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Spa menu Noordzee Hotel Spa


									Spa menu Noordzee, Hotel & Spa

                                        SPA BODY
Swedish massage
A classic relaxation massage designed to releave stress and tension. Improve sluggish
circulation and metabolism with a light pressure massage. This massage is just for relaxation
and perfect for the first time massage experience.
50 minutes € 57,50
80 minutes € 79,00

Aromatherapie massage
Just breathe in … Enjoy the craft of aromatherapy through massage. A personalised aroma,
combined with aromatherapy and the Swedish massage techniques. A unique aroma is
mixed especially for you during this treatment.
50 minutes € 64,50
80 minutes € 94,00

Deep Tissue massage
A compbination of sports and Swedish massage with firmer pressure designed to release
deeply held physical tension & stress. A cooling muscle gel is included in this massage to help
alleviate fatigued and knotted muscles.
30 minutes € 34,50
50 minutes € 68,00

Scen tao of Asia hotstone
Originally a healing massage from Asia. The healthy power of warmth, nature and massage
are combined in this popular treatment. A massage calming the nervous system and deeply
relieving stiff musles and joints. It reniews all the energy in your body, so you can move
freely again.
50 minutes € 79,50
80 minutes € 101,00

Marine Body Polish
An energetic skin treatment with algae and sea minerals to remove dry skin and toxins.
To soothe and activate healtier skin.
50 minutes € 60,00

Half leg                     € 29,00
Full leg                     € 55,00
Bikini zone or armpits       € 18,00
Underarm                     € 29,00
Back                         € 36,50
                                          SPA FACE
Babor Beauty Fluids
Move your beauty boundary with the Babor Beauty Fluids – pure power packs from highly
concentrated ingredients. In this treatment we do a crash course, we work with several
moisturing ampoules on the skin. The result is immediately visible; the skin is fuller and
brighter. The absolute beauty experience!
50 minutes € 60,00 excluding eyebrow shaping and upper lip

System Gold
A skincare system tailored to fit your individual skin care needs is the key to radiant beauty.
After a skin analysis, a facial suited to your skin type will be chosen. An intensive cleansing, a
mild skin peeling and a nourishing face mask. We finish this facial with a suiting day –and eye
50 minutes € 60,00 excluding eyebrow shaping and upper lip

Let the worries of everyday life behind you and experience beauty in its purest form: the
baborganic-treatment in the Spa surprises you with a pleasant soft feeling, like falling
snowdrops on your skin, an excellent massage with real quartz. The pure pampering
Discover with baborganic this new dimension of natural purity and acitivity.
80 minutes € 89,50 including eyebrow shaping and upper lip

HSR deluxe
Your skin shows visible aging phenomenon? Babor HSR HIGH SKIN REFINER gives your skin
new energy.
Anti-aging with lifting effect. The unique HSR-lifting integral complex makes your skin
stronger from outside. From inside we work to make new collagen. For a clearly thight and
shining skin.
80 minutes € 99,50 including eyebrow shaping and upper lip

Eyebrow shaping               € 10,00
Lash tint                     € 10,00
Eyebrow tint                  € 12,00
Chin                          € 12,50
Upper-Lip                     € 10,00
                                       SPA HANDS
Babor beautiful hands
A treatment to have wonderfull soft hands. Treatment with peeling, filing and taking care of
the nails and massage make your hands softly and take a way the first signs of aging.
50 minutes € 50,00

                                        SPA FEET
Babor beautiful feet
A treatment to have beautifull soft feet. Activating bath, light peeling, wrap and massage
makes you forget all tiredness and gives you new vitality.
50 minutes € 50,00

Light Legs & Feet
Poor circulation in the legs blocks energy and dehydrates the skin. Regain lightness and
softness to tired legs with gentle lymphatic movements and a cooling gel to refresh and
dispel fatigue and ease heaviness and swelling
50 minutes € 50,00

                             SPA ESPECIALLY FOR HIM
Gentleman’s Facial
A facial designed to meet the specific needs of a man’s skin. Essential oil infused warm
towels softens any rugged male skin. Followed by a deep cleaning, energetic peeling and
nourishing mask.
50 minutes € 54,50

                                Spa “Mommy-to-be”
Mommy to be massage
A well needed pause for expecting mothers. Pregnancy massage has positive effects and will
help alleviate the incredible physical stress in your body and helps reduce the amount of
complications during a delivery. Massage techniques to meet the specific needs. Using
relaxation massage and energetic massage.
30 minutes € 34,00
50 minutes € 65,00

Mommy to be feet & legs
A massage to help reduce swelling and muscle cramping in the legs and feet. For the ones
who have heavy or tired legs.
50 minutes € 50,00
                               ENJOY THE PRIVATE SPA
Enjoy a few hours of your own oasis of wellness. Bath, shower, sauna, steam bath, couch,
water, fruit plate and a sea of candles.

Duration:      2 hours
Price:         € 180,00 (for maximum 2 persons)

Enjoy a time-out in the “Private Spa”, dreaming of far away country’s – in exotic
atmospheres in combination with a relaxing and rich massage and inspiring fragrances.

A mysterious, mystical journey to “Mother Africa”
To experience the mysterious journey to Africa, the ‘Khanya Energy Balance’ uses 3 different
base elements during the treatment, the connectedness with nature, the mystic and the

- Hot scrub of the body with oil and scrub salt
- Massage of the body and head massage
- Cleopatra bath for a silk soft skin
- Use of the ‘private spa’ (bath, shower, sauna, steam bath, couch)

                                                                           € 192,50 per person

Experience the joy and characteristic of ‘Beleza do Brasil’. The rainforest has given us
tropical, healing plants with unique ingredients.

- Hot scrub of the body with ‘body butter’
- Massage of the body and head massage
- Cleopatra bath for a silk soft skin
- Use of the ‘private spa’ (bath, shower, sauna, steam bath, couch)

                                                                           € 192,50 per person

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