An International Symposium on by yaofenjin


									                                   An International Symposium on
Earthquake Induced Landslides and Disaster Mitigation at the 3rd Anniversary of the
                                       Wenchuan Earthquake

                                           May 12-15, 2011
                                           Chengdu, China


                                        Wednesday May 11 2011
   08:30-19:00         Registration desk open               Lobby of Eastar International Hotel
   19:30-21:30        Ice-breaker Party(buffet)    Navike Western Restaurant, Eastar International Hotel

                                       Thursday May 12 2011
                          (Emeishan Ball Room, Eastar International Hotel)
              Opening ceremony Chairperson: Runqiu Huang
08:30-09:00      08:30-08:45    Shijun Ni (President of CDUT)
                 08:45-09:00    Faquan Wu (Secretary General of the IAEG)
              Oral presentations—chairpersons: Niek Rengers, Chuan Tang
                                Keynote Runqiu Huang: Analysis on the effects of post-earthquake
                                geohazrds in the Wenchuan earthquake area
                                Keynote Janusz Wasowski: On the seismic response of landslide-prone
                                Jean-Robert Grasso: Static versus dynamics triggering of
                 09:50-10:10    earthquake-induced landslides: implication for prediction of triggered
                                landslide locations
                 10:10-10:40    Taking group photos, morning tea/coffee
09:00-12:05 Oral presentations—chairpersons: Faquan Wu, Masahiro Chigira
                                Keynote Yueping Yin & Ming Zhang: Numerical modeling on the
                                aerodynamics of rapid long run-out rock avalanches
                 11:05-11:25    Zhongqi Yue: On the nature of earthquakes with one hypothesis
                                Andrey Zaytsev & Arkady Kuznetsov: Embankment deformations and
                 11:25-11:45    stabilization of railway subgrade after the Kalingrad earthquake in the
                                baltic area
                                Xuanmei Fan: Decaying landslide dams triggered by the Wenchuan
11:55-14:00 Lunch (Navike Western Restaurant, Eastar International Hotel)
              Special Session--Symbiotic approaches for disaster mitigation (All the participants are
14:00-18:10   welcome for this session) —chairpersons: Atsushi Iizuka
                 14:00-14:20    Djoko Legono: Lahar Flow Hazards : A complex phenomenon after the
                                2010 Mt. Merapi Eruption
                                Teuku Faisal Fathani: Mechanisms of earthquake-induced permanent
                                deformations in a riverbank slope and its countermeasures
                                Subagyo Pramumijoyo: Earthquake microzonation mapping at Yogyakarta
                                City, Indonesia
                                Takashi Okimura: Construction of the real-time hazard forecasting system
                15:00-15:20     in order to support evacuation from surface slope failure disasters caused
                                by heavy rainfalls
                                Chuan Tang: Catastrophic debris flows triggered by 13-14 August 2010
                15:20-15:40     rainfall in the Wenchuan earthquake-affected area—lessons learned for
                                reducing risks
                15:40-16:00     Afternoon tea/coffee
              Special Session--Symbiotic approaches for disaster mitigation —chairpersons: Djoko
                                Legono, Takashi Okimura
                                Kohji Michioku: A new paradigm for mitigation and adaptation against
                                flood disaster caused by local torrential rainfall
                                Woharika Kaumudi Weerasinghe: Tsunami risk mitigation measures
                16:20-16:40     identified through strategic land use planning for coastal areas in Sri
                                Atsushi Iizuka: Optimal placement of emergency medical treatment at
                                disaster based on mathematical planning
                                Qiang Xu: Understanding the temporal and spatial development of
                                landslides to improve the early warning
                                Zhiman Su: Emergency Evacuation during the 8-13 Qingping debris flow
                                events in China and observations on hazard mitigation
                17:40-18:10     Discussion
  18:10       Banquet (Redstone Restaurant, Eastar International Hotel)

                                       Friday May 13 2011
                           Huang Shan Room, Eastar International Hotel
              Oral presentations—chairpersons: Theo van Asch, Zhongqi Yue
                                Keynote Cees van Westen: Mapping and analyzing earthquake-induced
                08:30-08:55     landslides using high resolution pre-and post-images for the Wenchuan
                                and Haiti earthquakes
                                Keynote Peng Cui: The giant debris-flow disaster: causes and mitigation
08:30-12:00                     countermeasures
                                Zhu Jing: A prediction model for post- earthquake debris flow runout
                                Shuilong Shen: Impact on hydrogeological environment and land
                                subsidence induced by urbanization in coastal mega-cities
                10:00-10:15     Morning tea/coffee
              Oral presentations—chairpersons: Guangqi Chen, Hengxing Lan
                               Keynote David Petley: The impact of earthquake-induced landslides in
                               terms of loss of life
                               Hengxing Lan: Numerical analysis of the effect of earthquake on tunnel
                               Takao Miyata: Frontal fault of the Longmen Shan thrust belt and damage
                               of the Dujiangyan world heritage from the Wenchuan earthquake, China
                               Jiawen Zhou: Numerical simulation for dynamic process of the high speed
                               landslide triggered by the Wenchuan earthquake, illustrate by a case study
                               Fei Cai: Effects of rock mass structure on stability of rock slopes
                               investigated by shaking table
12:00-14:00 Lunch (Navike Western Restaurant, Eastar International Hotel)

              Oral presentations—chairpersons: David Petley, Gonghui Wang
                               Keynote Guangqi Chen: Trampoline effect of earthquake on landslide-a
                               possible long runout mechanism
                               Keynote Amir M. Kaynia: Seismic Stability of Slopes: Assessment and
                               Yamada Masao: Report of disaster investigation due to Tohoku and Kantou
                               Large Earthquake occurred in March 2011
                               Zheng Lu: Numerical simulation and validation of Multiplex Acceleration
                               Model for earthquake-induced landslides
                               Dongtao Ma: Effects of earthquakes on the formation of debris flow-an
                               approach on developing tendency of debris flow in Wenchuan Earthquake Area

                15:50-16:05    Afternoon tea/coffee

              Oral presentations—chairpersons: Theo van Asch, Cees van Westen
                               Keynote Masahiro Chigira: Site characteristics of landslides induced by
                16:05-16:30    earthquake and the relation between landslide distribution and fault
                               Zhongxia Yuan: Distribution and influence factors of seismic landslides
                               induced by Wenchuan Earthquake
                               Gonghui Wang: Geophysical survey on the landslides dams triggered by
                               the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and stability analysis
                               Yange Li: Susceptibility analysis for both rainfall and earthquake-induced
                               landslide using support vector machine method in Qingchuan, China
                17:30-17:50    Dan Zhang: Fully optical fiber sensing technology for landslides

                17:50-18:10    Xiaoyi Fan: Topographic types influence on the landslide movement
                               Genlong Wang: Numerical simulation of landslide due to soil liquefaction
                               under seismic loading
   18:30      Farewell Party

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