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									 Welcome to the November issue                                                                  contents
   of the 2night magazine. This month, we’ve decided
     to veer away from the frantic world of clubbing to
  look at a more laid-back beast altogether. In search
 of 30 great bars to suit an entire evening, we looked
 at everywhere hip cocktail joints to old-school pubs,
   finding one thing in common across the venues we                                                        04
    chose: a nice, relaxing vibe. You can check out our                                                    Special feature – The Total
      hot tips on page 4. We’ve also spoken to some of                                                     30 great bars to suit your whole
       the people responsible for making a night great:                                                    evening.
     comedian Dara de Buitlear shares his thoughts on
 page 16, and you can see our interview you can with
    Paul Cronin (head barman of excellent boozer The
       Hut) on page 5. Of course, if you want to try out
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There’s plenty happening this month, and many more
 venues in the city worth mentioning, that we haven’t
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                                                                                                                     2NIGHTERS AND THEIR NIGHTLIfE

                                                                                              Name: Ceri Bevan                                     Name: Paul Cronin
                                                                                                        Age: 25                                    Head Barman, The Hut
                                                                               2night username: wireframefigures

                 ow that winter’s arrived, we’re keen to take
                 shelter – not just in any place, mind, but a      What kind of things should a bar have to make you                     What’s the secret to making people comfortable
                 boozer where any right-thinking-drinker           want to stay?                                                         enough to stay in a bar?
                 would be happy to spend an entire evening.        Atmosphere. A bar needs to feel like the kind of place where every-   Basically, good value and good service! Treat your customers right,
                 You see, while bar-hopping is all well and        one else is having as much fun as you are.                            and that’s it.
good when the sun is shining, Irish nightlife-lovers brave the
cold and rain between drinks at their peril. That’s why we’ve
decided on a unique little theme for this month’s special          What are your favourite bars in the city?                             And what do you look for when you’re going out for
feature: bars that are ideal for the entire evening.               I’m a big fan of Sin é and the Bernard Shaw.                          a drink?
There are many places, of course that can match this de-                                                                                 Obviously, good surroundings and service. You don’t want to go to
scription, from traditional pubs to cool cocktail lounges –        Where’s your tip for the best pint/cocktail?                          a place that’s troublesome or anything like that. Anywhere you go
2nighters, after all, have eclectic tastes. That’s not to say,     For cocktails? Solas. O’Neill’s on Suffolk Street does a good pint.   would have to be a well-run establishment.
however, that they’re not discerning folk: for a bar to do
the job all night, it needs to be laid-back, fun and, crucially,
comfortable. You deserve a bar where you can feel at ease,                                                                               And where do you like to go for a drink – other than
and we’ve selected 30 of them.                                                                                                           The Hut of course?
The list isn’t exhaustive, and we’re sure there are plenty                                                                               There would be four or five places that I’d like to go – quieter places
more that our readers can recommend, so why not do so?                                                                                   now, bars with a bit of music, but depending on the time of the
Head along to www.2night.ie to give us your take on these
bars, and the many other venues featured on our site. Trust
                                                                                                                                         week. My personal favourite in the city centre would be The Old
us, you’ll find somewhere that suits you.                                                                                                Stand.

                                                                                          GILBERT AND
                                                                                          WRIGHT’S,                                                                                                                                                                OLESyA’S
     4 DAME LANE                                                                          MALAHIDE                                                                             KEHOE’S                                                                             WINE BAR
     4, Dame Lane -                                                                       1, Ross Lane, Malahi-                                                                9, South Anne Street                                                                38, Exchequer Street
     Dublin 2.                                                                            de – County Dublin.                                                                  - Dublin 2.                                                                         - Dublin 2.
     Tel: 016790291                                                                       Tel: 018456580                                                                       Tel: 016778312                                                                      Tel: 016724087

    T                                                                                    T                                                                                    T                                                                                   D
           his hip cocktail club has moved with the times, slashing the price of its            he atmosphere at this welcome addition to the seaside social scene                   his pub’s exterior may not inspire much hope but, if you’re passing on               oubts abounded when Olesya’s first opened its doors: how would
           drinks without cutting back on the quality ingredients, the extensive                is intimate, thanks to a warm décor of classic prints, comfy couches                 a Friday evening, the sizable after-work crowd should offer a hint that              Dubliners cope with a place that didn’t serve beer? Thankfully,
           menu, or the inventive late-night DJs. It’s a little less packed than it             and even shag pile carpets. There’s a fine menu of food on offer too if              there’s a great atmosphere inside. The downstairs bar is traditional –               they’ve managed well– aided we reckon, by an eclectic little food
    used to be, which is all the better – a little elbow room, or even the chance        you want to make a full evening of it, and a cocktail menu offering very fine        good luck trying to grab the snug – while the upstairs lounge has the feel          menu of predominately French dishes and a range of 100 wines by the glass.
    to grab a booth without arriving at opening time, is always welcome. Plenty          drinks at €9 each.                                                                   of a grandparent’s living room, enhanced by the old-school wallpaper and            Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 (11:00 Saturday and
    of beers are available too.                                                          Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 16:00 (12:30 Saturday and                equally elderly piano.                                                              Sunday) to 23:30 (00:30 Thursday to Saturday). Lunch served 12:00 to
    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 17:00 to 02:30.                          Sunday) to 23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                          Opening hours: Open seven days a week from 12:00 to 00:30.                          16:00, á la carte all day.

     DAVy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          HALL
     ByRNES                                                                               GROGAN’S                                                                             LA CAVE                                                                             Strawberry Beds,
     21, Duke Street -                                                                    15, South William                                                                    28 South Anne St -                                                                  Palmerstown – Du-
     Dublin 2.                                                                            Street - Dublin 2.                                                                   Dublin 2.                                                                           blin 20.
     Tel: 016775217                                                                       Tel: 016779320                                                                       016794409                                                                           Tel: 018210634

    A                                                                                    S                                                                                    D                                                                                   D
             trip here for a cheese sandwich is a must on Bloomsday ever since                   everal trendier bars and clubs have set up on South William Street,                   ublin’s oldest little wine bar is still going strong, we’re glad to re-            rawing its name from the long, picturesque stretch on the Liffey’s
             Joyce immortalised it in Ullysses, but Davy Byrne’s – which boasts a                but they struggle to match the old-school charm of this fine place.                   port, and packing out its modestly-sized dining room most evenings.                northern banks, this large bar is reassuringly off the beaten track
             unique art deco design and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore                  Grogan’s offers patrons the classic pint-and-a-toasty, and there are                  There’s value at dinner time, with some tempting set menus intro-                  and as perfect an example of the old suburban boozer as you’ll find.
    - is worth visiting all year round. The food is traditional and high-quality, with   still many Dubliners who’ll pick that over an expresso-and-croissant any day.        duced, but La Cave’s main attraction remains the grape juice. 350 different         There’s a nice easy-going atmosphere and (if you’re very lucky) a lively trad
    popular Irish dishes and drinks predominating.                                       No wide-screen TV, no booming stereo, no nonsense.                                   wines, including 30 by the glass, and a tasty menu of snacks served ridicu-         session to catch on weekend nights.
    Open seven days a week, from 11:00 (10:30 Saturday, 12:30 Sunday) to                 Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 11:00 (12:00 Sunday) to                  lously late will always warm our hearts.                                            Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:00 Sunday) to
    23:30 (00:30 Thursday to Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                    23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                     Opening: Open seven days a week, from 12:30 to 02:30.                               23:30 (00:30 Thursday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).

     WRIGHT’S,                                                                            JOHNNIE
     DUN LAOGHAIRE                                                                        fOx’S                                                                                LOTTS CAfé
     128, Lower Georges                                                                   Johnnie Fox’s Pub,                                                                   BAR                                                                                 THE BAILEy
     Street, Dun Laoghaire                                                                Glencullen – Co.                                                                     9, Liffey Street -                                                                  2, Duke Street -
     – County Dublin.                                                                     Dublin                                                                               Dublin 1.                                                                           Dublin 2.
     Tel: 016636148                                                                       Tel: 012955647                                                                       Tel: 018727669                                                                      Tel: 016704939

    T                                                                                    L                                                                                    T                                                                                   W
          his new place has been attracting rave reviews, not just for its laudable             eave aside the inconvenient location – actually, don’t. It’s worth visit-            he Liffey Street frontage, which makes Lotts look like any traditional                   e like this place rather more now that it has less slick power-suit-
          dedication to 1970s cool, but also top cocktails and a fine musical                   ing the highest pub in Ireland just for the sake of it. Thankfully, Johnnie          pub, belies the particularly tasteful café bar that lies within. There’s a               ed types about: one can enjoy the plush setting without dressing
          sensibility. It’s open late every Friday and Saturday, but we’d recom-                Fox’s has more than just that gimmick to recommend it, and has de-                   fairly standard traditional area, and a cosy little snug, but the high-                  up for the occasion, and the heated terrace is still a prime spot
    mend arriving early to grab a comfy chair for the evening.                           veloped into a sprawling traditional bar with good food, famous trad sessions        ceilinged main room is delightfully plush. A great cocktail menu is a bonus.        for watching a busy world go by. Prices for both food and drink seem to have
    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 17:00 (15:00 Friday, 12:00               and a lively buzz throughout the week.                                               Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 (12:30 Sundays) to                taken a dip as well, which suits most Dubliners quite a bit right now.
    Saturday and Sunday) to 23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).             Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 11:00 (12:00 Sunday) to                  23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday). Food served 12:00 to               Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 to 23:30 (12:30 Fri-
                                                                                         23:30 (23:00 Sunday).                                                                20:00.                                                                              day and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).

6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    7
                                                                                       THE fxB                                                                                                                                                                THE LONG
     THE BLOODy                                                                        BULL AND                                                                                                                                                               HALL
     STREAM                                                                            CASTLE                                                                             THE HUT                                                                             31, South Great
     14, West Pier, Howth                                                              Christchurch Place –                                                               159, Phibsborough                                                                   George’s Street –
     – Dublin 13.                                                                      Dublin 2.                                                                          Road – Dublin 7.                                                                    Dublin 2.
     Tel: 018395076                                                                    Tel: 014751122                                                                     Tel: 018302238                                                                      Tel: 014751590

    T                                                                                 T                                                                                  A                                                                                   T
           his pub makes the most of its ideal setting, just below Howth DART                his gastropub is good for an evening meal – the downstairs dining                    n authentic, friendly pub out in the northside with a fine pint of the           here’s a good reason why this place seems wilfully untouched by
           Station and within a short walk of the harbour. The atmosphere is                 room is atmospheric, and the food is hearty – but it’s the upstairs                  black stuff to offer. The Hut also does a great lunch: a mean bacon              time: it’s a listed building, meaning that the owners couldn’t roll in
           traditional, with a roaring fire and a food menu dominated with Irish             beer hall that we adore. A great range of beers from around the world                and cabbage (€8.50) brings back memories of home, though the                     blaring speakers, a gigantic smoking area and dance floor even if they
    staples – naturally, fresh fish features prominently. The barmen know how to      – including craft beers from Ireland – are served at very manageable prices        Irish Stew is also worth a shout. It’s also a nice spot to visit for any sporting   wanted to. Not that there’s any need for that: students and office workers
    mix a great cocktail, but this is a place made for a quiet pint.                  in surroundings that recall the great Bavarian drinking emporia Dubliners          occasions, as the atmosphere is cracking.                                           keep staff busy.
    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 to 23:30 (00:30 Sat-            long for.                                                                          Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:30 Sunday) to                 Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 16:00 (13:00 Thursday to
    urday, 01:00 Saturday).                                                           Opening hours: Open Seven days a week, from 11:00 (12:00 Sunday) to                23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                    Saturday, 15:00 Sunday) to 23:30 (00:30 Friday to Saturday, 23:00 Sun-
                                                                                      23:00.                                                                                                                                                                 day).

                                                                                                                                                                          THE INTER-
                                                                                                                                                                          NATIONAL                                                                            THE
     THE DUKE                                                                          THE GLOBE                                                                          BAR                                                                                 MERCANTILE
     9, Duke Street -                                                                  11, George’s Street -                                                              23, Wicklow Street –                                                                28, Dame Street –
     Dublin 2.                                                                         Dublin 2.                                                                          Dublin 2.                                                                           Dublin 2.
     Tel: 016799553                                                                    Tel: 016711220                                                                     Tel: 016779250                                                                      Tel: 016707100

    W                                                                                 A                                                                                  T                                                                                   I
                e’re glad that this Victorian-era boozer hasn’t gone all upscale or           modern bar that attracts a mixed crowd of would-be bohemians and                  his popular pub has really bloomed since taking over The Dubliner’s             t seems the folks controlling this bar suddenly decided to make the most
                turned itself into a tacky paddy-tastic pub that native Dubliners             professionals, the Globe has a similarly split personality in its décor:          former offices: comedy or theatre just about every night, and plenty            of an excellent location: after a quick touch-up, The Mercantile has re-
                shudder as they pass. Instead, it’s stuck to a formula of good                the mix of stylish dark wood and cool design look odd combined                    of music too, ensures there’s always something to check out here.               invented itself as a hopping live venue, with many emerging acts and
    food (though they’ve recently revamped their menu) a cosy atmosphere,             with sculptures of maudlin-looking angels and classical figures. Still, it’s a     There’s a lively atmosphere in the deceptively small ground floor bar and           quality cover bands playing. By day, though, it remains a great place for an
    and friendly service. Some things never go out of fashion.                        fun place with a good range of beers, some treats for foodies and live music.      decent-sized downstairs lounge too.                                                 easy-going drink.
    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:00 on Sundays)              Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 17:00 (15:00 Saturdays) to             Open seven days a week from 11:00 until 23:30 (00:30 Thursday to Sat-               Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:00 Sunday). Late
    to 23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sundays).                              02:30 (01:00 Sundays).                                                             urday, 23:00 Sunday). Comedy seven days a week from 20:30 (20:00                    opening Saturday and depending on live acts – visit 2night.ie for details.

                                                                                       THE                                                                                THE LIBRARy
     THE ExCHE-                                                                        GRAfTON                                                                            BAR                                                                                 THE ORMOND
     qUER                                                                              LOUNGE                                                                             The Central Hotel,                                                                  WINE BAR
     3-5, Exchequer Street                                                             1-2, Royal Hibernian                                                               Exchequer Street –                                                                  6, Upper Ormond
     - Dublin 2.                                                                       Way - Dublin 2.                                                                    Dublin 2                                                                            Quay - Dublin 1.
     Tel: 016706787                                                                    Tel: 01679626                                                                      Tel: 016797302                                                                      Tel: 018749778

    W                                                                                 A                                                                                  T                                                                                   O
               ith a successful year under its belt, The Exchequer continues to                fter Cocoon and the short-lived Noo Bar, The Grafton Lounge has                  he Central Hotel’s Library Bar has long been popular among those                      nce you pass an ordinary-looking entranceway, the Ormond Wine
               pick up momentum, but they’re not resting on their laurels. The                 arrived for a crack at this excellent location. Happily, it’s made the           sufficiently clued-in or fortunate to discover it. Though it’s still pre-             bar is beautiful, a massively airy space with contrasting stokes of
               cocktail menu has been revamped with great results – now lon-                   most of it, adopting a sleek and sumptuous décor and pursuing                    cious, The Library Bar is no longer a secret, and there’s a considerable              rustic brickwork and modern features: the design makes this place
    ger and more extensive, it boasts a new selection of must-try drinks – while      cocktail excellence. The menu blends old favourites with some truly unique         bustle throughout the day. Still, the roaring fire and down-to-earth charm still    worth going just for a gawk. The wine list plumps for quality rather than sheer
    the seasonal pub-grub is a distinct cut above the competition.                    delights such as the Jaffa Cake, lemon meringue, and the Solero.                   has a certain magic on colder days.                                                 breadth, though a selection of 37 wines should be enough for most palates.
    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 to 23:30 (01:00                 Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 11:00 (14:00 Sunday) to                Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 to 23:30 (00:30 Fri-              Opening hours: Open seven days a week from 11:00 to 23:00 (00:00 Friday
    Thursday, 02:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                               23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                   day and Saturday, 23:30 Sunday).                                                    to Sunday).

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              9
      THE PALACE                                                                             THE STAG’S
      BAR                                                                                    HEAD
      21, Fleet Street -                                                                     1, Dame Court -
      Dublin 2.                                                                              Dublin 2.
      Tel: 016717388                                                                         Tel: 016793701

     T                                                                                      I
           his cosy bar has a rich literary tradition. It was a favoured haunt of Irish        t’s loved by everyone from middle-aged literary types to ‘young fogie’
           Times writers during the 1960s – along with major writers including                 students, is one of the best preserved Victorian pubs in the city, and has
           W.B. Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh and Flann O’Brien – and it’s easy to                   snappy, friendly service. In other words, The Stag’s Head is one of the
     imagine yourself banging out a novel or two over several pints here. The               best examples of a traditional Dublin pub that we’ve got, so it’s heartening to
     barmen seem to know everyone, which is a very good sign.                               see this Dublin institution continuing to thrive.
     Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:00 Sunday) to                    Open seven days a week, from 10:30 (12:00 Sunday) to 23:30 (00:30 Fri-
     23:30 (00:30 Thursday to Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                      day and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).

      THE SECRET                                                                             THE
      BAR                                                                                    WINDJAMMER
      3, Fade Street –                                                                       111, Townsend Street
      Dublin 2.                                                                              – Dublin 2.
      Tel: 017645681                                                                         Tel: 01 677 2576

     T                                                                                      T
            he hype and mystique have worn off and, by most reckonings, The                        he windjammer’s unique selling point is that it’s one of very few early
            Secret Bar should be experiencing a slow decline. However, most                        houses – where you can still grab a drink at 07:30 in the morning –
            reckonings neglect the fact that this place is quite a nifty little bar, with          left in the city. However, they’re not exactly fans of young ‘uns on
     a cool New York loft décor, a good mix of classic cocktails and new creations,         24-hour benders: there’s a buzzer which, if you don’t look too dodgy, will let
     and beers of the world available too.
     Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 13:00 to 23:30 (01:00
                                                                                            you in to a decidedly old-school pub.
                                                                                            Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 07:30 (12:30 Sunday) to               The Dark horse Inn
     Thursday and Sunday, 02:30 Friday and Saturday).                                       23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).                                  1, George’s Quay - Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                                                              Tel: 0876739315

                                                                                                                                                                              Formerly known as the White Horse Inn, this place has positively
      THE SHEL                                                                                                                                                                reinvented itself with new management coming in and overseeing a
      BOURNE HOTEL                                                                                                                                                            major refurbishment. The place looks positively spiffy these days, but
      HORSESHOE                                                                              THOMAS                                                                           there’s plenty of substance added to the mix here. The Dark Horse
      BAR                                                                                    READS                                                                            Inn has also become a cool jazz venue, with regular live entertain-
      27, Stephen’s Green -                                                                  1, Parliament Street                                                             ment, plus some one-off gigs and interesting events too. A regular
      Dublin 2.                                                                              – Dublin 2.                                                                      ‘arty party’, showcasing the work of talented young Dubliners, runs
      Tel: 016634500                                                                         Tel: 016717283                                                                   on the last Thursday of every month, while a free ‘knitty woolly fun
                                                                                                                                                                              club’ teaches us the joys of drinking and knitting every first and third

     T                                                                                      T
            he revamped Horseshoe Bar has picked up exactly where it left off                      hankfully, the ‘for sale’ signs have come down from outside this con-      Tuesday. This month also sees a special event in aid of the Movember
            since what seemed like interminable renovations finished up. Once                      temporary café bar and its old-school sister, The Oak, leaving both        charity taking place on November 20. Finally, there’s a strong lunch
            again, it’s become the upscale bar of choice for everyone from politi-                 places seemingly untouched. Despite the modern setting, Thomas             menu and a continental breakfast buffet, which is very handy for busy
     cians escaping Leinster House to captains of industry and many more inter-             Reads is an ideal spot to while away a laid-back afternoon or evening, and        early starters.
     esting faces, all drawn by the promise of a particularly creamy pint.                  the cellar room downstairs is a great rock club.                                  Opening hours: Open Monday to Saturday, from 07:30 (19:30
     Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 11:00 (12:00 Sunday) to                    Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 12:00 (12:30 Sunday) to               Wednesday and Thursday) to 23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday).
     23:00.                                                                                 23:30 (02:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FREE TICKETS

                WIn free TICkeTs anD greaT nIghTs ouT WITh 2nIghT!
               Chromeo + midnight                              a night out at the                             lee ritenour                                  the Walkmen                                    dublin gospel Choir                            underWorld
               Juggernauts                                     graFton lounge                                 The highly-accomplished guitarist Lee         The Walkmen, a group of accomplished           Following yet another triumphant Electric      Lager Lager! The men behind that storm-
               Montreal-based electronic tinkermen P-          One of the hottest new cocktail spots in       Ritenour – who started playing with The       indie-rockers with a passion for vintage in-   Picnic showing, and sophomore album            ing chorus and hit single Born Slippy are
               Thugg and Dave 1 describe themselves as         the city, The Grafton Lounge is an oasis       Mamas and Papas at age 16 – is making         struments, are touring sixth album Lisbon      Doing Their Thing, the best gospel crew        set to rock the RDS on November 27,
               “the only successful Arab/Jewish partner-       of luxurious décor, an upbeat vibe and         his Irish debut on November 6 in sup-         and celebrating a decade on the go. They       in the city (we’ll admit – we don’t know       having unveiled eighth album Barking this
               ship since the dawn of human culture,”          of course delicious drinks. A night out        port of his latest album, 6 String Theory.    hit Tripod on November 15, with tickets        of many more) continue to court the            year to considerable acclaim. Tickets nor-
               and we struggle to think of a better one.       here is a little bit special, which is why     He’s chosen The Button Factory as his         costing €22.50, but we’ve a pair to give       yoof with a show at The Button Factory         mally cost €39.50, but we’ve a set to give
               They hit Tripod on November 4 with sup-         we’re glad to give away one for free! One      location, and tickets are priced at €27.50    away! To win, just tell us why you want to     on November 19. Tickets cost €20, but          away for free! To win, just tell us why you
               port from Midnight Juggernauts, and tick-       lucky reader and three friends will get a      – but we’ve a pair to give away. To win,      see these retro-loving rockers live.           we’ve a set to give away for free! To win,     want to see these clubbing legends live.
               ets costing €20. We’ve a pair of tickets to     personal booth (any night from Monday          just tell us why you want to see one of the                                                  just tell us why you want to sing hallelujah
               give away – if you fancy going for free, just   to Friday) and the whole party will enjoy      world’s best guitarists in action.                                                           this month.
               tell us why you fancy a night of blissed-out    two cocktails each. To win, just write three
               digital music.                                  reviews of venues on 2night.ie!

                 HOW TO ENTER                                                                                                                               entry, and announce the winner on our Facebook page. We’ll ask for your contact details to get in touch with you when you’ve
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         the Front roW
         standFirst: 2night rounds up the maJor movie releases in november.

         November 5                                                         November 12
         let me in                                                          unstoppable                                                           the virginity hit
         Chloe Moretz’s parents must really think their daughter is         Ever since the spectacular failure of Stealth (a risible effort       Long after the once-successful American Pie films became
         made of stern emotional stuff: fresh from playing the foul-        which saw Jamie Foxx battle a stealth fighter jet that had – in-      straight-to-video staples, one might well be forgiven for thinking
         mouthed, ultra-violent Hit Girl in Kick Ass, she’s back on our     explicably – become self aware) the powers that be in movie-          that the big dumb teen sex comedy is dead – however, as 2007’s
         screens as Abby, a young vampiress who moves in next door          land are wary of using a man-made machine in the ‘villain’ or         Superbad showed, a little twist can inject life into the tired genre.
         to outcast Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee of About a Boy). Owen’s          ‘monster’ role of an action flick. And rightly so: when there’s       We reckon that’s what the people behind this mockumentary – in
         initially glad to have a friend and protector, but becomes in-     no pattern of behaviour or personality to decode, all we’re           which one high-schooler documents his friend’s hapless efforts
         creasingly terrified as a string of murders grip the town and      left with is the familiar action playbook of explosions, chases,      to lose his virginity – were banking on, because originality is the
         he begins to learn the truth about Abby. Directed by Matt          trite dialogue and, erm, more explosions. Unstoppable                 only thing The Virginity Hit has going for it. The pseudo-reality is
         Reeves of Cloverfield fame, this is in fact an adaptation of the   scrapes the bottom of this barrel to tell the story, inspired by      poorly acted, the jokes are tired and dumb, and the whole film is
         acclaimed Swedish novel and film Lat den Ratte Komma (Let          true events, of two men who decide to stop a runaway train            so sexually and emotionally stunted that older viewers will fear for
         The Right One In). Let Me In sticks so closely to the source       carrying toxic chemicals before it derails and causes a major         the next generation. If there were any laugh out loud scenes in
         material that some snootier critics have decried it as unnec-      spill. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine play the unremark-            The Virginity Hit, it could be chalked up as a guilty pleasure, or a
         essary even as they acknowledge strong performances from           able engineer and conductor who decide to step up, and do             kind of Porky’s for the youtube generation. As it is, it’s an unfunny
         the two leads, well-built tension, and a wonderfully gloomy        so on autopilot: the jury’s still out on Pine, but Washington         bit of pandering from grown-ups who should know better.
         atmosphere. Those who’ve seen the original effort might            is capable of far more than a tired ‘meaningful’ look and a
         agree but, for newcomers in search of a thrill with a novel        few lines about commitment and loyalty that could have been
         twist, this is a delight.                                          scripted by a third-rate Sunday League manager. Not even an
                                                                            extra-large dose of explosions can save this tosh.                    November 26
         JaCkass 3 in 3d                                                                                                                          the ameriCan
         In an age of failblog and endless youtube buffoonery, Jackass                                                                            It will always remain a mystery to us why screenwriters and di-
         shouldn’t really have a place – many of the original partici-      November 19                                                           rectors are so in thrall to the cliché of ‘one last job’. Surely any
                                                                                                                                                  extra pathos that can be eked out of the setup for the reluctant
         pants in the series are hurtling towards middle age as quickly     harry potter and the deathly                                          robber, assassin or wrestler is far outweighed by the groan that
         as Bam Margera once scooted around on his skateboard,
         and there are plenty of idiots prepared to do even more dan-       halloWs part 1 (3d)                                                   any seasoned movie-goer emits whenever those three words are
         gerous stunts for their 15 minutes of fame. However, the fact      The Harry Potter Juggernaut continues to roll on, despite             spoken. Happily, that’s the most grating aspect of this thriller,
         that none of these loons have matched the Jackass crew’s           Daniel Radcliffe and chums aging at a rate that had some stu-         which sees hitman Jack (George Clooney) finishing his career by
         longevity in the limelight underscores their advantage over        dio execs considering their replacement. Fortunately, there’s         making a weapon for a mysterious client in a remote Italian vil-
         more extreme competitors like Dirty Sanchez: on screen,            no need to go down that road, as this effort is the first in the      lage. All the familiar stereotypes are there – the priest who tries
         they all come off likeable, funny and ordinary guys with an        series’ two-part finale. David Yates is in the director’s chair for   to bring Jack into the light, the woman he falls into a torrid affair
         occasional appetite for amusing self-destruction rather than       both films, which have effectively been shot together, and JK         with – and Clooney’s performance is strangely subdued, but this
         desperate attention-seekers. This film sticks to the same for-     Rowling has become a hands-on producer in the effort to               suspense thriller is shot beautifully and ramps up the tension well.
         mula of stunts and pranks that viewers know well by now,           give the popular cast of characters a decent send-off. The
         but a long hiatus (the last Jackass movie was in 2006) has         plot, which sees Harry confront Voldemort once and for all
         allowed Johnny Knoxville and chums to come up with some            and other loose ends tied up, will be familiar to fans of the
         more ideas. It’s brainless indeed, but at least Jackass offers     series and nonsensical to novices, while the special effects
         some belly laughs.                                                 are strong enough to satisfy anyone.
                                                                                                                                                          Where to see them
                                                                                                                                                          For full city centre cinema listings,
                                                                                                                                                          visit www.2night.ie.
                                                                                                                                                                    about public speaking and how to         ly different game. Most guys don’t       confident, they’re prepared to lis-    There’s certain stuff that’s clichéd
                                                                                                                                                                    inject comedy into whatever work         realise that – or it scares them to      ten to what you have to say. They’ll   – what really annoys me is when
                                                                                                                                                                    they’re in. He’s got a really good       get out there and say “I’m going to      trust you as a performer and go        someone blatantly uses a joke
                                                                                                                                                                    club up there – it’s a small room,       be on stage for 45 minutes tonight       down the road you’re travelling.       that’s been around the bush or
                                                                                                                                                                    but he fills it. There’s the Ha’Penny    and not use any of my prepared                                                  on the internet. I don’t think men
                                                                                                                                                                    Inn – basically, 95 per cent of the      material.” That can be quite hard,       Can you remember your own              talking about women’s periods are
                                                                                                                                                                    comedians in Dublin started there.       and most comedians don’t like not        worst gig?                             funny either. There’s no one real
                                                                                                                                                                    If you want to start comedy, you         knowing what’s going to happen           I can, yeah. A lot of comedians will   area. The older kind of stuff, “my

     the Funnyman
                                                                                                                                                                    ring Tony Ferns there and he’ll give     on the night.                            be afraid that they’ll get heckled.    mother in law” jokes, don’t really
                                                                                                                                                                    you a gig. He’s one of the nicest                                                 I’ve never been heckled, and it’s      cut it anymore.
                                                                                                                                                                    guys out there running comedy.           And do you mind it?                      not because I’m amazingly talented
                                                                                                                                                                    The International is a pretty good       At the start, I was terrified. Tony      – it’s because Irish audiences tend    How often would comedians give
                                                                                                                                                                    place to play as well. In the venue,     asked me to MC at the Ha’Penny           to be quieter than the UK or Scot-     each other feedback or critique
                                                                                                                                                                    there are two comedy clubs – most        Inn, which is an honour. A lot of        land. You’ll never get a gig where     each other?
                                                                                                                                                                    people don’t know that. One is An-       comedians ask me how I got that          nobody laughs, or very rarely. But     It’s very hard to be honest with
                                                                                                                                                                    drew Stanley’s club twice a week,        gig. I tell them, “I started with Tony   I’ve been to gigs where the audi-      other comedians. There are a lot
     dara de buitlear. mC of Face2Face Comedy Club chats to 2night about the close-knit                                                                             and the other is Aidan Bishop’s. It      four years ago. He asked me to MC        ence just weren’t receptive – it was   of people not wanting to offend – I
     stand-up community, running his own show, and what jokes just aren’t funny anymore.                                                                            can be hard to get in there, but it’s    two years ago, and it was terrible.      a fundraiser for Haiti, not too long   like to be honest with people, but I
                                                                                                                                                                    always a great room. It’s always full,   Then, two years later, he asked me       ago. There were three comedians,       don’t want to be offensive either. If
                                                                                                                                                                    and there’s a good crowd.                again!” It went really well that time,   told we’d half an hour, and then       somebody does a gig that doesn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                                             it really got the crowd going, and       the band was coming on. Most of        go too well, you’re the next on and
     How long have you been doing             dians that wouldn’t be household      base. Well, you don’t really com-        It doesn’t seem like a scene that      Is the crowd the key ingredient          it gave me the confidence to MC          the people there were there to see     they come back, you’ll still prob-
     stand-up?                                names but are still professional or   pete with them, because they’re the      encourages a cut-throat atmos-         to what makes a good club – or           more. I like to differentiate myself     the band, not the comedians. A lot     ably say “good stuff”. People are
     I’ve been doing comedy for about         semi-professional. Everyone in the    places where you’re gigging as well,     phere.                                 what is?                                 from other MCs as well in that I try     of them were talking, or had their     reluctant to say “you should tone
     four years now. You start off do-        comedy circuit would know them.       but to coexist I guess and still have    No, absolutely not. It’s a small       It’s a mixture of the MC on the          to reward the audience, keep their       backs to us, and the MC was also       down on that.” It’s hard to give a
     ing open spots, unpaid – which is        They’re still gigging out there, so   people coming into your club. You’ll     enough scene, and a lot of the         evening and the crowd, they’re           interest level up. For Tony’s gigs,      inexperienced. It was a disaster,      critique, because who am I to say
     pretty much how everyone starts          you’re trying to get to that level    see a lot of places pop up and run       guys running the comedy clubs are      the key ingredients. And that the        I bring a big tin of roses – and at      so we just got out as quickly as we    what’s right or wrong? But I do find
     for the first year or two. Then you      and compete with those guys while     for a few weeks but disappear quiet-     comedians. You get to know most        promoter promoted the club cor-          Easter, I brought Jedward easter         could.                                 people are afraid to be honest.
     build up a reputation with the guys      they’re competing with the guys       ly, then another venue will crop up.     of the acts that are in there and be   rectly, did the best he could to         eggs – then give them out to audi-
     that run the clubs, they start asking    above them like Jason Byrne or                                                 friendly with them. It’s an industry   get people in. If you’ve got a good      ence members that I like. It’s little    Where do you get your material         And do you think you’re a funny
     you to do support slots and so on.       Des Bishop. It’s tough – Dublin is    The idea that, on one level you’re       where you have to be careful what      crowd in volume, nine times out of       things like that.                        from?                                  person?
     You don’t do it for money: you do        a small place, and there’s not that   competing with people, then turn-        you say about people, because it’s     ten, it’s going to be a good night                                                I think it’s important to be as per-   I hope so!
     it for fun and experience.               many comedy clubs out there that      ing around hoping for a gig – how        so close-knit that whatever you        once the MC does his job well. It’s      You mentioned confident. Obvi-           sonal as you can be, because there
                                              would give new people a chance.       do you deal with that?                   say will get back to them. There’s     his job to keep the energy up in the     ously, being funny helps. But            are a lot of clichéd subjects that
     And is Face2Face the first club                                                I don’t know! I guess it’s like Ben      not much room for backstabbing         room between acts. If the energy         how critical is it to keep confi-        comedians use like airlines. If you
     that you’ve run?                         Comedy, from an outsider’s per-       Dunne going into Supervalu and           people.                                drops down – maybe if some act           dence up?                                try to be as specific and as genuine
     This is the first club I’ve run. I       spective, seems quite a healthy       doing his shopping, but still having a                                          didn’t do particularly well – it’s up    It’s really important. Number one,       as you can, you’re not being influ-
     wanted to do it for some time, but       scene – at least in terms of the      Dunnes Stores across the road. I’m       Aside from Face2Face, what are         to him to get it back into the room.     you need to have the confidence          enced by other comedians, and it’s
     I didn’t really have the venue to do     choice of clubs out there. Would      completely non-profit, so anything I     your favourite clubs to go to?                                                                                                                                  Face2Face Comedy Club runs in
                                                                                                                                                                    The problem in some clubs is that        to get up there in the first place.      very hard for other comedians to       Pacinos on Suffolk Street, and
     it or the drive – I was working a lot.   you have a different take on that?    take at the door goes back into the      There’s a really great club that’s     they’ll book comedians to MC that        Two, you have to trust your materi-      be influenced by you. You can’t
                                              There’s certainly a lot more now      acts at the end of the night: my goal    been going for a year and a half       haven’t done it before, or have lit-     al and trust yourself as a performer.    write about what you don’t know.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             will take place on Novembe 23rd.
     How difficult is it to get noticed       than there was four years ago. But    is to not lose money. You can offer      now in Anseo on Camden Street,         tle experience. They might have          If you look like it’s your first time                                           Admission is € 6, but anyone men-
     when you’re starting out in open         it’s very hard to compete with the    gigs to the guys that are running an-    run by a guy called Aidan Killian.     done one or two comedy shows             up there, and you’re shaking, the        You mentioned the airline jokes –      tioning 2night at the door will get
     mike comedy clubs?                       established clubs – some have         other club, they can offer you gigs      He used to be a banker but, now,       and can do a really good comedy          audience will pick up on that very       what things, when you’re watch-        a € 2 discount.
     It’s really tough. There are a lot of    been on the go for 20 or 25 years     – it can work in both your favours if    he’s a motivational speaker: he        sketch, but they haven’t necessar-       quickly. Whereas, if you’re pre-         ing a comedian, make you want
     people doing it, and a lot of come-      and have a really strong customer     you’re running clubs.                    travels around teaching people         ily practiced MCing, and it’s a total-   pared to go up there and you’re          to put your head in your hands?
16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   17
                                                                                                                                                                    €32, 19:30                              NOvEMBER 5                                  ART FAIR 2010*                          The Tivoli Theatre. 135 –
                                                                                                                                                                    The Gate Theatre. 1, Cavendish                                                      It’s the first night of this weekend-   138, Francis Street – Dublin
                                                                                                                                                                    Row – Dublin 1. Tel: 018744045          DAMIEN DEMPSEY                              long celebration of art, which runs     8. Tel: 014544472
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Damien Dempsey has always been              until November 7. Over 100 artists
                                                                                                                                                                    CHROMEO                                 a man willing to defy the haters –          and galleries – working in sculpture,   PARAMORE
      Week 1 - 7 november                                                                            LIve musIC   CLubbIng
                                                                                                     eaTIng anD DrInkIng
                                                                                                                             ongoIng evenT
                                                                                                                           TheaTre     arTs
                                                                                                                                                                    The Montreal-based electronic
                                                                                                                                                                    tinkermen come back to Dublin.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            yes, they’re still out there – and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            cater to those fans who love his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        painting, prints and photography
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – will be featured, along with live
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Tenessee teenage pop-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                punkers roll into the 02.
                                                                                                                                                                    P-Thugg and Dave 1 describe             gritty honesty and willingness              music and several free seminars.        From €38, 18:30
                                                       november 6                                                                                                   themselves as “the only successful      to dabble in a variety of styles.           €10, 21:00                              The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay
                                                                                                                                                                    Arab/Jewish partnership since the                                                   The RDS. Merrion Road, Ballsbridge      – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888
                                                       B fOR BABy*
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rumours abound of a new studio
                                                                                                                                                                    dawn of human culture”. We strug-       offering in the works but, first,           – Dublin 4. Tel: 016680866
                                                       A sharp-witted new play by Carmel Winters, B for Baby tells the story of three people in a care home         gle to think of a better one anyway.    it’s time for a Christmas show.                                                     GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT
                                                       striving for very different kinds of happiness. Mrs C, a carer, wants a baby, not a Christmas tree. B, who   €20, 19:30                              €31, 20:30                                  NOvEMBER 6                              Trippy post-rock instrumental
                                                       lives in the home, wants a pair of scissors and a wife. D, another resident, simply wants a snow globe       Tripod. Old Harcourt Street             Vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street                                                     fare is on the Academy menu
                                                       and ‘a big head of dirty auld curls’, but all of them want their own place in the world – which they’re      Station, Harcourt Street –              – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800                  THE DRIvER AND THE                      when this Wicklow three-
                                                       willing to carve out for themselves if necessary. The very talented Louis Lovett plays both B and the        Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374                                                            PASSENGER*                              piece comes onstage.
                                                       more peripheral character Ben opposite Michelle Moran as Mrs C and D in this intriguing production,                                                  JAMES vINCENT MCMORROW                      It’s the last day of this exhibi-       €22, 19:00
                                                       which finishes up its run on the Peacock Stage on November 6. Theatre-goers should be aware that             ROSS O’CAROLL KELLY: BETWEEN            The Dublin singer-songwriter had            tion by Dennis McNulty, who             The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey
                                                       this play contains some partial nudity.                                                                      FOXROCK AND A HARD PLACE*               great success with debut album              has spent a career in installation      Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999
                                                                                                                                                                    Ross O’Carroll Kelly has been very      Early in the Morning back in Febru-         and sound performance centred
                                                       €25, 20:00                                                                                                   good to journalist Paul Howard,         ary this year. McMorrow has also            on the friction between the             NOvEMBER 7
                                                       The Abbey Theatre. 26, Lower Abbey Street. Dublin 1. Tel: 018787222                                          who first devised the raucous (and,     signed a North American deal with           planned and unplanned, espe-
                                                                                                                                                                    sometimes, eerily accurate) send-       Vagrant Records – putting him in            cially regarding urban space.           SIMPLY RED
                                                                                                                                                                    up of privileged rugby culture and      the esteemed company of the Eels.           Free, 13:00                             He loves the thought of coming
                                                                                                                                                                    Blackrock College in particular as      €15, 19:30                                  Green on Red Gallery. 26-28,            home to us. Which fills us with
                                                                                                                                                                    a Sunday Tribune column in 1998.        The Button Factory. Curved                  Lombard Street East – Dublin 2.         horror, but some listeners still
                                                                                                                                                                    A play, The Last Days of The Celtic     Street, Temple Bar – Dub-                   Tel: 016713413.                         go weak at the knees for Mick
     NOvEMBER 1                             Project Arts Centre. 2, Essex Street    NOvEMBER 3                               Abbey – discussing his career with     Tiger, did rather well in its Olympia   lin 2. Tel: 016709202                                                               Hucknall. They’ll be gutted to
                                            East – Dublin 2. Tel: 018819613                                                  Dr Noreen Doody of St Patrick’s        Theatre run, and this follow-up                                                     LEE RITENOUR                            learn that this is apparently the
     ROBERT PLANT                                                                   HOLDING TOGETHER*                        College on the Abbey Stage.            has matched its success. Between                                                    The highly-accomplished guitar-         soul-pop artist’s farewell tour.
                                            NOvEMBER 2                                                                       €3 (Free for Abbey                                                             THERAPY?
     The former Led Zep man has spent                                               It’s your last chance to see this                                               Foxrock and a Hard Place sees the       Therapy?’s 21-year-and-counting             ist – who started playing with          From €49.20, 18:00
     the past few years mining a rich                                               exhibition celebrating Trinity’s         members), 18:00                        Rosser in dire straits, with his par-                                               The Mamas and Papas at age 16           The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay
                                            REDISCOvERED MASTER OF THE                                                       The Abbey Theatre. 26,                                                         story is so familiar (hard graft, lots of
     seam of Americana, which has                                                   Modern Art Collection, which has                                                ents selling their house and falling    touring, a bit of luck) that it’s easy to   – makes his Irish debut, touring in     – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888
     included a very fruitful partner-      DUTCH GOLDEN AGE: GABRIEL               been on the go since 1950.               Lower Abbey Street – Dub-              victim to a tiger kidnapping. This is                                               support of album 6 String Theory.
                                            METSU*                                                                           lin 1. Tel: 018872200                                                          forget what trailblazers the Northern
     ship with bluegrass star Allison                                               Free, 12:00                                                                     the final night of the show’s run.      Irish rockers were when they first          €27.50, 19:30                           AN APPOINTMENT WITH MR
     Kraus. He’s currently touring lat-     One of the most remarkable – and        Douglas Hyde Gallery. Trinity Col-                                              From €30, 20:00                                                                     The Button Factory. Curved              YEATS
                                            underrated - painters of the Dutch                                               MYSTERY JETS                                                                   emerged riding the alternative wave
     est studio album, Band of Joy.                                                 lege – Dublin 2. Tel: 016081116                                                 The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame           of the early 90s. Aside from being          Street, Temple Bar – Dub-               Ever since setting The Stolen Child
     From €59.80, 19:30                     seventeenth century, Gabriel                                                     The London indie five-piece            Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323                                                   lin 2. Tel: 016709202                   to music on their classic Fisher-
                                            Metsu (1629-1667), is the subject                                                make a welcome Irish appear-                                                   one of the first almost-mainstream
     The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame                                                  WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY                                                                                                bands to utilise guitar feedback                                                    man’s Blues album, Waterboys
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323      of the National Gallery’s seasonal      A folk gothic collective focused         ance, currently touring third          DAN LE SAC vS SCROOBIUS PIP*                                                        DRACULA*                                frontman Mick Scott has been
                                            exhibition. Metsu’s work included                                                studio album Seratonin.                                                        along with samples of cult movies
                                                                                    around the talents of songwriter                                                Daniel Stephens and David Peter         and documentaries, they straddled           After a few years in which vam-         quietly working with many of Ire-
     NO BLACKS, NO JEWS, NO DOGS,           a large number of scenes from           Robert Fisher. Support comes             €18, 19:30                             Meads merge electronic beats                                                        pirism gradually became emo,            land’s premier poet’s best works,
                                            daily life that rank among the fin-                                              The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey                                                  the fine line of hard rock with pop
     NO IRISH. ALL WELCOME*                                                         from The Dinah Brand.                                                           with a blend of singing, rapping        sensibilities more smoothly than            Michael Scott has decided to            and last year unveiled the fruits of
     It’s the opening night of Keith Far-   est of the Dutch Golden Age, and        €18, 20:00                               Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999      and the spoken word, a mix that                                                     reverse the trend: in editing and       his labours in a successful Abbey
                                            this tribute to the artist features                                                                                                                             many have done before or since.
     nan’s politically charged comedy,                                              Whelan’s. 25, Wicklow Street                                                    has garnered plenty of critical and                                                 directing this show, Scott turned       show. This year, The Waterboys
     which enjoyed a sell-out run on        40 of his finest paintings from         – Dublin 2. Tel: 014780766               NOvEMBER 4                             commercial success. Second album
                                                                                                                                                                                                            This year marks the 20th anniver-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to the classic Dracula tale, giving     embarked on a nationwide tour
                                            collections around the world. The                                                                                                                               sary of their first commercial album.
     the West End and at the Edinburgh                                                                                                                              The Logic of Chance dropped             €28, 20:30                                  it a contemporary-century twist         with the material, and now it’s
     festival. The play explores issues     exhibition runs into December.          MEET THE MAKERS – JOHN                   JANE EYRE*                             in March, and this is the first of                                                  without adding sparkles. Rather, the    time for a homecoming.
                                            €7 (€4 concession), 09:30                                                        Andrea Corr takes to the stage                                                 Vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street
     of immigration and the potential                                               GABRIEL BORKMAN                                                                 two Workman’s Club dates.               – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800                  production explores the genesis         €44.50, 19:30
     rise of racism in society, promis-     National Gallery of Ireland. Clare      No, it’s not Ibsen resurrected, but      in this stage version of Charlotte     €18.50, 20:00                                                                       of the vampire myth while looking       Grand Canal Theatre. Grand
     ing a few questions – but very         Street - Dublin 2 Tel: 016615133        the award-winning playwright and         Brontë’s classic story, adapted for    The Workman’s Club. 11, Wellington                                                  at the modern conception as evi-        Canal Square, Docklands –
     few answers – among the laughs,                                                poet Frank McGuinness – who              the stage by Alan Stanford. The pro-   Quay – Dublin 2. Tel: 016706692                                                     denced by Twilight and True Blood.      Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999
     and runs until November 6.                                                     adapted the current production           duction runs into December, with                                                                                           Tonight is the final performance.
     €15/€12, 20:15                                                                 of John Gabriel Borkman for the          tonight the opening performance.                                                                                           €25, 19:30
18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     19
                                                                                                                                                                       Beach is laden with celebrity ap-      TOYS 4 BIG BOYS*                         Bach to Bowie at this special show.      gone – indeed, this production is a
                                                                                                                                                                       pearances, with everyone from          Already established as the premier       €20, 20:00                               retread for Flatley, who’s also fea-
                                                                                                                                                                       Mos Def to Mark E. Smith sticking      event for setting testosterone free      The Sugar Club. 8, Lower Leeson          tured in Feet of Flames and Celtic
                                                                                                                                                                       their oar in, and this is the second   in a safe environment, Toys 4 Big        Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016787188        Tiger. This is the opening night for
                                                                                                                                                                       02 date in only a few months.          Boys comes back to the RDS today,                                                 Lord of the Dance, which will also
      Week 8 - 14 november                                                                             LIve musIC   CLubbIng
                                                                                                       eaTIng anD DrInkIng
                                                                                                                               ongoIng evenT
                                                                                                                             TheaTre     arTs
                                                                                                                                                                       €59.80, 18:30
                                                                                                                                                                       The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay
                                                                                                                                                                                                              with four days of entertainment,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              cool gadgets, and lifestyle envy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NEIL DELAMERE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Since the sad demise of The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                run on November 14 and 16.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                From €59.80, 18:30
                                                                                                                                                                       – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888             As usual, they’re featuring some         Panel – the show did have its mo-        The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay
                                                         november 8                                                                                                                                           of the best cars on the planet, a        ments – Neil Delamere has had            – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888
                                                                                                                                                                       BELL X1                                dash of extreme sports, plenty of        more time to tour with his solo
                                                         THE CIRCUS Of HORRORS                                                                                         Radio-friendly indie stalwarts Bell
                                                                                                                                                                       X1 may have been around for a
                                                                                                                                                                                                              gizmos and a ‘dream pad’ that this
                                                                                                                                                                                                              year takes its inspiration from James
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       material, and we’ve no complaints.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A whole evening spent in the Of-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NOvEMBER 14
                                                         Perhaps the strangest circus you’ll see this year is on the Grand Canal Theatre stage for one night
                                                         only. The Circus of Horrors, which is celebrating 15 years on the go, drops into Dublin with a new            while (they first burst onto the       Bond. They’re keeping up the ‘4          faly man’s strange little world is far   RHOD GILBERT
                                                         show entitled The Four Chapters from Hell. The Four Chapter from Hell promises a journey through              scene, with Damien Rice in tow,        Girls’ section of the event too, with    more enjoyable than watching him         Back when Rhod Gilbert studied at
                                                         the company’s bizarre history, beginning with a daring rescue in a French asylum, via the Mexican             as Juniper, but a split in the late    a pamper zone and the ‘Diva Next         banter with David McWilliams.            Exeter University, he was reportedly
                                                         Day of the Dead and a Victorian London freakshow into a bizarre, post-apocalyptic future. Underneath          90s birthed the Bell X1 line-up we     Door’ competition – which maybe          €25, 20:30                               so shy that he couldn’t eat with
                                                         the high concept and dash of pretension, of course, you’ll find accomplished circus acts, including a         know), but have displayed plenty       isn’t entirely aimed at women.           Vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street          other students in the university
                                                         spectacular flying trapeze, whirlwind roller skaters and sword swallowers. Voodoo warriors and good           of energy and enthusiasm since         €15 (€12 for under-12s), 14:00           – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800               canteen or befriend his next-door
                                                         old-fashioned knife throwers also feature in this 26-strong case.                                             releasing debut effort Neither Am      RDS Main Hall. Merrion                                                            neighbour in the student digs. He’s
                                                         From €22.50, 19:30                                                                                            I in early 2000. The disappointing     Road, Ballsbridge – Dublin 4.            RODERIGO Y GABRIELA*                     clearly over that now – at 41, the
                                                                                                                                                                       critical and commercial response       Tel: 016680866                           It’s been a while since two Mexicans     Welshman is rising fast with slots
                                                         Grand Canal Theatre. Grand Canal Square. Docklands. Dublin 2. Tel: 016777999                                  to that album could have killed off                                             landed in Dublin to escape their         at the Royal Variety Performance,
                                                                                                                                                                       lesser bands, but Bell X1 took to      MICHAEL BOLTON                           native land’s stolid thrash-rock         Live at the Apollo and Michael
                                                                                                                                                                       the road, carving out a reputation     He has over 53 million albums sold,      scene, and instead carved out a          McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. A
                                                                                                                                                                       as an excellent live act. Follow-up    countless honours, a star on Hol-        devoted fanbase with their acoustic      BBC show – Ask Rhod Gilbert - is
                                                                                                                                                                       Music in Mouth was hailed as a         lywood’s walk of fame, and a long        guitar pyrotechnics. Six albums          in the pipeline, but first he’s taking
                                                                                                                                                                       major comeback, while 2005’s           list of arenas he’s sold out across      - Foc, re-Foc, Live in Manchester        to the stage with new material.
     NOvEMBER 8                              €24.50, 19:30                           NOvEMBER 9                              NOvEMBER 11                               Flock showed the band as a more        the world. Yes, Michael Bolton is        and Dublin, the self-titled album        €25, 20:30
                                             The Sugar Club. 8, Lower Leeson                                                                                           confident, accomplished group          a man who really defies the crit-        Rodrigo y Gabriela, Live in Japan        Vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street
     BIG OLE PIECE OF CAKE*                  Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016787188       DARWIN DEEZ                             TOSCA*                                    than ever before. Now they’re          ics. Collaborations with everyone        and 11:11 – have followed, and           – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800
     It’s the opening night for this play                                            New York indie folk – it sounds         Opera Ireland’s latest production         back, touring 2009’s Blue Lights       from Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga, and         their fame has spread far: earlier
     by Sean McLoughlin, which fol-          AvENGED SEvENFOLD                       like hipster manna, but Darwin          of Puccini’s dramatic piece opens         on the Runway, an excellent            the success of latest album One          this year, in fact, they performed to    MICHAEL FOREvER
     lows two Dublin lads out of work,       The California rockers have been        Smith and his band are converting       tonight, with plenty of gore – the        introduction to their uniquely         World One Love, indicate a cross-        President Obama. Happily, though,        Another musical tribute to the king
     out of food and running out of          edging more and more towards a          quite a few purists since form-         story, set in Rome during Napo-           warm, laid back rock sound.            generational appeal that should          it seems they haven’t lost the run       of pop hits the stage, with the tal-
     fags. An unlikely friend appears in     mainstream sound ever since their       ing only last year. Their self-titled   leon’s invasion of Italy, contains                                               keep the begrudgers tearing their        of themselves, and are including         ented Ben Jackson impersonating.
     ex-teacher Clarence, who brings         debut Sounding the Seventh Trum-        debut album landed in April.            torture, murder and suicide – and                                                hair out for some years to come.         two Dublin dates (tonight and            €18.50, 20:00
     the brothers over to his cottage        pet. It’s yielded results too: fifth    €14.50, 19:00                           also lots of talent on board.                                                    From €54.80, 20:00                       tomorrow) on their world tour.           The Sugar Club. 8, Lower Leeson
     in Wicklow on a whim – fun and          album Nightmare bagged top spot         The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey           Gianluca Martinenghi conducts,                                                   Grand Canal Theatre. Grand               From €39.20, 19:30                       Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016787188
     games, we’re assured, ensue. The        in the Billboard 200 chart this year.   Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999       while Jakob Peters-Messer is                                                     Canal Square, Docklands –                Grand Canal Theatre. Grand
     show runs until November 20.            €39.20, 20:00                                                                   in the director’s chair, and the                                                 Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999                Canal Square, Docklands –
     €18 (€15 concession), 20:00             The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame           NOvEMBRE 10                             show runs until November 20.                                                                                              Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999
     Project Arts Centre. 2, Essex Street    Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323                                               From €25, 20:00                                                                  NOvEMBER 12
     East – Dublin 2. Tel: 018819613                                                 CUBA MIA*                               The Gaiety Theatre. 46, South King                                                                                        NOvEMBER 13
                                             PAUL GILBERT                            Feeling revolutionary? Check            Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016771717                                                vLADIMIR JABLOKOv
     GRANT LEE PHILLIPS                      The former Racer X and Mr. Big          out this exhibition, which sees                                                                                          The young violin virtuoso from           LORD OF THE DANCE*
     The comparisons with Neil               guitarist is playing solo these         86 stunning black and white             GORILLAZ                                                                         Bratislava arrived on these shores       Before we sneer at the self-styled
     Young and Bob Dylan remain              days, touring latest instrumen-         photos from the Cuban revolu-           Almost a decade after forming,                                                   in 2004, finding initial success with    lord of Castlehyde House – and
     favourable for this master of the       tal album Fuzz Universe. A              tion by Roderigo Moya on display        the world’s first ‘virtual band’ have                                            the Slovak Festival Quartet and the      yes, Flatley’s ego is large enough to
     12-string – and many other instru-      delight for guitar fetishists.          at the Instituto Cervantes.             three critically and commercially                                                forty-eight piece Slovak Festival        pack out the 02 on its own – let’s
     ments – even though 2009’s Little       €26, 20:30                              Free, 10:00                             successful albums under their belt,                                              Orchestra. Currently focused on          remember that, in ten magnificent
     Moon dropped without too much           Whelan’s. 25, Wicklow Street            Instituto Cervantes. Lincoln            and have proved along the way             €30, 20:30                             his own small ensemble and the           Eurovision minutes, the American
     notice. Still, his fans are seriously   – Dublin 2. Tel: 014780766              House, Lincoln Place - Dub-             that their unique, jittery funk is just   Vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street        hybrid of classical, pop and jazz that   helped make Irish dancing sud-
     dedicated, and this intimate show                                               lin 2. Tel: 016311500                   as central to their appeal as digital     – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800             he’s named ‘classical twist’, Jablokov   denly sexy. His days opposite
     should be a treat for them.                                                                                             chicanery. Latest album Plastic                                                  plans to dust off everything from        Jean Butler in Riverdance are long
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       21
                                                                                                                                                                 esque Tommy Tiernan continues             mercial success that’s been steadily     NOvEMBER 20                             just a reading – there’ll be plenty
                                                                                                                                                                 his marathon live schedule with a         building over the last decade.                                                   of rhyming, singing, and even a
                                                                                                                                                                 smattering of Vicar Street shows.         €25, 19:30                               JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN*                   few special surprise guests join-
                                                                                                                                                                 It makes sense for Tiernan to get         The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey            It’s your last chance to see the        ing in. This is final night of the
                                                                                                                                                                 his proverbial head down after a          Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999        masterful Alan Rickman treading         show, which runs from November
      Week 15 - 21 november                                                                        LIve musIC   CLubbIng
                                                                                                   eaTIng anD DrInkIng
                                                                                                                           ongoIng evenT
                                                                                                                         TheaTre     arTs
                                                                                                                                                                 string of controversies - a Late Late
                                                                                                                                                                 Show slot slagging off the church         NOvEMBER 19
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    the Abbey boards in this darkly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    comic tale of betrayal and crime
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            15, on the Peacock Stage.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            From €18, 20:00
                                                                                                                                                                 flew close to the wire (we fancy it’d                                              by Henrik Ibsen. The play focuses       The Abbey Theatre. 26,
                                                      november 16-20                                                                                             go down rather better now), but he        DIAMOND HEAD                             on the once-powerful and wealthy        Lower Abbey Street – Dub-
                                                                                                                                                                 really brought the hounds of hell         It’s been a long road for this British                                           lin 1. Tel: 018872200
                                                      PAUL WELLER*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Borkman, a former bank director
                                                                                                                                                                 upon himself at last year’s Electric      heavy metal outfit, who’ve been          currently disgraced and destitute
                                                      With 52 years under his belt, former The Jam and Style Council frontman Paul Weller is showing no          Picnic with comments that many            plying their trade on and off since      after a financial scandal and a stint   NOvEMBER 21
                                                      sign of stopping – in fact, he’s announced an extensive European tour which will include five nights at    considered anti-Semitic. It was           1976, but they’re still rolling. Brian   in jail (spot the topical reference).
                                                      Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. Having risen to prominence with the mod movement of the 1970s, Weller            hardly new for a comic who regular-       Tatler, the only surviving original      As he obsessively plots his return      THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM
                                                      showed his flair for reinvention early in his career, forming musically-varied outfit The Style Council    ly performs a routine about Down’s        member, rolls in with his buddies at     to glory, his wife Gunhild seeks to     Unreconstructed New Jersey punks
                                                      after disbanding The Jam in 1982. Even though that band’s efforts started to fizzle out from 1985, it      Syndrome – while also running             the home of Dublin heavy metal.          prepare her son to restore the fam-     take over the venerable Olympia,
                                                      wasn’t long before The Changing Man returned again, with a self-titled solo debut and 1993’s triumph       marathons for Down’s Syndrome             €15, 20:00                               ily’s reputation. However, Gunhild’s    touring June’s release American
                                                      Wild Wood. His comeback, which saw him elevated to Britpop royalty, seems to have sparked a cre-           Ireland – but the damnation cast          Fibber Magees. 81, Parnell Street        twin sister – who Borkman ditched       Slang. Brian Fallon and his band-
                                                      ative renaissance: eight well-received studio albums have followed in the intervening years, from the      from all sides proved that there is       – Dublin 1. Tel: 018722575               to pursue his career – arrives to       mates are busy boys – they’re
                                                      quadruple-platinum Stanley Road to 2010’s Wake Up the Nation.                                              such a thing as bad publicity. He’s                                                really stir things up. Amy Molloy,      already working on new material.
                                                      From €44.20, 19:30                                                                                         still got that knack, though, of gently   DUBLIN GOSPEL CHOIR                      Catherine Belton and Fiona Shaw         From €23, 19:30
                                                                                                                                                                 leading an audience into the realm        Following yet another triumphant         also feature in this production.        The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame
                                                      The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame Street. Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323                                             of surreal bad taste that made him        Electric Picnic showing, and             From €25, 19:30                         Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323
                                                                                                                                                                 so compelling when he first started       sophomore album Doing Their              The Abbey Theatre. 26,
                                                                                                                                                                 out in 1992, so interest should be        Thing, the best gospel crew in the       Lower Abbey Street – Dub-               COLM WILKINSON
                                                                                                                                                                 high. He plays tonight, November          city continue to court the yoof.         lin 1. Tel: 018872200                   At 66, Dubliner Colm Wilkinson
                                                                                                                                                                 21 and on December 1 to 5.                €20, 19:30                                                                       may be a little old to leap around
     NOvEMBER 15                           FOALS                                  NOvEMBER 16                             NOvEMBER 17                            €35, 20:30                                The Button Factory. Curved               ABE vIGODA                              the stage as Jean Valjean. However,
                                           Currently touring May’s release                                                                                       vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street           Street, Temple Bar – Dub-                                                        Ireland’s most successful export to
                                           Total Life Forever, this Oxford                                                                                                                                                                          No, it’s not the 89-year-old
     HERE AND THERE*                                                              HAIRSPRAY*                              ARDAL O’HANLON                         – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800                lin 2. Tel: 016709202                    actor who wowed us as Sal               the West End still has enough in his
     Esra Ersen, Katia Kameli, and         five-piece are being heralded          One of the biggest West End hits of     One wonders if Ardal O’Hanlon                                                                                                                                     lungs to show the current crop of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tessio in The Godfather, but
     Maya Schweizer feature in this        as the new standard-bearers of         modern times, Hairspray debuted at      secretly regrets ever featuring in     NOvEMBER 18                               REPUBLIC OF LOOSE                        a rather interesting little indie       performers how it should be done.
     exhibition, which discusses the       dance-punk. Together with their        London’s Shaftesbury Theatre and,       Father Ted. Sure, his magnificent                                                Continuing their run of monthly gigs                                             A string of concerts sold out last
                                           presence on the well-respected                                                                                                                                                                           band named in his honour.
     passage from one culture to another                                          amazingly for a production of this      turn as the charmingly idiotic         JIMMY EAT WORLD                           at The Academy (they finish up in        €10, 19:30                              year, so he’s returning to Grand
     through a variety of forms. The       Sub Pop label, it’s a heavy crown      size, managed to recoup the entire      man-child Dougal ensures a strong      Emo pioneers Jimmy Eat World              December), the Republic of Loose                                                 Canal Theatre for one night only.
                                           to bear, but they do so with elan.                                                                                                                                                                       The Grand Social. Lower Liffey
     exhibition runs until October 23.                                            investment in a mere 29 weeks.          turn-out at his live shows, and has    now have six studio albums un-            continue to showcase their more          Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018727669 ‎     From €32.50, 20:00
     Free, 12:00                           €23.50, 19:30                          Evidently, the tale of Baltimore’s      helped him land plenty of TV work,     der their belt, including 2001’s          upbeat material recorded earlier this                                            Grand Canal Theatre. Grand
     Oonagh Young Gallery. 1, James        The Olympia Theatre. 72, Dame          ‘Tracy Turnblad’, a big girl with big   but he’s struggled to escape his       breakthrough Bleed American               year in Baltimore. The funk-rockers                                              Canal Square, Docklands –
                                           Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323                                                                                                                                                                        RYAN BINGHAM
     Joyce Street, Liberty Corner –                                               hair and an even bigger passion         dim alter-ego even on successful       and 2004’s Futures. They’re               have changed their line-up, but still    The singer-songwriter behind the        Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999
     Dublin 1.Tel: 018558600.                                                     for dancing who wins a spot on a        shows like Val Falvey, TD. Still, So   currently touring Invented,               remain a great high-energy live act.     massive hit The Weary Kind from
                                           THE WALKMEN                            local TV dance programme (The           You Want to be Taoiseach? did al-      which arrived this September.             From €22.50, 20:00                                                               LCD SOUNDSYSTEM*
                                           The indie-rockers with a pas-                                                                                                                                                                            the soundtrack to Crazy Heart is
     CARL BARAT                                                                   Corny Collins Show) has a certain       low him to spread his wings a bit,     €30, 19:00                                The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey            currently performing a string of        James Murphy may have been
     The sometime Libertines man           sion for vintage instruments are       mass appeal. Dublin’s Grand             and recent appearances at the          Tripod. Old Harcourt Street               Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999                                                forced to cancel two April shows
                                           touring sixth album Lisbon and                                                                                                                                                                           intimate shows, while also pro-
     may have reconciled with Pete                                                Canal Theatre is made for big-time      Edinburgh Fringe drew consider-        Station, Harcourt Street –                                                         moting latest album Junky Star.         (blame the volcano) but Dublin-
     Doherty for a handful of shows, but   celebrating a decade on the go.        shows like this, and Hairspray will     able praise. This special show is in   Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374                  JORIS vOORN AND TECHNASIA                                                        ers clearly aren’t holding that
                                           €22.50, 19:30                                                                                                                                                                                            €16, 20:00
     he’s not putting his solo projects                                           run from November 16 to 27.             aid of the IMNDA and dedicated                                                   Techno and ambient dub fills Joris       The Sugar Club. 8, Lower Leeson         against him. This is the last con-
     on hold just yet. Dirty Pretty        Tripod. Old Harcourt Street            From €25, 19:30                         to the memory of Danny McCoy.          SPOON                                     Voorn’s CD case, while Technasia                                                 cert in a three-date series, and
                                           Station, Harcourt Street –                                                                                                                                                                               Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016787188
     Things disbanded at the tail end                                             Grand Canal Theatre. Grand              €25, 19:00                             Britt Daniel and chums derive             is more of a techno purist. Both                                                 was only organised after gigs on
     of 2008, and he’s in and out of       Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374               Canal Square, Docklands –               The Laughter Lounge. 6, Eden           their name from a song by Ger-            make for a hopping Tripod set.                                                   November 19 and 20 sold out.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WHOLE WORLD ROUND*
     the studio, so don’t be surprised                                            Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999               Quay – Dublin 1. Tel: 018744611        man avante-garders Can. Which             €20, 23:00                               Irish novelist Joseph O’Connor          €39.50, 19:30
     if a few new tunes are unveiled.                                                                                                                            should say a lot. There’s a surpris-      Tripod. Old Harcourt Street              talks to Philip King, exploring the     Tripod. Old Harcourt Street
     €16, 19:30                                                                                                           TOMMY TIERNAN*                         ing amount of energy and fun,             Station, Harcourt Street –               influence of Irish-American bal-        Station, Harcourt Street –
     The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey                                                                                        Fresh from a ‘world tour’ of Kerry,    though, amid all the musical              Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374                 lads in his recent fiction. It’s not    Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374
     Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999                                                                                    Donegal and Clare, the marmite-        doodling, as evidenced by com-
22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 23
                                                                                                                                                               FREEFALL*                             will show from January 31.          Skream, Magnetic Man, Coki            The Button Factory. Curved
                                                                                                                                                               It’s the opening night for Corn       Free, 11:00                         and moor. Truben, released in         Street, Temple Bar – Dub-
                                                                                                                                                               Exchange’s Abbey debut, a funny       Project Arts Centre. 2, Es-         2010 with Paul Trueman, saw him       lin 2. Tel: 016709202
                                                                                                                                                               little study of an ordinary man’s     sex Street East – Dublin            in typically buzzing form, which

     Week 22 - 30 november                                                                       LIve musIC   CLubbIng   ongoIng evenT                         life. Written by Michael West,        2. Tel: 018819613                   bodes well for this late night set.   DIvERSITY*
                                                                                                 eaTIng anD DrInkIng   TheaTre     arTs                        Freefall won rave reviews in its                                          €17.60, 22:30                         The Britain’s Got Talent win-
                                                                                                                                                               initial run at last year’s Ulster     NOvEMBER 26                         The Twisted Pepper. 54,               ners appear in the first of two
                                                                                                                                                               Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, and                                         Middle Abbey Street – Dub-            nights at the 02. Expect jaw-
                                                    november 22                                                                                                snagged prizes for Best Director                                          lin 1. Tel: 018734800                 dropping dance moves aplenty.
                                                    UB40                                                                                                       and Best New Play at the Irish
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gre-                                            From €28, 20:00
                                                    Veteran reggae act UB40 are staging a unique celebration for the 30th anniversary of their debut           Times Theatre Awards too. The         gory may not have taken the         THE NAKED FISH SHOW                   The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay
                                                    album, Signing Off, performing the whole album live across a string of intimate venues in the UK and       play runs until December 4.                                               The Fish man hosts a six-hour         – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888
                                                                                                                                                                                                     world by storm as they threat-
                                                    Ireland. Since Signing Off, of course, they’ve had many changes – most notably, frontman Ali Camp-         From €13, 19:30                                                           spectacular, beginning with a
                                                    bell jumped ship amid a massive financial and legal spat back in 2008 – along with both critical and                                             ened to do in their early days
                                                                                                                                                               The Abbey Theatre. 26,                but, with just over a decade of     stripped back performance of          W.A.S.P.
                                                    commercial success and failure. However, with Ali’s brother Duncan Campbell in the saddle, the group       Lower Abbey Street – Dub-                                                 songs from across his recording       The LA hard-rockers are
                                                    have found their feet again, bouncing back into the album charts with Love Songs. That won’t stop                                                recording under their belt, the
                                                                                                                                                               lin 1. Tel: 018872200                 electronic duo have continued       career, along with plenty of guest    still going strong, having
                                                    them celebrating their salad days with two performances in one night: first, they’ll perform Signing Off
                                                    in its entirety, and a second set will feature some of the band’s most loved tracks.                                                             to push the boundaries of           appearances and stories from          outlasted many of their ott-
                                                    From €49.20, 19:00                                                                                         NOvEMBER 25                           atmospheric music and dab-          the road. A second set kicks          early-80s contemporaries.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ble in a range of styles. Fifth     off at midnight, with Jerry Fish      €26.50, 18:00
                                                    National Stadium. South Circular Road. Dublin 8. Tel: 014533371                                            THE STYLISTICS*                       album Head First was released       accompanied by the Mudbug             The Academy. 57, Mid-
                                                                                                                                                               One of the biggest soul groups        in January 2010, and lapped up      Club and more of his friends          dle Abbey Street – Dublin
                                                                                                                                                               to emerge from 1970s Philadel-        by a still-dedicated fanbase.       spinning their favourite songs.       1. Tel: 018779999
                                                                                                                                                               phia, The Stylistics have gone        €41.80, 19:30                       The fun finishes at 3AM, and
                                                                                                                                                               through significant line-up           The Olympia Theatre.                last month’s gig was so success-      UNDERWORLD
     NOvEMBER 22                          June, saw the band continue in        NOvEMBER 23                              have been marked out as a band
                                                                                                                                                               changes and a chancing musical        72, Dame Street – Dub-              ful that he’s back for more.          Famous for thumping hit Born
                                          their almost-mellow groove.                                                    to watch ever since BBC Radio                                                                                   €15, 20:00                            Slippy from the Trainspotting
                                                                                                                                                               style, but they’ve still got plenty   lin 2. Tel: 016793323
     GOGOL BORDELLO                       €13.50, 20:00                         BOYCE AvENUE                             1’s Steve Lamacq stumbled                                                                                       The Sugar Club. 8, Lower              soundtrack – or at least the
                                                                                                                                                               of catchy beats and melodies
     The New York gypsie punks            The Workman’s Club. 11,               Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian             upon their independently issued                                                                                 Leeson Street – Dublin                frantic chorus of ‘lager, lager,
                                                                                                                                                               to sooth a crowd. Their three-        TOP GEAR LIvE*
     include former Elijah Wood           Wellington Quay – Dub-                Manzano may have been playing            debut single, Gravity’s Rainbow.                                                                                2. Tel: 016787188                     lager’ it contained – Underworld
                                                                                                                                                               night stand begins tonight.           Feeling manly? Then you’ll be
     squeeze Pamela Racine, but a         lin 2. Tel: 016706692                 together since 2004, but it was          From €25, 19:30                                                                                                                                       unveiled eighth album Barking
                                                                                                                                                               €60, 20:00                            glad to know that Jeremy Clark-
                                                                                                                         Tripod. Old Harcourt Street                                                                                                                           this year to considerable acclaim.
     tenuous connection to the a-list
                                          BEACH HOUSE
                                                                                only in 2007 (when they began
                                                                                                                         Station, Harcourt Street –
                                                                                                                                                               vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street       son and the other members           NOvEMBER 27
     isn’t the only thing they have go-                                         posting a mix of original material                                             – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800            of the Top Gear team will be                                              €39.50, 19:30
     ing for them. Five studio albums     Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally      and acoustic covers of chart hits        Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374                                                                                                                              The RDS. Merrion Road,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     returning to Citywest. Originally   A NATURAL HISTORY*
     – including major label debut        are enjoying a fruitful musical       to youtube) that people started                                                                                                                                                                Ballsbridge – Dublin 4.
                                                                                                                                                               THE REPETITION FESTIvAL               pegged for late September, this     It’s your last chance to see
     Transcontinental Hustle - an         partnership since hooking up          to take serious notice. Heavy                                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 016680866
                                                                                                                                                               SHOW*                                 year’s Top Gear Festival will run   this exhibition by Martin
     EP, and several TV appearances       in 2004 – their self-titled debut     touring has seen them connect            ROSS NOBLE
                                                                                                                                                               An interesting blend of film          from today to November 28,          Healy, exploring the role
     have shown a band with plenty        was named as the 16th best            with their online fanbase, even as       Northumberland funnyman                                                                                                                               FIGHT LIKE APES
                                                                                                                                                               festival and video installation       and fans who bought tickets         photography plays in the clas-
     of creativity and live energy.       album of 2006 by Pitchfork.           they turn out two studio albums.         Ross Noble has a winning                                                                                                                              One of Ireland’s more divisive
                                                                                                                                                               piece rolled into one from lead-      for the original event will still   sification of the natural world.
     €32.50, 19:30                        Third studio album, Teen Dream,       €19.65, 19:00                            taste for the surreal that makes                                                                                                                      bands are riding mighty high at
                                                                                                                                                               ing Clemens von Wedemeyer             have their tickets honoured.        Free, 12:00
     The Olympia Theatre.                 came out at the start of this         The Academy. 57, Mid-                    him a popular guest on shows                                                                                                                          present. The Body of Christ and
                                                                                                                                                               begins tonight. Four of the Ger-      From €59, TBC                       Alliance Francaise. 1,
     72, Dame Street – Dub-               year, and a stint supporting          dle Abbey Street – Dublin                from Have I Got News For You                                                                                                                          the Legs of Tina Turner, their
                                                                                                                                                               man artist’s most celebrated          Citywest Hotel. Saggart –           Kildare Street – Dublin
     lin 2. Tel: 016793323                Vampire Weekend may signal            1. Tel: 018779999                        to Friday Night With Jonathan                                                                                                                         sophomore album released this
                                                                                                                                                               works will be shown, starting         County Dublin. Tel: 014010500       2. Tel: 016761732
                                          great things in their future.                                                  Ross and Tubridy Tonight.                                                                                                                             year, sees them ostensibly tread-
                                                                                                                                                               with 2002’s Occupation. Otjesd
     BLITZEN TRAPPER                      €26, 20:30                            KLAXXONS                                 From €30.80, 20:00                                                                                                                                    ing the same ground as their
                                                                                                                                                               (Leaving) will take its place on      BENGA                               THE MYSTERY JETS DJ SET
     Experimental folk rock is on the     vicar Street. 57, Thomas Street       Mercury Music Prize winners              The Olympia Theatre.                                                                                                                                  debut (entitled Fight Like Apes
                                                                                                                                                               December 13, to be followed           Adegbenga Adejumo – otherwise       Ever want to know what the indie
     menu when this Sub Pop signed        – Dublin 8. Tel: 017755800            Klaxxons, who followed up 2007           72, Dame Street – Dub-                                                                                                                                and the Mystery of the Golden
                                                                                                                                                               by From the Opposite Side             known as dubstep pioneer Benga      five-piece have in their record
     sextet roll into town. Destroyer                                           debut Myths of The Near Future           lin 2. Tel: 016793323                                                                                                                                 Medallion – noticing a pattern?)
                                                                                                                                                               (January 10) to Against Death         – is plugged into all the right     collection? Now’s your chance.
     of the Void, which appeared in                                             with Surfing the Void in August,                                               and found footage, which              scenes still, having worked with    €8, 23:00                             but many savvier reviewers have

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  25
noticed considerable develop-       MAN IN THE MIRROR                      The Olympia Theatre.                 NOvEMBER 30
ment: far fewer songs end in a      The Jacko tributes aren’t going        72, Dame Street – Dub-
thrashy melange, and the lyrics     away. This is a one-night-only         lin 2. Tel: 016793323                ELLIE GOULDING
seem a shade more mature,           show, with a matinee at 15:00.                                              The youthful singer songwriter
even if they still have a song      €25, 20:00                             JEFF WAYNE’S WAR OF THE
about pulling off a person’s arms
and playing in their blood.
                                    The Olympia Theatre.
                                    72, Dame Street – Dub-
                                                                           Jeff Wayne, whose work includes
                                                                                                                may only have unveiled her de-
                                                                                                                but album, Lights, earlier this   reguLar evenTs                                                                          LIve musIC   CLubbIng
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          eaTIng anD DrInkIng
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ongoIng evenT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TheaTre     arTs
                                                                                                                year, but already has plenty of
€19.50, 19:00                       lin 2. Tel: 016793323                  some 3,000 (!) advertising jin-
Tripod. Old Harcourt Street                                                gles, conceived of his prog-rock
                                                                                                                buzz behind her from a dedi-      MONDAYS                           HEFTY HORSE                          SUBTERANNEAN                           C. U. NEXT TUESDAY
                                                                                                                cated online following.                                             A simple concept for a Mon-          Rock, punk and metal sounds            There’s more than just a
Station, Harcourt Street –          NOvEMBER 29                            masterpiece in 1978, releasing       €24.50, 19:00                                                       day night club - live bands          are on at Thomas House.                naughty name to recommend
                                                                                                                                                  NO FIXED ABODE
Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374                                                   it first as a double album - which   Tripod. Old Harcourt Street                                         playing their own DJ sets to         Free, 20:30                            this new club night – indie,
                                                                                                                                                  A weekly reading group laid on
                                    INTERPOL*                              has sold 15 million copies around    Station, Harcourt Street –        by youth gang Exchange Dublin.    02:30 - is made all the sweeter      Thomas House. 86, Thomas               electro, pop and dance
NOvEMBER 28                         Having avoided the implosion that      the world - and it took nearly 30    Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374          Be generous if the donations      by cheap drinks and free ad-         Street – Dublin 8. Tel: 016772619      tunes make a varied mix.
                                    so many‘next big things’ suffer,       years to reach the stage. How-                                         bucket passes your way.           mission. The line-up varies,                                                €12/5, 23:00
THE HIGH KINGS                      Interpol have settled into a rhythm    ever, Ireland was a successful                                         Donations, 18:00                  but the post-gig atmosphere          ANDREW STANLEY’S COMEDY                Crawdaddy. Old Harcourt
Ireland’s new folk royalty take     of making well-crafted albums and      location for the musical’s April                                       Exchange Dublin. Exchange         is almost always rocking.            MISH-MASH                              Street Station, Harcourt Street
to the stage, following on          building a strong fanbase.We’re        2006 tour, so it’s little wonder                                       Street Upper, Temple Bar –        Free, 22:00                          Comedy laissez faire with a            – Dublin 2. Tel: 014763374
from their Platinum second          kind of glad that these post-          that the crew are coming back as                                       Dublin 2. Tel: 016779264          Whelan’s. 25, Wicklow Street         laid-back evening of stand-up,
                                                                           part of a grand European junket.                                                                         – Dublin 2. Tel: 014780766           sketches, songs, messing about
album Memory Lane.                  punkers, with more than a passing
                                                                           From €34, 18:30
 €33.60, 18:30                      hint of Joy Division to their sound,                                                                          LOUNGE LIZARDS                                                         and free biccies hosted by Com-
Grand Canal Theatre. Grand          have managed it so well. This is       The 02 Arena. North Wall Quay                                          The ever-popular Lounge Lizards   ISLAND CULTURE                       edy Cellar man Andrew Stanley.         SYNERGY
Canal Square, Docklands –           the first of two Olympia dates.        – Dublin 1. Tel: 018198888                                             sees guest DJs step up to the     A cocktail party, with rum cock-     €TBC, 21:00                            A mid-week mix of some
Dublin 1. Tel: 01 6777999           From €44.20, 19:30.                                                                                           plate and spin their favourite    tails and Jamaican soul on the       The International Bar. 23,             well known and some not
                                                                                                                                                  tunes for lounging. Expect        menu, at this club with a definite   Wicklow Street – Dublin                so well known tunes at
                                                                                                                                                  a chilled-out evening with a      penchant for the easy-going life.    2. Tel: 016779250                      this fine cocktail bar.
                                                                                                                                                  surprise guest on occasion.       Free, 22:00                                                                 Free, 20:00
                                                                                                                                                  Free, 20:00                       South William. 52, South William     THE ROCKABILLY SESSIONS                Solas. 31, Wexford Street -
                                                                                                                                                  Solas. 31, Wexford Street -       Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725946    Accomplished performers The            Dublin 2. Tel: 014780583
                                                                                                                                                  Dublin 2. Tel: 014780583                                               Pavement Kings preside.
                                                                                                                                                                                    WEEDWAY                              Free, 21:00                            LAUGH OUT LOUD
                                                                                                                                                  HUGH COONEY DON’T LIKE            A six-piece reggae                   The Leeson Lounge. 148,                A regular comedy night
                                                                                                                                                  MONDAYS                           band take over.                      Upper Leeson Street – Dub-             featuring MC Aidan Kil-
                                                                                                                                                  The renegade video come-          Free, 22:30                          lin 2. Tel: 016603816                  lian and special guests.
                                                                                                                                                  dian/artist has a regular slot    The Turk’s Head. 27, Par-                                                   €7/€5, 20:30
                                                                                                                                                  at the Pygmalion bar.             liament Street – Dublin              WHITE CHOCOLATE                        Anseo. 18, Camden Street –
                                                                                                                                                  Free, 20:30                       2. Tel: 016792606                    Classic rock and modern covers         Dublin 2. Tel: 014751321
                                                                                                                                                  Pygmalion. 59, South Wil-                                              are on offer from a soulful outfit.
                                                                                                                                                  liam Street – Dublin 2.           TUESDAYS                             €TBC, 21:30                            GROOvALIZACION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Mezz. 23, Eustace Street           Brazilian food and music fill this
                                                                                                                                                  SKA NIGHT                         TASTE                                – Dublin 2. Tel: 016707655             hopping club every Tuesday.
                                                                                                                                                  It’s not just Ska on the          Classics, soul and more make                                                Free, 21:00
                                                                                                                                                  menu – there’s a bit of           for an easy Tuesday night.           JUICY BEATS                            South William. 52, South William
                                                                                                                                                  rocksteady and house to be        Free, 20:00                          The Village’s resident DJs churn       Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725946
                                                                                                                                                  danced to at this evening.        Solas. 31, Wexford Street -          out the best of indie, rock, classic
                                                                                                                                                  Free, 20:30                       Dublin 2. Tel: 014780583             pop, synth pop and electro music       SONGS OF PRAISE
                                                                                                                                                  Thomas House. 86, Tho-                                                 at this weekly Tuesday nightclub.      It’s karaoke, Jim, but not as we
                                                                                                                                                  mas Street – Dublin 8.                                                 €5, 22:00                              know it. This long-running DIY
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 016772619                                                         The village. 26, Wexford Street        rock’n’roll night has moved
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Dublin 2. Tel: 014758555
     to Wednesdays after tiring of       THURSDAYS                            THIRSTY STUDENT                     Free, 23:30                       LETS MAKE PARTY                      SATURDAYS                            GOSSIP                               SUNDAY SUSHI
     kicking everyone out early on                                            Out in the ‘burbs and don’t fancy   The Mercantile. 28, Dame Street   Hip hop, soul and funk are                                                Yes, the popular Spy club night      Jazz is dished up with a
     Sundays. Check out the full         THE ODEON MOvIE CLUB                 heading into town? Never fear,      – Dublin 2. Tel: 016790522        dished out by Mikki Dee              THE MATINÉE BRUNCH CLUB              has moved – it’s still loaded with   Far Eastern flavour.
     playlist on www.therescues-         Relax to classic films while being   this is Dun Laoghaire’s best                                          and JB the Deejay.                   Another Odeon film club, this        indie-pop and fun times though.      Free, 19:30
     quad.com/songsofpraise.             pampered by a full bar and waiter    student night by some distance.     FRIDAYS                           The village. 26, Wexford Street      time featuring more family-          €TBC, 23:00                          Yamamori Sushi. 38/39,
     Free, 21:00                         service. To reserve seats or a       €5, 22:00                                                             – Dublin 2. Tel: 014758555           friendly movies. But then again,     ALT - Andrew’s Lane Theatre.         Lower Ormond Quay – Dub-
     The village, 26, Wexford St –       table, e-mail hello@odeon.ie         The Purty Loft. 5, Old Dun          ROTATE                                                                 who wouldn’t like to see Up          9-17 Saint Andrew’s Lane -           lin 2. Tel: 018720003
     Dublin 2. Tel: 014758555            Free, 20:00                          Laoire Road, Monkstown –            Oliver T Cunningham plays his     LOFT FM                              over brunch with a pint?             Dublin 2. Tel: 016795720
                                         The Odeon. Old Harcourt              County Dublin. Tel: 012843576       own brand of Funk, Latin and      This Friday night club               Free, 12:00                                                               PIANO MAN
     THE SONG ROOM                       Street Station, Harcourt Street                                          whatever takes his fancy.         promises the best in chart           The Odeon. Old Harcourt              TRANSMISSION                         A Las Vegas-style evening
     Hamlet Sweeney presents             – Dublin 2. Tel: 014782088           TANKED UP                           Free, 20:00                       and popular R’n’B.                   Street Station, Harcourt Street      This club night is on a mis-         of singalong anthems
     this showcase of up-and-                                                 Dublin’s biggest student night      Solas. 31, Wexford Street -       €TBC, 22:30                          – Dublin 2. Tel: 014782088           sion to break down the bar-          around the piano.
     coming artists at The Globe.        MASH                                 in an ideal location. You’ll find   Dublin 2. Tel: 014780583          The Purty Loft. 5, Old Dun                                                rier between guitar and DJ           Free, 20:00
     Free, 21:00                         Matjazz, Lex Woo, Baby Dave,         drinks promotions aplenty.                                            Laoire Road, Monkstown –             RETRO DISCO                          culture in the city. Good luck       Dandelion. 130, Stephen’s Green
     The Globe. 11, South Great          Marina Diniz and friends spin late   €5, 22:30                           THE CRAIC PACK COMEDY             County Dublin. Tel: 012843576        A wide spectrum of dance music       with that, we hear you say, but      – Dublin 2. Tel: 014760870
     Georges Street – Dublin             into the evening at South William.   Tramco Brewery. 121,                IMPROv                                                                 dominates at the newly renovated     it’s made a great start thus far.
     2. Tel: 016711220                   Free, 21:00                          Lower Rathmines Road –              Peter O’Byrne is the MC           FRIDAYS AT MY HOUSE                  Ulysses Venue, with special guests   €12, 23:00                           COMEDY CRUNCH
                                         South William. 52, South William     Dublin 6. Tel: 014968050            for this regular, energy-         The master room includes             and themed nights aplenty.           The Button Factory. Curved           Free comedy + free
     THE ZODIAC SESSIONS                 Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725946                                        filled comedy evening.            upcoming DJs Ray Shah,               €5 before 23:00 (€10                 Street, Temple Bar – Dub-            food = great night.
     An acoustic showcase                                                     THE PANTI SHOW                      The Bankers. 16, Trin-            Keith Feely and Rafiq.               after), 21:30                        lin 2. Tel: 016709202                Free, 21:00
     featuring some promis-              MUZIK                                Pantibar’s fabulous proprie-        ity Street – Dublin 2.            €TBC, 23:00                          James Joyce Café Bar and Ul-                                              Shebeen Chic. 4, South Great
     ing talent at Bruxelles.            An unabashed student night,          tor takes to the stage in all her                                     Buck Whaleys. 67, Lower              ysses venue. 52, Middle Abbey        PENTAGON                             George’s Street – Dublin 2.
     Free, 21:00                         Muzik is packed with upbeat          glory every Thursday, with Bunny    BASEMENT TRAXX                    Leeson Street – Dublin 2.            Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018728188    Local residents and special
     Bruxelles. 7-8, Harry Street        indie and electro tunes, with        and some special guests for         DJs Half Dutch and De-                                                                                      guest DJs play across five           DANCEHALL STYLES
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016775362          plenty of drinks promotions to       support. A medley of music,         jackulate preside.                RIP                                  I LOvE CHART & R’n’B                 rooms of the Tripod complex.         The button factory becomes
                                         get the party going in earnest.      dramatic reconstructions, con-      Free, 22:00                       Rock, Indie and Pop get on the       This night does exactly what         €12, 23:00                           Reggae Central on Sunday
     SEvEN DEADLY SKINS                  €6, 21:00                            nect 4 (yes, that one throws        Hogan’s. 35, South Great          decks at this regular club.          it says on the tin, with top DJs     Tripod. Old Harcourt Street          nights from 23:00, with founda-
     Ignore the lame pun in the name,    The Button Factory. Curved           us too) and puppets makes           Georges Street - Dublin           €10 (€8 concession), 23:00           and an added bonus of a bot-         Train Station, Harcourt Street       tion reggae, dancehall classics
     and focus on the musicianship of    Street, Temple Bar – Dub-            for a very dramatic night.          2. Tel: 016775904                 The Button Factory.                  tle of Vodka for only €80.           – Dublin 2. Tel: 014780225           and contemporary Jamaican
     this quality reggae cover band.     lin 2. Tel: 016709202                Free, 22:00                                                                                                €5, 22:00                                                                 music getting an airing.
     €TBC, 21:30                                                              Pantibar.7-8 Capel St - Dub-        HIP HOP BLOCK PARTY               LECTROSOUL                           Base Bar. 6, Wicklow Street          SUNDAYS                              €5, 23:00
     The Mezz. 23, Eustace Street        THIRSTY THURSDAY                     lin 1. Tel: 018740710               The best in R’n’B and hip         Richie Rock, Mark Kiernan            – Dublin 2. Tel: 016704220                                                The Button Factory. Curved
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016707655          DJ Al Redmond spins a mix                                                hop – with €4 pints as            and Warren Kiernan hit the                                                PLAY!                                Street, Temple Bar – Dub-
                                         of RNB and chart hits.               MR. JONES                           an added attraction.              decks from 23:00 to 03:00,           PROPAGANDA                           DJ Ronan O’ does a mix of classic    lin 2. Tel: 016709202
     SPACE’N’vEDA                        €8/6, 21:00                          A weekly house/electro/             Free, 22:00                       with a set from Marina Diniz         The legendary club night now has     80s and 90s tracks, drawing on
     Veda Beaux Reeves and Davina        Twentyone Club. 21,                  urban takeover with a vary-         Base Bar. 6, Wicklow Street       every fourth Friday at 23:00.        a Dublin colony in The Academy.      disco, pop and feel-good tunes.
     Devine rule the big gay roost at    D’olier Street – Dublin              ing selection of live music, art    – Dublin 2. Tel: 016704220        Free, 23:00                          €10/8, 22.30                         Cocktails are available from €5.
     this club-cum-cabaret evening.      2. Tel: 016712089                    and performance.                                                      The Exchequer, 3-5 Exchequer         The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey        €5, 18:00
     Free before 22:00/€10, 21:00                                             €8, 23:00                           ANTIDOTE                          Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016706787    Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999    The Odeon. Old Harcourt
     The George. 87-89, South            THE LITTLE BIG PARTY                 The Twisted Pepper. 54,             Electro, house, techno, dub-                                                                                Street Station, Harcourt Street
     Great Georges Street – Dub-         DJ Brendan Conroy takes              Middle Abbey Street – Dub-          step and more are on offer        SHAKEDOWN                            SATURDAYS @ PURTY LOFT               – Dublin 2. Tel: 014782088
     lin 2. Tel: 014782983               over the decks at Rí Rá, be-         lin 1. Tel: 018734800               at this varied club night.        A hot new Friday club with 70s-in-   Quite a sophisticated evening
                                         neath the Globe bar, every                                               €7 (€5 concession), 22:30         fluenced rock’n’roll from original   here, with champagne and             M.A.S.S
     SHAKER                              Thursday. An eclectic mix of         THE SICK AND INDIGENT SONG          The Mezz. 23, Eustace Street      bands playing lengthy sets. The      cocktails aplenty available.         Power FM curates a blessed-
     A mash-up of electro, hip           soul, indie and rock prevails.       CLUB                                – Dublin 2. Tel: 016707655        line up varies from week to week.    €TBC, 22:30                          out night of music, arts,
     hop, indie and decent pop.          Free, 22:00                          One of the city’s favourite                                           Free, 23:00                          The Purty Loft. 5, Old Dun Laoire    sights and sounds.
     €8/6, 23.00                         Rí-Rá. 11, South Great George’s      acoustic acts continue their                                          Pacinos. 18 Suffolk St - Dub-        Road, Monkstown – County             Free, 19:00
     The Academy. 57, Middle Abbey       St – Dublin 2. Tel: 016711220        Thursday Night Residency                                              lin 2. Tel: 016775651                Dublin. Tel: 012843576               Hogan’s. 35, South Great Georges
     Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018779999                                        at The Mercantile.                                                                                                                              Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775904
28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   29
     besT of dublin
     AFTER WORK                             CAFFE CAGLIOSTRO. Millenium              DAvY BYRNES. 21, Duke Street -          one of the best places to nip in for a
                                            Walkway, Abbey Street – Dublin           Dublin 2. Tel: 016775217. A literary    coffee just off Grafton Street.
     4 DAME LANE. 4, Dame Lane -            1. Tel: N/A. A decidedly authentic       pub with a great bar food menu.
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016790291. Yummy        Italian café.                                                                    INSOMNIA. 51B, Dawson Street –
     cocktails and great DJs make this                                               DEvITT’S. 2, Upper Camden Street        Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. An excellent spot
     place a winner.                        CAPITOL. 18/19, Lower Stephen            – Dublin 2. Tel: 014753414. These       for people-watching over coffee –
                                            Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 014757166.       guys do old-school service – and        grab the bay window if you can.
     BIABAR. 30, Lower Stephens             A popular cocktail bar, particularly     very well, thanks very much – along
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 014053653.     with the younger crowd – we think        one of the trendiest streets in         INSOMNIA. 9, Wexford Street –
     Appealing food, great drinks on tap,   drinks for €5 may have something         the city.                               Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A branch of the
     and live music are on offer here.      to do with it.                                                                   popular coffee chain on Ireland’s
                                                                                     ENOTECA DELLE LANGHE. Blooms            premier gigging strip.
     BORDERLINE RECORDS. 17, Tem-           CASSIDYS. 42, Lower Camden               Lane - Dublin 1. Tel: 018880834.
     ple Bar – Dublin 2. Tel: 016799097.    Street Lower – Dublin 2. Tel:            A welcoming and authentic Italian       INSOMNIA. Custom House Quay,
     One of the most popular punky          014756540. Another welcoming             wine bar.                               IFSC, Docklands – Dublin 1. Tel:
     record stores around, and deserv-      traditional bar.                                                                 016720320. Another great place to
     edly so.                                                                        FITZSIMONS BAR AND HOTEL.               grab a coffee near the Liffey.
                                            CENTRE STAGE CAFE. 6, Parliament         21-22, Wellington Quay, Temple Bar
     BOULEvARD CAFE. 27, Exchequer          Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016703390.       - Dublin 2. Tel: 016779315. Even if     INSOMNIA. Pembroke Street –
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016792131.     A lovely little café-cum-pub with lots   you’re not looking for a room, the      Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A handy location
     Now that Leon’s gone, this place is    of atmosphere.                           relaxing bar is a nice place to spend   makes this place a top spot among
     our new favourite coffee spot along                                             an evening.                             workers in the nearby offices.
     this street.                           COBBLER’S CAFÉ. Leeson
                                            Lane - Dublin 2 Dublin City. Tel:        GILBERT & WRIGHT, SWORDS.               INSOMNIA. Spar, Capel Street –
     BREWBAKERS CAFÉ. 23, South Fre-        016785945. Popular lunchtime             Unit 14, The Plaza, Swords – County     Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. Another branch
     derick Street – Dublin2. Tel: N/A.     café. Soups are particularly favoured    Dublin. Tel: 018408400. A relaxed,      of the popular coffee chain that’s
     A very popular spot for a sandwich     by office worker crowd.                  cool bar has been one of the best       teamed up with a convenience store.
     – the chicken and bacon effort is                                               venues in Swords since it opened
     simply delicious.                      COFFEE SOCIETY. 2, Lower Liffey          in 2007.                                INSOMNIA. Spar, Dame Street
                                            Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 014781064.                                               – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. Got the
     BRICK ALLEY CAFÉ. 25, East Essex       A favourite coffee shop for many         GRAINGERS. 51, Talbot Street -          shopping? Reward yourself with a
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793393.     years now among shoppers seeking         Dublin 1. Tel: 018363249‎. A great      nice cuppa.
     A very nice replacement for The Joy    a little refuge.                         place for a slightly-off-the-beaten-
     of Coffee.                                                                      track pint.                             JL’S CAFÉ. 4, Upper Abbey Street -
                                            DAKOTA. 9, South William Street                                                  Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. Fresh and tasty
     BUTLER’S CAFÉ. 24, Wicklow Street
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016710599. Hot
                                            - Dublin 2. Tel: 016727690. This
                                            trendy place still packs them in
                                            on Fridays – it’s just as nice for a
                                                                                     HAIRSTYLE. 12, South William
                                                                                     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016706202.
                                                                                     Want a chic haircut? Just hop in
                                                                                                                             home-cooked food is served up
                                                                                                                             quick here.                              paCIno’s
     drinks, and some of the best little
     chocolates around: it’s a winning      lunchtime visit if you don’t fancy       here.                                   KATE’S COTTAGE. 1, Amiens
                                                                                                                                                                      18, Suffolk Street – Dublin 2.         That’s not all, though – they’ve also   no’s spacious dining room, or the      Opening hours: Open seven days
     combination.                           a crowd.                                                                         Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 871315291.
                                                                                     INSOMNIA. 2, Lower Mayor Street         A traditional Irish pub with a warm      Tel: 016775651                         started offering great food on the      sterling service on offer. Pacinos     a week, from 07:30 (09:00 Sa-
     CAFÉ SOL. 135, Lower Baggot            DAME CAFÉ. Centra, Dame Street –         – Dublin 2. Tel: 016720320. This        atmosphere.                              In the space of a year, this alrea-    go, including whipped ice cream         has successfully hosted many pri-      turday, 10:00 Sunday) to 23:00
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016628001.     Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. You might think      place dishes up a much-needed caf-                                               dy-popular Italian eatery has just     and gelato, and even a range of         vate parties and high-profile events   (22:00 Monday). Late club Friday
     A bright and breezy, well-run café.    that a café based in a convenience       feine fix for docklands workers.        KNIGHTSBRIDGE BAR. Bachelors             about transformed itself, adding a     their tasty sauces to take home         already and, with 16 years under       and Saturday from 23:00. Theatre
                                            store wouldn’t be a nice place to                                                Walk, O’Connell Bridge – Dublin          downstairs club that’s hosted salsa,   and work with yourself. Of course,      its belt, don’t be surprised if this   club runs on Thursday evenings.
     CAFÉ SOL. 61-63, Dawson Street –       while away a few hours. You’d be         INSOMNIA. 40-43, Nassau Street –        1. Tel: 014970111. A welcoming           comedy, live rock’n’roll and even      no chef at home can quite capture       revitalised venue adds many more.
     Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A small-but-       wrong.                                   Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. One of the first    traditional-style pub.                   theatre at a weekly supper club.       the charm or atmosphere in Paci-
     friendly branch of the coffee chain.                                            branches in the chain, this is still
30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             31
     besT of dublin

     LA BOULANGERIE. 6, Chatham               Tel: N/A. A conveniently-located         SHAKES. 15, Dame Street – Dublin       are served with a smile at this           THE CZECH INN. Essex Gate, Tem-         service and a fine pint of Guinness       ‘THE SECRET BAR’. 3, Fade Street       little spot to enjoy good coffee
     Court, Chatham Street – Dublin 2.        sandwich bar for IFSCers.                2. Tel: N/A. Dublin’s very first       Docklands place.                          ple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016711535.     are both on offer.                        - Dublin 2. Tel: 017645681. The        while looking out onto the Liffey.
     Tel: N/A. A great place for sweet                                                 milkshake bar has a wealth of                                                    Czech-themed bar with plenty to                                                   city’s worst-kept secret doesn’t
     treats with your coffee fix.             O’DONOGHUES. 15, Merrion                 recipes to choose from and very        THE BAGEL FACTORY. Lower                  appeal to everyone, including an        THE LONG HALL. 51, South Great            even need a name badge to draw in      WHELANS. 25, Wexford Street
                                              Row - Dublin 2. Tel: 016607194. A        efficient staff.                       Mayor Street, IFSC - Dublin 1.            extensive beer range.                   Georges Street - Dublin 2. Tel:           the punters.                           - Dublin 2. Tel: 014780766. A
     LA CORTE. Custom House Square,           legendary trad music pub that was                                               Tel: 016119730. There’s plenty                                                    014751590. A popular pub with                                                    long-standing indie music pub,
     IFSC – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. Whisper       loved by The Dubliners, and is still     SHEBEEN CHIC. 4, South Great           of variety in the bagels from here,       THE DAWSON LOUNGE. 25,                  impeccable traditional credentials.       THE STREAT. The Campshires,            this place is increasingly featuring
     it – this little place does some of      popular today.                           George’s Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       along with seating room if you want       Dawson Street - Dublin 2. Tel:                                                    North Wall Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:       innovative live acts.
     the nicest Italian coffee in the area.                                            016799667. Don’t let the shabby        to eat in.                                016771487. An antidote to the           THE MARBLE BAR. The Westbury              016700073. A nice little café for
     And in Dublin, for that matter.          OLESYA’S WINE BAR. 18,                   décor fool you – this is a very hap-                                             trendiness of the Dawson Street         Hotel, Harry Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      grabbing a quick coffee and watch-     DINNER
                                              Exchequer Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        pening bar and restaurant.             THE BAGEL FACTORY.19, Merrion             strip, The Dawson lounge claims to      016791122. Just off Grafton Street        ing the Docklands traffic passing.
     LEMON JELLY. 11, Essex Street            016724087. Well-stocked wine bar                                                Row - Dublin 2. Tel: 016766235.           be the smallest pub in the city. We     lies one of the most relaxing and                                                101 TALBOT. 101, Talbot Street -
     East - Dublin 2. Tel: 016776297.         with a mix of Irish and continental      SIMON’S PLACE. 22, South Great         A very popular spot for the circular      believe it.                             best-staffed cocktail bars in the city.   THE SWEETEST THING. 17,                Dublin 1. Tel: 018745011. Fresh
     Delicious crepes and more are            fare.                                    George’s Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       lunch du jour among the office                                                                                              Bachelor’s Walk – Dublin 1. Tel:       and contemporary Irish, continental
     available at this trendy café.                                                    016797821. A bohemian café             crowd.                                    THE DICE BAR. 79, Queen                 THE MINT BAR. Westin Hotel,               018720233. It’s high time there        and African cuisine.
                                              PANAMA. 30, Batchelor’s Walk             with lots of charm and delightful                                                Street, Smithfield - Dublin 7. Tel:     Westmoreland Street - Dublin 2.           was a dedicated chocolate café in
     LINCOLNS INN. 18-19, Lincoln             - Dublin 1. Tel: 018745730. A            cheesecake.                            THE BAGGOT INN. 143,                      016746710. Part-owned by fun            Tel: 016451322. This underground          the heart of Dublin, we say. These     ACAPULCO. 7, South Great
     Place - Dublin 2. Tel: 016762044.        Panamanian theme lends this Liffey-                                             Lower Baggot Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      loving criminal Huey Morgan, this       bar has a cosy atmosphere and             folks agree.                           Georges Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     A classic old pub that’s been re-        side pub plenty of character.            SIN É. 14/15, Upper Ormond             016618758. A much-loved older             cool little bar has a lot of noo yawk   great drinks – try the elderflower                                               016770733. Popular Tex Mex es-
     decorated with considerable élan.                                                 Quay - Dublin 1. Tel: 018787079.       pub that’s received a successful          charm.                                  Collins.                                  THE TEMPLE BAR HOTEL. 13-17,           tablishment with quality ingredients.
                                              PANTIBAR. 7-8, Capel Street -            A very popular music bar and pub,      renovation in recent years.                                                                                                 Fleet Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2.
     LOTTS BAR. 9, Lower Liffey Street -      Dublin 1. Tel: 018740710. The            this place unusually comes to life                                               THE DRAGON. 64, South Great             THE PAvILION BAR. Trinity College         Tel: 016773333. Handy, centrally-      BAR ITALIA. 26, Bloom’s Lane,
     Dublin 1. Tel: 018727669. A mixed        fabulous Panti presides over this        on Sunday afternoons and early         THE BAILEY. 2, Duke Street, Dublin        George’s Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. One of the          located hotel with some good           Lower Ormond Quay - Dublin 1.
     décor of a traditional and modern        popular gay bar.                         evenings.                              2. Tel: 016773055. This hip place         014781590. A relatively new kid         cheapest places in the city, The Pav      last-minute deals.                     Tel: 018741000. An unpretentious
     café bar, and a trendy crowd.                                                                                            also serves a nice little food menu.      on the gay bar block, this pub has a    is a mecca for students and those                                                Italian restaurant with authentic,
                                              PETER’S PUB. 1, Johnson Place –          SOUP DRAGON. 168, Capel Street                                                   packed event programme.                 who still wish they were.                 THE WINDJAMMER. 8-10,                  well-prepared ingredients.
     MADIGANS. 25, North Earl Street          Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6778588. A Sur-        - Dublin 1. Tel: 018723277. A great    THE BERNARD SHAW. 50/51,                                                                                                    Townsend Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     - Dublin 1. Tel: 018746362. A very       prisingly cool little city-centre bar.   place for hearty and creative soups,   South Richmond Street - Dublin 2.         THE DUKE. 8-9, Duke Street - Dub-       THE PINT. 28, Aston Quay - Dublin         016772576. A popular early house       BOOJUM. Millenium Walkway,
     casual, laid-back pub.                                                            as well as some indulgent sweets.      Tel: 0857128342. Imagine an old-          lin 2. Tel: 876764657. A nice large     2. Tel: 018745255. Neighbourhood          and generally welcoming pub at         Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:
                                              QUEEN OF TARTS. 3-4, Cow’s                                                      man bar on powerful hallucinogens.        traditional pub with good service       bar with a varied live music mix.         any time.                              018729499. A great little burrito
     MCDAIDS. 7, Harry Street - Dublin        Lane - Dublin 2. Tel: 016334681.         SWEENEY’S. 2, Dame Street -            It’s better than you think.               and a trad evening on Sundays.                                                                                           bar, which even offers frozen
     2. Tel: 016794395. A haunt of no         Known internationally for both           Dublin 2. Tel: 016350058. The                                                                                            THE PORT HOUSE. 64, South                 TGI FRIDAYS. St Stephens Green         margaritas.
     less than Brendan Behan in its day,      savoury tarts and sweet treats. This     boutique hotel-cum-cocktail bar        THE BOAR’S HEAD. 149, Capel               THE FLOWING TIDE/NEPTUNE                William Street - Dublin 2. Tel:           West - Dublin 2. Tel: 014781233.
     this is one of the oldest pubs in the    is the larger of the two twinned         and Jazz club has recently under-      Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 014752705.        BAR. 9, Abbey Street Lower - Dub-       016770298. A gorgeous little tapas        Cheap cocktails and a consistently-    BRASSERIE SIXTY6. 66, George’s
     city and one of the best.                restaurants, and the original Queen      gone a very good revamp.               A very popular spot for lunch and         lin 1. Tel: 018744108. Very popular     bar with candlelight, and some            lively atmosphere make this a          Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 014005878.
                                              of Tarts is based on Dame Street.                                               a pint, this is also fun to visit after   with the post-theatre crowd, and        innovative dishes.                        handy hangout for the young.           A popular spot for dinner and
     MUNCHIES. 2, South William Street                                                 THE ARLINGTON HOTEL AND                work.                                     home to a comedy club that’s                                                                                             cocktails, this place also has a
     – Dublin. Tel: 018733455. The            READER’S CAFÉ. First floor, Water-       LEGENDS. 16, Lord Edward Street,                                                 generating considerable buzz.           THE MORGAN HOTEL. The Morgan              TIFFIN CAFÉ. 4, Molesworth             highly-regarded brunch to offer.
     original Munchies restaurant, this       stones, Dawson Street - Dublin 2.        Dublin 2. Tel: 016708777. A popu-      THE CAPEL STREET BRIDGE.                                                          Hotel, 10, Fleet Street - Dublin 2.       Place – Dublin 2. Tel: 016761040.
     place has recently started serving       Tel: 016791260. Lovely scones and        lar tourist hotel with Irish dancing   Lower Ormand Quay - Dublin 1.             THE GRAFTON LOUNGE. Unit                Tel: 014757166. This place is very        A friendly little spot for soup or a   BROADWAY PIZZA PARLOR. Unit 6,
     late night tapas.                        high-quality cooking make this ideal     seven nights a week.                   Tel: 016707744. A charming river-         2, Royal Hibernian Way, Dawson          popular, and it’s easy to see why –       sandwich.                              Custom House Square, IFSC - Dub-
                                              for enjoying a first flick through a                                            side café.                                Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016796260.      the cocktails are frankly fantastic.                                             lin 1. Tel: 016721812. It’s always
     MUNCHIES. Lower Baggot Street            freshly-bought book.                     THE BAGEL FACTORY. 33, Wicklow                                                   Opened where the popular Cocoon                                                   TOSS’D. CHQ Building, Custom           buzzing at this place – taste the
     – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A welcoming                                                 Street – Dublin2. Tel: 016334588.      THE CHURCH. Junction of Mary              once stood, this has a rather more      THE ODEON. 57, Harcourt Street            House Quay, Docklands – Dublin         pizzas or calzonés to find out why.
     branch of the popular sandwich           RED ROSE CAFÉ. 23, Dawson                A great selection of bagels to take    Street and Jervis Street - Dublin 1.      laid-back feel than its predecessor.    - Dublin 2. Tel: 014782088. With          1. Tel: 018291607. A great place
     chain.                                   Street. Tel: 0863704873. A cosy,         on the go.                             Tel: 018280102. Excellent pub-                                                    more room to breathe, you can             for fresh noodles and salads, Toss’d   CACTUS JACKS. Millenium Walk-
                                              welcoming café has taken on                                                     cum-restaurant-cum-club that ticks        THE HARBOURMASTER. Customs              appreciate the wonderfully restored       gets particularly busy at lunchtime.   way, Middle Abbey Street - Dublin
     NATIONAL COLLEGE OF IRE-                 the space once occupied by an            THE BAGEL FACTORY. 34,                 all the boxes.                            House Dock, IFSC - Dublin 1. Tel:       décor of this place all the better –                                             1. Tel: 018746198. Fun Tex-Mex
     LAND. Custom House Square,               O’Brien’s sandwich bar.                  Lower Liffey Street – Dublin 1.                                                  016701688. Great coffee by day          arrive before the late-night rush.        URBAN OUTFITTERS. Cecilia              spot with an outlet in Galway. Great
     Lower Mayor Street - Dublin 1.                                                    Tel: 018782935. Shoppers surely        THE CLARENCE HOTEL. 6-8,                  and a crackling atmosphere by                                                     Street, Temple Bar – Dublin 2.         margaritas.
     Tel: 014498500. A well-regarded          RON BLACK’S. 25, Dawson Street           appreciate this convenient place for   Wellington Quay - Dublin 2. Tel:          night make this a winner.               THE PALACE BAR. 21, Fleet                 Tel: 016706202. A shop that’s
     institution with a range of full and     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016728231‎. A           grabbing bagels on the go.             014070800. One of the city’s best                                                 Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:       loaded with cool clothes, music and    CAFÉ AZTECA. 19-22, Lord Edward
     part-time courses.                       still-chic cocktail and champagne                                               hotels and home to both the Tea           THE HUT. 159, Phibsboro Road,           016717388. One of the most wel-           general bits-and-bobs.                 Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016709476.
                                              bar.                                     THE BAGEL BAR. Unit 1, Custom          Rooms and the Octagon Bar.                Phibsboro – Dublin 7. Tel:              coming traditional pubs to survive                                               Great burritos and more are on of-
     O’BRIEN’S SANDWICH BAR. Har-                                                      House Square, IFSC - Dublin 1. Tel:                                              018302238. A decidedly old              in Dublin city centre.                    WEST COAST COFFEE. Bachelor’s          fer from this informal restaurant.
     bourmaster Place, IFSC – Dublin 1.                                                016739923. Great value bagels                                                    school bar – in a good way. Friendly                                              Walk – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A lovely
32                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       33
     besT of dublin

     CAFÉ CARLO. 63, O’Connell Street       CHEZ MAX. 133, Baggot Street -           A great family restaurant in the       IL POSTO. 10, Stephen’s Green           LAGOONA. Mayor Square, IFSC              NEW YORK GRIND. 5, Excise                 PICHET. 14-15, Trinity Street – Dub-       SUSHI KING. Baggot Street Dublin
     – Dublin 1. Tel: 018880856. You        Dublin 4. Tel: 016618899. Max’s          shadow of the spire.                   – Dublin 2. Tel: 016794769.             - Dublin 1. Tel: 017918928. A            Walk, Clarion Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:       lin 2. Tel: 016771060. A popular           2. Tel: 016449836. Cheap – and
     can get more than just Italian stuff   full-scale bistro is one of the nicest                                          Outstanding Italian food is on          burger and a pint from here is an        016360110. A pretty good recrea-          restaurant and café with a modern          tasty – sushi will always appeal
     at this cosy, central spot – they do   spots on Baggot Street.                  FXB RESTAURANT. 2, Lower               offer here in a very atmospheric        unexpected delight.                      tion of the classic Big Apple diner,      dining room.                               to tastebuds. This smaller Baggot
     some mean Irish dishes too.                                                     Pembroke Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       underground dining room.                                                         NYG is known for doing a mean                                                        place is ideal for grab-and-go.
                                            CHEZ MAX. 1, Palace Street - Dub-        016764606. A high-quality steak-                                               LE BON CRUBEEN. 81-82, Talbot            brunch and some tasty wraps.              PINOCCHIO. Luas Kiosk, Ranelagh
     CAFÉ IRIE. 11, Fownes Street           lin 2. Tel: 016337215. A wonderful       house that also does a mean bit of     JADE. 27, Little Mary Street - Dublin   Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 017040126.                                                 – Dublin 6. Tel: 014722444. A              SUSHI KING. 13, Dawson Street -
     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725090. Indie-     little French bistro, with an intimate   seafood and offers great value.        7. Tel: 018874468. This Chinese         A stylish and (thank heavens)            NUDE. 21, Suffolk Street – Dublin         very authentic Italian restaurant and      Dublin 2. Tel: 016752000. You can
     esque coffee shop and sandwich         atmosphere.                                                                     restaurant is one of Dublin’s many      affordable brasserie, and a welcome      2. Tel: 016774804. The original           wine bar.                                  grab a seat at this outlet from the
     bar which shares a building with                                                GOTHAM CAFÉ. 8, South Anne             ‘hidden gems’, and uses no MSGs         addition to the northside.               uber-wholesome, organic café-cum                                                     increasingly-popular Sushi King.
     lots of intriguing stores.             CIAO BELLA ROMA. 25, Parliament          Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016795266.     in its food.                                                                     restaurant.                               RAY’S PIZZA. Upper Fownes Street,
                                            Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016770004.       A menu packed with delicious                                                   LEMON. 66, South William Street –                                                  Temple Bar – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.           SWAI. Unit B, The Campshires,
     CAFÉ MAO. 2-3, Chatham Row             A great place for a late night,          salads, innovative pizzas and other    KOH. 7, Jervis Street, Mil-             Dublin 2. Tel: 016729044. Before         NYONYA MALAYSIAN RESTAU-                  Filling the pizza-slice-sized void since   North Wall Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:
     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016704899. An         sit-down pizza that’s fresh and          treats ensures Gotham is packed        lenium Walkway - Dublin 1. Tel:         a host of pretenders started serving     RANT. 76, Dame Street – Dublin 2.         the demise of Difontaine’s, this place     018561633. A modern Malaysian
     excellent Asian restaurant, with a     authentic.                               out even on weeknights. A great        018146777. This Thai restaurant         crepes, there was this place, which      Tel: 016707200. Genuine dedica-           does very nice pizzas to eat in or         restaurant set with views over the
     branch in Dun Laoghaire too.                                                    place for a weekend brunch.            and cocktail bar has a constant         is still dishing up savoury and sweet    tion to quality and authenticity          take away.                                 Liffey.
                                            COPPER ALLEY BISTRO. 2, Lord                                                    hum of activity.                        snacks from South William Street.        makes this place a little bit special.
     CAFE NOvO. The Westbury                Edward Street – Dublin 2. Tel:           GOvINDAS. 83, Middle Abbey                                                                                                                                        ROLYS BISTRO. 7, Ballsbridge               TASTE. 39, South William Street –
     Hotel, Harry Street - Dublin 2. Tel:   0167965000. Linked to the Hard-          Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 018727463.     KOKORO SUSHI BENTO. 19,                 MAMMA’S PIZZA. 4, Talbot Street          O’BRIEN’S SANDWICH BAR.                   Terrace - Dublin 4. Tel: 016682611.        Dublin 2. Tel: 016798475. Simple,
     016463353. An elegant restaurant       ing Hotel, this place has a great        Vegetarian restaurant with a varied    Lower Liffey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:    – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. Quick, hearty      Custom House Square, Docklands            Another Dublin institution, Roly’s is      straightforward-but-tasty food
     in one of the city’s most-loved        menu which isn’t too pricey either.      menu. Branches are also on Mer-        018728787. A great new place for        pizza on the go will float anyone’s      – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. The sausage         best enjoyed at quiet lunchtimes.          served up by friendly staff.
     hotels.                                                                         rion Row and Aungier Street.           reasonably-priced sushi.                proverbial boat.                         toastie from this branch of the           However, there’s a nice lively feel at
                                            CORNUCOPIA. 19 Wicklow Street                                                                                                                                    O’Brien’s chain is hard to beat.          the evening sitting.                       THE ANGLER’S REST. Straw-
     CAFÉBARDELI. 12, South Great           - Dublin 2. Tel: 016777583. An           GREEN NINETEEN. 19, Camden             KUDOS. Clarion Hotel, IFSC -            MILANO. 38, Dawson Street - Dublin                                                                                            berry Beds, Castleknock – County
     Georges Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        all-vegetarian restaurant with lots      Street Lower - Dublin 2. Tel:          Dublin 1. Tel: 014338866. The           2. Tel: 016707744. The first outlet of   ODESSA. 13, Dame Court - Dublin           SAAGAR INDIAN RESTAURANT.                  Dublin. Tel: 018204351. French
     016771646. A lively restaurant         of tricks up its sleeve. Also offers     014789626. Popular good value          Clarion’s Kudos restaurant has          Milano’s (Pizza Express in the UK) to    2. Tel: 016707634. A mouth-               16, Harcourt Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       elegance is the predominant theme
     with a great range of salads, pizzas   a cookbook for sale if the recipes       restaurant. All main courses cost      considerable style.                     make it over to these shores.            watering menu and a laid back             014755060. It’s more than just late-       at this easy-going restaurant.
     and other treats.                      appeal to you.                           €10.                                                                                                                    atmosphere makes this a perfect           night revellers that enjoy the fine
                                                                                                                            KYLEMORE AT THE SPIRE. 1,               MILANO. 19, East Essex Street, Tem-      ‘unwinding’ restaurant.                   Indian fare at this restaurant.            THE BAD ASS CAFÉ. Temple Bar
     CAPTAIN AMERICAS. 44, Grafton          DIEP LE SHAKER. 55, Pembroke             GRUEL. 68, Dame Street - Dublin,       Upper O’Connell Street – Dublin         ple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016703384.                                                                                           Square, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:
     St - Dublin 2. Tel: 016715266.         Lane - Dublin 2. Tel: 016611829.         2. Tel: 016707119. Wilfully unpre-     1. Tel: 018780498. This Dublin          A great place for a quick pizza in       ONE PICO. 5/6, Molesworth                 SABA. 26-28, Clarendon Street -            016712596. There are great pizzas
     Long-standing American style           This trendy Thai place is one of the     tentious and hearty food. The ‘roast   institution has benefited greatly       Temple Bar.                              Place - Dublin 2. Tel: 016760300.         Dublin 2. Tel: 016792000. One of           to be tasted, along with plenty of
     cookhouse and bar.                     most consistently good restaurants       in a roll’ is a lunchtime treat.       from a major sprucing-up.                                                        A delightful little restaurant, that      Dublin’s coolest Thai restaurants,         unpretentious fare at this spot in
                                            at any stage in the day.                                                                                                MILANO. 6, Excise Walk, Clarion          knows it’s a little bit special. Great    with an award winning cocktail bar         Temple Bar Square.
     CASANOSTRA. 85, Malborough                                                      HARD ROCK CAFè. 12, Fleet              L’GUEULETON. 1, Fade Street –           Quay - Dublin 1. Tel: 016119012.         French-influenced food.                   to boot.
     Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018728143.     DUNNE & CRESCENZI. 16,                   Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016717777.     Dublin 2. Tel: 016753708. Long a        A spacious and airy branch of the                                                                                             THE CEDAR TREE. 11, St Andrew’s
     A relatively new Italian kid on the    South Frederick St - Dublin 2.           Dublin’s outlet of the popular         stalwart of the Dublin dining scene,    successful Milanos chain.                PACINO’S. 18, Suffolk Street -            SALAMANCA. 1, St Andrew’s Street           Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016772121.
     block.                                 Tel: 016773463. Popular Italian          franchise does well from both          this restaurant does great French                                                Dublin 2. Tel: 016775651. A very          - Dublin 2. Tel: 016774799. A fan-         An authentic Lebanese restaurant
                                            wine bar and restaurant, with an         tourists and temple bar revellers in   Cuisine.                                MONGOLIAN BBQ. 7, Anglesea               lively Italian restaurant and club just   tastic long-standing tapas restaurant.     with a rich and intriguing décor.
     CARLUCCIO’S. 52, Dawson Street -       extensive range.                         need of a refuel.                                                              Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016703802.       off Grafton Street.                       Doesn’t usually take reservations.         An early bird menu also offers
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016333957. The first                                                                                    LA CAvE. 28, Anne Street South          An all-you-can eat restaurant with                                                                                            good value.
     Irish branch of a popular UK chain,    FALLON & BYRNE. 2, Exchequer             HARRY’S MEDITERRANEAN CAFE             - Dublin 2. Tel: 016794409. Long        fresh Mongolian fare cooked in           PASTA FRESCA. 2, Chatham Street           SAMSARA CAFÉ BAR. 35, Dawson
     this venue blends a coffee shop,       Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 014721000.       & WINE BAR. 22, Dawson Street -        standing wine bar and restaurant        front of you.                            - Dublin 2. Tel: 016792402. Good          Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016774444.         THE CHILLI CLUB. 1 Anne’s Lane,
     foodhall and Italian restaurant.       A mix of wine bar, gourmet food          Dublin 2. Tel: 012808337. Popular      with a loyal clientele.                                                          value, fresh Italian food in the heart    Thai food café bar, with a strong          South Anne Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
                                            hall and high-class restaurant, this     post-work café bar with a branch in                                            MUNCHIES. Millenium Walkway,             of the city.                              cocktail menu.                             016773721. A popular, intimate
     CHAPTER 1. 18, Parnell Square          place is packed with little treats for   Dun Laoghaire.                         LA MAISON. 15, Castle Market            Middle Abbey Street - Dublin 1.                                                                                               thai eatery tucked away just off
     North - Dublin 1. Tel: 018732266.      yourself.                                                                       - Dublin 2. Tel: 01727258. A dedi-      Tel: 018733455. The perfect spot         PEPLOE’S WINE BISTRO. 16, St              SIAM THAI. 14-15, St Andrew’s              Grafton Street, this place does a
     Quite possibly the best restaurant                                              HAvANA. Georges Street - Dublin        cated French restaurant opened          for grabbing a quick and healthy         Stephen’s Green - Dublin 2. Tel:          Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016773363.         mean green curry.
     in this fine city. Top food at very    FIRE. Mansion House, Dawson              2. Tel: 014005990. An unpreten-        where the much-loved Maison des         sandwich on your break.                  016763144. Lovingly decorated             Fresh, healthy and enjoyable Thai
     competitive prices.                    Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016767200.       tious tapas bar with a Cuban twist.    Gourmets once stood.                                                             restaurant set below a Georgian           cuisine is served amid stylish sur-        THE COFFEE CO. 13, Dame Street
                                            Fire has food to do its beautiful                                                                                       MYO. Lower Mayor Street, IFSC -          home. The menu is also packed             roundings.                                 – Dublin 2. Tel: 016797141. This
     CHATHAM BRASSERIE. Chatham             setting justice. The flatbreads are      HELL. 36, Wexford Street – Dublin      LA MED. 22, East Essex Street –         Dublin 1. Tel: 016721031. Create         with variety.                                                                        place does exactly what it says on
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016790055.     particularly worth a try.                2. Tel: 1890456666. A recently         Dublin 2. Tel: 016707358. This          your own wraps, sandwiches or even                                                 SOHO. 17, South Great Georges              the tin: a great cup of the black
     A new new-york style restaurant                                                 opened gem of a pizza place, offer-    promises a bit of sunshine and          pizzas from a good buffet of ingredi-                                              Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 017079596.         stuff.
     with a twist of personality. Ideal     FLANAGAN’S. 61, Upper O’Connell          ing both eat-in and take-away deals.   delivers with a selection of Italian    ents at this innovative new spot.                                                  American-style diner food done with
     for brunch.                            Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 8731388.                                                and international dishes.                                                                                                  a bit of class and creativity.
34                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      35
     besT of dublin

     THE EPICUREAN FOOD HALL.                016794057. A big restaurant with        but this is a delightful little place for   CITIBAR. 46-49, Dame Street             FÉILE. 11, Wexford Street – Dublin        KEHOE’S. 7, South Anne Street         O’SHEAS. 19, Talbot Street – Dublin         THE ABBEY THEATRE. 26,
     Corner of Liffey Street and Middle      big portions and big rock’n’roll        enjoying Turkish coffee or shisha.          – Dublin 2. Tel: 016794455. An en-      2. Tel: 0861057573. Opened up             – Dublin 2. Tel: 016778312. A         1. Tel: 018365670. A veritable              lower Abbey Street – Dublin 1.
     Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A.      playing.                                                                            joyable bar, club, and hotel located    where carnival once stood, this pub       welcoming, popular pub just off       treasure trove of a pub, with many          Tel: 018962335. Ireland’s National
     You’ll find a great selection of food                                           ANSEO. 18, Camden Street Lower              right at the heart of things – their    has a more traditional, laid-back         Grafton Street.                       cosy little spaces.                         Theatre is well-furnished and has
     from across a range of traditions       TOSCANA. 3, Cork Hill Dame              - Dublin 2. Tel: 014751321. A               ‘Irish tapas’ is also an interesting    feel.                                                                                                                       plenty going on.
     at this hall.                           Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016709785.      very old-school music bar that also         twist.                                                                            LA CUvÉ. Burton Hall,                 OLIvER ST JOHN GOGARTY’S. Fleet
                                             Authentic Tuscan food served in         features a regular comedy club.                                                     FIXX COFFEE HOUSE. 17, Dawson             Mayor Square, IFSC - Dublin 1.        Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:         THE BANK. 20-22, College Green
     THE EXCHEQUER. 3-5, Exchequer           very-pleasant surroundings.                                                         DICEY’S GARDEN BAR. 21-25,              Street – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A            Tel: 016054912. A renamed and         016711822. A traditional pub that’s         - Dublin 2. Tel: 016770677. This
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016706856.                                              BRANNIGANS. Cathedral Street                Harcourt Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        great place to enjoy award-winning        revamped wine bar in the heart of     very popular with tourists.                 lovingly-restored bank building
     Brilliantly restored hotel bar with a   TOTO. 8, Talbot Street – Dublin         - Dublin 1. Tel: 018725315. An              014784066. There’s nothing dicey        coffee.                                   the docklands.                                                                    now houses a very popular bar and
     very strong food menu using Irish-      1. Tel: N/A. A surprisingly nice        old-school Northside pub with a             about this popular bar, which                                                                                           PEADAR KEARNEY’S. 64, Dame                  restaurant.
     sourced ingredients.                    restaurant and pizzeria.                friendly welcome.                           boasts an impressive beer garden.       GILBERT & WRIGHT, MALAHIDE.               LA DOLCE vITA. 5, Music Hall,         Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016753971.
                                                                                                                                                                         1, Ross Lane, Malahide – County           Cow’s Lane – Dublin 2. Tel:           Looking on the outside like any salty       THE BLEEDING HORSE. 24,
     THE FARM. 3, Dawson Street -            TOWN BAR & GRILL. 21, Kildare           BRUXELLES. 7-8, Harry Street                DANDELION. St Stephens Green            Dublin. Tel: 018456580. There’s a         017079786. A wonderful little café    boozer, Peadar Kearney’s actually           Camden Street Upper - Dublin 2.
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016718654. This          Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016624800.      - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775362. A               West - Dublin 2. Tel: 014760870. A      hint of 70s retro chic at this stylish    and wine bar just away from the       attracts a reasonably young crowd           Tel: 014752705. One of the oldest
     organic-themed restaurant also has      A fun New York style eatery, Town’s     favoured indie/metal music bar,             popular club with cheap cocktails,      bar in a seaside village.                 bustle of Temple Bar.                 for some great music nights.                pubs in the city, this place is spa-
     a pleasant little cocktail menu.        strong menu and service ensures it      this place gets packed out by 18:00         celeb appearances and contempo-                                                                                                                                     cious, grand and lively.
                                             packs out most evenings.                most evenings.                              rary music.                             GIN PALACE. 42, Middle Abbey              LASER DvD. St Andrew’s Street –       PYGMALION. Powerscourt
     THE ITALIAN CONNECTION.                                                                                                                                             Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 018748881.        Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A great place     Townhouse Centre, South William             THE BLOODY STREAM. 14, West
     95, Talbot Street – Dublin 1. Tel:      TROCADERO. 3, St Andrew’s Street        BUSY BEAN CAFÉ. Talbot Street –             DARKY KELLYS. The Harding Hotel,        Obviously a place for some gour-          to pick up some obscure or foreign    Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 014539890.          Pier, Howth – Dublin 13. Tel:
     018787125. A lovely, wholesome          – Dublin 2. Tel: 016775545. The         Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A fun café that’s       Fishamble Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       met gins, but you’ll find a lively bar    movies.                               This place has taken over Bar Mizu’s        018395076. A cosy pub that
     restaurant with a cosy dining room.     famous restaurant for a special pre-    bustling without being too frantic.         N/A. The official bar and bistro of     and some nice tapas here too.                                                   prime location, and offers a great          makes the most of its setting, just
                                             theatre meal is still going strong.     There’s a selection of sandwiches           the Harding Hotel.                                                                MADIGAN’S. 4, Lower Abbey             atmosphere.                                 a few short yards away from the
     THE MILL STONE. 39, Dame Street                                                 and whatnot, plus daily specials.                                                   GRAND CENTRAL. 10/11,                     Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018745456.                                                picturesque Howth Harbour.
     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016799931. An inti-    vENU. 2, Anne’s Lane, South Anne                                                    DOHENY & NESBITT’S. 5, Baggot           O’Connell Street - Dublin 1. Tel:         A traditional pub with a good pint    Q-BAR. 1-2, Burgh Quay - Dublin
     mate, warm restaurant with some         Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016706755.      BUSYFEET & COCO CAFÉ. 41-2,                 Street Lower - Dublin 2. Tel:           018728658. A Dublin landmark,             to offer.                             2. Tel: 016777835. One of the first         THE BRAZEN HEAD. 20, Bridge
     surprisingly creative pizzas.           This brasserie-cum-cocktail bar is      South William Street – Dublin 2.            016762945. The classic local-           this place is packed out by post-                                               places to serve good-quality cocktails      Street - Dublin 8. Tel: 016779549.
                                             nothing if not stylish, with both the   Tel: 016719514. A characterful              for-a-listers is a lot bigger than it   work drinkers most evenings.              MESSRS MAGUIRE. 1-2, Burgh            at prices to compete with a pint,           Apparently the oldest pub in
     THE PIG’S EAR. 4, Nassua Street         food and cocktail menus having          little place with a particularly nice       used to be, but it still consistently                                             Quay - Dublin 2. Tel: 018041205.      Q-Bar is still a fun venue.                 Dublin, this place does great food
     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016703865. An          plenty of appeal.                       atmosphere after dark.                      packs out.                              HOGANS. 35, South Great Georges           A massive pub set on many levels,                                                 and has friendly staff.
     excellent new little bistro, with                                                                                                                                   Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775904.        with a good bar food menu and         RUSH BAR. 65, South William Street
     hearty fare and charming views of       WOLFES. 153, Capel Street - Dub-        CAFÉ 7. 7, St Andrew’s Street               DOYLES. 9, College Street - Dublin      The former jazz club is beloved by        some excellent Messrs-brewed          – Dublin 2. Tel: 016719542. It’s not        THE CELT. 81, Talbot Street –
     Trinity College.                        lin 1. Tel: 018749570. This lovely      – Dublin 2. Tel: 016792988. A               2. Tel: 016710616. A traditional        the over-thirties, and rightly so: it’s   beers.                                as frantic as the name suggests, but        Dublin 1. Tel: 018788655. A
                                             little food and wine store has a cosy   welcoming place with a great selec-         bar by day and student mecca by         still wonderfully mellow and the                                                that’s no criticism of this well-run bar.   welcoming, traditional pub.
     THE STEPS OF ROME. 1, Chatham           feel and plenty of treats - it’s now    tion of wines.                              night. Opens late at weekends.          service is top-notch.                     METRO. 43, South William Street -
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016705630.      serving dinner too.                                                                                                                                                   Dublin 2. Tel: 016794515. A coffee    SABOTAGE. 14, Exchequer Street –            THE CLARENDON. 32, Clarendon
     A great place for hot slices of pizza                                           CAFÉ AROMA. 84, Middle Abbey                DUBLIN TOURISM CENTRE.                  JACK NEALON’S PUB. 165, Capel             shop that feels like it’s been here   Dublin 2. Tel: 016704789. A clothes         Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016170060.
     to go.                                  YAMAMORI SUSHI. 38-39, Lower            Street – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A very         Suffolk Street - Dublin 2. Tel:         Street - Dublin 1. Tel: 018723247.        for decades. Lovely expresso, even    shop with some refreshingly different       A stylish bar with some nice grub
                                             Ormond Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:            pleasant little café just off O’Connell     1850230330. An excellent source         Nealon’s traditional pub is a             lovelier leather seating.             looks on offer.                             during lunchtime and early evening.
     THE UNICORN. 12, Merrion                018720003. Excellent spot for           Street.                                     of information for both tourists and    welcome – and welcoming - sight in
     Row - Dublin 2. Tel: 016624757.         sushi from the same folks behind                                                    curious Dubliners about the city.       these parts.                              O’DONOGHUE’S. Suffolk Street          SOLAS. 31, Wexford Street - Dublin          THE COBBLESTONE. 77, North
     Established long ago and still going    the George’s Street restaurant.         CAFÉ EN SEINE. 40, Dawson St                                                                                                  Dublin 2. Tel: 016770605. A very      2. Tel: 014780583. A cocktail bar           King Street - Dublin 7. Tel:
     strong, the Unicorn repays Dublin-                                              - Dublin 2. Tel: 016774017. The/            DYLANBAR. The Dylan Hotel,              JAMES JOYCE CAFÉ BAR AND                  popular spot with people who want     with a bit of outsider charm – and a        018721799. The Northside spot for
     ers’ continued affection with hearty    YO’SUSHI. Brown Thomas,                 club/restaurant is as enjoyable as          Eastmoreland Place - Dublin 4. Tel:     ULYSSES vENUE. 52, Middle Abbey           that ‘local pub’ feel in Dublin 2.    very nice lunch menu.                       Irish traditional music. Trust us.
     Italian fare.                           Clarendon Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       ever – now with added elbow room.           016603000. A stylish cocktail bar       Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018728188.
                                             016728950. A sushi bar made                                                         that’s worth the journey out to D4.     A lively and fun café bar with a          O’NEILLS. 2, Suffolk Street – Dub-    SOUTH WILLIAM. 52, South William            THE CONFESSION BOX. Malbor-
     THE WINDING STAIR. 40, Lower            unmissable by the charming addi-        CASSIDY’S. 27, Westmoreland                                                         great food menu and a tasty selec-        lin 2. Tel: 016793656. A sprawling    Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725946.          ough Street – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A.
     Ormond Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:            tion of a conveyor belt carrying the    Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016708604.          ELY. CHQ, IFSC, Docklands - Dublin      tion of cocktails, plus regular gigs      pub with oodles of atmosphere and     Trendy club with a pie-themed food          Don’t be put off by the genuinely
     018726576. The restaurant above         food. It’s also quite affordable by     Welcoming pub with lots going on.           1. Tel: 016768986. Another branch       and club nights.                          a mean selection of gourmet beers.    menu, extensive cocktails and varied        teeny interior. Staff is efficient, and
     this well-loved bookshop has gone       Dublin standards.                                                                   of the successful Ely wine bar                                                                                          club nights.                                it’s great fun here once the trad
     all upmarket in recent years, with                                              CHORUS CAFÉ. Fishamble                      chain.                                  J MCNEILL’S. 140, Capel Street -          O’REILLY’S. Tara Street Station –                                                 session gets going.
     considerable success. Some great        AFTER DINNER                            Street – Dublin 2. 7, Scarlett Row,                                                 Dublin 1. Tel: 018747679. Another         Dublin 2. Tel: 016716769. This        SUFI’S CAFÉ. 45-50, Lower Stephen
     value lunch deals are on offer.                                                 Fishamble Street – Dublin 2. Tel:           ELY WINE BAR. 22, Ely Place - Dub-      popular bar on the perpetually-           place offers great value on pints     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016798577. A
                                             AMIR’S DELIGHTS. 5, Bloom’s             016167088. A bright little place to         lin 2. Tel: 016768986. Ever-trendy      rocking Capel Street Strip.               and cocktails, and has an interest-   continental-style café with a secluded
     THUNDER ROAD CAFÉ. Fleet                Lane, Ormond Quay – Dublin 1.           enjoy a quick sandwich or salad.            wine bar with a hearty food menu                                                  ing décor too.                        atmosphere.
     Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:     Tel: 0863536404. Excuse the pun,                                                    and an impressive range.
36                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             37
     besT of dublin

     THE FOGGY DEW. 1, Fownes                THE MARKET BAR. 14a, Fade              THE QUAYS. 11-12, Temple Bar –         WRIGHT FINDLATER HOWTH.                  GILBERT & WRIGHT, DUN                   KRYSTLE. 21-25, Harcourt Street -        SIN. 17-19, Sycamore Street - Tem-     TRINITY LODGE HOTEL. 12, South
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016779328.      Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016139094.     Dublin 2. Tel: 016713922. Get over     Findlater House, Howth – County          LAOGHAIRE. 128, Lower Georges           Dublin 2. Tel: 014784066. A club         ple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016334232.    Frederick Street – Dublin 2. Tel:
     A traditional bar that’s retained its   No piped music, a tapas menu, and      the griping about Temple Bar being     Dublin. Tel: 018324488. A striking       Street, Dun Laoghaire – County          clearly aiming for the high-class,       Uber-popular Temple Bar nightclub      016170900. A hotel with excel-
     atmosphere through modernisa-           a surreal decorative display of foot   a tourist trap, and you’ll find this   outdoor facade offers a hint at the      Dublin. Tel: 016636148. One of          high-spending market, and hitting it     with a mixed music policy.             lently appointed rooms in a great
     tion. Still great for a singsong on     measures. You can’t accuse it of       pub very nice for a night out.         stylish café bar that lies within.       the newest additions to the Dun         right on the button.                                                            location.
     special nights.                         being unoriginal!                                                                                                      Laoghaire social scene has drawn                                                 THE ACADEMY. 57, Middle Abbey
                                                                                    THE STAG’S HEAD. 1, Dame Court         LATE NIGHT                               new nightlife-lovers to the seaside     LILLIES BORDELLO. Adam Court,            Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 014751895.     TRIPOD. Old Harcourt Street Train
     THE FRONT LOUNGE. 33,                   THE OLD STAND. 37, Exchequer           - Dublin 2. Tel: 016793701. Space                                               town.                                   Grafton Sreet - Dublin 2. Tel:           A cool club and live venue that        Station, Harcourt Street - Dublin 2.
     Parliament Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016777220.     is at a premium here but it’s worth    ABBEY COURT HOSTEL. 29,                                                          016799204. The playground for            makes the most of its space.           Tel: 014763374. One of the best
     016704112. A relatively quiet – but     Apparently a favoured haunt            persevering – once you sit down,       Bachelor’s Walk – Dublin 1.              GRAFTON CAPITOL HOTEL. Lower            the super-rich is increasingly letting                                          clubs and live venues in the city,
     nonetheless fun – gay bar.              of Michael Collins in the day,         this old-school pub is impossible      Tel: 018780700. Good budget              Stephen Street – Dublin 2. Tel:         in the hoi-polloi. Just don’t try ap-    THE BUTTON FACTORY. Curved             Tripod hosts some top international
                                             you’ll see why from a visit to this    to leave.                              accommodation by the Liffey with         016481100. Good rooms, great            proaching the celebs.                    Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:    acts along with more offbeat artists.
     THE FXB BULL & CASTLE.                  traditional pub.                                                              free wifi.                               rates, and helpful staff – it’s all                                              016709202. The refurbished and
     Christchurch Place - Dublin 2. Tel:                                            THE TEMPLE BAR. 2, Temple                                                       anyone really needs from a city-        MEZZA. 13, Parliament Street -           revamped Temple Bar Music Centre       vANILLA NIGHTCLUB. 19-21,
     014751122. A huge gastropub with        THE OLYMPIA THEATRE. 172, Dame         Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725286.        BROOKS HOTEL. 59-63, Drury               centre hotel.                           Dublin 2. Tel: 016706424. Late           is a great place for smaller gigs.     Morehampton Road – Dublin 4.
     a great range of craft beers.           Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793323.     A consistently packed tourist pub,     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 012788093.                                               night Lebanese cuisine is under-                                                Tel: 016739805. A stylish boutique
                                             The popular live venue and theatre     this offers live music and plenty of   A boutique hotel just off Grafton        JACOB’S INN HOSTEL. 21, Talbot          standably popular.                       THE DRURY COURT HOTEL. 28-30,          club with great private booths.
     THE GAIETY THEATRE. South King          still heaves with action on gig        atmosphere.                            Street, you say? Yeah, we’ll take        Place – Dublin 1. Tel: 018555660.                                                Lower Stephen Street – Dublin 2.
     Street – Dublin 2. Tel: 016771717.      nights.                                                                       that.                                    A welcoming, youth-orientated           MOLLOY’S. 59, Talbot Street –            Tel: 014751988. Sitting close to       WRIGHTS CAFÉ BAR. The Plaza,
     This stately old theatre is host                                               THE TURKS HEAD. Junction of Par-                                                hostel.                                 Dublin 1. Tel: 018550017. An             the heart of the city, this a lively   Swords – County Dublin. Tel:
     to some innovative shows and            THE ORMOND WINE BAR. 6,                liament Street and Essex Gate, Tem-    BUCK WHALLEYS. 67,                                                               old-school Irish pub.                    hotel with some delicious food on      018406744. One of Ireland’s origi-
     musicals.                               Ormond Quay Upper - Dublin 7.          ple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 876764657.    Lower Leeson Street - Dublin 2.          KINLAY HOUSE HOSTEL. 2-12,                                                       offer too.                             nal superpubs remains a fun place
                                             Tel: 018749778. A recently-opened      Criminally underrated nightspot        Tel: 016334200. Popular wine bar,        Lord Edward Street – Dublin 2. Tel:     NORTH STAR HOTEL. Amiens                                                        both for a cocktail (try the Wright
     THE GINGERMAN. 40, Fenian               gem, this place has frankly stunning   with lashings of atmosphere and a      now with a full bar license and late     016796644. A very handy place           Street, Dublin 1. Tel: 018363136.        THE MEZZ. 23, Eustace Street,          Flirt) or good Irish food.
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016766388.      décor and a great range of wines.      fun crowd.                             opening.                                 to kip just off the edge of Dame        A convenient location makes this         Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Inspired by the JP Dunleavy                                                                                                                                    Street.                                 an ideal place for travellers by bus.    016707655. Formerly the mez-           WYNNS HOTEL. 35-39,
     novel, this place has a strong          THE PEMBROKE. 31-32, Lower             THE vILLAGE. 26, Wexford street        CELTIC LODGE. 81-82, Talbot                                                                                               zanine bar, this Temple Bar club is    Lower Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:
     literary theme and a warm, moody        Pembroke Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       - Dublin 2. Tel: 014758555. A          Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018788810.       HARDING HOTEL. Fishamble                O’SHEA’S HOTEL. 19, Talbot Street        winning many new converts.             018745131. A very comfortable
     atmosphere.                             N/A. A handily-located pub with        worthy addition to the Camden/         Great facilities, bars and restaurants   Street, Christchurch - Dublin 2. Tel:   – Dublin 1. Tel: 014568901. A                                                   hotel that still manages to have a
                                             plenty of character and some           Wicklow Street Strip, this place has   nearby, and a spot by the Luas are       016796500. This place has all the       hotel promising great food, drink        THE SUGAR CLUB. 8,                     lovely historic feel.
     THE GLOBE. 11, South Great              interesting design features.           booze, music and atmosphere in         all in this establishment’s favour.      benefits of a location just on the      and fun within walking distance of       Lower Leeson Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Georges Street - Dublin 2. Tel:                                                abundance.                                                                      edge of Temple bar, but without         O’Connell Street.                        016787188. An intimate live venue      ZAYTOON. 14-15, Parliament
     016711220. Also home to the             THE PLOUGH. Lower Abbey Street                                                CLUB NASSUA. 1-2, Nassua Street          all the noise you’d get right in the                                             with comfy seating, a pleasant bar,    Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016773595.
     popular student night Rí-Rá, the        – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A cosy and       THE WOOLSHED. Unit 4, Parnell          - Dublin 2. Tel: 016794388. The          centre of it.                           PARAMOUNT HOTEL. Parliament              and a strong event line-up.            One of the best kebab places in
     globe is a consistently-packed bar      charming pub that reopened its         Centre, Parnell Street - Dublin 1.     ‘home of the slow set’ plays old                                                 Street & Essex Gate, Temple Bar                                                 Dublin, and just off Temple Bar.
     with a friendly vibe all round.         doors to a grateful public in 2008.    Tel: 018724325. A popular sports       school hits from the 1980s and           HOTEL ISSACS. 1, Store Street           – Dublin 2. Tel: 014179900. This         THE TWISTED PEPPER. 54,                Enough said.
                                                                                    bar with many drinks promotions        other decades every week.                – Dublin 1. Tel: 018134700. A           Temple Bar Hotel is just as lively as    Middle Abbey Street - Dublin 1.
     THE GOOD BITS. 1, Store Street          THE PORTER HOUSE. 16-18,               on quieter nights.                                                              handy little hotel for anyone in the    you’d expect.                            Tel: 018734038. This venue gives
     – Dublin 1. Tel: 018197635. For-        Parliament Street - Dublin 2. Tel:                                            COPPER FACE JACKS. 29, Harcourt          O’Connell Street area, with a great                                              a welcome stage to some cutting
     merly known as Radio City, this live    016798495. You’ll find a breathtak-    THE vAULTS. 1, Harbourmaster           Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 867816251.       live venue in The Good Bits.            RADDISSON BLU HOTEL. Golden              edge electronic musicians and DJs.
     venue remains hugely popular.           ing array of beers at this massive     Place, IFSC - Dublin 1. Tel:           Many a romance has begun (and                                                    Lane – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A very        Regular club nights Pogo and Mud
                                             pub/brewery.                           016054700. This sprawling venue        ended) in this heaving Dublin club.      HOWL AT THE MOON. 7-8,                  impressive hotel within a short walk     are also great fun.
     THE HAIRY LEMON. 42, Lower                                                     features a restaurant, bar, and late                                            Lower Mount Street - Dublin 2. Tel:     of the city centre.
     Stephen Street - Dublin 2. Tel:         THE PORTOBELLO. 33, Richmond           night club at weekends.                CRAWDADDY. Old Harcourt Street           016345460. A spacious club with                                                  THE WRIGHT vENUE. Airside,
     016797724. An extensive pub with        Street South - Dublin 2. Tel:                                                 Train Station, Harcourt Street - Dub-    many levels – and lots going on         Rí-Rá. 11, South Great Georges           Swords - Co. Dublin. Tel:
     plenty of nooks and crannies for a      014752715. The canal-side loca-        THOMAS READS. 1, Parliament            lin 2. Tel: 014780225. An intimate       most evenings.                          Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016711220.       018900099. A gigantic, Miami-
     quiet conversation.                     tion makes this pub a very nice        Street - Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. Still a   live venue downstairs at the POD                                                 A hugely popular student nightclub.      style club. Buses are available as
                                             spot on sunny days.                    very popular bar among clued-in        complex.                                 ICE BAR. Four Seasons Hotel,                                                     transport to the venue from the
     THE INTERNATIONAL. 23, Wicklow                                                 people who don’t fancy the full-on                                              Simmonscourt Road - Dublin 4. Tel:      RIPLEY COURT HOTEL. 37, Talbot           city centre.
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: 016779250.      THE PURTY KITCHEN. 34, Es-             Temple Bar night out.                  DAY’S INN. 95-98, Talbot Street          016654000. You can now get top-         Street – Dublin 1. Tel: 018365892.
     Home to the legendary International     sex Street East - Dublin 2. Tel:                                              – Dublin 1. Tel: 018749202. A            drawer sushi at this stylish cocktail   A new three-star hotel based in the      TRAMCO BREWERY. 121, Lower
     Comedy Club and a very nice little      016770945. A large pub and club        UKIYO. 7-9, Exchequer Street           handily located hotel, particularly      bar – we’re amazed nobody               centre of the city.                      Rathmines Road - Dublin 6. Tel:
     bar in its own right.                   with live music.                       - Dublin 2. Tel: 016334071.            for 02 concert-goers.                    thought of the combination before.                                               014968050. A purveyor of craft
                                                                                    Karaoke, sushi and cocktails may                                                                                                                                 beer by day and hip student club
                                                                                    be an unconventional recipe, but it                                                                                                                              by night, this place ticks two very
                                                                                    certainly works.                                                                                                                                                 different boxes very well.
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