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Registering Your Organization(1)


									                    Registering Your Organization

This handout will provide you with instructions for registering your organization with
TechSoup, or, if your organization is already registered, instructions for adding yourself as
an authorized agent.

Before you are able to register your organization or add yourself as an authorized
agent, you must first join TechSoup as an individual. For more information, please visit
our Getting Started with TechSoup Webinar Series page:

Step 1: Gather documentation and information
      1. Page 1 of your Federal IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter. State-issued documents are
         not accepted. Visit the following URL for a sample determination letter:

      2. EIN or FSCS ID (FSCS ID for public libraries only; go to

      3. If your organization name and address do not match the name and address stated
         on your IRS 501(c)(3) letter, submit a letter on official letterhead explaining the
         discrepancy. You must include your contact information (name, phone number,
         email address). Visit the following URL for a sample letter:

      4. If another individual previously registered your organization, you will need the
         association code established by that individual.

Step 2: Consider the following before going online
      As you create your online profile, keep the following in mind:

       Some product donations and keys are available for download, saving you time. You
         need to provide an email address to receive downloaded product donations and
         keys. In case you are no longer with your organization, we recommend selecting an
         email address that can be accessed by another individual.

       Create an association code that is easy to remember. The association code is used to
         link additional authorized agents to your organization. Document this code for future
                  Registering Your Organization

Step 3: Register your organization online
 Step                                     Directions
  1     Go to

  2     Log in using the information used when you joined as an individual.

  3     Click on Register Organization.

                                                       1. Select your Organization
                                                       2. Enter your Employer
                                                          Identification Number (EIN) or
                                                          FSCS ID (for public libraries
                                                       3. Click on Find Your
  4                                                       Organization.
                                                       4. If organization is not registered,
                                                          a message will appear. Within
                                                          that message click on Register
                                                          your Organization, then go to
                                                          step 5.
                                                       5. If organization is registered,
                                                          continue to step 7.
    Registering Your Organization

                      Register your organization:

                        1. Create an Association Code.
                        2. Select your Organization Type
                           and Subtype.
                        3. Complete your Profile
                           Information & Annual
                           Operating Budget.
5                       4. Click on Continue.
                        5. Review your Organization
                        6. Click on Submit.
                        7. Click on Begin Qualification.

                      Go to step 6
    Registering Your Organization

                            Submit documents

                              1. Select the method
                                 you would like to use
                                 to submit your
                                 documents: Fax,
                                 Email, Mail.
                              2. Follow the
6                                instructions provided
                                 on the screen.

                            Add yourself as an
                            authorized agent

                               1. Double-click on your
                                  organization name
                                  from the list provided
                                  at the bottom of the
                               2. Select your role in
                                  your organization.
                               3. Enter your
                                  Association Code.
                               4. Click on Submit

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