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                                          HOME TRUST EQUITY LINE VISA
TO:        Home Trust Company
RE:        Cardholder: _____________________________ Account Number: ________________________
                        Equity Line VISA Account

           Mortgage on: ____________________________

In return for Home Trust Company establishing and maintaining an Equity Line VISA Account for the Cardholder, I
agree with Home Trust Company, as principal debtor and not as surety, to pay to Home Trust Company all amounts
charged to the Equity Line VISA Account including purchases, cash advances, interest, service fees and other
charges when due as provided in the VISA Cardholder Agreement. My guarantee extends to all liabilities incurred in
connection with the Equity Line VISA Card and all amendments, additions, replacements and substitutions for the
Equity Line VISA Account, the Card and the Agreement.
I will be liable to Home Trust Company for all debt charged to the Equity Line VISA Account no matter how it is
incurred and even though Home Trust Company sends the VISA Cardholder Agreement and changes to that
agreement and the account statements to the Cardholder.
Home Trust Company may at any time and from time to time without notice to me or my consent give extensions of
time for payment, deal with any collateral or other security held for the account, give releases or discharges, vary,
increase or decrease the interest rate, the payment terms and the authorized credit limits and generally deal with all
matters affecting the Equity Line VISA Cardholder account and the obligations of the Cardholder without in any way
affecting my obligations on this guarantee.
I agree I am jointly and severally liable with the Cardholder and any additional cardholders and guarantors for
payment of all such indebtedness and compliance with all the terms of the VISA Cardholder Agreement governing the
Home Trust Company may require payment from me as Guarantor and enforce the mortgage or other security it has
from me before it attempts to obtain payment from the Cardholder. All obligations of me as Guarantor shall also be
those of my successors or personal representatives, and will not be altered by the bankruptcy of the Cardholder or
any other person liable for all or any part of the debt or by the loss for any reason of all or any security held for the
Consent: As Guarantor, you may have separate disclosure documents and card account statements mailed or
otherwise delivered to the address you designate. This includes the initial disclosure statement, each account
statement and any notice of change in rate or other matter as well as renewal offers and notices (together called
“Statements” in this consent form). You and the Cardholder(s) will each receive in separate envelopes a copy of all
Statements unless you consent to Home Trust Company sending only one copy.
To consent to receive only one copy of Statements, please initial the box below:
_____ Initial I consent to one copy of Statements being sent to the Cardholder’s address.
You may by notice to us at any time alter this consent to thereafter also have Statements sent to you at the address
you designate. You may contact us for further information regarding this matter at 1-877-903-2133.

Dated this ______ day of _______________________, 2_____.

_______________________________               ________________________________
Signature                                            Signature

_______________________________               ________________________________
Print Name                                    Print Name

TOR_LAW\ 6913427\1
                                     (Section 3)

                              CERTIFICATE OF NOTARY PUBLIC


1.                                    , of                                    , in the            of

                                      , the Guarantor in the Guarantee dated the         day of

                                      , 20       , made between

        and Home Trust Company, which this certificate is attached to or noted upon, appeared

        in person before me and acknowledged that he/she had executed the Guarantee.

2.      I satisfied myself by examination of him/her that he/she is aware of the contents of the
        Guarantee and understands it.

        GIVEN at                      , in the                  of                                 ,

this      day of                                 , 20   , under my hand and seal of office.

                                                   Notary Public in and for

                                STATEMENT OF GUARANTOR

        I am the person named in this Certificate.

                                                    Signature of Guarantor

TOR_LAW\ 6913427\1

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