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Registering with CDYSB


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									                                 REGISTERING WITH CDYSB


1. Contact CDYSB to get a registration pack.

2. If required, help will be given by Liaison Officers to fill out the relevant forms.

3. Once forms are returned, a visit will be made to your group by a Liaison Officer to finalise your application.


There are several conditions of registration that ensure groups offer a quality service to young people. If your
group does not currently meet all these conditions, your Liaison Officer can assist in the group’s
development to help you meet our requirements.

The conditions are:

• The participation of young people should be on a voluntary basis.

• The group will have at least 10 members.

• The majority of members must be aged between 10 and 21 years.

• If the majority of members are under 10 years then there must be at least 25 members
  between the ages of 10 and 21.

• The group leadership will be voluntary.

• The group must have a leadership of at least 3 adults over 18.
• The recommended leader member ratio is one to eight.

• The group must have a voluntary management committee with elected officers.

• The group leadership team must undertake basic leadership training prior to registration.

• All adults involved in the group on a regular basis must undergo the Garda Vetting process.This will be
  carried out by your parent organisation, for example Catholic Youth Care, Scouting Ireland etc. during the
  basic leadership training period. If you are not affiliated to a national voluntary youth organisation please
  contact your Liaison Officer.
• The group must provide programmes of recreational and educational activities on a
  regular basis, extending over a minimum period of six months in a given year.

• The group must not be solely a sports group.
                                REGISTERING WITH CDYSB

• The group must have a bank account in its own name.

• The group must have adequate insurance cover for all aspects of its programmes/activities.

• The group must keep records to be available at all times to CDYSB on request. Records should include:
  • A register of members and their attendance.
  • Income and expenditure accounts.
  • Petty cash.
  • Minutes and correspondence.

• The group must acknowledge the right of CDYSB to accept, reject or withdraw registration.

A Liaison Officer is available to work with your group and assist the group to meet the above conditions of
registration. To be assigned a Liaison Officer please contact CDYSB on 01 432 1100.


As a registered group the support and services provided to you will include:

• A Liaison Officer to assist you to access our supports and services.

• Information and support to help develop your programmes.

• Various training opportunities throughout the year.

• A panel of qualified tutors to cover many activities including art, computers and drama.

• A scheme of grants which includes the following:
  Start-up Grant, Annual Grant,Training Grant, Special Activity/Programme Grant, Swimming Grant,
  Development Grant, Summer Project Grant.

• The Youth Group Brochures, which give helpful tips to anyone running a group.
  These are available on the web or by contacting CDYSB.

   For more information contact your Liaison Officer or visit www.cdysb.ie


My Liaison Officer is:

Email address:

 70 Morehampton Road     • Donnybrook • Dublin 4 • Tel: 432 1100 • Fax: 432 1199 • Email: info@cdysb.cdvec.ie • Web: www.cdysb.ie
                   CDYSB is the Youth Work Development Agency of the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee

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