality television            “The Navy con-                                                                vessel equipped
                                                                                      show Survivors.          ducts regular off-                                                               with a helicop-
                                                                                         In 2009, Cara-        shore patrols and                                                                ter      launching
                                                                                      moan was intro-          we should not con-                                                               pad and missile
                                                                                      duced to Europe          nect the deployment                                                              system to the
                                                                                      when the Ser-            of Rajah Humabon                                                                 Philippines ear-
                                                                                      bian, Bulgarian          to the deployment                                                                lier this year that
                                                                                      and Swedish ver-         of this maritime The Philippine Navy’s biggest warship, BRP Rajah Humabon, will be its larg-
The Gota beach, in Caramoan town.                                          sions of the Survivor series        vessel of China,” is a World War II frigate that had been rescued from the sal- est naval vessel
                                                                           were filmed there.                  Batac said.             vage yard.                                               when delivered in
The province of Catanduanes is       said P682.73 million worth of             The place also hosted               “It’s part of routine patrols Forum Energy Plc and Vietnam August. Later this month, the
poised to become the next tour-      infrastructure projects have         French version of the series         that are being conducted by the Oil & Gas Group, known as US Navy will send three ships
ist destination in the Bicol re-     been allotted to Catanduanes         where television director            Navy.”                             PetroVietnam, have operations to conduct joint exercises off
gion as almost P700 million in       this year that seeks to address      Corinne Valiant gushed at                China, meanwhile, sent the in areas of the South China Sea Palawan “in a combination of
infrastructure projects geared       the access problems there.           the “powdery sand” and the           Haixun 31, a 3,000- ton vessel claimed by China.                    Philippine waters and interna-
to improving access there rolls        “The province has a lot of po-     “wild” natural atmosphere.           with a helicopter landing pad,       Officials on the Chinese ship tional waters,” Davis said.
off and roars on.                    tential in terms of tourist des-                                          to inspect foreign ships and oil Hansio will discuss anti-piracy      China will beef up its mari-
   In particular, Gotta beach, in    tinations. They have beautiful       In June this year, the Poland        facilities in the disputed waters and sea rescue issues with Sin- time surveillance force, in-
Caramoan town aims to rival          and unspoiled beaches which          edition is set to be shot also       of the South China Sea, Hong gaporean officials when it ar- creasing the number of per-
the island paradise of Bora-         are now gaining popularity for       in Caramoan.                         Kong’s Ta Kung Pao newspa- rives, the official Xinhua news sonnel from 9,000 to 15,000
cay, considered one of the top       aqua sports such as surfing,            Dequito said the DPWH             per reported Thursday.             agency said.                     by 2020, the China Daily
beaches in the world. Gotta          scuba diving and sports fish-        project is like hitting two             The deployment came after         The US, which has patrolled reported Friday, citing an un-
beach was put on the world           ing,” said DPWH 5 Regional           birds in one stone.                  China concluded three days and Asia-Pacific waters since identified official with the
tourism map with the filming         Director Danilo Dequito fol-             “We developed Catand-            nights of maritime exercises in World War II, has defense trea- China Maritime Surveillance
of the international franchise       lowing inspection of the com-        uanes and at the same time           the area, the official People’s ties with the Philippines and Force. The number of surveil-
‘Survivor’ TV series by several      pleted Codon Rockcauseway            opened a convenient gate-            Daily reported Friday.             Thailand, and guarantees Tai- lance vessels being operated
countries.                           in the municipality of San An-       way to Caramoan peninsula              The drills involved 14 patrol wan’s security.                     by the CMS will increase from
    The Department of Public         dres.                                where the future Boracay             boats, landing craft and sub-         The US aircraft carrier USS 260 to 350 by 2015, the report
Works and Highways (DPWH)              The completion of the Codon        waits,” Dequito said.                marine hunting boats, along George Washington was “on a says.

American doublespeak                                                                                           Aquino huffs, puffs, tells Beijing to stop bullying
From page 1                          very important foreign policy,       well that the world’s balance       By Hrvoje Hranjski                    pared with theirs,” Mr. Aquino       “The overall strategy, we’re
which was the diplomatic thing       considering that for years and       of power would tilt towards                                               said.                              not going to engage in an
to say. If the Philippines or        until two weeks ago it has re-       the region in the coming            PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino                “We think we have very solid     arms race with them. We are
Vietnam engages in a shooting        assured the Philippines that it      years. It is to the national in-    III insisted Friday that his gov-     grounds to say ‘do not intrude     not going to escalate the ten-
war against China in the disput-     would stand by its side in case      terest of the United States to      ernment won’t be bullied by           into our territory,’ and that      sions there but we do have to
ed islands, the US cannot inter-     the Spratlys dispute turns for       protect the very important sea      China in a territorial spat over      is not a source of dispute or      protect our rights,” Mr. Aqui-
vene because until the dispute       the worse.                           lanes in the South China Sea,       the Spratly Islands, but also an-     should not be a source of dis-     no said.
is formally resolved, the area is                                         maintain military presence in       nounced an end to oil explora-        pute.”                                A day earlier, the Philip-
not part of the Philippines. It’s    Why the sudden turn-                 the Philippines because of its      tion in the disputed waters that        The vast South China Sea and     pine Navy disclosed that it
an entirely different situation      around?                              strategic location, and beat        had angered Beijing.                  its island groups form one of      removed territorial mark-
when China attacks the Phil-         It is not a coincidence that the     China to the control of an es-          Mr. Aquino struck a defiant       Asia’s most politically sensi-     ers placed by China on three
ippines as an offshoot of the        statement came just a few days       timated 18 billion barrels of       tone in an interview with The         tive regions, with China, Viet-    reefs in the South China Sea
Spratlys shooting war. Then,         after both Senate President          precious oil in the disputed        Associated Press, saying that         nam and the Philippines trading    near Palawan.
the situation falls under the pro-   Juan Ponce Enrile and House          area.                               China should not “intrude” on         diplomatic barbs recently over         “We are very concerned
visions of the Mutual Defense        Speaker Sonny Belmonte                  America is obviously play-       Manila-claimed waters and             overlapping territorial claims.    about these markers being
Treaty, and the US is obligated      agreed that it is time that the      ing its cards deftly in the         that the Philippines “will not be     Vietnam’s navy conducted           placed in waters and areas,
to come to the defense of the        country take a second look at        poker game in the Spratlys. It      pushed around.”                       live-firing exercises Monday       features that are clearly ours,”
Philippines.                         amending some provisions of          does not want to anger China          Aquino also said that his gov-      after accusing Chinese boats of    Foreign Secretary Albert del
   Diplomatic words are always       the 1987 Constitution.               at this time, the awakened gi-      ernment had completed oil and         disrupting oil and gas explora-    Rosario told reporters in Can-
coated with ambiguity, to en-            While the two said amend-        ant being an important trading      gas exploration around Reed           tion in its waters.                berra Thursday, where he met
able the issuer of the statement     ing the charter should focus         partner and its biggest credi-      Bank, about 130 kilometers               The Philippines already has     with Australian Foreign Min-
to make clarifications in case it    on economic provisions, what         tor. But when push comes to         from western Palawan, and that        protested over six or seven        ister Kevin Rudd.
creates problems. A diplomatic       would stop a pro-US senator or       shove, the US won’t lie on its      the prospects were “very good.”       incidents involving alleged            “What’s ours is ours. We
statement is synonymous to           congressman from introducing         back and allow China to seize       He declined to elaborate for fear     Chinese intrusion into waters      are free to do with that as we
double speak.                        an amendment that would al-          domination in the world’s           of further stoking tension over       that Manila says belongs to it     please.”
   We must take into consider-       low the US to establish military     most crucial region.                the area, which also is claimed       because they lie within its 200-     Chinese ships have rammed
ation, too, that the statement in    bases again in the country?              Unlike the amateur, bun-        by China.                             mile exclusive economic zone       survey vessels operated by
question was made by an em-              By making the country feel       gling Filipinos, the Ameri-             The Chinese ambassador in         that is covered by the United      PetroVietnam twice in the
bassy spokesperson in reaction       the need for US support against      cans are a shrewd veteran           Manila said last week that China      Nations Convention on the          past month, according to
to another underling’s state-        military aggression from coun-       player in international poli-       had not started to drill for oil in   Law of the Sea.                    Vietnam’s foreign ministry,
ment. There was no immediate         tries such as China in the case      tics. Maintaining its foothold      the area yet and warned others           In February, the Philippines    with one incident occurring in
confirmation from either Am-         of the heated Spratlys dis-          in Southeast Asia, including        to stop any oil exploration there     accused Chinese naval ships of     an area where Calgary-based
bassador Thomas or from the          pute, it would be easier for the     the critical Spratlys area, is of   without Beijing’s permission.         harassing an exploration ship      Talisman Energy planned a
State Department as to whether       Americans’ allies in the Philip-     vital interest to the US. And         China has said it is open to en-    out of Reed Bank. Chinese          seismic program this year.
that was official American poli-     pine Congress to push for such       the Philippines remains an in-      gaging other countries in joint       Ambassador Liu Jianchao said         China has disputed that ver-
cy vis-à-vis the Spratlys dispute    a provision in the Constitution      tegral part of that strategy.       oil and gas explorations.             last week that China was exer-     sion of events, saying it was
or the Mutual Defense Treaty.        in the proposed constituent as-         Any word contrary to that,         “We will not be pushed around       cising its sovereign rights over   committed to maintaining
    My take on the Thompson          sembly.                              even if it came from an em-         because we are a tiny state com-      all of the South China Sea.        peace in the seas.
statement was that it was a             It is foolhardy to believe that   bassy spokesperson, is just
floater or, in poker parlance,       the Americans would relin-           doublespeak.
a bluff. The US just doesn’t         quish military domination in         (
make a 180-degree turn on a          Southeast Asia, knowing fully

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Masonic Rites for Brother Benjamin Bernardo, Jr.
                                                                                       November 6, 1939- May 2, 2011
                                                                                           By Mon Veridiano and Gary Ricafrente                                                         fer it, for it will not pass this
                                                                                                                                                                                        way again”.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Those who delivered

A      Masonic requiem rite
       dedicated to the memory
       of Benjamin Bernardo,
Jr. was held on June 11, 2011
at the Capital City Masonic
                                                                                                                                                                                        their eulogies extolling the
                                                                                                                                                                                        great deeds of brother JR as
                                                                                                                                                                                        a Mason and a friend were:
                                                                                                                                                                                        Bro. Gary Ricafrente-Gen.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Douglas MacArthur Lodge
                                                                                                                                                                                        853, Worshipful Master Lito
Temple on U Street, Sacra-                                                                                                                                                              Viray-Gen. Douglas Mac-
mento which was attended by                                                                                                                                                             Arthur lodge 853 Worship-
his brother masons, closest of                                                                                                                                                          ful Master Gil Manganaan-
friends and family members.                                                                                                                                                             Capitol City Lodge 499
                                                                                                                                                                                        Worshipful Master Andy
The solemn Masonic rite was led                                                                                                                                                         Villanueva-Provident Three
by Worshipful Funeral Master Gary                                                                                                                                                       Pillars Lodge 603 and Pitts-
Macauley who delivered an extem-                                                                                                                                                        burg lodge 429, Bro. Mon
poraneous Masonic message to honor                                                                                                                                                      Veridiano-Ancient Order of
the memory of a fallen brother mason                                                                                                                                                    Scottish Rite, Mr. Bert Loc-
whose passing was being mourned by                                                                                                                                                      son, President Golden State
all who knew him, The untimely death                                                                                                                                                    Lion Club.
of Benjamin Bernardo, Jr. on May 2,                                                                                                                                                           Mark Jaime Bernardo,
2011 was profoundly felt by everyone                                                                                                                                                    son of brother JR delivered
not only his brother masons and loved                                                                                                          Benjamin Bernardo, Jr.                   his response on behalf of
ones but most especially those who                                                                                                                                                      his family by expressing
was touched by his friendliness, com-     an hour you least expect” (Mat. 24         and other laudable and commendable           that he knocked on the door of the         his profound gratitude to everyone
passion and humanity known to all         verse 44).                                 purposes. One such occasion was a            Mason because he was looking at a          especially his dad’s brother Masons
during his lifetime.                            Brother Benjamin Bernardo, Jr.       Medical Mission in 2008 sponsored            place where he could feel comfortable      and likewise friends in attendance
    Indeed, as one writer said, “Grief    who was fondly called just JR by ev-       by the Golden State Lions Club and           with his fellowmen, enjoy camarade-        that extended their assistance to the
crushes the heart into pieces” when       eryone who knew him immigrated to          Bayanihan of Sacramento, USA that            rie, brotherly love, the truthfulness in   family both in words and deeds. The
such lamentable event happened to         the USA 25 years ago. He was from          went to some provinces in Northern           one’s character and a relief when you      family will always treasure such acts
one closest to everyone’s heart be-       Cabanatuan City where he was born          Luzon.                                       needed it most.                            of generosity and kindness as they al-
cause of what he had shown to all who     and spent the best years of his young         When JR was asked why he joined               Brother JR in his lifetime had in-     ways remember the loving memories
knew him on how life should be en-        life. When he arrived in the United        such medical mission, he candidly            spired many individuals setting him        of their beloved father.
joyed and evolved in the place where      States, he brought with him his highly     answered, “I am blessed in America           self as an example who with hard work         Brother JR is no longer with us but
we lived with our fellowmen.              regarded skills in all kinds of jobs, he   that gave me the chance to discover          anyone could reach their dreams in         spiritually he will always be with us.
    When such tragedy strikes us, we      was actually a man usually referred to     myself as a person who could do              life. He was no doubt an upright man,      As our famous General said, “Old sol-
usually ask this question to ourselves,   as jack of all trades. In short, Brother   worthwhile undertakings for the wel-         a good provider to his family. Surely,     diers never die, they just fade away”.
why did God allow such mournful           JR was able to find easily jobs that       fare of others. Brother JR further said,     brother JR has left us a lasting legacy    From your brother Masons of the
event to happen? We simply have           he had enjoyed most to do with high        “I volunteered to all kinds of ventures      not only his friendliness, sincerity of    General MacArthur Lodge 853, we
forgotten that as one philosopher said    stake. Brother JR found life in the        that cared and looked upon the needs         purpose in life, his humanity but also     bid you farewell, we will surely miss
“Death is not a problem to be solved,     United States rather easy and enjoy-       of those who should be helped due to         his spirit of volunteerism that resulted   you.
but a mystery to live”. In short, death   able because he had all the means to       their poor station in life because I had     into helping many others without be-          Other Officers present were: Senior
is inevitable to all God’s creation,      do such as, his love of outdoor, camp-     been there before myself.                    ing rewarded in return.                    Warden, Darryl Watts; Junior War-
just like our beloved Masonic brother     ing, fishing and hunting. He went with        Our beloved brother JR joined the             It is always refreshing to recall a    den, Worshipful Lito Viray; Treasurer,
Benjamin                                  friends to many places to enjoy such       Free and Accepted Mason in 2009.             Filipino priest who once said that         Worshipful Vic Duadico;
   Bernardo, Jr. whose mortal remains     kind of lifestyle.                         He was initiated and raised to the           when you leave this world, you will        Chaplain, Ted Barango; Senior Dea-
finally returned where it had begun.         Brother JR compassion to help oth-      sublime degree as Master Mason with          be remembered for something good           con, Worshipful Gil Manganaan;
The unexpected death of our brother       ers who were in need in his modest         the Capital City Lodge 499. Eventu-          or something bad as he referred to the     Junior Deacon, Alfredo Asuncion;
Benjamin Bernardo, Jr. reminds us of      way had always found a way to volun-       ally, he joined the old Scottish rite        words of our Lord, “I shall pass this      Marshal, Nolan PAraiso; Senior Stew-
what has God constantly emphasized        teer him self with organizations that      reaching the 32nd Degree. He was             world but once, any good therefore I       ard, Loreto Paragas; Junior Steward,
to us “To be vigilant for you know not    usually travel to his country of origin    a charter member of Gen. Douglas             can do, any kindness I can show, let       John Natividad; and Tiler, Worshipful
when the Maker comes. He comes at         the Philippines for Medical Missions       Macarthur lodge 853. Brother JR said         me do it now, let me not neglect or de-    Manuel Danao.

Rizal, Spratlys, China, Philippines, Vietnam
 From page 2                              humans, arms, narcotics and protected      entails burden-sharing by all Asia-Pa-       ers everywhere will be relieved of         ABC Carpet &
    The UN Convention on the Law          species, Philippines-China collabora-      cific nations in contributing forces to      onerous and unaffordable spending
of the Sea (UNCLOS) and associ-
ated international commitments must
                                          tion should be further strengthened.       insure the region’s harmony and secu-
                                                                                     rity, and built on stronger cooperative
                                                                                                                                  for arms build-up and proliferation.
                                                                                                                                  * Funds thus conserved can be re-
                                                                                                                                                                             Tile Cleaning
become the basis for productive dia-      Replacing Pax Americana with               undertakings among the most affluent/        directed to healthcare, food pro-          Residential and Commercial
logues leading to binding covenants –     Pax Asia-Pacifica                          powerful countries and regional blocs        duction, education, safe habitats,
so that our states can move jointly to    Over these next 5-10 years, the ur-        – the US, China, Japan, India, South         environmental protection, and other
explore, develop, and conserve aquat-     gent task for statesmen will be to         Korea, Russia, and ASEAN-10.                 needs.                                      Carpet Cleaning
ic and hydrocarbon resources.             replace the American peace – or Pax           Only if we are able to contain ri-        * Essential public infrastructures,         Spot and Stain Removal
  The Chinese and Philippine positions    Americana – that has guaranteed sta-       valries and arms buildup/stock-piling        facilities and connectivities can be
coincide on global warming issues.        bility in our home-region with a more      will we be able to ride this coming          provided more readily.                      Urine Removal
China sided with the poor countries on    comprehensive Pax Asia-Pacifica that       wave of progress to win moderniza-           * Science/technology can be ap-             Tile and Grout Cleaning
climate-change financing, specifical-     is built on inclusiveness and burden-      tion for our peoples.                        plied totally to humankind’s sur-
ly: “The developed countries should       sharing.                                                                                vivability on Planet Earth which is         Grout Sealing
fulfill their obligations of providing      The Asia-Pacific Peace will involve      Benefits of Pax Asia-Pacifica                threatened by deadly kinds of natu-
financial resources to the developing     security cooperation for durable           Focus now on the everlasting benefits        ral/man-made disasters and endem-
countries, and the latter should not be   peace based, not on the balance of         for mankind with such a harmonious           ic diseases.                                      Ignacio Ayala
required to provide funds therefor.”      power, but on the balance of mutual        multilateral agreement, notably:                Considering our shared interests
   On fighting international terrorism;
preventing nuclear proliferation; and
                                             Clearly, this concept must be ac-
                                                                                     * Millions of lives will be saved and
                                                                                     destruction of communities avoided
                                                                                                                                  in the Asia-Pacific, the bottomline
                                                                                                                                  is for countries to reinforce our
interdicting traffic across borders of    tualized on the understanding that it      in a world without armed conflict.           common commitment to sustain-
                                                                                                                                                                                             5 Bedroom
                                                                                                           * Upliftment
                                                                                                           of the world’s
                                                                                                           poor and mar-
                                                                                                           ginalized can
                                                                                                                                  able development, enduring peace,
                                                                                                                                  preservation of human values, and
                                                                                                                                  the well-being of our successor gen-
                                                                                                                                                                             $   99          Special
                                                                                                           become a real-
                                                                                                           ity in our time. Rizal now asks: Kaya ba natin ito?                         Call Today!
                                                                                                           *       Taxpay-
 Stateside                                                   (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                     June 20- July 18, 2011          Philippine Fiesta        5

                                  University of the Philippines A.A.S.V.

        ne hundred-three
        years ago today
        (18 June 2011) the
University of the Philip-                                                                                                                                                           By Gabriel Ortigoza
pines (UP) was founded                                                                                                                                                       other institutions of learn-
with the motto: Honor and                                                                                                                                                    ing. It also provides school
Excellence.                                                                                                                                                                  supplies and equipments
                                                                                                                                                                             like computers, microscopes
Webster’s universal diction-                                                                                                                                                 and other laboratory equip-
ary defines honor as honesty,                                                                                                                                                ments. UPAASV provides
fairness, or integrity in one’s                                                                                                                                              packages for disadvantage
beliefs and actions: a code of                                                                                                                                               children and it provides
honor; high public esteem;                                                                                                                                                   water pumps for schools in
fame; glory: to earn a posi-                                                                                                                                                 remote areas in the Philip-
tion of honor. It also defines                                                                                                                                               pines without access to po-
excellence as the fact or state   The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Sacramento and Vicinity new set of   UPAASV at the Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento   table water supply. As the
of excelling; superiority; emi-   elected officers for 2011                                                                    parade participation                          saying goes: Water is life
nence. In this connection, UP     expected to be superior in the       lead, and coordinate actions tive years, were inducted at            Manansala, Johnny Regadio,       therefore UPAASV pro-
students, a.k.a. Iskolar ng       performance of their duties to       to continue the momentum in South Villa Restaurant in                and Albert Guevara. Ways and     vides life.
Bayan, and UP alumni are ex-      serve humanity.                      serving the people.               Sacramento. The follow-            Means is chaired by Dr. Fred        In Sacramento, UPAASV
pected to live honorable lives       UP alumni are known to                                              ing are the officers: Presi-       Aquino.                          provides foods and clothing
which excel among others. UP      serve the public not because         In Sacramento, California, an dent: Dr. Cecilio Felix; Vice                                           for the homeless through
alumni should have the cour-      they are expected to do it           association was formed and it President: Atty. Beep Alo;             UPAASV provides financial        Loaves and Fishes and sup-
age to tell the truth and noth-   but because it is embedded           is called University of the Phil- Secretary: Liza Stephens;          aids to the needy students in    port other community ac-
ing but the truth. By the way,    in their heart to perform its        ippines Alumni Association of Treasurer: Inez Reyes; Au-             the Philippines through schol-   tivities.
in dentistry, the principle is:   social obligations thus UP           Sacramento and Vicinity (UP- ditor: Butch Somera; PRO:               arship programs with the Uni-      To my dear fellows, let us
to pull the tooth and nothing     alumni in the Philippines and        AASV). Today, 18 June 2011, Gabriel Ortigoza; Direc-                 versity of the Philippines Los   continue to serve humanity
but the tooth, not the tongue.    around the world formed as-          a new set of elected officers, tors: Fabian Generao, An-             Banos, Central Luzon State       with honor and excellence.
The Iskolar ng Bayan are also     sociations to plan, organize,        who will serve for two consecu- ton Prado, Art Munoz, Pete           University in Nueva Ecija and    (

                                                                                                                                 ASSOCIATED FILIPINO ORGANIZATIONS
  HOMES ROT AFTER FORECLOSURE                                                                                                    of San Joaquin County, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Filipino Plaza
                                                                                                                                 6 West Main Street, Suite R, Stockton, CA 95202
  The Deutsche Bank Mission Statement
  The mission statement of the Deutsche Bank includes this sentence: “We compete to be the leading global
                                                                                                                                            Annual Scholarship Awards Winners
  provider of financial solutions, creating lasting value for our clients, our shareholders, our people and the
  communities in which we operate.”                                                                                              The Associated Filipino Organizations of San Joaquin County, sponsor
                                                                                                                                 and owner of the Filipino Plaza residential and commercial project, re-
                                                                                                                                 cently announced the winners of the AFO Annual Scholarship Awards.
  World's Fourth Richest Bank's a Slumlord                                                                                       The qualified high school graduating students met the requirements of aca-
  Apparently the Los Angeles City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich, didn't read the last phrase of that sentence                       demic excellence and community exemplary involvement.
  before he and city council members excoriated the bank for being one of the community's largest
  slumlords. Inconceivable though it may be, the fourth richest bank in the world has, through foreclosure,                      The congratulatory certificates were presented to the scholars during the
                                                                                                                                 schools’ award ceremonies. The Achievement Certificate and the monetary
  become the slumlord of over 2,000 single-family dwellings and small apartment buildings in                                     awards will be issued to the winners at the Filipino Plaza Barrio Fiesta
  neighbourhoods throughout the Los Angeles area. These properties have been allowed to fall into                                event on August 14, 2011 before the community. There is a reception pre-
  disrepair and worse, prompting the city attorney to file an unprecedented civil suit against the firm,                         ceding the ceremony for the winners and their parents hosted by AFO.
  alleging that it has been a dreadful landlord and horrible neighbour.
                                                                                                                                 The Associated Filipino Organizations Education and Scholarship Com-
                                                                                                                                 mittee evaluated and selected the qualified graduating applicants from the
  Drugs, Weapons, Prostitution, and Homicide                                                                                     different high schools in San Joaquin County. The 2011 Associated Fili-
  A story in the Los Angeles Times reports that after a year-long investigation, city prosecutors found                          pino Organizations Scholarship Awards winners are:
  evidence that Deutsche Bank had illegally evicted many tenants, let others live in squalor and allowed
                                                                                                                                 ROMY JULIUS FERARO _______Edison High School ________$1,000
  hundreds of unoccupied properties to turn into graffiti-scarred dens for squatters, gang members and other                     NEIL SINLAO _______________ Edison High School ________$750
  criminals. Police blotters are rife with alleged crimes committed on the properties: vagrancy, drug                            KRISTY MAGDAEL – LAURON Cesar Chavez High School ___$500
  dealing, assaults, weapons charges, prostitution, homicides, and the list goes on.                                             CRYSALIN BONJOC ___________Edison High School ________ $500
                                                                                                                                 MARIEL PALANTINO ___________St. Mary’s High School _____$500
  Deutsche Bank Can't Control Its Contracted Loan Servicers?                                                                     Scholarship funds are from the proceeds generated from the annual Barrio
  This is an odd way for the leading global provider of financial solutions to create lasting value for the                      Fiesta event, held on the second weekend of August and from the Rosauro
  communities in which it operates. Of course, the bank cries that it's not responsible, that it has made                        and Paula Daclan family donation.
  contracts with loan servicers who are responsible for these properties, that the city is suing the wrong                       Thank you so much.
  party. So, the world's fourth largest bank is not able to contend with its contractors, cannot control them,                   Bernie M. Giva,
  cannot make them responsible for unfulfilled obligations? This makes one wonder, especially when the                           Publicity & Scholarship Committee
  bank is certainly adept at going after home owners unable to meet their mortgage contracts.                                    Tel. # (209) 577-5531 e-mail:

  Corporate Culpability, Corporate Morality
  Not only in Los Angeles, but in communities across the nation, the foreclosure pandemic has taken a toll.
  Indeed, life isn't simple, and the financial intricacies humans have been able to contrive over the last few
  decades has made it even less so. But even with all the intricacies and the intrigues, aren't all these simple
  statements simply true?
  •        Banks made bad loans out of greed.
  •        Banks watched in wonder as unqualified home buyers began to default.
  •        Banks faced insolvency in the face of these defaults.
  •        Banks got bailed out by the government.
  Let's take this simplicity a bit further:
  •        Banks bundled a lot of these bad mortgages and sold them as derivatives.
  •        Bank derivatives proved worthless as mortgage defaults began.
  •        Banks' potential for failure and the derivatives failures caused financial panic.
  •        Banks thus caused the economy to go into a tail spin; investments were lost, jobs were lost.
  The simplicity goes full circle:
  •     Banks won't work with cash-strapped borrowers, made cash-strapped by the poor
  •        Banks vehemently pursue foreclosures.
  •        Banks put people on the streets.                                                                                      The Filipino Plaza at Stockton, CA
 6   Heritage                                                        (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                       June 20- July 18, 2011                   Philippine Fiesta

From page 1
                                       Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento 2011
multitude of jubilant Filipinos and de-                                                                                                                                           er with Lito Pabon, Rick and Lorna
clared Philippine Independence from                                                                                                                                               Cruz, Alex Morato, and Frank Pa-
the more than 300 years of Spain’s                                                                                                                                                radella, which had the better view of
tyrannical rule. However, such in-                                                                                                                                                the all day entertainments by local
dependence was short lived because                                                                                                                                                talents who performed cultural pre-
the then emerging world power, the                                                                                                                                                sentation in dance and music, singing,
United States of America snatched                                                                                                                                                 comedy skits, martial arts and many
such glorious and momentous event                                                                                                                                                 others that simply heighten the cel-
from the hands of our forefathers to                                                                                                                                              ebratory spirit of everyone.
become our next master.                                                                                                                                                              To complete the fiesta atmosphere,
    Subsequently, after a bloody and                                                                                                                                              a lechon was brought in by our local
destructive World War 11, we were                                                                                                                                                 “lechon king” Pedring De Ala which
set free on July 4, 1946 however just                                                                                                                                             was easily partaken by everyone with
like the first independence this one                                                                                                                                              modest donation for the La Concor-
did not reach its maturity. During the                                                                                                                                            dia Orphanage. According to Mon
administration of President Diosdado                                                                                                                                              Veridiano and Faina Abaya who both
Macapagal, the then secretary of Edu-                                                                                                                                             managed the chopping of the lechon
cation Alejandro Roces who became                                                                                                                                                 combined with rice, pansit and laing
our National Artist for Literature con-                                                                                                                                           they were able to gain at least $15
vinced the president to make June 12                                                                                                                                              dollars for the venture. They were
as our permanent Independence Day.                                                                                                                                                thinking that next time they will put
From that day on the Filipino people                                                                                                                                              the real market price of the lechon to
everywhere proud of their hard earned                                                                                                                                             have a real profit for a good cause.
independence even before the com-                                                                                                                                                    I saw a group of beauties in their
ing of Americans and Japanese have                                                                                                                                                queenly dresses with tiaras going
proudly celebrated June 12 as their                                                                                                                                               around the jam packed auditorium ac-
country’s independence day which no                                                                                                                                               companied by 2008-2010 Mrs. Phil-
foreign power has ever dictated.                                                                                                                                                  ippines Mina Guerra together with
     No less than West Sacramento                                                                                                                                                 the current queen Edna Villanueva to
Mayor Christopher Cabaldon who                                                                                                                                                    add luster and to show the semblance
sports a jacket with the “Philippines”                                                                                                                                            of a real fiesta.
embossed on the back and Alameda                                                                                                                                                     Filipino Community of Sacramento
Vice Mayor Robert Bonta in Barong                                                                                                                                                 and Vicinity president Lilia Rivera
Tagalog were invited to unveil the                                                                                                                                                and Sacramento Bayanihan president
marking of the tree planted just out-                                                                                                                                             Dr. Tony Solomon were observed to
side the Rizal Community Center to                                                                                                                                                be going around to ensure that no
commemorate the 150 years of our                                                                                                                                                  problems would arise and to urge ev-
National Hero’s birthday which falls                                                                                                                                              eryone to enjoy the fiesta. No doubt
on June 19.                                                                                                                                                                       that, were it not for the incorrect
  Sad to say, that some of today’s Fili-                                                                                                                                          weather forecasted, the fiesta could
pino scholars questioned the selection                                                                                                                                            have been a very memorable and en-
of Dr. Jose Rizal as our National Hero.                                                                                                                                           joyable event with the presence of so
They argued that Rizal was more of a                                                                                                                                              many talented entertainers, the food
pacifist who advocated only reforms                                                                                                                                               galore, the vendors with their variety
from the Spanish rule than a revolu-                                                                                                                   Photos by Dave San Pedro   of goods and the expected thousands
tionary leader in the category of An-                                                                                                                                             of spectators.
dres Bonifacio who should have been         toc who meticulously counted every         practically “flooded” because of            honoring our Filipino Americans law               However, we should not point any
our National Hero. Such argument            individual to enter with their fingers     heavy rain but selling outside was not      enforcement, the men and women                 finger against anyone for the abrupt
was without relevance because as one        to ensure that the auditorium will not     cancelled which was, a lot different        who are society’s first line of de-            changed of venue because the orga-
Filipino scholar said, “Bonifacio not       exceed the Fire Department’s num-          on their situation when in a perfect        fense against criminal elements in our         nizers were only concerned with the
to replace Rizal as national hero but       ber. I was able to enter without being     weather, they were placed inside the        midst. When I saw them, my memory              risks involved if there was a heavy
he be honored alongside him” and            counted, I supposed, because I was         auditorium to sell their goods. Many        revisited the ten years which I con-           rain as forecasted, the ground would
further bolstered by Rafael Palma’s         with the Bayanihan Choir pretending        vendors were disappointed, some             sidered to be the best years of my life        have been very slippery and the
opinion when he said “the revolu-           to be one of them. Upon entering the       were asking for refund of what they         when I was a police investigator with          health of everyone, would have been
tion of Bonifacio is a consequence          auditorium, the high pitched voice of      had paid. We hope that an amicable          the Baguio City Police Department.             in jeopardy. A chess player puts it in
wrought by the writings of Rizal and        Dick Mason was reverberating, I was        settlement will be made on this matter.     As a former cop I know the risk in-            nutshell by saying, the event should
that although the Bonifacio revolver        told that he already launched his am-      To paraphrase a legal maxim which           volved in their day to day duties, so          have been a brilliant moved but it was
produced an immediate outcome, the          bition to be the next president of Fili-   says, let us not enrich ourselves at the    that I always placed these men and             only checkmated by the “inclement
pen of Rizal generated a more lasting       pino Community of Sacramento and           expense of another without any justi-       women on a higher pedestal of respect          weather”.
achievement”.                               Vicinity long before the event against     fiable reason.                              above anyone else because without                 In the end, we should consider the
   Many were disappointed and even          Aida Azurin whom I saw whispering             Despite the cancellation of the pa-      their selfless dedication to duty, ev-         participatory and celebratory spirit of
left when the parade at 10:00 AM to         something to her friends as she met        rade, the uniformed color guards rep-       eryone of us in the community will al-         those who stayed that matters who,
start the festivities was unilaterally      them. We hope that these two would         resenting the United States Military        ways be in danger against criminally           at least, showed their profound love
cancelled because of the supposedly         be candidates will have the better for-    Services rendered by Rudy Delizo,           minded people. Those law enforcers             of their cultural heritage and among
inclement weather in the morning as         mula on how to raise the 3 million dol-    Jose Rivera, Bobby Aglubat and Dave         who received Certificate of Apprecia-          them were: Bert and Luz Arcaya,
forecasted which did not happen. As a       lars to build the Sacramento Filipino      Jese who, likewise, marched in the          tion from the Community were: High-            Lloyd Castaneda, Dick and Memie
result, the sunshine was to be enjoyed      American Community Center which            center aisle of the auditorium carry-       way Patrol, Officers Ber Docena and            Weitzenberg, Nick Catudan, Mercy
by the birds and bees while the throng      has been dreamt by everyone for more       ing with them both the American and         Christopher Baltazar; Department of            Guerrero, Meding Mangosing, Rose
of enthusiastic merrymakers squeezed        than 50 years ago.                         Philippine flags to start the program.      Corrections and Rehabilitation, (Ret.)         Basos, Rick Rafanan, Tony Yadao,
themselves into the main door to en-             I saw the most enterprising fam-      The American Star Spangled Banner           Ren Crisologo, (Ret.) Willie Bulda,            Sarah Enloe, Ester Carrasco, Cyn-
ter the Rizal Community Center that         ily of the community, Dave and Din-        was sung by Reyna Amour while the           Ricky Lazaro and Marlene Cordero;              thia Bonta, Josie Patria, Efren Diaz,
could only accommodate 500 people           nah San Pedro with children Divino,        Pambansang Awit was rendered by             Police Department, Jerrico Crisologo,          Perry Diaz, Dolores Diaz, Ernie and
including the vendors who were              Jr. and Deidra at their assigned space     the Bayanihan Choir led by Remy             Sr., Elmer Marzan and Edwin Nonog;             Mila Santos, Carlos and Lolit Cord-
crammed inside with their goods.            selling their original Filipino inspired   Solomon and Espie Espena.                   County Sheriff, John Ilaga, Jeffrey            ero, Lolita Roque, Ester Fortes, Lita
     Surprisingly, the main door was        kamisetas. Dinnah told me that their          However, what had caught my at-          Ilaga and Rodolfo Roque.                       Castellano and many others.
manned by Carle Enloe and Bill Bos-         experience at Vallejo when they were       tention was the theme of the event,           I was seated at the west end bleach-

Phl sending more troops to Spratlys
From page 1                                                                            ments from the United States, Austra-       being given is sufficient as well as the and South China Sea.
                                            issue. We’re trying to communicate
  “I do not view this as an agitation and   with many audiences here,” he said.        lia and members of the Association of       steps being taken by the security clus-      In May, Washington assured the
I don’t think the Chinese would view          “The issue with China has been dealt     Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)             ter to address this issue,” Carandang Philippines of its commitment to help
it as an agitation either. We’re trying     with on a number of levels. There is       calling for a peaceful resolution of the    said.                                    “whenever the country is in harm’s
to communicate with many audiences          the level that the public sees through     West Philippine Sea dispute.                                                         way.”
here, the international community is        the media. There is the diplomatic             Carandang said he was not aware         Assurance, again                          The Philippines has brought the mat-
just one audience,” Secretary Ricky         level. There are also discussions on       of any plans to convene the NSC for         A United States defense official, ter before the United Nations.
Carandang of the President’s Com-           the ASEAN level. So there are many         the West Philippine Sea issue. He said      meanwhile, reiterated his country’s        Meanwhile, Marbel, South Cotabato
munications group said.                     levels,” Carandang pointed out.            this would be up to the security clus-      readiness to assist the Philippines in Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez said the
  He was reacting to proposals for Pal-         He also stressed that the Rajah        ter members to decide.                      its defense needs.                       country should be prepared to defend
ace spokespersons including himself         Humabon would not sail beyond the              “Certainly, Senator Enrile’s words        In a report to the Department of For- its territory even with its antiquated
to desist from making any more state-       country’s territorial waters. “No, it’s    have much weight. Let the security          eign Affairs, the Philippine embassy ships.
ments that could hurt the country’s         not going beyond our waters and I          cluster decide whether the National         in Washington said Vice Admiral Wil-        “We have to defend that (Spratly
diplomatic ties with China.                 think we have sovereign right to take      Security Council should already be          liam E. Landay III, Director of the De- Islands). We should ask the United
   “In my view, the people also want        our vessels and travel within our terri-   convened. But certainly, Senator En-        fense Security Cooperation Agency Nations to define our territory. I think
to know what is the Aquino govern-          tory anytime we want to,” he said.         rile’s opinions will be taken into ac-      (DSCA), gave the assurance recently it was defined even before. But once
ment’s take and what it is doing to                                                    count,” Carandang said.                     during a meeting with Philippine Am- again, we have to define our territory,
protect its territory on the issue of the   No need for NSC meet                          “I’m sure this (proposal) will reach     bassador to Washington Jose Cuisia. we have to defend it even if we would
West Philippine Sea. So, I think this       Malacañang also said there was no          the national security cluster and they          In the meeting, Cuisia highlighted use our oldest and biggest naval ship,”
will not make it worse if we explain it     need to convene the National Security      will consider if they need to convene       the excellent working relationship Gutierrez said over the Church-run
to the public,” he said in Filipino.        Council (NSC) as proposed by Senate        the National Security (Council),” he        among agencies of the two countries Radio Veritas.
  “We’re not agitating the situation. If    President Juan Ponce Enrile, despite       said.                                       in exploring avenues for better secu-       He added that asserting the Philip-
you listen to what Lacierda and I and       the West Philippine Sea situation.             Carandang also said there are dif-      rity cooperation, address common pines’ right over the disputed territory
Valte have been saying about these               Carandang said the Philippines        ferent approaches to tackling security      concerns and advance mutual inter- would unite Filipinos.
issues with regard to West Philip-          would continue discussions with            issues aside from convening the NSC         ests. He cited the assistance provided     “It will ignite the Filipino’s patrio-
pine Sea, we’ve been very deliberate,       China through all channels to ease the     where past presidents would have to         by the US to modernize the Philippine tism. Why (should) we allow China to
we’ve been very careful in our state-       simmering tensions. He also denied         be invited.                                 military.                                bully us, it is a very righteous cause of
ments,” Carandang stressed. He was          allegations that the Palace did not             “You have the National Security           “He (Landay) remarked that the US our land. We should continue educat-
referring to palace spokesman Edwin         want former President and now Pam-         Cluster which is the primary mecha-         stands ready to assist the Philippines ing our people and let us pursue our
Lacierda and deputy spokesperson            panga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo         nism for addressing these issues. In        in its defense needs,” the embassy case before the United Nations,” the
Abigail Valte.                              invited to the meeting.                    our view, the response of the govern-       said.                                    Mindanao-based prelate said.
    He admitted that their statements         He said the visit of Speaker Felicia-    ment on what is happening is enough,”           US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas          But diplomacy should prevail, Guti-
were sometimes “lost in translation”        no Belmonte Jr. to China is a welcome      Carandang said.                             Jr. last week made the same assur- errez said, adding he is not against
in media.                                   development as it would give him the          “We have a natural security cluster,     ance and stressed the preeminence of the idea of putting up more structures
    “But in our view, we did nothing        chance to discuss with Chinese offi-       the main mechanism that we use to           the United Nations Convention on the “even a small one” with a Philippine
wrong in explaining to the public           cials improving bilateral ties.            deal with security issues,” he said.        Law of the Sea in settling territorial flag in Spratlys.
what the government is doing on this           The Palace earlier welcomed state-         “At this time, it seems the attention    disputes in the West Philippine Sea


                                                                                                                                                                                         916.708.3462 916.708.8612
                                                                                                                                                                                          6051 Mack Rd., J1 ( SD Mart )
                                                                                                                                                                                               Sacramento, CA 95823
    Heritage                                                           (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                     June 20- July 18, 2011             Philippine Fiesta              7

                          PerryScope                                                                                                            ADOBO FESTIVAL 2011
                                                      The New ‘Supremo’
                                             dealt a severe blow                                           big battle looms ahead. P-
                                             in the Senate when                                            Noy’s stand in support of
                                             Sen.       Ferdinand                                          the passage of the Repro-
                                             “Bongbong” Mar-                                               ductive Health bill stirred
                                             cos Jr., Chairman of                                          up a hornet’s nest in the
    By Perry Diaz                            the Senate Commit-                                            Catholic Church.         The
                                             tee on Local Gov-                                             influential bishops threat-
        fter one year in office, President   ernment, archived                                             ened him with excommu-

A       Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino has
        consolidated his grip on power
                                             the bill, which ef-
                                             fectively killed it.
                                                                                                           nication. But he stood his

with a series of maneuvers that placed       Then he caught ev-                                                A few days ago, Bu-
his “shooting buddies,” classmates, and      erybody by surprise                                           tuan Bishop Juan de Dios                he ‘Adobo’ Festival is an         started in the Peninsula far-reaching
friends — known as his “Kabarilan, Ka-       when he turned                                                Pueblos was reported in                 annual festivity celebrated       the East and South Bay, Stockton,
klase, and Kaibigan” or KKK – in im-         around and resur-                                             the news as saying, “He is              by mainstream audiences of        Sacramento, and now in Vallejo
portant positions in his administration.     rected the bill for debate and floor        not interested to be the President. I can see     people from all walks of life. ‘Ado-      and Milpitas.
With the KKK forming the base of his         vote. Consequently, the bill passed         that. He does not plan. He does not study.        bo’ is the Tagalog translation of          Once again, the most sought-after
power, P-Noy now reigns supreme as           by a razor-thin majority of 13-7 vote.      He does not have his own decision and             marinated pork cooked with garlic,        Filipino dish, the ADOBO FESTI-
                                             However, many wondered if P-Noy             just let his friends fulfill it. He should just   pepper, laurel leaves and a concoc-       VAL, is coming our way.
the new “Supremo.” The question is: Is                                                                                                     tion of soy sauce and vinegar.Its is      JSCamins Productions is whip-
he going to rule with Solomonic wis-         struck a deal with Bongbong linking         resign then.” But Presidential Spokesman                                                    ping-up a double wham feast for
                                                                                         Edwin Lacierda immediately hit back de-           a well-known dish in the Filipino
dom or the cunning of Caligula?              the passage of the postponement bill                                                          community eaten with rice.                the senses this year. The 6th Annual
                                             to a favorable resolution of the Mar-       scribing Pueblos as “ignorant of the virtues          Festival founder and organizer,       ADOBO FESTIVAL is coming up
Cronyism                                     cos burial issue.                           of charity, humility and prudence.”               JS Camins Productions, is a com-          on July 9 & 10, 2011 at Vallejo Wa-
P-Noy demonstrated his propensity for                                                      Meanwhile, in the House of Representa-          pany with a proven track record           terfront Prak in Vallejo CA. And to
appointing his cronies using “trust” as      Marcos burial                               tives, the tiny minority group allied with        in producing full packed Filipino         all East & South Bay folks, another
the key – and perhaps, the only — cri-       Indeed, at about the same time that         ex-president and now congresswoman                Concerts in San Francisco and             one on Sept. 3 & 4, 2011 at Mipitas
terion. However, the appointment of          Bongbong raised the ARMM election           Gloria Macapagal Arroyo demanded that             the greater Bay Area since 1998.          Sports Complex in Milpitas CA.
his three “shooting buddies” – Rico E.       postponement bill from the “grave,”         P-Noy’s KKK buddies face congressio-              How it all started? In 2006, Joey            In past five years of the Adobo
Puno, Virginia Torres, and Ronald Lla-       Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Bi-           nal investigation for anomalies involving         Camins, founder and chief operat-         Festival, we witnessed the crowd’s
mas — and his longtime friend Ernesto        nay’s recommendation on the Marcos          them.                                             ing officer of the ‘Adobo’ Festival       enthusiastic reception to the sight
Diokno turned out to be bad choices          burial issue leaked out to the media.         Unfazed, P-Noy let his allies and spokes-       was then scouting for a new office        and sound treats of the festivities.
considering the controversies they cre-      Binay recommended burying the re-           men parry all the attacks. So far he had          around Burlingame, California.            A line-up of activities and has been
ated.                                        mains of the late dictator Ferdinand        cunningly kept his adversaries at bay. But        The owner of the building offices,        meticulously planned so as to give
   The recent appointment of Domingo         E. Marcos with “full military honors”       how long could he sustain a strong defense        when asked for vacancies knowing          you another awesome experience
Lee as Ambassador to China is another        in his home province of Ilocos Norte,       against their incessant attacks? Is P-Noy         that Mr. Camins is a Filipino said, “     and complete satisfaction.
glaring disregard for meritocracy. In        not at the Libingan ng mga Bayani           going to outwit them using Solomonic              Oh, Filipino? Then, we will get the          One of its offers is the ADOBO
my editorial, “Cronyism in the Aquino        (Heroes’ Cemetery) as originally re-        wisdom or Caligula’s cunningness?                 chance to smell ‘adobo’ around the        dish, which has moved well beyond
                                             quested by the Marcos family. Bong-                                                           building again.” Why not! If the          the bounds of its regional status. Be
government” (Global Balita, June 5,                                                                                                        Spanish holds the ‘ Tamales’ Festi-       a part and experience the fun and
2011), I wrote: “Once again, President       bong and his family accepted Binay’s        Solomon and the baby                                                                        excitement in savoring this vibrant
                                                                                         The story goes that when two mothers              val, and if there is ‘Asparagus’, ‘To-
Benigno ‘P-Noy’ Aquino III appointed a       recommendation.                                                                               mato’ & ‘Garlic’ Festival, why not        culinary commodity at the Adobo
family friend to an important – and sen-        But that’s not the end of the story.     brought a baby to King Solomon for him            ‘Adobo’ Festival for everyone. This       Contest. Anybody can join the
sitive — government position notwith-        P-Noy surprised everybody when he           to judge who the real mother was, King            gave birth to the idea of creating        Adobo Contest, all you have to do
standing allegations that his appointee,     announced that he’d weigh the reac-         Solomon declared that there is only one           the ‘Adobo’ Festival. As compared         is bring a small tray of your own
Domingo Lee, does not have the quali-        tions of various groups to Binay’s          fair solution: cut the baby in half and           with other cultures, Mr. Camins           cooked original version of Adobo
fications and experience required of the     recommendation. Huh? What is the            each mother shall receive half of the baby.       thought of creating a unique festiv-      and you might be the lucky one
job as Ambassador to China. And to           point when the Marcos family had            The real mother cried, “My Lord, do not           ity for not only Filipino’s but gath-     who wins cash prizes and trophies.
think that China is the second most im-      already agreed to Binay’s recommen-         kill the baby. Give it to her!” The other         ering varied audiences as well for        Different variations will be served
portant ambassadorial post, next to the      dation?                                     woman said, “It shall be neither mine nor         the annual celebration. JS Camins         at the Adobo Station.
United States, it’s like Lee skydiving         However, one can see through what         yours — divide it!” Solomon then gave the         Productions conceptualized a                To warm-up the senses of the fes-
into the South China Sea from a height       P-Noy was really trying to do: He           baby to the real mother realizing that a true     unique approach to hold the festival      tival aficionados, an Adobo Variety
of 10,000 feet in the midst of a tropical    wants his imprimatur – or “owner-           mother’s instincts were to protect the life       by going around places in the Bay         Show. Expect the heat soaring up
storm… for the first time.”                  ship” — on the “final solution” to          of her baby.                                      Area, instead of doing the annual         high. Not to forget is the Kiddie
  Another instance of P-Noy’s tendency       the Marcos burial issue, whether it’s                                                         festivity in one same location. This      Popstar Contest (ages 4 -10) for all
to appoint his friends and allies was        what Binay recommended or a modi-           Caligula and his horse                            is represented by the ‘Adobo’ Festi-      our lovable tykes showcasing their
manifested in his proposal to postpone       fied version… or even accede to the         During the first two years of his reign, Em-      val logo, the ‘Vinta’ - that stands for   singing prowess. For more info of
the elections in the Autonomous Region       Marcoses’ request to accord a hero’s        peror Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Ger-           touring or traveling around, where        how to join the Kiddie Popstar Con-
                                             burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng         manicus, better known as Caligula, was            it originated in Zamboanga (South         test, just call us at 650.290.4457
in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), which                                                                                                           of Philippines), primarily used to          Non-stop live entertainment from
were scheduled to be held in August          mga Bayani. Solomon or Caligula?            effective and politically capable of ruling.                                                our local talents will liven up the
                                                                                         He initiated the construction of two new          travel from one island to another for
2011. While the notion of postponing             But whichever way it’s going to                                                           spice trade or barter of goods and        festivities. Surprise guest stars
the elections has many advantages —          be, P-Noy got what he had been aim-         aqueducts and annexed the Kingdom of              services during the Spanish occupa-       from GMA TV and GMA Life TV
foremost of which was the cost-saving        ing for: political power. He used the       Mauretania making it into a province of           tion in the country. Six years ago,       will be gracing the affair. A “Meet
synchronization of elections — it has        “power of patronage” to the hilt by         Rome. He cunningly worked to increase             the Filipino-Americans all over the       and Greet” with these stars should
one controversial provision which            doubling the congressmen’s pork bar-        the power of the emperor and return it to         U.S. celebrated the centennial-- the      not be missed by the fanatics.
would allow P-Noy to appoint interim         rel allocations. And he demonstrated        Julius Caesar’s autocratic rule. His most         “100 Years of Fil-Am Migration to            Least we forget, there would be
Officers in Charge (OICs) to fill soon-      that he could easily get 13 votes in        famous – or infamous – act was his ap-            the U.S.” as part of the celebration,     lots of games and freebies. Numer-
to-be vacated positions until the 2013       the Senate to pass his controversial        pointment of his favorite horse, Incitatus,       ‘Adobo’ Festival was unanimously          ous booths with exciting products
mid-term elections. While P-Noy may          — and unpopular – postponement              as a Consul and Senator of Rome.                  endorsed by the Bay Area Fil-Am           to boot and an array of mouth-wa-
have the best interests of the people in     bill, which many legal luminaries be-                                                         Centennial Committee, thus, it of-        tering foods await one and all. This
mind, there are many who believe that        lieve to be unconstitutional. Even the      Solomon or Caligula?                              ficially became an annual event.          festival, on its 6th Year, is definitely
the election postponement would only         feisty constitutionalists Senators Juan     Solomon became famous for his wisdom              The ‘Adobo’ Festival stands unique        going to be bigger and better. So,
serve his political agenda. Solomon or       Ponce Enrile and Miriam Defensor            while Caligula became notorious for his           among other festivities. As such,         to all folks out there working ex-
Caligula… or Machiavelli?                    Santiago went along and voted for           cunning. Is the new “Supremo” Benigno             it is the only Fil-Am Festival that       tra hard, this is the time to perk-up
    The ARMM election postponement           postponement!                               Aquino III going to rule with Solomonic           combines Filipino Food and Music          your senses.
bill overwhelmingly passed in the                                                        wisdom or with the cunning of Caligula?           as entertainment. To cap it all, this     Let’s all welcome the 6th Annual
House of Representatives. But it was         P-Noy and the bishops                       Like the Pinoys would say, abangan…               is the only Fil-Am Festival reach-        Adobo Festival. Truly Filipino,
                                             But with all his political victories, the                                                     ing out to different communities. It      Atin ito!
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                Vol. 10 No 2                                   June 20- July 18, 2011

                   A JOURNEY OF FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE
                        Verne Bowers
                                                                        THE ORDINATION OF FATHER BRIAN SOLIVEN

  H      ow does one get called to be a Priest, while going
         through high school years hanging out with school
         friends mastering the art of break dancing; listening to
  hip hop music; and just enjoying the teen life in general? Fa-
  ther Brian Soliven didn’t know back then that one day, God
  would call him to minister to the faithful and to keep all three
  BIG promises of celibacy, prayer, and obedience.

  Father Brian’s calling into the priestly vocation began during
  his early years in college. After high school, he started expe-
  riencing Jesus’ presence in his life. God became a priority in
  his daily existence, praying the rosary and faithfully attending
  Mass at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Elk Grove. During
  this time, Father Brian sensed an inner movement of the Spirit,
  but couldn’t articulate at that time that this inner movement of
  the Spirit would one day lead him to what he considers he was
  “born to do,” and that is to walk in the footsteps of Christ!
     By the time Father Brian transferred from a community col-
  lege to University of California (UC) Davis, that “whispering”
  of a vocation to the priesthood became a personal struggle. He
  vowed and prayed to God that if it is His will, God needs to
  prepare Father Brian’s heart to follow His divine plan.
     At UC Davis, Father Brian became actively involved with
  the Youth for Christ where he met a beautiful Catholic girl
  who was also strong in her faith. The closer their relationship
  developed, the “whispering,” in the past became stronger and
  louder. But, he ignored the nudging because of the wholesome
  relationship he nourished for over a year. He thought that he
  was meant to marry and raise a family.
    As the relationship took a deeper meaning, Father Brian felt a
  stronger call to serve God. In Father Brian’s mind, God indeed
  prepared his heart to follow His plan for him. As soon as he
  made the decision to apply for his seminary studies at Mt. An-
  gel in Oregon, Father Brian received a deep sense of peace.
    Father Brian completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at
  UC Davis in 2003. By Fall 2004, he was accepted by the Dio-
  cese of Sacramento and sent to Mt. Angel Seminary to study
  Philosophy. Throughout those two years, Father Brian never
  doubted and consistently felt that this is God’s plan for him.        financial support to local seminarians in                                               Father Brian presented to his father, Cris
    In 2006, Father Brian was sent to Rome to continue his stud-        the diocese.                                                                            Soliven, a beautiful golden table crucifix
  ies in Theology at the Pontifical North American College in             As the date drew near for Father Brian’s                                              he bought from the Holy Land. And to his
  Rome. While in Rome, he received his transitional diaconate           ordination, the Vocations Committee,                                                    mother, Faye, the linen he used to wipe
  in October 2010.                                                      through various church activities, raised awareness to the im-      off the chrism oil used by the bishop to anoint his hands as
    As part of his training for the priesthood, Father Brian was as-    portance of cultivating “home grown,” priests who can minis-        part of the ordination ceremony. Father Brian followed an
  signed to St. Rose of Lima in Roseville in 2009 - 2010. There,        ter locally. Educational materials regarding the need for more      old tradition of handing over the linen to the mother of a
  he immersed himself with all facets of parish life ministries;        priests were disseminated. Father Brian’s journey towards his       newly ordained priest, who will keep this linen until death
  ministering to the youth through retreats; prayer meetings; and       priestly vocation was highlighted. And, on the eve of ordi-         at which time, the linen will be draped over her hands. The
  fellowships. What attracted him to be a diocesan priest is the        nation, the faith community, including his parents, seminar-        mother of an ordained priest can then stand before St. Peter
  ability to journey with families through all their sacramental        ians, and other parishioners in the diocese, gathered for a vigil   and proclaim that she has sacrificed her son to bring others
  needs – from Baptism, to First Eucharist, Confirmation, to the        prayer service led by Father Chuck Kelly, Vocations Director        to the fold of God’s kingdom. No dry eyes could be seen in
  Sacrament of Marriage – the best way to bring Christ to the           of the Diocese of Sacramento.                                       the congregation as Father Brian presented the linen to his
  faithful.                                                                The three new priests in the diocese, namely Fathers Brian       mother, and explained the meaning of this old tradition.
     When asked what inspired him to follow God’s call, Father          Soliven, Jose Beltran and Jeff Henry were ordained on June 4,         A parish wide reception followed Father Brian’s first Mass,
  Brian credits his parents for their silent witnessing – their devo-   2011 at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament by His Excel-        attended by well over 500 Good Shepherd parishioners,
  tion to praying the rosary and deep conviction in their Catholic      lency, Bishop Jaime Soto. Witnessed by a good number of             friends, and family members. After his first Mass, Father
  faith. He looks up to Pope John Paul II’s tireless proclamation       other diocesan priests, families, friends, and parishioners from    Brian, for three hours, prayed over individuals and families
  of the Good News and St. Therese of Lisieux’s simple, yet pro-        all over the diocese, the three ordinands prostrated themselves     who stood in line to receive a special blessing of a newly
  found, unwavering trust in God.                                       as the cantor chanted the Litany of the Saints invoking those       ordained priest. This old time tradition is believed to bestow
    The Soliven Family has been long time parishioners at Good          holy men and women’s intercessions in strengthening these           special graces for all those who seek to receive this special
  Shepherd Catholic Church. Father Brian’s parents have been            newly ordained priests’ vow to be a witness to the world that       blessing.
  involved in parish ministries; lending their time, talent, and        Christ is alive and well in our tumultuous world.                     Father Brian will spend this summer in Mexico City for the
  treasure for the good of the faith community. His mother, Faye           On the day after his ordination, Father Brian celebrated his     diocesan language immersion program. Come fall 2011, he
  Soliven, is a member of the Vocations Committee. This par-            very first Mass - a Mass of Thanksgiving – in his own parish,       will return to Rome to continue his studies, and this time, to
  ticular parish ministry leads the parish community in praying         attended by his extended family members, friends from high          specialize in Spiritual Theology at the Pontifical University
  for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Com-         school, college, and seminary. The entire liturgical celebration    of St. Thomas Aquinas, for another year.
  mittee members spend time in Adoration before the Blessed             highlighted the richness of the Christian Catholic tradition,          We would like to acknowledge and give a special thanks
  Sacrament - for two hours - every first and third Thursdays of        filled with incense smell, Gregorian chanting of the Psalm,         to Menchie Cabrera, Good Shepherd Catholic Church histo-
  the month. They also engage in fund raising activities to lend        Gospel and Eucharistic prayers. At the end of the celebration,      rian, for all the wonderful pictures.


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  2B   Heritage                                                              (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                      June 20- July 18, 2011              Philippine Fiesta

Balitang Kutsero                            By Perry Diaz                                                                                                                By Nancy Bautista
                                                     Illustration by Dave San Pedro

     Touristic P-Noy                                                                                                                                             Ama
                                            That would be poetic justice.

F      resh from his state visits to                                                     by sailing several kilometers through
       Thailand and Brunei, President
       Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III is
preparing to visit China soon. Yup,
after the Chinese told P-Noy to stop
                                                And talking of justice… Ex-prez
                                            Gloria Macpagal Arroyo is having
                                            nightmares at the thought of P-Noy
                                            appointing Justice Conchita Carpio-
                                                                                         the Pasig River. Gloria believed that
                                                                                         it was divine providence that mi-
                                                                                         raculously protected and guided the
                                                                                         paper boats in the busy and bumpy
                                                                                                                                           S     a pagiging isang ama ko, hindi
                                                                                                                                                 ko alam na isa palang napaka-
                                                                                                                                                 laking papel ang aking gag-
                                                                                                                                           ampanan sa buhay na ibinigay sa
                                                                                                                                           akin ng Diyos. Kahit ako ay may
                                                                                                                                                                                    o ipipilit ang ano mang nais namin
                                                                                                                                                                                    para sa kaniya. Pababayaan namin
                                                                                                                                                                                    siyang magpasya kung ano ang nais
                                                                                                                                                                                    niya para sa kaniyang sarili, at bibig-
trespassing in South China Sea which        Morales as the next Ombudsman.               river. Hmm…                                                                                yan lamang namin siya ng gabay at
they claim as Chinese territory, P-Noy      Can you imagine Gloria being de-                                                               sapat na gulang na, ang aking mu-        patnubay sa buhay.
is going to see Chinese President Hu        tained at the Big House in Munting-          “Shooting buddy” not off the hook                 rang isip ay kulang pa rin upang ak-       Akin ding naisip na ang mga bagay
Jintao and tell him where the Philip-       lupa for multiple charges of plunder,        yet… LTO Administrator Virgie Tor-                ing maintindihan ang katotohanan         na aming pagaari ay magiging kaniya
pines stands on the Spratly dispute.        which is a no-bail crime? Plunder            res is coming back to work after her              sa katagang tatay ng aking anak.         din pagdating ng araw, at nasa kaniya
Bravo, P-Noy! Tell the Chinese that         used to be punishable by death but           60-day leave of absence that P-Noy                Ngayon, hindi lamang isa o dalawa        kung nais niyang itago ang mga iyon
you can mobilize a million “bankang         Gloria changed the penal code during         imposed on her. With Mar Roxas                    ang       ak-                                                      o ipamigay.
papel” (paper boat) and deploy them         her presidency to make it punishable         taking over Transportation and Com-               ing iisiping                                                       Sana din ay
around the Spratly islands.                 by reclusión perpetua; that is, life in      munications Secretary, it was report-             buhayin at                                                         dumaloy sa
    In a press statement, presidential      prison.                                      ed in the news that her case is being             paligayahin                                                        kaniyang
spokesman Edwin Lacierda said, “We             Gloria must already had an inkling        reviewed by her new boss, Mar. But                ang buhay.                                                         mga dugo
believe that we are asserting only          that she’d be charged of plunder after       Justice Secretary Leila de Lima was               Mayroon                                                            ang talino at
what we claim is in our sovereign ca-       she steps down. I won’t be surprised         telling the media that Virgie’s fate              nang isang                                                         p a g p u p u r-
pacity … in the ownership of those          if she and her family had gone to exile      is up to P-Noy who appointed her.                 munting                                                            sirgi sa bu-
nondisputed areas.” Huh? But Ed,            in Portugal. Portugal is a good choice       Mar’s predecessor, Ping de Jesus,                 anghel na                                                          hay, upang
the whole Spratly archipelago is dis-       cuz they don’t have extradition treaty       tried getting rid of Virgie and ended             aasa sa ak-                                                        kaniyang
puted by six countries! If you want         with the Philippines. But Uncle Sam          up resigning himself. Hey, can Mar                ing      pag-                                                      magamit
to lay claim on an undisputed area,         could extradite Gloria and Mike for          touch an untouchable? Forget it                   gabay       at                                                     ang mga ito
you’ll end up with nothing.                 alleged money laundering and then            Mar; you can’t touch her, not even                pagkalinga.                                                        pagdating
   I think P-Noy has been touring the       Pinas could extradite them for plun-         with a 10-foot pole.                              Hindi      na                                                      ng araw.
world too much that he’s lost touch         der. Hey, like they say, “If there is a          I’m not sure how ex-Chief Trou-               ako maaring                                                             Sana rin
with what’s happening at home. It’s         will there is a way.”                        bleshooter and ex-future Chief of                 magsa- wa-                                                         ay makamit
one thing to be touristic, but                                              KKK…         Staff Mar Roxas is taking all the                 lang bahala                                                        niya ang ka-
it’s another thing to be Presi-                                      While P-Noy         political tug-o-war between his “Ba-              na lamang,                                                         ligayahan sa
dent of 94 million Filipinos.                                        led the cel-        lay” faction and Executive Secretary              sa dahilang ang mga responsibili-        isang nilalang, kagaya ng nadarama
One of my Facebook pals                                              ebration     of     Jojo Ochoa’s “Samar” faction. Well,               dad ko ngayon ay nakasalalay na sa       namin ng kaniyang ina sa isa’t-isa at
asked, “Is touristic the same                                        the 113th an-       it looks like Jojo won and Mar had                aking mga balikat.                       sana rin ay maranasan niya ang mag-
as outistic?” Hoy, watch your                                        niversary of        to settle for the thankless job of su-               Ngayon, at higit sa magpakaylan-      ing magulang din balang araw.
spelling!                                                            Philippine In-      pervising one of P-Noy’s “shooting                man, kinakailanganin kong hugutin        Kung dumating din ang panahon na
                                                                     dependence, a       buddies.”                                         ang mga naituro sa akin ng aking         kaniyang pipiliin ang landas na hindi
P-Noy and Sultan Bolkiah                                             new breed of                                                          mga magulang, lalo na ng aking           namin ninanais para sa kaniya, sana
But P-Noy must have found                                            KKK is born         Bishop attacks P-Noy… Butuan                      sariling ama, upang gumabay sa           ay bigyan kami ng Panginoon ng la-
Brunei too irresistible not to                                       –      P-Noy’s      Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos fired                 akin sa pagpapalaki sa aming anak.       kas ng loob na tanggapin kung ano
visit. He must have experi-                                          “kabarilan, ka-     a salvo at P-Noy for appointing his               Nararapat na maisalin ko rin sa am-      ang kaniyang nais, at ipagdadasal na
enced a “rush” when Sultan                                           klase, and kai-     “shooting buddies” to government                  ing anak ang mga kagandahang asal        lamang namin na siya sana ay mali-
Haji Hassanal Bolkiah rolled                                         bigan” (shoot-      positions. He said that there was a               at kabutihan na nanggaling sa am-        gaya sa kung ano pa mang desisyon
out a fleet of 43 luxury cars                                        ing buddies,        “huge” possibility that P-Noy would               ing mga ama at ina, at maski na ang      na kaniyang tatahakin.
for his motorcade. Yup, it                                           classmates,         be ousted. He added, “He is not re-               pagmamahal na ibinigay sa amin ng           Amin ding ilalapit siya sa Diyos at
must be an awesome sight to                                          and friends).       ally worthy to be a President. That               aming mga lolo at lola.                  sa Kaniyang mga utusin. Aming ipa-
see P-Noy and his 53-mem-                                            They include        job is not for him. The earlier he will              Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang           pamulat sa aming anak ang pagiging
ber retinue being driven in style in an     his controversial three “shooting bud-       be out of his post, will better for the           mukha ng aming anak, aking na-           mapagkapuwa tao at igalang ang anu-
assortment of Rolls Royce, Mercedes         dies” he appointed to key positions          Philippines.” Touché.                             kikita ang iba’t-ibang hugis na          mang bagay na dumating sa kaniya at
Benz, and other expensive models            in the government, his alter ego who             P-Noy should realize that it was              pinaghalo-halo mula sa amin at sa        huwag pagnasaan ang hindi naman
from the Sultan’s extensive collec-         owns a glass mansion, and his long-          the Church who rallied the people to              kaniyang mga kamaganak at ni-            kaniya.
tion of luxury cars, numbering 3,000        time friend, the Prison Director who         oust Marcos and install his mother                nuno. Nandoon ang mga matang                Napakarami pala talagang pangya-
to 7,000. But P-Noy must have been          resigned for allowing a killer to go in      Cory as President. Never underes-                 bilugan na may mga mahahaba at           yaring iikot sa aming mga buhay dala
disappointed when he didn’t see a sin-      and out of prison at will. Hey, maybe        timate the power of the Cross. If                 malagong mga pilikmata na galing         nitong isang munting sugo ng Diyos.
gle Porsche! Aw, shucks! Neverthe-          P-Noy’s “shooting buddies” can lead          the bishops can convince the poor                 sa kaniyang lolo. Nakakatuwa ang           “Anak, aming ipinangangako na ga-
less, P-Noy must really be enjoying         a flotilla of “bankang papel” (paper         that they can live by faith alone and             kaniyang katamtaman, ngunit ma-          gawin namin ang lahat naming maka-
touring the world… free. La dolce           boat) and go to the Spratlys to protect      it’s okay to multiply, don’t cross the            tangos na ilong at ang makapal at        kaya upang ikaw ay aming maita-
vita, indeed.                               Philippine interests.                        bishops, pal. If you do they’ll ran               mamula-mulang buhok, na akin ding        guyod, mailigtas sa mga masasama,
    What money can’t buy… Manny                 Meanwhile, PAGASA, the Philip-           you out of office.                                nakikita kapag ako ay tumitingin sa      at mahalin ng walang kapantay, na
“Pacman” Pacquiao shelled out P388          pines’ weather bureau started referring          Hey, P-Noy, why don’t you just                aking sarili sa harap ng salamin. Sa     walang hinihintay na kapalit.”
million in cash to acquire a 1,600          to the South China Sea as “West Phil-        get rid of your “shooting buddies”                kaniyang pagiyak na parang lag-               Sa ngayon, kinakailan ko nang
square-meter property with an unfin-        ippine Sea” in its weather advisories.       and make friends with the bishops                 ing kumakanta ay namana naman            harapin ang katotohan na gutom na
ished house in Forbes Park. But when        Now, let’s see how the Chinese would         by not supporting the Reproductive                yata sa aking kapatid na binigyan        ang aming anak at kinakailangan ko
he tried to apply for membership at         react. I wouldn’t be surprised if the        Health bill? Let the Pinoys populate              ng Panginoon ng isang magandang          nang ipagtimpla siya ng gatas, palitan
the elitist Manila Golf Club, he was        Chinese would send a fleet of nuclear        the Earth. The world needs more                   tinig. Ang kaniyang kutis ay di          na ang kaniyang lampin kahit sa diso-
shocked to find out that his applica-       submarines and several squadrons of          OFWs.                                             maikakailang galing sa ina ng aking      ras ng gabi at kahit wala pa akong tu-
tion was blackballed! It just proves        bombers and jet fighters and blow the           By the way… After Vice President               maybahay, at kapag itong munting         log. Hahayaan kong mamahinga na-
that money can’t buy everything.            flotilla of “bankang papel” into smith-      Jojo Binay made his recommenda-                   anghel ay tumatawa, ang kaniyang         man ang kaniyang ina upang siya ay
Yup, you can’t buy a pedigree.              ereens. Then, what? “Help, Uncle             tion that Marcos be buried with “full             buo at magagandang hugis na mga          mabigyan ng lakas din sa pagaaruga
   But Pacman might get the deal of         Sam, help!” Ay naku, sa kano din             military honors” in his home prov-                labi na mamula-mula, ay kahawig          sa aming munting anghel.
a lifetime when the richest man in          pala ang bagsak natin!                       ince of Ilocos Norte, his popularity              naman ng kaniyang ina.                     Sa ngayon at magpakaylanman, ak-
the world offered him $65 million to                                                     went up! He sure knows how to get                   Sumagi din sa aking isip ang mga       ing ipapakita sa pamamagitan ng ak-
fight an undefeated Mexican boxer in        “Bankang Papel Boys”… In her                 the Ilocano vote; after all he’s an               maaring maging kinabukasan ng            ing halimbawa na aking mamahaling
Mexico. Pacman said he’d think it           first “State of the Nation Address”          Ilocano himself. Pretty soon, there               aming anak. Siya kaya ay magig-          lalo ang nagbigay buhay din sa kaniya.
over. Heck, he should accept it and         in 2001, Gloria told the story of the        would be more people paying him                   ing isang manggagamot, o isang in-       Naniniwala ako na upang maipakita
then – win or lose – retire from box-       three “Bankang Papel” or “Paper Boat         a visit at his Coconut Palace than to             hinyero, o isang mangaawit, o isang      ng isang ama ang kaniyang pagmama-
ing. That’s going out in style. And         Boys” who sent her a message written         P-Noy at his Dream House (Bahay                   alagad ng Diyos? Nasabi ko sa ak-        hal sa kaniyang anak ay kaniya nitong
then he can run for Senator in 2013.        on paper boats. In their message, the        Pangarap) by the Pasig River. Per-                ing sarili na maari din na ang kani-     mahalin ng higit sa kaniyang buhay
And ultimately, for President in…           orphaned boys – their parents died           haps, people should send him “bank-               yang magiging kahihiligang gawin         ang ina nito.
Hold it right there! Don’t get carried      in a landslide at the Payatas garbage        ang papel” messages telling him to                ay nasa kung papaano namin siya
away cuz Pacman has to be accepted          dump – asked Gloria to help them             wake up to reality and stop singing               ilalapit sa iba’t-ibang uri ng gawain    Maligayang Bati sa lahat ng ama at ng
first in the exclusive Manila Golf          finish their schooling. But here’s the       “My Way.”                                         o libangan. Subalit, ipinangako ko       haligi ng bawat buhay.
Club. So keep on boxing, Pacman,            incredible part of her story: the paper      (                             sa aking sarili na hindi namin igigiit   Nancy Cristi Bautista
and then buy the Manila Golf Club.          boats reached the presidential palace

P-Noy’s KKK                                 Pain in the neck… The other day,              E. Marcos whom he denied a hero’s           should fight corruption with the pas-         Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Joseph
                                                                                          burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.       sion of Elliot Ness, the untouchable          “Erap” Estrada, Senate President Juan

W         hile it can be said that former   when Gloria arrived from Hong Kong
          First Lady Imelda Marcos          with hubby Mike, she was rushed to            “Not during my watch,” he said the          crime fighter during the Capone era.          Ponce Enrile, and former first lady
          had her “Blue Ladies” dur-        St. Luke’s Hospital for a severe neck         day before. So if anybody wants to          Hey, Czar Jojo is also “untouchable.”         Imelda Marcos.
ing her heydays, President Benigno          pain. She was discharged after a              be heroic, just do it but not under P-      So are P-Noy’s “shooting buddies”                Conspicuously absent was former
“P-Noy” Aquino III has his KKK or           few days later sporting a neck brace.         Noy’s watch.                                and cronies.                                  president Fidel V. Ramos. Accord-
“Kabarilan, Kaklase, and Kaibigan”          Seems like Karmic law has finally               The latest issue on the Marcos buri-      Obie and Osie… The United States              ing to news report, he was not invited.
(Shooting buddies, Classmates, and          caught up with Gloria. After being            al is whether to bury his remains with      is dropping criminal charges against          Hmm…
Cronies). Yes, behind every power-          a pain in the neck of the people for          “full military honors” or not? And P-       Osama bin Laden. Why not? He’s                    A glimpse of history… In 1983,
ful man or woman is a retinue of sy-        nine years, it’s her turn to suffer. Yup,     Noy has been agonizing over it. But         already dead and his body dumped              P-Noy’s dad, Ninoy Aquino, was as-
cophants. Now, don’t get me wrong           what goes around comes around your            what is strangely odd is nobody has         in the Indian Ocean. “Not too fast,           sassinated during the Marcos dictator-
but sycophants, psychopaths, and el-        neck. Aray!                                   defined what “full military honors”         Obama!” protested a Fil-Am birther            ship. In 1986, Ramos and Juan Ponce
ephants are three different animals.                                                      exactly means. Do they mean a five-         from Texas. “Before Obama could               Enrile led the People Power revolu-
    Virginia Torres, one of P-Noy’s                                                       kilometer long military contingent          drop the charges against Osama,               tion that ousted the Marcoses from
“kabarilan” is back at her job as Ad-                                                     representing all units of the Armed         Obama must prove that Osama is in-            power and P-Noy’s mother, Cory
ministrator of the Land Transporta-                                                       Forces of the Philippines parading in       deed dead by producing the original           Aquino, was installed as president.
tion Office (LTO) after P-Noy told                                                        final tribute to him in his flag-draped     long-form death certificate of Osama,”        In 1992, Ramos defeated Miriam in
her to take a 60-day leave of absence                                                     casket followed by 21-gun salute? I         said the Sarah Palin diehard. Well,           a closely contested election. 1n 1998,
while she was under investigation on                                                      don’t think so.                             without a death certificate, Osama is         Erap was elected president. In 2001, a
the Stradcom controversy. Well, she                                                          What I believe to be “full military      officially alive. And I thought Pinas         sham people power revolution ousted
was “cleared” of any malfeasance…                                                         honors” is a simple Christian funeral       is the only one that’s full of pilosopo.      Erap and then-vice president Gloria
by default; that is, no administrative                                                    ceremony with the addition of the           Like they say, “Once a pilosopo, al-          was installed. In 2010, P-Noy won in
case was filed against her during her                                                     Philippine flag draped over his cas-        ways a pilosopo.”                             a landslide victory beating Erap who
60-day “vacation with pay.” Iba na                                                        ket and to be folded and given to his           The feisty Sen. Miriam Defensor-          came in second.
talaga ang untouchable, ano?                                                              widow; a bugler playing “Taps”; and         Santiago and her husband, Narciso                Except for Ramos and Cory who
                                                                                          a 21-gun salute by seven uniformed          Santiago, celebrated their 40th wed-          passed away in 2009, all of the above
Leila de Lima shooting                                                                    soldiers each firing his rifle in the air   ding anniversary on Rizal’s birthday          characters were present in Miriam’s
Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila                                                        three times in succession. That is “full    by renewing their vows. When asked            wedding celebration. The place must
de Lima is taking shooting lessons                                                        military honors” given to every man         how she felt, she said, “I feel very          be electrifying!
from P-Noy. I guess that makes her a    Nobody knows what caused her se-                  or woman who served the Philippine          sexy.” Well, that’s Miriam.                   The next presidential election is in
“shooting buddy” apprentice. Asked      vere neck pain but I hope it was not              military and discharged honorably.              Gracing the occasion was P-Noy            2016. Who do you think will be the
what she thinks of P-Noy as her shoot-  due to attempted strangulation from                 Mr. President, it’s a simple “Yes” or     who acted as Narciso’s best man and           top contenders?
ing teacher, she said, “He’s a very     the NBN/ZTE Chinese contractor                    “No.” But for crying out loud, please       the bridesmaid was actress Heart              Abangan…
good teacher! Very strict, and he’s a   who allegedly gave her a non-refund-              get over it!                                Evangelista. The entourage included           (
very good shooter, too.” I hope she     able $40 million advance money…                   Anti-crime Czar… After several              heavyweights like former presidents
wouldn’t dare challenge her nemesis     or as some people call it, “lagay” or             months of chairing the Presidential
Sen. Ping Lacson to a shooting match.   “tongpat.” Chinese businessmen are                Anti-Organized Crime Commission
Ping is the kind of shooter who shoots  known for their shrewdness and after              (PAOCC), P-Noy signed Executive
first and asks questions later.         the NBN/ZTE contract was cancelled,               Order No. 46 turning over the job
                                        they’d want their money back… as-                 to his alter ego, Executive Secretary
Yellow Army… With the Chinese suming that they did indeed give                            Pacquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr., also known
sending their warships to the Spratlys, Gloria the “advance money.” If they               as “Little President.” EO 46 seeks to
P-Noy can only rely on his Yellow did, sorry na lang sila. As they say, “A                strengthen the PAOCC “to substanti-
Army to stop the Chinese invasion. sucker is born every minute,” and Pi-                  ate and generate results in the fight to
But with the Philippine Navy having nas is teeming with suckees.                          eliminate corrupt practices.”
only one World War II-vintage frigate,                                                        I hope that Czar Jojo could do a
he needs a large fleet to transport his Heroes… During the commemora-                     better job than P-Noy in fighting cor-
Yellow Army to battle with the Chi- tion of the 150th birthday anniversary                ruption. Makes me wonder if the
nese. Perhaps he should ask ex-prez of national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal in                 ownership of the Glass Mansion has
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to help him Calamba, Laguna, P-Noy encouraged                     already been clarified? If not, Czar
build a flotilla of unsinkable “bank- every Filipino to be a hero in his or               Jojo might want to clear his wife’s
ang papel” (paper boats). But should her own little way. I guess he took ex-              name that was alleged to be the owner
P-Noy trust Gloria? Ask Erap.           ception of the late dictator Ferdinand            of the Glass Mansion. Yup, Czar Jojo
 Heritage                                         June 20- July 18, 2011 (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612
                                                                         Philippine Fiesta                                                                                                                       3B

Naguilian Global Reunion at Vancouver, Canada on July 2-3, 2011
By Faina E. Abaya                           landlocked between two natural barri-                                                  tradition of a “Town Fiesta” where          able undertakings to show our pro-
                                            ers, the eastern side is the great ranges                                              dancing will take the center stage          found appreciation to the place where
“Vancouver, here I come” will become        of the Cordillera mountains where                                                      for everyone’s enjoyment. Entertain-        we all love to visit and, perhaps, re-
familiar words to be uttered by the         Baguio city, the summer capital of the                                                 ment will come from the participants        turn to stay for the remaining years of
more than 500 expected Naguilianders        Philippines is located with its teem-                                                  themselves to show their virtuosity in      our lives.
who will attend the Naguilian Global        ing pine trees and invigorating cold                                                   dance and music especially the culture          And, whatever the outcome of the
reunion in Vancouver, Canada on July        climate while the western side is the                                                  that they had grown up from their be-       Naguilian Global Reunion in Vancou-
2-3, 2011. The simple phrase that will      great China Sea where tourists world-                                                  loved Naguilian town. The induction         ver the participants will, nevertheless,
become not only an expression of            wide frolicked in its pristine waters                                                  of the incoming officers of the Nagu-       enjoy the atmosphere of an open hos-
excitement for reaching a beautiful         as it cascades into the white sandy                                                    ilianders Alliance Network will also        pitality from the multicultural popu-
coastal Canadian city but also to show      beaches of the great towns of Bauang                                                   take place which will be administered       lation of the great city of Vancouver
the eagerness and enthusiasm of meet-       and San Fabian.                                                                        by retired judge Joven Costales and         where the Asian ethnicities outnum-
ing old friends, neighbors, classmates        The town is also known to have pro-                                                  the guest speaker will be Vice Mayor        bered other races. Moreover, the host
and relatives from the small town of        duced men and women whose pioneer-                                                     Abraham Rimando. All attending dig-         city is considered worldwide as one of
Naguilian, La Union where they were         ing spirit have brought them to almost                                                 nitaries will be acknowledged and in-       the top ten most livable cities in the
born and, perhaps, had enjoyed the          every corner of the world where most                                                   troduced especially the presidents of       world, a reputation that has been sus-
best years of their earlier lives.          of them settled comfortably as skilled                                                 NAN chapters worldwide.                     tained and untarnished in the passing
   Eventually, the thrill and excitement    laborers, engineers, nurses, medical                                                       After the evening of festivities with   of time.
of the participants in the global under-    and dental doctors, US military ser-                                                   endless conversations among town                 Current Officers of Naguilianders
taking will surely transform into pro-      vicemen or just retired individuals en-                                                mates touching any topic about events       Alliance Network are: President, De-
found nostalgic feeling when Naguil-        joying the fruits of their hard earned               Fred and Adela Vita               of yesteryears, the present time and the    lia Vita (Seattle, WA); NAN CEO,
ianders will meet once again familiar       employment. They are the proud sons                                                    future, the reunion will continue at the    Paul Nonog (Sedro Wooley, WA);
faces as they converge at the Grand         and daughters from the little town of       The NAN which is duly registered as        scenic Prospect Point at the Vancou-        Vice President for Operations, Sonia
Ballroom of the Vancouver Hyatt Re-         Naguilian who despite living comfort-       a non-profit organization with its own     ver’s famous Stanley Park the follow-       Delizo (Sacramento, CA); Vice Presi-
gency hotel in the evening of July 2        ably with their respective families also    set of officers becomes the conduit        ing day with the same spirit of eager-      dent for Travel, Tour and Business,
culminating a year round of prepara-        yearned to know about their town and        worldwide of all the different Naguil-     ness and enthusiasm that could only         Annette Avesto (Maryland); Secre-
tion for such a memorable event.            to meet their town mates by founding        ianders organizations.                     come out from the Naguilianders.            tary, Ellen Bernal Rimando (San Di-
   The participants will defy time and      their own associations at the commu-            The organization, likewise, places          Undoubtedly, there will be infor-      ego, CA); Treasurer, Evelyn Ramirez
distance as they cross vast oceans,         nities where they evolved.                  higher premiums the best interest of       mal talks about many projects that          (Chicago, IL); Board of Directors are:
travel on land from continental coast           Sadly, in the beginning, the vari-      their beloved town by properly coor-       deeply concerned the best interest of       Chairman, Paul Nonog (Washington);
to coast and for more convenient way        ous associations of Naguilianders that      dinating commendable projects such         the town, such as the possible renova-      Vice Chairman, Pete Ferrer (Sacra-
through the comfort of commercial           they have founded were fragmented           as medical and dental missions, relief     tion of the century old St. Augustine       mento, CA), Pert Marzan (Gardena,
airlines. The participants will come        and loosely associated without any          assistance for their town mates as a       church, beautification and improve-         CA), Amy Thangamani (Texas), Sucie
from Europe, countries in the Mid-          proper coordination and cooperation         result of natural calamities that have     ment of the town plaza, municipal           Sales (El Cerrito, CA), Emma Jacildo
dle East, Southeast Asia, Australia,        which put into oblivion the best inter-     constantly struck the town and the         building, medical and dental missions,      (Vallejo, CA).
New Zealand, North America and, of          est of their town.                          holding of such memorable event as         scholarship grants for deserving stu-
course, the Philippines particularly the          Thus, to end such unproductive        the Global Reunion, just to name a         dents, additional school buildings and      The Naguilian Chapter Presidents are:
origin of everything, that little town of   bickerings, the Naguilianders Alliance      few. All such projects in order to suc-    many other commendable projects             Pete Ferrer, Sacramento, CA; Marilou
Naguilian, La Union.                        Network (NAN) was established by            ceed have to be properly coordinated       which can be put into action and re-        Abenojar, Seattle, WA; Dr. Cita
     Naguilian with approximately 70        the town’s elders led by Fred and Ad-       and managed which have become the          ality with the usual cooperation from       Rimando, Vallejo, San Francisco &
thousand residents is a farming town        ela Vita of Sacramento, California, the     main roles of the NAN management           everyone including the municipal of-        Napa Valley; Vic Florendo, Southern
known for its “Basi” wine, produced         couple was also the original founders       team duly organized for such pur-          ficials of Naguilian.                       California, LA; Henry Dumo, San Di-
and fermented from sugar cane extract       of the Naguilian, La Union Circles of       poses.                                          With the said projects in mind, all    ego, CA; Andrew Costales, Western
which has been the favorite of local        America, starting at Los Angeles, Cal-         The evening festivities at the Hyatt    Naguilianders are encouraged to at-         Canada; Oscar Florendo, Manitoba,
wine connoisseur especially served          ifornia in 1974, that sprouted through-     Regency hotel after a sumptuous din-       tend the Global Reunion in Vancouver        Canada; Ed Vita, Annak Ti Naguilian,
during town festivities. The town is        out the west coast of the United States.    ner will become a showcase of the old      to involve ourselves with such laud-        California.

   FAVA Picnic at Freedom Park                                                                                                                                       First Communion of
                                                                                                                                                                     Julie Victorina SooHoo

                                                                                                                                                                    Congratulations to Julie Victorina
                                                                                                                                                                    SooHoo, daughter of Sheldon and
                                                                                                                                                                    Lynda SooHoo and Granddaughter
                                                                                                                                                                    of Segundo and Aida Azurin, on her
                                                                                                                                                                    celebration of her First Holy Commu-
                                                                                                                                                                    nion on May 21, 2011 at St. Francis of
                                                                                                                                                                    Assisi Catholic Church, Sacramento ,
                                                                                                                                                                    CA . Afterwards, a beautiful reception
                                                                                                                                                                    was held in her honor at the South Vil-
                                                                                                                                                                    la Restaurant, Sacramento , CA .

    The Filipino American Veterans Association of Sacramento held their annual picnic at Freedom Park
    in McClellan, CA

   Ang Buhay nga naman by Dave San Pedro

                      DR. ABRAHAM R. MATA, DC
                             Board Certified-Diplomate,
                      American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board

     “est. - 1997”
                                   Tel. 916.399.1590
                                1501 Corporate Way,
                               Sacramento, CA 95831
                                     to be continued...
  4B   Heritage                                                          (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                June 20- July 18, 2011               Philippine Fiesta

                             Community Connection

                                                               Maharlika Lions Club Joins in the Famous
                                              “Classic Cartoon Carnival” – District 4-C5 2011 Convention
By Carle and Sarah Enloe

T      his past May 6 through 8, 2010,
       was an exciting time for the
       Maharlika Lions Club and the
other Lions Clubs of District 4-C5 as
they attended the District 4-C5 “Clas-
sic Cartoon Carnival” Convention in
San Ramon, CA. In addition to Ma-
harlika Lions Club, the following Li-
ons Clubs attended the Convention:
Antelope; Arlington Texas; Auburn
Host; Bear River Lioness; Capi-
tal; Central; Citrus Heights; Coun-
try Club; District 4-A3; Elk Grove:
Embarcadero; Esparto; Folsom City
Host; Folsom Lake; Fort Sutter; Galt;
Golden State; Grass Valley Host;
Higgins Diggins; Lincoln; Meadow
Vista; Mother Lode; Nevada City;
New Castle Golden Spike; Orangev-
ale; Penn Valley Hi-Graders; Pioneer;
Placerville; Pride of Laguna Creek;
Reveille; Roseville Host; Roseville
Sunrise; Santa Clara; Senator; Val-
ley High; Vista Del Lago; Woodland
Host; Woodland Reveille; and Yolo
Sunset. District Governor (DG) Rich
Wilmot, a fun loving Lion and for-
mer Swabbie, selected the theme for
the Convention this year which was
“Classic Cartoon Carnival”, so on Fri-
day evening, everyone dressed in their
favorite cartoon characters’ costumes
and all the activities centered on clas-
sic cartoons. This year’s Convention
was even more exciting for the Ma-
harlikans because our very own Dis-
trict 4-C5 2nd Vice District Governor
(VDG) Derek Ledda was running for
the position of 1st Vice District Gov-
ernor for District 4-C5. Because of
his campaign, Maharlika Lions Club
turned out in force at the Convention
to help campaign for 2nd VDG Derek
– 27 Lions; four Partners-in-Service
(PinS); and two guests showed up.

The Maharlika Lions Club contingent
attending the Convention was: Presi-
dent Danette “Dee” Brown and Steve,
her guest; Past District Governor
(PDG) Bert and PinS Julie Melliza;
2nd VDG Derek; Poppy Zone Chair
Efren and PinS Ester Diaz; Lions
Celsa and Ramon Taraya; Lions Carle
and Sarah Enloe; Lions Rey and Su-
san DeJesus; Lion JoJo and PinS Ev-
elyn Francisco; Lions Bing and Lynn
Ventura; Lions Bien and Linda DeJe-
sus; Lion Les and PinS Fil Duldulao
along with their daughter Leslie; Li-
ons Steve and Maryrose Barnhurst;
Lions Susan and Nes Bautista; Lion
Ester Carrasco; Lion Joe and PinS           This year the Maharlikans                                                                                                         lika Lions Club.
Gladys “DiDi” Carrasco; Lions Joe           decided to develop a Pop-
Stayner and Fely Villanueva; Lion           eye and Olive Oil character                                                                                                        Congratulations to the 2010 -2011
Leila Pereira; Lion Jane Soria and          theme with their favorite                                                                                                          Maharlikan District 4-C5 recipi-
Lion Susana Kelly.                          friends Brutus, Whimpy,                                                                                                            ents who were recognized at the
    Historically, at every convention,      and all the sailors. All the                                                                                                       annual convention in San Ramon,
there are a variety of activities to par-   Maharlikans were in au-                                                                                                            CA.
ticipate in, like the annual Food Fair;     thentic costumes: Popeye                                                                                                              Maharlika Lions Club definitely
the Friday dinner and costume parade;       – Lion Rey DeJesus; Olive                                                                                                          had another good District 4-C5
the Saturday morning District 4-C5          Oil – Lion Sarah Enloe;                                                                                                            Convention Year. Numerous acco-
Necrology Service, which honors all         Brutus - Lion Carle Enloe;                                                                                                         lades have been heaped on Maha-
those Lions who have passed away            Mighty Mouse – 2nd VDG                                                                                                             rlika Lions Club and its members
during the past year; and the Saturday      Derek Ledda; and the rest                                                                                                          because it has a reputation of being
night formal dinner and awards pre-         of the Maharlikans were                                                                                                            an extremely hard working Club.
sentations, not to mention each night       sailors! Maharlika Lions                                                                                                           It should be noted however that all
of the Convention there are Hospital-       Club decided to spotlight                                                                                                          the awards and accolades received
ity Suites sponsored by the various         their famous lumpia plus                                                                                                           by the Maharlika Lions Club and
Clubs of the Candidates running for         small, delicious slider                                                                                                            its members could not have hap-
office. So the Maharlika members            cheeseburgers/hamburgers. Natural-                                                                                             pened without a two key ingredients –
were having a lot of fun while at the       ly some of the Maharlika Seven were       definitely a highlight of each Con-        gan Youth Award – Lion Les and PinS       HARDWORK AND TEAMWORK!
same time working quite hard. The           singing.                                  vention and not only the Clubs but         Fil Duldulao; International President     However, when it is all said and done,
last and only time that Maharlika Li-         The Saturday morning District 4-C5      the individual Lions work very hard        Certificate of Appreciation (3rd High-    Maharlika Lions Club and its mem-
ons Club fielded a District Governor        Necrology Service was especially          to win these awards for their Clubs        est Award Given to a Lion) – Lion         bers strive to provide exceptional
for District 4-C5 was in 1996 – 1997:       profound this year because the Maha-      and themselves. This year Maharlika        Carleton Enloe; Region Lion of the        service to the community they serve
PDG Bert Melliza. He holds the dis-         rlika Lions Club lost two of their long   Lions Club won a total of 11 Club and      Year for Sacramento Region: Lion          and the people within the community.
tinction of being the only Filipino         time Lions this year – Lions Conchita     Individual awards. The 2010 – 2011         Sarah Enloe – Maharlika Lions Club;       They are the true winners for sure be-
PDG for District 4-C5.                      Andrade and Tim Kelly. God Bless          District Awards won by the Club and        Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards –          cause Maharlika Lions Club’s mission
  The Food Fair gives the Lions Clubs       them and may they rest in peace.          its members were: DG Appreciation          President Danette “Dee” Brown and         is to provide a level of service that will
in attendance a chance to spotlight              During each Lions Convention,        Award – 2nd VDG Derek Ledda;               Lion Joe Stayner; Best Costume in         evaluate the lives of the less fortunate
their specialty cuisine! Not to mention     there are numerous awards given out       Net Membership Award – Maharlika           the Parade – 1st Place: Maharlika Li-     people. When they can achieve this
a chance a second chance to show-           for the past years service projects       Lions Club; District Project Award         ons Club; Club Scrapbook Contest –        goal – that’s what it is all about! Con-
case another theme character besides        that each Club conducts and indi-         – “Cards for Troops” – Maharlika           First Place – Maharlika Lions Club;       gratulations to all Maharlika Lions for
the costume parade on Friday night.         vidual Lions’ performance. This is        Lions Club; Tom and Annamae Galli-         and Food Fair – First Place: Mahar-       another successful year!

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Community News                                                         (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612             June 20- July 18, 2011         Philippine Fiesta 5B

   Birthdays                                                                                                                                                      Calendar of
                                                                                                                                                                Sunday, July 3, 2011, 7:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                                The Grand Theater
                                                                                                                                                                Grand Sierra Resort Casino
                                                                                                                                                                Reno, Nevada 89502

                MARK VALENTINE
                   JUNE 25
                                                     Kuya MAXIMUS MONTILLA                    ZACHARY TENCE                      MARIEL and MARIO RAMOS
                                                             JULY 2                              JULY 15                           JULY 10 and JULY 11

                                                                                                                                                                 MEGA UPCLOSE 2011
                                                                                                                                                                 Sunday, July 3, 2011, 7:O0 pm
                                                                                                                                                                 Grande Exposition Hall
                                                                                                                                                                 Silver Legacy Resort Casino
                                                                                                                                                                 Reno, Nevada 89502

                  DAVE MATEO                                     JOSIE PATRIA                        MINA GUERRA                          ZALDY ESTEPA
                    JUNE 26                                        JUNE 23                             JUNE 18                              JUNE 19
                                                                                                                                                                 JULY 9, 2011 (Saturday)
                                                                                                                                                                 KABABAYAN FEST 2011
                                                                                                                                                                 Largest Filipino gathering on
                                                                                                                                                                 West Coast
                                                                                                                                                                 Cal Great America

                                                                                                                                                                 JULY 9 & 10, 2011
 Birthday celebration of Faina Abaya with the Bayanihan of Sacramento, USA on                   GEORGE and JOSIE SY-                 NACIAN SANTIAGUEL           ADOBO FESTIVAL
 May 18, 2011                                                                                     JUNE 13 and 19                          JUNE 18                10 am - 6 pm
                                                                                                                                                                 Vallejo Waterfront
                                                                                                                                                                 Mare Island, Vallejo CA


Jon and Eva dela Cruz                             Virgie and Rufino Estioco                                   Christine and Eddie Aducayen
35th Wedding Anniversary                          42nd.Wedding Anniversary and Birthday of                    5th Wedding Anniversary
June 1                                            Rufino - June 22                                            June 17

The graduates

           Amanda Lee A. Solomon,
      daughter of Dr. Tony and Remy
     Solomon, was awarded her PhD
        in Literature from the Univer-
      sity of California, San Diego on
       June 11, 2011. Her dissertation
     focused on English writing from                                                                                                                                              Charmaine Erespe
       the Philippine Commonwealth,                                                                                                                                               Class of 2011,
             and she has taught for the                                                                                                                                           Luther Burbank High
         past seven years in the UCSD                                                                                                                                             School
         Revelle Humanities program.                                                                                                                                              and
       This coming fall she will begin                                                                                                                                            Christoher Leon
        teaching classes at the English                                                                                                                                           Erespe (Top center),
      Department of the University of                                                                                                                                             completed Pre-School
                            San Diego.                                                                                                                                            at Parkway School

                                                                                                                                                            Christopher Jerel Abaya,son of Jose
                                                                                                               Rizalde M. Estepa graduated on May           Patricio and Michelle Abaya, was pro-
        Jonathan Ryan Yagen-Martinez,                      Peri Brianna Yagen, Class of 2011,                  17, 2011 from Valley High School held        moted to 9th. grade from Stonegate El-
        Class of 2011, Sheldon High School                 West Campus High School                             at Power Balance Pavillion                   ementary school on June 10, 2011
 6B    Sports                                                     (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                      June 20- July 18, 2011               Philippine Fiesta

                             SECOND TO NONE                                                                                     To Slay A Zombie
By Ted Lerner                                                                                                                   By Manny Piñol
                                                                                had this really powerful break shot.
AS THE WORLD 9-BALL CHAM-                                                       To beat Bustamante at that time was
                                                                                to beat the best in the world. He was
                                                                                like a hero to us in Europe. He really
                                                                                helped grow pool in Germany and in
                                                                                Europe. Everyone was talking about
                                                                                                                                T     here are three
                                                                                                                                      fighters in Manny
                                                                                                                                      Pacquiao’s color-
                                                                                                                                ful and spectacular box-
                                                                                                                                ing career whose names,
THE PHILIPPINES, ONE OF THE                                                           “I don’t know where that break
LEGENDS OF THE GAME.                                                            comes from,” Bustamante said,                   when mentioned, give
                                                                                laughing. “People in the States used            him great discomfort:
The day after Francisco Bustamante                                              to ask me how I got that big break and          power-puncher Rustico
won the World 9-ball Championship                                               I tell them, ‘I guess it’s because I eat a      Torrecampo, unheralded
in Doha, Qatar, in June, he received                                            lot of rice. It makes me strong.’”              Medgoen 3K Battery
a text message on his cell phone from                                             And Bustamante, whether in money
none other than the President of the                                            games or in tournaments, was al-                Singsurat and Mexican
Philippines, Benigno “Noynoy” Aqui-                                             ways dead serious about taking care             warrior Juan Manuel
no III. The president, himself an avid                                          of business. “Although Francisco                Marquez.
pool player from Bustamante’s home-                                             has always been a friendly guy, he
town, had just been sworn in to a six-                                          wasn’t really there to make friends,”           It was Torrecampo, a huge
year term in office. Despite a hectic             Francisco Bustamante          Helfert said. “He came to win and to            underdog going up against the
schedule and many pressing problems                                             win money. He saw other players as              young and undefeated Manny
besetting the nation of 90 million        world poverty to the highest levels   rivals. He was there to match up. He            Pacquiao, who gave the Fili-
people, the new president took a few      of the sport is an integral part of his
                                                                                had so much heart and courage. Fran-            pino boxing icon his only
moments to send the newly crowned         legend.                               cisco was fearless and not afraid of            clear and devastating loss,
world champion a message.                       Dreaming about anything other   anyone.”                                        knocking him out in the 3rd
   “This is Noynoy Aquino here,” the      than daily sustenance is a fanciful ex-  Nobody was surprised when Busta-             of their 8-round bout on Feb.                     Manny Pacquiao
text read, “saying congratulations to     travagance few can afford in the im-  mante finally broke through and won             9, 1996.
your success and honor that you have      poverished barrios of the provincial  two Camel Tour events in 1997. But                It was Singsurat who dealt Pacqui-       was taken away from Manny Pacqui-
given our country.”                       Philippines. Money is tight and op-   the following year, he took his game            ao his second knockout loss in his         ao in his first meeting with Marquez
    “I’m very happy that I received       portunities are slim. If you are luckyto another level, winning four major            second defense of the World Box-           in May of 2004 was returned to him
recognition, especially coming from       to find a good gig, something that    tournaments in the U.S. and capturing           ing Council (WBC) flyweight title          four years later. In their second meet-
President Noynoy,” a clearly over-        generates a few extra pesos, you stickhis first BD Player of the Year award.          he won from another Thai, Chatchai         ing, the Filipino boxing icon eked out
awed Bustamante said afterward. “I        with it. This is why you often hear   For the next few years Bustamante               Sasakul a year earlier.                    a split decision victory in what was
am not intending to ever erase that       guys like Bustamante and Reyes say    continued traveling the world and                 Manny does not want to talk about        obviously a fight many thought he
message. It’s like a double whammy.       they “got lucky,” after an incredible winning consistently. Then in 2002              this fight because of insinuations in      lost.
Winning the world championship            win. Considering how they grew up,    his exploits cemented his rarefied              the past that he willingly gave away           What got Manny Pacquiao’s goat
for the first time, then getting a mes-   every day was pure chance.            status among pool’s all-time elite. It          his title to the Thai after he failed to   was not the critical review of that fight
sage from the president of the Philip-         The youngest of eight children,  started in the knockout rounds of the           make the 112 pound limit.                  but Marquez’s efforts to ridicule him
pines.”                                   Bustamante nonetheless recalls a sim- World Pool Championship in Cardiff,               Under the rules, when a champion         publicly. The Mexican warrior even
  Several weeks later, however, an un-    ple and happy childhood in a small    Wales, when Bustamante received a               fails to make the weight, he could         had a T-Shirt emblazoned with a proc-
suspecting Bustamante would be hit        village in the town of Tarlac, four   nightmarish call from his wife, Mila,           still fight the challenger. If the cham-   lamation of his victory against the Fil-
with a triple whammy. While engaged       hours north of Manila. It was in the  back in the Philippines, telling him            pion wins, the title will be declared      ipino boxing great. He even pursued
in a money match in a Manila pool-        streets where Bustamante received     that their 7-month-old daughter had             vacant but if the challenger wins, he      Pacquiao in the Philippines to call for
hall, he received a phone call from the   his now-famous moniker, “Django.”     contracted a viral infection and sud-           will be declared the new champion.         a third match.
United States informing him that he       His tough-guy attitude and noir look, denly died.                                                                                   To Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel
had just been elected to Billiard Con-    along with the lit cigarette always       In the match right after he found           But it was Marquez, after their two        Marquez is a puzzle he could not
gress of America Hall of Fame.            dangling from his mouth, reminded     out his daughter had died, however,             conrtroversial bouts, who gave Pac-        solve because the Mexican’s counter-
   “I was surprised, shocked,” Busta-     neighbors of the gunslinger character he looked listless and uninterested.            quiao nightmares.                          punching style proves to be very dif-
mante said of that moment. “I’m so        made famous by Italian actor Franco   He trailed 10-6 in a race to 11 against         Knocked down three times in the first      ficult to handle for the Filipino box-
happy. It’s not something I asked for.    Nero.                                 Antonio Lining, who was breaking                round, Marquez kept on standing up         ing icon used to just rolling over and
There are too many good players. It’s        “Cowboy movies were very popu-     for the match. But Lining broke dry             like a zombie and punished Manny           dominating his opponents.
a big honor, especially to be elected     lar then,” Bustamante said. “People   and Bustamante ran out - and then               Pacquiao in the latter rounds of their         Marquez has become Pacquiao’s
in the USA.                               looked at me when I would play        won the next four racks for a miracu-           first fight. In fairness to Manny, I       nightmare. How else would he de-
    “For me, that’s a dream. I come       [with] no shoes, and I smoked. I hatedlous victory. That was the spark for            really believe he should have won          scribe an opponent whom he has
from a small town in the Philippines.     losing, so I would challenge friends to
                                                                                one of pool’s most inspirational runs,          the first fight by split decision were     knocked down four times in their two
I never thought I would one day be in     fistfights. People said I was like Djan-
                                                                                which ended in a heartbreaking 17-15            it not for a bumbling boxing judge         meetings - three in the first and once
the Hall of Fame for pool.”               go, and the name stuck.”              loss to Earl Strickland in the final.           who scored the first round 10-7 in         in the second - but who rises up after
                                              His first brush with the game that      Perhaps even more incredible,             favor of the Filipino challenger, in-      every thunderous knockdown, dusts
A world title. A text from your presi-    would quickly become his life’s call- Bustamante was able to turn the death           stead of 10-6 because of the three         off his gloves and unleashes punish-
dent. And now the ultimate honor rep-     ing came when he was 12 years old.    of his daughter into a motivational             knockdowns.                                ing blows?
resenting eternal greatness, the BCA      His sister owned a small canteen in   force. Instead of moping, he spent the              You see, in professional boxing,          For Manny Pacquiao the third fight
Hall of Fame. For the humble and          a busy area of town next to a large   rest of that year winning everything            fights are scored round by round           against Marquez in November is not
soft-spoken 46-year-old, it’s been a      open-air poolhall, where jeepney      in sight. From Japan to the Philip-             with the boxer winning a round on          just another opportunity to make
rapid succession of good news that’s      drivers waiting for fares and various pines to Germany to the U.S., he won            points getting 10 points and his op-       no less than P500 million net, but
difficult to comprehend.                  hustlers would play money games       seven titles and his second BDPlayer            ponent 9. In case of a knockdown,          a chance to once and for all end the
   “I don’t know what to say,” Busta-     for hours on end. Fascinated by the   of Year award. Bustamante chalked               the fighter who scores it gets 10          nightmare that has haunted him for
mante responded, when asked what          colorful balls, the intense action, the
                                                                                it up to his daughter looking over his          while the downed opponent gets 8           the last seven years.
it all meant to him. “I’m very happy.     poolroom banter, but especially the   shoulder.                                       points. Two knockdowns will mean
I’m just lucky.”                          money changing hands, Bustamante         “Maybe my daughter wants me to               10-7 and three knockdowns 10-6.            And the cards are stacked up in his
    A man of few words, Bustamante        visited the poolhall daily. He would  win,” Bustamante said. “I’m thinking            It used to be that most boxing sanc-       favor.
has always chosen to do his talking on    rack balls or act as the referee for the
                                                                                it was her that gave me the power.”             tioning bodies had a 3-knockdown
the green pitch, and the results from     money matches, for which he’d make        The pain of that tragic event has           rule where a fighter who is knocked        At the welterweight limit of 147, or
his nearly two-decade professional ca-    small tips.                           passed with time, but with three                down three times in one round, auto-       even at a catchweight of 144 lbs.,
reer speak loud and clear. Since 1991,      “When I was a spotter,” Bustamante  young kids with Mila and three grown            matically loses the fight. However, in     Marquez would be puny compared to
Bustamante has captured some two          said, “I figured I could make some    kids from a first marriage, as well as          very important and evenly matched          Pacquiao who feels comfortable in the
dozen tournament titles and a slew of     money from playing. So I played ev-   an extended family that he looks af-            fights, the three knockdown rule is        140-plus pound zone.
big invitational victories. He’s twice    ery day. There was a lot of action at ter, Bustamante has no intention of             often waived.                               Not only will Manny be bigger come
been named Billiards Digest Player of     the poolroom and I’m thinking, ‘Oh,   slowing down. He had several rela-                  That scoring blunder by boxing         November, he will also have the ad-
the Year, taking the honor in 1998 and    pool is easy money.’”                 tively off years in the mid-2000s, but          judge Burt Clements who submit-            vantage in age. By November, Mar-
then again in 2002. This year, after          The choice between fast cash and  in the last two years, he has found his         ted a scorecard of 113-even allowed        quez would already be 38 years old
shouldering the burdensome moniker        staid books was easy for the young-   mojo once again. And with a string of           Marquez to escape from a clear loss        while Pacquiao will be a month short
of the best player to never win a sanc-   ster, and he quit school after the sev-
                                                                                recent good news, he has more than              to post a draw, thus retaining his         of 33.
tioned world title, Bustamante finally    enth grade.                           enough reasons to continue doing the            superfeatherweight (or junior light-
filled that hole in his resume by win-      “I didn’t like going to school,” Busta-
                                                                                very things that have brought him to            weight) title. Had the fight been          This time, Manny Pacquiao may final-
ning the WPA World 9-Ball Champi-         mante said. “It wasn’t my style. Once the BCA Hall of Fame.                           scored properly, there would have          ly succeed in slaying the Zombie that
onship.                                   I knew I could make money playing        “I’m still fighting to make money,”          been no debate now on whether              keeps on popping up in his dreams.
  Over the many years, he has built up    pool, that’s all I wanted to do. I just
                                                                                Bustamante said. “How can I quit?               Manny Pacquiao really won 7 or 8             And that could be his most fulfilling
a legion of fans, awed by his massive     wanted to get better and stronger.”   I have to earn a living. It’s my only           boxing titles in different divisions.      achievement before he finally hangs
break shot, flowery stroke, humble            “I like action,” Bustamante said. talent. It’s my job. I have to do this             But as karma would have it, what        up his gloves and retire.
demeanor and ready smile for ev-          “Gambling in pool makes you strong.   by myself. I take it very seriously.
eryone who comes his way. He now          It builds your heart, your nerves, andSo long as I can play, I’ll stay in the
stands aside the only other Filipino      you get the experience. ... There are a
                                                                                poolroom all my life.”
to be elected to the Hall of Fame,        lot of good players in the Philippines.  And without a doubt he’ll be shar-
                                                                                                                                                                    QUALITY PERFUME OILS & INCENSE
his close friend and traveling partner    And everybody’s hungry.”              ing the stage with his longtime buddy,
Efren Reyes.
    “Efren is my friend, my compadre
                                             Making it beyond the Manila pool-
                                          room, however, was still an impos-
                                                                                the first Filipino to make it the sport’s
                                                                                most exclusive club, who couldn’t
                                                                                                                                                                       East West
and my idol,” Bustamante said. “I un-
derstand it when the fans root for him.
I’m not surprised. He’s the best player
                                          sible dream for most. Reyes, who
                                          had met Bustamante a few times but
                                          would only become close to him in the
                                                                                be more pleased for his younger pro-
                                                                                    “I’m happy for him,” Reyes said.
in the world. He’s a beautiful guy and    early 1990s, said one of Bustamante’s “And I’m happy also that he is join-                                                          NEW LOCATION
friendly with everyone.”                  secrets then was that he paid attention
                                                                                ing me in the Hall of Fame.” The Ma-                                                SD MART DISCOUNT MALL (space 1 10)
  Nobody would begrudge Bustaman-         to the greats around him.             gician then smiles that famous tooth-                                                 6051 Mack Road, Sacramento, CA
te the obvious fact, however, that he        “His style was totally different than
                                                                                less grin and gives a unique twist on
has carved out his own niche and his      any European player,” Ortmann said.   his famous phrase.                                                                            For Information Call
own standing in the pool world. And       “He came out with shots nobody
like Reyes, his near impossible jour-
ney from the bottom rungs of third-
                                          knew to come up with. He did safeties “We’re both lucky.”
                                          you wouldn’t even think about. He
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The challenge of T.V. Carpio playing Arachne
in ‘Spider-Man’
‘I was fine singing, but the harness was too tight’
By Elton Lugay                                                         with the acting part. But
                                                                       the best part is doing it in
“Spider-Man: Turn Off                                                  front of a live audience.”
the Dark” was a visual                                                    We were not the only
feast, with thrilling acro-                                            ones at the edge of our
batic feats and bigger-than-                                           seat while watching “Spi-
life moving screens that                                               der-Man.” T.V’s mother,
change images and colors.                                              Chinese-Filipino Teresa
And who can forget that                                                Carpio, was in high-anx-
breathtaking midair battle                                             iety mode when the show
between Spider-Man and                                                 opened. Teresa is a popu-
Green Goblin?                                                          lar Cantonese pop singer
    I had this feeling that,                                           in Hong Kong, and has
‘Oh God, I hope the cables                                             been in show business
are secure enough, and                                                 for 42 years.
that there won’t be any ac-                   T.V. CARPIO                  “When you hear so
cidents tonight.’ It felt choke-                                    much about the accidents
hold-uncomfortable as the show was going and all, I got nervous,” Teresa told Filipino
on, but there was a sense of relief and awe and Chinese journalists at a press confer-
when it was over.                                    ence with her daughter. She recalled how
      When T.V. Carpio, playing Arachne, she wanted to catch the soft launch, but
emerged from the ceiling, boasting her mov- T.V. cautioned her to stay away: “Mom,
ing claws and spectacular costume, I closed don’t come. I got hurt.”
my eyes and paid attention to her voice. It            “It’s hard to say there’s nothing you can
was pristine and heavenly. You could not do, you’re hopeless. You know at that mo-
believe her soulful singing while the har- ment I just want her to just rest and not do
ness was doing a Heimlich Maneuver on her anything,” said Teresa.
waist.                                                 It was the fight scene between Arachne
   “I was fine singing, except that it was too and Peter Parker. The actor playing Peter
tight,” T.V. Carpio, who played Arachne, jumped over T.V. causing her to fall on
told The FilAm when interviewed a day after her head.
the show opened on Broadway on June 15.                “Peter didn’t realize I was hurt, so after
She was referring to the harnesses and cables that incident, he strangled me and hit my
keeping her secure as she swung and sang neck again. And at the very end he choked
across the stage.                                    me and he tripped,” T.V. narrated. “I’m
   “It felt like I’m out of space, so detached, OK now.”
it’s like there’s a stillness about it,” she said.     She didn’t leave the show, she said, be-
“And then I breathe, I just remember to lieving in what the production stood for.
breathe. But I didn’t realize until later that “It was going for a deeper meaning more
the harness is so uncomfortable, very tight than just a Spider-Man story.”
around your waist, especially when you’re              Teresa said she appreciates the concern
singing parallel. That’s the hardest part.”          of everyone in the production, including
   “Spider-Man” is Teresa Victoria Carpio’s Bono, who co-wrote the musical with The
– also known as T.V. – biggest break. The Edge.
production took all of four challenging years           She is proud of what her daughter has
to mount on Broadway, if we count the nu- achieved thus far in a city as tough and
merous accidents suffered by some members competitive as New York.
of the cast, the astronomical cost, and the de-        “A lot of people come up to me and ask
parture of director Julie Taymor. T.V. got into what does your daughter do? I say, my
the production when she signed up for the daughter is a professional auditionee! She
musical workshop in 2007.                            would literally go to every audition. She
   “Breathing is a big thing,” said T.V. “If I would not give up,” said Teresa casting a
breathe then it takes away the tension from teasing look at her daughter. Mother and
any discomfort and pain. The hardest part daughter share a knowing, loving laugh.
I guess is getting all the technical to mesh “I’m proud of her.”

                                                                     that moment they knew
                                                                     that they would have to
                                                                     harness these gifts and
                                                                     promptly enrolled her at
                                                                     Sylvia Young’s Theatre
                                                                     School where she would
                                                                     walk the same path as
                                                                     other London performers
                                                                     such as The Saturdays’
                                                                     Vanessa White, Sug-
                                                                     ababe’s Jade Ewen and
                                                                     Leona Lewis.
                                                                        After completing sec-
                                                                     ondary school, Jaynee
                                                                     knew that she had to
                                                                     pursue her musical am-
                                                                     bitions further, with the
                                                                     intention of developing
                                                                     her voice, and did this
                                                                     by winning a place at the
                                                                     renowned BRIT School
                                                                     (British Recording In-
                                                                     dustry Trust) in Croydon,
                                                                     South London where art-
                                                                     ists such as Amy Wine-
                                                                     house, Jessie J and Adele
                                                                     had studied.
                                                                     It was here that Jaynee
                                                                     began to develop her tal-
                                                                     ent for songwriting and
                                                                     began to collaborate with
                                                                     other young musicians,
                                                                     feeding her taste for live
                                                                     music and performance.
                                                    Jaynee has said: “The BRIT School was

  I   magine a sound that fuses the edgy,
      sexy-street vibe of Rihanna; the genre-
      diffusing live band qualities of The
  Red Hot Chili Peppers with the casual
  cool approach of Katy B - Meet Jaynee!
                                                    an amazing experience. Being immersed
                                                    in such a creative environment with oth-
                                                    er people like me really showed me that
                                                    this [performing] is what I wanted to do
  A performer, the band and the music all           this with my life. I loved it! If I could do
  combined into one small, yet strikingly           it all over again, I would!”
  beautiful package.                                    After finishing at BRIT, she decided
    Jaynee, real name Jane Burns; a London-         to continue her musical education by
  er with the exotic mix of the Philippines         studying for a degree in Popular Music
  and Scotland; such a rare combination was         Performance at The Tech Schools where
  sure to produce a unique individual with          the ‘keep music live’ ethos was most
  eclectic tastes that permeates all the way        prevalent. It is here where she met some
  through to her music.                             of the people who constitute the Jaynee
     Her parents had the suspicion that their       band today.
  daughter would have performing aspira-            The band consists of Ed Stafford on
  tions as from the age of 4 she used to stand      Drums, Joe James on Bass and Kingdom
  up on top of her toy box in the living room       on Guitar. Both Ed and Joe attended Tech
  and sing and dance to Whitney Houston’s           Schools for their respective instruments
  ‘Dance With Somebody’ before slowing              gaining Honours Degrees in Popular
  it down with ‘Greatest Love of All’. At           Music Performance.

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