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									MultiMedia SRL
           Business Services
           IT&C Services
           Business Solutions
           Cooperative Work
       Business Services

•   Internet Marketing & Advertising
•   Web Design
•   Translation
•   Desktop Publishing
•   Word Processing
•   Secretarial Services
•   Consulting Services

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       Internet Marketing

MultiMedia has a proven track record in
helping businesses achieve success on
the Internet and a measurable return on
their online investments. We are now
recognized as one of the leading online
Marketing consultancies in Romania.

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         Internet Marketing
•   Search Engines and Directories Positioning
•   E-mail Marketing
•   Banner Exchange & Purchased Exposures
•   Affiliate Marketing
•   Articles and Press Releases
•   Strategic Links
•   Guest Book Registration
•   National & Local Newspaper Ads
•   Online Advertising
See also: Web Design, Business Solutions

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          Web Design

We are dedicated to producing truly
unique and innovative web sites for our
clients, that are not only affordable, but
also provide ongoing customer service
and support when needed.

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              Web Design
1. Strategy and theme (phase 1) - Includes initial web
   site design and structure, assembling existing
   materials and theme refinement
2. Collection, Programming and Testing (phase 2) -
   Includes Materials scanning, web site structure
   implementation, html, database programming, Java
   applet and cgi-bin programming and coding, graphics
   optimization, contact and survey form design and live
   testing, debugging and corrections
3. Implementation and Roll-Out (phase 3) - Includes:
   Meta-tag development, modeling and refinement,
   doorway page development, search engine
   submission, category specific list site submissions,
   review and three months web site maintenance
   (depending on the program)
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Certified translations in/from English, French and
Other languages available upon request
MultiMedia translation advantages:
• experienced project managers
• qualified and integrated translation
• cooperation with different specialists
• complete adaptation to the local market and
  culture requirements
• careful functional testing

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Main Fields of Translation:
• Successful Web Pages
• Foreign Language Advertising
• Language Instruction and Cultural Consulting
• Multimedia and Software Localization
We also translate:
• news stories and press releases
• product profiles
• marketing materials and brochures
• advertisements
• other types of publications
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    Desktop Publishing

We design and produce:
Forms (paper or electronic), Technical manuals,
  Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers and
  postcards, Catalogs, Mass mailings, Tables
  and charts, Personalized cards and
  invitations, Stationery, Brochures, Business
  Cards, Invitations, Directories, Greeting
  Cards, Booklets, e-Books

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       Word Processing

Basic services:
• Transcription (micro, standard, sound
• Typing manuals and manuscripts
• Straight typing
• Compiling PowerPoint and Portable
  Document Format (PDF) presentations
• Proofreading
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    Secretarial Services
Typing & Scanning :
• Word Processing
• Data Entry / Keyboarding
• OCR Conversion and Clean-up (Scanning)
• Image Scanning and Indexing
• Spell Checking and Proofreading
• File / data / format conversion
• HTML Conversion / Coding
• Mailing List Maintenance
• Printing Services

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     Secretarial Services
Typical formats:
• Pure Text File (.txt)
• Word Processor Formats (Ms-Word,
  WordPerfect, etc.)
• MS Excel Spreadsheet File (xls)
• Power Point File (ppt)
• Hyper Text Markup Language (htm, html)
• Rich Text Format (rtf)
• Portable Document Format (pdf)
• Image Format (gif, jpg, bmp, cdr, psd, cpt, etc,)
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      Secretarial Services
Drafting & Editing:
• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Letters
• Contributions to journals
• Reports
• Speeches
• Presentations
• Advertising
• Contracts
• Memos and internal communication
Email Management

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   Consulting Services
Complete assistance for businessmen:
• interpreters
• hotel and conference room reservation
• transport reservation
• complete information support (e.g. business
  information on prospective partners, local
  customs, cultural specifications etc.)
• business trip scheduling for local meetings
• initial local contacts search and setting
• assistance in initial negotiations
• initial business representation
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   Consulting Services
Summaries and analytical insights on continuous
• Research and analyze
  – Up-to-date information;
  – Product/financial markets research and analysis
  – Business/competition environment research and analysis
• Country and local market information support
  for foreign companies in Romania at the early
  stages of operation activities
• Projects and Funds
• Internet Research and Documentation
• Quality Assurance

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             IT&C Services
• Hardware (supply, install, upgrade, maintain, refurbish)
• Software (install, support, protection, recovery)
• Networks (consulting, design, integration, installation,
   management, administration, intranet)
• Training (networks , computers, Internet, marketing, web
   design, multimedia, telework and job opportunities)
IT Services:
• Project Management
• Information Technology Management
• Needs Analysis
• Solutions Design

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               IT&C Services
Systems Development

Application development work:
• Analysis, design and prototyping
• Software development
• Testing and implementation
• Documentation
• Maintenance and improvement

Systems engineering services:
• Hardware and software evaluation
• Data base design
• Development of networks and distributed systems
• Installation and commissioning of hardware and software

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•   DriveSafe
    An international project for development of 3-D Eye tracking device for safer
    driving and more efficient web page production
•   ONG Romania
    Development and support of non-governmental organizations in Romania
•   Severin Online
    Development and support of local virtual community in Drobeta Turnu
    Severin - Romania
•   Afaceri Internet
    Support for the development of small business initiatives
•   Romanian Association for Telework and Teleactivities
    Foundation, development and support of a non-profit association for the
    Romanian freelancers
•   Romanian Research and Innovation Days (RoDI)
    The main goal of RoDI is to encourage and to stimulate Romanian
    entities to participate in the priority themes 1 (biotechnology) and 2 (ICT)
    of FP 6 and in the field of research and innovation.

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        Business Solutions
Ad Management, Affiliate Programs, Online Auctions, Blog,
  Bookmark Management, Calculators, Calendars, Chat,
  Classified Ads, Click Tracking, Content Management,
  Contests & Sweepstakes, Countdowns, Counters,
  Customer Support, Date & Time, Discussion Boards,
  Documents, e-Commerce, Education, Email Systems,
  Exchanges, FAQ & Knowledgebase, Financial Tools,
  Flash Solution, Games & Entertainment, Groupware
  Tools, Guestbooks, Image Galleries, Interactive Stories,
  Link Checking, Link Indexing, Mailing List Managers,
  Match Making, Multimedia, Music Libraries, Networking,
  News Publishing, Organizers, Polls and Voting, Portal
  Systems, Postcards, Search Engines, Site
  Recommendation, Top Sites, URL Submitters, Web
  Traffic, XML Solution, Miscellaneous
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       Cooperative Work

Integrated solutions for cooperative
  work (projects, e-learning,
  teleworking/telecommuting, etc.
Web site design, development,
 maintenance and promotion for the
 project, tools and solutions for the
 communication between partners,
 promotion of the project, translation,
 multimedia, presentation
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  Teleactivities Network
Teleactivities Network is one of the
most complex integrated
network of Internet resources for the
dissemination of information and
advertising with more than 600 web sites,
100 web forums, 200 mailing
lists and newsletters, 100 webrings, 5
free magazines distributed by e-mail, etc
See a complete list HERE
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