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The FAM TRIP of the YEAR: To a UNIQUE DESTINATION!                                                                                             1/4
                                                         Why we believe that you should send your students to Turkey to study
Dear ‘Partner’,                                          English!
The English & More International Learning Centre         Fethiye, a small harbour town in the south west of Turkey, is unique!
would like to offer you the opportunity to participate   •More than 7000 English people live in Fethiye permanently!
in a Familiarisation Trip which we are organising to     •More than 600.000 English tourists come to Fethiye each year!
the Home of our school located in the unique and         Students will have the opportunity to stay with "English Host Families"!
extremely naturally beautiful Region of Fethiye, in      •These are retired or early-retired professionals with ‘plenty’ of time on their
South West Turkey!                                        hands and knowledge to share!

                                                         Fethiye is like a small "English Town" all year round, without the bad weather and
For those who will be attending ICEF Moscow this
                                                         expensive cost of living ……. perfect!
event will take place immediately after the              •Fethiye has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with over 300 days of sunshine
workshop.                                                 guaranteed every year!
                                                         •Fethiye has some of the best sandy beaches and turquoise bays in the World!
                                                         •Fethiye has many historical, natural and cultural sights and sites!
The Trip will be held from 29th March to 31st March
2010.                                                    No visa application process for you. Students will get their visas at the airport upon
The English & More International Learning Centre
is a leading specialist in full immersion intensive      The extensive and extremely high quality Language Programmes, are all taught by
                                                         native speaking fully qualified and very experienced English teachers.
residential language courses, for adults and young
people of all ages!                                      We would REALLY like you to join us on the Familiarisation Trip, as it is an ideal opportunity
                                                         for you to discover and experience, for yourself, the School, the Region and the People.
International Learning Centre


The Programme                                                                                                              2/4
               29th March 2010 •Arrival in Turkey, Fethiye Region
                                    •Welcome Tour at the School
                                    •Presentation of the English & More ‘model’ and ‘key players’
                                    •Visit a ‘traditional’ Turkish Hamam (Bath), relax and enjoy the experience
                                    •Welcome aperitif and dinner

               30th March 2010 •Presentation of the Curriculum, courses (Adult, Junior and Young Adults), and programmes
                                    •Sales and Marketing aspects
                                    •Demonstration / participation in a lesson
                                    •A ‘guided’ tour around some of the amazing sites and sights of Fethiye

                31st March 2010 •Visit some of the Host Families and Residencies available in Fethiye
                                    •Lunch in Kaya Koy (Ghost Town)
                                    •Farewell from all at The English & More International Learning Centre

                     1st April 2010 •Alternative Departure
International Learning Centre


The Details                                                                                                    3/4
Full board accommodation, airport transfers (either Antalya or Dalaman
International Airport) and visits will be offered by English & More for the
dates of the Trip.

Additional accommodation, for a longer stay should you wish, can be
organised upon request, subject to availability.

Please note that the number of places is strictly limited and therefore we
respectfully request that, to avoid disappointment, you reply ‘as soon as

An immediate e-mail in the first instance confirming you intention to attend
is sufficient to reserve your place on the Trip.                               Rachel Williams
                                                                               International Sales
You should then return the ‘coupon response’ without delay to enable us        Phone: +90 252 613 11 18
                                                                               Fax:      +90 252 613 16 41
to ‘plan’ the arrangements on your behalf.
                                                                               E-mail: rachel.williams@english-more.com
                                                                               or        info@english-more.com
Please do not hesitate to contact us, at the address below, should you         Website: www.english-more.com
require additional information or further assistance.
International Learning Centre


Fethiye                                                                                                                                     4/4

                                BULGARIA                                                        BLACK SEA



                                                                ANTALYA                                                              IRAN
                                                  DALAMAN    INTERNATIONAL
                                               INTERNATIONAL     AIRPORT


                                            english                                                         SYRIA    IRAQ
                                             &                                       MEDITERRANEAN
                                           International Learning Centre

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